Pot versus Kettle, Part 2

democratic_crybaby_sealOne of the reasons I get annoyed with Democrats today is that they are complete hypocrites. I have to roll my eyes every time I listen to their whining about someone saying something about the President. I mean, Really? You are going to play that game? How dare Rush Limbaugh come out and say that he hopes Obama fails. That is un-American. No, my friends, that is uniquely American. It is what makes us what we are. A country where the opposition is free to voice their opinion without fear of prosecution. And here is the kicker Democrats, you better thank your lucky stars that America is like that. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been enough of you left walking around free to elect this fraud to the White House.

As you regular readers are aware (but with new readers every day I have to state anyway), I am not a giant fan of Rush. He is OK. A bit of a blowhard. Tends to twist the truth a little bit to try to prove his point, but overall I think he is a good guy and an asset to the country. He may twist a few things here and there, but he is generally presenting honest information that we may not otherwise get. And whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he says what he means and means what he says. 

So he came right out and said that he wants President Obama to fail. He has clarified this to mean that he wants Obama’s socialist agenda to fail. And I think that is how many of us feel. We don’t want the country to fail, just the socialist agenda that Obama and the Democrats are pursuing. What would you expect him to say? That he wants the socialist agenda to succeed? Wouldn’t that be going against every principle as the capitalist and conservative that he is? And let’s be honest with each other, Dems, if Rush did say he wanted Obama to succeed, you would then come out and say he is a liar and doesn’t have the cajones to step up and say what he thinks. 

pot-and-kettleRush has taken a lot of heat on this one. Even though he said so prior, the CPAC speech seemed to be the one where Democrats threw their arms in the air, threw their granola bars at the television, and vowed that if they ever saw him in person they would throw a soy latte in his face. How dare he hope that Obama fails. What kind of satan is that man? It’s un-American! It’s un-patriotic!

Hold the phone there, hypocrite central. Let’s not forget that Republicans had to listen to the blathering idiots say FAR WORSE things about George Bush for the last 8 years. For example a 2006 Opinion Dynamics poll showed that 51% of democrats in America wanted George Bush to fail. 34% of independents also did not want him to succeed. And I won’t even get into the all the nasty bullshit that was thrown around about Bush; Things like how stupid he was, how he was a murderer, a tyrant, a liar, a criminal…. the list goes on. 

And let’s go back pre September 11 shall we, when one of the Democrat’s big mouths had something to say about George Bush. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, just minutes before learning of the terrorist attacks on America, Democratic strategist James Carville was hoping for President Bush to fail, telling a group of Washington reporters: “I certainly hope he doesn’t succeed.” carville-yellingCarville was joined by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, who seemed encouraged by a survey he had just completed that revealed public misgivings about the newly minted president. “We rush into these focus groups with these doubts that people have about him, and I’m wanting them to turn against him,” Greenberg admitted. The pollster added with a chuckle of disbelief: “They don’t want him to fail. I mean, they think it matters if the president of the United States fails.”

Funny how none of that every hit the mainstream news wires, isn’t it? That omission stands in stark contrast to the feeding frenzy that ensued when Rush said so. The press devoted wall-to-wall coverage to the remark, suggesting that Rush and, by extension, conservative Republicans, were unpatriotic. As a sure sign of how much the hypocrisy lives in the Democratic leadership, Carville himself had some comments about Rush. “The most influential Republican in the United States today, Mr. Rush Limbaugh, said he did not want President Obama to succeed,” Carville railed on CNN recently. Carville told Politico that focusing on Limbaugh is a deliberate strategy aimed at undermining Republicans.

Who cares what Carville thinks? I do, especially given the reports that Carville, along with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, CNN commentator Paul Begala, and Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have a wide ranging conference call every morning, usually starting just before dawn. Pollster Greenberg is a frequent participant. They examine current events and how they fit into the new administrations policies. They determine how to best get their message to the public. In other words, the main stream media and the White House decide each morning how to best craft a uniform message to control the American public. 

stupid-voterBut I digress. The point is that I refuse to let the Democrats today be complete hypocrites without my pointing it out. Right now, as much as I hate to say it. America is politically stupid, almost to the point of political retardation. How else can you explain Congress having a 20% approval rating and a 90% reelection rate for incumbents? How else can you explain the public falling for Obama’s prime-time lies every day? How else do you explain that no one seems to be able to see what my good readers seem to see, no matter which party (or anti-party) they hail from?

And let’s be clear here, at this point I don’t think the Republican party is much better in terms of hypocrisy. So it is my mission, and subsequently this mission falls to all of you as well, to start waking up the sleeping giant. The American public is the only force that can stop the government from going down the path we are heading. Regardless of how futile some tell us the efforts are, I believe it can happen. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Throw the hypocrisy back in the face of those who spew it. They will learn one way or another. Listen to the idiocy of those who believe these two parties are here to help us right now. And then show them the error of their ways. Look at how much I have learned in just four months of writing this blog and hearing different opinions and talking them out. Look at how much all of you have learned as well. All hope is not lost.

