Government as Your New Daddy

socialist-party-ca-sealI was sitting here thinking about what I want to write about tonight. I jumped over to Fox News and saw this story and I realized that regardless of what I wanted to write about I was going to write about this because it fired me up. Furthermore I think this topic is one that I have not dedicated nearly enough time to over the last couple of months on the site. I say not nearly enough time because I think it is one of the BIGGEST problems in America today and one of the things we need badly to overcome. The socialist agenda has been furthered so well because we are letting them get to our children before we have the chance to raise them ourselves. We are in this situation today because this problem was not addressed 25 years ago when it first started to rear its socialist head…

aclu-logo-fakeThe story involved one of my personal most hated groups in America: The American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU ranks right up there with the NAACP (the most racist group in America) and Global Warming groups in my list of shitty groups with an agenda meant to ruin the country (correction, the NAACP’s agenda is just to ruin white America). I absolutely despise the ACLU at this point, because they have driven the socialist agenda for a long time in America. 

The story was about how the ACLU is going to sue the Vista Unified School District in California because the school district had the audacity to enact a policy that requires teenagers to get parental consent to leave campus for confidential medical services. According to the San Diego County ACLU, this policy violates California state law, which allows young people to leave school without parental consent to deal with sexual, mental, substance abuse or reproductive health issues, including leaving without parental consent to have an abortion.

Several parents addressed the school board saying under no circumstances would they want their children leaving school without their knowledge, especially to seek medical procedures that could include an abortion. Others expressed concern over students who face parental abuse. “Often the kids would rather die than tell their parents,” local pediatrician John Rott said. “I think the effect on our most vulnerable children will be a negative one.”

The problem is that a state even has such a law. I absolutely agree that if a parent is abusing a child, then the law should protect the child by allowing them to leave school with parental consent to deal with that issue. But under no circumstances do I agree that a law should be in place allowing a child to have a medical procedure done without parental consent. California is as socialist as a state can be. With such leadership as that provided by Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Diane Feinstein, and Maxine Waters (Talk about your list of Socialist Agenda Leaders!), is it any wonder that California is so far to the left? They believe that your little girl should be able to have an abortion, WITHOUT YOU EVER KNOWING ABOUT IT, and they made a law that made it possible. 

The fact is that the far left in America thinks one thing that we all need to understand from the beginning: They and the government are far better equipped to make decisions for and raise your children than you are. Stupid American parents are raising their children with christian values and a belief in self-dependency as opposed to learning dependence on the state and socialism, and the far left is going to rectify that. They are going to save us from those stupid christian parents and their values and principles. 

One thing was clear 40 years ago. American children were still learning values and principles and a belief in god from their parents. The left knew they couldn’t overcome that easily. They had to get to people before they were ingrained with those crazy christian principles and beliefs. By the time they were teenagers it was too late. The parents had already had too much influence to get young adults to switch over to the socialist agenda. The key was indoctrination to the system BEFORE their parents had a chance to mold them into christian values or a belief in the constitutional system of government. 

indoctrination-cneter-aheadSo the left began taking rights away from parents. Laws like this one in California are one example. And they went a step further: the left began a series of moves that would allow them to create a public education system that would indoctrinate children with left-leaning principles at an early age. This does go a bit to the Republicans as well. They went along with it because they also believed they were smarter than parents, too, and that children had to be infused with a sense of sacrifice to the government early on as well. The left began to move to teach our children what they wanted them to believe before parents could corrupt them with values and principles based on the parent’s beliefs. Because parents are too dumb, too stuck in their old dogmas. The government is better suited to raise our children than we are. 

Look at what is going on in the public schools systems today: No mention of the word “God” is allowed. Children are suspended or expelled for privately praying. Motions to take the word “God” out of the pledge of allegiance became the norm. Schools began teaching health issues such as sex education, including gay sexual education, as early as 1st and 2nd grade. They refuse abstinence programs and teach children that it is OK to have sex at 13, and OK to get an abortion when you get pregnant. They refuse to teach creationism as a belief alongside evolution. 

Schools today teach government principles as well. They teach indoctrination into the system. They teach socialism and revisionist history (for example how many people knew before they left school that the Civil War was about anything OTHER than slavery? There were many other issues at play in addition to slavery). They began teaching all the things that government wanted taught in order to get to our children before we had a chance to mold them into what we, as parents, believed they should be. They began the movements that would ensure that instead of Americans in the classic mold, the next generation would be raised to be “good little citizens”. 

Now the left controls the schools. Any doubt about that can be squashed by a quick visit to your local public school and having a look at the curriculum. The left, with the help of a dedicated left teacher’s union, controls the curriculum that your children will be taught. And parents have absolutely NO ability to challenge the curriculum in the public schools anymore. They have taken that right away from you. They have expanded to the secondary education system as well. Liberal professors dominate secondary education, with a few conservative universities being the exception. 

obama-progress-posterAnd they are fighting any and every attempt to provide an alternative to the public indoctrination system. Charter schools, private schools, vouchers, all of it. They oppose them publicly because “they aren’t fair to the poor children who cannot afford them”. But the reality is that they cannot control the curriculum in these types of schools and they cannot risk losing the exclusive right to produce future Americans in the image they believe is beneficial to them and their agenda.  

And you know what? Their plan was perfect. Look at all the good little citizens just going about their day, accepting the move towards socialism. Look at the poor who buy into the class warfare the left uses to gain power. Look at the pathetic followers that the American public has become. Look at the move towards the left in America after 25 years of the program. Look at the minority the readers of this blog have become, and notice how many of them are either extremely smart, which allows them to think freely on their own, or old enough to have left the public school system before these changes took place. 

So it you want to know where our fight must go, beyond the education we provide to all of those around us, this is the answer. The key to getting the country back lies in the ability to take back the public education system. They are cranking out followers and “good liberal citizens” by the thousands every year. We can’t turn their brains back on as fast as the liberal public school system cranks them out. So we need to stop production. 


The happy Couple

The happy Couple

We need to make a focus of our cause taking back our public education system, while simultaneously doing a better job of raising our children. That is the only way to begin to get our country back under control. Instead of learning to hold out their hand for a government dollar, they need to once again learn how to earn it honestly. Instead of learning that getting pregnant means paying for a procedure, they need to once again learn the values that make them responsible people. Ladies and Gentlemen, in the words of the great spouse of “Bubbles the chimp”, I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Sometimes I crack myself up.


