Memorial Day Weekend


On Monday many of us will pay homage to those who gave their lives so that we can be free.  While some may disagree with the wars and the politics of those war, these men and women all believed very deeply in the Oath they took for the privilege of serving the greatest people on earth.  They deserve our respect, for giving everything of themselves for those of us who remain and future generations.  I’m also going to ask that on Monday that each one of you have your significant other or your child or a friend bend you over and give you (and I) a good swift kick in the ass.  We have failed these people and have lost many of the freedoms they died for.  The 4th and 5th Amendments are effectively dead.  The 1st and 2nd Amendment are under constant attack by those who would rather be subjugated than to be free.  We have allowed our governments to become corrupt and self serving, and knowing this, many go right straight to the polls on election day and give permission for this to continue.  Our fallen are rolling over in their graves along with the founding fathers.  Shame on all of us.  It’s past time to start coming up with solutions that might work.  If you think that to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result deserve to be called insane.  Please enjoy your weekend and stay safe!  SUFA is full of great people!  Enjoy your Memorial Day!

An Epic Drought

Thought I would add to the normal open subject forum to discuss the current drought and it’s possible effects on the population of those States being affected.  Looking at the US drought situation there are about 55 million people effected by the current conditions.  Looking at the picture below, it shows the severity of the situation.


AS you can see, California is in some dire straights, with Nevada not far behind.  Water is essential to human life in so many ways, the future may lead to some very unwanted actions by the residents effected.  For the sake of this article, let’s assume that this drought continues to worsen at it’s present pace.  The darker colored areas will grow and the number of people affected will grow with it.  I have read that the Colorado River is no longer is no longer flowing to it’s final destination.  Lake Meade is at it’s lowest level since being filled.  If there isn’t enough water to maintain the population, what will happen?
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Weekend Chat

Going to continue to keep things running smoothly.  Thought I’d put in another pic from the trail cam.  This one is new!



Mid May Open Mic

Feel free to bring forward any subjects or add new ones!


Happy Mothers Day

thNNSIHJVMThis is a day early but we needed a new thread to keep things going smoothly.  My best wishes to all the SUFA mom’s on their day of appreciation!

Seeing the Obvious

divideI often wonder if the very smart people in this country are open minded enough to see the obvious.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the smartest person on this site.  I am still in my lifelong learning phase, which will only end upon my death.  I like asking questions.  I like to question the “official story” when the story doesn’t fit what I see and read.  I’m often ridiculed for doing that.  I have no problem with that and hope that those that choose to ridicule will at least try to look at what we can, or cannot, see.

It’s Spring, YIPPEE!  It’s also a busy time for me.  It’s country music, hard work and lot’s of time outdoors, where I like to be.  After the rain moved on, I managed to get my new beans planted, tomorrow morning, I plant the potatoes.  I love this time of year because it brings new life!  I feel blessed that I can get the pictures I get and share with all of you.  I have found my nirvana and live it everyday!

It’s so cool that so much information is posted here on SUFA, it’s almost better than any media site, because we can lay it out and talk about it.  Today, it came to me that what we are reading and talking about isn’t what we think about, but it’s obvious.  To be clear, the obvious is right in front of all of us, it’s called DIVISION!  One of the interesting things about history, this is not new, just unseen because of all the distractions.  Let’s review some of the many ways the American people are being divided.

Left Wing vs. Right Wing.  Blacks vs. Whites.  Blacks vs. police.  Right Wing vs. gays.  Right wing vs woman (via feminists).  As documented, tea party, 2nd Amendment supporters, Constitutionalist’s, Libertarian’s and Ron Paul supporters vs. the government and the Left Wing (amongst many others) and the list can continue.  Shit, even bakers, photographers and pizza joints are under attack.  This my friends is a major effort at division.  Who would want this?  Why?  That’s the discussion!

I will say this.  When the government becomes so paranoid that they must spy on and control the people who elect them, then make every attempt to divide them, it is only because they have become rogue.  A divided populace cannot take down a rogue government without the military, which has been purged and weakened.  Yet another clue to what the future holds.  The actions of people concerning a military exercise is an indicator that the people have lost the trust of their government.

