I Like BBQ, but this much pork is choking me.

I have a real problem with the way that legislation happens in this country. If you want to get a vote passed in Congress, you have to gain support by giving something in the bill to the other members in Congress in order to essentially “buy” their vote. How did we get to this? Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson telling John Adams “Hey dude, I dig this whole Constitution thing, but I am not going to vote for it unless it includes some language that ensures that I get extra land for the tobacco farmers in my state.” Yeah, I can’t imagine that either.

But that is how our Congress rolls these days. And we accept it. Let’s take the most recent disaster, the 700 billion dollar ‘we now own the banking industry’ bailout, as an example. Have you read this thing? There is more pork in this bill than at the deli distribution warehouse for Publix supermarkets.  The 700 billion dollar bailout actually totaled more than 800 billion as more than 100 billion dollars in pork was added to the bill in order to get it passed. Let me say that again…

The bailout plan that we absolutely needed as a country to ensure our economic future, that was absolutely necessary if we were to not have another great depression, that was so important that John McCain suspended his campaign to go work on it, needed 100 billion in pork to get passed. Our Congress was willing to let our country fail economically unless they got something out of the deal in exchange for their support. 

How disgusting is that? Barrack Obama, our future President, who we are told to trust to look out for us, took about a billion dollars in earmarks in his very short tenure as the Senator from Illinois. For the record, John McCain, the election loser who was demonized by the American press, took exactly zero dollars in earmarks in 27 years in the US Senate. I wonder how that fact that never got the press it deserved.

There is a reason why the Congress has the lowest approval rating in history. They don’t work for us, they work for themselves and the people who fund them. They will let us drown as they vote for whether we get a life raft based on whether that life raft comes with a 122 million dollar tax break for Hollywood studios (which is in the bailout bill).

Something is foul in Congress, and it is more than Nancy Pelosi’s “I hate Republicans” lapel pin. Earmarks and pork barrel legislation need to be outlawed. Congress needs to get back to representing us and voting based on the will of the people rather than the will of their party. But in order to make them do that, Americans are going to have to start paying attention and holding them accountable. How do we do that? Why not start by voting every incumbent out of office. You play the game the way Congress does and we find someone else that won’t. The Constitution made it very difficult to get a third party elected President, but not to get a third party elected into Congress. Perhaps there is hope yet…


  1. Further evidence that the people that are currently occupying all of those seats in Congress are not there to look out for the people that they represent. These fruitcakes are there simply to find out what the people can do for them when it is supposed to be the other way around. I would like to see evidence of a single member of Congress that is actually honest and looking out for their district.

  2. All users:
    What do you think we do to change this besides express our frustration on this blog? I am guilty for not participating in the change because I don’t even know where to start.

  3. Perhaps the first step is expressing the frustration through the vote after doing so on this blog. Talk to your friends. Get them fired up. Get them to vote out the incumbents that currently derail our system and do nothing more than figure better ways to gain power and wealth for themselves. I imagine that the founders at one time saw the task of standing up to England as monumental and I sure am glad they did something. It didn’t happen overnight. But a small group built a platoon who built an army who built a country. Dedicating yourself to the first step is the hardest part of the process.

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