  1. Excellent post! I have seen it coming for decades. One of my good friends when we lived in California was the principle of our children’s elementary school (we were members of the same gun club and often competed on the skeet range), and he used to gripe quite often about how the new teachers coming out of college were “Brain Damaged”. Yet he was forced by the district to employ them. I caught one of them in an outright lie about my daughters math homework, she forgot that the beginning page in each chapter was just a picture and had listed that page as one my daughter hadn’t turned in. She had “Tenure” and could not be fired. My Niece was in that same class and had a very bad case of dyslexia and this teacher refused to accept that she simply could not keep the letters from moving around on the page. This kid was fourteen before anyone had an idea what the real problem was. Teachers Unions have been the bane of our educational system for a very long time – Their Socialist agenda has done nothing to help educate our children.

    Don’t get me started on the ACLU or Karl from Esom Hill will be shipping me decaff by the gallon 😉

    • Great post USW and I totally agree. The union mentality that serves our school district locally is unbelievable. Decisions are made to please the union time and time again rather than look at what is actually best for the students. In our house, we’ve talked to our kids about different beliefs and why we are conservatives so from a young age they’ve recognized the often slanted liberal language in textbooks and in their teachers words. My high school freshman son was so excited this year to have a social studies teacher that is a conservative (they talk current events and she encouraged them to get from alternative sources than MSM since they are so slanted…he couldn’t believe it!) My college kids can’t believe some of their professors and they’ve both complained to their respective schools about incidents. But you know what my college-aged daughter said once? “Mom, it is sometimes so exhausting to always either stick up for my beliefs or to counter the slanted views of my friends. Being a liberal seems like such an easier route.” I think the key word here is easier and that is why so many people “go there”. It’s just easier to let the union, the government, the wealthy do our bidding.

      This will be an(other) uphill battle for us, but worth it to help this next generation. One incident I was involved in was when my oldest son was in grade school and it was an election year so they were spending time on that. He was “voting” Republican and was not afriad to admit this. His teacher singled him out and asked how he could do that….he mentioned personal accountability and she interupted him and laid into him about cold, mean Republicans that would leave the poor laying on the side of the road to take care of themselves. He was very upset, he spoke to his principal, I got called in and among other actions, filed a complaint with the union (which of course, got nowhere). Unbelievable!

      • Thank you Kathy, Your last paragraph beautifully underscored my point to Ron about Peer Group Pressure. A hell of a lot more dangerous than teaching abstinence.

    • esomhillholler says:

      I think we can hold off on the Decaff when it comes to the ACLU, Rowe. When I think of them, it makes my head want to explode!

  2. Yes.We’ll bring God back into the schools and that will solve all the problems.We’ll teach abstinence,because abstinence works,doesn’t it?Teaching abstinence will eliminate the need for abortions,won’t it? Since religious training cannot be fully accomplished in the church and at home,then the need to incorporate the schools becomes tantamount to it’s success.
    This is done in some countries.Iran,Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan,Iraq,just to name four.Life there is cradle to grave religion and I’m sure that their life is so much better than life in America under the present system where the ability to froth at the mouth about your beliefs are sometimes limited in scpope of area.
    Religions are like governments,they are in place to control other people.They are more dangerous than governments because I can at least vote out the government I don’t like and replace it with another.Religions frown on that type of behavior.A death sentence is administered in some religions for apostasy.Hard to get out from under that one.
    The people of America all get to vote on the type of government they want.At the present the majority want what they have or they wouldn’t have voted for it.If the minority doesn’t like what’s happening,they get to try to vote it out.The task before the minority,the conservatives,is to get enough people to vote with them.
    I will guarantee you one thing:trying to get control of the public education system through religion isn’t going to happen.That battle is over and you all lost.The majority of the American People will never go back to being shackled by religion.

    • Ron,

      Perhaps you need to go back and read this article again without your biased slant to it. I did not suggest that bringing religion into the schools will solve all the problems. What I said was that the school systems have waged a war on religion. The point is not that we teach religion instead of what is taught now. It is that the school’s work to teach christian children that the religious values taught to them at home and the church are wrong. So let’s do a BF here and take you line for line:

      We’ll teach abstinence,because abstinence works,doesn’t it?Teaching abstinence will eliminate the need for abortions,won’t it?
      Because what is being taught in schools now is working out grand isn’t it? Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion. 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient).So I would say not teaching abstinence is working out grand. And for the record I didn’t say to not teach the other methods of birth control. I said teach abstinence in addition to others. Folks like you want to make sure that nothing gets taught that interferes with your views. Christians just want the religion shared by 77% of Americans included in the discussion, not taught exclusively.

      Since religious training cannot be fully accomplished in the church and at home,then the need to incorporate the schools becomes tantamount to it’s success.
      On the contrary, I didn’t say to “teach religion” in the schools. I said that they are actively teaching against religion. It isn’t right that the school systems actively work to undermine the religious training done at home and the church. Why is it OK for a muslim, hindu, or buddhist child to pray in school before they eat lunch, but not for a christian to do so? I would say the opposite of your statement: Since undermining religious training cannot be accomplished at home or through the main stream media, the need to incorporate it into the schools is tantamount to its success.

      This is done in some countries.Iran,Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan,Iraq,just to name four.Life there is cradle to grave religion and I’m sure that their life is so much better than life in America under the present system where the ability to froth at the mouth about your beliefs are sometimes limited in scpope of area.
      Again we are not talking about teaching religion like those countries. We are talking about allowing religion. People like you are OK with christianity being suppressed and shunned the same way that christianity is suppressed in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. Great examples, thank you for making my point for me. When religion was present in the school system, America sure seemed to be a better place didn’t it. Funny how those like you who rant against religion forget that just 50 years ago this was in the schools, and it didn’t cause some national disaster like you claim it will.

      The people of America all get to vote on the type of government they want.At the present the majority want what they have or they wouldn’t have voted for it.If the minority doesn’t like what’s happening,they get to try to vote it out.The task before the minority,the conservatives,is to get enough people to vote with them.
      You are dead on here. The political retardation of America was the point of the article! Folks like you have been conditioned by the public school system to support exactly what we have in government today. Again you have made my point for me. What is going on in politics today could never have happened had they not started indoctrinating children with it in the school systems.

