Mid May Musings

The odd weather continues.  Record snow in Maine and more flooding in Texas are in the news, while last Sunday, May 15th, we here in North West Pa had snow showers on and off all day.  I won’t go into how weather is said to be controlled, but maybe there is something to that chemtrail theory.  Yesterday was a nice day, but still cool.  I came across a newborn fawn, barely able to walk yet.  I took a couple pictures and went on my way.  It’s always nice to see the babies, cute little buggers.20160516_124859

The soon to be voted NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) looks like it will include having women sign up for Selective Service.  Might as well have equal slavery.  Not sure why we even need Selective Service, why not just a computer database that automatically includes one’s information on the 18th birthday using Social Security information.  If they can spy on all of us, why not something this simple…..OH, probably need to keep the BOOT on our throats.boots

Looking at the many reports being put out, our military isn’t in very good shape.  Along with the raping of the leadership ranks in recent years, one must wonder what the end game of this will be.  Maybe this is a clue to future happenings, like before the upcoming election.  HMMM, I wonder how bad they want to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse?  Hitlery’s campaign is crashing before she gets the nomination, as scandal after scandal are hitting the news.  Interesting times ahead!  It’s almost summer, enjoy the warmer weather (if it comes).

A Changing World

dollar33After putting up a conspiracy theory surrounding Saudi Arabia’s threat to sell their U.S. Treasuries should they be outed for the 911 attacks, it was apparent that there could be some more discussion about the life of the Petrodollar and the U.S. dollar being the world’s reserve currency.  I won’t review the theory, but the end of both is inevitable at some point in time.  Also added to the mix is the fact that Central Banks aren’t doing so well and we may even see that experiment come to an end.  That’s a separate issue for discussion and one that is equally important.  A question asked by D13The Colonel  “.who do you feel can step up with the demise of the petro dollar…..which our shale oil production has almost rendered it moot anyway…”  Let’s go with the first part, who can step in should the demise of the petrodollar occur.  Why does anyone have to step in?  We have exchange rates with foreign currencies that can handle trade and that is happening throughout the world already, even with oil.  Just because that’s the way it has been done for several decades doesn’t mean it can’t be done another way.  Prior to the U.S dollar becoming the dominate currency, the world traded just fine and life went on, I see no reason why it can’t happen again.

dollar2Trade is really not a concern when it comes to the demise of the dollar as WRC.  It’s the ability of the way over leveraged Federal government’s ability to keep their financial promises.  As we stand today, without credit, the Fed’s will default.  Is this why Obama quickly flew to Saudi Arabia after their threat of selling U.S. treasuries?  Did he know, should a mass selloff occur, that the end result would be that few would buy treasuries in the future to keep propping up the failed Federal government?  With the National debt soon to be 21 trillion dollars, which is 16 trillion or so more than in 2001, one has to ask, why has this occurred and what is the end result?

The debt will never get paid, ever.  Should the Federal government lose the petrodollar and the WRC at nearly the same time, the effects would be brutal.  The effects wouldn’t be limited to the U.S,  it would literally shake the foundation of the entire world.  But we are already heading in this direction.  As D13 said,  ” The Central Banking climate is floundering and not prospering.”  The Central bank experiment is possibly coming to it’s epic end, along with the Federal Reserve’s dominate Federal Reserve Note, the U.S. dollar.  At some point, things will change.  These changes don’t always come when people expect them to change.  So who would step up and fill the vacuum left should the U.S. dollar stop becoming the WRC (which is already happening, all be it slowly)?  At the point when it’s realized, the world may not want another WRC, because the failure of this one was to painful.  It’s all part of living in A Changing World.


April Open Mic

A new thread to keep up the chit/chat.  With more Primaries coming up and the NFL Draft, there should be plenty to talk about.  Happy April!  Here’s a link to an article titled Nine Meals From Anarchy that all of you may enjoy:  http://www.321gold.com/editorials/thomas/thomas042316.html







Nothing Else Needs Said


For Your Enlightenment

Thought I would try something new and post a video in place of an article.  Enjoy :)

Spring is Here!

spring2Easter2At 12:30 am est,tomorrow morning,  Spring 2016 will have officially arrived.  This Spring looks to be very interesting on the political landscape, especially at the Republican front runner’s events.  The “Rent-A-Mobs” are expected to be out in full force as the weather warms.  Many of these people are simply misguided youth, anarchist’s, racist’s, and just old fashioned trouble makers.  Some will be PAID to perform their expected duties.  These people speak for the Left Wing Liberal’s who have kidnapped the Democratic Party of old.  At least the racist part has stayed in place, the rest has taken a turn for the worst.  It is time to consider counter moves before this turns into a complete disaster on election day.

