New Page for Letters

I figured it might be interesting for us to share those wonderful form letters that we all seem to get from out elected officials. We constantly tell ourselves and our friends that we need to contact our representatives and tell them how we are feeling. After all, they are their to represent us, right? Well the reality is that our time and effort is usually rewarded with them doing whatever their party tells them to do and then sending us a nifty form letter that uses the same rhetoric they use on the campaign trail. For example in my first letter posted, he starts off with the need for us to get back to the fiscal responsibility of the late 90’s, another cheap lie about Bush. So click on the page up there and share your letters from your representatives. I look forward to seeing them.


  1. All I’ve received on any issue is a form letter, “Yes, I was very concerned about the large dollar amount in the stimulus package, but I voted Yes on it to save our country….blah, blah, blah”

    One in particular was especially funny and I wish I would’ve saved it to share here…..can’t remember the topic, but the letter still had “XX” where dates for a certain action were supposed to be dropped in! They can’t even send out a form letter in complete fashion!

    I also start out my letters with “NO FORM LETTERS PLEASE” – doesn’t matter.

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