A Letter to Our President Elect

My obsession with politics leads me around to a lot of different places as I read and learn. I recently stumbled across this letter written to Obama from someone who didn’t vote for him. I thought it was interesting and well written. I originally intended to put a link in my blogroll as a way for you all to see it. But the site isn’t a politics blog and that is what I intend to have in my blogroll. Instead I contacted Amber, the author, and she gracefully gave me permission to reprint it here…

Dear President Elect Barack Obama,

Hi there! I know you’re probably floating on this big, surreal, cloud right now since you just ensured your name in all future American History books, but I wanted to take a few minutes and have a conversation. Just you and me, because, well… let’s face it. You give an amazing speech and you’ve got some wonderful ideas – especially in regard to education, but I’ve still got some misgivings about the fact that you’re our next president. And you did promise to listen, so let’s get started on that, shall we?

First of all, let me just say that while I didn’t vote for you, I’m still proud of you. I’m even excited to see what your (first) term as president brings, given the fact that you based your campaign on the promise of Hope and Change. Powerful stuff!

Sidenote: while I did see some ads I didn’t appreciate all that much because they were negative and attacking your opponent, I’ve got to hand it to you — I think you ran the cleanest, classiest, campaign for the White House that the American people have seen in decades. Kudos to you!

You may be wondering why I didn’t vote for you and I’d like to explain why. And no, it has nothing to do with the color of your skin or your name or any number of the other asnine reasons I’ve heard from people as to why they don’t want you leading our country.

To be honest, I’m more concerned about what your proposed tax cuts are going to do to small businesses. You see, my father is a small business owner and he employs a little over a hundred people. That’s One. Hundred. People. With families. Loved ones. Bills. Mortgages. Etc.

Did you know that 80% of the jobs in this country come from men like him? Small business owners. Sure, he makes over $250,000/yr – but that’s not money that’s going into his personal account.

And how is it fair that people who are smart enough to EARN money and build a good life for themselves are being told by the government — and, not to be rude, but our government that has the track record it does, how and where to spend that money? Not only that, but I just kind of figure that if someone is intelligent enough to start their own successful business and what-not, they’re probably intelligent enough to figure out how to spend the revenue generated from that company.

Besides which… I’ve never gotten a job from a poor person. Have you?

Why don’t you make it your first order of business as president to slash the salaries of every member of Congress? They work, what, like 90 days out of the year? As opposed to the average business owner who works 365 days out of the year? I think that seems a helluva lot more fair!

You can also come up with the funding for your various programs and plans, as well as, lowering our national deficit, by cutting the ridiculous things Congress is throwing money at: like researching cow burps. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

Why don’t we just legalize pot and hookers? Prostitutes are going to keep on hookin’ whether it’s against the law or not and you’re missing out on MILLIONS of taxable dollars there. Also, with the pot thing? Alcohol is legal and we hear of people going home and beating the crap out of their spouse and children all the time. Have you ever heard of a stoned person beating someone up? Or completely wigging out? No. Because all you do when you’re high is eat some munchies, laugh, and have the best sleep of your life.

It will also help clean out our overwhelmed jails and prisons as the majority of inmates are in jail because of petty drug offenses. Crack down (pun not intended) on the harder drugs, like crack, meth, etc. and just let people smoke a bowl if they so choose. You can have DUI laws for people driving while stoned on the ghanja! And think about how quickly our deficit will be paid off, which means the American dollar will actually be worth something again.

But I digress. Just think about it, okay? SURELY there has to be a better option for raising the money we need to get things done, without making small business owners (and even big corporations) foot the bill. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Anyway. I could go into some of the other issues that are on the forefront of every responsible American’s mind: abortion, gay rights, gun control, foreign policy, etc.

But I’m not going to.

Because at the end of the day? I think it boils down to this: there is NO PLACE FOR PARTISANSHIP IN POLITICS!

Especially not as president.

I think I speak for the majority of us, at least those that I know, when I say that we want a president who is going to be HONEST with us. We want someone who will fight for our country and for its citizens — NOT with one another. We, as a whole, have elected not only you, but every official holding a public office, in good faith. Faith that you will be BY the people and FOR the people.

I don’t expect you to have every answer to every question. Every solution to every problem. But I DO expect you to be accountable to each and every one of us. I DO expect you to leave your personal ideals at the door of the Oval Office and to do what’s best for the citizens of our great country. I DO expect you to utilize those around you, regardless of party. A good leader recognizes the strengths – and weaknesses – in those around them, then adjusts accordingly. You don’t have to be strong enough or smart enough to handle everything — you do have to be wise enough to know the difference(s).

America is in a scary place right now. Fear, anger, frustration, and confusion is running rampant in our streets. We’re all worried about our homes, our jobs, the future of our children and grandchildren, our retirement, and whether or not the current administration has damaged diplomatic relations with other countries beyond repair.

We want hope. We want change that will strengthen and unify America… and Americans. We want security.

