I Always Felt Farrakhan Would Bring Whites and Blacks Together Too

We all know “Calypso Louis” (yes he was a successful calypso singer until the Nation of Islam banned members from being musical performers). “Minister” Farrakhan made our hearts warm and fuzzy with his great hits “Kill Whitey”, “Raise up Against the White Devil”, and “Dirty Jews injected blacks with the AIDS virus”. Such classic hits from a man who has lived a life hating anyone who isn’t black and muslim. So he is the perfect choice for a new cabinet position for repairing race relations. OK, I jest. But I don’t jest when I say one of the most partisan members of Congress is our next Chief of Staff. Rahm Emanuel is as partisan a Democrat as any I have seen. Let’s meet the man, shall we?

Rahm Emanuel has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2003, representing the great state of Illinois. He is a proud member of the Jewish faith and a strong supporter of Israel. He is generally liberal on all social issues, including a 100% voting record of pro-choice on the abortion issue. He has been a supporter of economic liberalism, a broad term that usually refers to fewer government regulations and restrictions in the economy in exchange for greater participation of private entities (a strange position for working in a Presidency that wants government control of almost all business). He has served as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman while in Congress. He also served on the board of directors for Freddie Mac until his election to Congress.  

So what are the pro’s for the new Chief of Staff? He is tough on what he disagrees with. He seems to be a take no bull kind of guy, which I like. He has the credentials for the position. He knows how to take on the opposition. He is a tremendous fund-raiser. He has a background in economics and finance. He fought Howard Dean on the direction of the party for success and won (which led the Democrats back into power, a pro or con you can decide but I see it as having winning strategies).

Now the Con’s (sometimes literally). During that tenure with Freddie Mac the company was plagued with scandal around campaign contributions overseen by the board of directors. Make of that what you will. Open Secrets reports that Rahm Emanuel “was the top House recipient in the 2008 election cycle of contributions from hedge funds, private equity firms and the larger securities/investment industry”.

He is a mean partisan. When challenged by Vice President Cheney, Emanuel vindictively called to cut off the 4.8 million dollars the executive branch provides for maintaining the Vice Presidential residence. He has been on record saying not that he is willing to reach across the aisle, but instead that “he knows how to control the Republicans”. He once owned a consulting business dedicated to digging up dirt on Republican candidates. He once sent a dead fish to a lobbyist who pissed him off. After Clinton’s victory, Emanuel livened up the celebration dinner by screaming the names of those who opposed Clinton and then screaming “DEAD” and stabbing the table angrily with his steak knife after each one.

Oh, and one gigantic Pro for Emanuel. He comes from a successful family. His siblings hold great jobs too. His brother is a very successful Hollywood Agent. So successful that it is reported that he is the inspiration for the character of Ari Gold on Entourage. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to have Ari Gold as the Chief of Staff?

Oh, there’s more, but we’ll save all of that for later. My question to all of you is how do you feel about Emanuel’s appointment as the new Chief of Staff? Do you think this is the right man to lead us in a spirit of bi-partisan cooperation? Or is this just the first sign that our new President Elect fooled us all?


  1. I saw you post somewhere and say you weren’t partisan…this leads me to believe otherwise…Rahm is pretty respected…Lindsay Graham–a very conservative senator–said he was a good choice. He’s partisan, but he works for the president…and he has that job because he’s action oriented and successful.

  2. I wouldn’t go quite that far. I merely presented the facts here about his past. This site is about presenting the facts and letting people take from them what they will and having a discussion about them. For the record, I haven’t at any point said that he is not the right guy for the job. But just saying that wouldn’t spur much discussion now would it? I am interested in which part of what I wrote was a partisan section. I just looked back over it and saw many facts presented without an posted opinion on whether they are good or bad. I certainly respect Rahm. But nothing I posted above was false or misleading. I think he has done effective work for his party. I did not compare him to Farrakhan, merely made the comparison that a new President who speaks about eliminating partisan politics made an interesting choice in one of the most partisan guys in Congress. So let me know what you mean. I can certainly learn to do a better job in the future.

    But if you want to convince me he is the right choice… then say why. And I need a better reason than because a conservative republican likes him. I think both parties have their heads up their butts.

  3. revolution2010 says:

    I think he is a ridiculous choice… For crying out loud, PE Obama just brought in a handler! What was all that “we will reach across party lines” crap… I wanted to have faith, but between that and the other foibles I have seen (like his transition co-chair saying he would be prepared to RULE on January 20th in the Meet the Press interview) I just don’t think it is going where he led us to believe…
    Oh, my…. you don’t think he wittingly deceived us, do you?????

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