This short article is to get that conversation going.  What should be done to counter the Leftist hoard’s of zombies that good, honest, law abiding citizens are encountering at these events?  While your thinking of your answer, enjoy the weekend and be thankful that we all can see a new Spring arrive!

Try Not To Hate

racist2As we head towards Super Tuesday 2 and St. Patrick’s Day, it’s hard not to see the direction of this current campaign.  The events in Chicago at a Trump rally is showing exactly how the Socialist Left want’s things to go forward.  But before we get to that particular subject, let’s first put a few bullshit talking points that the Socialist Left is spouting off about.  The Socialist left say Trump is a racist because of some of the things he has said since he entered the race.  That’s a LIE.  Why is it a lie you ask?  Because for the last 8 years or more, every white person is a racist according to the Socialist Left.  I’m a white male, no grey hair yet and I still have a full head of hair, but I’m a racist, misogynist,  homophobe, Islamaphobe and a redneck who clings to my guns and Bible.  So is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and any other non-Socialist white male in the world.  What it really comes down to, is we aren’t all Socialist’s so we must be all things bad.

trumpIt wasn’t all that long ago that I had to ask what the hell a misogynist was.  I found that rather funny, to be called something that I didn’t even know what the hell it was.  But in reality, I’m none of what the Socialist Left claim, none of it.  What I have become is a person who has grown to dislike the more hardcore Socialist Left.  Those who want to attempt to intimidate, shout down, attack and otherwise deny others their individual Rights.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen is all that really occurred in Chicago.  This was nothing but an attempt at voter intimidation.  It will fail in the long run, because those like myself will simple no longer tolerate it.

punchWhen a person’s Rights are being dismissed, disrespected or ignored,  it is the Right of that person to enact adequate self defense measures to protect those Rights.  The violation of one’s Rights is an act of violence, because it is the threat or act of violence that is causing the loss of one’s Rights.  As kind and patient as most Conservatives are, being run over by a few punks is no longer tolerable.  It’s time to knock their teeth down their throat.  It’s time to twist an arm and come down hard on the elbow, shattering the elbow joint and inflicting immense pain.  It’s time to smash a knee, break a nose, bust open an eye brow and/or otherwise end the violence that is being enacted upon you.  Do so only in self defense.  You have the Right to defend your Rights.  Exercise those Rights.  But do so and remember one important thing…..Try Not To Hate!


The Campaign Continues

RonAs the campaign rolls on, Trump holds a 99 delegate lead over Cruz.  With Rubio and Kasich campaign pinning their hopes on their home State primaries, they are pretty much finished.  This looks like it’s going to come down to Trump versus Cruz down the stretch.  If Trump wins both Florida and Ohio next week, this race could be over.  Here’s what is coming up for the Republicans:

March 10     Republican debate in Miami Florida

March 12     Washington D.C.  and Wyoming

March 15      North Carolina,   Missouri,  Ohio,  Florida  and Illinois

I would write about the Democrat side of things, but with the Super Delegates locked up for Clinton, it’s all but rigged and over.  This short article will keep the ball rolling.  Spring has arrived early here with some great weather.  Over the next few days the temps will stay pleasant but the rain will fall.  No complaints about this winter’s weather.  Short of a few cold spells, snowfall was down quite a bit.  Hopefully the upcoming rains will help catch up on the precipitation deficit.  Stay thirsty my friends, the truth will set you free :)

Moving Forward

delegatechartThis morning has already been interesting as news has come out that immunity has been granted to the person who set up Hillary Clinton’s server at her home.  While details are still forthcoming, my understanding is that this means that the Department of Justice has received recommendations for charges by the FBI and have convened a Grand Jury to hear testimony.  As explained by Judge Napolitano, that is the only way a Judge will grant immunity.   There will be more to come on this as information comes available.

Back to the election process.  After Super Tuesday, things sure got quiet around here.  But it should be noted that nothing has been settled and nobody has won yet.  There is much yet to happen and things can change quite quickly.  Let us not forget that there is still a possibility of a brokered convention should no one get the needed amount of delegates.  But that’s not all that’s going on with the Republicans!