And that’s what you’ve been promising us, sir.

We know that you’re young. That you have less than an ideal amount of experience. But you asked us to give you a shot at turning this country around and steering us off the crash course to disaster that it’s currently on. And the majority of Americans have voted to give you that very opportunity. While I didn’t cast my vote in your favor, I will STILL SUPPORT YOU in your efforts to follow through on the promises you’ve made and the plans you have to give us what we need in order to, once again, be a prosperous nation.

Senator Obama, you are the President Elect. As such, you have my unwavering support, loyalty, gratitude, and utmost respect for taking on a job of this magnitude in the most perilous circumstances this country has ever been faced with.

Please don’t disappoint the Americans that are placing their trust in, not only you, but in a system that has left them feeling defeated and hopeless.

As John McCain said in his gracious, and extremely classy, speech last night: Americans Don’t Quit!

You’ve also said things along those lines. You’ve reminded us that the fight is just now beginning and you need each and every one of us to join in.

It’s a message that we’ve all needed to hear.

And now it’s time to act on it.

So… where do we start?


PS: My mom is taking your promise of listening to us very seriously. She wants to know when you’ll be making your email address public as she has some great ideas on some issues that need addressed. She’s a Social Worker and some of the things you’ve talked about wanting changed, are right up her alley. She, too, is anxiously awaiting the great things that are expected to come out of your presidency.

PPS: Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your grandmother. You got me choked up last night talking about her… she sounds like an amazing woman. And I have no doubt that she enjoyed your speech from the best seat in the house. You’ve made her proud… of that, I am absolutely sure.

I think this is a letter that speaks to a lot of what is on many people’s minds. While I am not in favor of everything written or opposed to all of it, it is an honest and heartfelt assessment of our situation. I thank Amber for allowing me to reprint it to share with all of you. You can visit Amber’s blog and leave comments for her here: http://princepessa.wordpress.com/

In the mean time…. tell me what you think.


  1. I am waiting for PE Obama to come out and reaffirm that he is raising taxes on the wealthiest 5%. He refused to say it in his press conference last Friday. The market continues to drop since election night, with investors fearing higher taxes and unknown income reditribution plans. As of yesterday, the market had dropped 14% since election day, and that was with a 500 point one-day lift.

    When’s Obama going to drop the (tax) bomb?


  2. I agree with Andrew but I always wonder, how much can he really do. On one hand, I think it is wonderful that so many people believe in this man. We need a leader to get people back in the game and remember that we are the luckiest people in the world to be living in this country. With that said, we need to be realistic about our expectations for our NE President. Most of our change occurs on the state and local level. Obama can move this country, but our local leaders will initiate the change. If we could take 10% of the excitement for Obama and focus on our local issues, we will make a real change.

  3. Jen,
    That is an interesting thought. I agree that things can be impacted in a great way at the local level. You should apply that thought process to the “I’ll take purple” thread below. Third parties could become a big player on the local stages in a fairly quick and easy manner. Is that the place to start making change? Let third third parties gain the power where they can for now? The local level is where things need to start.

    I am with you. I am waiting for the tax bomb to drop. Kind of like the “read my lips no new taxes” line that quickly resulted in new taxes under Bush Sr.. American bought this bill of goods based on his promises, but anyone paying attention knows that this is not how the democrats have typically done business. The stock market is scared right now. Money going down the tubes because people are worried about when the bomb is going to drop.

  4. I think the letter from Amber is excellent. (I also don’t agree or disagree with 100% of it.) This is exactly why I voted for Obama. I didn’t vote for him because of his experience or the belief that he will save America from all of our problems. I voted for him because I truly believe that he has the ability to stimulate and inspire people to become more involved,voice their opinions and to work together, regardless of their beliefs.

    In my circle, a lot of which is not politically active or interested, debates about issues important to us have sparred over and over again throughout the campaign season and especially after the election season. The economy is the biggest issue but lots of other issues are up for discussion as well. My blue collar, high school educated sister who doesn’t often watch the news or pay attention to social issues, has some very thoughtful opinions about health care. She has become so passionate about these issues during the election season that she has written a letter to her senator. I believe that this is a rebirth of the democratic process in the United States. More and more people seem to be invested one way or another so they are getting involved – or see that they have to be involved.

    I voted for Barack Obama because he promised to listen to us. If he does (and I believe that he will), the average American may become more involved in politics. They may realize that, yes, even their one vote and their one voice counts.

  5. For anyone who watches the Colbert Report… we can now officially leave racism at the door. The ‘white man’ is no longer keeping us down. On a larger note however, I think we have just proven to the world that the US is a place where you can do anything. An accomplishment that all Americans can be overwhelmingly proud of. It’s a scary time for us hardworking, successful folks. We too want change but not at the cost of our capitalist system this country has shed blood for. I sincerely hope Obama can bring the change promised with desirable results. I didn’t vote for you but I do want you to succeed. I realize not all solutions are safe but please, do not make it worse…

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