Is This What a “Post-Racial” America Means?

I have to admit that I sit here at the moment a little bit stunned. I just viewed a video on youtube that someone sent me. The video is of Rappers Young Jeezy and Jay Z doing a concert the night before the inauguration. I am the first to admit that I am not a fan of today’s rap. It is ignorant and demeaning. Vulgar and disrespectful. But this is not about having anything against rap. I am not a fan, but I don’t dislike it. I loved rap back in the day, before this fake gangsta crap started to move in. What this is about it the sentiment that is running through America in the days leading up to and following Barrack Obama’s inauguration….

Some of you will argue with my sentiments here. You will claim I am a racist. I am not. As I stated in a column yesterday, I choose to judge people on the content of their character. I have many friends of all colors, and I cherish every one of them. I won’t get into a rant about racism in America here, there will be time for that later. I want to address the sentiments I am witnessing and get the opinion from those who have one. If you are afraid someone will think you are a racist for stating your opinion, change your name. But I want honest opinions. 

The video is of Jeezy’s song “My President is Black”. I don’t have a problem with the song per se. I understand the euphoria that must be gripping blacks in America to finally see one of their own in the White House. It’s long overdue. It was all of the comments and crowd reaction leading up to and after the song that bothered me. Comments such as its a shame is is half white, but as long as he is half black he is half right. It was the comments like “I want to thank the motherf***ers that help move his a** out of the motherf***in White House….Get your white a** out cause my motherf***in President is Black!”

Jay Z changed the words to the song to say “my President is black in fact he’s half white, so even in a racist mind he’s half right, and if you got a racist mind its alright, cause my president’s black but his house is all white” Analyze the words any way that you would like. But the obvious sentiment of the people on stage and in the crowd was decidedly racial. You can view the video here (just a warning there is a LOT of language and offensive references made in the video): YouTube – Jay-Z – My President Is Black REMIX LIVE HQ

And this isn’t the only instance of this type of behavior I have seen. I spoke to someone who entered their break room today for lunch to a discussion by four black employees talking about that white motherf***er getting his shit out of the White House because THEIR President is in there now. There was the disturbing story that one of the readers shared in the Racist Prayer post yesterday. 

I have personally witnessed several versions of this behavior as well. A black former colleague of mine actually stopped by my work and asked how I felt as a White Republican to have a Black Democrat President. When I said that I was fine with it and that I looked forward to seeing some of the changes that he brings to our country, he stated that “now white people are going to finally start feeling the way we have felt our whole lives, powerless and discriminated against”. This was from a 25 year old man, who attended a good high school, a great college, and who has a job that now pays him $120k a year. How exactly was he held down? I just smiled and nodded, I didn’t know quite what to say without starting an argument. 

Yesterday, a car full of 20-something black kids drove through the mall parking lot screaming that “this is their fu**in country now” at white people. In fact I have seen more blatantly racist comments from blacks over the last 3 months than I heard in twenty years prior to this. 

As I said, I understand that this is a big moment for blacks in America. It also happens to be a moment that I am proud to see happen. I don’t claim that there are no racists left in the white population. I hope that no one would try to claim there are no racists in the black population either. But why is it OK to be openly anti-white in today’s society? What makes blacks in America think it is OK to talk this way or act this way? As a white person, I would be fired for making those comments in my break room about blacks. I would be pegged as a racist (and perhaps rightly so if I was saying ignorant things like that). 

I didn’t think that racism would just up and go away when Obama was sworn into office. But I was hoping that it would be a step in the right direction. It seems instead that it has emboldened some blacks in America to openly speak out against whites. I don’t claim or pretend that this is everyone, as I am sure that these examples are the exception rather than the rule. But they are disappointing. And the sudden surge of anti-white sentiment makes me worry for the future.

We are never going to get past racism in America until people stop living in a past that they were not here for. Young black Americans were never slaves. They didn’t face a time in their lives where they were not allowed to vote. Young white Americans in this country never owned slaves. And we grew up without the dogma and hate that generations of 50 and 100 years ago did.

So let me be clear on my feelings here: As I stated previously, I judge every person that I meet by the content of their character. Period. Skin color means nothing to me. I don’t see other races as any different from my own. So am I judging the people in these examples? Yes, I realize that I am. And I am judging them based on the content of their character that is on display, not their skin color.

So I now feel a little bit lost. I support Barrack Obama. He is my President now too. I want to get to a post-racial America. But I am frustrated and a little bit hurt by the behavior referenced above. And that sucks. Because it makes me not want to root for the new President. It makes it so that I am forced to look at race as a factor for everything when that is the last thing I want to look at. We need to come together in this country rather than continuing to find things to divide us. I want racism to die, too. But it won’t as long as it keeps getting thrown in our face over and over. How many times to you have to call an someone an asshole before they give up and just become what you believe them to be?

So am I over-reacting to all of this? Do you think it is a short-term thing and people will go back to normal once the newness of it wears off? Is this what a post-racial America looks like?


  1. Over-reacting? No way – this is what sets my hair on fire – and be certain that this is the type of thing the media will never report either because they don’t have the guts. Is it a short term thing? I don’t think so – these “musicians” are simply revealing their own ignorance and it is sad because they are idolized by so many young people who hang on their words and take it to be the gospel. Look – I am 50% Ojibwa – so perhaps until a 50% or greater Ojibwa is elected President I guess I’ll never truly know what the emotions are that many such as Jay-Z are feeling by Mr. Obama being elected – I can only walk in my shoes and I would certainly never call out all other ‘races’ and state that we know have an Ojibwa President. But stop with this false and mean-spirited hatred masked as pride. I voted for the guy too – and he is my President also. So – Jay Z, Jeezy, and your ilk – I kindly invite you to go to hell. You’re the same as the very racists you claim now as your enemy and deserving of, I guess, at least 50% retribution with a 50% black President in office.

