I Need Some Help on Deciding Whether to Write About…

Alright, here is the deal. While I can rant and rave and point out all the stuff in the world, and I will continue to do that, I was also floating around some ideas about some things I wanted to write about. So an idea came to me to write a series of blogs devoted to certain topics. But I want to make sure that it is something that people wanted to read about….

As many of you know I am fairly unhappy with my party. I have been a lifelong Republican. But I feel as though they have let me down. The reason for this are many, and you will learn them as we take this trip down blog lane together. But the point is that I have been searching for how I will impact the world of politics in the future. I have no doubt that I will be running for office in the next 5 years. But The question of party affiliation has been plaguing me. 

Recently someone who I have a ton of respect for switched to the Libertarian party. This isn’t someone who does something like this all will-nilly. She is as intelligent as anyone I know. But I am not so easy to convince when it comes to switching parties. I am simply more bull-headed. She has done well to talk about the issues and not pressure me too much to switch, but I have leaned a bit further each day until finally admitting to her the other day that the Libertarian Party has my ear. I am thinking about making the switch.

Upon hearing this, many of my friends or acquaintances have reacted with shock, and with dismay. My wife even brought to my attention one her co-worker’s comments that the Libertarian party is a lost cause because of some of the stances that they have taken and the resultant affiliations they got because of them. But I am not so easily dissuaded either, so I am looking hard at the Libertarian Platform.

So this is what I was thinking. I know the Libertarian Platform. Every single word of it. But I want to hash out some things with more than just this one friend (although I expect her to participate in the discussion extensively). I thought I would start a running conversation about the Libertarian platform. Every couple of days I will select a platform position from the Libertarians and discuss it in a post. I will talk about what I like and don’t like about it. I will solicit feedback on my thoughts from all of you. 

The benefit to this is many fold. I get to really investigate each part of the platform and get information and insight from all of you. Everyone who reads this blog gets to learn about the platform as well. See I think, regardless of whether I switch parties or not, that the Libertarians are a serious player in the political world today. They are growing….. quickly. I also think that their platform fundamentals are far more in line with middle America than either of the two big parties. Which means that I believe that the more people learn about them the more support they will gain. No matter your party affiliation, I see the benefit of knowing what else is out there. 

So that is my idea. I do the research and post the position. We all take that position to task and talk about whether it strengthens or weakens their case. We all learn more about what they believe. And in today’s political world that is exactly what the Democrats and Republicans DO NOT want us to know. 

But I don’t want to post this for everyone unless it is something that you are interested in. So PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU COMMENT BELOW. Also if you have other ideas about future series I could do, please respond on the tell me what to write about page above as well. That is how we will determine whether this recurring series is a worthwhile endeavor. So is this series on the Libertarian platform something that you are all interested in learning about?


  1. I like the Libertarian party idea!

  2. Thanks AJC…I figure to wait a day or two to give people a chance to let me know if that interests them.

  3. What exactly will you be running for in the next five years?

  4. Ruben,

    I am undecided completely. My first instinct is that I will be running for Mayor of the city of Durham. I currently live there and this is a city that needs something different than what they are getting. But I may instead opt to work towards the State legislature as a step toward US Congress. I have been passionate about politics for a long time, but was always worried that my non-white collar past and the few dumb mistakes that I have made would haunt me. I am beginning to feel as though America is looking for someone real though. And someone who really believes in people and shares the values of many moderate voters. I can lead, and I will. Timing, as they say, is everything.

  5. I get to do the campaign posters, right?

  6. Of course you get to do the posters. Who else would I call on to do them? Anyone who can make it look like I am rooting for the Duke Blue Devils with photo shop deserves the chance to fool the world into electing me!

  7. revolution2010 says:

    While I love all of the comments, the real issue is… let’s get dirty… I mean bring it brother… I am in! Let’s talk about the LP!

  8. Well a few comments here and a bunch of emails from people who are a bit too intimidated to actually post on here have let me know that this is a topic that interests people. I cannot begin to tell you all how happy I am to hear that you want to learn about the Libertarian Party. Converts can contact me after the series to ask how to join…..

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