Transparency We Can Believe In

Hope and Change, Hope and Change, HOPE AND CHANGE!!! If we say it enough times perhaps we will actually see some of it. But let’s be honest, we aren’t seeing much hope coming from the new administration are we? I have documented the doom and gloom coming from the President. As far as change, it sure seems like the only change is the party affiliation of those who are screwing us most. We can continue to click our ruby red slippers together and chant “There’s no place like Hope and Change” until our feet bleed, but we have to face up to the fact that the American public got duped again.

Every time I make that duped statement I do it in my head with a Forrest Gump accent. Remember when he said “so I went to the White House and met the President… Again” like it was a burden and an inevitability. That is how I feel. So we voted for something different from the past and got duped… Again. But I want to talk about transparency today. Because I am more than a little bothered by the complete lack of transparency that we are seeing in the new administration. Yea I know we didn’t see it in other administrations before this, but the other ones didn’t campaign on the promise of it. And they didn’t skip out and talk about transparency each day in their press conferences. This one did and does.

Let us start with the transparency of the now infamous economic stimulus bill. This was a massive bill, totaling 787 Billion dollars and chocked full of pork. I know there are no “earmarks” in there. But that is in name only. This bill is filled with pork and agenda furthering additions. We, the American public, were promised 48 hours to read this massive bill, which totaled around 1,400 pages and was 8 inches thick. It would have taken a speed reader to do it in 48 hours. 

Instead of holding true to that word, the Democrats in Congress voted that bill through in just 11 hours. And I will go out on a limb here and say not a single one of them read the thing. After all it didn’t matter what it said, they ere going to follow their party lines no matter what. It took them all of 24 hours to put up their propaganda site at Perhaps they could have broken that bill down before the vote and let the American public have their say. After all we had 4 days between the vote and the signing. It obviously wasn’t that important to pass it so quickly in order to “save our financial future.”

That would be because they didn’t want America to see what was in that bill. I cannot begin to tell you how many people who are now learning what is in there are pissed off. It is nothing more than spending on Democratic agenda items for the next 10 years. There are parts of that bill that don’t get spent to “stimulate the economy” until the year 2015. They snuck in massive health care reform that basically gives the government the right to override your doctor based on costs. This is not transparency. This is a sham.

The next move we see was the attempt to move the census offices into the White House, where the President and his cabinet can keep an eye on things to ensure accuracy and fairness. Again, this is not transparency. The intent here was to manipulate the census to give more weight to democrats in the coming years in terms of representation. What other explanation can Democrats offer as to why this move was being made? Was there some monumental screw up in the past census that required the White House to personally oversee it for the future? 

Team Obama has helped unleash that anger. Americans are justifiably frustrated at the reckless spending that came out of Washington and they kicked Republicans to the curb for a “change they could believe in.” Change came to Washington claiming bipartisanship and transparency. Obama lied on both. The “bipartisan bill” was rammed through with classic  Chicago-style politics. Republicans were relegated to the sidelines and not allowed to truly participate in the plan to “save our country”. And how transparent is a process where even graduates of a speed reading course couldn’t have analyzed the bill?

And how about the transparency around the financial institutions thus far. We have banks taking Billions of dollars in taxpayer money and refusing to tell us what they did with it. The Fed loaned out 2 Trillion dollars last year and refuse to tell us to whom. We here Citi discussing having 40% of their stock being owned by the government, but we certainly didn’t see a lot of reporting on the fact that suddenly there is a new deal in place for Citi to provided debit cards to everyone in the nation on unemployment. And when getting Food Stamps people are finding out this is being done through JP Morgan. Nationalization of the banks anyone?

Transparency does not exist in Washington and the President has no intention to begin now. But he claimed it so I am throwing that proverbial bullshit flag and assessing a penalty. And I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Obama has done far more to hurt the cause of the two big parties than to help. Americans finally thought they had a guy they could trust. And they are finding out quickly how wrong they were. The good news is that America is being reminded just how crooked the Democrats are and will respond by turning on them again. 

During the 1992 Presidential campaign, the slogan became “it’s the economy stupid”, much like this last election. What people fail to remember was that Ross Perot got over 20 million votes that year, despite running one of the worst campaigns to date. From July through October, he wasn’t even participating and had claimed that he was “out of the race”. Yet he still got 20 million votes. That is a hopeful sign that if angered enough the American people will step forward and elect someone other than the two big boy’s answers. The timing was too close this year for the viable third party to step forward and start building a campaign this time. 

Until the time is right we are stuck with the losers we are presented with. But hey the Democrats are in control of everything. At least they don’t have anyone else to blame for screwing everything up. The best they can do is go with the lame claim that Bush was the cause of all this and the Messiah is now here to save us. 

You want transparency? I will give it to you right here on this blog. But I wouldn’t expect to see it anywhere in Washington in the near future. Transparency for them means they will change from plywood over the window to venetian blinds. At least we can try to look through the cracks and get some semblance of what is going on. The unfortunate thing is that America wouldn’t like what it sees if they are transparent. They might just find out that the Democrats are playing by the same rules the Republicans did. The Democrats just have different reasons for taking advantage of us.


  1. Obama doesn’t want transparency. This is a good talknig point and it sounds good to all the mindless voters that get their news from the Communists News Network. However, Obama doesn’t want this because he is taking us on the road to socialism and he doesn’t want us to know about it.

