Won’t Global Warming Lead to Global Cooling?

Just a thought here…. If global warming is all that they say, and the earth continues to heat up, won’t we all find ourselves in a position to no longer need to use our heaters in the winter? And won’t a lack of heater use eventually bring the temperature down? I know that is a ridiculous idea, but no more ridiculous than the madness that I call global warming hysterics. I am beginning to worry about this again based on the reports coming out of Al Gore and the new President Elect.

hottest-hoaxLet me first say I am not going to go through every argument in this post all over again. I will touch one or two, but I am not going to bother trying to convince the “crunchy” folks that they are wrong. I am simply going to say that the entire global warming hysteria is a hoax, a ruse, a tool being used by our government to find more ways to control us. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Before I get into why I am worried, I will re-hash some of my thoughts for those of you who have fallen into the trap to argue with me about.

I am not going to argue over whether the earth is getting hotter. It has done so over the last ten years. But I will point out that the hottest year on recent record was not in those years, it was 1998. So are we really getting hotter? If so shouldn’t at least one of the last ten years been hotter than 1998? I am sure one of you has an answer. I won’t pretend to expect it to be rational. And please stop telling me that it is the hottest EVER. The first temperature reading device was invented in 1701 by Rømer. Any other measurement before that is a best guess by scientists who usually have an agenda one way or the other. So any statement other than the hottest year in 300 years is bullshit. But if you want to buy what Al Gore is selling, knock yourself out. Even if I were to accept that it is getting hotter, what makes anyone believe that our insignificant little selves have anything to do with that?

Even if we did have something to do with it, couldn’t it simply be the fact that there are 2 billion more people on the planet than there were 20 years ago. That is a lot of body heat, and a whole lot of extra lingering methane, if you know what I mean. So isn’t the problem really that we are multiplying too fast? If so then I submit to you that the cure for global warming is better birth control or uglier men and women. There is my plan, I am going to engineer DNA to make the people of the world less attractive and therefore limit reproduction. And as a subset of that plan, I am eliminating all forms of social welfare, allowing Darwin’s survival of the fittest to weed out people.

gore-fire-1Al Gore’s documentary was absolute bullshit. I watched it. I did what so many people failed to do and that was apply critical thinking to what he was saying. That was one giant piece of propaganda. And if you bought it then you probably think Michael Moore is a genius too. And if you think that, then you aren’t smart enough to be reading my blog, so please navigate away from this page (just kidding kids, don’t get your panties in a bunch).

But seriously folks, you have got to stop believing all of these crazy people who are selling you great stories with an extremely biased and often downright deceitful view. They know they are lying to you. And they assume you are too stupid to know that they are lying to you. Before you come at me with your emotional response, remember I am going to tear you apart with logic and critical thinking, which I will assume you don’t have. Because no one has beaten me on this topic yet, and I promise you won’t be the first to try.

Climate change is natural, as in a part of nature, which means all of you granola crunchers should be embracing it and climbing into it and living in it refusing to come down until they agree to not destroy your beautiful climate change. It has occurred in cycles throughout history. The best we have been able to come up with thus far is that there is a 3% chance that this is the hottest period in 10,000 years on a planet that is billions of years old.

Here is the reality. The global warming myth is big money and big power for the government. The extreme wackos on the left have embraced it because they see it as a chance to save some trees and make the world pretty again. Remember that these are the same people who would prefer that humans die before a butterfly does. And the government is using the global warming myth to gain more control over you. 

What is amazing to me is that the left makes the argument that the Republicans use fear of terrorism to take away our rights (which they do). The left gets that. They see the Patriot Act for what it is: a breach of our rights as human beings and an invasion of privacy. And the left understands that is the use of fear tactics by the government in order to take away our money and our rights. Yet those same people seem to somehow miss the fact that the global warming myth is the same thing, a brokering of fear in order to take away our rights and our money. Wake up people, both parties are screwing us. This is what they do. And they both use the same tactics in different ways.

Christopher Horner wrote a great book about this that you should all read called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming”. I am sure those on the side of global warming won’t read it though, as you are only interested in reading what fits your beliefs, which is the only way I can understand Al Gore having any credibility. You have to WANT to believe his bullshit in order to believe it. The bottom line is this: I think global warming and its causes are bull. These same scientists who are claiming it true were telling us the next ice age was coming in the 80’s. Those of you old enough to remember the 80’s I am sure can remember that. 