Mitt Romney is expected to say something today.  Rumors are abound at what this may mean, but the main rumors are that the establishment won’t let Trump win the Presidency and may finance an independent run by Romney to ensure this.  That of course would give the win to the Democrat, whomever that may be, which looks like Clinton today.  The establishment don’t care who wins between Clinton, Rubio or Cruz, they are all bought and paid for puppets.  This Primary season is turning out to be one of the craziest in recent memory. Enjoy tonight’s debate and let’s get excited about Spring’s fast approach :)


KlinkOur favorite Texan, D13 The Colonel, brought up a good question.  So, let’s use his question and expand on it further for the sake of discussion.  Here’s what the good Colonel had to say:

Now….would someone please, prolonged commentary give me a reason why trump would not make a good president? Not hyperbole and not because ” I don’t like him “…a reason. I will start, to give you a good idea. I do not think Cruz would make a good President because of his stance on the international issues. I believe that his personality will signal weakness and indecisiveness to foreign leaders the same as Obama’s. I believe that he lacks the fundamental economic prowess to understand debt to equity and the balanced budget. While in Texas, he did not believe that Texas should have a constitutional requirement to have a forced balanced budget. He was also against the line item veto, which the Texas governor has. On the other hand, he did not walk lock step with the RINOS and the established republicans in Washington….which is why he does not have and support.

Rubio has a stance on immigration of which I could never agree………..

Great question Colonel.  One that deserves an answer form those who dislike him.  But lets take it further, why do you like the candidate that you like?  What don’t you like about the other candidates not named Trump?  This thread will also serve us well for Super Tuesday  :)  :D  :D 😀

The Gun Grabber’s Medusa

gg11With the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, hundreds of articles have post published discussing the fear of 2nd Amendment challenges that would happen to hit a Supreme Court with 5 Liberal Judges on board.  While I think that they were seriously jumping the gun on the matter, it isn’t a surprise that the Liberal Left would love to disarm every law abiding American in the country.  Some of them have even said so, quite clearly.  Michael Bloomberg and his gun grabbing lobbyist’s are always out trying to get State level legislation passed to further erode the guaranteed Rights written in the Bill of Rights.  The Left will claim that the 2nd Amendment isn’t all inclusive and should have restrictions (which it has, Nationally).  Too bad they don’t think the same way about abortion, which is based on a SCOTUS decision, not a law or Amendment.

One of the long debunked arguments we hear concerns the militia language in the first part of the Amendment……

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, 

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When Bubbles Burst

slowdownWe all can see how the economy is slowing down.  Gas consumption is down to 1995 levels,  The Baltic Dry Index is at it’s lowest levels EVER and commodity prices have tanked.  So whats really going on?  There is a trend that’s been happening since 1999 that is quite interesting.  These trends could be an indicator of our future economy, as in THIS YEAR because it precedes the election of new President.  So let me explain.

In 1999, all was great.  The Dot Com industry was making millions for people and the NASDAQ was booming.  In February of 2000, the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates, towards the highest since 1995.  At the same time, the economy was slowing.  A poor holiday shopping return in 1999 disappointed the Dot Com industry.  On the 12th of April the NASDAQ dropped 386 points, at the time, the lowest one day drop in history.  By the time newly elected President G.W. Bush entered office, the NASDAQ had lost 60% of it’s value, erasing 7 trillion dollar in wealth.  The Dot Com bubble was fueled by the Main Stream Media, the so called experts and even the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.dotcom 1

The Dot Com stock bubble was an asset that that turned into a bubble which popped shortly before the elections of G.W. Bush.  This provides some clues for a trend.  Let’s look at the facts:

  1.   A bubble (of assets)  emerges and grows on very low Federal Reserve interest rates.

  2.  Experts, the media and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve say’s everything is fine and growth will continue.

  3.  The Federal Reserve raises interest rates.

  4.  The economy begins to slow down

  5.  The Dot Com bubble bursts just before the Presidential election, G.W. Bush’s first term.

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The Future of Cash

moneyCash is king!  That’s what many here have said more than once.  Cash, or fiat, is something that is a requirement for a free nation to remain free.  Read that again, because it’s a strong statement.  Without cash, would one really be free?  Some of the oldest of conspiracy theories stated that the future with a One World Government would be a cashless society.  Why?  Control, that’s why.  Each and everyday we are bombarded with bureaucratic nonsense that is really nothing more than attempts at control.  Now, the banksters are joining in on that very thing.

[T]he introduction of a cashless society empowers central banks greatly. A cashless society, after all, not only makes things like negative interest rates possible, it transfers absolute control of the money supply to the central bank, mostly by turning it into a universal banker that competes directly with private banks for public deposits. All digital deposits become base money.

Now, banksters around the world are calling for the abolition of cash. Last month, Norway’s largest bank, DNB, called for the country to stop using cash to reduce black market sales and crimes such as money laundering. “There are so many dangers and disadvantages associated with cash, we have concluded that it should be phased out,” DNB executive Trond Bentestuen said.

The CEO of Deutsche Bank calls cash “terribly inefficient and expensive.” A recent Bloomberg  article called cash and coins “dirty and dangerous, unwieldy and expensive, antiquated and so very analog.”

