American Revolution Part Deux

You say you want a revolution? Me too. I have used the word early and often on this site because I am good and pissed off. Wait… that sounds a bit too angry. How about this… I am less than pleased with the outcome of recent electoral processes and slightly dissatisfied with the direction of the two primary political parties represented in today’s national political spectrum. Ah, FRACK IT. I am pissed off. Who am I kidding? I am a little bitter, a little fired up, a little less wealthy, a little more kicked around, a little bit country and and little bit Rock n Roll. Those last two would make a great song… nah, it would never work. 

But let’s get serious here for a minute. I want to clarify a few things. I had a comment or two recently that let me know that folks might be taking me a bit too literally (which is odd since you only know me in a literary way, LOL). I have said it is time for a revolution, and I meant it. I have used lines like I’ll be the guy on the white horse leading the way or The torch brigade falls in behind me, but I am not talking literal there. I am not talking about an armed revolt against the United States of America’s government my friends.


You Don't Stand a Chance Against These Guys

As a ten year veteran and one who, as much as it hurts me to admit this and therefore ruin BF’s image of me, did a fairly nasty job, I know how futile that effort would be. Believe me, one team of Rangers or Green Berets can effectively wipe out a small town in America in a couple of hours. Any of you who believe otherwise are fooling yourselves. I know there are those that think a “militia” would stand a chance. I tell you with all honesty, no disrespect to your abilities, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Only someone who has never seen these teams in action would think they have a shot in hell of beating them. Red Dawn was a fun movie, but in real life Spetsnaz would have come into the mountains and killed those kids within days. This aint the movies, this is the really real world, big boy land, where the greatest of leaders can go down with one well placed bunker buster or sniper round. No, my friends, an armed revolution is not what I had in mind. Besides I would not advocate all the violence that would have to happen in that situation. 

What I am talking about is a political revolution. We aren’t standing up to the “government”, we are standing up to the two big parties and the way that they have perverted the government. We are re-affirming that the Constitution has been decimated by those in power. We are standing up and deciding that we aren’t going to be lazy when it comes to politics anymore. We are going to elect new leaders that serve the people and whom the people will be diligent enough to hold accountable. 


Not Anymore It Isn't Dummy

What Americans have forgotten is that these people answer to us. We ridicule the politicians for the fact that they will say whatever the people want to hear in order to get elected. And it is a true statement. So instead of trying to change the message the party dictates to the citizens, we change the citizens so that they dictate to the party. By talking to everyone we know and getting them involved in the issues, we educate those around us. We don’t allow people to ignore the facts anymore. We challenge and argue. We forego political correctness and all the taboos the politicians have put into place saying that talking politics is rude or wrong. And once we have done that we take step two…

Because we have educated everyone we know about politics, we have reached the point where Americans are smart enough to dictate to the politicians what the agenda will be, as opposed to the lobbyists. And because these Americans are educated they now understand that they are responsible for holding their elected officials accountable for their actions. If the elected official doesn’t do what they promised in the campaign, they will lose the next election, because we have people paying attention. 

See how easy that is? Here is the tough part, making any of that happen. Where do we start? Let me suggest what I feel is going to be looked at as radical to many of you. We begin by embracing our foes a bit more. Look at this blog. Many different views and every one of you treats the others with respect and discusses our similarities and differences. That has to happen on the national level, every day. And it won’t be easy. Here’s why: (I am going to focus on the Democrats from this point forward only to save me from writing out the same things for both sides. Assume at any point in this argument you could interchange names and parties because it applies both ways)

What percentage of Democrats in Nancy Pelosi’s district vote for her for one reason only? That reason being they want a democrat in office and her high profile is their best chance of defeating whatever Republican runs against her. They are so concerned about having a Democrat in office that they are willing to accept the anti-christ so long as he has a “D” after his name and has a significant chance of beating a strong Republican. They can’t vote for another candidate who is a Democrat but more meets their views, because that is taking a risk of having the Republicans win the seat. And the same goes for Republicans.

partisan-boxing-cartoonAnd why is it like this? Because the two parties have gotten together and planned it this way. They split the country in two, keep their rhetoric as divisive as possible and make sure that Democrats will do anything to keep Republicans out of office and vice versa. As long as they can keep this as the status quo, then power comes into play, because at that point it becomes who is the most powerful candidate from your party instead of who is the best candidate for your party (because at this point best only means most capable of keeping the other party from winning as opposed to best for the country, district etc). How many times in your life have you muttered the words “I really like this candidate but I can’t vote for them because they wouldn’t be able to beat that guy from the other party, so I will vote for this other guy because I think he will be stronger in the general election”?

This is out there in the open these days. The Democrats had arguments all throughout the primaries publicly about which candidate was best equipped to win the general election. They never once asked which candidate was the best for the country. They never once asked who had the better platform or better morals or better anything. Just who had the better chance of winning against those nasty Republicans. And they settled on the rock star with the soaring rhetoric and oratory skills for that very reason. 

If Republicans can change the way the Democratic voter views them, this can be nullified. The reason that this is how American politics works is because Democrats and Republicans hate each other passionately. And the best part is that they don’t even know why. A few issues get in the way. But overall they are primarily the same. We are friends with people every day that are from the other party and we don’t even know it. And as soon as we find out it taints the friendship, like being from that other party is a communicable disease that we are afraid of catching. 

