Some Health Care Spendulus You May Not Know About

So I have to tell everyone, I watched a disturbing video this evening on a certain conspiracy theory. I can’t get the information provided in it reconciled in my head just yet. I won’t subject you to it just yet because I have to be able to process it first and see if I can poke holes in the theory like I can most theories. As a result, I simply don’t know if I can free my mind up enough to write tonight. But I was jumping around to the sites of those who’s blogs I like to read and stumbled onto Revolution2010’s site which directed me to MadMom’s site….

I have to say that if you don’t read MadMom’s site, timetorevoltamerica on the blogroll over there, you should. She writes extremely well and never fails to produce interesting content. I like her style, as they say. So I was over there reading tonight about the Heath Shuler, a representative from my state of NC, and some health care stuff that is in “stimulus” bill. As you all expect of me I have read as much of the plan as I can stomach, and had seen the stuff she discusses.

And I had figured that I would write about it when I had time to research and comment as an educated blogger. Well MadMom has beaten me to the punch, and done so with a solid left hook rather than a glancing jab. So I want all of you guys to jump on over there and read her latest post on the health care parts of the plan. It is extremely enlightening and she does a better job covering it than I could have anyway. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and read it at: America It Is Time to Revolt

While you are at it peruse some of her other posts. You will like her style and will probably end up reading her regularly as I do.


  1. I have been reading of this nationalized health care garbage that was inserted in the “stimulus” bill. Once again, government is trying (going)to dictate to the public what the government deems necessary. They seem to keep forgetting that they work for us. I would be extremely curious to see if an aging politician would get turned away for treatment the same as a homeless person. I sincerely doubt it. In fact, even though this package states that this affects all U.S. Citizens, I would like to see if the politicians get the same healthcare that everyone else will…this is something I sincerely doubt as well. This whole mess stinks of socialism, and I do not like it one bit. It is only a matter of time before there is a revolt in this country…it is an extremely sad state of affairs we are living, God help us.

  2. Thanks, USWeapon, for your kudos. The new administration’s agenda regarding healthcare is of great concern and interest to me, and I plan to dedicate a fair amount of blog space to the issue in the coming months. The underhanded way in which it was included in the Stimulus package infuriates me more than anything else about the bill. It is reprehensible that a government for the people and by the people would even consider such a radical change effecting every American without our knowledge. What is it that the Japanese commander said after bombing Pearl Harbor? “I think all we have accomplished is to awaken a sleeping giant.” BO will soon realize that he has done just that.

  3. According to what I heard on a Glenn Beck (Fox) show, Daschle wrote in his book that the way to get this types of healthcare reform passed was to “hide” it in another bill, so that no one would notice it. I have not read Daschle’s book, so I cannot verify that independently at the moment, but I would not be surprised if that were the case. Actually, are any of us truly surprised? Disgusted, yes…

    • Rowe,

      I am going to look into that comment from Daschle. It wouldn’t surprise me if he said it. The Democrats are obviously doing it.

  4. Rowe,

    Indeed Tom Daschle’s message and lesson from the Clinton healthcare fiasco was to hide the legislation in the middle of a big bill. He advocates that healthcare reform must be done “quickly and written in the vaguest terms possible.” That is exactly how this travesty was allowed to slip by most of the lawmakers, the press, and the American people without our knowledge until it was too late. Expect lots more of this stealth consolidation of power and social engineering from this administration. God knows what else is hidden in that Stimulus Bill.

  5. AmeriFreedom says:

    To Rowe regarding Daschle’s book. I heard it was on pages 196 and 442. I haven’t read the book either, but I think I might stop by the library and look up those pages. It’s extremely DIRTY to place something as huge as healthcare in this fake stimulus package. Who’s to say that if they treat the elderly this way, what about if you were born with something, oh, we code you in, figure out the life span of the patient, the cost, and oh, that’s too expensive so sorry, you don’t get treatment. I’m getting a little sick and tired of human’s thinking their God. Some people survive a disease and others don’t, we should not be dictating who gets care or not. That’s totally socialism and I much rather my husband and I fork out the dough when our insurance had done their part. Elections have consequences and how many people that didn’t “research” on President Obama, and voted for him are going to be pleased with this radical change?

  6. To Madmom’s comment about what could be in the bill. Other than the billions to ACORN, the “arts”, and teacher unions, we don’t know and neither do the Republicans. They weren’t allowed the in compromising conference. So, they are voting on a completely Democratic bill that only the Democrats know what’s in it. A Democrat actually said it did not matter, since the Republicans are not voting for it. But…what about the people…? Shouldn’t we know?

  7. I am not used to this and have not ever posted an opinion until now. My fiance visited the emer room at a local hospital with no insurance for menstrual cramp pain.S was in for 15 minutes and prescribed pain killer and muscle relaxer. Ironically the very next week i strained my back and went to the same emer room and the same doctor for the same amt of time and prescribed the same meds. We both received our bills today hers being 280.00 and mine 450.00. So ya think med care is a touch out of control. Just an opinion.

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