After CPAC, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Limbaugh’s stance was the “wrong philosophy for America.” Well I say to you Rahm Emanuel, you are a lying dirtbag, and furthermore you are wrong. Rush’s stance is the exact right philosophy for America. Go back to your daily early morning conference calls and tell your boys that the plans for your “Citizen Re-education Mandatory Service” is going to have to be put on hold. Tell them the revolution is coming, plan for that asshole. 

My name is USWeapon, and guess what?

I want Barack Obama to fail. Miserably and totally.


  1. SFC Dick says:

    Damn dude, You are in the states correct? posting at 0320, ya might need to take a sleepin pill or something, I got the 0001 to 0600 watch for ya.

    • SFC,

      A sleeping pill doesn’t seem to get me to bed at a decent hour. After many years in the military and doing a job that operated with the cover of darkness as our greatest asset, I became a night owl. I have never gone back. My brain works better at night. That has led to me going to bed somewhere between 4-5 am every night. I still get sleep. I am actively trying to work that back to 2 am instead. But I will concede my watch to you for the time period mentioned. I usually take that time to work on school and write my article for the night. Responding is usually a back burner agenda item at that point.

  2. This sounds fairly straight forward.In this country you are indeed free to say what you want to say.Hoping the President fails is uniquely American.Both sides have said the same thing for years.
    I,on the other hand ,am not so sure I want to see failure.I don’t want to see a prolonged recession or another depression.I’m sure of that.I definitely want to see some of Obama’s policies succeed.There are other poicies that I don’t even want to see enacted.
    I am sure of one thing;had George Bush been even Half a President Obama would not be sitting where he is today.His election is the result of a backlash against Bush.I’m sure Limbaugh figures in this defeat also.He is a lightning rod for dissent against the Republican Party.Now he and the RNC chair,Michael Steele are at loggerheads.This isn’t playing well in Peoria.The Republicans are going to have to drop Steele and go with someone more conservative to appease Limbaugh or he’s not going to be satisfied.
    A lot of things Limbaugh says is to get ratings.He says them for his own benefit.His core conservatives love to hear him say these things,but a lot of moderate Republicans cringe at the words.
    I understand why Limbaugh wants Obama to fail.An utter failure is the only way Republicans are ever going to get elected again for a long time and he knows this.Gingrich brought the Republicans out of the wilderness and they only lasted a short tiime.That was their fault.They are now back there,being led by the mouth that doesn’t know when to shut up.
    I supported John McCain in the last election,a candidate not to Limbaugh’s liking,and I’ll tell you this;I will never vote for a candidate that Limbaugh approves of because my politics don’t run in that direction.
    In my lifetime I have voted for Kennedy,Johnson,Nixon,Reagan,Carter,Clinton,George H.W.,George W.,and McCain.Some were good choices,some were bad.I used to vote for the candidate I thought would do the best job,then I changed to voting for the candidate I thought would do the least damage.That’s why I won’t vote for a Limbaugh approved candidate;I think that one would do the most damage.

  3. Like him or not, Rush Limbaugh stands for conservative values and has no trouble vocalizing his views. He is not a politician, and the flim flam Democrates are using him in their slight of hand antics to draw attention away from their flailing on the economy and other issues.

    Make no mistake, slight of hand is a Democrate SOP, and they are good at it. There remain far too many people in this country who simply go with the tide of the MSM and either are too complacent, lazy or stupid to check facts themselves. As long as that attitude exists, this tactic will be employed by the politicians in both parties…I believe some Republicans, and a few Democrates are beginning to see a trend in the US, that paralells the majority of thinking that occurs on this blog. They are seeing for the first time in a long time, anger among the citizens at the way Washington is run. They are so far removed from the “real world” most have lost any perspective they ever had, if they ever had any.

    Let’s face it, Rush is right whether you like him or not. If the current POTUS continues on his current path he is dooming the US to generations of debt, and I believe that is his intention. I truly hope he fails.

    • USWeapon says:


      You are dead on about slight of hand being a Democratic SOP. Unfortunately the Republicans have been practicing. They are a little jealous of the magic tricks the Dems have so they have been copying them and using them as well. The point is we have to get the Republican house in order, get the right message determined, and get active.

  4. Trapped in Michigan says:

    I would like to offer some incite into the future if the Democrats continue on their socialist agenda. Michigan was the first state to enter the recession and we have just hit the unemployment list at #1. Our governer, Jennifer Granholm (D), is a Pelosi diva wannabe and far left as you can go on the scale. Her socialist policies are ruining our state and she is the biggest hypocite of them all.

    She recently gave Dow 100 million dollars in free electricity to stay in Michigan but guess who pays? My bill went from $120 a month in December to $295 in February. My mother’s bill is far worse- she went from $205 in December to $405 in February. Ouch! On our bills it’s listed as DOW tax.