As I said at the beginning of explaining this, I used Democrats being against Republicans in this example. You can easily swap out Republicans and Democrats and just change the time in history and see the exact same scenario playing out. George Bush’s second term is a recent example. He wasn’t the best Republicans had to offer, but he was the incumbent and therefore stood the best chance of making sure nasty Democrats didn’t get into office. The same could be said for the selections of Jimmy Carter, Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, etc. In the last 30 years we have not chosen a candidate once because they were the right one for the country. Each won primaries based on the ability to beat the other party, not be the best selection overall. 

declaration-of-independenceGet over yourselves people. Stop letting the label Democrat or Republican define who you are. We are each Americans with widely varying views on the world. Help others to see your view rather than spending all of your time trying to tell them why their view is wrong. I do this every day. I hold views strongly from both parties. Yet I talk politics passionately and respectfully with people who hold opposing views constantly. And they begin to understand where I am coming form and we eventually reach a point where my opposing view isn’t evil, just different. And then they say to me “If only more people were as understanding and moderate as you, politics could change”. Well I think you all know I am moderate in nothing. But just discussing with respect and understanding goes a long way. 

I spent a couple hours with some 50+ year old black men from my city last night. Lifelong Democrats. I told them I was probably going to run for mayor as a Republican. They bristled. We talked for a while and I explained my vision and the reasoning behind my positions. At the end of the conversation, one of them looked at me and said if that is how you feel and that is your platform, I will tell every one of my Democrat friends to vote for you. People just want someone good to get the job. They start from the position that the other party is bad. Imagine if that weren’t the case. When they see you are good they don’t care what party you are in anymore. You become something more than just label to them.

And therein lies the moral of this story. What you say matters more than the party you represent. Argue with integrity, honesty, respect, and a true desire to understand your opponents views. That is the way forward. Because once we understand each other, we will realize that we both agree on a lot. Mainly that we are getting screwed by both parties. Then we can move forward together to stop them.


  1. revolution2010 says:

    Great post! I agree 100%. As my moniker espouses, the election is the easiest and least bloody way to the revolution. While the numbers are daunting, getting some common sense citizens into office would go a long way to correcting many of the problems we have gotten ourselves into. I would love to know the numbers on what would actually need to be cut out of the budget to right the ship and would bet that the majority of America would be OK with it if it meant we could stop bleeding each other dry. We haven’t crossed the edge yet, but I do fear if the next election doesn’t oust most of the incumbents, we may not recover.

    In talking to people, after deciphering which camp they support, my first admission to them is that the opposite party has made an awful lot of mistakes. That admission takes them immediately off the defensive and allows them the ability to apologize for the shortcomings of their party as well. From there it is pretty easy conversation and usually ends up with lots of middle of the road agreement.
    The parties do have a lock on the balance of power but “we the people” may just be angry enough to throw the voting trump card and oust them!

  2. Texas Tirrell says:


    I also agree 100%.

    I do not claim to be a member of any party, other than a common American Taxpayer.

  3. US-W Great job, except you left out Bob Marley. You had me laughin there for a minute. I think your strategy is good but we need to address a few other facts at the strategic level.

    The Progressive movement in this country is strong, organized and very nasty and disruptive. We need a plan to deal with them separatley, I think but still not positive. These folks are connected to international efforts to undermine the USA. This has to be part of the education effort. The challenge is to do this without making the Dems feel like we are attacking all of them. I am not a conspiracy nut, and have to tell you I would not have made that statement one year ago.

    The Repubs have also been split and controlled by a minority group but I think that will be easier to deal with. I go back to one of my earlier comments that we need to formulate and articulate, screaming if we have to, a set of truly American principles that nobody can logically argue with and we can never be accused of being hypocrits.

    I have for some time argued for a new party the “American Party”. Maybe we should think about running with that as a moniker. I’m with the American Party but I’m running for Mayor as a (insert your choice).

    Thank you so much for emphasizing my point about armed revolt. I was actually at a meeting last week where one of these you know the types started going on about meeting the army at the state line. I matter of factly asked him what happens when they show up with the new tanks. He said, hell-we’ll take the tanks and use them. I was so dumbfounded I couldn’t respond. This guy is an ex Marine for gods sake. How’s that line go “What was he thinking?”

    Now for the however, I do believe it is important for certain people in this country and elsewhere to believe the citizens are so pissed off that they might revolt. I strongly believe we need to start providing ways for some of these folks to let off a little steam, so they won’t blow. The challenge is finding a way to do this that supports the broader strategy you outlined and as I have discussed in various places here. The reason I think this has to be considered is that there are forces at work that could tip us over before we get enough folks elected to really affect positive change, change that lasts—oh crap, a new slogan. My question to you is; do you want to be part of something bigger or just run for Mayor? You could do both by the way.

    I’m starting to run on, not enough sleep this week. I will work on compiling more concrete thoughts. Lets talk soon.

    • JAC,

      Running for mayor is a step, and not even a necessary one. I would run for mayor because I truly believe that my city can be a good city. We are looked down on and cast aside as the bastard city of the state. But this proud city was once a good one, and it can be again. If I were elected mayor I would remain in that position as long as the citizens wanted me there and I felt that I could help the city. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t also be involved in other things. The idea is that we need to get America going in the right direction. I am all for whatever part I can play in doing so. I intend to work on Revolution’s campaign as much as I can and would offer the same to anyone who shares my beliefs (although she would have a certain priority as a lifelong friend).