This is the part where we pear into the rabbit hole, because there are dots that can be followed, little statements being made, that can lead to the masses accepting a cashless society.  Let’s begin by statements made by Donald Trump concerning the destruction of ISIS.  Paraphrasing, ” We will take their oil and we will take their money “.  That sounds great, but it is also saying a few things.  If their money can be controlled, so can they.  Terrorism, a perfect excuse for a cashless society.
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What is Life Worth?

thW32AMFDZThe good Colonel brought up a scenario where an individual chemist invented a drug that saved lives and how that drug should be made available to the public.  Without going into details, not long ago, the inventor of a lifesaving drug raised the price 1000% overnight, making it unaffordable for most.  This provides for a interesting experiment into the ideology of the Left and the Right.  The following parameters for this exercise is as follows:

A small company trying to find a cure for the common cold stumbles upon a drug that kills a form of cancer that is 100% fatal.  No other cures have worked and this small pill, taken only 3 times, cures the cancer completely.  It doesn’t work on any other disease and is about to be available to those few people who get this deadly form of cancer.  On average, this form of cancer affects less than 100 people a year and the disease is limited to only one race of people (which will remain nameless).  The company has decided to charge 1 million dollars per pill.

Due to the high cost of this drug, insurance companies have already stated that they will not cover it.  Most in government show some form of outrage and claim it’s now a problem that needs fixed.  But this also poses a problem, because the chemical is so secret and the only way to get this drug is to go to the companies private compound and remain until the cure is complete.  The cured cannot leave until the drug is completely out of the bloodstream and must sign a nondisclosure agreement.  They can’t talk about anything that occurred during their stay.

So there you have it.  Along with all the other stuff we talk about, what would you do to change this scenario and how would you go about getting the change, if any.

Presidential Primaries

th21A0P14UWith the last Republican debate occurring tonight, there are a lot of stories that are unfolding on both sides of the political paradigm.  Will FOX News cave in and chase Megan Kelly off the stage so Trump will get on it tonight?  Will money talk?  The storylines are plentiful on the Democrat side too.  Will Hillary face charges for mishandling classified information?  With a recent video surfacing of a State Department employee talking about Blackberries and have the kind of information on them that would “never see an unsecured server” things are likely to get interesting.  I’ll update this article with that video soon.  This will be short, just to get a new thread started for the upcoming discussions.  Let the debates continue!

UPDATE! Burns, Oregon

It’s time for a new thread, so we will revisit the Constitutional issues later.  In the mean time, I thought I would throw up a situation report on the ongoings in Burns Oregon and the Bundy standoff.  This comes to us from the Oathkeepers:

12622162_1664813230473069_2344731625464867450_o-800x500_cThis is a Situation Report from sources on the ground in the vicinity of (IVO) Burns, Oregon, as well as from open source reporting. This SITREP includes information from a SALUTE report generated yesterday* and is augmented with more recent information.

– An estimated 200 federal vehicles are in the town of Burns, Oregon, located at the FBI compound at the Burns Municipal Airport, hotels, and on the roads.

– Including approximately 50 vehicles at the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, we concur with yesterday’s SALUTE report that 400 or more local, state, and federal personnel are on the ground IVO the town of Burns.

– Last week, the FBI compound at the Burns Municipal Airport consisted of one modular tent, a directional microwave antenna, a “cell on wheels” antenna, and a satellite dish mounted on a communications vehicle.

– In the past several days, the FBI presence has significantly increased to three modular tents, six equipment trailers, and one to two dozen mobile light towers, in addition to dozens of additional personnel. Sources on the ground say the increase consists mostly of tactical teams, as opposed to support teams.

– Multiple sources also report that the FBI and other law enforcement demeanor has changed to “almost hostile” towards the Pacific Patriots Network.
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What Would You Change

thDKGBOF0XFor a little change of pace I thought it would be interesting if we thought about how we at SUFA would conclude an Article V Convention.  To do so, we actually have to have one and debate the issues presented.  Let me start by setting our Convention Rules.  First and foremost, the Convention will be limited to Five suggested changes from each attendee and an overall Five agreed upon changes that would become new Amendments to the Constitution.  The new Amendments can change any part of the original Constitution and/or change any current Amendments.

Each attendee can suggest up to five Amendments, with a brief explanation of why these changes would be good.  When a suggestion is repeated by more than one attendee, that suggestion will be placed in the final pool for vote.  Once a final pool of suggestions are determined, a vote will take place.  Only FIVE suggestions can become Amendments, so attendee’s will rank them in order of importance.  Ties will be further debated until a final total of NO more than five is attained.  Less than five is acceptable.  None is acceptable. So put your thinking caps on and let’s begin the First SUFA Article V Convention.