    Next, the tobacco for those who “roll their own cigerettes” is going for $19 a pound to $70 a pound. Now I’m not a smoker but this indicates to me that this is a “forced quit” on those smokers who couldn’t afford to smoke anyway if their “rolling”. I agree smoking is horrible for your health but the government should not “force” anyone to do anything. This will definitely encourage bootlegging when border states like Indiana offer a far cheaper alternative. Alternatively, if the smokers quit what will she tax next… water, air? She also took this law a step further and made it illegal to buy tobacco products off the internet. So there goes that option for smokers as well. We may ended up as a healthier state but at what cost. Full blown socialism.

    Drum roll please.. we also have universal health care. I love this one. This costs $150 a month in state income tax that comes directly off your pay check if you make $40,000 or more a year. If you make less than you don’t have to pay. My doctor had a plan that only costed me $80 a month and me, my husband, and four children could see him as often as we needed with no additional costs. Now to be clear my husband makes $45,000 a year and him and his boss are trying to work out a way to get him below $40,000. In a sense this is forced welfare just so we can survive.

    We also have the highest insurance rates for homes and autos in the country. Insurance is mandatory and all rates nearly doubled this year. $350 every six months on an auto went to $650 every six months and this for a perfect driver. My house insurance went from $620 a year to $1350 and its not just me.

    This state is on the verge of becoming a socialist state. If GM becomes a government owned company which is the rumor flying around my area, Michigan is screwed.

    The only thing keeping us here is the fact our house is paid for. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it. Any recommendations for a place to move to?

    • USWeapon says:


      Excellent comments. Thanks so much for the insight into what is happening in your state. Might I suggest North Carolina? I came 7 years ago and love it here.

    • RWBoveroux says:


      While I will agree that you are in a DEFINITELY bad situation with your socialist policies, but I do need to point out one thing. MI does not have the highest auto insurance or property tax rates. That unfortunate title belongs to NJ. A GOOD driver can count on paying between 1200-1600 every six months. Do not ask what a borderline or bad driver has to pay. A 300K house in a middle of the road community in NJ will run you between 16000-22000 per year in property tax.

      I would suggest that you look at western MD, but beware that MD is considered the MOST liberal state east of the Mississippi.


      • USWeapon says:


        I spent the majority of my life in MD and southern PA. I specifically grew up in PA, about 10 miles north of Hagerstown, MD. So western Maryland is part of what I call home. I never felt the liberal sway that you mention. I saw it more in the parts of the state around Baltimore or DC. Furthermore, the eastern shore has a more conservative feel to it.

  5. esomhillholler says:

    My name is Karl Lindsey a.k.a. Esom Hill Holler from Esom Hill, Ga, USA, and I hope Barack Hussien Obama FAILS! Now, you Obama Socialist Assholes! You know my name and right where to find me if you don’t like it! As far as I know, so far it’s still my right to voice my opinion. JUST LIKE RUSH! What the Dems and lots of others seem to be missing US, is the fact that he is a radio talk show host. Nothing more. An Admittedly influential one but then what good would he be if he wasn’t? It’s his job and he does it well. His rhetoric is not inflaming the public one bit more than Obama’s, and Obama is the President! I hope Obama fails primarily because if everything he is trying to do succeeds this country is doomed. The present economy cannot stand Cap and Trade. We cannot take another stimulus bill. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are going to bankrupt this nation and I for one am mad as HELL, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!

  6. I too want Obama to fail! This outcry over Rush is just a planned distraction to what is and isn’t going down in the White House and everytime we decide to join in, we are following the plan. We need to stay focused and on message. As USW says, be ready with our responses and accurate information to try to educate those that choose to stay ignorant. Not only sign up for a Tax Day gathering, but volunteer to help — it feels very different and a little uncomfortable to consider myself an activist-type…..isn’t that what the Cindy Sheehans of the world do? But the why and the need is too strong to ignore….so I’m there!

    PS – I’m from Wisconsin – Michigan you can come on over if you’d like, but we have an Obama-loving Gov so we may not be far behind you in policies and programs.

  7. I would rather live the rest of my life in a recession of my republic rather than under a socialist government.

  8. Terry, I agree with your points.

    Ron, I’m not sure how bad Bush was. Its funny to me how history/MSM judges. The media continued to bash Regan until his death, and only then admitted he was great. Now they are back attacking his “failed economic policies” and linking them to Bush.

    Iraq, did Bush screw up? He went to the corrupt UN security council, where China, France & Russia where violating the food for oil program.

    Economy, he repeatedly asked congress to place greater scrutiny on freddy/ fannie. I love the video of Barney Franks blowing Bush off as a fear monger. Chris Matthews had Ari Fleischer on and attacked him & Bush on Iraq & economy. Ari did OK on Iraq, but never responded on the economy. Every time Matthews talked you heard again & again that Bush caused our economy to fail. This statement is never rebutted. Matthews, like Hitler tells the big lie over & over until most people believe this without questioning if it is true. SO history is being written today, that the Bush/Regan economic policies will never work, and are doomed to end in market crashes & financial ruin.