      You have some really good thoughts here and I want to ponder them a bit, especially the progressives. They are a bit of a thorn.

  4. Texas,

    I believe that this is the first time I have seen you commenting on here. Welcome. Hope you will stay a bit. I think you fall into the majority these days. So many people are frustrated with both parties and are starting to feel comfortable not identifying with them. We are finding out that most Americans are very much the same and differ on certain topics only.

  5. G. A. Rowe says:

    As we have discussed in other threads, I am a Conservative. Not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or any other organized political party. Just a radical conservative. I have often thought of trying to start a new political party and name it the Conservative Party of America. However, that would open it up to the main stream lobbyists. Don’t like that idea at all. Then I remembered that our first President was totally against political parties period. Good idea. Great idea. Without a political party to tell a candidate what to do, the candidate would have to run on his/her own agenda and ideals. Second idea = No president. Instead replace a singular President with a “Presiding Council” of say five individuals, one elected each year and that way we would eliminate all the radical and expensive changes every four years. Then return the Senate to be appointed by the state Governors, but only one each term. I believe that the result would be better control by the people and better accountability all around. New idea – wow, see what happens to an old fart after the grey matter is no longer encumbered with tax returns – make it a constitutional law that all politicians are required to pay into Social Security for their retirement benefits. Bet that mess would be fixed in one helluva hurry!

    BTW USWeapon . . . Ever seen a Marine Recon Team do their thing? Nothing against Army Rangers, (My nephew is one) but the Marine Recon units do something no other “special” units do. They can put an entire combat ready battalion on the ground in less than five minutes. I have seen it happen and it makes me glad that they are on our side. Since I am also a retired Marine, there is just a little prejudice there ;-))

    Another new idea = Reduce the political pay to actual expenses, kinda like per diem but with more accountability tools installed. Then dump the entire US tax codes and replace them with a single flat rate income tax set at a percentage that could never be changed. Eliminate all exemptions, shelters and other scams that fleece us. Sounds fair to me.

    Ah well! Who am I? Just another dreamer . . . . . .

  6. US Weapon,

    I do love your ideas, but, I am afraid we really don’t have that much time. How many days of spending 39 Billion per can we stand as a nation? I am not advocating armed revolt, just don’t see anything else that would affect change with the speed that is needed. And yes, as a veteran, I do understand what an Army Ranger team or Marine Recon team are capable of. But I also know these men and women want what is best for America. And in the end if it came down to that, I believe they would side on the side of justice for all of us and the protection of constitutional rights for all of us.

    And another question I have is, How much of this change is set in such a way that it can’t be changed IF we get them out of office? The reason I say IF is because there are alot of people in both parties that need to go. I would venture to guess in the range of 60 to 80 percent. Yes, I am a registered republican, but do not follow them like a lost puppy.

    One way the we the people are affecting change is by the TEA Parties that are scheduled around the country today. (2-27-09). At last count there were 45 parties scheduled today. And plans for a real million person Tea Party in D.C. soon.

    And G.A. Rowe, you have some very good ideas. Those are the kind of ideas that can strip the power away from them forever.

  7. Karl from Esom Hill says:

    I too, agree that a Revolution or Civil War would never work. Whatever we the people do, it will have to be as political activists. Lord help us though, because I don’t know if we can make it till the next elections. I also don’t know if enough of America is going to wake up and smell the coffee before it collapses around them. Obummer, Pelosi, and their dumbass supporters are moving at light speed to make us Socialist as fast as they can go. I honestly do not know where we go from here. It better be fast though or it will be too late. US, we have folks down here we call Yellow Dog Democrats. That means they’d vote for a Yellow Dog, as long as he was a democrat. My Father-in-Law is one. How do you convince them to vote for someone else? They absolutely will NOT vote for anybody unless they are a Dem. It doesn’t matter if they don’t agree with half the crap the candidate does, the party is all that matters. This is part of the reason we have this stupid fool as President now. I can talk to them till I’m blue and they will not change their minds. Our Preacher even preached about voting for someone who supports abortion and gay rights as being wrong (which they know) and they still voted for this butthead! I vote according to my beliefs and which candidate will do the best job. That’s what my parents taught me to do. You should ALWAYS vote for the person, NOT the party!

  8. I think we need to have both a sense of urgency brought on by the seriousness of the situation and the righteousness of our anger, and a sense of patience that allows us to do what is needed and remain true to our principles.

    more later….

  9. I am not entirely opposed to ever engaging in a physical revolution. I believe there are conditions under which it may be necessary and justified. We are nowhere near that point right now. We are, however, at a point where we have slipped so far that we need a great deal of work to get straight, and that work will take a great deal of time.

    The time is needed for two main reasons.
    1) Rapid changes require a lot of power. Too much power to entrust to anyone, no matter their intentions.
    2) Rapid changes would cause too much upheaval. Violence may still be a result because of the impact of the changes if they are too sudden or orchestrated poorly.

    In light of that, we may just have to deal with the 39 billion a day. Use it to gain support and deal with it until we can change it.

  10. Karl: you kind of answered your own question regarding those yellow dogs. Get some articulate, good looking Libertarian to register and run as a democrat. The challenge is getting through the primaries once the socialists/progressives figure our what they stand for. Subvert it won’t hurt.

