My Favorite Socialist


Ocasio-Cortez will be the gift that keeps giving.  After this meme, referring to Venezuela, my favorite Socialist decided to reply with this:

There it is, the Socialist mentality in one Tweet 😀


The Left Refuse To Accept Reality

121212Riots in France are raging into their fourth week, but American mainstream media outlets like CBS and CNN are having a tough time reporting on exactly why tens of thousands of French citizens are taking to the streets — perhaps because the protests are motivated by French President Emmanuel Macron’s burdensome “anti-Climate Change” policies.
More than 400 people were arrested over the weekend — and more than 200 were injured — as French citizens, clad in the now ubiquitous yellow safety vests (which residents of France are required by law to keep in their vehicles for emergencies) marched down the Champs-Élysées, a tony shopping and restaurant district in central Paris, to protest their ever-increasing government tax burden.
To be sure, Macron’s recent efforts to combat “climate change” and reduce France’s dependence on “fossil fuels” by levying a new tax on gasoline and other household fuels is not the only reason the French are protesting, but fuel tax is the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” French citizens were already hit with a tax increase in January, and more than 60% of the cost of fuel in France comes from government fees.

This seems to be a pattern with the Liberal media, simply not telling the truth because if the truth got told, the Crats would easily be destroyed in the next election.  Let’s not fool ourselves, the Left want these kinds of taxes to fight their fairytale Climate Change, or their fight against fossil fuels, which has raged for decades.  Just more proof that Socialist policies are a failure.

Doom and Gloom


Here we are again, another doom and gloom climate change report making more dire predictions for the future.  Don’t worry, next year they will fix their math and things will be fine again.  Is weather getting worse?  I don’t see it.  Are the storms getting more powerful?  I don’t see it.  The polar ice sheets are still there and will be for ever.  The coastal cities are not under water and there are no evacuation plans for such an event.  Record X will get broken and climate change will be blamed.  The climate folks won’t see the irony that the record was set long before Global warming/climate change/doom and gloom was even thought of.

The Divide That Won’t Go Away

media-majorrole-110718A Zogby Analytics poll may explain why this is true.  While 2/3rds of those polled blamed Trump, an even higher percentage, 75%, blamed the media.

Some of the key demographic findings listed below in bullet points.

• Men (70% agree) and women (73% agree) were very much in agreement (strongly and somewhat agree combined) about the role the mainstream media plays in dividing the public and spreading hate.

• Interestingly, younger voters age 18-24 and age 18-29 (81-82% strongly and somewhat agree/18-19% strongly and somewhat disagree) were much more likely to blame the media for spreading hate and misunderstanding than older voters age 65+ (62% strongly and somewhat agree/38% strongly and somewhat disagree) and age 70+ (67% strongly and somewhat agree/33% strongly and somewhat disagree).

• Republicans (94% agree/6% disagree) were almost twice as likely to agree compared to Democrats (51% agree/49% disagree) with the media’s role in dividing voters and spreading hate. Independents were more in line with voters overall: 74% agreed and 26% disagreed.

• White (76% agree/24% disagree) and Hispanic (64% agree/36% disagree) voters were more likely to agree that the mainstream media plays a part in spreading hate and misunderstanding, while black voters were most likely to disagree (54% agree/46% disagree).

I don’t blame Trump nearly as much as the media.  I see him as fighting back against the machine that has been against him from the beginning.  If fighting the biased media and upholding immigration laws is divisive, then so be it.  The reality is simple.  As long as the media continues as they are, the divide will never go away.


Post Election, What’s Next?

trump10At this point, nothing has really changed.  The MSM is still doing the same stuff, Antifa is still acting like Fascists and there is more evidence of Acosta abusing a woman than there ever was on Bret Kavanaugh. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest Communist to represent New Yorkers, will likely sponsor a bill giving free tuition to the Electoral College, and Nancy Pelosi will bring it to the floor.  A dead Brothel owner defeated his Democrat opponent in Las Vegas 36th District State Assembly race, if that don’t tell how bad the Democrat was, I don’t know what will.  Liberal media hacks are still throwing the race card, keep it up for the next two years, please.  Speaking of white privilege, we had our first measurable snowfall yesterday, about 1 inch.  It went away and came back this morning.  I guess it’s racist too  🙂


The Next Most Important Election In Our Lifetime

election 2018We may as well get used to the claim of “Most important election in our lifetime” because every two years it’s likely what we are going to hear.  That could only be true if we were voting to remove the whole lot and start over with a better quality of representatives.  Since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, we are stuck with what we have.


