Trump vs. Clinton III, The Final Debate


America is Imploding

history-21America is a divided nation, possibly heading toward the level of Civil War.  The truth is slowly being revealed through hacked emails, edited video and audio recordings and a campaign season that is making history for it’s divisiveness.  The main Stream Media has all but lost any credibility it had and little to nothing can be believed if it comes from them, including the weather.  The rule of law seems to not apply to the political elite.  The media has sold it’s soul to the devil, literally.  It seems more and more that we are on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia (who is far more prepared than us).   The economy, being mostly ignored these days, is on the verge of imploding.

There are no more free and fair elections, those days are history.  The “Establishment” will do whatever is needed to stay in power.  By the time enough people wake up and figure out that the “Establishment” needs to be removed from public service, by force if need be, it will be far too late.  History is repeating itself.  You can use your imagination as to which atrocity in history will come, but history none the less, is here.  (P.S.  This election will not change a thing).  Enjoy the ride, hope it ends well for you.



Trump vs. Clinton II


New Riots Break Out

riots1As mentioned yesterday, another cop shoots an unarmed black man, this time in California, another democrat controlled part of the country.  Last night, yet again, protests turned violent.  Tonight is the second night of this event in California and as we have seen in the past, it will likely be the most violent if current history repeats itself.  This isn’t by accident, it’s totally on purpose, funded by people like George Soros, the outsiders will show up today to continue the civil unrest and turn it into a full fledged riot.  That small part of California will burn tonight.

This has become a common theme.  Cop shoots black man, protests occur.  The second night of these protests seem to be the most violent, as police are not prepared for the influx of outsiders who serve as provocateurs.  In Charlotte recently, police reported that some 70% of those arrested were not from the local area, many not from the State at all.  In fact, several “protestors” have been seen at protests/riots at Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee and now Charlotte.  Next up, Southern California.  If the pattern continues, the worst will come tonight.

So what is really happening here?  It is obvious that outside forces are getting involved and these outside forces are well organized and trained in what they are doing.  Those in government seem to be blind to what is actually happening and the MSM are following suit, despite the video evidence.  There is some good news in this….there are only enough of these people to be at one place at a time, hence the only violent protests were in Charlotte, where as the other police shooting was seemingly less justified.  Here we go again.

Trump vs. Clinton I

tvc1It isn’t hard to see that the Liberal’s are scared shitless about losing this election, which they will and badly.  Tonight, the lifelong liar meets the negotiator in a battle many people see as Good vs. Evil.  While my support is for Trump, I see him as a centrist rather than a true conservative, I also see Clinton as the worst kind of Liberal that should be in jail, not debating tonight.  Never the less, we still have to have an election.  October is just s few days away, and with that usually a surprise comes with it.  I’m gonna predict that October will bring many surprises, some of which may not be good.  Enjoy the circus and celebrate.
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The Riots Continue

charlotteWhile nothing new, another armed black man was shot and killed by police, this time in Charlotte North Carolina.  While it won’t be reported, Charlotte is controlled by Democrats.  As I have said time and time again, where Democrats rule, there is high crime and high events involving police and minorities.  This isn’t going to stop, but will get worse as more blacks are killed by cops.  Riots will ensue and this will also get worse.  This should not be a surprise, a Democrat is in the White House and hasn’t exactly been supportive of the police or people legally defending themselves.  Then, that utter bitch Hitlary “LIAR” Clinton wants to talk to “WHITE PEOPLE”.  My answer to her is below!