  11. G. A. Rowe says:


    My idea is not to “Strip the power” but to put the power back into “We The People” where it belongs. After I thought about this five person council idea, the more I thought about it the better it sounded. A country as large and powerful as ours is just way too much power to be put into the hands of one person. Just think if Obummer gets all the Socialism he wants – total control over our vast Military resources – just how dangerous could that be? The Liberals I know used to call GWB a dictator. Not even close to what Obummer wants to be . . .

    Remove the monetary power from the politicians, their high salaries & ridiculous pension plans and put them in the same boat as the rest of us as far as retirement is concerned is another way to put the power back into the hands of the people. No more “Golden Parachutes” when they leave office would make it less of a “Money-Maker” to be in politics and more of a desire to serve the people and our country – And THAT is exactly the kind of people we need to run our government instead of the greedy money mongerers that we have today.

    Sounds good to me!

  12. G.A. Rowe: Its not the president, at least not the office. If the president operates per the constituion the office doesn’t have that much power. The secretaries in fact operate as the committee you envision. Hell, the constitution authorizes the president in request their opinions in writing. If the pres. was supposes to be this powerful executive why would the Const. have specifically provided authority to require their opinion in writing. That is because the congress establishes the Depts and answer both to congress and the executive. Any way, I do not think the council is necessary nor even feasible. The way to contain power is to plug the holes in the constitution and then stay diligent to make sure those SOBs stick with the rules.

  13. Texas Tirrell says:


    Thank you for welcoming me. I am a very concerned American taxpayer who doesn’t know where to turn. I have no party affiliation and never have.

    I feel as if I have been backed into a corner, and I now have to fight for my rights on my own.

    I read a lot, internet, newspapers, etc; listen to some radio, and watch some TV.

    I can’t believe how blind some people really are. If I can do the research on my own and find what one really said or did, why aren’t others? Why would anyone take what one said or what someone printed as the truth without checking it out first?

    The hate, name calling, and plain nastiness is just mind boggling! Our nation has become so divided over issues that make no sense. (He’s a Democrat or He’s a Republican, and so on.) Why?

    I admitt, I did not go to college, I do not have a High School Diploma, but I am not stupid either. I did, after 25 years, get my GED. That was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I do try to keep up with all that is going on, but there is so much going on, sometimes I have to turn it all off and stick my head in the sand to regain my sanity.

    I like what I see here. You and the others here are having open discussions without all the hate. I agee with most of what is being talked about. I just don’t know what I should or could for that matter, do about any of it.

    I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way in my little part of the world.

    1. You cannot spend your way out of debt.

    When the oilfields fell in the early eighties, we lost everything we had, no one helped us out. We picked ourselves up, dusted off our backsides, and started over. We own our home and land. We pay our taxes. We pay our bills. We have played by the rules, and now we are being punished for it.

    2. You cannot help someone who refuses to help themselves.

    My father refuses to believe he is an alcoholic. My mother divorced him after 43 years of marriage last year. My brother won’t speak to him at all. I’m the one caught in the middle. I cannot stop loving him, my mother, or my brother. I see him when I can, but with the stipulation, if you’re drinking, I will not come.

    3. You cannot reward someone for bad behavior.

    My youngest son got into some trouble with the law several years ago. Did we bail him out of jail, no. Did we pay his lawyer, fines, etc.; no. Did we try to get him off the hook, no. Did we stop loving him, no. He now is a better citizen and still a fine son. He made a mistake and he paid the dues.

    I could go on, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say. I don’t have the big words ,just life experience to go by.

    Obama’s plans scare me, but what Congress is doing terrofies me. What are they doing behind our backs in the dark while our attention is trying to focus on everything that they are actually showing us?

    In my humble opinion, it seems that they are daring the people to speak out. Almost throwing it in our faces. Look, we’ll do whatever we want and you can’t stop us.

    Why? Are they testing us? To what purpose? I just don’t understand it.

  14. G. A. Rowe says:

    Just A Citizen;

    Greed is the root of all evil. It takes many forms, ie; Power, Money, Prestige, physical things, etc, etc. Reduce the greed factor within the houses of our government and perhaps that will pave the road to repair what is broken up there in DC. Perhaps.

    Texas Tirrell;

    Welcome to the club. I did not get my GED until I was 28, finally got a HS diploma at 33. I have been a “working stiff” all my adult life. I retired just before the bottom dropped out of everything, and we are now living off what little retirement nestegg we were able to put away – that and my Military pension + Social Security benefits. I spent the last six months in and out of the hospital getting my kidneys worked on. That nearly wiped out our savings since we had to travel 100+ miles and stay in a hotel during my surgery and recovery time. Insurance does not pay for those extra expenses, and we are not complaining. We know so many people who have it much worse than us.

    Like you, most of us who populate this board are scratching our heads at what this new administration is doing. You are right, no one ever spent themselves into prosperity. Just ask Bill Gates. I think USWeapon is doing a good thing here. We mostly brainstorm about ideas to right this terrible wrong that is being done in our country. Some of us sound a little far out, like Black Flag, but even he is a decent sort when it comes right down to it. I think that we all learn from all the others, they say that a healthy discussion and exchange of ideas never hurts. I kind of agree with that.