The question is, what’s next ?  If we can’t answer this question, we are doomed!


MOULTRIE DIGITAL GAME CAMERAAs this will be an open mic, as promised I’d like to share some trail cam pictures from the entrance of a fox den.  Like many, pictures of the young in nature are cherished and enjoyed.  What a wonderful view of natures finest!



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Open Mic/NFL Draft 2015

It seems to be a good idea to just discuss whatever comes to mind or ongoing events in real time as we have been for quite some time.  While it can be fun to write or just pass on an interesting article, it’s difficult to maintain a lengthy discussion on just one subject.  This is especially true when events like the Baltimore riots take place.  Here, once again, we have riots in mostly black neighborhoods after the death of another black person, this time, when in police custody.  Both have somethings in common.  Both occur before the facts are released, both have nearly 50 of the same internet social accounts involved in some way or another.  This is pointing to someone or some entity pushing the buttons to get the violence rolling.  Could this be sanctioned by Obama or his Administration?  Didn’t Obama basically say that Congress isn’t likely going to send the needed funds to the inner cities, or redistribute the wealth?  The answer will come when a whistleblower comes out or the alternative media investigates deeper.  Right now, most of the conspiracy sites are focused on Jade Helm 15.

For now, another event that can give many of us a mental break from all the insanity, the NFL Draft begins with the 1st round tonight at 8 est.  Enjoy the circus and Go Dolphins  :)

draft 2015

T.G.I.F April Edition

As short note to start a new thread. Rick’s recent commemnt made me think of a good poll/question:
Is Obama Incompetent? Yes,   No,   Yes/No   Please explain if applicable.


Battlefied America: A Commentary Worth Sharing

Battlefield America: The War on the American People


By John W. Whitehead
April 20, 2015

“A government which will turn its tanks upon its people, for any reason, is a government with a taste of blood and a thirst for power and must either be smartly rebuked, or blindly obeyed in deadly fear.”—John Salter

We have entered into a particularly dismal chapter in the American narrative, one that shifts us from a swashbuckling tale of adventure into a bone-chilling horror story.

As I document in my new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, “we the people” have now come full circle, from being held captive by the British police state to being held captive by the American police state. In between, we have charted a course from revolutionaries fighting for our independence and a free people establishing a new nation to pioneers and explorers, braving the wilderness and expanding into new territories.

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A Pictoral History of the Growing Police State




An Optimistic End

thA6MJFAKNI couldn’t help but enjoying Black Flags very optimistic demise of the American Empire that he recently posted.  Using the historical demise of Rome as an example, I found it to be a refreshing view of today’s turbulent times.  I have just about given up on predicting the future, as it’s nearly impossible, with some exceptions.  Exceptions, while not really predictions, but an understanding of events that are likely to occur in the future.  One such prediction I feel is very plausible is a major power outage.  This could be a local issue due to weather, it could be regional, also due to weather or maybe an attack on the electrical grid.  It could also be a National event, due to a major solar storm or a nuclear EMP attack by one of our many enemies.  I think we all can agree, that a few short years ago the “Cold War” was part of the history books.  Now, it has reared it’s ugly head again.  Without electricity, this nation could regress very quickly into a very dangerous place.  Let’s hope that any power outages are just kept down in size and scope.

Lies, lies, everywhere there are lies.  What the hell is the truth anymore?  How many lies have been told by the current administration in D.C.?   Or the last five or six administrations? Far too many to write about in a blog post.  Maybe one thing our Liar-N-Chief has stated in the past is the love of Lincoln and likening himself to the same.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent article about Lincoln from here:

The purpose of Lincoln’s war was to save the empire, not to abolish slavery. In his first inaugural address Lincoln “made an ironclad defense of slavery.” His purpose was to keep the South in the Empire despite the Morrill Tariff. As for slavery, Lincoln said: “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.” This position, Lincoln reminded his audience, was part of the 1860 Republican Party platform. Lincoln also offered his support for the strong enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act, which required Northerners to hunt down and return runaway slaves, and he gave his support to the Corwin Amendment to the Constitution, already passed by Northern votes in the House and Senate, that prohibited any federal interference with slavery. For Lincoln and his allies, the empire was far more important than slaves.

