Welcoming Michael Steele

On Friday, after six votes, the Republican National Committee elected former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele as the new chairman. I congratulate Chairman Steele on his selection, as he has certainly earned the position. I thought I would post here to offer some insight into this man and where he stands on the issues.

michael-steele-rnc-acceptance1Michael Steele is 50 years old and becomes the first black man elected to chair the Republican National Committee. Since losing his recent campaign for the Maryland Senate seat in Washington, Mr. Steele has been a frequent expert commentator and political analyst on Fox News. I like him quite a bit. He seems honest and driven and above all, logical. So where does he stand on the issues”

On gay marriage, he has been openly against federal legislation that would outlaw gay marriage. He sees this as a states issue and would prefer it is handled at that level. This is a refreshing stance for someone from the Republican party. Unfortunately he is on record saying he will support the Republican platform position on this issue should he be chosen as chairman. I hope that he doesn’t follow through on that support. I am glad to at least know that he feels the right way in his mind, that the federal government has no place dictating whether same sex couples can legally marry.

On the war in Iraq he has been a supporter of bringing troops home as soon as possible, but clearly states that we cannot just cut and run. We have to make sure the country is stable first and then let the Iraqi people step up and take charge of their own destiny. Again, I like this position. I wish we hadn’t gone there. But we are there and now we have to finish the job. Failing to do so would cause an entire generation of Iraqis to lose faith in the American government. 

steele-casualHe has been a big supporter of finding ways to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. He asked for a suspension of the gas tax in order to help get through the current crisis. Overall Mr. Steele has been a big proponent of cutting taxes wherever possible and allowing people to keep more of their own money. Since I don’t like taxes, I like anyone who wants to cut them. How about also cutting taxes on the big businesses who are pursuing alternative solutions on their own, Mr. Steele. Let the market do its thing. 

He supports affirmative action programs and feels that they are still a necessary thing in order to deal with the racial inequalities that exist today. I am not a fan of affirmative action these days. I simply don’t think that it any longer serves a real purpose. I know that there are those who disagree with me, and it appears that Mr. Steele is one of those people. 

He is against stem cell research if it destroys an embryo in the process. I don’t like the stance that the Republican party takes on this issue. To be fair the party has traditionally only opposed federal funding of the research, not the research itself. I hope this trend of research continues as I think stem cell research is a vital path forward in curing diseases in the future. 


If That isn't an Endorsement... What is?

If That isn't an Endorsement... What is?

Mr. Steele is a fiscal conservative which I certainly like. I am interested in seeing where he intends to lead the Republican party. There is a lot of talk about where the party needs to go from here. I certainly have some thoughts on this. For starters I would like to see a vast reduction of the influence the Christian right has on the party. While that may piss some folks off, I just think it is the best way forward. The polarization the Christian right causes is just as destructive to the party as the extreme environmentalists are to the Democrats. I will have a post coming soon on where I think the Republican party needs to move. I think it is imperative for them to move more to the middle and use common sense rather than religion to drive the party.


But more important, I wanted to introduce you to Michael Steele, a man that I like and admire. And because I like and admire him, I must admit that I am disappointed to see him elected to the Republican Chair. The reason for this is that I fear that he will become just another Republican lackey. I have been clear in stating that the Republican party is just as much in my ire as the Democrats. Both are screwing us, just from opposite sides of the issues. And they continue to keep us polarized from each other in order to remain in power. I will be disappointed if I have to watch another logical thinker with good values dragged down with the ideological bullshit the two big parties continue to sling back and forth. Here’s to hoping Mr. Steele has a resolve anywhere near the strength of that last name.


  1. This is a big mistake for the GOP. Electing a black guy just because the ’68 neo-commies put their own black puppet at the White House… this just shows weakness.
    The GOP had non-white people in key roles multiple times before the Left Wing did like the most famous ones Colin Powell (that betrayed the party to vote for and support Obama just because their color skin matches) and Condoleezza Rice (and she should have been elected by the GOP party to be the next US President instead of McCain not for the color of her skin but for her value and intelligence)

  2. There is a real wall to get over , if I try to talk about the people of faith who’s focus is God …and religion . Religion turns me off too . I read in part this; Faith vs. common sense . So , then God’s influence sounds undesirable . Don’t let the Easter hats fool you . There is more common sense in a spirit filled man , woman , child , than you will ever see without . All our heritage from the beginning bears this out ‘

    Lets not sacrifice the best ( creator endowed rights and responsibilities taken personally) / for the good (personal responsibility ).

    signed …another type of US weapon R.