      I will guarantee you one thing:trying to get control of the public education system through religion isn’t going to happen.That battle is over and you all lost.The majority of the American People will never go back to being shackled by religion.
      What an ignorant statement. 77% of Americans are christian. Of that other 23%, only 7% have no religion. So your last sentence there is not only inaccurate, it underscores the way that liberals tend to think. Your “you lost” comment is silly. You sound just like our completely “bi-partisan” President. 25% of the people in America voted for Obama and the socialist agenda. And half of them are now regretting that they did so. I wouldn’t quite say it is a lost cause quite yet. The arrogance that the left has right now will haunt them later. Liberals made those same kind of statements in 1976. After 4 years of Carter, they realized how wrong they were. Obama will not be reelected.

      As a furthering of the discussion, the point is that the schools are indoctrinating people to think just like you think Ron. And you have provided an excellent example of why that is not a good thing. I stand by my statements: We need to begin our task by reclaiming the schools for education instead of indoctrination.

      • 77% of Americans are christian.It should then be a cakewalk to get anything you want done in this country,after all it’s a democracy and the majority rules in a democracy.What Happened?

        • USWeapon says:

          I outline very well what happened in the article. The liberal point of view has been indoctrinated in the public school system. Additionally christian points of view have been squashed from public life and the media. 5000 Christians can’t have a Christmas display up because it offends the two muslims living in the town. If you really believe what you are saying, then you sir, have your head in the sand. And as I said, your arrogance will not be rewarded. Even with all the system intent on making sure that christians are silenced, Obama will not be reelected. Glenn Beck’s sudden appeal and success is a testament to how wrong you are about where America stands.

        • USWeapon says:

          But interesting that you are not replying to any of the things in the long reply I offered above. I am off to work for the day, but I look forward to reading what you have to say when I get home tonight.

          • U.S Weapon,I faithfully typed a reply to each of your bullet points and when I moved the keyboard off the mouse pad to click submit comment it all disappeared.I don’t have the ambition to do it again.I’ll take this as some sort of devine intervention and cede for the day.There’s always tomorrow though.Looking forward to it.

        • I’d have to say that 77 percent of the population may be Christian but about half of that is NOMINALLY Christian. They really have no clue about their religion. Before the election we had a series of meetings in our church regarding voting as a Christian and what we should be looking for.

          We had a panel, two democrats and two socialists, see, it was a balanced panel. The socialists believed in revolutionary theology (thought that died in the 70’s) One woman a lay Maryknoll missionary went on and on about how opposed to abortion she was yet she supported Obama. Why? Well, because his policies would reduce the need/number of abortions???!!! Like I said, they have no clue about their religion. They also have very, very flexible morals. I really hate that end justifies the means stuff.

          People will again get religion, when the next WTC happens, when the nuke goes off over Chicago, when the anthrax is running wild. Then it will be, “Please God, help me”.

        • revolution2010 says:

          I hate to break it to you, but we live in a Republic (say the pledge of allegiance if you can remember it… you are welcome to omit the word God if it offends you) and since you and so many others seem to think it is a democracy (which I am sure your public school helped you learn), allow me to inform you of the difference.
          In a Republic, the majority rules but does not have the right to make laws that usurp the rights of the minority. That is why we have the Constitution. It provides groundwork for the unalienable rights that we are all born with.
          There should be a separation of church and state and education should be privatized. If you want your kids to pray in school, send them to a Christian school, if you want other ideals taught for a more rounded education, pick a charter school. The government should not be allowed to take my tax dollars and spend them on schools which are teaching ideals to my children which go against every moral and patriotic bone in my body with out me having some re-course. I should be able to take my tax dollars with me to any private education facility I wish if the public schools are teaching values, usurping my parental authority or any number of other violations of my unalienable rights we might like to talk about.
          You can keep your socialist world, I prefer to work hard for a living, get paid for my efforts, raise my children how I see fit, hunt for my food and keep my money to help those I choose to help, not those who refuse to help themselves.

  3. I read an article a while back about a teacher in California handing out gay pledge cards to her kindergarten class. The only thing people seemed to think was wrong about it was that it was age inappropriate. It made me want to scream. I don’t care that they’ve taken religion out of schools but that they’ve replaced it with thier own indoctrination. If it’s not okay to offend the athiest child with prayer, why is it okay to offend the religious child with homosexuallity?

    I think they’ve got enough to teach children without wasting time on any kind of sex education.

  4. Ron,

    You are wrong. Religion is in the schools. It is the “Gay” religion, the “Environmental” religion, the “non-judgemental” religion, the evolution religion, the global warming religion” et al.

    Just look at the bitterness in your own post and see it for what it is, closed minded hatred of something you don’t like.

    Those poor slobs like myself who have tried to raise up our children with moral values, have had to fight the”system” at each and every turn. Folks like yourself in the educational industrial complex (the one Eisenhower did not warn us about)undermine everything we do.

    One thing parents cannot do with their kids is exert peer group pressure. Schools can do that and they do it very well. The whole damn thing out there is starting to look like the “Lord of the Flies”.

    • Au contraire,Monsieur Trynosky,There is no bitterness in my post and certainly no hatred for something I don’t like.I may have chosen my words to be a bit provocative,but I certainly don’t hate religion.People in this country have the right to worship as they choose I’ll help defend that right.
      I’ll let you in on a little secret.Both my great Grandfather and Great grandmother were born in 1870 and lived long enough so that I got to know both of them real well.My grandchildren now make the sixth generation of my family that I know.I do not know of one single family member that has ever gone to church,yet we have good values,good morals,and everyone has been a productive member of society.The most serious problem any member of the family ever had with the law is one of my grandfathers got charged with failure to yield on the highway.I know of one family member that smokes.One had a problem with alcohol that he never conquered,but all in all I would say we are average or above when it comes to standards.To have a religious person tell me that they are the only ones that are moral or have values is a bit too presumptuous for my liking.

      • Ron,

        If you somehow got the impression that I said only christians have values and morals, I apologize. That is not what I meant to say at all. I think that there are lots of good people out there. You have a belief that the church doesn’t belong in schools, I agree that it should not be exclusively taught in schools, I don’t think the beliefs of 77% of Americans should be excluded from schools either.

        And let me let you in on a little secret while you rant that we christians want to make you be like us…. I am not a christian. Kind of renders a lot of what you think about my position moot doesn’t it?