Lincoln was likely a very bad President when it came to silencing those opposed to him,  as bad as the Nazi’s of German lore in the 30’s and 40’s.  Had Lincoln not been assassinated, it’s possible he could have been President for a very long time.  Possibly, until he died.  His claim of saving the Union and freeing the slaves could have made all of this possible.  Fast forward to our time and maybe there is a lot about Obama that gives his “I’m like Lincoln” claim some validity.  He has clamped down on those who oppose him, notably in the military hierarchy.  The IRS and DOJ attacks against law abiding citizens is also another example of what a modern day Lincoln may have done or did do back in his day.


The only thing missing is a major war.  Or maybe it just hasn’t started yet.

A New Day

Trying to keep the ball rolling.

Shit A Better Argument

I can almost see Black Flag saying this to JAC  :D

Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate Easter, have a wonderful celebration!  For everyone else, have a great day as well!


Happy April Fool’s Day

thK6VJ9NH4As I write this, it’s only a day away from April 1st, which was at one time a very fun day for me.  I put together some rather extravagant jokes when I used to work at the hospital in Ohio.  All of which played out perfectly.  Screwing with the wildlife these days just don’t seem to have the same affect  :)  It is time for a new thread to go up to keep these bustling along at a rapid pace.  PEACE!

Winter Won’t Let Go

Well, here we are on March 23rd and it’s a whole 14 degrees outside.  WTF?  I’m sure that ALL of us in the North are quite tired of winter and the cold.  I have dreams of sunshine and 80’s with a chance of a thunderstorm.  That’s summer weather for the most part around here.  I have made a prediction with a friend of mine, based on current events (that I have linked too) involving the US and Russia.  That one is simple, before Sept 2016, a nuke will go off somewhere on US soil (hopefully just one).  Yes, it’s a bold and probably a crazy prediction, but I put it out there for all to see.   I won’t hurt my feelings if anyone calls me crazy either, as I’m used to it, so fire away.  I’ll be following these events and post anything important as they come available.  Hopefully, I’m really wrong.  I won’t be losing any money, so that’s no big deal.  However, if I’m right, we could be experiencing communication problems.   In the meantime, we can all chat about the normal stuff that we chat about.  Enjoy my Friends :)



Spring is Coming!

Spring is just a couple day away!  Many of us who live in the North look forward to some warmer weather.  It’s been a cold winter, unusually cold where I live.   I’ve seen cold weather in the past, it’s not a big surprise, but it sucks none the less :)    We are heading into some unknown territory on many fronts as a nation.  Times will be very interesting going forward, Good Luck.  IMG_0005

Happy PI Day!

Good Morning SUFA!  As we continue on our journey we call life, I can’t help but be concerned as to the health and wellbeing of our friend Life of Illusion.  I will try and contact him today.  On an other note, it seems that Russia is getting ready for some big announcement.  The Flag over the Kremlin is oddly missing for the second straight day.  What many people think is that Putin’s newly born child will become very famous this weekend.  Considering what is being constructed for this announcement,  this must be one really big baby, LOL.  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

Propaganda Age

Open Mic Anew

Happy Saturday!  Don’t forget, move your clocks AHEAD tonight!



Open Mic

LOI doesn’t have a new article lined up and Purple is getting long.


“Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that if she decides to seek the White House again she would try to bring Republicans from red states and Democrats in blue states into a “nice, warm, purple space”…

“Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who is flirting with a Republican presidential bid in 2016, took some tough shots Tuesday at the likely Democratic front-runner – effectively accusing Hillary Clinton of running for office on a record of air travel.

“Like Hillary Clinton, I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe,” Fiorina said. “But unlike Hillary Clinton, I know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment.”