    Democrats are hypocrites, sure. But Matthews and his ilk are being intentionally dis-honest. That, more than anything else is why McCain lost. And that is why we have a poor chance of a honest election process. Fox and the internet is our only source for honest reporting, but not the source for most Americans. Maybe Bush should stand up and sue Matthews for slander?

    Trapped, thanks for sharing what your state is going through. Northern property values are usually higher than the south. You could see what your prospects are for selling and compare that to buying in a southern location. I would look at Louisiana first, with Jindal leading them in a recovering economy,
    posting job gains.

  9. esomhillholler,

    Karl, try the decaff, dude, try the decaff! 😉 We are all on the same page. Go to my blog and follow the link – you probably have to copy and paste it into the address line of your browser – there is a pledge on that website that the link takes you to. I have signed it. If you want to you can.

    USW – Thanks for insights. What I am trying to do is get people together, some sort of cohesiveness to where we can start to get something done. Thanks for letting us all vent here.

  10. Black Flag says:

    Hey I want Obama to fail too – really big and really bad – just like Bush failed.

    And then the next guy too, and the next and the next… until finally people figure out that ‘these guys’ never had and never will have the solutions to your problem.

    They are the problem.

    • USWeapon says:

      Very Reaganesque BF. Government is not the solution, government is the problem. They are certainly the problem at this juncture. It really might take a full scale revolution to get things right again.

      I don’t always agree with you, but I do admire your consistency. If the guy after the guy after the guy after the guy is me though, don’t root for me to fail. I am dumb enough to do that on my own.

    • O.K. BF, so they are the problem . . . What is YOUR solution, other than doing absolutely nothing? When I was young (a very very long time ago) my Mother used to tell me to find a solution before I complained about something. I have noticed that you are against all forms of government. Besides absolutely nothing – which would be total lawless chaos – just what would YOU replace government with, and why would that solution work?

      • Black Flag says:

        Gandhi said it as did King –

        “Sometimes we need the courage to do nothing”

        G.A., let me ask you this?

        How do you and your Mother get along without government dictating how you should behave?

        • BF . . . Try answering the question = Besides absolutely nothing – which would be total lawless chaos – just what would YOU replace government with, and why would that solution work?

          What you said in your reply means absolutely nothing, so just answer the question.

        • Black Flag says:


          Not a fair comparison BF. Your parents hold the same authority over you as the government does.

          They absolutely do NOT.

          Parents act as guardians – much like a Regent does for a youth-King – where the “King” is too young to understand the consequences of his decisions – thus, the Regent makes those decisions up and to the point the King assumes his rights.

          Parents are no different.

          You can’t make the relationship between a parent and a child the basis for claiming that the world will get along just fine without government. It is a flawed argument.

          Of course I can!

          They are two unique people!

          There is no violence enforcing the relationship (and if there is, everyone knows its wrong).

          It is precisely the situation you and G.A. should analyze – because both of you (and many others) are so complacent to the natural anarchy you live, you don’t even see it in front of you.

          The answers to your questions already exist in your actions today

          G. A. Rowe

          You still haven’t answered the question of what would YOU replace government with, and why would YOUR idea work?

          Sure have, but you just won’t reach for it.

          Study how you deal with your friends, co-workers, family … and all your answers are there.

          You don’t need me to drone on telling you what you already know.

          If you have a question to why it seems to work “this way” or “that way”…I can illuminate intellectually what you already know instinctively.

          Anarchy? You have no idea. You write like a politician, all double talk and no substance.

          You remind me of the stories of people 400 or 500 years ago – saying “Well, if the Pope doesn’t tell you what God says, who is going to tell you?” When the answer was, no one – you can hear God as well as any Pope – the people were livid and complained “You believe no one needs to tell you what God says??? Are you nuts? SOMEONE has to tell you what God says.”

          It took 400 years to get over that ‘hump’ of conceptual thought.

          You are there right now with government – you cannot conceive that people figure it out all by themselves.

          You don’t trust it, unless there is some brute with a club willing to pound it into someone.

          So your mind bounces between a world of a brute and the world of “what kind of brute does Black Flag propose?”

          What you can’t fathom is the world with no brute with a club making the rules.


          Well, you now you’re just being insulting.

          The volumes of text that I produce demonstrates that I am not – by any measure – lazy.

          However, I do not – ever – think for someone else.

          You can think for yourself. If you abrogate your responsibility, it is not mine to pick up for you.

          I can offer you context and guidance to the thinking process by me asking you questions to reach answers you already have. For whatever reason (and I understand some of them) many people resist grasping their truth.

          • I submit the area known as southeast Los Angeles aka Gangbanger heaven. Also little Saigon. Then there are those other places, like Little China, Little Tokyo, and the like. Anarchy? No. These are places where peaceful people are being held hostage by drugged out thugs and mafia wannabe’s, too terrified to tell the police who the drug dealers and home invasion people are because they will be punished severely by NON-GOVERNMENT. Just ignore government and it will go away? Maybe, but open your blind eyes and see what my eyes have seen as to what will replace government if it does just go away. And you question me as to why I think you are either drunk, on drugs, or just plain nuts? You have no idea just what one human is capable of doing to another human when there is no type of authority to answer to! You label yourself an anarchist? You have no idea!