  3. ….Oh , also I do like M. Steele . I agree that so many get changed by their position and comprimises , deals to get anything done . on and on . Some hold up better than others . I hope he succeeds in ways that count . We need good men so very badly .

  4. It won’t work. First he’s in it for the money, not principle. Steele couldn’t take four years of what the President took.Steele’s own party call him “boy” and they are his friends.HE CAN’T TAKE HIS OWN PARTY’S RACISM.When you republiklans stop being racists, homophobic,sexist, and anti-immigrant people MAY listen to you.BTW, Steele is a buffoon and a quisling Tom. When he can sit next to a anti-Semitic,racist like Sean Klannity and hear him call one of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement a racist he has no value to us.

  5. chojin said
    February 4, 2009 at 7:34 am

    This is a big mistake for the GOP. Electing a black guy just because the ‘68 neo-commies put their own black puppet at the White House… this just shows weakness.
    The GOP had non-white people in key roles multiple times before the Left Wing did like the most famous ones Colin Powell (that betrayed the party to vote for and support Obama just because their color skin matches) and Condoleezza Rice (and she should have been elected by the GOP party to be the next US President instead of McCain not for the color of her skin but for her value and intelligence)

    By the way, GOP your brainwashing partially worked. Calling the President a communist is disgusting. You even had that anti-Semite Sarah Palin at her Klan rallies having people to scream “kill him!”Thanks to you America really hates republiklans.You look like a bunch of murdering racist Klansmen.

  6. Oh by the way Mike Tyson is his former brother in law. Steele’s sister Dr. Monica Tyson Turner was involved in a shady business dealing involving one of her brother’s friends.Maybe Steele’s good friend Billionair Don King can help him out.

  7. Kid Funkademocraticmouthpiece,

    You strike me as the quintessential liberal mouth piece. You love to throw around words like racist, homophobe, clan and you think it wins you points. It does, with the stupid people. Unfortunately you will quickly find that we don’t have those here. So if this is the type of attack and commenting that you intend to do, don’t waste your time. You are “disgusted” at Obama being called a communist, but seem to have no problem calling names to everyone who doesn’t agree with your point of view. And you don’t stop at communist, you go for racist, anti-semitic, klansman, buffoon and quisling tom. Perhaps you should have read the rules. When you start failing to respect others and throwing around immature names at folks trying to have intelligent conversation, you are no longer welcome. So clean it up going forward. If you want to debate, use your brain instead of liberal talking points from moveon.org and the dailykos and we will be happy to show you why you know absolutely nothing about politics. Continue on your current tactics and I will simply ban you from the site and delete your posts. Your choice.

  8. And since you brought it up with your childish quisling tom statement, allow me to “drop some knowledge” on folks who think like you. I have been clear that the biggest form of racism existing in America today is by blacks against whites, not the other way around. You are a prime example and I thank you for being so. See, I understand that blacks in America have their own culture that they insist on forcing down everyone’s throat. And I am fine with you having such a culture. If you want to worship “artists” who glorify drug use, crime, murder, and abuse and disrespect of women that is your right. If you want to walk around with your underwear hanging out, that is your right too. And if you want to act and speak differently from the norm, that is your right as well.

    But here is a little piece of advice for you. We in America have a certain type of behavior that is considered acceptable. It isn’t “white” behavior. It is a level of respect that we expect to be afforded to ALL the people we interact with every day. It is a certain level of decency that is expected, which includes not playing music with f-bombs every other word in a park where our children are playing. It is a thank you when we hold the door for you and the courtesy of throwing your trash in the trash can rather than on the ground. It is speaking in a clear and professional manner when dealing in a professional setting.