So why is this important today? Because this week Al Gore met with the new messiah to discuss the new administration’s role in combatting the climate crisis. And the messiah emerged from this meeting stating, “The time for delay is over; the time for denial is over. We all believe what the scientists have been telling us for years now that this is a matter of urgency and national security and it has to be dealt with in a serious way.” We are seeing Obama stack his incoming administration full of personnel that are big advocates for government regulating how people live in order to start fixing the problem. 

So while we saw the Bush administration taking away our rights in the name of protecting us from terrorism, we can now switch over to the Obama administration taking away our rights in the name of protecting us from global warming. And let us not forget that the Obama administration will have a fully compliant Congress at his disposal.

Congress is already making moves to position people for the assault, such as moving California Democrat Henry Waxman to head the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman, California Democrat Barbara Boxer, has already vowed to push two global warming bills through as soon as the new Congress is seated in January. Let’s be honest people, do we really want ANY California Democrats having anything to say about how we address anything? Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, need I say more?

So there is my post for the night. Global warming is a hoax. The new administration is using it the same way the old one used terrorism: as a way to take away our freedom further and make government more powerful. The question is are you going to buy into the bull and allow them to do it or are you going to finally stand up and call your congress person and stop this madness? If you need the number, email me, I have them all. So what do all of you say about this? Want to debate some global warming with me?


  1. Absolutely.

  2. If you haven’t watched this yet, do so when you have an hour and a half to spare. It is worth it: The Great Global Warming Swindle.

    One thing that I have seen crop up in the “mainstream media”, that then gets no further mention, is the fact that there has been no increase in global temperature since 2001. That is why the terminology has changed; it is now called “climate change” instead of “global warming”.

    And you can bet that the rights violations of the Bushevics will not be repealed by the Obamaniacs, but will only have the new rights violations added on top. This is how the noose gets tighter with every new “administration”.

  3. blackflag2012 says:

    Though I completely agree with you that AGW/CC (Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change) is a total hoax, just some small corrections.

    1998 was not the warmest year – 1933 was. Dr. Hansen made a ‘mistake’ in his software, and didn’t account for a Y2K issue – and suddenly the “warmest year in the last 1000” was, well, gone.

    The warming trend ended in 1999 – we’ve had global cooling for the last 10 years…. the Sun went through its most active period in history in the 1990’s (called a Maunder Maximum)- and since 1998, has ‘shut off’ since then (called a Maunder Minimum). Historically, the Minimum’s have matched to the Little Ice Age – the last one that was this quiet was back in the 1700’s – when they ice skated on the Thames and the Dutch canals. Wonder if the Sun has anything to do with it? 🙂

    6 billion people make no difference to the Earth. Put into perspective – it would take over 5,900 years of every single watt of energy produced by man @100% efficiency (@ 2005 level) to heat just the Pacific 1 degree Centigrade – and there is still the water in the air, Atlantic and all the oceans, ice sheets, rivers, lakes, etc. – for understanding, that is longer than the number of years of the entire time of human civilzation – 5,000 years.

    Co2 is a trace gas – if the atmosphere concentrations were equated to a $1 million dollars, $365 would be Co2 – 100 years ago, it may have been only $325 – so perhaps a mere $40 has been added. Even then, I doubt it. I am personally involved in a study that measures Co2 atmospheric concentrations via chemical analysis (instead of spectral analysis), and my preliminary belief is that Co2 variations over bi-decadal measurements varies from 125ppm to 800ppm – a variation that is wholly independent of what ever humans do or do not.

    The question of surface temp. is huge – most of the recording stations suffer from Urban Heat Island Effect – and it now appears that any increase in surface temp. measurement is probably not due to climate but urbanization.

    Much is made of “we are at a tipping point” – which infers that the natural mode of climate on the Earth is a positive feedback loop – but that on its own is impossible. If the Earth climate had a positive feedback loop, we’d be long gone a million years ago when asteroids hit the Earth – the Earth recovered – which means the Earth has a natural negative feedback loop, and that short of even a larger asteroid hit, the Earth would remain “Earthy”.

    The primary impedance of of this hoax comes from the Statis-control side – primarily disinfected Marxists. Socialism collapsed along with any belief of the central-command-economy.

    Environmentalism has given socialism a new lease on life. Now, socialism is the only thing that will safe the Earth from mankind! Centralized economic controls – carbon credits!

    Watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside – are perverting every essence of human life and freedom to seize economic control. As the President of Czech Republic said, “Environmentalism is the single greatest threat to human freedom in the world today”. I believe him – he knows first hand what harsh tyranny looks like.