      • Black Flag says:

        Try answering the question

        I did – my answer is “You already know the answer to your own question”

        If I go and just tell you my answer, you’ll never believe me because you’re already opinionated.

        But if you answer your own question, it is far more likely that you will change your opinion if it is you who does all the changing!

        You ask “How will people act without government”.

        So I pointed to how two human beings that you are personally aware of act without government.

        You see, G.A., freedom isn’t some mystery, it isn’t some foreign language, it isn’t some hypothetical existence.

        It is your natural state of being a humn. Government is the unnatural State (pun intended).

        You go about most of your life in anarchy – without any ruler telling you how to live your life.

        You simply need to see what is directly in front of you.

        • Not a fair comparison BF. Your parents hold the same authority over you as the government does. When you age past that point, they have already had 18 years of shaping and molding you to fit their belief system, and thus you are far more likely to “get along”. You can’t make the relationship between a parent and a child the basis for claiming that the world will get along just fine without government. It is a flawed argument.

        • You still haven’t answered the question of what would YOU replace government with, and why would YOUR idea work?

          Anarchy? You have no idea. You write like a politician, all double talk and no substance.

          USW is right on the money here, Your present argument is flawed.

          Now, BF, get off your lazy butt and answer the question!

          My bet is, from what you have already written, is that you do not have an answer, just a complaint.

  11. life of Illusion,—–One of Bush’s problems was that he thought he and Rumsfeld were generals,and they decidedly weren’t.That was just one of his problems.

    • Ron

      Bush had too many problems for us to reasonably discuss. I would agree with you on most of them. But what about how MSM reports all this? Is it honest to say Bush caused the financial crisis and leave out fred/fan & Barney Franks?

      • I have never said Bush caused the financial crisis.

        • OK, any opinion on what did? I keep blaming Franks fred & fannie. I am interested in knowing if I am missing something.

          Flag, how about you?

          • Back in the 1960’s the Democrat controlled congress decided to give LBJ his “war on poverty” request and require fannie & freddie to lower their requirements for financial stability for first home buyers. It has gone downhill ever since then to what we have now. The only reason I know this is that my Father-in-law was a Wells Fargo Loan Officer at the time. He didn’t like the idea and said it would eventually lead to disaster. He was right.

      • Black Flag says:

        Roosevelt took the US of the gold standard for citizens, laying the seed for fiat currency disaster.

        Nixon ended any sense of a gold standard, ensuring that the US would end up as a debtor nation, and economic disaster.

        Carter instituted the Urban Renewal Program, forcing banks to loan money to people who probably couldn’t pay it back – ensuring the sub-prime disaster

        Reagan cemented the warfare-industrial complex into the government – ensuring massive defense spending and deficits. He also hired Alan Greenspan.

        Clinton needed a bubble economy, which Greenspan happily provided.

        Bush had is New World Order.

        Which one to pick? All of them…. !

  12. Black Flag says:

    Off topic:

    I’m always impressed by the art/pics you use in your posts, USWep – they are at times funny, poignant and always appropriate. Where do you find them?

    • LOL BF, I often find them using a google image search for keywords that match the topic I am running on. It is amazing what is out there to find. For example the pot and kettle cartoon was found using an image search for the word hypocrisy. The toughest part is trying to contact whoever has it and make sure that it is OK if I use it. The idea for me is to attempt to add a visual to the words I am writing. I have found over the years that I am a great story teller, mostly because of how I tell a story, ore than the content of the story itself. I am attempting to convey that in a written blog and it is tough. The pictures help a bit. Thanks for the thoughts on them. I am glad they are adding to people’s enjoyment.

    • USWeapon says:

      By the way, what do you think of this new comment threading option that wordpress just added? It seem to me to make sense. I am just hoping I can keep track of everything in this new format. I figure to try it for a while and see what people think. I can go back to the other way if people like. But I think it should make things easier in terms of having a conversation with people. It has limitations though, something like 10 sub-threads or some other hoo ha that I don’t fully understand yet. I imagine we will find out soon enough.

      • Black Flag says:

        I like it – I wonder, though, how I’ll know that someone posted a reply earlier in the thread?

        (Like this one 🙂 )

        • USWeapon says:

          It is much easier with this format to go to the page and look at the threads than to try and answer through a dashboard feature as a logged in member. I definitely see your point though.

  13. Disgusted in Cali says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of weeks now and find it refreshing to find a forum where important issues are discussed and debated like adults. So many of the other so called political blogs I’ve found are like being trapped in an AOHell chat room watching teenagers argue about Britney’s latest song.

    I’m not a political mastermind by any means but do have enough common sense to know that our country is taking its final swirl down the crapper thanks to our elected officials. I am not an Obama fan but did try to give him the benefit of the doubt when he got elected that maybe he would change the way government was doing business as he promised. But, just as he had done his entire campaign, he quickly changed his mind and its business as usual with the exception that there is even more debt getting piled on daily in the form of bullshit projects the federal government shouldn’t be responsible for. If a state wants to build a museum for whatever it wants a museum for, then it should be the state coming up with the funds for it PERIOD!