    You have the right to NOT do any of these things that are considered acceptable. And society has the right to look at you as unacceptable for failing to do so. I don’t find these people unacceptable because they are black or white or purple for that matter. I find them unacceptable because they say “f— you” to a woman who asks them to please not swear in front of her children. I find them unacceptable because I watch them throw their trash out of their car window when there is a trash can 15 feet away. I find them unacceptable because their idea of inquiring about employment from me is to walk into my business with pants at their knees and say “yo, y’all aint hiring are you?”. That doesn’t make me a racist. It makes me someone who has a standard of what is acceptable in this country based on the cultural norms. It makes me someone not afraid to uphold those standards even though I know the default excuse used by those who act in this way is “racism”. Dr. King dreamed of a day when people would be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Well that day has come and unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who’s character is NOT what they would want someone to judge them on.

    And there are those people of color, like Michael Steele and the new President, that have identified what is acceptable behavior in this country. They realized that they were judged on merit when they pulled their pants up, spoke like a professional adult, and treated others with respect. They realized that it wasn’t the color of their skin that was holding certain people back in America, it was the content of their character. And sadly, the second a black man in America dresses better, treats others with respect, and speaks in a coherent and professional manner, there are those out there who immediately want to call them an uncle tom, tell the world that they aren’t “black enough”. You are apparently one of these people, as your quisling tom comment implies. I feel sorry for you because you will never get ahead, because you will always be limited by the false manifestations in your mind. It will always be someone else’s fault when you fail so you won’t make the changes necessary to make sure you don’t fail the next time.

  9. You have a lot of issues with black people.You did what many police departments do to young black males,you profiled me.The music I listen to is eclectic.Rock,Blues,Soul,Rap, and Classical.None of it is David Allen Coe,he uses the F-bomb too much,boy Country music is violent.BTW, I don’t “drop some knowledge”,I’ll pick it up.I could have been some 70 year old black guy and you think all black people are “thugged out”.

    When I make accusations I use fact,not fiction.How can I prove Gov.Sarah Palin is a bigot?Well it was the photo of her at a Pat Buchanan rally,wearing one of his buttons. That made Jewish people angry. Pat is anti-Semitic and wrote many books praising Hitler.Then she was the first Governor of Alaska to cancel attending a Juneteenth celebration,a African American event. The Native Alaskan aboriginals suffer a lot of problems up there,poverty,crime,racism and alcohol abuse.Many people quickly point out that her husband is part native, well that the only Alaskan native to not experience racism.

    You mentioned my pants hanging down,that’s a prison style not a cultural black property.Look at the “kids” in your neighborhood.People from Kid Rock to Country stars to the Aryan Brotherhood dress this way.
    ““yo, y’all aint hiring are you?”. That doesn’t make me a racist”.Yes it does. Who said that all Black people speak that way?Do you hire whites that “Valley speak”? Most young black kids DO NOT listen to rap.Most of it is bought by young white males.

    When I mentioned Steele character he sat next to Sean Hannity while Sean and Jerome Corsi called Malcolm X and Franz Fanon racist.Corsi used the references to the two authors to smear the President.Dr.Fanon’s book is read by the CIA and he died in Walter Reed hospital assisting them .Malcolm X in his book mentioned the brotherhood of man. He mentioned eating from the same plate and drinking from the same bowl as blue-eyed blond haired whites,does that sound racist to you.Corsi and Hannity used that as a dogwhistle to stir up racism. Steele agreed with them.This shows what type of character he has,none.In the mind of many whites Malcolm X is persona non grata.

    Finally you mentioned Martin Luther King. Many people always mentioned his “content” speech.He also said “America has given Black people a check ,It says insufficient funds”.Dr. King spoke often of reparations but conservatives won’t mention that.Some have even said that Dr.King is a republican,he called himself a “socialist democrat”. People won’t admit that whites in America had a 400 year head start.I not talking about being given something that happened in slavery ,I’m talking about today. The EEOC laws aren’t enforced thanks to Clarence Thomas.He was put there for a reason, he hates himself.