      • And what you said is a good thing. Of course one can lead a virtuous and moral life without belonging to a religion or believing in God. For it to pass through several generations of the same family is nothing less than amazing.

        My Father, the most moral man I ever knew, rarely stepped into a church and then only at the insistence of my Mother. So I know it can be done.

        What I rail about and against is the secular religions being taught in the schools as I pointed out. There are few if any checks on them (see Kathy’s comment).

        Pardon me for always looking at the NY City slant on things but I am moist familiar with it. When you ask a NY City teacher or administrator how a system that was the envy of the world from the 20’s through the’50’s could get so bolexed up, they have these lame excuses about “different cultures and languages”. They conveniently ignore the the melting pot that the early 20th century was.

        When I think about it, I see a system that broke down and failed to demand moral behavior as well as teach it. I would agree with USW on that.

        Again, If the system cared what children learned rather than what they could indoctrinate them with, we would be awash in vouchers, home schooling and charter schools. Neither the administrators or the acolytes of Dewey and Watson want that.

  5. Ron,

    And another thing. Where in the hell do you get off telling me what I can and can’t do? If I want my kids taught abstinence what is it to you? If I want them taught about the influence that 3,000 years of Judeo Christian history has had on the development of western civilization, what is it to you ?

    You can teach your kids anything that you want to. I, Mr. Right Wing Christian Zealot, am even willing to have Sex ed taught in Health class and the downside of 3,000 years of Judeo-Christian history taught. You, apparently, are not willing to do the same for me. I am the beneficiary of sixteen years of Catholic Education and was taught, back in the Dark Ages of the 1950’s and 1960’s to think for myself and use the rules of my religion as a guideline for my life. My kids, also the product of Catholic education were not taught this, they were taught, in Catholic Schools mind you, not to judge, and not to offend. In many ways they are as screwed up, thanks to the system, as their Public School contemporaries.

    Compare modern Western religion to that middle eastern Watabee thing stuck in the seventh century, no way. It’s like comparing a Corvette to a Model T.

    • SK.,
      You really touched on a great point here. Western civilization is founded on Judeo-Christian VALUES. For debate, take the religion out and just look at the history and culture that came as a result of it. The fact that Ron and his family are moral, functional members of society, is a result of that culture, one that our founding fathers made a part of our schools. And as US has pointed out, the liberal left is bent on destroying.

  6. Black Flag says:

    “A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare,”

    This is a quote from a judge ruling against homeschooling.

    As usual, USWep, I agree while disagreeing with you.

    Public schools are indoctrination centers – first established by Otto Bismark in Germany. His goal was to train people to be just smart enough to be competent in their tasks, but not smart enough to disobey orders.

    This concept was imported into North America because it worked so well in Germany.

    So, there is no making it better or reforming public school. It is doing what it was designed to do – create loyalty and obedience to the State.

    Public schooling should be completely abolished. Let the free market provide schooling and education – with a range of choices and affordability.

    Everything government touches creates a disease. Keep it away from our kids.

    • As you know from my past articles and comments BF, I am absolutely for complete abolition of the public school system. This is definitely one area where I think the free market could do it better, cheaper, and without the indoctrination portion.

      Unfortunately that is not going to happen any time soon. So until that can become a reality, we have to work to eliminate as much of the current curriculum that is being taught there today. Getting towards the complete free market requires a re-education of our children to understand why it is better. THAT is the kind of thing that a public education should provide. Once that happens for a bit, perhaps we will have a new generation ready for the society more like what you imagine. Change is going to be slow, but it is a necessary step to first take back the school systems.

      I think this is one of those places where the disagreement that we have is that you think it will just go away so we should ignore it. I think, much like the liberals have done, we have to start with baby steps. Before we can get where you want to go, we have to teach the next generation something different is possible. My argument here is for beginning to take the steps. Yours would be that schools are bad so don’t waste your time. Unfortunately I don’t think we can get where we would both like to go, a free market school system, without taking this first step.

      • As you know from my past articles and comments BF, I am absolutely for complete abolition of the public school system. This is definitely one area where I think the free market could do it better, cheaper, and without the indoctrination portion.

        I couldn’t agree more on that one. How many trillions have we spent on education over the last 3 decades since the Department of Education was established. Public schools are more of a disaster now than ever. I believe that the federal government should largely stick to protecting our rights to life, liberty, and property, handling foreign affairs, and defending our nation. Whenever it takes over things that should be handled at the local level, like education, it just makes a mess of it.

      • Black Flag says:

        You cannot reform a system that is by design contrary to your desire.

        You want schools to educate, illuminate and make independent human adults.

        The system is by design makes dependent, endarkened, and loyal human machines.

        The first step forward is, simply, eliminate the law that forces kids into schools.

        That’s it! The free market will, naturally pick it up from there – because it is already there!

        There are 1,000 of services catering to home schoolers, and numerous independent education enabler businesses. They are already prepared to handle systemic free-market education instead of merely the esoteric systems.

        • USWeapon says:

          Good point that eliminating the rule forcing kids into schools is a good first step. When I say reform public education I mean that we need to get more alternatives to public education. I don’t know that the public education system today can be reformed, but steps towards elimination would be good.

  7. So goes California, so goes the rest of the country. Unless we fight fire with fire, we can unfortunately expect this contagion to spread unabated.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying USW. What is shocking to me is that a minor needs parental consent to get a tattoo in California, yet consent is not needed for them to get an abortion. School officials can send them to an abortion clinic for a dangerous medical procedure without parents even being aware of it. Just that fact alone shows how sacred and hallowed abortion is to the liberal left. Very disturbing.

    • Yes, remember, abortion, is a sacrament in the secular church. We offer up our progeny to save the planet., I should try to get a book contract to write that bible.

      What say you Flag, up for a little scripture writing? Like Walter Cronkite, we don’t have to believe it to make money off it.

  9. US,

    Great job!! Hits so many issues for me. Education, John Stossel did a story on public vs private schools. No surprise that private out performs public. Funny that the public schools will also improve when a private school operates in their area.
    That offensive Calif. law on abortion is what Obama/Boxer/Pelosi want to spread to all America. MSM labeled Palin as an anti-abortion zealot. They were very careful to not talk about Obama’s views. So many uninformed Christians voted for someone who is the direct opposite of their values. They were lied to, and fell for it like a child offered a piece of candy.

