Proud to be a North Carolinian Today!

heath-shulerSo about 4 months ago, this journey into the blogging world began with Revolution calling me and talking about politics. We had just witnessed the election of a new President and realized that Congress was in the complete control of the Democrats. We were disgusted by the Republican Party and were interested in exploring the Libertarians. During one of these discussions we were talking about the so called “Blue Dog” Democrats when I said there was one to watch…

blue-dog-logoSo for those who aren’t aware of the term Blue Dog Democrats, I will explain. The Blue Dogs are moderate to conservative Democrats who espouse fiscal conservatism among other things. The point is that they are not like the regular Democrats. Several of them hail from districts that were previously dominated by Republican representatives in the past. The Blue Dogs are something more towards the middle than most Far left folks would like representing their party. 

So we were having the conversation and Revolution noted that she felt that the Blue Dogs were really closet Libertarians. She said that she felt that they were going to really have an impact at some point in the future. I agreed with that and further stated that there was one that especially stood out to me. That would be one of the shuler-footballrepresentatives from my state of North Carolina: Former College All-American Quarterback Heath Shuler. I predicted that he would be someone to watch and that he may be the leader of the break-away faction of Democrats.

So I am gloating a bit here in that Shuler has stepped forward in exactly the way that I thought he would. Yesterday he came out against his party. He made a few choice comments:

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid “failed” the bipartisanship test on stimulus.

In order for us to get the confidence of America, it has to be done in a bipartisan way. We have to have everyone — Democrats and Republicans standing on the stage with the administration — saying, ‘We got something done that was efficient, stimulative and timely.’

I truly feel that’s where maybe House leadership and Senate leadership have really failed.

Thanks Heath, for stepping up and beginning to strike at the issues that we are seeing in Congress today. It should be noted that Representative Shuler was also one of the 11 Democrats that went against the party line and voted no on the economic stimulus plan. 

pelosi-wide-eyedThe Blue Dogs also wrote a letter to Speaker Pelosi last week that indicated that they would not be voting yes on the economic stimulus bill in its current form. It looks like the Blue Dogs are beginning to be that thorn in the Democrats side that we thought they might become. It is good to see at least some members of Congress with sense and the guts to stand up for their beliefs regardless of the back office threats that you know “crazy eyes” is making. 

It isn’t too late to call your representatives in Congress and say thanks for not supporting the bill or to tell them that if they do they won’t be getting your vote in the coming re-elections when they happen.


  1. Heath Shuler appears to be a patriot. This is exactly why, even though I am a registered Republican, I do not vote strictly on party lines. I prefer to investigate each politician for what they have done in the past. It is usually a good indication of what they will do in the future. It cannot stop there. You have to do a continual evaluation of the elected official to see if he or she continues to uphold your values as they hold the office. I applaude the blue dog Democrats as they are acting as Americans, and not holding strictly to party lines. This is a true indication that (this time at least) the Republicans have the American people’s best interest at heart, or at least that is my opinion (for what that is worth). The “stimulus” package is full of things that further the Liberal way of thinking and doesn’t even allow open debate on what should or should not be contained in it. Spending this amount of money in the rushed fashion that is currently being pushed is dangerous, and I am afraid dishonest. There are some portions of the bill that will do good, but there are also way too many portions which undermine the founding fathers intentions (again in my opinion). Fiscal conservitism is something I strongly believe in, and the current administration is nothing close to that.

  2. I am a registered Republican here in the Northeast, where Republicans are typically more liberal than our counterparts in other parts of the country. I wish we had Blue Dogs up here, but the Dems here are far left loons (think Barney Frank and the Kennedys). So our options are really limited, and it is difficult to mount a meaningful opposition to an incumbent when so many voters here are entrenched in the Democrat ideology. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to feel that I have no representation of my fiscally conservative views in state or federal government. I am without a voice in government, but I am sure ACORN will not come to this disenfranchised voter’s rescue. Despite the odds, though, I will continue to fight, to make my voice heard through other means, and take action when I can. All politics is local, as Tip O’Neill once said. That’s where we have to start to change the course and direction in which our country is headed.