    They next time a “kid” of whatever race ask you for employment at least try to understand them. I not trying to tell you what to do,just don’t pre-judge like you did me.

    • No. I have issues with certain black people who act a certain way. I also have issues with white people who act that way as well. As a matter of fact, I pointed out that these litmus tests for unacceptable behavior apply even to purple people. Read with more attention to detail and stop seeing only what you are trying to see. You are right that I profiled you… as a democratic mouthpiece. And I said so clearly. I did not profile you as anything more than that. Everything else was based on what you said, not some mystical profile.

      And no it doesn’t make me a racist for not hiring someone who comes in looking for a job like that. I run a professional organization, and someone who comes in with their pants hanging down and speaking like that does not fit what is acceptable behavior in a professional organization. It didn’t have anything to do with race, because half of the kids coming in like that are white. They don’t get hired either. Nor do kids speaking “valley speak” or anyone else who cannot walk into a business in a professional way. You assumed everything I wrote applied to blacks ONLY, which was your mistake. I didn’t say all blacks speak that way. Not once. Which may be why 70% of the people who work for me are black. Because EVERYONE, black white or otherwise, is judged by me on the content of character not the color of skin.

      As for your comment that most black kids don’t listen to rap. That might be the most ridiculous statement I have heard. You can say most rap music is bought by white kids. That is a whole different statement. But given that white kids outnumber black kids 5 to 1 it is not a surprising statement. I RARELY ever find a black kid who doesn’t listen to rap music. They may listen to other things as well. But they do listen to rap.

      As for backing up your statements with fact, no you use innuendo. Sarah Palin must be a racist or anti-semitic because she had a button on that supported Pat Buchanon? That is ridiculous. When SHE says something anti-semitic, you can claim she is racist. She cancelled a meeting with a black group? So what, she has cancelled meetings with lots of groups. She is a governor, it happens. If you are relying on links to claim racism, that is innuendo. Find a quote where she said something racist and that is fact.

      No most of us won’t discuss reparations. Because we don’t owe you anything. I didn’t own slaves, nor did my family. Everyone who comes to this country starts at a disadvantage, ask any immigrant you know. We won’t discuss reparations because there are no slaves alive today to claim them. This common claim that whites had a 400 year head start is ridiculous. The beauty of today’s world is every generation is given a new chance to forge their own path. Unfortunately too many spend their time and energy clinging to what happened 50, 100, 200 years ago. If half the energy put into that was directed at bettering themselves and adapting to societal norms, we would have a more productive country. Racism continues to be an issue because regardless of how things change, a portion of blacks in America continue to live in that past and tell every white person that they are racists. The sad part is that you really believe it, that every white person has some bit of racism in their DNA, even if they don’t always show it. And you seek it out.

      This conversation has been a microcosm of the problem. I am not a racist, you have no grounds to claim such. Yet no matter what I say, you do. When a white person tries to explain to you where the breakdown occurs, what the issues are that cause certain situations to occur, you quickly revert to calling them a racist. It is the standard tactic these days. When someone says anything that you don’t like, you simply claim racism. When you get past that and realize that your race isn’t what you are being judged on, you will truly be free of racism.

  10. “The beauty of today’s world is every generation is given a new chance to forge their own path.”

    That is wrong.The Holocaust ended in 1945,African-Americans got the right to vote 1965.Germany still pays Israel for it,America still hasn’t yet. Conservatives still use slavery as a excuse to keep some blacks as a permanent underclass.One of Sean Hannity’s supporters Rev.Jesse Lee Peterson actually “thanked” whites for slavery its on You Tube.There seem to be a cycle of blacks that appear on Sean’s show. They put blacks down and complement whites.This is done every time. this cycle doesn’t seem strange to you?During this election we heard that 12% of the population stole the election from 88% of the population assisted by ACORN.It didn’t happen. If it did then 88% of Americans aren’t that smart.Racism is very much alive.Just look at the people that post on Gretawire and read the “black” jokes made against the President.People make death threats against him there and nothing is done.Some people don’t want to see it,Olbermann and Maddow do.