    Both of my sons voted at school for the president. My first grader for McCain, my second grader for Obama asked what I thought. He almost cried when I told him I thought Obama would make it against the law for me to give him a 22, when he’s old enough, that had been my grandfathers. Its obvious he was responding to peer pressure.

    And maybe that is something we still need. It used to be a girl who became pregnant outside marriage was considered lacking in something. There was a stigma, there were consequences. In this new liberal society, people are told they are not responsible for their own actions. Yes, daddy government will take care of it for you, be sure to vote Democrat, those mean, heartless Republicans will cut off your food stamps and make you get a job.

    • Illusion,

      Ah you got it.Peer group pressure can be used for good or evil. That’s the problem. Perhaps that Supreme Court Justice who said about pornography, “I can’t define it but I know it when I see it” was right. We know what is right and wrong. We know good from evil so, maybe the good guys could use PGP in the proper manner, as an educational tool.

      Yes, back in ’62, a girl on the block got pregnant, the first one in our group. I remember how ostracized she was because of it. Funny thing, even though mores were changing, no other girl in our group got pregnant without getting married. Unfortunately, six years later all bets were off. Between the pill and abortion we got into anything goes.

      I was never the most popular guy around in my teens but I really have to say that I had it a lot easier than my four kids did. Being a teenager is hard enough without the sexual pressures they have today.

  10. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    I atually think most of this ultra liberal thinking started in the 60’s in our colleges. By brainwashing the college kids it was easily handed down to younger students through our educational system. It is sicken the way the government tramples on parental rights. The government does not have a right to tell my child what he or she can do or not do with their bodies. That body belongs to me until they get there feet out from under my table. The government does not feed them, does not clothe them, and does not put a roof over their head. I do. If the government wants to brainwash kids they should have their own and leave mine alone. While in college in the 80’s we had some pretty liberal proffesors. Some of them if you argued with them they would flunk you. They taught stuff that made me sick at my stomach….there were hard working parents out there who had saved for years to send their kids to a brainwashing center.
    Why do you think California is so against “home schooling”? Beause they can’t brainwash your kids. I went to school out there for several years and it was horrible the brainwashing that went on.
    Today if you are a conservative teacher you had better keep your mouth shut…or you won’t have a job long. Our society stinks with government sticking their nose in every facet of our lives. How long is America going to put up with this…..If you allow government to trample on your neighbors rights…it is not long before they trample on yours.
    I had an ultra liberal proffessor one time say “if you want an hand out go to a liberal…if you want a hand up go to a conservative. It seems that instead of people wanting a hand up they want a hand out. Sad thing is they are brainwashing our kids to believe that only hand outs are acceptable. You don’t have to take responsiility for what you do and their are no consequences for what you do. Our nation is becoming very lazy and ery irresponsible.

  11. EVERYTHING THE GOVERNMENT HAS STUCK THEIR HANDS INTO IS A MESS. Name one thing they have not destroyed after the government thought it could make it better?

  12. revolution2010 says:

    Thanks so much for writing this article. In becoming more politically involved over the past year, I have discovered many unsettling truths and one is the democratic indoctrination of our school children.
    Most grown adults are under the impression that we live in a democracy and cannot tell you the fundamental difference between a democracy and a republic and why the difference is crucial.
    I have vowed that my children will under no circumstance attend a public school and fortunately, we can afford that luxury. I am a very big proponent of education reform. Private schools can do it better, cheaper and with better results. This begs the question of why people are fighting it so hard. There is but one answer and that is the indoctrination of the new socialist order.
    While it is going to take decades for citizens to understand the need for schools to operate in the free market system, we need to be responsible enough to pay attention to our children’s views and where they are getting their information. We need to be educated enough to point out the inconsistencies in their schoolwork and give them the tools to question the man.
    I recently took a short vacation and was as mad as I ever have been when I returned. I went to visit Jamestown, Yorktown and Monticello. All where amazing and all I kept thinking was “why didn’t I know ANY of this?” Why was Chris Columbus such a big hit? Why do I have all the info on him when he killed and enslaved so many of the indigenous people? I guess the left doesn’t want to talk about that atrocity since it doesn’t serve their purpose. Hell, why don’t I know about St. Augustine?
    Jamestown was the first colonization of the Americas, which lead to our current governmental structure and the way we live our life today. Yes, St. Augustine was settled first, but by the Spanish, not the British who were our founding fathers that formed our government. How did that huge piece of history get skipped in our lessons? Jamestown had the first government of any sort and even then they were complaining about the Brit’s having their thumb on us.
    We have a lot of work to do and until the public school systems are straightened out, we must take responsibility for educating our children about the truth of America’s roots and why These United States of America are the longest surviving REPUBLIC in history.
    An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. – Thomas Jefferson

    • Revolution,

      Thanks for the comments. I agree it is unsettling to say the least. But I think that you brought up a very important and valid point. I know that we would like to see the public school systems changed to eliminate this Democratic indoctrination that exists now. We would also like to see the complete failure of the public education system alleviated so that our children get a better education. But that is not going to happen in the short term. Eventually perhaps, but not right now. In the mean time we must make sure that we are not so focused on the possible future of the public education system that we fail to take care of the children in front of us now. It is up to each of us as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. to help educate our children to the reality. For now schools are indoctrination centers. Don’t allow them to succeed with our children. We cannot currently save every child in America from indoctrination, but we can each do our part by helping provide a more accurate and unbiased education to the children we each have influence over. We must not forget this important step. Thanks for pointing that out.

  13. REV: Nice to see you back and hitting on all cylinders.

    You missed one of the big reasons for opposing private schools.
    Job Security: The Teacher’s Union are the primary political force opposing private schools. They always throw out garbage about unfair access etc etc.. But, the real issue is that private or even charter schools hire and fire based on performance.

    Idaho has a pretty good charter school program but even in that conservative state the teacher union created problems for start up and operations. The big one they lost thought was that charter school teachers were not automatically part of the union. The one school I know details on even had a vote on unions and voted overwhelimingly NO. They liked getting paid more and having colleagues who were on top of their game.

    In Montana the union has a strangle hold on education. Grade school and high schools have tenure. They have legislated systems for pay increases and promotions. The local school districts control less than 15% of their total budget and virtually none of the teacher salary budget. And, surprise–no charter schools.