  15. Texas Tirrell says:

    G. A. Rowe,

    I actually like reading Black Flag’s posts. It really makes you think about what you believe in and why.

    As to retirement, we have none, it is gone. My husband was in the Air Force, but no pension. We make do on what we make, and now that is going away. We will survive. We have family and friends in worse shape than we are.

    We own our property, and it’s not much, but it’s paid for. We have a garden plot, a few cows, pigs, and chickens. We also have weapons, not that I agree with armed revolt. But then in some cases you have to protect your property and your rights. Yes, we also have our bible.

    We are working stiffs ourselves.We help those we can and then some. If you ask for one of my chickens because you are hungry or you need it, I’ll give it to you. If you sneak up in the night and try to take it without asking, I will shoot you. Simple example, but it works for me.

    I am a substitute mail carrier on a contracted carrier route. My husband works for a contracter who is contracted by another contracter, who in turn is contracted by another contracter for the oil industry. So we have 4 contracters who are being forced to lay off people, cut the wages of those that they have kept because the main contracter has to cut his costs to meet the cuts of the main employer. We also face another round of layoffs at the end of March in not sooner. Basically, what that means is the oilfield has shut down. The only other industry here is agriculture and it isn’t good for them either. These are not big conglommert’s, these are small family farms.

    I do not trust the government in any form or fashion any more than I do a banker or a used car dealer. They will cheat and steel you blind for a buck. Something smells, and I just don’t know what to do or even where to start.

  16. Texas: Welcome. What you have my dear Texas Rose is wisdom supported by something most of us would call “common sense”.

    Formal education may raise one’s supposed intelligence about things but without life’s experience-living and learing- to see how it all fits—its of little real use. What you have gained in my mind is wisdom. The convergence of knowledge and experience. Be proud!!

  17. Texas Tirrell says:

    Thank you JAC. I appreciate that.

    But what do we do from here? Hunker down and wait it out? (prepare for the worst, and hope for the best)

    I’m more than afraid that it is to late for anything to be stopped now. But, I also now that I will still try to stop it.

    Question: Have any of you seen the Right of Soviernty of the State against the federal government debate? I came across it Friday and now it is gone.

    I would like to read more on this.

  18. Texas T: There are many things going on that are or will be affecting us. We need to prepare for the worst and work as hard as we can to prevent it from happening. Somethings we can not stop, but we need to make sure we do not let them distract us from the prize, the resurrection of our democratic republic.

    We are almonst certainly slipping into a real economic depression. Left alone some experts think it will last 2-3 years. With intervention, like Porkulus and its cousins, it could last much longer. To prepare you should be building up your cash reserves to the maximum extent possible. Pulling in your horns as much as you can on the spending side. In this regard you are mostly there, property paid off, room to grow food, close to god and guns. Add to your list, but I’m guessing you already have being from rural Texas, stay close to your family and neighbors. You may be the light that keeps them from the path of despair in coming days. Once prices start to really fall, I suggest you start stocking up on items like food, clothing etc. cause there may be shortages and then there will be large price increases, see next.

    The gov’t has already spent enough to cause the next problem, inflation. And, they will spend more. Once the depression begins to end those with cash will have great investment opportunities as prices will have come down to or below affordable levels. Inflation of the large variety will ensue as all the govt money and our money starts kicking in. If you are inclined then commodities (food, etc) and real estate are good investments. If you really don’t feel the need to invest then there is nothing wrong with cash as long as you put it in some type of money market or other mechanism that will pay close to the going interest rate. Inflation will destroy the value of the money you hold in cash, it needs to be converted to something that stays up with inflation.

    Thats the rough of it on the economic side. I have a feeling you have this one figured out pretty good, except you might find all the kids, cousins, nephews etc askin to come stay with you before its all over.

    On the political. Work hard on behalf of any body who runs for local, state or federal office that share those views of folks like Ron Paul. They don’t have to have them all but there are some keys: 1. Honesty, 2. Honor and Integrity 3. Dump the Federal Reserve bank and move money control to the Treasury. 4. Return to basic Constitutional values of Liberty, Federalism, Separation of money & power, and local solutions are best solved locally. 5. A tax system such as flat tax or fair tax that trully spreads the burden equally. and of course 6. A balanced budget. I warn you, there are some folks on this post that will differ with me on #3 and #5 and you will be hearing from them soon.

    Keep searching the Net and other places for folks like you and I hope us. Participate when you can in national rallies or events, like the tea parties last week. There will be more, I promise. You don’t have to travel, you can send email, fax or call those elected officials you think have strayed and let them know you not only don’t like what they have done but you plan to give money to, and work for, anyone to unseat them. And almost as important, let the good ones know you appreciate their efforts. You may want to let them know you expect them to stay on the righteous path and if they don’t there will be some hell to pay. WARNING: Don’t ever include anything in an email, fax or letter that could be seen as a threat of violence. If you do, you will soon find Secret Service, FBI, or US Marshall at your door.

    Write letters to the editor, and not just for your local paper. Send them out to those foreign countries, like New York Times, etc.

    Help keep everyone you know calm and focused. We are in for tough times that will require us to reestablish trust and charity (the real kind) among our neighbors and calm determination to take on the problems. We can not afford to start rioting or waving guns in the streets. That will only feed the beast what it wants. Educate anyone you know about the constitution and what it means to live under Liberty. For example, working with local groups to solve local problems that are based on free will of those affected not on taking from one to give to another.