    • The unfortunate thing is that you are failing to see the circles. You rightly claim that 12% of the population didn’t steal the election from 88%. So in turn that means that a large portion of white people voted for a black man for President. I didn’t say racism was dead. I said it was bigger by blacks against whites than the other way around. I stand by that statement. You can pop off as many quotes as you like, that doesn’t mean they speak for the majority. I highly suggest that you stay away from listening to wingnuts like Olbermann though. I can see his influence on just about all that you right.

  11. First the quote above is yours. So 12% of the population is oppressing 82% of the population,not true.Obama didn’t win because white America is generous, he won because he was the most competent person.The republicans said a refrigerator could win against them.The analogy you made can be said by the Germans about the Jews.”Why are they complaining?”Things are not fair. The rich were always pitted against the poor. Now that unskilled labor of both races are losing their jobs the only tool the extremely rich have is to scream “socialism”.People aren’t easily distracted,the rich have to pay their share now.

  12. No that quote isn’t mine. I went back and read everything I wrote and there is no mention of 88% versus 12% anywhere until after you mentioned it and I said you were right to say that 12% didn’t decide the race. Yes I did say that every generation is given a chance to forge their own path. What does that have to do with the 88% thing?

    And your second statement there said a lot. “Obama didn’t win because white America is generous, he won because he was the most competent person.” First you feeel it is OK to lump all whites as “white America”, and then complain if blacks are stereotyped in any way. Hypocritical. Second you freely admit that when presented with a competent black man, the color of his skin didn’t matter. If America were as racist as you claim, a refrigerator would have won against a black man.

    And stop listening to Olbermann with that “rich will pay their fair share now.” The rich have been paying their fair share for a very long time. 60% of the taxes are paid by the top 10% of the income brackets. They pay taxes at a higher rate than anyone else (40% of their income as opposed to around 35% for middle America). And then they listen, as they pay more than anyone else, at a higher rate than anyone else, while Democratic tools tell America the rich aren’t paying their fair share. The problem is that too many poor think that they are entitled to the wealth of others. Economic Darwinism. You don’t work, you die. So long as Democrats want to “share the wealth” and perform “income redistribution” they will be labeled as socialists, because that is what socialists do. On this point I will actually go with the anarchists… no one is entitled to the money that I earn, not the government and certainly not other Americans who don’t earn it.

  13. You are still doing doughnuts in the parking lot… circles

  14. You do know that Rush was trying to cause a race riot in Denver.He laugh about it on the air. The right even started fake pro-Hillary sites that later became pro McCain.People overseas seen how phoney and fake PUMA was. Then Gov.Palin was trotted out and people in PUMA said she just like Hillary ,right.Then the fake Plumber that makes a $250,000.00 a year.The Muslims that they wanted to sit behind then Sen.Obama.The voter fraud committed by Rush Limbaugh in Ohio.Greta treat her dogs better than America treats black people.Go to Gretawire now and read how they call the President a monkey. A person named Gator Bob frequently threatens the presidents life on Gretawire.The world can see this but you can’t.The world seen Katrina but you can’t.The republicans only got 3% of the black vote nationwide,what does that tell you?

    • Let me do a Black Flag here and take you line by line to show the ridiculousness of your claims:

      You do know that Rush was trying to cause a race riot in Denver.He laugh about it on the air. First what does a bag of hot air like Rush have to do with me? The NAACP in Durham tried to start a race riot there when the Duke lacrosse debacle happened. We can put all kinds of examples of things out there. The point is that they need to be relevant. I don’t care what Rush says about anything.

      The right even started fake pro-Hillary sites that later became pro McCain.People overseas seen how phoney and fake PUMA was. Then Gov.Palin was trotted out and people in PUMA said she just like Hillary ,right. Again, PUMA is fake? Or PUMA simply represents a group of people who don’t think the way you think they should think? They provide information from a biased perspective, just like the main stream media. Fake Pro-hillary sites? C’mon man you are sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Let me guess, white people hid the aliens from us becuase the aliens were actually black people and we didn’t want the world to know there were black people who could travel through space.