I’ll start this show with my initial five suggested changes and put them forth for debate:

  1. Federal taxes will be set at 10% for all citizens.  All other taxes and tax laws are repealed.
  2. All Federal Agencies and regulations that are NOT specifically authorized by the enumerated powers written within Article One are abolished.
  3. Term limits are established as follows, elected members of both chambers are limited to two terms.  There will no longer be lifetime benefits for members.
  4. Amendment XVII is repealed.  Article I, Section 3 is in effect
  5. Federal spending will not exceed tax receipts from the previous year, debt is illegal except in times of declared war,

There are my initial suggestions.  I as well as anyone, can change any of their initial suggestions at anytime.  Let’s have some fun folks.  Let me also remind folks, if it were up to me, the Federal government would be much, much different and this would not be needed.  For this exercise, I’m playing with what we have currently.  Have fun and good luck!22113


Guns- Keeping Us Free!

thMZA1BX9VAfter the San Bernadino  terrorist attacks, before the bodies stopped twitching, President Obama immediately came out and bloviated about …..gun violence and gun control.  Since then, he has issued some Executive actions, of which are meaningless at best, unconstitutional at worst.  What also happened immediately after said attacks, the gun stores filled up with buyers.  Within minutes after Obama bloviated about his Executive actions, another thing happened, within minutes, guns store filled up.  After the attack on a police officer in Philadelphia, gun stores again filled up.  This is very important to the future of this nation.

President Obama has been said to be the best gun salesman in history.  That’s misleading in many ways.  The surge in gun sales after the recent terrorist attacks have also filled up gun stores.  Together, they are leading the way to saving this nation from possibly falling into the same Abyss as all other great empires.  I have yet to speak with a recent gun purchaser who has bought a gun because of either Obama or terrorism.  Many will say they want to be able to protect themselves, but never mention terrorism.  None have shown concern that Obama and the Democrats are going to try and take them.

Since 2007, gun ownership has risen , some will say, by as much as 50 million people.  The recent surges have been reported as new gun owners also looking for some training.  New Conceal Carry Licensees are exploding and some are saying that the overall number may double by the end of this year.  While we watch the MSM, Obama and the Democrats constantly talk about “gun violence”, which is a miswording of what is going on, the people are not buying the nonsense, they are arming up.  They are not arming up to give them right back to the government.  They are not arming up to fight terrorism.

thK9NON2WXThey are arming up to fight the government!  If the next elections don’t achieve some very serious changes, this trend will grow.  The biggest threat to a corrupt government is an armed populace.  It may take another half century or more before anything serious happens.  But little by little, it’s already begun.  One day, the doorways of America may look just like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What’s Next

SOTUAHope everyone is doing well this fine day.  The second week of the new year begins.  The first round of the NFL playoffs are behind us and winter has finally put enough snow down that the snow shovel gets to come out of semi-retirement.   I can’t remember a time when it took this long to not have enough snow to shovel.  Usually, that begins in October.   This week we all get to look forward to the State of the Union Address!  Everybody should be excited to know that the President, who isn’t exactly known for being truthful, is going to now stand before Congress and probably tell a few more whoppers.  The Democrats will fawn over his every word and the Republicans will pretend they really want to be there.

It’s been an exciting year so far.  Will the stock market rebound from it’s worse beginning ever?  I have read several articles that state that it is common for the first week of stock activity usually is a precursor for the rest of the year.  That wouldn’t be a shock, considering we have a huge excess of oil worldwide, the Baltic dry Index is seriously low and has been so for quite some time.  Many are STILL calling for a economic collapse.  I honestly have no idea what one of those would really look like, any ideas?
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Making Matters Worse

thP3866XB1What a strange and unusual beginning to 2016.  It began with a protest in a small Oregon town, over the perceived abuses of Federal Agents and members of the Judicial branch and quickly turned into a take over of a Federally owned building.  A wrong headed move with no support from the militia/Patriot movement, including the Oathkeepers.  At this point, things are quiet.  Arrest warrants have been issued and it appears to be an “isolate and wait” event.  Let’s hope it remains that way, because if this becomes another Waco event all bets are off.

That’s not really the subject of this short article.  I’m going to focus on Obama’s anticipated Executive actions concerning gun violence.  Frankly, I thought the whole thing was a bad joke played upon the fears of the American people.  Gun sales are booming again, which seems to happen every time he talks about the subject.   As far as his whiny talk about who needs to have a license to sell guns, it has been law since 1968 that those in the business to sell guns must be licensed.  I didn’t hear anything that actually did anything but reaffirm that existing law.
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Happy New Year 2016

thCFJOKMOVWell, here we are, the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.  It seemed like it was just yesterday when we were worried about all the computer crashes of Y2K.  Now, we just have to endure one more year of arguably the worst US President in the history of this nation. Looking forward, we get eleven months of a Presidential campaign that we will all be sick of probably by April.  2016 will most likely be just another year, like most others, or will it?