    I don’t need or want some twit in Washington dictating to me which doctor I can go to, how many guns I can own or how to raise my kids. I can make my own decisions. That’s called being an adult. I’m sure my father is rolling in his grave over the crap that’s getting shoved down our throats. Cap and Trade would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Global warming is the biggest joke of all but you can damn sure bet its putting mega-dollars in someone’s pockets in Washington. When I was in high school it was all about how we were heading into another ice age. Last I checked there isn’t any icebergs floating off the California coast so I think we avoided that little disaster. It’s a cycle people!! The world does have cycles you know!

    It’s time the masses stood up and said enough is enough. I don’t care if Bush or Clinton or the crazy cat lady down the street started the mess we find ourselves in today. Past is just that…PAST. We need to start doing something about the present and future and stop pointing fingers at who did what when. Weenie whining never solved anything and unless enough people get together and actually DO something to stop the idiots in Washington we may as well go move to some remote mountain top and be hermits. Daily I find myself arguing with someone about how its all Bush’s fault. Fine…blame Bush, I don’t care, but anybody who thinks racking up more debt is going to fix all our countries woes is delusional at best. Straight up crazy if they don’t think taxes of all kinds are going to hit the ceiling.

    OK…it looks like I’m just ranting insanely now so I should stop before I remove all doubt that I’m blonde and possibly have 37 cats. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • USWeapon says:


      Thanks for your comments. I think many of us are starting to feel exactly the way that you do. And I am glad that you enjoy the site. I try very hard to keep it civil and have our discussions “like adults”.

  14. Conservatives are not loud enough, outraged enough, audacious enough. We’ve got to take some tips from the radical liberal rulebook and get in people’s faces. Get out there. How can the entitled, stupid, outraged masses get out there in the thousands to protest an offensive statement? We’re talking about the wholesale destruction of our country, and people are just starting to wake up and take action. Maybe it’s because conservatives live by the rule of law. Maybe it’s just because we’re at work and tired from a long day to get out and rock the boat. But rock it, we must. Time’s a wastin’ folks. This dude and his posse are scary critters and until the MSM sees us marching down Main Street with the same look of outrage, the same expectation that our demands be met as the liberals do, then they can continue to ignore us. And the ignorant minions will remain clueless as to what’s going on. We have got to get THEIR attention. We have got to educate the cluelesss ones and make them feel the outrage. Just like the community organizer from Illinois stirs the pot, so must we.

  15. Disgusted, I take umbrage with the crazy cat lady statement, as my husband thinks I am certifiably crazy, and I have cats.

    PS Watch Glenn Beck tonight folks.

    • USWeapon says:


      Don’t worry, the first sign of being crazy is that you never question whether you are crazy. If you question whether you are crazy, you aren’t. Your husband questioning whether you are crazy, is of some concern, however, lol. My wife doesn’t wonder if I am crazy, she proclaims it to be so.

  16. esomhillholler says:

    G.A. Rowe,
    Lay off the Decaff pitch!(ha ha) Thank you for the link. That was great and I did read it and sign it and I even listened to the song! I have a blog site too at WordPress but have only just gotten started. I’m also not near the writer US or you are but I try to make up for it with passion in my beliefs. Besides, Mostly, I’m only venting. If you get to looking, you will see a lot of others like me too. Can’t stand to look at the FoxNews Comments because of the liberal\socialist morons on there spitting venom and Bushbashing. I am never getting on anyone at this site, if that’s what anyone thinks. But I can tell you I have never been so incensed by the government in all my life. I never used to get into Politics like I have lately although I have always voted. Like Disgusted in Cali, I gave Obama the benefit of the doubt when he was elected and hoped for the best. But danged if he didn’t start screwing up by the numbers within days. And it’s only gotten worse every day. Literally, every day since that’s how fast he comes out with new garbage. I am starting to get a tinge of panic up my backside for my country dude and wonder how we’re ever going to get back on track with this idiot in office. Impeachment sure ain’t an option since we all know who’s next up behind him. I also think a revolt would only cost lots of lives and be crushed by the Military. So, what do you do? Something, yes, but what? I am doing all I can think of but don’t know how much good it will ultimately do. I can only try my best and shout to the heavens and hope someones listening.

    • A non-violent revolution maybe? Worked for MLK. Seems we have become a minority now as well. Have gotten some emails lately, mail a tea bag to 1600 Ave, DC, or send a red letter same address saying it represents an un-born child killed by abortion. I don’t see the receiving party being affected, even if it were 300 million tea bags.
      So large, organized protest marches might generate media attention. Other than that, we must win the 2010 elections.

    • O.K. guys,

      Starting on Monday, 16 March 2009 I am publishing my thoughts on how we can correct what is wrong up in DC. Not everyone is going to like my ideas, and maybe most will say I am certifiably nutso, and maybe I am, but all I know is that SOMETHING has got to be done and PDQ! My idea is sort of a complicated simplified way to change things for the good. Something that our resident bookwriter – aka Black Flag – will have a field day with. Spread the word. My blog is not “Sponsored” so I am beholden to no one. See ya Monday.