    Had the press covered his past and written about how his closest personal advisors and friends are very much socialist, he would probably not be the president today, but nobody wanted to hear bad things about the golden boy. Did you notice how quick he was to attack people that spoke about Rev. Wright etc. If he was all about transparency then he would have let people report all these stories without shutting them down.

  2. Karl from Esom Hill says:

    Man that Obama is a slick talker! He puts Slick Willie Clinton to shame. Last night Pelosi was looking at him like she wanted to have his babies! For that matter so was Biden! I have to admit the man is a fine speech giver. That was as fine a speeech as i’ve ever heard. But then you start to look underneath all the big words and realize that most of what was said was pure unadulterated horsedookey! This Administration of change is really just more of the same shit, different President. Only this is worse because the liberals have so much power right now, there’s not going to be any stopping them short of 2010. I just hope there’s still time to do something to stop this train wreck by then!

  3. Read this somewhere and in a hurry and can’t find the link at the moment, but read that the Dept. of Defense were being required to sign a confidentialty agreement so that none of their budget was released or something to that effect. Apologize for no specifics as I hate to spread unsubstantiated rumors, but I’ll be back later to provide backup.

    Transparency? We’ve got it alright – we can see right through Obama’s rhetoric and outright lies.

  4. “I cannot begin to tell you how many people who are now learning what is in there are pissed off. It is nothing more than spending on Democratic agenda items for the next 10 years. There are parts of that bill that don’t get spent to “stimulate the economy” until the year 2015. They snuck in massive health care reform that basically gives the government the right to override your doctor based on costs.”

    USWeapon, you seem to be falling into the same trap that you are chastising the government for putting us into. Rather than debate about what others tell you is in the bill, we should be debating what is actually in the bill. The statement that “massive health care reform that basically gives the government the right to override your doctor” is conveniently vague. We should all read the bill, as bloated as it is, and debate what actually there, rather than fall victim to the belligerence of the ideologues.

    Thanks for your work and this forum.

    • Nathan,
      Thanks for your comment. I am currently up page 1012. I am reading the bill ( I just couldn’t get through it in the 11 hours I was allotted). And What I said was a basic overview of the power that was given by this bill. It is in there. The creation of the position, the plan to force doctors to comply with the government’s ruling, everything but the magic formula. My statement was not “conveniently vague”, it was a summary rather than the 6 pages dedicated to that subject in the bill. If you would prefer I can write out the entire bill but for my reader’s sake I simply summarize.

      Thanks for the comments

  5. Nathan, While reading the bill is a fine goal, it may be impossible to debate what the exact wording is regarding certain reforms without being in an expert in that particular filed or being an insider and knowing what the particular spending is actually supposed to be for. It is intentionally vague so we cannot pick it apart, and it provides wide powers to those who decide where the funds go and for what purpose they are used. It also allows the Dems to say there is no pork in the bill, which is a big fat lie. I can give you three examples. 1) Nowhere in the bill does it say that $30 million is going to Nancy’s Harvest Mice Habitat. But it is widely regarded as fact that $30 million is to be dedicated to that pet project. 2) The moneys for food stamps and unemployment is provided via debit cards from selected banks, not via a check or the food stamp card debited to the government, as was done in the past. Where does it say that. 3) Regarding healthcare reform, the wording is vague on purpose, which is how Daschle recommended it to be, so that the people don’t know what they are getting until it is law. I wrote a post on that called Our New Healthcare Dictatorship, which USWeapon cited on his post on the same topic. Unless you are an expert in healthcare policy, you wouldn’t have a clue as to what the ramifications of some of the wording may be. That is the problem with this administration: all talk of transparency but from the get go it has been a stealth grab of power and regulations and bills which make even intelligent people’s heads spin. We are in deep doo doo with this guy. Scary deep.

  6. The Governors don’t even know how to interpret the money that is coming down, actually they don’t know how to interpret the RULES that come with the money. My Governor (not bright, granted), is just now realizing (probably thanks to Jindal et al) that the increased qualifications for unemployment benefits would be permanent so that when this windfall ends, businesses must pick this up. He said yesterday, he didn’t realize this and may now go back and have to look at things again…..duh! This is one instance in one area and I’m willing to bet there are many unknown rules in there and once accepted, it will be too late. Nothing in the government is ever scaled back, so whatever programs are started, expanded through this spending bill will go on and on.

  7. G. A. Rowe says:

    “Oh-Bummer The Magnificent” is not about transparency. Never has been. Socialists/Communists are all about hiding things and redirecting the eyes of those who would hold them accountable – That is exactly why the “Bill” was rammed through in record time, and why he made his “Fantastic” speech last night to an audience made up mostly of blubbering imbeciles who believe he is their “Messiah”.

    Nuff said!

  8. Karl from Esom Hill says:

    Obummer (thanks G. A. Rowe) is about as transparent as a rock wall! One thing is glitteringly Aparent though, is that our nation is in deep doo-doo.

  9. Kathy,
    It’s the military budget which will be confidential. I find that a little ridiculous as our Democratic lady friends were so willing to disclose the location of drunes in Pakistan last week. I love the way transparency has been coming after the fact… Mr. O might have wanted to mention that during the campaign. But wait, he wasn’t very transparent about his cronies during the campaign, was he? Oops, America!

  10. 2008= Yes We Can!

    2009= OOPS, We did!

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