Sarah Strikes Back

PALIN CABINETI understand that this probably isn’t going to get a lot of comments. But I wanted to write about it and it is my blog after all. And in the end, I think she took a bad rap and it seems that no one wanted to stick up for her when they should have. Plus she took a shot at the media and that always makes me happy. Sarah Palin spoke up a bit recently. Portions of an interview conducted January 5 for a documentary about how bad the media is were released today. I stumbled upon them on Fox News and had to take a look…

Let’s be clear and up front about where we stand. I like Sarah Palin. And I think she would have made a fine Vice President, certainly a better one than the fake crackhead that The Messiah chose for his side. Throughout this most recent campaign, I watched what I felt was the most biased media coverage of a presidential election that I have ever seen or heard of. It has always been biased. But this time they didn’t even make an attempt to hide it. Oh sure, they made their claims about being unbiased, but in reality it was like your brother punching you in the gut and then telling you he didn’t. We watched the media tear her apart on issues about her daughter’s pregnancy and her husband’s DUI from 22 years ago. We watched this happen just weeks after Obama went on National TV and stated that family is off limits. I guess he meant only HIS family is off limits.


Actually Yes You Can Make This Up...See Below

Actually Yes You Can Make This Up...See Below

And no one was more discriminated against than Sarah Palin. Let’s think back to the things we saw once she was announced to the national stage. We saw a photoshopped picture of her in a bikini holding a gun. We had national “news” outlets reporting on theories that her daughter Bristol was actually the mother of Sarah’s newborn. We had claims of her using her power to fire a poor state trooper because he was divorcing her sister. Claims that she wanted abstinence only taught in schools, that she believed the way in Iraq to be God’s will, and that she cut benefits for unwed mothers and special olympics. Claims that her daughters Bristol and Willow were named after witches from Buffy and Charmed. Every one of these and many other horrible things said about her were lies.


If you would like to research them and many other lies about her, might I suggest this site:   Palin Rumors | Explorations Most of the rumors and lies have links to where they were proven wrong with them at this particular site. 


...Before Her Face Was Photoshopped In

...Before Her Face Was Photoshopped In

And the ways that the media tried to portray her as stupid were horrible. You had claims everywhere that she didn’t know that Africa was a continent. Claims that she thought the founders wrote the Pledge of Allegiance. Claims that she thought being gay was a sin and could be repented. We had the Katie Couric interview. A hack piece at its best edited to put things out of context and make her look stupid. We had the claims that she wants to cut research in America because she doesn’t see its importance. We had Tina Fey’s impersonations, which painted a picture of a stupid woman with a dumb accent. 


The point was that the mainstream media demonized this woman and did a political hit job on her that would make the mob proud. We should have expected this from today’s media, which no longer even tries to hide its bias. But stupid Americans fell for this anyway. And I have talked to a lot of people who hate Sarah Palin. I say to all of you, it’s OK. You got duped. You got duped by the media into believing that she is dumb, and evil, and a holy roller who cannot govern without injecting god into everything. You fell for it. And you fell for Obama being the messiah at the same time. It is OK. Don’t hang your head. It is just one test you failed. There will be other chances to raise your Grade Point Average. 

palin-bigBecause here is the reality. She is the Governor of Alaska. And she is a good one at that, universally liked in Alaska until liberals turned on her during this race. And you don’t get to be governor by being dumb. You aren’t dumb, right? And you are stopped in your tracks because you can’t seem to get past the “glass ceiling” in place. So what makes you thing someone as dumb as you would like her to be could make it to being the governor in one of the toughest states to run in America? She is fiscally smart and uses her head to make decisions instead of her wallet, which is what the rest of the political dunderheads do: sell their vote for one form of financing or another. 

She is smart and personable. Who would you rather hang out with, her or Joe Biden? I thought so. And she would have made a good VP. Most of us agree we don’t like the choices we are given for our elections. When we were finally offered an alternative to the norm, we destroyed her. You were so caught up in Obama that you refused to acknowledge her. And for all your smarts, you failed to do your own research and simply believed things that simple logic should have made you question. 

And for all of that I say shame on all of you who did so. You let ideology get in the way of using reason. You hated her because the mainstream media told you to. You sent an honest woman packing while embracing people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. What were you thinking? Many of you know my stance on involving yourself in politics when being too dumb politically to do so. And if you let the media guide you in this last election you fall into that category. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourself. 

So when I saw that Sarah was speaking up I was thrilled. And when I saw what she was saying I was more than thrilled. We need more people standing up for themselves against this radical attack media we have today. I hope “news” organizations like the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and the like fold up and go out of business. And I hope that when they do all the people who wrote these biased hack pieces are forced to work at the local landfillor a manure plant where at least they will already be shoveling what has been coming out of their mouth for years. 

So I say good for you Sarah. Thanks for pointing out that the media’s treatment of you came down to a single thing: class. Something the media has none of. And I cannot wait for the documentary to come out that she was being interviewed for. If you would like to see the portions of the interview that I was referring to you can find them here:

Big Hollywood » John Ziegler


  1. blackflag2012 says:

    Watch her carefully – she is well positioned to be the center piece of the rebuilding of the Republican party if, she wants it, and if she’s smart enough to know what position she holds.

  2. Of all the “mainstream” presidential and vp candidates, I liked her the best. I’ll admit that isn’t saying much, but there it is.

  3. Repubs need to get back to their conservative roots. Sarah Palin is an inspiration. Her life represents people of faith, like many of us, trying to work, raise families, have fun and disappointments along the way. We are not perfect, but try to aspire to being better people. Even if we lose elections, we must stick to our convictions. God will win in the end.

  4. No, obviously she has fooled you!

  5. blackflag2012 says:

    God wins in the end? Heck, He isn’t even playing!

    The only person I’d vote for in an election would be USWep, but, sadly, I wouldn’t ever vote.

  6. I mean………………… this must be a joke?

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