A Bit of Levity… Thanks Dave

We can be a bit intense on this blog. With good reason. We are discussing important and powerful things here! But I like to every couple of days or so add something here that will bring a bit of levity to the table. After all I want you to enjoy this site for more than just my witty prose.

So after Dave was done threatening to sue me for offering opinions different than his own, I jumped over to his site to gather research on what to write that he will agree with. I cannot afford to be sued. I stumbled upon this entry from Dave that lifted my heart a bit and helped remind me of how fortunate a life I lead. I strongly urge you all to go over and read his thoughts and definitely watch the video. It is as heartwarming as any I can recall.

Thanks Dave, for making my day a little better and bringing a smile to my face. Dave will be gracing my links over there under interesting reading from now on, unless he prefers political blogs in which case I will move him there. His site is Erstwhile Urban Wanderer Again, you have to view the video…..the first minute or two will touch your heart and make you feel good. The only downside is that now I want to raise a Lion. Visit this story here:

That’s What I Call Love « Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Thanks again Dave!


  1. Dave,

    After reading more on your site I can see that you are political a lot of the time. Would you prefer to be in the political blogs section?

  2. Thanks for asking USW.

    Feel free to categorize my site as you see fit. I don’t really have a theme for my site. I kind of just write whatever pops into my head, usually at 3 AM!

    I try to strike a balance between serious and lighthearted stuff. I’m often quite somber and serious internally and don’t like to dump that on others. So I make an effort to find a balance.


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