A Case For Genocide

When we think of genocide, we think about events in foreign nations.  rarely do we consider such things occurring right here on U.S. soil.  There are times when a story or an interview stokes the imagination, only to lead to a theory that should be brought forward for discussion.  In doing so, evidence, both factual and simply claimed by whistle blowers and past members of government agencies and inner city gangs will be examined.

abortion1First, looking at the abortion industry that has been the subject of discussion many, many times, it’s important to see the one important aspect of an abortion clinic.   That is…location, location, location.  In doing so, I provide a link to an interactive map of all abortion providers in the U.S. and beyond.  What you will find is that a vast majority of these clinics and access sites are located within or very near minority neighborhoods.
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The Hatred Grows

racist12In typical Liberal progressive fashion, Hillary Clinton took to her pulpit and berated tens of millions of American voters in a recent speech.  Then, she doubled down, saying she regretted saying “half”.   This isn’t exactly the best way to sway voters who are undecided or swaying one way but could be won over by the other.  This was a very odd political moment, or was it?  First, she is an elitist establishment candidate.  Her disdain for a large part of the population shouldn’t be a surprise, but it doesn’t end with just Trump supporters, it’s ALL voters.

The Pig in lipstick is now laying in a hospital bed, suffering from some ailment, officially reported as pneumonia, but many suspect it is far worse and may even be neurological issues.  Her coughing fits, weird responses to different stimuli, blanking out during speeches and having to be coached to continue, are all part of what is likely a bigger issue.  None of which changes what she feels about you and I.  Most of us are used to being called names by the Liberal Left, it’s their M.O. when they have nothing intelligent to say.

This is the moment Trump was waiting for.  Clinton has stepped on her forked tongue.  The hatred grows for Clinton, and strangely enough,  it may be because she actually told the truth.  A rare event, rare indeed.

Labor Day Open Mic 2016

Happy Labor Day everyone.  While this holiday weekend generally marks the end of the summer season, there is still plenty of good summer weather ahead.!  Have a great weekend and party safe!


Little By Little

corruption1This has been quite the year politically when it comes to corruption and it’s exposure.  With each new week, more and more evidence is coming out that implicates some form of corruption within the halls of Washington DC and beyond.  From a plane load of cash flown into Iran to secure hostage release to new revelations about the whole Epipen story and it’s path to a monopoly thanks to the FDA.  Hillary’s “Pay for Play” now making headlines, the whole house of cards that the Democrats have built is crashing down.  This is just the beginning, with Wikileaks promising more emails being released that carry claims of taking down Clinton completely.

In a Presidential campaign season that should be bringing hope to people, it seems we are  learning just how deep the corruption and criminality is embedded in our politics.  But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, conspiracy theorist’s have been screaming at the top of their lungs for decades.  As we incrementally become educated to the criminality it will be come apparent that simply voting will never be enough to solve the problem.  As anger and disgust continue to grow as each new scandal comes out, the road to revolution is also being paved, little by little.


D13theColonel vs. Mathius Part V: States Rights vs Federal Authority

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D13theColonel vs. Mathius Part IV: The Death Tax

Yes, let’s talk about taxing stuff that was already taxed once (or more).



D13theColonel vs Mathius Part 3: Entitlements

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Some pictures from trail cam







D13the Colonel vs. Mathius: Part 2 Taxes

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D13The Colonel vs. Mathius

Let the debate begin!   Enjoy!



Integrity Matters

integrity1The beginning of the Presidential campaign between Trump and Clinton has not been short on things to discuss and the mud has been flying at a a good rate.  This is typical of what our politics have become, a pathetic circus.  But even more important to me is this campaign, thanks to Trump’s nomination, the establishment types and the biased liberal media are really showing their true colors and not holding back.  While this seems to be helping Clinton, I wouldn’t put your eggs in that basket just yet.

The Republican Party was turned upside down during the primary season as the establishment candidates, and one snake, were crushed by the anti-establishment populism that also played a huge role on the Democrat side.  If not for the DNC’s rigged Primary system,  we could be having a full fledged anti-establishment President in 2017.  Although Sander’s being an outsider is a pretty long stretch, his open socialist ideology sure qualifies him somewhat.
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Let The Mud Fly

mud1With the beginning of August right around the corner, the Presidential campaign of 2016 has come down to two people.  What many see as  “Wildcard vs. Obama continued” could devolve into the muddiest campaign season in modern history.  Trump, a successful businessman with a large loving family against Hillary Clinton, who’s odd disfunctional marriage is anything like normal or loving, will duke it out until November.  By then, we will likely be sick and tired of both of them and the whole campaign issue.