  4. blackflag2012 says:

    (sigh) No editor…:(


  5. BF, you mean to tell me that it was hot in the 90s because of the Sun? That’s just crazy talk, the sun can’t possibly change temperatures because there are no people on it to disturb the natural state of violent explosive and inherently unstable fusion reactions…lol. Its amazing to me that people can be fooled into looking so close to home that they don’t even consider the fact that there are millions of factors involved far greater than anything we can do. The same short-sightedness explains people’s willingness to think it is the hottest year ever just because we had a week of over 100 degree highs. Most barely take into account the temperatures of an entire summer, much less be willing to look back within their own lifetimes. And the lifetimes are such tiny crossections of the climate that is supposedly being referred to by the climate change alarmists.

    I love the fact that Al Gore’s temperature/carbon correlation chart plainly shows the exact opposite of what he is saying. Carbon levels rise after temperature increases, not before.

    I am very angry that we are likely to get a Cap and Trade law passed, further destroying productivity. I intend to make lots of money as a consultant teaching companies to reduce their carbon tax burden and trying to save any that I can. Make hay while the sun is blocked out I always say.

  6. blackflag2012 says:


    Go for it!

    I, too, am looking into establishing a carbon-sink farm (otherwise known as trees) to sell carbon trades! There was a guy in Australia who sold the rights to NOT cut down his trees for a hundred years for a cool million bucks. Now, that’s easy money!


  7. The sad things is these nitwits know they are full of sh*t which is why they try to change the debate from global warming to Global Climate Change, this way no matter what happens they can use it to their own ends. They need my Global Baseball Bat to their collectivist Global Heads.

  8. blackflag2012 says:

    And, oh, if you didn’t know – it’s snowing in Vegas.

  9. I go from commenting here into my living room to watch tv (anything to avoid the reality of my exams) and “The One” is trotting out his new Energy and Environmental staff. He did exactly what I said, its no longer Global Warming its now Global Climate Change, and he’s gonna stop it. I was so shocked by the hubris I wrote a post for the first time in days. (Law School Finals have kept me from posting…some may say thats a good thing)

  10. blackflag2012 says:

    Nice post, Thedoyle

    The 3,000 year graph nicely highlighted a past post here regarding the fall of Rome – which happened in the great cooling spell (and subsequent crop failures).

    Anyone with two brain cells knows:

  11. C’mon BF Everyone with 3 brain cells knows that:

    Warm=The government needs to save us from ourselves as we heat up the planet uncontrollably and therefore needs to “appropriate” some rights and cash we might have lying around

    Cold=The government needs to save us from ourselves as we cool down the planet uncontrollably and therefore needs to “appropriate” some rights and cash we may have lying around

  12. blackflag2012 says:

    Come USWep! Pick a topic of controversy! Anyone with three brain cells, (and two wiped out by overuse of beer drinking) knows AGW/CC is a fraud! You haven’t garnered one disagreement in this post.

    You’re losing your touch! 😉

  13. Nah, the lat couple of nights have found me exhausted with work. For me this is the extreme busy season and with 10 days to go until xmas, I am starting to feel it a bit. I will get back to controversy very soon.

    Maybe I am losing my touch…wouldn’t that be sad for all of you guys waiting to tear me up.

  14. blackflag2012 says:

    A plagiarized post, but very good:

    Many environmentalists seem to think that their movement is cool, new, original, and thought-provoking. They think that their “modern” ideas were invented by their widely promoted icons. It is hard to believe that they think so but some of them probably do. Well, the reality is very different. Similar ideas have been around for centuries and their incorporation within the modern industrial society began roughly seven decades ago.

    Let me begin with the following quote:

    “We recognize that separating humanity from nature, from the whole of life, leads to humankind’s own destruction and to the death of nations. Only through a re-integration of humanity into the whole of nature can our people be made stronger. That is the fundamental point of the biological tasks of our age. Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole… This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself, a nature into which we are born, this is the deepest meaning and the true essence of ******** ********* thought.”

    Beautiful, isn’t it? You may ask who wrote these sentences. Was it Jared Diamond in 2005? Or was it Al Gore in 1992? Or Rachel Carson in 1962? Or Alexander Ač in 2007? No, someone else was the author. It was Prof Ernst Lehmann, a leading German biologist.

    You may also want to know that he was the leading biologist of the Nazi regime and the asterisks above replaced the words “National Socialist”. The words were written as early as in 1934 and I borrowed them from Peter Staudenmaier’s insightful essay, Fascist Ecology: The “Green Wing” of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents. In Staudenmaier’s text, you will see that the Nazis were centuries ahead of the contemporary environmentalists in their own discipline.