    US & others: On the god in school issue. I debate this one all the time with a couple of pastor friends. They think it all started with taking prayer out of school. I try to point out the biggest change was when teachers and the school admin. could no longer effectively discipline kids. That old paddle Mrs. Allen used on us in grade school stopped alot of fights and other miscreant behavior before it ever go started.

    I remember my 10 yr high school reunion where alot of our coaches and teachers attended. We were pretty close to alot of them so we invited them to our big dinner. To a one, they either had or were going to resign in the next year because as one said “we have lost control of the school and I can’t but up with that bull shit anymore”. I quote here because it stuck in my head like a hot brand.

    Answer: Get the Feds out of education all together. Eliminate Dept of Ed or revise its role to one of providing a library of material that can be accessed for teachers and administrators. In this role it could facilitate networking between school districts in the US looking for answers to specific problems.

    State: Unions for publically funded employees should be illegal. That includes TEACHERS. Funding can be via state or local, but local citizens must have control over the local school operations and some say on curriculum.

    Re; curriculum: I would like to see all sex ed removed from schools. This is just one more example of how govt starts doing something we parents should do and the next thing you get is parents who start turning over other things to the govt, because it is simply easier. Its easier to pay extra money to hire grounds crew and umpires for little league instead of volunteering. The latter is the result of the former, in my humble opinion.

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

  14. I’d question everyone here to come up with a time when the political leaning of the teachers wasn’t in play during class? I don’t know about how things are in the American school system but I can tell you here in Canada it takes a parent marching down the hall during class change and planting a boot in the middle of a principal’s door to get someone’s attention. I’ve done it several times after hearing of my wife having been ignored and it indeed works. Never sweat it a minute if you have to become “that” parent who sends the teachers lounge or the principal’s office into a panic for your child. I’ve found that even the most self righteous of teachers shrivel up in the light of day.

    The days of teaching because of an overwhelming need to “help” are long since gone. Its a good paying job VS the skills needed and expenditure of time and energy to accomplish. Its also another job where productivity is neither here nor there with regards to keeping that same job or advancing within that system.

    • I remember my fifth grade teacher, a WW2 veteran of the Normandy landings, and he was decidedly non-political. He encouraged all of us to pay attention to the upcoming national elections and write reports on what we observed in the news about the candidates. I remember watching the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention before that school year started, and I wrote that there was a definite air of favoritism by the newscasters who were covering the conventions. I remember that I got an “A” on that report and his comment was something to the effect that my spelling was very good and that I needed to work on my penmanship. That is the last teacher that I ever had that did not inject personal political feelings into the the classroom. My penmanship still sucks.

  15. Disillusioned says:

    It seems to me that this conversation is taking the turn towards teacher bashing instead of sticking to the original point…which was, I believe, the hope for a failure of our public education system. Of course it’s going to be government controlled, that’s why it’s called public and our tax dollars pay for it! As a teacher, I find it difficult to sit and read these posts without making some kind of comment and as a completely non-political person am truly hoping to not get crucified by those overly-intelligent political geniuses who seem to have an answer for everything on here.

    Does the government need to get the hell out of education? YES! But the next question is how to make that happen? You talk about wanting to have more control over the curriculum… who out there would be willing to spend the amount of time necessary to create or change it? When teachers sign on to be on curriculum boards, there is no extra pay or incentive. Just more meetings and paperwork.

    To those of you who want to take sex education out of schools because that’s what you the parents should be teaching kids, I ask you what about the students whose parents don’t do that? Should we just take health education out of the curriculum entirely since parents are supposed to talk to their kids about it? Sex ed is a part of health education… maybe we shouldn’t spend as much time in elementary school as we do on teaching how to wash hands either? But we have to because parents send their kids to school sick or healthy because they have to go to work. I know there is a big difference between washing hands and having sex, but both can lead to cleanliness or just plain disease spreading.

    Should public schools have to add to their curriculum character education? Teaching students about integrity, self-discipline and honesty? No! But do we have to? Yes…because parents aren’t doing it at home. I’m not saying all parents aren’t, but there are a large number of students in my school who lack manners, are disrespectful to teachers and peers and have no understanding of how to behave socially. We don’t have time to teach them these things… however, no one else in many households take the time to do it because they are too busy working all the time or just not being available to their kids.

    This generation of upcoming students terrifies me. I actually had a heart to heart with my class of 4th graders at the beginning of the year because I was told that the students in my grade were the rudest that the cafeteria staff had ever come across. When I told the students this, they almost all shrugged their shoulders and one actually said, “Yeah, they told us that last year too.” That’s not ok with me and has since changed, but the fact that I had to take time away from teaching things like math and writing… I was amazed at the apathy my students showed.

    The fact that the previous administration put no child left behind into effect which does nothing but penalize schools for students’ inability to take various biased standardized tests is a joke. My little school, whose population is about 30% hispanic 30% black and 40% white, was penalized because we did not meet the governments expectations…however, they did not take into account the number of special education students we have or the fact that many of our students have been speaking English for only a few years. To say nothing of the fact that every single student (literally) in our school made at least a years worth of academic growth. We failed? F that.

    Government and education don’t mix. So what do we do about it besides blaming the teachers? Some of us are still in it because of an overwhelming desire to help. Trust me, at least in NC I could make a hell of a lot more money and have a lot less stress in my life by working retail sales. Right USWeapon?

    • Disillusioned,

      Good post. I happen to like teachers, maybe I’m biased because I am married to one. She started in ’69. Right smack dab in the middle of the Red Hook projects, PS 15 K in Brooklyn. Her principal backed the teachers to the hilt. In addition, he was very selective in hiring them. He preferred certain teaching colleges over others. Even back then it must have been hard to work around Civil Service rules but I guess it helps to be in a disaster area of a district. The lazy were not particularly interested in working there and he had a reputation as a no nonsense kind of guy.

      OK, lets take your points one at a time. Get gov’t out of the business? Easy, vouchers and charter schools. Have to have both, unless you do, you still won’t have the necessary competition. How can this be done? Follow Milwaukee’s example. Excellent time to do it now. With the cutbacks that are surely coming, you can do a quid pro quo with the unions. No lay offs, no pension or health care cuts and they will fold. All the unions seem to care about is NOW. They would be only too happy to throw their future members overboard for more bennies now. Note to small town folks out there: run for the school board.