There are lot’s of other stuff that will make the news in the coming months.  Terrorist attacks will continue, with Europe on the radar.  Upcoming economic problems, more cop killings, more crime, and lot’s of other crazy stuff in a world where being civilized seems to be heading towards a thing of the past.  There is some good things to look forward too, the NFL is set to begin, which includes Fantasy Football.  As Fall sets in, hunting season’s kick into full speed and hunters will be hitting the woods once again.  I’m also planning on some fishing on Lake Erie as well as pond side locally.  Much fun to still be had this Summer, I hope everyone takes advantage of the warm weather.



Republican National Convention

RNC1This week, as we all know, the Republican’s will present their choice to run for the office of the President against the Democrat’s likely candidate, Crooked Hillary Clinton, arguably the most corrupt vile female politician in modern day politics.  But , enough about the wicked witch of Washington DC, this thread is about the convention and surrounding happenings.  Taking place in Liberal run Cleveland Ohio, rumors are already being put out that the police have stand down orders when it comes to the protesters.  Whether or not that is true, it would follow the past actions of Liberal leadership in another large city, Baltimore Maryland.

RNC2With several recent mass killings in Orlando, Dallas and Nice, France, it would not surprise me if the cops pulled back and were less visible than we would expect.  This being the Republican convention, every Left Wing nutcase will be in Cleveland causing problems, as has been the case in the past.  While I’m not expecting all the protest action to be shown on the MSM, there will be plenty of live feeds on the internet and I’ll share them for those interested, unless someone beats me to the punch.

Let the fun begin 🙂

Game Changer

dallas2Last nights cowardly attack on Dallas police officers is going to be a major game changer in the future.  While details are still coming out, this military style ambush will have a major impact on future protests/rally’s and how the police will be placed to keep the peace.  This will likely open the door to some major civil unrest at the upcoming conventions.  A sad day for America, for sure.

While we await more information about the Dallas attackers, I think it’s safe to say that the Left Wing, especially the Black community, have an issue with police.  On the other side of the spectrum, the Right Wing has an issue with the FBI, DOJ and the entire establishment.  Race relations are very low.  The economy isn’t  helping either side.  I’m thinking that this all may be purposeful, rather than happenstance.  It won’t take long to see why, as this will be politicized to the hilt.

With over 800,000 Federal, State and local LEO’s, armed to the hilt,  it’s only a matter of time before a “crackdown” occurs.  I’m hoping everyone can remember the unconstitutional actions of police while chasing a 17 year old “suspect” in Watertown Mass a few years back.  We may be on the verge of something far more deadly.  Game Changer indeed.


In The Crosshairs

tyranny1Recently I ran across an article that linked a report titled “The Militarization of America”.  It’s basically an oversight study from an organization called “Open the Books”, a government watchdog group.  For this short article, I’m going to provides some highlights and pass on the link for your reading pleasure.  For a few years now, SUFA has discussed the issue of ammo purchases, to much speculation as to the purchases legitimacy.  Once and for all, it’s time to put the speculation to rest and end the conspiracy theory.  This report also shows more irresponsible spending in Washington D.C.