      Then the fake Plumber that makes a $250,000.00 a year.The Muslims that they wanted to sit behind then Sen.Obama.The voter fraud committed by Rush Limbaugh in Ohio.Greta treat her dogs better than America treats black people. Fake Plumbers, “planted muslims”. Dude get a grip. Politics is dirty. And you know why it is dirty? Because being dirty means that people like you who can’t think for themselves will buy whatever you are told. Greta treats her dogs better than most Americans treat their children. As for how “America treats black people”, stop listening to racists like Kanye West. You know how bad blacks are treated? You get to send out your worst examples to make millions selling trash music. You get to constantly treat people with disrespect without getting punched in the face. You get to throw the word racist around to intimidate people who disagree with your drivel. You get to hate white people all day long with absolutely zero repercussions for doing so. Yet it is the “white America” that is racist. Wake Up.

      Go to Gretawire now and read how they call the President a monkey. A person named Gator Bob frequently threatens the presidents life on Gretawire.The world can see this but you can’t. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention for the last 8 years when all the same things were said about GW Bush. Threats on his life all over the web. People called Bush far worse things than a monkey. And don’t give me the whole “that word is offensive to black people” bullshit. In a couple years you will start using it as a term of endearment just like the word n—er, only white people will no longer be able to use the word monkey or risk being called a racist. It is amazing to me the lengths folks like you will reach to find racism, yet you completely miss all the obvious things. America is racist because Gator Bob threatens the President on Greatwire. So what was America when so many threatened Bush on moveon.org or the Huffington Post?

      The world seen Katrina but you can’t. I saw Katrina, and no matter how you try to spin this one, White people didn’t spin up a hurricane and throw it at New Orleans. I saw a black mayor turn down federal assistance in evacuating the city. Said “we can take care of our own”. Guess not. I saw a horribly run FEMA operation, where you obviously mistake incompetence for racism. And I will put even money your response will be direct from Spike Lee…. the government blew up those levees to force the blacks out of there. What a dumbass statement that is. What exactly does the government gain by paying black folks in LA. to move to Houston?

      The republicans only got 3% of the black vote nationwide,what does that tell you? It tells me that a very large percentage of black America voted for a democrat for no other reason than the color of his skin. I do politics every day, so don’t pretend I dont know what I am talking about. Do you know how many folks who voted for this guy can’t tell me a thing about his political platform? Do you know how many black people freely admit that they voted for him because he was black? And you call the whites racist? It tells me that there are tons of poor black people in America (who are outnumbered by the poor white people by the way, before you get to saying they are poor because they are black). And those poor black people actually believe that the Deomcratic party wants to help them. “We’ll give you more food stamps, more unemployment benefits, more social programs so that you are taken care of”. It tells me that blacks have rejected the party that simply says we let you keep the money you earn and embraced the party that said we will take it from them and give it to you. The best part is, you got played. You are suckers for falling for the Democrats promises and you don’t even know it yet. LOLOLOLOL.

  15. So by your standards,everything in America is black peoples fault.We should shut up and die.If we don’t make it it’s just natural selection.

    Look up the founder of No Quarter and P.U.M.A. Larry C.Johnson an Ex-C.I.A. agent.

    “The republicans only got 3% of the black vote nationwide,what does that tell you? It tells me that a very large percentage of black America voted for a democrat for no other reason than the color of his skin.”

    The President won Ohio,J.Kenneth Blackwell lost Ohio.Both are black.Your premise don’t work.

    YOU SIR ARE A RACIST! The sad part is YOU KNOW IT.The Germans could have used you to deny the holocaust.You right racism didn’t happen ,Black people are where we’re at because we’re lazy and kill each other,that is total bull. So do you have some sort of “Final Solution” to use on them. We have no inherited wealth for 400 years. The CIA and FBI used COINTELPRO to stop blacks from rising in society.Iran/Contra flooded south Central L,A, with drugs. You’re in denial.

