Heir to the Throne… America’s Royalty?

We have been hearing a lot lately about Hillary Clinton’s soon to be vacated New York Senate seat. We have also seen a lot of discussion around the Roland Burris appointment in Illinois. I am going to focus on New York here, but my conclusion will apply to both situations. It looks more each day like Caroline Kennedy will be appointed to the Senate. To me this is a bit agonizing. Can’t the Kennedy’s just go away?

carolinekennedy-podiumI have had enough of the Kennedy family. I understand they have seen some tragedy. JFK and RFK both assassinated. Teddy having these horrible health issues. Junior crashing his private plane into the water up north. But This family has been liked to royalty for over 60 years in American politics. And they have gotten away with murder, sometimes literally (and I am talking about you Ted). How do Massachusetts residents explain to their children that this guy got drunk and drove off a bridge and swam to safety, letting a woman drown and die there and then tried to cover it up. How do they explain that after doing so they elected him to the United States Senate 7 consecutive times?

And being American Royalty means that you are the heir to the throne in US politics. Ted’s son Patrick is a member of the US House of Representatives. Now we find that after serving in no political office and having never run for political office, Caroline Kennedy feels that she should be given the Senate seat vacated by Clinton. And somehow, at least half the US population has no problem with this.

caroline-and-obamaCaroline is the only surviving child of former President John F. Kennedy, who was killed when she was 5 years old. She has certainly grown up around politics, as any Kennedy has. She received her law degree from Columbia. She has participated in politics, including being co-chair of the Messiah’s vice presidential search committee (and by making Biden the choice, didn’t she show America her lack of decision making ability?). She worked for the Metropolitan museum of Art and is estimated to be worth over $100 million.

Besides what seem to be some honorary positions, it seems that she has little to no political experience. She has never held a state office. She has never won an election of any type. There is absolutely no reason in the world that this insignificant woman in the world of politics should even be considered when having a discussion about handing a United States Senate seat to someone. Except that she is a Kennedy. And we all know that being a Kennedy means that you are the heir to whatever throne you wish to be heir to in American Politics. 

Here is what we know about her political beliefs: Kennedy has said that she supports legislation legalizingsame-sex marriage and is pro-choice. She is a strong supporter of gun control and favors restoring the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004. She believes the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) should be looked at again, supports the federal bailout of American automakers, and says she “opposed the Iraq War from the beginning.”

Kennedy has stated that she believes that Jerusalem should be the undivided capital city of Israel. She has also stated that “Israel’s security decisions should be left to Israel.” With regard to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Kennedy has stated that she “supports a two-state peace solution for Israel, so long as there is a true partner for peace in the Palestinians, and so long as Israel’s security is assured.”

What don’t we know? Anything else. In recent interviews she is elusive and does her best to dodge tough questions. She does a lot of hemming and hawing and finds a way to not answer. We have no idea what being a US Senator means to her. How will she act when in office? Does she have the capacity and knowledge to do the job? We don’t know. 

caroline-pushing-her-hair-backI don’t want another Kennedy in office. I would prefer that this fake American royalty go away. Or prove they belong. What I am really opposed to is Caroline or anyone else being “appointed” to the United States Senate. 

See, Senators are elected in this country. They are the choice of the people, not the governor. You don’t get to be a Senator based on your name or your influence with the governor. You have to convince the people you are supposed to represent that you are the choice for them and then let them decide. These appointments are bogus and go against what the constitution calls for. 

So I like Burris and I don’t have anything against Caroline Kennedy. But no one should be allowed to be “appointed” to the US Senate. Every open seat should be filled by an election. This is the only way for the people to have their say in the matter, which is how things are supposed to work. You can’t dodge the questions during a campaign, or your opponent will destroy you. 

So I say no to Caroline being appointed to the Senate. If she wants to be a Senator then she should have to win an election like everyone else. Prove to the people that you are the best choice. If she wins an election, then she should be a Senator. But she should not have the seat handed to her simply because of her last name. And if the governor of NY appoints her, it will be her last name that is the reason. She hasn’t done anything to actually earn that seat.


  1. blackflag2012 says:

    Blackflag rant about politicians being mentally ill written here



  2. lol

  3. I would say this is probably inevitable with a government. If she isn’t annointed, someone else just as bad will be.

  4. blackflag2012 says:

    “Therefore, Government must be destroyed”

  5. We have developed a ruling class in this country. The right families, the right schools, the right backgrounds, etc. are necessary for most people to get anywhere in politics. This sort of pseudo-royalty is what the founding fathers feared. It must be changed.

  6. Obama belongs to no ruling family,however he does belong to the ruling political dynasty, ‘mafia’, of Illinois, apparently. I do not know how I feel about this appointment. I do not like her politics, she has been following Obama around for several years. I do not think she is unqualified. She is a lawyer, correct? However, I do agree that while a representative should be appointed, a senator should be elected. Seems that is is just the opposite, which I do not understand.

    And Blackflag, if you disbelieve in the constitution, what is your alternative?

  7. blackflag2012 says:

    Unicorn said

    Obama belongs to no ruling family,however he does belong to the ruling political dynasty, ‘mafia’, of Illinois, apparently.

    Just a question, how does the son of a single mom pay for a Harvard Education.

    Class of 2010 Student Budget
    Single Married/DP Married/DP
    with One Child
    Tuition $43,800 $43,800 $43,800
    University Health Services Fee* $1,426 $3,218 $4,010
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield (12 months)** $1,404 $3,166 $4,222
    Program Support Fee*** $4,200 $4,200 $4,200
    Room & Utilities (9 months) $14,040 $16,515 $20,700
    Board, Personal, Other (9 months)**** $12,280 $15,951 $20,318
    Total $77,150 $86,850 $97,250

    Yes, there is ‘inflation’ in this number, but it is still relative – that is what we thing nearly $100,000 per year is worth, is the same ‘value’ as when Obama went to Harvard.

    So where does a single mom get this money from?

    Just askin’

    And Blackflag, if you disbelieve in the constitution, what is your alternative?

    Historically, or present (and future)?

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