Fiorina spoke in Atlanta at a luncheon hosted by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. It marked at least the second time in as many months she has gone hard after Clinton; Fiorina previously criticized Clinton during an address last month at the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines.

On Tuesday, Fiorina said that despite Clinton’s extensive travel as secretary of state, “every place in the world is more dangerous today than it was six years ago.”

She also went after Clinton over recent reports on how the Clinton Foundation had lifted its own ban on foreign donations, and potential conflicts of interest that could arise from that should Clinton run for the White House.

“Really? This is the best we can do is to have yet another decade of campaign finance scandals?” Fiorina said.”

Marko Rubio

I see a lot of good and bad with Rubio.  Overall it’s good, but just barely better than Bush or Trump.  I think the attraction  we have for him may be his electability.  He is suitable to to the Repug base and would attract some minority voters.  So it comes down to, not would he be a good POTUS, but could he beat the Democrat’s?

On the issue of Homeland Security funding, yes the Repug’s are playing political games.  So are the Democrats.  They will not allow a vote in the senate.  Both are guilty and our commander in chief is the worst.  But I for one don’t think it is that urgent.  Homeland did not protect Boston.  To me it is a largely ineffective bureaucracy.  I see stories on Homeland Security arresting sex offenders and NFL copyright offenders and wonder how terroristic those crimes were?  My belief is local police and citizens provide the most security.  It would help if the border patrol were allowed to do their jobs.

The Don

Donald Trump keeps teasing us with a possible run for POTUS.  I can see many good things he would accomplish.  He knows business and economics.  He knows how to make deals and would likely be able to work with both parties to accomplish his goals.  And there is where I start having concerns.  Would his agenda be good for America, of good for Trump?  He knows real estate.  Would he reform Freddy/Fannie and advert another housing bubble, or reward himself and his investor friends?

In the end, I don’t think it matters.  He would be competent on domestic issues.  On foreign affairs, he scares me almost as much as our current POTUS.  On Iraq he has stated several times we should have kept their oil.   Sounds like a “Robber Baron” foreign policy to me.  And while it might be good for our military industrial complex, I don’t think it will be good for America or the world.

Ted Cruz

I like Ted Cruz.  I think it’s great when someone stands up to their own party.  But, does he have what it takes to be president?

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush thinks he can ride Common Core to the White House.  He is using it as a litmus test to prove he is not a scary conservative and will not upset the federal gravy train.  This is a grave misjudgment.  It will be as toxic for him, as Romneycare was for Romney.

Bush would usher in the complete capitulation of our education system to the progressive agenda.

Sara Palin

I like Sara Palin.  By most accounts, she did a good job as Alaska’s Govern.  She has said things I agree with and has been out front on many issues such as the “Death Panels”.  But I find it hard to think of her as my pick for POTUS.  She is more qualified and has the qualities I look for, but something is lacking.  Her humor appeals to me, reminding me of Reagan’s which was both charming and effective.  Am I applying a double standard?  Maybe…  In the end I think there is a lack of substance to her positions.  Anyone can oppose and find fault with what another has done.  But a leader will put forth a plan, stake out a position.  Be firm with Russia?  What does that mean?  “Double, supersecret probation”?  And I think this goes for all who court this office.

Scott Walker

The race for the Republican nomination has started.  It is vital that Republicans nominate a conservative leader who will use Republican political strength to implement a peaceful, lawful, but revolutionary change in the way Washington does business.

Establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney do not see the need for radical change and do not have the rhetorical skills to make the case for such change.  Moreover, RINO nominees have proven electoral poison in presidential elections.  Scott Walker offers the best chance to win the general election and then to use a Republican Congress to transform American government.

Rand Paul

My first pick as of today would be Rand Paul.  I think we play the role of the world’s policeman too often.  At the same time, we were attacked on the 11th of September.  If there is to be a fight, I would rather it be on their property than in America.  So can we critique Senator Paul?

An Experiment

Dale says:  “Looking at the list of republicans who want to run for president, I get the weird feeling even Bernie Sanders, socialist senator from VT could beat them.”

