Should Burris be seated?

We are watching the petty bickering in the United States Senate over the embattled Illinois governor’s selection to replace Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Today they refused to allow him admission to the United States Senate. Harry Reid led the charge. So the question is, should he be seated or should he be barred from being the next Senator from Illinois?

I quick history for anyone who has been living in a cave. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was indicted last month on federal charges stemming form his apparent attempts to “sell” the open Senate seat vacated by the new President Elect. It seems being a Senator in the Chicago Machine means paying the most money to the boss. So Blago was selling the seat. I think there is little doubt that he is guilty, although the possibility exists that this is a set-up or something and he did nothing wrong. I wasn’t there so I cannot say definitively. 

Embarrassed Democrats throughout the land immediately threw their comrade under the bus and disavowed him. No one in the entire Democratic party seems to have ever spoken to the man or knows him. Although there seems to have been about 9 phone calls between Blago and Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel discussing the selection of the next Senator from Illinois. I am sure it was innocent, though. This is Obama’s boy. And we know the messiah wouldn’t do anything crooked, right?

So the state of Illinois is threatening to impeach Blagojevich because it seems that he has been severely crooked for a very long time, along with his wife who made $700k in real estate commissions in 2008, while no one in America could sell their home. I detailed this in a post last month. And the US Senate, appalled by crooked behavior that they were not responsible for, vowed to not recognize anyone appointed by the Governor.

Well, the Governor said it is his right to appoint a successor and promptly appointed Roland Burris, former Illinois Attorney General, to fill the Senate seat. Senator Diane Feinstein (Dem, CA) head of the Senate rules committee, stated that the governor has the right to fill the seat, regardless of the corruption charges against him. She also noted that Burris is a fine politician and should be allowed to join the Senate. 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid felt differently. He denied Burris access today based on the fact that his appointment was not signed by the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White. It should be noted that the signature by White is merely for show, and is not required for the appointment to be legal. That was the Senate Majority Leader’s stance, refuse to seat him because he lacked an unnecessary signature. How petty and childish is that?

To be honest I feel sorry for Roland Burris. He didn’t do anything wrong. He isn’t implicated in anything the Governor did. He has served honorably for a long time and is a good guy from everything I can find on him. The sight of him leaving the Capital building today in the pouring rain after being rejected was really kind of sad. Interestingly, I bet the Democratic leadership will seat Al Franken as quickly as possible despite the fact that his election has been a fraud and he literally stole the Minnesota election by about 250 votes, with at least 500 being counted twice! 

And where is the true leader of this crazy Democratic party? The President Elect can end all of this bickering with a simple statement of his opinion. But he won’t. And you know why? He doesn’t want to be involved in any way with these nutbags. I believe interestingly enough, the new President will grow to hate the Congress that he served in only months ago (although let’s be honest he never actually served as a Senator). He is beginning to see them as the nutcases they are. And he doesn’t want his legacy ruined by far left lunatics like Pelosi, Reid, and the like. 

As a side note, Al Qaeda’s number two came out today and blamed Barack Obama for the Israeli assault on Gaza. He hasn’t even taken office yet and he is already being blamed by Al Qaeda for the things happening in the world. And yet there are those that think Al Qaeda are rational people simply reacting to America’s horrible treatment of the world. Touche far left loons, you make as much sense as Al Qaeda!

So what do you guys think? Should Burris be allowed to be seated as the new Senator from Illinois?


  1. I don’t think they should seat him but not for the reasons I have heard anyone else say. My reason is the guy went on TV and whined that he was the Senator. Whinning is an automatic rejection for the “World’s most deliberative body.”

  2. LOL, Doyle. That is a valid point. No one likes a whiner. I just think the guy wants to do the right things. The most ridiculous thing I heard was that one of the Senators went on TV and said that this is all based on race. The Senate would have allowed him to be seated had he been a white person instead of a black person. He would be the only black Senator in America! I think that claim is baseless. But what do I know, I can’t read the minds of the Senators and I don’t talk to them regularly anymore.

  3. There was a Congressman who said the same thing, but they have that same Congressman two weeks before the selection saying that no pick by Blago should be allowed. “Weeeeeelllllll, isn’t special?” No one should be allowed…they picked a black guy?….if you don’t seat him its racism. The Democratic Senators had also said before anyone was picked that they wouldn’t seat ANY pick by Blago and then when of course the standard racism charge was levied they started sweating. He who live by the identity politics shall die by the identity politics. Oookay maybe not die…but can’t they all have the courage to go away?

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