  17. Disgusted in Cali says:


    Actually I have cats too (not 37 but eh…a cats a cat and my husband says I can’t “find” anymore)and living in dreaded Bay Area has made me alot crazier than I was a few years ago. I used to think “banging my head against a wall” was just a saying, not so anymore as I’m almost certain most people here are as dumb as a wall.

    • I used to live just down the street from the “Cat Lady” when we lived in California. She had 38 cats until our Siberian Husky got out and had a few for lunch. That dog thought her place was a regular smorgasborg. I had to electrify our fence just to keep that dog in. True story.

      We really didn’t know exactly how many cats she did have until she had a stroke and her son had the local animal shelter come out and take the cats away. Only 34 were left. I apologized to her son for the four that my dog had done in and he didn’t even bat an eyelid when he said he wished she had gotten them all!

      Personal advice: Get out of Berkely before you go postal! 😉

  18. I believe Obama will fail wether I want him to or not. It is the media I would like to see fail. They lead Americans around by the nose and most Americans are not even smart enough to realize it. Mark Twain once said to prevent narrow mindedness on any subject a person must be well read. Most Americans are to lazy to do their own investigations. They can not tell you how their Congressman or Senator voted on certain bills. They can not tell you what a canidate actually believes in. It makes me ill that we have become such a lazy, non productive and easily lead bunch of sorry rearends. I bet our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.
    MICHIGAN….COME TO ARKANSAS….KNOW OF A REALLY NICE PLACE WITH 3 ACRES (really nice for only 165000.)….walking distance of Doctors, Grocery stores, banks, schools and parks. Great hunting, fishing and canoeing, ect. Wonderful hard working neighbors….all with jobs! Believe it or not they all do their own thinkin. Only one Obama sign in the whole town durning election. LOL

  19. Texas Tirrell says:


    I’ve got a question for you:

    What would happen if every person who works, every vehicle used for work, and every employer stopped, just stopped what they were doing for one day, would Washington listen then?

    Never mind, couldn’t get MSM to comply!

    • Hey Tex . . .,

      I tried to do something like that a few years ago. A bunch of us got together and sent out flyers, used our own money to put ads in newspapers and even got a local radio station to get on the band wagon.

      Results were that more gas was bought on that one day than all the rest of the month.

      Until the American people ALL get together on the same page, nothing will get done.

    • USWeapon says:


      They might listen then, but only for a short time. And you are right, the MSM would never help to make that happen. We have to get organized, educate those around us, and get them to listen through the vote.

  20. esomhillholler says:

    I watched Glenn Beck tonight and came out with a brand new perspective. Say what you want but ol’ Glenn is one passionate dude when it comes to his country! Makes me want to do anything possible to make my voice heard. My Blog is on WordPress and is called The Esom Hill Holler. Feel free to go and read but be warned. Starting Monday, I’m deleting it all and starting all over with it. Need to be more objective and less ranting. So I guess Rowe i’m gonna have to switch to decaff after all! I will say this. Mr. Obama, you’re going to listen to the American people before folks like me are done. Count on it.

  21. Black Flag says:

    G. A. Rowe

    I submit the area known as southeast Los Angeles aka Gangbanger heaven. Also little Saigon. Then there are those other places, like Little China, Little Tokyo, and the like. Anarchy? No. These are places where peaceful people are being held hostage by drugged out thugs and mafia wannabe’s, too terrified to tell the police who the drug dealers and home invasion people are because they will be punished severely by NON-GOVERNMENT.

    What Non-government are you talking about?

    The last I looked Los Angeles et al had a city government, state government and a federal government.

    Oooohhh, you were pointing to the failure of your systems as a reason against my system! Very strange argument strategy.

    Just ignore government and it will go away?

    What is the difference between a government and a criminal gang?

    You have no idea just what one human is capable of doing to another human when there is no type of authority to answer to! You label yourself an anarchist? You have no idea!

    Sure, do. 300 million dead in the 20th Century, killed by their government.

    No mafia hit squad is even in the same game, let alone bush league with that score by government.

    So, let’s sum up your argument.

    You point to the utter failure of violent authority in preventing evil as a reason against freedom.

    Very strange argument, sir..