militaryfedsKEY FINDINGS (FY2006-FY2014)
1.  Sixty-seven non-military federal agencies spent $1.48 billion
on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment.
2.  Of that total amount, ‘Traditional Law Enforcement’ Agencies spent
77 percent ($1.14 billion) while ‘Administrative’ or ‘General’ Agencies spent
23 percent ($335.1 million).
3.  Non-military federal spending on guns and ammunition jumped
104 percent from $55 million  (FY2006) to $112 million (FY2011).
4.  Nearly 6 percent ($42 million) of all federal guns and ammunition purchase transactions were wrongly coded.  Some purchases were actually for ping-pong balls, gym equipment, bread, copiers, cotton balls, or cable television including a line item from the Coast Guard entered as “Cable Dude”.
5.  Administrative agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Small Business Administration (SBA), Smithsonian Institution, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,  United States Mint, Department of Education, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Institute of Standards
and Technology, and many other agencies purchased guns, ammo, and military-style equipment.
6.  Since 2004, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchased 1.7 billion bullets including 453 million hollow-point bullets. As of 1/1/2014, DHS estimated its bullet inventory-reserve at 22-months, or 160 million rounds.
7.Between 1998 and 2008 (the most recent comprehensive data available) the number of law enforcement officers employed by federal agencies increased nearly 50 percent from 83,000 (1998) to 120,000 (2008).  However, Department of Justice officer count increased from 40,000 (2008) to 69,000 (2013) and Department of Homeland Security officer count increased from 55,000 (2008) to 70,000 (2013).
8.  The Internal Revenue Service, with its 2,316 special agents, spent nearly $11 million
on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment.
9.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spent $3.1 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment. The EPA has spent $715 million on its ‘Criminal Enforcement Division’ from FY2005 to present even as the agency has come under fire for failing to perform its basic functions.
10.  Federal agencies spent $313,958 on paintball equipment, along with $14.7 million
on Tasers, $1.6 million on unmanned aircraft, $8.2 million on buckshot, $7.44 million
on projectiles, and $4 million on grenades/launchers.
11.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spent $11.66 million including more than
$200,000 on ‘night vision equipment,’ $2.3 million on ‘armor – personal,’ more than
$2 million on guns, and $3.6 million on ammunition.  Veterans Affairs has 3,700 law enforcement officers guarding and securing VA medical centers.
12.  The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service spent $4.77 million purchasing shotguns, .308 caliber rifles, night vision goggles, propane cannons, liquid explosives, pyro supplies, buckshot, LP gas cannons, drones, remote controlled helicopters, thermal cameras, military waterproof thermal infrared scopes, and more.
This is a very detailed report and quite telling.  Should we all not be concerned that we now have more Civilian Federal LEO types than we have US Marines?

Summer of Treason

religion of peaceThis summer looks to be one of the more interesting summers in memory.  With the recent Orlando massacre fresh on our minds, the typical political talking points and nonsense continues.  Many on the Left still have no clue what to say, as long as they don’t offend anyone.  The Right is fed up with the left and the inability of the government to do their damn job and protect it’s people.  Message to those on the Right….the government can’t protect you, ever.  Message to the Left…’ll never take our guns, so shut the fuck up about it.

But let’s move on from those subjects for now, they have been beat to death in print and on TV.  Recent decisions by the Trump campaign are, as usual, making the news.  This time it’s about the news as Trump has pulled press credentials from the Washington Post.  This I find hysterical.  Finally, someone reminding the media that partisan reporting isn’t really reporting, and the Washington Post is nothing short of a Left Wing rag.  It’s long time due to get the Liberal biased media to change their tune, or become irrelevant.  Here’s a link to this story:

In another revelation that will surely get ignored by the Lame Stream Media, hackers have been busy by hacking into Twitter accounts of Black Lives Matters leadership.  Screenshots were saved and say a great deal about many things, including the possible collusion between the Obama administration and the upcoming protests at the Republican and Democrat conventions.  In this first screenshot, Mrs. Lynch is clearly named :


But this isn’t what should concern anyone, as we all know these protests are going to happen and the Left will try and paint Trump as a racist, even though no one can quote him saying a racist comment (can the Left do anything without lying?).  In this next screenshot, you can see for yourself what the real goal of Black Lies Matter really is:


While none of this is likely to cause the election to be cancelled, it is fun to see into the minds of the real racist’s in this country.  At least we may now know to what extremes the convention protests may be heading.  It’s gonna be a fun summer, keep your guns loaded and your cupboards full 🙂