    Here’s a quote from the author that the CIA all read in their studies:

    “Negroes must rejoice in black identity,that violence can wash away humiliation, and that Africa must be freed and unified. ”

    Dr.Franz Fanon

    • My, my, when you cannot win the argument based on logic you reverted to the exact tactic that I said you would revert to. You simply said I am a racist. The best part is that you know nothing about me. Am I white? or am I black? Am I married to a white woman or a black woman? Do I work for the NAACP? Did I write a book on racism in America? You don’t know the answer to any of those questions. Perhaps you should research and find out. You decided I was a racist because I disagree with the agenda items that you put forth. And I disagreed based on facts and used logic to circumvent your arguments that are based on nothing but innuendo and emotion.

      So I can show you how illogical your arguments are I offer one more example: You stated “The President won Ohio,J.Kenneth Blackwell lost Ohio.Both are black.Your premise don’t work.” As a matter of fact it does work. Whether Mr. Blackwell won or lost has nothing to do with the argument. My premise was not that if blacks voted overwhelmingly for a black candidate that said candidate would win. In fact I was clear previously that Obama could not have won without white voters. My premise was that black voters overwhelmingly voted for Obama because he was black. Two completely different issues which you tried to tie together to make your point. Unfortunately there is absolutely no logic to that comparison. Pay better attention to details like this in future arguments and you might find a way to get better at this. By the way was it really wise to use a confirmed corrupt politician such as Mr. Blackwell as an example of someone not winning? Perhaps Mr. Blackwell did not receive the black vote because for years prior to that he had found ways to disenfranchise black voters and they didn’t want to vote for someone who had done that. Know your facts. Understand when they are relevant. Take emotion out of the equation and think logically about the situation. Simple logic would save you from so much anger and embarrassment.

      But since you threw it out there, no everything in America is not black people’s fault, nor have I implied such. I don’t think black people should shut up and die. In fact the majority of black America has grown up, accepted that conforming to societal norms is the path to acceptance, and stopped assuming that racism is somehow in the DNA of every white person in America. Yes I do believe in natural selection, whether your are black, white, or purple. No I have never said at any point that racism didn’t happen or that black people are lazy and kill each other.

      I know you are frustrated with me, but I will not apologize for arguing based on logic and not allowing you to argue points that are baseless or innuendo. I do apologize that you have apparently gotten your feelings hurt though.

  16. You like riddles, hun?It seems you can justify being racist by mixing SOME truth with SEVERAL LIES .You mentioned what color are you and what color is the person you’re married to.Well it seems you like lying about a lot or things. Do people always use a photo of a Caucasian as their logo if they aren’t?You could be a Africian -American just like Jesse Lee Peterson for all I care. Your vision seem to be the decimation of minorities.Natural selection is just another way of saying as long as you’re winning you will continue to play the game.When you start losing ,you want to amend the rules.You change the subject ,omit answering questions,a classical republican.Here’s a riddle below,guess who the person describe is?Have fun.

    Brother in law is Malik Abdul Aziz.His nephew is named Amir.Malik once engaged in cannibalism.One of Malik’s two wives he was alleged to have beaten.Malik was even sentenced to prison for assaulting a woman.He even beat up someone who beaten Michael Moorer. Malik is a Muslim and orthodox.Malik is extremely dangerous.He has four children, Monica the mother of Malik’s two kids,was paid for services that were never performed,worked as her brothers finance chairman from a 2006 campaign federal prosecutors were told.Federal agents in recent days contacted one of Malik’s former wives, a spokesman for her brother said yesterday.

    • I haven’t told any lies, in fact I made no claims at all. I asked what you know. Which the answer is very little. I use an American Flag as my logo, for the record. And the last time I checked I answered every question you asked. Each time I called you on your false logic you did not address that subject again, you merely changed to a different accusation. Classic Democrat. And for the record I am not a Republican, see how little you know? My vision is decimation of minorities? How so, because I recognize and point out to you the realities of society that you refuse to acknowledge? I don’t want to decimate any minorities. Many white Americans are offended by the actions I described above. The point was to make you understand that and understand how your positions are flawed. You weren’t interested in hearing a differing opinion, so you reverted right to where I said you would, name calling and throwing around of the word racist.

