Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

I had some good comments on yesterday’s post, but one commenter really struck me. They were angry, but wanted to have hope, and wondered “where do I go from here?” This struck me because so many people have asked me lately what the next step for the Republican Party is. They figure I am more politically active than most so I will have an answer. I don’t have an answer offered by the Republican Party. But I do have an answer for where I intend to go from here. So I figured I would share it and hopefully help others sort their own feelings out as well.

I am a bit angry too. I don’t have it built up anymore, like I used to allow it to do. But I am angry about how the last few years have played out. I am especially angry about this election, but not because Barrack Obama is the new President. I am angry because of HOW he was elected the next President. So let me just vent this out a bit and then offer my thoughts on the future. 

couric-middle-fingerI despise the American media these days. I despise it because it has become so partisan and so powerful. I would be OK if they simply admitted they are partisan and work from there. But they don’t. They claim to be honest and non-partisan, and the fact is that many Americans are too politically stupid to know that they are lying. I have watched the media single-handedly tear down President Bush and sway public opinion about his actions and decisions. I have watched them bury stories that show that Democrats are just as crooked and horrible as Republicans. I have watched them get Barrack Obama elected as President of the United States. 

I know there are those of you that say bullshit. You are fooling yourselves and you know it. If you actually believe that the media is not liberal biased, it is because you want to believe that so badly in order to believe in your party. Stop it. Your party is no better than the other one. When you can realize this and put partisanship aside, you will have taken the first step towards taking back our country. 

faux-newsI am angry because that same media has driven fear in this country at unprecedented levels. Global warming is a myth meant to make you give your freedoms up to the government who promises to “fix it” for you. The economic conditions have been driven by the media as a political play during the campaign, and now it has gotten beyond the media’s control. 

Mostly I am angry right now with Democrats. I didn’t used to be. I just saw them as the other side of the debate and a healthy yin to Republican’s yang. But I see the pettiness of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and they epitomize the party. I am angry that they think it is my duty to pay other folk’s way with my hard work. I worked hard and toiled for years to get where I am, and they think I should be punished for that by taking more of my money and giving it to those who didn’t work for it. Even as someone who is not a Christian, I am angry at how the Democratic Party has spit in the face of Christians in America. They fight for the rights of every minority group in America while fighting to take those same rights away from the 83% majority. 

I am angry with how Democrats have treated Republicans for the last 7 years. The daily trashing of our President has been appalling. The daily accusations and slanders and attacks. The pure disrespect for the office of the Presidency, what may be the toughest job in the world. The protests against the military, the protests against churches after the people voted against gay marriage in California, the intolerance against anyone who didn’t share their views. 

Today I witnesses some of the worst behavior in action. Liberal news networks took every opportunity to take shots at Bush as he left office. Some of the comments were so below what we should expect from national news networks. As President Bush boarded his last flight on his way out of office while Democrats chanted “hey, hey, hey….gooodbye”. Acting just like a bunch of high school children at a local basketball game. It was disrespectful and disgusting. Those of you who are acting this way should be ashamed of the petty, childish, foolish, jerks that you are being. It doesn’t bode well for Barrack Obama that these are the people who thought he was a good choice for President. 

stupid-voterI am angry with Americans in general. They have fallen down in their duty as citizens. They have become politically stupid. They have begun taking their political positions from the news media. They don’t research the positions. And the extent of their participation was casting a vote and putting a “Yes We Did” sticker on their bumper. I cannot tell you how many black people I heard say they voted for Barrack Obama simply because he was black. They couldn’t tell me a single platform position other than universal health care and tax cuts for those under $250k. You voted for a man for no other reason than because of the color of his skin? If you did, I simply want to point out that you are exactly the racist that you decry everyone else to be. I am angry with Americans because they have become politically stupid and they know it, and they are not ashamed of it. Well they should be ashamed of it. Your political laziness is exactly how the politicians have been able to get away with what they have on BOTH sides of the aisle. 

So Now the Question… Where do we go from here?

Let me say that we start by rising above the behavior of the Democrats and far left liberals. They have been hateful and petty and we will not do that. We will respect each other, and debate honestly, and simply be better than that. We will lift up our fellow man not through socialistic government programs, but through encouragement, support, faith, and good will. We will simply ignore those who look to sow discontent and hatred and class warfare. They lose their power the second they realize we see them for what they are and aren’t paying attention to them anymore. We will embrace the ideal of being a good person. We won’t allow a party to dictate our beliefs, we will think for ourselves and decide what is right and what is wrong. 

Obama InaugurationWe will begin by embracing a good man who became the 44th President today. We will give him our support and our encouragement. We will root for his success, because it is our success too. We will give him the opportunity to live up to the lofty ideals that he espoused in order to get elected. He made his platform that he is not like what we have had before, that he is above partisanship and pettiness. We will expect him to live up to those promises. 

We will begin to educate our friends, family, and neighbors about politics. We will reject the government sponsored ban on political discussions. They made it taboo in order to keep us from organizing and holding them accountable. We will learn about the issues, and teach those who haven’t yet learned. We will begin to participate in the political process and therefore begin to take the steps needed to take our country back. The Constitution clearly states that they work for us and are supposed to be OUR voice in Congress, not their party’s voice. If they don’t fulfill this duty, WE WILL NOT RE-ELECT THEM. It is the only power we have for the time being, so we will use it to gain our other rights back. 