    Do not panic, and do not despair. For awhile you will here a lot of clamoring about the problems, the socialists, obama, etc etc. Don’t let this consume you. Always go back to the solutions. Steer those around you to do the same when they start getting panicked. This is a normal process. Then there will be an awakening, and kind of social awareness as to what is the real problem and then there will be action to fix it. When it comes we need to be action of the political kind, not the shooting kind.

    I have rambled on enoough for now. I recon its about supper time where you are so Happy Sunday, go outside and enjoy the sunset.


  19. G. A. Rowe says:


    That, my friend, is about the most sensible post – other than USW’s – I have read yet!

    Thank you, sir!

  20. G.A.: Your welcome!

  21. Texas Tirrell says:

    Thank you JAC! I don’t feel so alone now. Just talking and reading the posts here have a calming effect. That in itself speaks wonders.

    Yes we have been doing most of what you have said to do. I can’t invest when I don’t have anything to invest with! But then I don’t trust wall street either. I’ll have to wait and see what happens there. I’m just not confident enough to know what to invest in or who to invest with these days. To many horror stories out there about being taken to the cleaners by unscrupolous scallywags. So went our retirement as small as it was. Grandma always said no use crying over spilled milk and it still holds today.

    We already have family here now. We make do and help each other as much as possible. I have my grandma’s old foot pedal singer sewing machine and plenty of materials. I have made my clothes for years.

    Our water well is electric, but it is an old windmill that has been converted. We still have the old windmill and it’s parts stored in the barn. The have been kept in good repair over the years and the well can always be converted back without any problems. We have wind here most days, so water won’t be a problem unless the well goes dry.

    As to electricity, not a problem for now, but in the future, who knows. I still have my grandparent’s old oil lamps and they work just fine. None of my appliances are electric, they are all gas. I know how to cook on an outside fire or in a firepit as well. My husband and I are avid campers, with a tent, not a motor home or camper.

    So growing food, and animals, and having clothing is not a problem for us. We even have an old time ice house on the property that we have never used, except for storage. I don’t know if it would work nowdays as old as it is, but we probably could make it work if we had to.

    I have been contacting my representatives explaining how I feel about what they are doing. I have thanked the ones that I believe are doing good, and have blasted the ones that I didn’t. I don’t make threats, doesn’t seem practical to me. I make promises and keep them. An honest to God promise seems to scare most people today more than an actual threat does.

    They don’t seem to know what to do or say. I feel the same as you, it’s going to get rough for awhile, maybe a long while, but it will all work out in the end.

  22. Texas T: By investing I did not mean stock market, especially if you don’t have alot of money. The food and clothes you buy is an investment when the purchasing power of your money is dropping rapidly. CD’s at a good bank may be a way to go. That keeps your money away from the federal gov’t. Remember Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds are all just federal debt obligations. It has only happened three times but the gov’t has decided not to repay full value of debt in the past.

    Best Wishes

  23. Black Flag says:

    As always, a little agreement – some disagreement – with the current situation and strategies…

    We are almonst certainly slipping into a real economic depression.

    True, but an inflationary depression.

    Left alone some experts think it will last 2-3 years. With intervention, like Porkulus and its cousins, it could last much longer.

    Considering the extend of the intervention – very, very much longer.

    The 1930’s Depression would have gone on and on, except for the war.

    Remember that scary thought as people start to look for solutions 5 to 6 years from now….

    To prepare you should be building up your cash reserves to the maximum extent possible.

    Absolutely. Cut costs.

    But be watchful of your cash. Inflation is on its way, and all that saving you’ve done could be washed away….

    property paid off, room to grow food, close to god and guns.

    The fastest way to become rich in inflation is to borrow with a fixed rate today for as long as possible (20 – 30 years) and let inflation pay it off.

    I would suggest, re-mortgage your property for a fixed term, 25 years.

    If you have the cash, look for middle-class house in a good area that is “under water” with their mortgage or under foreclosure or just cheap.

    People will not be able to afford the inflationary explosion of housing prices, thus will have to rent.

    Pay down (or off) variable interest debt – that will explode with inflation.

    Move to real assets – 20%-40% in gold in hand, not certificates nor ETF’s.

    stay close to your family and neighbors.


    Get closer to where you work, you may have to park your car.

    Do not lose your job

    Figure out how to fire-proof your job. Work longer hours, no complaint. Be the ‘right arm’ of your boss – nobody chops off their right arm.

    Find another part-time job – build a backup incase #1 dies.

    Liquid assets in hand should equal 8 months of expenses.

    Once prices start to really fall, I suggest you start stocking up on items like food, clothing etc.

    Prices are about as low as they will go for commodities – stock up if you find sales.

    there is nothing wrong with cash as long as you put it in some type of money market or other mechanism that will pay close to the going interest rate.

    Do not depend on this.

    Government will institute price/wage controls, but allow inflation to continue.

    Your fiat money will rot in your hands, all the while there will be shortages (due to price controls) as well as gluts of jobs nobody wants (due to wage controls).

    Thats the rough of it on the economic side. I have a feeling you have this one figured out pretty good, except you might find all the kids, cousins, nephews etc askin to come stay with you before its all over.

    Look around your family – find those on fixed incomes – they will be destroyed.

    Be prepared if you have retired relatives that they will have to live with someone.