    Of course, we’re not talking about one biologist here. Like Rajendra Pachauri, Adolf Hitler was an avid vegetarian. His beloved German shepherd dogs had to become vegetarians, too. 😉 Organic farming in the Nazi Germany flourished and the country was the world’s leader in this activity. SS leader Heinrich Himmler had his own organic farm and used the herbs to treat his favorite troops (Hitler preferred homeopathy to achieve the same goal). The national parks in Germany were expanding, especially in the “sacred forests”.

    Medical experiments on animals were banned by Hitler himself. Unfortunately, the Jewish children were exempt. Incidentally, the previous two sentences are not unrelated. One of the most important Nazis’ problems with the Jews was that the Jews were promoting the alienation of man from nature: they were “anti-natural”. What a sin! We know quite many ideologues who criticize the “alienation” (and its proponents) even today: these ideologues usually no longer use the word “Jews” for the “anti-natural” people.

    You should also notice, as someone has quipped, that people who want to treat animals like humans also want to treat humans like animals – because these two assertions are logically equivalent.

    Himmler, the regime’s chief mass murderer, was actually a strict animal rights advocate, too. He considered shooting birds or animals as “pure murder” and waxed lyrical about the ancient Germanic “respect for animals” that they may have borrowed from Buddhism. Himmler was impressed by the ancient Germans who put rats on trial and gave them a chance to improve their behavior. 🙂

    The main person who prevented Hitler from imposing much more radical environmentalist regulations may have been Goering who liked fishing and shooting. Nevertheless, even Goering had to be politically “correct” in the 1930s so he assured Prussia that the years of maltreatment of animals under the democracy were over and anyone who flouted the Nazis’ concern for animal rights would be imprisoned. Oh, he was so nice – almost as politically “correct” as Heidi Cullen.

    At this moment, many green hearts among the readers must feel very jealous but let me assure you that you first have to take over the military, police, and courts, and only later, you will be able to do the “great” things that your predecessors did in the 1930s.

    Hitler needed to abolish trade unions at the very beginning of his reign but there was one ban that was even more urgent and occurred earlier: in 1933, he passed the Enabling Act that regulated cooking of lobsters (this great friend of Nature hated their screams when tossed into boiling water). A few years later, hunting with dogs (and on horseback) was banned, too.

    Another activity that kills many people – and that some of the “deniers” tried to justify – is second-hand smoking, right? Well, Adolf Hitler cared about it, too. In 1943, smoking was prohibited in the NSDAP offices. It was banned in streetcars in 1944. However, the great regulator realized that the ban in the Wehrmacht could weaken his military power so it was always allowed to smoke in their military offices.


    Now, let me emphasize that the contemporary environmentalists haven’t done the same set of bad things as Adolf Hitler and his comrades. On the other hand, it is equally important to notice that the contemporary greens also haven’t invented any ideas or views that would be really new. Everything has been around for quite some time.

    What many of these people share with Adolf Hitler – and all fundamentalists in the world – is the identification of their own views with the “perfect morality”. This “perfect morality” must be imposed upon other people, too. This attitude to ethics is always dangerous. And it may become extremely dangerous if the proponents of the ideology are given the right opportunities.

    In his book, The Green and the Brown: a History of Conservation in Nazi Germany, Frank Uekoetter analyzes many aspects of the tight symbiosis between the Nazi and the green movements. He also considers the ordinary greens in Nazi Germany to be opportunists.

    Well, many of them have surely been opportunists and there are thousands of opportunists in the contemporary green movement, too. But you shouldn’t forget that for the opportunists to exist and benefit, there must also be an opportunity. The desire of a regime, the Nazi regime in this case, to regulate human life and to prescribe everyone his or her values and behavior is an excellent opportunity for everyone whose basic goal can be described in the same words.

    So it was not really a coincidence that the most environmentalist major regime in the world’s history so far was the Nazi regime. If Adolf Hitler had avoided the war and the mass murder, if he had died in peace, and if the green movement began to contaminate the society in the late 20th century anyway, Adolf Hitler would surely be viewed as one of the classics of the environmentalist movement.

    Unfortunately, he has also done other things which is why most contemporary greens are going to pretend that they have almost nothing to do with him, even though 90+ percent of their ideology has really been plagiarized.

  15. blackflag2012 says:
  16. Well, it was warm in my hotel room when I checked in.

    I’m pretty sure it was because of humans.

    So, suck on that.

  17. Damnit Dreweth….. There goes my whole argument. So I guess next you will want to exterminate the Jews.

  18. blackflag2012 says:

    Open all the window in your hotel room, and see how well ‘the humans’ do vs. ol’ Mom Nature…


  19. Thanks, BF. I just calls ’em like I sees ’em.

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