  22. SFC Dick says:

    Why such venom directed at Black Flag? He presents and argument, quite consistently, that government is not mans’ natural state and I believe in that argument is the basis that man was created/born free(I hear the music in the back ground, born free as free as the…what ever). I do not know why this argument is so radical. There is also the corresponding argument that being born free that one would be required to subjugate himself before government has authority to control the actions of any free man.
    I went to that crazy anarchist web site for a laugh; Black Flag suggested I give it a read, common courtesy dictated that I go. Lo and behold there is a pic of this nut, long haired, disheveled, ill-fitting range wear, crazy ideas; dudes providing for himself, attending rendezvous and such. People were talking about personal responsibility and an implied collective responsibility for defense, man, crazy hippie dudes with guns.
    Anthropologists, and for those of you at the head of the class you well understand my current situation v the antropogs, have many ideas on the “need” of government for a man to exist. I see every day, the tribal system at work. As with all things there is no standard to this system but there is a theme. In this tribal system there is usually a chief of sorts who guides local debate or offers his opinion and the tribe will acquiesce. A lil side bar for all you 4GW youngsters at home, there is the phenomenon, that is also in nature, where as some might think it a good idea to kill a local elder/tribal chief, in furtherance of the “cause”. It has been found, as in nature, that when this is done, frequently one of the young lions will fill the void. This young lion did not ascend through the usual channels, developed through the millennium. Therefore these dudes are reckless and act in ways that are counterproductive to the tribe itself. I digressed, the point is man can exist sans government, the model has not been observed on a larger scale for the mere fact that it is counter to the core philosophy.

    Yeh, I saw that hippies dude mountain man, long hair, felt hat, crazy ideas about freedom, personal responsibility and a certain “MYO-GD-B” badassedness, I thought, “man, that is me”.
    For all you historical types, the “MYO-GD-B” is synonymous with “Don’t tread on me”.

    • SFC Dick says:

      Let me display my fullest level of mania by responding to my own post.
      I continue to argue the philosophical in this arena because as of yet no one has developed a large scale operational model and begun movement. Yes, teabags are novel and protests are good, but all this is being done to influence the very government that has shown time and again that it won’t be influenced by the collective needs of its people for good ( and who decides what good). It seems to me that the very argument is being presented under the umbrella that the “liberties of the minority” should not be infringed upon by the majority. The majority has spoken. Yet I see the hypocrisy in many who want some personal “liberties” left alone but continue to work a political process to infringe upon others or control others “liberties” thus strengthening the very system they now argue is too strong. I have seen the dangerous progression from “as long as it’s not my ox being gored” to this vile building up and feeding of an attack dog who is now to be used against my political enemies, my fellow citizens.
      Soooo….allow me my mental stimulation and relaxing past time of debate until I find something in which I can place belief. I need more than some implicit promise to return any modicum of my stolen liberties before I vocally support any movement; these very movements who work against true liberty and freedom, my God given birth right, under the inarguable moral authority given them by their cause, trumpeted by the self righteous, furthering their strength and prosecuted by the very government they empower but do not control.

    • USWeapon says:


      LOL! I don’t fault the anarchists for their beliefs or even say that they are wrong to believe what they do. I only feel that the true anarchists beliefs about personal freedom just aren’t possible in today’s world. We just aren’t there yet. Maybe one day. For now the focus has to be on getting the beast of the federal government back in his cage.

  23. Black Flag says:

    The world is full of fools and faint hearts; and yet every one has courage enough to bear the misfortunes, and wisdom enough to manage the affairs of his neighbor.
    ~ Poor Richards Almanac, 1743

    • SFC Dick says:

      HA! Black Flag, nicely played.
      I’ll give you another one of witty Dicks’ aphorisms, originating on freedom ridge but coming into its own in the ‘Stan. I find it apropos for many things and will tie it in, properly to this context of pot v kettle.
      “Now you know”
      On freedom ridge one is free to do as he wishes, as long as it does not hurt anyone present. We define hurt as something that results in immediate medical attention, not the need to be consoled and have ones ego or feelings fluffed.
      I let my cousin,( may he rest in peace, 10 years my junior and could be my twin brother, he was killed in the states my first tour, my other cousin died Christmas eve this tour. Seems safer for my clan just to go to war) ride my YZ450, I gave all the warnings and such, even suggesting he ride my wife’s TTR, no go. He rips full throttle and wipes out big. Hurts himself and I say “now you know”.
      We roll up on a mess here, last tour, into the Pech, first patrol in there since Red Wings, we hear a “BA-OOOOM” about 700-800 meters ahead of the column. We roll into Watapur and in comes the local police/Taliban carrying a mangled 6/7 year old local girl, obviously dead. I talk to a local, the local says the girl was playing along the route into Watapur and trips and IED planted for us. She was still mostly whole so I figure the IED was probably dual fused and had some type of anti tamper, probably command wire detonated and she somehow, at a distance , got caught up in the command wire, yanking it, triggering the anti tamper device and boom. Dude I’m chatting with was obviously distraught, they don’t like losing village members to bombs, don’t much mind us getting blasted though. So I say to the dude, “Ya let Taliban ( actually Haqini up there ) live in your villages, trying to blow us up and you get screwed too. NOW YOU KNOW!”
      So, America, if you play special interest politics, where your party is high jacked by a strong/vocal voting bloc, this is what you get. You get this mess.
      “NOW YOU KNOW”
      Ok, from now on I’ll try to offer up more constructive things. I’m a bit cranky this morning. It’s my game face, we roll on some really bad dudes in about 2 hours so I’m tranmagriformatting into my alter ego, Dirty Dick.

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