    Prepare for that now while there are options. If you wait, you will be forced by economic necessity to do it.

    Do now by choice what will happen by force.

    On the political. Work hard on behalf of any body who runs for local, state or federal office that share those views of folks like Ron Paul.

    All the campaigning is pointless – save your strength.

    FDR lasted forever with the his flawed policies.

    The weak minded will always follow the guy who promises nirvana while throwing fiat money around.

  24. Texas Tirrell says:

    I understand what your saying JAC.

    I just don’t see why I should pay a high price for something that I can make myself that is at least as good as, if not better and lasts a lot longer.

    I don’t have money to spare. We save every dime we can for emergencies. Take today for instances, our 6 year old pickup is in the shop for a engine overhaul or replacement. We’re looking at a 3000.00 dollar repair bill, give or take a few dollars. Whichever is cheaper. Everyone is telling us to get rid of it, buy a new one, problem solved.

    Well, I can’t afford a new vehicle with the payments and higher insurance costs. I can’t buy a used one, never mind a new on cash either.

    So, we tighten our belts a little more, fix the old one and keep on trucking. Eight people depend on that truck to get to work. We’re ten miles from the nearest town. We pool our money, everyone contributing what they can, and fix it. Keep in mind that this truck is kept in good repair, but when you have over 200,000 miles on it, it needs TLC once in awhile.

    Besides, I like this old truck, it’s roomy & confortable.

    The irony of it is, once the engine is done, we’ll practicaly have a new truck except for the body. The trans and rearend have already been replaced!

    It’s either laugh out loud or cry. I choose to laugh when I can, and it’s pretty funny if you think about it!

  25. Texas Tirrell says:


    I like the idea of gold, but I can’t afford it. What is it now $900.00 or more an ounce? Out of my

    Besides that, I don’t care anything about being rich. I just want to keep what I have worked hard for and you keep what you have worked hard for.

    As to relatives on fixed incomes, they are already here. We were the closest of family to them. We’ve opened our home to them and don’t regret it. It can get testy at times, but then no two people think the same way. We work around the kinks.

    We’ll stay were we are for now. Instead of one vehicle taking everyone to town, we’ll have to use two for a little while (small compact cars for city use, ugh!). They are not comfortable on a rough dirt road, but they’ll do for now.

    You may be right about the campaigning, but I cannot just not try. I’ve been conditioned all my life to help those I can, and that includes myself. Yes, faith does that and I may be looking through a fog of lies, or rose colored glasses as some seem to think, but I still believe.

    With the oilfield, everybody’s job is expendable, even the owner’s. The owner will cut off his right arm if it will save him a buck and keep it in his pocket.

  26. Black Flag says:

    Texas Tirrell said

    I like the idea of gold, but I can’t afford it. What is it now $900.00 or more an ounce? Out of my

    By what you’re saying, then, is you also have no cash reserves.

    This would be not good.

    Start an aggressive cutback of anything that is not essential – and I mean essential – starvation diet of no spending whatsoever on anything that doesn’t directly matter to your survival.

    You are risking the viability of your family from surviving a crisis. As the ‘man’ of the house and wage earner (I’m guessing) – that represents a failure of your responsibility.

    Besides that, I don’t care anything about being rich.

    Let me be clear. Owning gold will not make you rich.

    An oz. of gold buys about what it bought 300 years ago – a great pair of shoes.

    Gold is protection of wealth – it does not create wealth.

    You create wealth by doing good work.

    With the oilfield, everybody’s job is expendable, even the owner’s. The owner will cut off his right arm if it will save him a buck and keep it in his pocket.

    It will be the last cut, regardless.

    No one will survive economic turmoil without a job. You can earn your way out of the economic crisis – you cannot if you do not have a paying job.

    Do not lose your job.

  27. Texas Tirrell says:


    We have small cash reserves. Our retirement was lost in the stock market in December. I take resposibility for that, because I didn’t take it when my gut said to.

    Contracted company employees working for another contractor do not make alot of money.

    We’ve also had three deaths in the immediate family that we were finacially responsible for. (funerals, probate, estate problems, etc.)

    I’m not the wage earner (my job is part time), nor a man. But the failure of the responsibilty is mine.

    My husband does not intend to lose his job, but when a company has layoffs they choose who to layoff. When they close their doors, all are laid off.

    Some companies, like Haliburton, Weatherford, SlumberJ, etc., assign you a specific number along with your employee number. When there are slow downs, or the oilfield shuts down they imput into their computer program which numbers the computer is to choose between. Such as: 1000 to 2501.

    These people are laid off with no quetions asked as to their experience, pay grade, or senority. These companies go by the number in the program, not by the employee’s record. My youngest son had been there three years, his boss 20 years, both were laid off four weeks ago.

    Other big companies such as Occidental Permimum look at the salaries of their employees and offer them a choice: Take an early retirement with loss of income and insurance; transfer for the same loss in income and still have insurance; or simply be let go with a reduced severence pay package. This company generally keeps the people who make the least amount of money, but are not necessarily the compentent ones.

    Then some companies lay off by the last ones hired. Whether you’ve been there one month or fifteen years. My oldest son had been with Gray wireline for ten years, but he was one of the last six men hired. They were let go in December.