Site Problems

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Mid May Musings

The odd weather continues.  Record snow in Maine and more flooding in Texas are in the news, while last Sunday, May 15th, we here in North West Pa had snow showers on and off all day.  I won’t go into how weather is said to be controlled, but maybe there is something to that chemtrail theory.  Yesterday was a nice day, but still cool.  I came across a newborn fawn, barely able to walk yet.  I took a couple pictures and went on my way.  It’s always nice to see the babies, cute little buggers.20160516_124859

The soon to be voted NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) looks like it will include having women sign up for Selective Service.  Might as well have equal slavery.  Not sure why we even need Selective Service, why not just a computer database that automatically includes one’s information on the 18th birthday using Social Security information.  If they can spy on all of us, why not something this simple…..OH, probably need to keep the BOOT on our

Looking at the many reports being put out, our military isn’t in very good shape.  Along with the raping of the leadership ranks in recent years, one must wonder what the end game of this will be.  Maybe this is a clue to future happenings, like before the upcoming election.  HMMM, I wonder how bad they want to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse?  Hitlery’s campaign is crashing before she gets the nomination, as scandal after scandal are hitting the news.  Interesting times ahead!  It’s almost summer, enjoy the warmer weather (if it comes).

A Changing World

dollar33After putting up a conspiracy theory surrounding Saudi Arabia’s threat to sell their U.S. Treasuries should they be outed for the 911 attacks, it was apparent that there could be some more discussion about the life of the Petrodollar and the U.S. dollar being the world’s reserve currency.  I won’t review the theory, but the end of both is inevitable at some point in time.  Also added to the mix is the fact that Central Banks aren’t doing so well and we may even see that experiment come to an end.  That’s a separate issue for discussion and one that is equally important.  A question asked by D13The Colonel  “.who do you feel can step up with the demise of the petro dollar…..which our shale oil production has almost rendered it moot anyway…”  Let’s go with the first part, who can step in should the demise of the petrodollar occur.  Why does anyone have to step in?  We have exchange rates with foreign currencies that can handle trade and that is happening throughout the world already, even with oil.  Just because that’s the way it has been done for several decades doesn’t mean it can’t be done another way.  Prior to the U.S dollar becoming the dominate currency, the world traded just fine and life went on, I see no reason why it can’t happen again.

dollar2Trade is really not a concern when it comes to the demise of the dollar as WRC.  It’s the ability of the way over leveraged Federal government’s ability to keep their financial promises.  As we stand today, without credit, the Fed’s will default.  Is this why Obama quickly flew to Saudi Arabia after their threat of selling U.S. treasuries?  Did he know, should a mass selloff occur, that the end result would be that few would buy treasuries in the future to keep propping up the failed Federal government?  With the National debt soon to be 21 trillion dollars, which is 16 trillion or so more than in 2001, one has to ask, why has this occurred and what is the end result?

The debt will never get paid, ever.  Should the Federal government lose the petrodollar and the WRC at nearly the same time, the effects would be brutal.  The effects wouldn’t be limited to the U.S,  it would literally shake the foundation of the entire world.  But we are already heading in this direction.  As D13 said,  ” The Central Banking climate is floundering and not prospering.”  The Central bank experiment is possibly coming to it’s epic end, along with the Federal Reserve’s dominate Federal Reserve Note, the U.S. dollar.  At some point, things will change.  These changes don’t always come when people expect them to change.  So who would step up and fill the vacuum left should the U.S. dollar stop becoming the WRC (which is already happening, all be it slowly)?  At the point when it’s realized, the world may not want another WRC, because the failure of this one was to painful.  It’s all part of living in A Changing World.


