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I was going to be writing tonight as usual, but to be completely honest I am just whipped. Long day today and longer day tomorrow. So I simply don’t have the energy tonight to devote a long time to a post with lots of research and thought. I apologize for not giving you something fascinating to read when you get up in the morning. I will be back writing tomorrow night so stay tuned. I have not yet picked a topic for tomorrow night’s post. Anyone want to suggest a specific topic you would like me to cover?



  1. G. A. Rowe says:

    O.K. USW, here’s an idea;

    Check out their 2009 straw poll, you might find something to comment on. Or Limbaugh’s “Award” . . . 🙂

    Ya gotta remember that Rush is too Liberal for my tastes. 😉

  2. Newt for President,2012 is a subject maybe worth discussing.

    G.A, Rowe—-You should move to Saudi Arabia.You’d love it there.Those guys are the real conservatives.The latest I ve heard is 40 lashes for a 75 year old widow who had two unrelated men in her house when caught by the religious police.That should be conservative enough for even you.

  3. TruthSeeker says:

    I think there should be requirements a person should have before even being considered for POTUS. Shall we discuss that? Or how we can implement Term limits in Congress and what the limits should be?

  4. Karl from Esom Hill says:

    How about an article on Rush Bashing? Or maybe Political Correctness? Or Abortion

  5. USW,
    I am generally amazed at how prolific you are as it is. I am trying to figure out how to manage to post every day, and I find I need to shorten my posts to pull it off because it requires so much time. I think a night off is just fine. 🙂

    As for what to work on, I would be interested in a discussion on the mainstream media versus commentators versus the blogosphere, and who has the most credibility and why. Of course, that’s what I am thinking of working on, so you can just go to my site. Assuming I have time to post it…

  6. I would like to see something on the cap and trade garbage, and the global warming myth…

  7. I 2nd Terry’s suggestion

  8. I like Jon Smith’s ideal on media. Terry topics are also interesting, especially when looked at in how the media spins their reporting. Cap and trade proposals would create the largest “tax” increase in history. They are pushing this issue to save the planet from global warming. We have now entered a “cooling” cycle, expected to last thirty years.

  9. Karl from Esom Hill says:

    I change my vote. I 3rd Terry’s suggestion. And maybe a little on the MSM.

  10. Weapon,
    This is a very broad idea, but how about discussing how to educate voters to what’s happening. You touched on it a few months ago and, what I came away with anyway, was to get involved in local politics. That is a great thing to do, but I don’t think it’s enough. How can those of us who really can’t run for a political office foment some sort of change. I see everyone is talking about action. Like change, action just for the sake of action can be counterproductive. Let’s get some ideas generating that can give people some headway into “effecting” the change we need.
    As an example, while I mirror your disgust with the Republican Party and am looking at the Libertarians, “conventional wisdon” here in NH is that the Libertarians are kooks, and this is the state chosen for the “free state project” !! How do we change this?
    Sorry for the long post, hope it’s worth it…..

  11. I’m with CZ – cannot believe how uninformed people are about such major issues. This goes hand-in-hand with MSM issue; without them being active, honest, objective participants in getting information out, how can we, as regular citizens get better at it? Not used to that activism role……usually we just play nice and practice political correctness to the ‘nth degree.

  12. Yea, I like the other suggestions too, especially Terry’s. I think Cap and Trade will destroy what is left of our manufacturing sector, and annihilate our economy with its impact on shipping and transportation costs.

  13. Specail K in Utah says:

    First time poster here; Love the site and the level-headed comments… I like the Terry idea on the Cap and Trade scam and I think it would be very well discussed here. Also, to follow C.Z. and Kathy, this is something I think we all struggle with. For me, being a geeky engineering type, I prefer more visual explanations along the lines of the comical Ross Perot variety but more professional and well thought out. It was a good idea with poor execution.

  14. G. A. Rowe says:


    Check out the straw poll from the `09 CPAC website. That part was serious, the rest was tongue in cheek stuff.

    Another serious suggestion is this; What about the demise of the MSM? I watched Beck on FNC yesterday and he was hopping mad about the lack of honesty in the MSM lately. He stated that almost everyone gets their news from the blogosphere now because the MSM is no longer trusted by the general public. Maybe a good discussion on that topic will give more of us ideas on how to get something going besides just here. Also Beck said something about an event this Friday that he is hosting to get people together on a national basis. I plan to watch it, curiosity more than anything else. Maybe I might learn something.

  15. Cap and Trade.. I’ll link up from my site so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel on that one.

  16. “At what point does the American citizen have the right to follow the constitution instead of our elected officials?”

    And is that legal? Or should it be?

  17. Jamie,

    Not only should the American citizen follow the Constitution, but so should our elected officials!

  18. Hey there…

    Xlnt! When a person is too tired and/or overwhelmed to write…plain and simple they shouldn’t. Kudos for the message and honesty.


  19. Black Flag says:

    At what point does a human being have the right not have to>/b> follow what another human being writes on a piece of paper?

  20. Black Flag says:

    At what point does a human being have the right not have to follow what another human being writes on a piece of paper?

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