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OK, so far this series on the Libertarian Party has been working out really well. Great Discussions and debates. Revolution and I were talking and we were frustrated with how many people we talk to who really have zero idea about how the government really works. So that inspired the idea for another series about this. But I cannot do this one alone. So tell me this…..

I need you guys to go reply to this with what areas of how government works you are interested in learning about. Heres the thing, I am getting emails every day and comments from friends and readers who say to me, “USWeapon (because they call me that in real life too, lol), I love reading the blog” And I say, “I am glad that you are enjoying it, but why don’t you ever comment on my brilliant ramblings?”. And they reply, “I just don’t know enough about politics. You guys that discuss on there seem to know so much and I really don’t even understand some of the rules that you discuss. I don’t want to sound stupid” There are hundreds of people reading this blog every day and not ever sharing their thoughts or views!

Here are my thoughts on this. You aren’t stupid, you just don’t know a lot about government, It isn’t your fault, they didn’t teach you much about it is school because they were afraid that if you knew too much, you might not let them get away with the things they do. 

A couple of points to remember. First, comments are anonymous. You can put whatever you want as your name in the name box, and it doesn’t have to be something that people would know it to be you. Your email will only ever be visible to me and believe me I won’t think anything less of you, that is if I even take the time to go and look at who you are. Revolution can tell you how long it took me to figure out who lingeringmethane was. 

Second, it is OK to admit that we don’t know everything. Trust me, there is tons that I don’t know and I end up having to research before I write. THAT IS THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG. THAT IS WHY I DECIDED TO WRITE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! This is a place to learn and discuss. Figure it all out, tell each other how stupid we are. Just look back at how much Black Flag tells me I am stupid, lol. 

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, write some comments in the discussions, Tell me what you think of the ideas we are presenting here. Weigh in on the issues. One day in the near future I am probably going to be a politician, and this is your chance to influence my platform. If you had Barrack Obama’s ear for fifteen minutes, wouldn’t you have a lot to say? So put in a fake name, write your email address in there (make that real please, I promise I don’t share them in any way), and ask away. I am confident in saying that any of the regular folks who comment on here are happy to further explain what they mean or what they are talking about. 

So here is my request for this post. Comment on what about government you just don’t understand or want to learn about. I will regularly go back to this post and check for comments when I am looking for what to write about next. Some ideas would be: Talk about the 9th amendment to the constitution, someone mentioned it and I don’t know what they are talking about. Can you better explain the electoral college because it seems to be a big debate and I don’t understand it enough to really pick a side. How does this whole “pork barrel and earmark stuff” work? You guys mentioned the Heller vs. DC Supreme Court decision, can you elaborate on what that was and why it was important. 

Any thing that has to do with government or these discussions in any way is on the table and I will do my best to get you answers. The only stupid questions are the ones that aren’t asked, as they say, and you can bet that with hundreds of readers, you aren’t the only one who wants to know the answer to the question. So fire away.


  1. Earlier today, my hippie-cousin let me read an article he had received in his e-mail about how the GOP stole the election in 2004. Now don’t roll your eyes just yet, even though I did!
    My question is: why is it that when a Republican wins, everybody is upset about election fraud and screams bloody murder that the election was stolen, but when a Democrat wins, the country is partying on the street? Seriously – can you answer that question? I would love to read you take on it!

  2. oh, I have a few thoughts on that Ruben. I will gladly share them tonight when I get home and have time to write a bit more.

  3. Looking forward to it already!

  4. revolution2010 says:

    yeah, I have heard it all… they actually say that he stole both elections. There is some video on youtube with some guy testifying that he built the program for the voting computers to turn 51% to 49%. Apparently it is in the source code and very hard to find if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for… blah blah blah.
    I think the reason Democrats have that reaction is because they are so pampas. They cannot fathom that people in mass numbers don’t agree with them. They perceive themselves to be logical thinkers, which they are SO not. They come to their conclusions as though they have just solved the theory of relativity for the first time and they are so fabulous, they cannot immagine that the majority would not agree with them! They are mostly left wing bully freaks who will get their world peace even if they have to beat it out of you!
    Reps are pretty much Christians (their code makes them play fair and assume that everyone else is, they will just pray about it some more), Ladies of social grace, (they will meet once a month for tea and try and figure out why they lost and plan more bake sales for the next election) and the old white hair guys… (they will just buy up all of the dem’s businesses once their party puts them into such a deep depression they have to have a fire sale) and then turn to each other as though they were ending a polo match and say, well old boy, there is always next time, good game…(there will absolutely be no smacking on the butt though!) The other thing that the Rep’s know is that after the big bald prison inmate (represented in my head by Nancy Pelosi) has had their way with the cutie that just moved in for 4 years, they will have another victory… so they are really not that worried.
    Now, the caveat to this is the one thing the 2 major parties are counting on is that the American people are not smart enough to see that they are being played and may just open up the way for a third party that is a utopia of what Americans want without back pocket agendas and big business politics…. that is yet to be seen.
    That is pretty much my take on it!

  5. Ruben and Revolution,

    I would say that I am going to do a post on this hypocrisy, but that wouldn’t really fit the field of learning. The hypocrisy of the democratic party defies logic and understanding, so I don’t feel as though I could add to anyone’s knowledge base in understanding it. I touched on this subject briefly in the “It’s your new reality, accept it (or don’t)” post in mid November. But I will address it again here in a bit more detail, because it is a weird conundrum. So a post is coming up shortly!

  6. All right – the field of learning. Here is wat Joe Biden said in the VP debate: “Vice President Cheney has been the most dangerous vice president we’ve had probably in American history. The idea he doesn’t realize that Article I of the Constitution defines the role of the vice president of the United States, that’s the Executive Branch. He works in the Executive Branch. He should understand that. Everyone should understand that.”

    Is Article I about the Legislative Branch or Executive Branch? Is the VP a Legislative Officer or an Executive Officer?

    USWeapon – would you please educate our VP-elect (and former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee) on the constitution?

  7. Ruben,

    I will address that TONIGHT. I love that topic. I laughed so hard when Biden smugly stated what he did. He didn’t even understand the role of the office he was running for. Post coming tonight.

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