th06BTV83RWhen I began following the conspiracy theories of the world, those who also followed them were few and far between.  Most conspiracy theories are complete fantasy, others have some truth to them with a lot of fantasy and occasionally, one may be proven true.  In 2015, one that has seemed to be proven true is that ISIS, that evil boogieman of a terrorist group, has been proven to be the construct of the Obama administration, funded through oil revenues through the US and NATO ally Turkey.  Yes, Turkey has been caught red handed and with little to nothing being said from the White House, it seems Obama hopes nobody will put the pieces together.  That shouldn’t be a problem for his minions.
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Merry Christmas

thU3H5KX1PAs we head towards Christmas 2015, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.  While some of us have our differences in what we believe, it’s a healthy disagreement.  What fun would it be if we all agreed on everything?  Obviously, we here at SUFA are not going to fix this countries problems by ourselves.  In fact, none of us will have any impact at all, but it’s fun to rant about the mess we currently have in the political world.  Merry Christmas my friends!


What Was That?

th3KLHL33NDespite being the second worse terrorist attack in the country, the investigators of this attack have done something very odd that should be looked at much closer.  Just days after this religious based attack on Americans, the killers home was opened up to the media.  This I find to be unprecedented and a clear sign that this whole story needs to be questioned.  My feeling is that the FBI knew who went in and out of that house, probably for months or years in advance of this act of cowardice.  Hence, no need for a comprehensive investigation to FIND out this important information.

thEP8L4M7BThen we get Obama Bin Lyin on the TV spouting off about gun control, instead of the real problem……HIM.  My position on any type of gun control is well documented.  People are buying guns in droves and getting some training to boot.  This year will likely be a record year for the sale of guns and possibly ammo.  There is something in the air, a feeling that can’t be described, that is taking over the minds of millions.  Faith in the Federal government, all three branches, is seriously low.  When these idiots on the Left start spouting off about gun control, the less people trust them.  WHY?  Because when governments take the peoples means of self defense against the government, it has ALWAYS ended very poorly for the people.  It may takes years or even decades, but an unarmed populace always become the victims of tyranny against them.

In conclusion, this event in California should be cause for great concern.  I’m not talking about terrorist’s either.

Happy Thanksgiving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, my personal favorite of all holidays, I’m going to say that I’m thankful for all the great people who have kept SUFA alive all these years.  It’s been a great run and although not as many folks post often, it still has life.  As promised, I’m going to post some pictures Dale wanted to share.  With so much happening, I’m sure that there are plenty of subjects that can be brought up.  Enjoy the holiday Open Mic.  As a reminder, Opening day of the annual rifle deer season opens on Monday here in Pennsylvania, which means I will be away often during the daylight hours, unless I’m in an area with enough phone signal to post.  PEACE!


Monday Musings

IslamIt’s time for a new thread to speed up the loading process.  I asked a question in the last thread, one person answered.  So, knowing JAC’s answer, I’ll ask the question again, mainly because I haven’t decided on an answer yet, and will put a few things in this short article on why I’m having a difficult time.  The question was a simple one….Is Islam a religion or a violent cult?  Pretty straight forward question.  A quick look back as to why the Crusades took place, to retake lands conquered by Muslim’s, begins a long list of things that makes one muse over the answer to that question.  It is well known that European countries that have taken in the so called “refugees” are have a serious problem with RAPE, which, like terrorism, is a violent event.  We have this Paris attack, which was done knowing that the people could not shoot back, then they blow themselves up (that in itself is a violent act).  The Saudi’s are lopping off heads at a record pace (if one keeps records of such things) and it is not uncommon to see videos of stonings,  children getting a hand lopped off or an arm being run over by a truck (the latter for stealing bread).

peaceI strongly believe in freedom of religion.  People should be left alone to practice their faith peacefully.  As each day goes by, it is harder and harder to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion.  Are they assimilating, as I have always believed, or are they just biding their time.  There is still much to muse over on this subject for me.  But it is time to think and rethink about this subject, because Obama and his cronies want to bring in quite a few of these “refugees”.  I don’t think that is a good idea right now, in fact, I’m against it in it’s entirety.  I believe I can make a good case for the cult side of the question.  Then again, I can make a good case they other way too.  It’s the former that is the cause of today’s Monday Musings!


