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I am disgusted by today’s media. Where do I even begin? Let’s start with reality as I see it. This isn’t some partisan BS where I bash one side or the other. But if we are being honest with each other here (and that is my intention after all), there are definite “leanings” on the coverage given by just about everyone these days. But are these leanings the way things should be? 

First of all, this aint your father’s network news. NBC is the worst offender, but CBS and ABC aren’t that far behind them. CNN is definitely up there. The king, however, is MSNBC. All of these stations exhibit bias to the left. I know my liberal friends out there want to argue this point, but you can’t even say it with a straight face these days, can you?

I know, I know…Fox News. I know the argument that Fox is in the tank for the Republicans. I only really hear that argument from people who don’t watch much Fox News. Here is the Fox News reality. They never claimed to be a 24 hour unbiased news network. The network was created on the premise that during the day, they would present unbiased news and honest coverage. At night, however, they would provide conservative voices prime time coverage that was impossible to get on other networks. And Fox News Network has honored that premise. The daytime coverage on Fox has remained unbiased. A recent study done by the Pew Research Center confirms this here: . The independent study actually found that the coverage on Fox slightly favored Obama. 

The coverage at night was supposed to be dedicated to conservative viewpoints. Is Sean Hannity biased. Absolutely, just as he is supposed to be. In case anyone missed it, the show is called Hannity and Colmes. And Alan Colmes is every bit as biased to the left as Sean is the the right. O’Reily… I guess you could say he is biased, but I think he is fair. He is willing to give equal time and an equally hard time to anyone on either side. 

The rest of the media, however, did not fair as well in the same study or any other study for that matter. And for the record, that Pew study was reported as accurate even by the far left New York Times. As was a election day exit poll that said 71% of Americans believe the media was biased and helped Barrack Obama win. Only 9% disagreed. The rest said they “didn’t know”. I am not saying that Sarah Palin was a rocket scientist, but that interview with Katie Couric was a joke. Can any of you answer what the Bush Doctrine is? Can President Bush even answer that question?

The point is that the media has taken a far left lean. Items bad for the Republicans end up on the front page of newspapers while similar offenses for Democrats end up on page 15. An example: you all know about Mark Foley and his sex scandal, but how many know about the sex scandal involving former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume, which broke around the same time as he was running for the Senate?

The point is that the American media can no longer be trusted. It is a sad situation that we find ourselves in. A media we cannot trust and a public too busy to get their opinion anywhere but that media. That, my friends is how you end up with a newly elected President that we know absolutely NOTHING about. That is how no one realizes that Barrack Obama ran on a similar platform to that of John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. Kennedy never got a chance to fail (although he is responsible for Vietnam) and we all saw how effective Carter was.

To say that I am not happy with the media on any side is a vast understatement. But now I want to turn it over to all of you and hear how you feel. So fire away….


  1. AMEN

  2. revolution2010 says:

    I am actually glad the Media is turned. It should be quite the hoot to watch them try and support the demigod they helped place. I think we should actually take bets on what it will take to make the Media turn on him!
    Hopefully some people will start looking for other news outlets.

  3. The problem is that we cannot trust any other news outlets either. The internet is inherently biased, only they don’t actually have anyone to at least keep them pretending to be honest. The talk radio is certainly biased to one side, while the print and TV are biased the other way. IS there another outlet that will give us the truth?

  4. I can honestly say I was guilty of believing everything the media said until my eyes were opened by my husband. A perfect example of this was the Duke Lacrosse rape case in my hometown of Durham, NC. The lady claiming rape was a convicted felon and had a history of accusations claiming men had raped her. This information was never disclosed in the media and was only discovered after many searches on the internet. When I discussed this with people, they claimed if this was true, it would have come out in the news. Even when it was discovered that the DA had not completed a full investigation, people did not want to believe this woman wasn’t raped. The news did a total disservice to both the students and my city in general. At what point do we stand up and demand the truth?

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