Yes, but why?  Can most of us here at SUFA agree on a candidate?  How about for an experiment, we review first, the Republican candidates on foreign policy.  I will post a page on each one and ask all to start with what they like and dislike on their position on foreign policy.

JAC had some great comments starting with: 

“The entire debate over US foreign policy is linked to WWI and then WWII. Especially Hitler’s legacy and how it has been used in the USA.

We have argued moral and ethical principles long enough to easily see why it is NOT OUR BUSINESS.

But then the Specter of Hitler causes us to gasp……….”but if we stopped them now we might be saving millions in the long run”.

Of course, we have no way of knowing if this is true, false or only partially true. And once we allow the emotion of the “Hitler phenomenon” to take hold, we sacrifice our principles of non aggression.

I submit that if it were not for Hitler and the Nazis the USA would not be embroiled in wars around the world. The citizens would not stand for it and the elite would not have the propaganda tool needed to get their approval.”

An article at American Thinker caught my eye, a small part reads:

Now it is my assertion that the vast majority of GOP politicians over the last century can be classified into one of the following three categories:

  1. RINOs – meaning that they do not really believe that progressivism and big government are bad for America – it’s just that the Democrats are screwing it up and Republicans should be entrusted  with the task of implementing the progressive agenda because they will do it more efficiently and cost effectively than liberal Democrats have or could.
  1. CRUELs – that is, confused Republicans who are unable to exercise leadership. These are conservative politicians whose hearts and minds may be in the right place, but they are unable to: (i) articulate their beliefs; (ii) explain the connection between progressivism and the ills that beset the nation; (iii) describe clearly how conservative policies will enhance liberty and economic prosperity; and (iv) deflect the vicious slanders that the Democrats hurl at them.
  2. CCCs – that is committed, conservative constitutionalists. These are politicians who have a clear understanding of what the progressives have wrought and how the country has changed. They can envision and describe the bleak future that awaits us if we don’t have a major course correction. Furthermore, such people also have a clear idea of what must be done to return the country to its founding ethos, re-institute the ideals of free market capitalism, constitutional and limited governance, and American exceptionalism and thereby restore the republic. Moreover, they can explain these ideas clearly and simply.

So is there a savior in the crowded field? If so, who is it? Well, here are my assessments of the various candidates (the list will not be exhaustive).

RINOs: Romney, Christie, Graham, Snyder, Ehrlich, Gilmore, Kasich;

CRUELS: Santorum, Perry, Palin, Cain, Bachmann, Paul;

CCCs: Cruz, Carson, Pence, Walker, Bolton.

You have, of course, noted several missing names: Bush, Huckabee, Rubio, Jindal, Ryan. These are the folks that I am unable to definitively pigeon-hole. Several (like Huckabee, Rubio and Jindal) are not RINOs, but I can’t decide between the other two categories. The other two (Bush and Ryan) might be RINOs, but I am not sure.

Remember my Name…

President Obama has stated the Paris attackers do not represent Islam.  It seems half the media want the story to be about the backlash and/or racism against Muslims.  I ask, who gets to name their belief?  ISIS/ISIL state they act on behalf of the Prophet.   Boko Haram just slaughtered some 2,000 and claim their belief in Islam as justification.  The French seem to accept the attackers were Islamic.  But a kinder, wiser, more interested in football President of the United States thinks they are all wrong.(1)

Police just arrested a man threatening to kill John Boehner.  The man was a bartender with a history of mental illness.  He also claims to be Jesus Christ.  Does that make him a Christian?  Do I have to accept that label?  I think not.  What Christian organizations are calling for anyone’s death?  There is a difference in what a lone madman does compared to the acts of large, worldwide organizations.   If Al Qaeda claims the Paris terrorists and they claim to have struck for Al Queada, who gets to redefine them?

As a side note, it seems pictures of the Prophet are allowed. (2)  Insulting the Prophet would be another matter, but Christians have also endured equal insults without responding with violence.  As for Obama & his opinion, when has he been right about anything?   And yet he speaks for America….



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