      I have a problem with sex ed because it came out of health. Instead of a what is course it became a how to course. Come on, condoms on cucumbers in third grade?

      Character education is all about leadership. “No, that is not acceptable”, works wonders for me in the Boy Scouts. It also works for my wife, even with the little guys. I also, with kids, never tire of giving examples of the proper responses to situations using movies, history, whatever for example. FYI, never miss the opportunity to stress that almost all bad behavior comes from lying.

      Apathetic students, of course . These days they are not challenged and they are bored stiff. We have failed to connect them with our country’s past, historical characters, the reason we are all here etc. When you talk to them you get a sense that they have no knowledge of anything that went before or the fact that what they have now could change overnight. They are caught in some weird twilight fog. They literally live for the day. The current economic recession may be a wonderful learning tool for them. Comfortable assumptions are flying out the window all over the place. I tend to agree with Steve Ambrose that the Depression coupled with WW II created the “Greatest Generation”. The failure since to have any real generational challenge has led to an increasing personal disconnect from the society as a whole. It’s me, me, me. There are those of us bright enough I guess to learn the lessons of the past and to have listened to our parents who are inoculated against this apathy but it is growing.

      We have way too many kids who are special ed. They need a kick in their sensitive asses instead. A friend, good teacher, is special ed here in NJ. She has ten kids in the class, none developmentally challenged or as we used to say retarded. Get this, every two of these kids has their own aide! That’s 80G’s per year for the teacher and another $ 40,000 times 5 for the aides. $ 280,000 for 10 kids,
      $ 28,000 per. Kids of foreign backgrounds learn the language through immersion not bi-lingual classes. I saw this as a kid in the ’50’s when every year we would pick up a few Puerto Rican kids with no English. By the end of the year, they up and running. maybe they lose a grade in the process but they are functional.

      I fight with my wife over the gov’t tests. Generally I agree with her that they are a terrible idea and lead to teaching to the test as well as cheating. My position is that things were so bad before, absolutely anything is an improvement. Maybe teaching to the test will at least teach them something. Regarding teachers and administrators who cheat, they should share the cell next to Bernie Madoff. Their cheating causes statistical problems which is probably why your school failed. Notice how those on the dark side want to end the No Child program. They want to end it the same way they ended welfare reform. Return to status quo ante.
      You guys should be very, very proud that you moved the kids up one grade level. Be satisfied that you are successful.

      My current big gripe is administrators who have next to zero classroom time. Our schools of education are turning out administrative specialists who have no clue what goes on in a classroom. Case in point. A few years ago a local radio call in show run by a lady who knows pretty much everything about society, vacations, travel etc. received a call from a Mom. The Mom wanted advice for her daughter on how to get a temp. (6 months) bar tending job at Club Med. Turns out the daughter who was 25 had gone straight through undergrad and grad in Education was now planning to take a Masters in the supervisory field. Questioning brought out she was not “comfortable” in the classroom. Even the very liberal talk show host was appalled and suggested the girl needed more classroom time. Mom disagreed. So, just think, one of your very own administrators today may be better qualified telling you how to make a rum punch or sea breeze rather than how to improve grade scores or control a classroom.

      Run for the school board! Vote NO on every School budget proposal! Shake ’em up they are way too comfortable.

      • revolution2010 says:

        I like ya! That is all great insight. I agree on private or charter schools. I also believe that is a great way to get our kids lives back in our communities. I would love to see peer pressure involve some of the uninvolved parents. I hail from a town of 9,000 and my mom was involved, but the best part was, if you needed help at the schools, you called your friends and neighbors… a little different to get that phone call than to ignore the piece of paper sent home asking for volunteers.
        Most Charter’s don’t run by the same rules as straight publics and they are usually run cheaper with more effective results. I was recently reading about New Zealand abolishing all School boards and reverting back to completely local run schools. Each school was given it’s own governance and elects it’s own board of trustees who are elected annually. Apparently they have made huge strides in their test results and their funding. They realized, as I hope we soon do, that paying the administrative costs of all of the middle-men who are clueless and just muddle the system up more were costing outrageous amount of monies and in effect stealing funding from it’s original intent. The systems now have more funding in their classrooms and more control over their children’s education.
        Sometimes I feel like we took the hair off the hairbrush and rolled it around in our palm really fast for about 30 seconds… that is the state our school systems are in. It is easier to throw money at the hairball then to carefully unwind what we wound up. The localities definitely need to take back the control on this one. Making things smaller instead of growing our government is the only thing that is going to get us back to the roots and get more parents involved.

    • revolution2010 says:

      I am really glad you wrote this. I do not believe that the teachers are to blame here. I wouldn’t want their job! I admittedly couldn’t do it. I have little tolerance for the rude or even dismissive behavior I have experienced in my sons pre-school, and I can only imagine it will get worse. I am hard pressed to believe that many teachers still go into the career thinking they can make a difference.
      What do the teachers think the answer is? I am almost positive that you will not say, throw more money at it. What we are experiencing is a social breakdown of sorts and many agree that throwing more money at it is not working. Everyone is so worried about keeping up with the Jones’s that ipods have replaced a trip to the National Parks. It is much easier and they don’t have to really talk to their kids that way either… after all, they just want a break too, right?
      When I look at the difference between private school and public, the largest difference that I see is parental involvement. That seems to be the difference. If that is the case, and we agree on that, what is the best way to take care of children in our society whose parents can’t be bothered while keeping our family’s level of moral structure up to snuff?
      My husband and I have decided that it would be worth it to sell our house and move into something smaller if that meant our children could attend a private school where the parents are actually involved in their children’s education. We are terrified of public school and the thought of my child being distracted for hours every week because some other parent isn’t doing their job at home galls me. How many hours a week are spent on righting the listing ship because of the couple of kids whose parents let them down? I am obviously referring to young children at this point.
      What do you think is the best way to stop the societal moral bleed out and get our kids to understand shame and respect and self-respect? I would love to hear more from someone in the trenches about their ideas because I am sure you are even more mad about it than we are.