April Open Mic

A new thread to keep up the chit/chat.  With more Primaries coming up and the NFL Draft, there should be plenty to talk about.  Happy April!  Here’s a link to an article titled Nine Meals From Anarchy that all of you may enjoy:







Nothing Else Needs Said


For Your Enlightenment

Thought I would try something new and post a video in place of an article.  Enjoy 🙂

Spring is Here!

spring2Easter2At 12:30 am est,tomorrow morning,  Spring 2016 will have officially arrived.  This Spring looks to be very interesting on the political landscape, especially at the Republican front runner’s events.  The “Rent-A-Mobs” are expected to be out in full force as the weather warms.  Many of these people are simply misguided youth, anarchist’s, racist’s, and just old fashioned trouble makers.  Some will be PAID to perform their expected duties.  These people speak for the Left Wing Liberal’s who have kidnapped the Democratic Party of old.  At least the racist part has stayed in place, the rest has taken a turn for the worst.  It is time to consider counter moves before this turns into a complete disaster on election day.

This short article is to get that conversation going.  What should be done to counter the Leftist hoard’s of zombies that good, honest, law abiding citizens are encountering at these events?  While your thinking of your answer, enjoy the weekend and be thankful that we all can see a new Spring arrive!

Try Not To Hate

racist2As we head towards Super Tuesday 2 and St. Patrick’s Day, it’s hard not to see the direction of this current campaign.  The events in Chicago at a Trump rally is showing exactly how the Socialist Left want’s things to go forward.  But before we get to that particular subject, let’s first put a few bullshit talking points that the Socialist Left is spouting off about.  The Socialist left say Trump is a racist because of some of the things he has said since he entered the race.  That’s a LIE.  Why is it a lie you ask?  Because for the last 8 years or more, every white person is a racist according to the Socialist Left.  I’m a white male, no grey hair yet and I still have a full head of hair, but I’m a racist, misogynist,  homophobe, Islamaphobe and a redneck who clings to my guns and Bible.  So is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and any other non-Socialist white male in the world.  What it really comes down to, is we aren’t all Socialist’s so we must be all things bad.

trumpIt wasn’t all that long ago that I had to ask what the hell a misogynist was.  I found that rather funny, to be called something that I didn’t even know what the hell it was.  But in reality, I’m none of what the Socialist Left claim, none of it.  What I have become is a person who has grown to dislike the more hardcore Socialist Left.  Those who want to attempt to intimidate, shout down, attack and otherwise deny others their individual Rights.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen is all that really occurred in Chicago.  This was nothing but an attempt at voter intimidation.  It will fail in the long run, because those like myself will simple no longer tolerate it.

punchWhen a person’s Rights are being dismissed, disrespected or ignored,  it is the Right of that person to enact adequate self defense measures to protect those Rights.  The violation of one’s Rights is an act of violence, because it is the threat or act of violence that is causing the loss of one’s Rights.  As kind and patient as most Conservatives are, being run over by a few punks is no longer tolerable.  It’s time to knock their teeth down their throat.  It’s time to twist an arm and come down hard on the elbow, shattering the elbow joint and inflicting immense pain.  It’s time to smash a knee, break a nose, bust open an eye brow and/or otherwise end the violence that is being enacted upon you.  Do so only in self defense.  You have the Right to defend your Rights.  Exercise those Rights.  But do so and remember one important thing…..Try Not To Hate!


The Campaign Continues

RonAs the campaign rolls on, Trump holds a 99 delegate lead over Cruz.  With Rubio and Kasich campaign pinning their hopes on their home State primaries, they are pretty much finished.  This looks like it’s going to come down to Trump versus Cruz down the stretch.  If Trump wins both Florida and Ohio next week, this race could be over.  Here’s what is coming up for the Republicans:

March 10     Republican debate in Miami Florida

March 12     Washington D.C.  and Wyoming

March 15      North Carolina,   Missouri,  Ohio,  Florida  and Illinois

I would write about the Democrat side of things, but with the Super Delegates locked up for Clinton, it’s all but rigged and over.  This short article will keep the ball rolling.  Spring has arrived early here with some great weather.  Over the next few days the temps will stay pleasant but the rain will fall.  No complaints about this winter’s weather.  Short of a few cold spells, snowfall was down quite a bit.  Hopefully the upcoming rains will help catch up on the precipitation deficit.  Stay thirsty my friends, the truth will set you free 🙂