Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer….

Our new President Elect gave, in my opinion, one of the best acceptance speeches I can remember on the night of November 4. Calls for hope and hard work, a special channeling of Martin Luther King, a good Sheople (people behaving like sheep) moment with the “Yes We Can” recitations. But I remember most being “inspired” by his call to eliminate partisan politics during these desperate times. I remember saying to my wife that if he can do what his speech says, perhaps he will be a good President. The next day came the selection of Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff. Now we are hearing that he is considering as his Secretary of State….. are you ready? Hillary Clinton. 

I will cover our new Chief of Staff in another post shortly after this one. But are you serious? Hillary Clinton? I know she was once the Democratic frontrunner for Obama’s position, but that just shows you how disillusioned the democratic party is. Have we forgotten completely about the entire Whitewater scandal? The White House travel office scandal?

And let’s be honest. Hillary had the highest negative ratings of a major candidate in recent history. No one in her own country trusts her or likes her. And this is the woman we would put in place to restore our relationships with the rest of the outside world? Really? I am simply blown away by this absolutely idiotic consideration of the second most dangerous woman in America (Crazy Nancy Pelosi being the first) for a position as our representative to the world. 

So what do you think? Is Hillary a good or bad choice as our future Secretary of State? And if offered the position, would she take it? If she doesn’t would she be viewed as a sore loser?

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