    The company my husband works for has ten employees. They had twenty in October. Schlehuber Oil tools is a small privately owned company that is contracted by other companies for specific oilfield tools. Schlehuber has already said he will keep his experienced hands as long as possible, but eventually he will have to let those go as well if things don’t pick up. My husband has worked the oilfields since 1977 in all different aspects of the oilfield. He is an experienced hand that is usually safe from layoffs, but not always.

  28. Relocated Alaskan says:

    My family has been in this country since 1630. We have seen the country grow. The country has had its ups and downs. However, we maintained our freedom and liberty while keeping opportunity to do what ever we wanted alive. Since the early 1900’s there have been changes to the Constitution that distress me, particularly taking the selection of Senators from the State’s legislators to the voters. The US government is supposed to be made up of representatives of the states and the people, now it is only selected by the people. I would like to see a change to the voting law that only allows property owners and business owners the right to vote. Then people like Pelosi, Shumer, Kennedy, Snow, Boxer, etc. would not be elected. As of right now the best thing to happen in Washington, DC is for the elected members of the Republican party to leave Washington. The Democrats can do what ever they want and the Republicans are helpless to stop it, so may as well go home. They are being ignored anyway. In 2010 we could see a complete wipeout of the Democrats. There is currently taxation without representation, does that sound familiar? Time for a modern day Tea Party.

  29. Black Flag says:

    Texas Tirrell

    I made a lot of assumptions, so I apologize if I appeared judgmental – it was not my intention.

    I was attempting to portray the risk of the future is very great and the window to prepare is very small.

    Time is not on our side at all.

    Kind regards.

  30. SFC Dick says:

    G. A. Rowe, I believe the 82d Airborne might take exception to your remark about the “RECON being the only one able to put a battalion on the ground in five minutes”. No biggie, just a point of fact.

    USWeapon, I understand your assertion about the futility of an armed revolt but I believe you are looking at it as an exercise of force on force, like a twot class exercise at OCS.That is a recipe for dissaster against even a loosely organized insurgency.

    Ah, crap. I had a long post but I wanted to cut and paste it into word for spell check and my word trial has expired and I fear being labled the moron for my misspels, plus I seemed to contradict my own argument thus requiring more post length. Maybe this is not the thread for this debate. Ok , I’ll admitt it, I’m a post coward who lost his nerve after the second pot of coffee wore off.

    • USWeapon says:


      Your rank I assume? As for G.A. and I, we have a healthy respect for each other’s forces. The Recon guys are tough and the guys at Bragg can do their thing too. But those 82nd boys can bow down and kiss the feet of the the Tan and Green Berets, lol. Or we could start by giving the black berets back to the guys who used to earn ’em. Thanks to Clinton, the Rangers lost their beret, that asshole. Of all he did, that one bothered me the most, lol. But this isn’t a “who has the bigger pee pee” contest, everyone that serves earns my respect and every force has its studs.

      As for the armed revolt. Force on Force would be a disaster. We use the word revolution on this site quite a bit lately. Most of that talk is around a political revolution, not an armed one. Once in a while we delve into the armed version as a folly, but no one here is advocating violence. We have enough of that already. My outline in this article is what I mean by revolution these days. We need to get America under control again. Not an easy task and one that seems too overwhelming to do, but I advocate trying. BF advocates letting the beast die. All valid points of view are considered. You initially seem to disagree with my thoughts on moving forward. What do you suggest? (and don’t worry about spelling). If you want to give a quick synopsis we can consider a thread just for the topic. I am always open to writing about whatever people want to discuss. It isn’t easy coming up with new topics all the time, after all!

  31. Texas Tirrell says:


    Appology acepted, but you do not have to appoligize. I admit your comments made me angry at first, but I also realize that alot of what you say is true.

    ….I was attempting to portray the risk of the future is very great and the window to prepare is very small.

    Time is not on our side at all. …

    Truer words I have never seen or heard!

  32. Nurse Betty says:

    I came to this site from a Fox News blog site and I like what I hear. Like Texas, I’m just an average American who is trying to make sense of it all while I work hard to keep a roof over my head, pay my bills and taxes, and help provide for the common good. As my screen name implies, I am an RN. I currently work at a small town, full service hospital. As a “soldier on the front line”, so to speak, I could tell you some things about health care in this country that might shock you all.
    1. We already have UHC. No one is denied services in the ER or admission to the hospital based on their non-ability to pay. If you are ill or injured, you get treated, unless the hospital does not offer the specific service you need, for example, an MRI.
    2. The hospital eventually gets paid from the government, in one way or another, for the services rendered to those who cannot pay for it themselves.
    3. In my opinion, at least 75-85% of those people treated in the ER or admitted to the hospital are for illnesses/injuries that are PREVENTABLE OR SUFFERED AS A RESULT OF LIFE STYLE CHOICES. Smoke inhalation and burns due to a fire started by cigarette smoking. Cancer because of cigarette smoking. Strokes, heart attacks, amputated limbs from diabetes because people won’t follow the simple rules of eat less, exercise more. The list could go on for quite some time.
    4. The 75-85% I referenced above are an interesting payor mix. About half of them come in with insurance, and the other half has none. So, old or young, rich or poor, black or white, some people are not going to take care of themselves and be proactive in their own health care, no matter what kind of coverage is offered to them.
    I believe that adopting/enacting UHC would be just another boondoggle project that would be a further drain on government resources while providing very little real value or enhanced service to the system already in place.

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