The Caravan Conundrum

caravan11The immigration issue is about to be front and center just before the Midterms.  President Trump is preparing a Executive Order to deal with this issue.  Immigration is a hot issue and the timing of this can’t be worse for the Crats.  When Trump issues the EO, the Crats will either do as they have done before, and lost at the SCOTUS, and file a lawsuit to stop a legal EO.  Most likely, a Liberal Judge will issue an order stopping it, and the White House will push a fast track to SCOTUS.  That all a guess of course.  Who get’s hurt politically because of this issue?  Plus, a fake bomber and a Jew hater in Pittsburgh (who also hates Trump).  Insanity sure is visible these days.


How will the Left Act….

leftyyellI fully expect that the Leftist tactics of harassment, intimidation and violence to continue and even escalate leading up to the election.  I also expect some retaliation from the Right, as was the case in Florida recently, although I would prefer that the Right only engage when necessary.  Most people don’t like these tactics and a lot of them are totally fed up with the Left.  This will lead to a Big Blue Wave….Goodbye!  The more the Left engages in Gestapo tactics, the more they hurt themselves.  The Liberal media isn’t helping them and are being called out on a daily basis.  I do feel bad for those Democrats who are getting caught up in this but do not support these activities.  Their side have left them in limbo and they have been given two choices, Socialism or Freedom.


More Honduran Migrants Coming!

101418HondurasGettyVarious news reports are stating that a caravan of about 1300 Honduran migrants are heading to the U.S. in an attempt to escape the poverty and gang violence in their home country.  I have held the position in the past that these people need to stay home and fix their own country, but I have changed this line of thinking.  I think it is time to listen to these people.  Let’s take them in and get their story, make it public and figure out what the hell can be done to stop this in the future.  Why have I changed my thinking you ask?  Because we finally have a leader who can fix it sitting in the White House.  The question is, do we?


Embracing Violence

Democrats have now embraced violence in their quest for power.  These are the actions of a desperate people who’s policies have failed miserably and have nothing positive to offer.  Recent comments back this assertion up, for example:

We can’t be civil with Republicans until we win – Hillary Clinton

When Republics go low, we kick them – Eric Holder

Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and others have chosen this road as well.  Intimidation and violence will backfire, non-lunatics don’t like it.  This will only get worse as time goes on, because that’s how losers act.  Then we have this coming down the pike:


Political Civility is Dead

civilityWe can all see how things are happening around this country.  The lunatic Left are attacking conservatives every where.  At a Texas college rally, signs were ripped from peoples hands and tore up.  I’m pretty sure this is a crime, e call it theft of a person and it’s a felony.  Time to enforce it.  Vandalism of Republican offices.  Yelling and screaming at Republicans in public, protesting at public venues such as restaurants, doxing private information etc.  Goofy Liberals on TV making idiots of themselves (The View comes to mind).  I expect it to get worse.  I also intend to wear a new MAGA hat.  It’s time for #NoMore


Remember When


What Do The Crats Have To Offer….Cont.

Still a simple question!



What Do The Crat’s Have To Offer?

1123Just a simple question  🙂


The Mentally Ill Left

340426128b1f38e87b4d587a9410bb52--archie-bunker-conservative-humorNothing these days says mentally ill like the hate of Donald Trump that is on display each and every day by so many on the Left.  They can’t even give a eulogy at a funeral without taking shots at him.  The Liberal media, constantly claiming he’s lawless, he’s a racist etc along with all his supporters just add to the evidence of mental illness.  The walls are closing in they say and have been saying for almost 2 years with absolutely no evidence, that’s mentally ill.  The economy is booming, consumer confidence is skyrocketed, black and Hispanic unemployment at all time lows or very near, yet the Left still hates.  That’s mentally ill.



thMK3KRQ0EWhat should be done to deal with the shootings and killings in Chicago?  This shouldn’t be political, but it will.  Sadly, Chicago will run out of young blacks before politicians actually do anything.  So, I ask why?