    • MadMom,

      Local politics is definitely the place to get started. Especially in the NE. The American royalty (Kennedy) have gotten a free pass up there for a long time based on JFK’s name. You are certainly right that ACORN is not going to be coming to your aid anytime soon. Nor will the ACLU or any of the rest of the liberal groups. The blue dogs will become a growing group over the next several years. Perhaps even a third party could emerge. Who knows for sure. I know we need a better voice than the ones we have.

  3. US,

    First, Congratulations on N.C.’s gain.

    Second, thanks for sharing this site with my wife (Robyn) on Facebook. I am a registered Republican and have voted that way but I feel the “need” down deep to go Libertarian in the near future. Your Blog has been added to my iGoogle page and I look forward to many visits in the future.

    • Dudes99,

      Thanks for coming over and visiting. I really enjoy writing the blog and having discussions around these issues. I am glad to hear that you liked it and will be returning. Don’t forget to jump into the discussions. The more the merrier. I hope that Robyn is well. I haven’t seen her in many many years, lol. By the way, thanks for your service.

  4. Here in the Deep South, many people believe that if they are registered to one party, they can only vote for that party.

    I teach U.S. history and government to eighth graders. While I strive to keep the discussions on the Framers and their writings, occasionally current events pop up. One student said her parents really did not want to vote for our current POTUS, but they had to because they were Democrats. When I explained that voters should look at the issues and choose the candidates who most closely matched their ideals, the class was shocked. They had never heard of the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Socialists, or Independents (I taught foreign languages before this year). I also explained the origins of the political terms right, moderate, and left (seating in the French National Assembly, 1790’s).

    After a few of these types of disussions, I had the students read Rand’s Anthem (I teach literature, too). I observed while they discussed the book. The word “socialism” was never used, but they certainly grasped the concept, and extrapolated it to the pork bill…they are now watching and reading news, researching, and debating each other outside of the classroom. Most of these kids will be old enough to vote in 2012, and they are in favour of term limits for Congress.

    • Rowe,

      It is amazing to see that mindset in action. We really need to start educating people. When I talk about the Libertarians, people think they are simply wack jobs and dismiss them right away. I explain their platform and people are stunned. The key is that Americans aren’t paying attention to politics. This needs to change.

  5. I must say that I am also proud to be a North Carolinian as well. We need to support this kind of thinking and let them know that the american people appreciate their efforts. Although we did not win this battle (Porkulus), there will be many more before we can purge washington of the liberal control they have. I am a disabled veteran and am still very proud of this country and it kills me inside when I see what the likes of pelosi, reid and obama are doing to our country.

  6. To me, belonging to a political party is like belonging to a family. Just because you don’t agree with everything – you don’t leave the family.
    I believe in a multi-party system, and feel that the dems need to stand up for the working middle and lower middle class, while the repubs need to stand up for business. A balance bewtween these is good. All the other issues (to me) are not central to either party.
    Blue Dog Democrats are vital now more than ever. It seems that rhetoric from the Dem-left and the repubs is extreme and too political.
    I’ve witnessed the corruption in healthcare, and though I agree with eventually expanding coverage; today healthcare is like a broken bus. We need to fix the bus BEFORE we put more people on it.
    Let’s do this in phases, with the first one carefully changing the incentives.

    Let me give an example of bad incentives: I had a medical divice that saved the hospital (the few that would buy it) a lot of money. Salespeople didn’t want to sell it (it cut their commission), so I went to a large Insurance Company executive to explain the opportunity. He told me that because they were paid a regulated percent of claims that they did not want to reduce claims. I understood but thought this was awful.

    There are way too many things like this. Phase one is fixing this. Blue Dogs could be a powerful Coalition is we put our collective voices together.

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