Hurry Up and Wait….

Those of you who have dealt with the government in any fashion, especially the military veterans out there, have heard that phrase a million times. It is used to describe the government process. Be fast and efficient now so that the government can then sit on its collective laurels and make you wait. In the military it is the equivalent of being told to show up for a 3:00 pm doctors appointment at 11:15 am. And we are hearing it every single day in the new Obama administration. And there is a reason for that.

I was struck as I watched the new idiot press secretary Gibbs (who only seems to be able to answer “I don’t have that information in front of me right now”) deliver answers and rhetoric to the White House press corps this afternoon. In the span of 5 minutes he delivered the following messages:

First he reiterated words from the messiah gospel, 2009 Book of Barrack, Chapter 1 Verse 20. (As a side note I may begin using this terminology all the time so learn it. Identifying the book as Barrack with the year, the chapter is the month and the verse is the day. So 2009 Barrack 1:20 would be inauguration day.) So the gospel of Barrack 1:20 states that “Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time.” Indeed this has been the message over and over. This economic crisis will not end any time soon and we must be patient to ensure we find the right course forward, not the quick one. The Press Secretary reminded us of this fact. 

And in the next breath he called a warning that time is of the essence. The economic stimulus bill must be completed immediately and on the President’s desk yesterday. Indeed each minute that passes worsens the situation and deepens the damage of market failure. 

That has been the Democratic mantra for the last week and a half. Speed is of the essence. Sure doom is upon us if we fail to act quickly. Some quotes from the past couple weeks:


  • The time for talk is over, the time for action is now because we know that if we do not act, a bad situation will become dramatically worse. The crisis could turn into a catastrophe for families and businesses across the country and I refuse to let that happen.President Obama
  • A lot remains to be done and if this work is not done it will be difficult to avoid a long lasting crisis that everyone wants to avoid, IMF managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  • The economy is very sick. The situation is getting worse. … We have to act and act now to break the momentum of this recession. President Obama
  • There was agreement that we must act quickly to stimulate the economy, to create jobs, to put money back in people’s pockets. And there was a commitment to ensuring the funds that appropriated to do that are spent quickly.White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs
  •  it all has to be done right away because our bill has to come to the floor this week. Nancy Pelosi
  • Congress must approve a sweeping economic stimulus package by mid-February or the United States will face a deepening crisis and more job lossesNancy Pelosi
  • every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs. Nancy Pelosi (sorry I couldn’t help myself, she really did say this)


You get the point. So speed is of the utmost importance on taking 900 billion taxpayer dollars and spending them on Democratic agenda items, but we should not expect any quick fixes. Political double talk. We need to hurry up and wait. The question is why do you think the Democrats are so eager to get the stimulus plan passed quickly and without delay. Why is there such a hurry to pass a bill that spends more money than the entire Iraq war has cost to date. 

Let’s be honest here. We have to think this stuff through. We cannot rush to pass a bill to fix the economy. I think taking a month or two to make sure we get it right isn’t such a bad idea. It isn’t as good an idea as eliminating the bill altogether, but I digress. I mean, this is a TRILLION dollars. Let’s think it through. We are passing on debt to our children and grandchildren. The consequences of getting this wrong are far more devastating than taking our time and getting it right. So why are they pushing for speed?



"We Can Use this Crisis to our Advantage"

I will tell you why. They are pushing for speed because every day that goes by, more and more people are seeing through the lie. People are seeing that this isn’t a stimulus bill at all. It is a giant spending bill. It is a democratic agenda bill. It is a farce that allows the Democrats to expand their power and change the landscape of America under the guise of saving us all. One give-away that this is what they are doing is a recent statement by President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” WOW! Did he really say that? Yes he did. It doesn’t make him unique. A crisis has long been seen as a great opportunity to expand the federal government’s power while the people are too scared to object and before any opposition can get organized. 


More from the 2009 Barrack 1:20 “And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account — to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day — because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.” By light of day does he mean the 18 Senators that are deliberating the bill behind closed doors today? The ones who didn’t want what they said captured on C-SPAN. 

Wake up folks. We need to speak up and not grab our ankles saying thank you sir may I have another. They are trying to pull a fast one on us here. You can all do nothing and simply listen to me saying I told you so later if that is what you want to do. But the journey of taking back our country begins with one step. Perhaps that step is emailing and calling your Representative and Senator NOW. The links are up there on the left under Official party sites.


  1. I am frankly extremely concerned with the path our government is taking. Neither political party has totally clean hands, but I believe that the Republicans have been awakened by recent losses in elections. They seem to be listening to the public…for now at least. This is clear in that the “stimulus” bill is being scrutinized by them and major changes have been suggested. It is also clear that the Democrats are using the current economic crisis to futher their ultra left wing desires…this is their dream come true. Too have a situation like this and be in power at the same time…God help us

  2. Black Flag says:

    God gave you all you need – freedom.

    If you’re willing to surrender that to politicians – you’re doomed.

  3. If you think there is a choice right now to having our fates decided by the idiots, you are too.

  4. Black Flag says:

    USWep, you always make me smile by the terms you chose.

    You are, by definition, an idiot – which is Old French, dervived from Greek, meaning “unfit for public office” or “a private person”.

    It was a term the old French used for anyone who didn’t work for the government.

    Re-read your post with that light turned on.


  5. The idiots can decide some things concerning my fate, but not much. Develop “black market” networks now, so you can learn the ropes before it is imperative. Make up your mind now to celebrate your outlawry. According to the government, you and I are already “criminals”. Enjoy it and let the realization free you from any false sense of duty to obey counterfeit “laws”.

  6. revolution2010 says:

    I am indeed fond of you!

    This is a serious problem. I am confused about the fact that Obama seems to be touting that he and his desciples won as though by a landslide. Almost half of the people DID NOT vote for him or his policies. This is a republic, not a democracy and last I checked, that means the minority still has some rights! We are America, let the free market work! Call your Congressfolk and tell them to take their plan and shove it in their clean burning coal machines!

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