Useless Media Hacks

Omarosa-Offended-that-President-Trump-May-Have-Used-the-N-Word-1-500x351The Liberal media, in there own arrogance, colluded (yes, I used that word) to write opinion pieces against Trump in over 300 newspapers nationwide.  All this did was prove exactly what Trump has been saying, the Media are the enemy of the people.  I don’t mean a violent enemy, but an enemy of unbiased reporting of the free press.  The Liberal media, namely Cuomo on CNN is actually supporting the violent antics of Antifa, the fascist radicals whose name is a lie.  They feign anger at ICE arresting a wanted murderer after they caught him taking his pregnant wife to the hospital.  These people are SICK.  And, they have rendered themselves useless, with nothing to offer the people of this country.


Who Are The Truth Tellers?

truthIt’s been well known for some time that the MSM is seriously biased, mostly to the Left, with FOX holding a Right Wing view.  Alternative media is under attack by the Liberal run tech giants, as conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been banned by most Social Media and many other sites are being shadow banned on Fakebook and Twitter.  Sadly, what is being most affected is Conservative views on Social media, while sites for Antifa and clowns like Louis Farrakan are still running strong.  The local news, after covering the killings and robberies (Pittsburgh) are just repeating the MSM talking points.  Journalism is dead.  With that said, who are todays truth tellers?  The answer is……who is being censored the most?


What Are They Thinking?

thRAVZEPZBDespite being super busy building a house, I have found a little time to keep up on things.  After the last election, one would think that the losers would change their ways in an effort to get elected, yet almost two years later, they seem to have doubled down.  The Left continues to attack Trump, and despite his flaws, he’s doing a great job for the country.  The Left continue to attack Patriotism, although that has been a total failure and continues to backfire.  They continue to attack law enforcement for simply doing the job they were hired to do (minus the few bad cops who abuse their authority).  The Left keeps calling everyone that don’t agree with them Fascist’s, racist’s etc.  Apparently the only ideology the Left has is based on hate, lies and banking on people being stupid enough to think the government can give away free things.  To answer the question, they aren’t thinking, maybe because they are incapable.


The More They Howl…

alphas…the more their glaring hypocrisy and lies come to the surface.  Just like the Russian issue, when Clinton used that stupid misspelled reset button, it was giddy applause by the Left.  When Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Medvedev that he’ll have more flexibility after the election, the Left was giddy with applause.  But make no mistake, ALL of the recent election accusations occurred under Obama and his team.  They are the failures for knowing and allowing Russian interference, and it’s proven that they knew.  The Russians are no where close to being a problem to the US compared to the Progressive, Socialist’s, Communist’s and Democrats.  They ARE the problem!!!!


The SCOTUS Circus

democratplatformCome Monday, Trump’s SCOTUS choice will be announced.  The Left is already unhinged on numerous subjects, protesting ICE at a raid to stop human trafficking, climbing the Statue of Liberty, throwing soft drinks on teens and taking their hat.  Now we get to watch the Liberal media lose their minds and Democrats in DC go so low it may surprise everyone.  At least it’s providing for some entertainment 🙂


Let the War Evolve

thG3KV2EXYIt is beyond the point of being nice.  Civility is gone between the two sides, yet, the majority of the people are just stuck in the middle.  Many stuck in the middle are simply not partisans and just want to live life.  For the lead up to the 2008 election and beyond, Conservatives were constantly labeled as racists, misogynists, this phobe and that phobe, deplorables etc.  It didn’t work too well for the Democrats and now, Trump is giving them a taste of their own medicine and they really don’t like it.  But this was going to happen, Trump or no Trump.  I just wonder how violent it will get.


Imagined Crisis

immigrtionThe imagined crisis at the Southern border shouldn’t be a surprise.   This is what the Crat’s have become, the perfect radicals following their cult Bible, Rules for Radicals. The law that seems to be the cause of this, The 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, was passed by a Democrat majority Congress.  This same crisis occurred in 2014 under Obama, and it was far worse, but without the feigned hysterics.  So Trump signs an EO, and expectedly, is promptly sued.  This comes the day before the House is set to vote on a couple immigration bills.  The EO is perfect political cover for Republicans.  They can vote party lines and let the bill(s) fail in the Senate.  They will fail because the Crat’s won’t vote for them, because they would prefer to use kids as pawns than actually fix the problem.  Maybe it’s time to put them in cages instead of their pawns.

