My New Favorite Congressman

congressman-ted-poeAs you are all well aware, I am pretty fed up with the representation, or lack thereof, that “we the people” are getting from our elected officials in Washington. Someone gave me a link to a video the other day and I found it hilarious. I will be posting it soon so that everyone can enjoy it. The speech is by Congressman Ted Poe, a Republican from the 2nd District in Texas. Congressman Poe may be my new favorite Representative. He simply tells it like it is and that is a bit refreshing. Here is a sample of his speech on the floor of the house…

Congressman Poe made this speech on January 26, 2009. The topic was the economic stimulus bill that we have all been so fond of. It seems that Mr. Poe is not a fan and he is a big believer that letting Americans merely keep their money would be a better option. We often wonder if there are any members of Congress who simply say what needs to be said. I offer you this as an answer:


Mr. Speaker, they say we have to spend more money that we don’t have to stimulate more spending by the American people. This is supposed to save us all from economic chaos. I think I’m missing something here. How does borrowing money just to spend it help out the citizens who not only have to come up with the money in the first place but also have to pay the interest on the government’s shopping spree?

   This stimulus package, which filters money to special interest groups, will cost $825 billion. But if we add up last year’s so-called stimulus package that didn’t work, and all the bailouts to the special interest groups, like the big bank robber barons, the Congressional Budget Office says we will have to borrow all the money to pay for it. That means a total of an additional $2 trillion in deficit.

   So, Mr. Speaker, how does borrowing money just to spend $825 billion make sense? Why don’t we just not spend the money in the first place. Let all Americans have an across-the-board tax cut, those Americans that do pay taxes, and let them decide how to spend their money. Cut the corporate income tax, then businesses can stimulate the economy by hiring more workers.

   But, Mr. Speaker, that is not going to happen because the mindset in the United States now is that the government is smarter than the people. So government saves us all from ourselves.

   Thomas Jefferson knew better. He said a long time ago, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the money and labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” Oh, I wish we’d have listened to Thomas Jefferson. If this prediction is true, then there are going to be a lot more unhappy Americans because wise ole Uncle Sam is planning to spend our money in the name of stimulating the economy.

   Here are a few examples in the $825 billion stimulus package. I like this one. The National Mall is going to get some new grass that will cost $200 million. That is about $1.5 million per acre. Mr. Speaker, what kind of grass is that? Gold-plated AstroTurf? I’m sure that spending this money will help the economy way down there in Dime Box, Texas.

   Here’s another one: $726 million for after-school snack programs for school children. I’m sure our school kids need more snacks at taxpayer expense, but does anyone really think that will help the economy? Probably not.

   What is $825 billion anyway? Well, since Uncle Sam doesn’t have the money left in his bank, that means every man, woman, child, and illegal in the United States will have to eventually come up with $2,700 apiece to pay for Uncle Sam’s spending appetite.

   pelosi-just-before-exploding1All this stimulus package does is put us more in debt to China, which weakens our dollar and our national security. The government needs to put the money back where it belongs, in the hands of the people who earned it. Let Americans decide how to spend their money. After all, it doesn’t belong to Uncle Sam.

   And that’s just the way it is. 

You have to love him for that. I highly suggest that if you like this you visit his site with transcripts and videos of most of his speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives. Almost all of them are this plainly spoken and downright enjoyable. What I can’t get out of my head is the image of Nancy Pelosi rolling her eyes as someone with common sense and a desire to serve his District takes the mic and takes valuable time away from all those trustworthy members who know Americans aren’t smart enough to take care of themselves.


  1. I would have enjoyed this article much more if it did not include the picture of Nancy Pelosi. She utterly scares the heck out of me. How anyone with her beliefs got as far as she has should scare the heck out of everyone. It is, however, refreshing to hear Congressman Poe speak plainly and frankly about what any sane citizen realizes already. You simply cannot get out of debt by borrowing more money simply to spend it. It has been proven through history this does not work. It has also been proven that tax cuts to taxpayers and businesses do work, but the current administration seems to have not paid attention to what has worked in the past, rather has their own idea of how things should work. I am more than extremely concerned for our country’s future…

  2. I live in Texas, I support his ideals 100%. Ditto to what “Terry” wrote.

    This great country is in deep trouble, I pray the Poe’s of this nation can come together and stop the liberal agenda before it’s too late.

    Tea party anyone?

  3. revolution2010 says:

    Amen brother… that lightbulb thing was hysterical! HE is a very funny guy and while he seems like he is kind of a lose cannon, he makes more sense than most of the knobs trying to spend our money!

  4. I’m not sure a tax holiday is the way to go.

    I’d like to see something along the lines of providing every tax payer (not to be confused with welfare recipients or illegals) with a debit card. This debit card for, say, $5000 could replace the porkulus Congressman Poe mentioned, such that “every man, woman, child, and illegal in the United States will have to eventually come up with $2,700 apiece”. Put stipulations on the card requiring it to be used within 2-3 months and is not for the purchase of such things as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or put in a savings account.

    This would be a TRUE stimulus plan, putting our money back in our hands, and yielding much quicker results.

  5. Someone as candid as Poe is what we need in Congress! So many Americans can do the math and have great ideas its a shame that they use our money at our expense!

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