      As for you silliness and riddles about Mike Tyson, what is your point? Is your point that Michael Steele is held accountable for the actions of the man his sister married? Gee, that makes a lot of sense. My sister married and divorced an asshole too. Am I accountable for what he does? Your problem is that you cannot remain focused. Or you can but won’t because all of your accusations are baseless and indefensible. Go back and re-read our exchanges, you will find all this to be true. I hope that you one day move towards embracing societal norms and expectations and get past the anger that will eventually tear you apart inside.

  17. Why does Steele associate with a known rapist? Why does he associate with a known murderer?He hangs around a numbers kinpin.He hides his associations to Muslim,Orthodox,extremist know to associate with Louis Farrakhan, he’s dangerous.

    You did it to President Obama, and now you’re going to do it to Steele, all by yourselves.You should have picked Blackwell, but you picked that black nationalist and white hater Steele.see it work both ways.Yes you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot with a 50.cal ammo.The republicans are so prejudice they will attack(and are)attacking Steele ALL BY THEMSELVES.Crazy blogsites such as Gretawire and Townhall already call him boy. Let’s see how long he can take it.

    • I don’t know why Steele associates with anyone. I do know that I have chosen to do my best to evaluate him based on facts about what HE does. I haven’t claimed to be his champion. I merely said I like him as a person. For the record I said the same of Obama and every other politician in America. I don’t trust a single one on them on either side of the aisle. “You did it to Obama, and now you are going to do it to Steele”. Did what? Held them accountable for their actions? It is blanket statements like republicans are all prejudiced that harms yours argument. Republicans are individual people, each with their own mind and opinion, as are democrats, libertarians, and everyone else. A little perspective, young one.

  18. TrushSeeker says:


    Thank you for such a great write-up and really clear and coherent follow-up thoughts. It is painfully obvious that Kid Funk is not even reading what you are posting. He isn’t replying to anything that you have said. Just firing from the hip. Keep up the good work!

    And how many BBQ’s did Steele attend at Tysons house? Just because Tyson wears a Steele shirt doesn’t mean Steele associates with him. If you think so, then President Obama associates with a known terrorist (Ayers).

    Also, you try to point out what other blogs have said. This isn’t that blog. USWeapon has also clearly pointed out that GW Bush was called far worse things and has plenty of death threats to go with it. Where is your outcry there? You have a double standard.

    Try reading the posts before you reply.

  19. TruthSeeker says:

    Sorry, I typoed my handle!

  20. TrustSeeker says:

    Also, Kid Funk is what I call a “Goal Post Mover”. As soon as you defeat his arguement, he moves the Goal Post.

  21. late to the discussion…

    By Kid –whatever…”African-Americans got the right to vote 1965…”

    Technically, that’s a fallacious argument. The 15th Amendment granted all male citizens suffrage in 1870 (the 14th granted blacks citizenship in 1868). During the Reconstruction under President U.S. Grant, Federal troops controlled the 5 military districts of the former Confederacy, and guarded the voting polls so that blacks could vote. White southern democrats were voted out of office, and many blacks were elected to legislative offices.
    Rutherford Hayes was elected in 1876, and Reconstruction came to an end. Southern democrats began to regain legislative seats, and enacted the various “Jim Crow” laws, literacy tests, and poll taxes to prevent blacks (and some poor white republicans) from voting. If a person of age could pay the tax and read, he could technically vote. The threats and violence are a different issue for discussion.

    By US W – “No most of us won’t discuss reparations…”

    well, not sane people who believe that a man makes his own destiny…Look at HR40, 6 January 2009, Reps Conyers and Scott…$8million (plus additional expenses for a committee of 7) to study slavery from 1619 to 1865, and the effects of Reconstruction on African-Americans, in order to determine reparations…

    • Rowe… Have to go look up HR40. If that is true I will not be happy about it. I am so tired of the reparations bullcrap. Thanks for the info

  22. http://www.congress.org/congressorg/bio/userletter/?id=533&letter_id=2841921566

    There are several letters in the Roll Call section written to various reps opposing this bill. The link above is mine. Needless to say, constituents are receiving no replies.

  23. http://www.congress.org/congressorg/webreturn/?url=http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.40:

    the actual bill, that is now in subcommittee of civil rights and constitution

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