Why Are The Left and Right At War?

thHF58L14RYes, it is a war too.  It’s happening in Europe and here.  The divide can no longer be ignored.  It’s a significant difference in ideology.  Maybe a discussion on this difference could be fruitful, maybe not.  But it’s time for a new thread, so here goes.  The Left, or those who espouse Socialism (or Communism, Fascism, or Progressivism et el.) are in simple terms Collectivists.  They follow the Greater Good theory, or, what is best for the many over rides the few.  This is always a great thing to the Left (until they find themselves as “the FEW” ).  On the other side are the Individualist’s who believe in personal responsibility and freedom for all.  The Collectivist’s like to tell others what is right and wrong and how things should be, while the Individualist’s would just prefer to be left alone and not bothered with the Collectivist’s rants. Hence, today’s current political wars.

Not much else needs to be said, so debate away.  🙂


Big Week or Dud?

north-korea-summit-logosThe coming week has some big events scheduled, with the Trump/Nork Summit and the release of the DoJ IG report a couple days later.  While my expectations are low on both issues, there is always some hope that one or both will solve same major problems.  I have never known peace with the Nork’s in my lifetime, so it would be really nice to finally ending a war that has been on hold for 65 years.  What I don’t expect is a lame deal like Bill Clinton agreed too, which accomplished nothing.

The DoJ report could be an interesting rebuke of some key players in the FBI and DoJ.  If this is the case, I fully expect charges and trials to take place.  This also may include reopening the Clinton email case and handling it according to actual law, not political partisanship.  With McCabe begging for ammunity for his testimony, it would appear someone or some one’s are in deep poo poo.  Let the heads roll.


The Great Divide

divideWhen it comes to politics, divisions between Conservatives and Socialist’s continue to grow.  The Left Wing Socialist’s (or Progressives, or Communist’s, pick a term) have a loud voice in the Legacy media and late night comedy shows (comedy might be a stretch).  The Left’s desire to be slaves of the State is growing by the day, despite all the historical evidence that Socialism, Communism and Fascism are all failed ideologies that resulted in tens of millions of deaths.  Our education system, run mostly by the Left, is failing to not only protect kids, but educate them.  The latest two things that I have seen is asking people if they would date a Trump supporter or MS-13 gang member and many picked the gang member.  Then, there was Bernie telling BLM that we need to educate our kids, not jail them (no shit Sherlock, tell your Union teachers to give it a try).

What a sad time in history.


Still Waiting


Today’s Communist’s

thOOT22PK5Those who support “health care for all” and “free education” are advocating for their own slavery and destruction. Government can’t give “health care for all” or “free education” or anything else because government has nothing to give that it hasn’t taken from someone else.
Such a philosophy is based upon the Marxian economic theory, “from each according to his ability and to each according to his need.” It’s a philosophy based on deception and fraud.
Socialism is a disguised system of stealing the wealth and production of the producers of wealth with spurious laws. Stealing or taking from producers and transferring it to nonproducers make for very sophisticated and concealed class warfare. In other words, it is a parasite system with the parasites ruling and fleecing their host through deception.
This fleecing requires a strong police state to back up the government power needed to create conformity to reallocate the wealth. And it has led to mass murder and destruction every time it’s been tried.

Yanking WH Press Credential’s

thS4O3KAVJIn a Trump Tweet, he suggested removing the White House press credentials of the “Fake News” outfits.  While I can see his frustration with the Liberal media’s bias, I doubt that this move will happen, much less fix the problem.  There are other effective ways to deal with those that ask stupid questions all the time….don’t answer them and move on.  Some will claim it’s Trump that has the Liberal media in such a hate fit, but it wouldn’t matter who’ in the Republican side won, the bias would still be front and center.  My suggestion, treat them as the children they are.  Ignore them, but don’t give them any more ammo 🙂


Public Schools are Failing

chartrankingreading1Sixty-five percent of the eighth graders in American public schools in 2017 were not proficient in reading and 67 percent were not proficient in mathematics, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress test results released by the U.S. Department of Education.

The results are far worse for students enrolled in some urban districts.
Among the 27 large urban districts for which the Department of Education published 2017 NAEP test scores, the Detroit public schools had the lowest percentage of students who scored proficient or better in math and the lowest percentage who scored proficient or better in reading.