    • Teachers have my utmost respect…we give them a several million dollar project, pay them substandard, and expect them to inhance the value of the project and alot of parents don’t even help. Kids are rude, disrespectful and undisciplined…the worst thing that ever happened to the school system was the removal of the ability of a teacher to discipline their students. Lots of parents can not tell you what their kids are studing, if they are doing their homework or even if the kid went to school that day. Most teachers that I know are very good teachers ( there are a few bad ones) they care about the students and they try very hard to teach in circumstances that are not the greatest in the world.
      All the problems we see inside our school systems are the fault of the government….when they stuck their two cents worth in learning and discipline went out the door. The only defense a teacher has from corrupt, narrow minded school books is to teach kids where to find the information and how to apply it and make sure that altenative reading is available. School is not a free babysitting service it is a place of learning and until they are turned back into such they will continue to go down hill.
      The solution, a voucher system that pays private schools what a public school would recieve if your child attened or paying parents to home school. Attending school is a privilege and should be treated as such. Your kid misbehaves and he is sent home….if more parents had to teach their own kids they would disipline them better. If a parent miss enough work they will fix the problem with their kid or allow the school to do it. Hit bad parents where it hurts, their pockets!

    • USWeapon says:


      I think you know that my problem is not with the teachers in public schools. It is the system that needs a significant overhaul. You, with the passion that I know that you have for teaching and helping children, would be better served, and better paid, if the system were privatized. Too tired to write more tonight but I wanted to ensure that you know I support teachers, just not teacher’s unions. We need more like you.

  16. Karl from Esom Hill says:

    When my son was in the 11th grade, his literature teacher gave him an assignment on whether Huck Finn was a racist or not. Well, having already had problems with him being a socialist idiot giving bad grades for disagreement with his left-leaning views on life, my son was steadily headed towards failing along with about 75% of his class. Do you see a pattern here? Anyway, my son wrote his report with his 5th grade school teacher Aunt and his 7th grade literature teacher Aunt’s help to say that “no” he was not a racist. See this techer thought that Huck was a racist because he called his black friend “Nigger” Jim. My son explained that Jim was Huck’s best friend and to prove that fact he and Jim had constantly helped one another including Huck saving Jim’s life and that Huck used that name for him because a) that was his name and b) it was the 1800’s and that was a word that was commonly bandied about without thought for whether or not it was a bad word and finally c) it was a FICTIONAL book. If anyone was racist it was Mark Twain. Because he disagreed with the teacher in his report he received an “F” for his report that 2 teachers had helped him to write citing that he wasn’t clear in his report and serious grammatical errors. Needless to say we as his parents went bananas, but to no avail. He eventually failed the class and had to retake it his senior year. Fortunately with another teacher, and he got through it with an “A”. I tell this story, longwinded as it is, to show how a bad teacher can affect your childrens schoolastic career. Although my son is a very smart young man, reading is not his favorite past time to say the least! Consequently, he struggled with all his reading classes. This bonehead teacher only made it worse with his stupidity. Don’t get me wrong. He is not an example of all the teachers in my district. Not I said he had help with 2 teachers in his report both of whom were Aunts. I also work in the school system as a IT Tech at the Middle School. Working at the school has shown me that there are both good school teachers and bad. But the ciriculum in the system is definitely left-leaning. History especially is being rewritten as God has been written out of it including the fact that He had a lot to do with the founding of this country because He is not PC to mention. I am not saying Religion should be taught as a requirement, but it also should not be forgotten that Christianity changed the world and that God is a prominent figure in the History of our nation. Now, off my Christian rant and on to the subject you wrote about originally. The ACLU and groups like them are steadily gaining more and more power in the country as we progress towards Socialism at an ever more frightening pace. This weekends problem is just one of many where they are trying to take your parental rights away from you in favor of the ‘State’. US your Acronym for them is apt. As the government continues to pour money into groups such as the ACLU, the NAACP, and Acorn, we continue to see the erosion of our rights and freedoms. American “Civil Liberties” Union my Ass!

    • Karl:

      One of my students was very upset when he got to that part of “Huck Finn.” He is white, and his good friend is black. The student felt that he should not read any more of the book, and that he certainly should not share it with his friend. The underlying theme of the story was lost for him. That word, the way it was used at that time, and what is has come to mean today depending upon who is using it was a good lesson for the class.

      My college American lit. teacher compared Melville’s “Billy Budd” to Jesus Christ, and the captain to God. If you are not familiar with the story, Billy was a mentally handicapped sailor who did not understand his own actions. Whether or not the author definitively stated that Budd was like Christ, I do not know, as I have deliberately avoided researching to this day. However, I wrote in my assigned essay that I did not view Budd as Christ, but as having the peace of Christ within him at his execution. Not only did I fail the essay, I was publicly chastized for my viewpoint. Perhaps I might mention that her spouse was an ACLU attorney?

  17. Black Flag says:

    A person will only become as educated as they make themselves.

    There are multitudes of Americans with post-graduate degrees who have never cracked open a book under anything but outside direction, that have lived a life that has shown no urge towards that pursuit of knowledge which is always, when all is said and done, a process that is and must be self-directed.

    • I have been furiously searching my book collection for an ancient (1960) textbook of my father’s…it had a few paragraphs in it about the “dumbing down” of American society. I remembered it after reading Charlotte Iserbyt the other night.

      Many are the reasons I am returning to homeschooling my children when we move this summer, but a major one is that an administrator of the school system in that area has a “non-reading” degree from a South Carolina college.

      • Black Flag says:

        Wow! We are kindred spirits!

        I’m the President of our Homeschool Society in our region.

        Homeschooling our children was a requirement before I married my wife. She didn’t object 🙂

        • BF:

          I don’t suppose you are in the southeast? In my state, if I do not use the state-approved curriculum I have to join a certified homeschool group.

          My oldest asked to try “regular” school after experiencing the local homeschool group here. She had met some of the kids and parents, and I was offered a part-time job. Two years, and we have been pleased – mostly because I am directly involved and I greatly influence what she is learning. We are moving in a few months, and she is begging to go back to homeschooling. I suppose I have corrupted her with my history lessons.

  18. Black Flag says:


    No, unfortunately, far further north…

    It is a battle to free our kids from the grip of government – some States do believe they own our children.

    She is begging to go back to homeschooling. I suppose I have corrupted her with my history lessons.

    That’s warming to my heart – how can you not smile when I child rushes to learn from her parents? That means you are the center of her life – her #1 influence – instead of disinterested strangers (or worse!).

    USWep has my email – you can ask him to send it to you, if you’d like to swap “Homeschool stuff”….

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