But most of all we will have hope. Hope that America can get itself straightened out before it is too late. Hope that Americans can get past the petty differences that our politicians have infused into us in order to create a need for them. Hope that this man who has been elected will live up to his stated ideals. Hope for a better economy made so by Americans being more fiscally responsible. Hope that our image in the world has not been damaged so badly over the last 40 years that we cannot recover. We will hope that everyone in this country finds the will to look past the party lines, and dogmatism that comes with them, and begin to make their decisions on moral character instead. 

More than hope, we will believe. We will believe that all is not lost. We will believe that our values can once again step forward and do what our politicians cannot.


  1. Well put. I don’t think I’m as angry as you are, but we share a lot of the same core convictions. Glad you agree that the anger will get us nowhere. As Democrats are forced to lead for the next 4 years, Republicans must model what responsible governance looks like. Don’t throw tantrums, don’t oppose for the sake of opposition. Just decide what you believe and stand by those convictions. Pelosi, Reid & Co. are showing that they can’t help themselves – the only way they know to be is petty. Republicans will shine by comparison if they refuse to stoop to their game. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by Boehner’s performance thus far – he seems to be taking exactly that tack.

  2. Let’s hope that more people take that tactic. For me it isn’t necessarily about Democrats looking bad or Republicans looking good. I simply want to get to a point where Americans begin to take back our country from politicians in general. As a Republican I certainly want to get back to the ideals I believe in, but I think this tactic is the best way forward. I think regardless of outcome, I can live with myself better if I simply choose to be a better person and choose to better the country, regardless of what others do or don’t do.

  3. The statement: “Global warming is a myth meant to make you give your freedoms up to the government who promises to “fix it” for you.” – can you share references supporting the myth part of the statement? It was my understanding that the preponderance of science has proven it is not a myth (and no – I’m not referring the Op-Ed pieces in NYT).

    “Let me say that we start by rising above the behavior of the Democrats and far left liberals. They have been hateful and petty and we will not do that”

    I’ll just add that I’m not sensing objectivity in the ‘who shit the bed first’ argument. For every knucklehead Liberal that couldn’t stop hugging a tree long enough to figure out why he was hugging the tree there is a hate-filled Lee Atwater/Karl Rove/Sarah Palin type that tried scaring the crap out of us with ‘opinion polling’ smear campaigns that set new highs for shitiness. Anyone care for a swift boat? The mere idea that a “new day in politics” is possible only through rejecting the behavior of all those socialist f-headed Democrats assumes that the hands of the Republicans have and always will be clean – and therefore inserts that the Republicans were always ‘right’ and most of America was too dumb to know it.

    One last thing – I frequently watch shows like Maddow and Olberman – not because I like Liberals that are 6 foot tall lesbians or have enormous heads, but because it (a) gives me balance to the same rhetoric my radio spews from Hannity and (b) it gives me the chance to see if now – are they going to hold their liberal brethren as ‘accountable’ as they did Bush II? We shall see!

  4. Ray,

    One caveat to this was that it was where Republicans go from here. It was written completely from a Republican point of view, not a point of view meant to look at both sides equally. In other posts I have discussed the fact that Republicans and Democrats have been equally vile in their actions.

    That being said I do believe that a decidedly liberal media (you don’t argue that point as well do you?) has stooped to new lows in terms of treatment of a sitting President. The hate campaign against Bush was painful and disrespectful at levels I have never seen in this country in the past. I don’t mean to say that all Democrats are bad and all Republicans are good. I think you have read enough here to know that I don’t feel that way. I didn’t say that a new day in politics starts with rejecting Democrats and far left liberals. I said it starts with rejecting the behavior we have witnessed over the last 7 years from the worst of them. I would imagine that level-headed Democrats have been appalled by the behavior of their party leaders and the fringe members of the party.

    As for global warming, I did a post dedicated to this previously. You can find it at :

    Thanks for your comments and I hope I have sufficiently answered your concerns.

  5. Thanks USW – I could rant for hours on the media – incompetent, liars and so on / so forth. In many ways you’ve hit the nail on the head in that people are just lazy and will rely upon the shlock on TV to shape their views not realizing that what passes as ‘news’ is just well dressed garbage designed to gain viewer share. While I don’t fit neatly into either Dem or Rep – both have become equally worthless and I question whether they pack the gear to make the right change versus just ensuring they get re-elected.

    I’ll read the post on g-warming – shame on me for not searching! Thanks again for good reads that stimulate the gray matter!

  6. I’ll admit I am angry too. Mostly about American’s lack of duty, respect, and obligation. To live in this country requires something. Otherwise you are just free-loading. It is frustrating to watch. Thanks for the post!

  7. Keep up the good work. I’m a senior, but if we(the usa citizens) dont take back our gov. were goners. All of you young,middle age and my generation need to get to work,and do what we can,and ask GOD to help us. MAY GOD BLESS, AND PROVIDE ALL OUR NEEDS.

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