thM7OETFRKI’m sure everyone has paid some attention to the Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt, killing well over 200 innocent people.  It didn’t take long for the media to be all over this, with all the typical talking points about how “something catastrophic” must have happened.  Well, no shit Sherlock!  What made them think that?  Maybe the crash site?  Maybe?  It didn’t take long for some Pentagon mouthpiece to almost immediately come out and claim it was not “shot down” from a ground based missile.  Well, that sounds like propaganda, shoved down everyone’s throats, before any real facts come out.  Let’s look at this closer.  ISIS in the area claimed that they did it.  It was full of Russians, who are attacking ISIS in the Middle East.  OK so far, makes sense, as far as ISIS, as they tend to want the coverage.  Weapons, like those new fangled ones missing from Libya (thanks for covering this up Hillary, your emails were the PERFECT cover).  Weapons that are likely capable of doing this at high altitudes (I know Colonel, your intel is probably different), despite the media claiming there are no weapons that can.  Times have changed and I’m positive the capabilities of todays weapons have also, to claim different is akin to being blind.

So now we must ask WHO is really behind this tragic mass murder event.  HMMMMM….If I go with the normal M.O., maybe our own government did it….maybe not.

Final Betrayal

thJW80NJUIAs most have heard, the Obama Department of No Justice (DOJ) has created a new domestic terrorism czar and whole department to battle the newest greatest threat — behind nonexistent global warming — to America: the white Christian male gun-owning liberty lover. Despite the fact that white Christian male gun-owning liberty lover’s are law abiding citizens (for the most part), the DOJ has decided that they (we) are a threat to the country.  However, liberty lover’s, of all races, male or female, gun owner or not, Christian or not, want a peaceful free existence, not an oppressive central government who has seemingly forgot who they are intended to serve.  This is where the problem exists, it’s not the country the DOJ is wanting to protect, it’s the corrupt Federal government who has overstepped their authority, engaged in illegal wars, and violated the trust of the very people they are hired to serve.

“Domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, a Justice Department official said Wednesday,” proclaimed CNN.com on Oct. 15. “To help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.”

thMO67JFBDWho are these groups?   The notoriously pro-Marxist anti-American Southern Preposterous Lie Center (known in some circles as the Southern Poverty Law Center), which deems anyone who doesn’t embrace cultural Marxism and the latest social justice warrior cause du jour perversion as a hate group that should be “disappeared” into the bowels of the NDAA’s dungeons.  In a 2013 report, the Preposterous Lie Center named a list of “haters” in a “(non)ntelligence report,” titled “The Year in Hate & Extremism.” The list consisted of the following “racists” and “extremists”: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.); Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.), who has said Obama could be impeached for executive actions on gun control; Sheriff Richard Mack; The Oath Keepers (current and former military and law enforcement who have vowed to uphold the oath they swore to the Constitution); former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin; Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action; Tony Adkins of Conservative-daily.com; Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and FreedomWatch; the Family Research Council; Joseph Farah of WND.com; Donald Trump; and unnamed lawmakers (but you know who you are) in Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee who proposed laws that sought to prevent federal gun control from applying to their states.

I’m on the list and most of you are on the list.  Anyone who believes that freedom does NOT include government interference is on the list.  With only 15 months left in office (I hope), will Obama’s new Czar position be continued under a Republican President (should one be elected, it’s their turn, so highly likely)?  If your answer is YES, as mine is, this will be the governments final betrayal of it’s people.  The very reason behind the 2nd Amendment is coming true before our very eyes.  That should scare the hell out of everyone.


indianI have been some what part of a movement.  One that distrusts the Federal government and believe they are corrupt and simply need removed and replaced.  When I think of “remove and replace”, I sometimes laugh knowing how incredibly difficult it will be to accomplish that.  Instead of pushing for an armed insurrection, it’s far less violent to handle this difficult task through constant education.  Spreading the word, if you will.  Over the years, this “movement” has grown immensely, as many as ten to twenty million now.  Many are known as preppers, but far more are regular Joe’s and Joanne’s who work full-time jobs to feed their family. It’s a peaceful movement that is using our Right of Free Speech to make a difference.  Finally, there is an admission, we’re winning.

Spawned by alternative media, but more importantly, comment sections that give people a voice they never had.  From blogs to Main stream news sites, the voices are getting louder.  These voices are laying a foundation and just maybe, working.  They are telling the Fed’s, we don’t trust you, we are prepared, so be careful what you do.  Thinking back to Spring, Operation Jade Helm, a simple military exercise in the Southwest, one that caused quite an uproar, especially in Texas.  The release of a map showing Texas and other areas as hostile put the alternative media and conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.  That frenzy hit Town Hall meetings and even reached the news reports of the MSM.  But it wasn’t the hysteria or all the hoopla that stood out in the end, it was the distrust of our Federal government that took center stage and made people notice.  The movement is growing.  We are watching.  We are Oathkeepers, preppers, doom and gloomer’s, cops, firefighters, military members, veterans and folks from all walks of life.  We are Americans.

