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As many of you know, I am on vacation visiting my in-laws and having a wonderful time, even getting to have dinner with some of my very favorite people in the world (Jimmy and Joanne, that’s you guys!). It has left me with little time or ability to research well enough to write much in the way of posts. I simply refuse to write without the proper research and facts to present. But I wanted to give you a quick glance of what I am researching and planning on writing about in the days ahead. Upcoming topics include whether or not the new administration is shaping up to be the change we were promised, the Minnesota Senatorial race and Al Franken’s attempt to litigate a win, The selection of Eric Holder as Attorney General, and the current practice of attacking someone personally as a way to discount their valid political argument. This is in addition to the Libertarian platform stuff I am working on. Let me know what you think!


  1. While I am enjoying writing this blog tremendously, it is interaction with everyone reading it that I really want to have! I have only gotten one post on the tell me what to discuss page listed at the top up there. I can continue to come up with my own stuff, but I would also like to hear form all of you about what you are interested in reading about the political world (or not, it could be Somali pirates). Any comments or suggestions to make this blog better for everyone are greatly appreciated as well!

  2. Teachers Unions.

    I am finishing a college math class right now, and some student discussions are aiming towards rewriting math curriculum to disinclude any math beyond consumer arithmetic. A select few are drafting letters to congress to persuade changes to public schools so that kids are not exposed to such “useless math”.

    The reasoning? We have low test scores compared to other nations, and that is primarily in math, so let’s make math easier! How about let’s make competition vibrant in the educational landscape so that more students excel and become engineers and scientists?

  3. Drew,

    I will happily add teachers unions to the list of topics. I have actually written about them extensively in the past. Just like most other industries, the teacher’s unions have been good for the teachers and bad for every other aspect of education.

    And for the record, I am completely with you on the making education tougher. Math is essential. The US is quickly losing its strength in terms of intellectual capital. There are many reasons for this…. hmmm, another topic perhaps?

  4. revolution2010 says:

    The teachers in this country truly get the shaft. I feel bad for them. Talk about some people taking on the world! Personally, I wish education were privatized. The government does such a poor job of running… well anything! The fact is that SAT scores have fallen an average of 50 points from 1970 – 1995. During that time, the education spending nearly doubled from $19 billion to $35 billion. Pouring more money into the school systems is not the answer. If schools operated in a free market, schools that were not doing a good job of teaching their children would be in jeopardy of losing their students to another school. There is something to be said for free market. We could pay our teachers better salaries, advance the levels of learning and get families more involved with their children’s education, all in one fell swoop. Have you ever noticed when you have to pay for something, you really want to get your monies worth? When it is presumably free, we tend to take it for granted. Keep in mind that affording the right education for your child would be easier since there would be no more tax for that purpose! In some areas it can run close to $10,000/year!

  5. Revolution,

    Excellent points all around. I see that the topic of teachers and teachers unions and the education system must move higher on my list of topics. I look forward to your participation in that discussion when I post it.

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