1. The last time I checked, the government was not there to make sure I had enough in savings when I retire. People need to have enough resolve to understand if they do not save, they cannot retire and live the same manner they did when they worked. I am currently taxed at a very high level because I am successful. I also put a large amount of my income into retirement so I can retire when I am 60 and travel the world. The new proposed system would eliminate my ability to do this. It is bad enough to pay into Social Security when they chances of me seeing this money are slim to none and slim just walked out the door. Back off government. People are starting to listen to your chatter behind your closed doors…and they are starting to get pissed!

  2. Amazing isn’t it? I wrote about this a little ways back.

    Not trying to boast, just a shameless plug for my blog. 🙂

  3. Off topic, but I like the new color scheme. Didn’t know where else to put this.

  4. Thanks Thedoyle. I am much more of an orange guy than a blue guy. I will be experimenting with different color schemes over the next week to see what people think (including myself). If I haven’t said so before I appreciate you coming in regularly to comment. Blogs are not as much fun without comments! It gives me nothing to argue with or discuss.

  5. I have to think about this one. It’s not ideal, by any means. I will post a comment in a day or so about this.

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