Obama acknowledged this point recently in an interview for The New York Review of Books, an under the radar interview with little notice being given, but this is what he said:

“Whenever I hear people saying that our problems would be solved without government, I always want to tell them you need to go to some other countries where there really is no government.”

“Where the roads are never repaired, where nobody has facilitated electricity going everywhere even where it’s not economical.” Obama added.

“If, in fact, you think that government is the enemy. And that, too, is a running strain in our democracy. That’s sort of in our DNA. We’re suspicious of government as a tool of oppression. And that skepticism is healthy, but it can also be paralyzing when we’re trying to do big things together.” Obama stated.

thVO4U4MTXSo there it is.  A peaceful movement that holds the course, and the moral high ground, is getting its message out, loud and clear.  Obama, Congress, we are watching and we don’t trust you.  Be careful where you tread, because it won’t be on us!

The Status Quo Never Changes

th6ZQEK0IGThe title says it all.  The Federal level politicians are nothing more than Professional Wrestlers without the physical part.  They have the masses completely fooled that they are important to our lives and survival.  What utter and complete nonsense.  Now, their mouthpiece MSM people are gonna be crying about a possible government shutdown.  They will make it sound as if the world will end.  More propaganda to keep the masses brainwashed.  The Federal government should be reduced by 2/3rds, as a starting point.  The whole mess we all know in DC has lived their lifespan.  A new life is needed.  It can be done peacefully, but it won’t happen in my lifetime unless something really bad happens.  The sheople are brainwashed.  Vote, because it’s your Patriotic duty.  Nonsense.  Vote or the other person will win.  Nonsense.

VotingIn reality, voting in Federal elections, if all of your choices win, your votes still only count less than 1% of the 537 who are elected.  That small percentage only matters when the politicians keep their campaign promises. When they don’t, your less than 1% don’t mean squat.  Most politicians don’t keep their campaign promises.  That has been true and something I have been aware of since childhood. Over the last few decades, the people have been sold out by the people they voted for through very poor trade agreements, like NAFTA.  This past 10 months, the people most of you who read this voted for, have given a Liberal/Progressive President immense power by passing Fast Track legislation.  This legislation turns the Constitutional authority for ratifying treaties upside down.  While I may see this as unconstitutional, it is now law.

vetersIt was the newly elected Republican Congress that passed the Fast Track legislation, NOT the Democrats.  The Super Secret Trans Pacific Partnership Trade agreement is what is on the line.  I will go on the record and state simply that this secret agreement will make NAFTA look like a good treaty.  Why isn’t anyone screaming the heads off over this?  Any and all multinational agreements should be open to public scrutiny.  So whats the deal?  Those of you who voted these bums in are responsible for this.  Those of us who stopped legitimizing the corruption and theft and not voted, stand on the moral high ground.  Why?  Because YOUR representatives are nothing more than uncontrolled pets who will not listen to your less than 1% voice.  When you can control your pets, then you can stand on the moral high ground and talk smack about voting.  Until then, your accessories to theft and corruption.  Think about that for awhile 😀

Before you decide to go off on a tangent, I wrote the article to bring forth controversy about our current state of political affairs.  If you find it offensive personally, it’s likely that you needed offended anyway, but that is NOT the intent.  It is strictly to debate a controversial subject, further.  PEACE!

It Is What They Said It Would Be

th4DP3RIA4September 2015 turned out to be what the Conspiracy theory world said it would be…..well maybe. It seemed as all of the different elements of the CT world converged and made September the month when the US would fall from grace and chaos would reign. They weren’t that far off, the US has been in chaos and the fall from grace may have just occurred. What chaos you ask? Our police are still getting assassinated by black men, cars being shot on the interstate in Arizona, the announcement that the US will take tens of thousands of so called “refugee’s that are fleeing the Syrian civil war, the building of a category 3 (as of this writing) hurricane that could hit the East coast and Vladimir Putin has drawn his own line in the sand in Syria, bombing those rebels the US is helping to overthrow Assad and the government of Syria. While arrests have been made in the crimes mentioned above, the MSM is holding nothing back spreading fear over another hurricane.

All of these events are, by themselves, a kind of chaos that we have all simply become accustomed to. Most of us are numb to the MSM fear mongering, fed up with the Black Lies Matter and the FukYoFlag crowd and we all know that the “refugees” are far from refugees. When 70+% of the Muslim migrants are young men of war fighting age, I have to stand up and say NO. No to allowing more people who will no assimilate to the United States culture. NO to those who are here and want Sharia. NO, period. Liberal’s need to do some hard research on Islam and then bring a logical debate to the table. The old “Christian’s do it all the time” is both nonsense and far from the truth. There is no comparison between the two, NONE.thAITBXLCY
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