  2. I watched that performance of these black guys and remember thinking to myself….what the xxxxx do they think they are doing. I’ve always thought they blamed us white people for the blacks not getting ahead and it someways it might be, but I think for the most part it’s their own faults. For an average normal white person they seem very scary and I for one have no desire to be around them. I know a few black people that are very nice and are just normal American’s like me. In my part of the country there just aren’t very many. I’m sort of thinking that Hollywood has played a big part in them acting the way they do because they think they look cool and to the young they probably do. But to the older generations they look and act like hoodlems. Maybe having a President that is half black and half white will help us all adjust to it. Course, sometimes I would like to see his white side. lol Just a joke!

  3. On the one hand, I would say that you have to be careful of your reaction because, as you mentioned, it is a vocal minority that is causing the problem. I would also say that a great deal of the ignorance that fuels racism that remains is, in fact, a reaction to being actually held back. The only thing is, it’s not race that is holding people back, it’s culture.

  4. Lets hope people get bored and move on to something else….or maybe learn something!

    Am I 1,000?

  5. Yes Jen, you were comment number 1,000. lol

  6. What you should have told your old co-worker is, “You’re right I will. Now where’s my 40 acres and my mule, cracker?”
    The best part about all this is once the euphoria fades and they realizer that their uberPresident doesnt care about them anymore than any other politician, the come down they will feel will be enjoyable to watch.

  7. This whole euphoria over Obama is nothing more than racism. Let them have their little hate-fest. I’ll just stay ready to defend myself.

  8. I apologize for my truncated post, I will do the “other hand” later…

  9. spongekill says:

    Jeezy, Hov, and a “car full of 20-something black kids driving through a mall parking lot” are hardly accurate indicators of national race relations.

  10. Sponge,

    I don’t say they are accurate indicators of race relations. But every example cited happened in a 24 hour period. I simply started a discussion and gave examples.

  11. To continue:
    I will say that there seems to be an emboldening of the vocal minority, as if there is some sort of retribution still to be had. The lesson that should be learned is that a person who is well spoken and educated and who makes friends and connections with persons of all races has a good chance at anything, including becoming president. Unfortunately, many people are hanging on to their positions of influence within the black population by continuing the false education that race, not actions and culture, are the cause of the disparity in success between black and white races. This false education is being carried out by black people, not white people. Obama gets criticized for not being “black enough”, just like other prominent black figures in recent history, such as Colin Powell.

    The racism that is present in the black community is a result of their culture, which is not african or a return to their roots, it is foolishness that is holding large segments of the population back, and certain leaders of that culture are loath to teach the truth for fear of losing their power. I hope that at least some people will begin to see the truth, as I expect many will. The vocal minority may not, but the rank and file will, and that will lead to a cultural backlash against the vocal minority that has not previously been present.

  12. The race card has officially been played. I don’t EVER want to hear that shit again. Period. If he can get off his ass and become the leader of the most powerful country IN THE WORLD… then there’s NO MORE blaming the white man. Finally I can be white and proud without being a racist. He didn’t win my state (Texas) and I DID NOT vote for him so I can’t be blamed….LOL God help us.

  13. I have gone through and read as many of your blogs as I can. I have to say that I agree with you in many instances. One of the things that I do hope for our current president is that the anger that exists for many people, regarding race and racism, may finally die down. To bring a bit of levity to the situation here is one of my favorite comedian’s take on the subject. The three videos are in order from top to bottom.—black-people-and-white-people—formal-apology—on-behalf-of-whitey

  14. lastriteofpassage says:

    If whites do not want racism and hatred in the world, then they should not perpetuate it. Its stupid to me that you as a “white” man have a problem with black people saying blacks will own the country. What’s wrong? You only feel complete if white people are in power? Because you whites have no problem with white people controlling everything BUT when black people take over you feel there is a problem. You can dish it out but you can’t take it? You are just another “white” person who thinks your pink skin is superior and you think brown skinned people are not as holy as you! If you all think you are so superior why don’t you do something special, and fix the economy that your rich high and mighty white people screwed up. Can’t blame blacks for the economy, blacks don’t own lehman bros., and we do not control the nation’s monies, WHITES DO. Walk on water, raise the dead, and fix the economy if you are so “superior.” OH, that’s right you can blame the black man now, because the old white man who sat on his ass for 8 years in the white house and did nothing while people lost their houses and jobs is gone. HOW CONVENIENT.

    • I can see how educated you are on the issues. Such hatred and you claim that I am the racist? I don’t recall hearing that blacks said they will “own” the country, let alone having a problem with it. You know nothing about me, so you have no idea what you are talking about. But thanks for making a point. All “whites” are racist to you. Wonder how you would feel if I said all “blacks” were anything. But I don’t because the color of the skin doesn’t matter to me. I dislike stupid people, not a certain color of them, all of them. And you seem to fit the bill. Thanks for your comments!

  15. lastrite- I have a problem with anyone controlling everything. Evil and its method (statism – socialism) can wear any skin. And does.

  16. cut and paste this and hold on to your socks.

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