Time To Take Action!!!!!!!!

This is a Call to all Patriots! CALLING ALL PATRIOTS! Revolution2010 added another important post to her site this evening. I am not going to re-post it here simply because you will need to use the links in her site to act. And act you must. A fine representative from Texas has drafted legislation that would return the remaining $350 billion from the bailout to the people via a tax holiday for two months. That’s right 25% of your paycheck could be given back to you! But Crazy anti-christ Nancy Pelosi is already vowing to make sure this bill never sees the light of the House floor! You don’t like the bailout, then now is the time to take action. Go to her site and find out how. Do it now and take the steps. This is the first step in demanding our voice be heard! Go to the site……What are you waiting for? Click Here:

A Taxbreak during a recession? That is CRAZY! « Coup d’etat by Monkey Wrench

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