The President has Crossed My Line

davets-sealI have tried really hard over the last 6 months to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things. Perhaps he feels his health care thing is a better plan for America. Maybe he really believed that putting our grandchildren into debt was the best way to fight a flagging economy. Maybe they really do think that their delusions of a mandate give them license to make insane proposals. Perhaps he and his liberal posse are even good intentioned (albeit psychotically disillusioned) in their pursuit of Socialism and belief in the Global Warming Hoax. But my dear readers, they have crossed my line this evening. My normally sane and respectful tone just had its “pause” button pressed for the remainder of the night resulting in a phrase I vowed not to make on this blog….

A little preface to the discussion here for those who may not know anything about me. I am a combat veteran. I have been wounded more than once. Some of them related to being in a war zone, some of them in training. I did what I did for a pittance of pay (I believe I maxed out somewhere around $23k in my highest earning year in the military). That was made up for by the very few benefits still afforded to veterans in this country. I got shelter, food, and at least didn’t have to pay for all the uniforms I wore. And I received medical care. When I got hurt doing whatever they asked me to do, they took care of it. If you get shot while serving your country, at least you don’t have to pay for the roughly $300k in medical bills to fix you up well enough to go back out and do it again (and yes that is an accurate number, just trust me on that one, don’t go getting shot just to test my math).

So imagine my profound disgust to learn that President Obama has decided to move ahead with a plan to require injured veterans to repay the Veterans Administration for medical treatment rendered as a result of service related injuries. He will paint this as an administration move to charge veterans’ private health care for service-related

Take that honored Ranger Tab off your shoulder

Take that honored Ranger Tab off your shoulder

injuries rather than saying he is renegging on the promise made to veterans. But let’s call a spade a spade. He wants the VA paid back for providing the very service that the agency was created for in the first place. Not to mention he wants the VA paid back for a service that they do a shitty job of providing. 


New Obama Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, pictured here, should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to happen under his watch. Take that tab off your uniform, General, it is reserved for those who will never leave a fallen man. Shinseki has confirmed that the plan, which is “expected to save a considerable amount of money”, is under consideration. 11 Veterans groups including the American Legion and VFW have sent a letter to Obama warning that the idea “is wholly unacceptable and a total abrogation of our government’s moral and legal responsibility to the men and women who have sacrificed so much.” The entire letter is copied and pasted as the first comment to this article. 

American Legion top official Commander David Rehbein met with Obama today about the proposal. “It became apparent during our discussion today that the President intends to move forward with this unreasonable plan,” said Rehbein. “He says he is looking forward to generate $540-million by this method, but refused to hear arguments about the moral and government-avowed obligations that would be compromised by it.” Rehbein was clearly angered as he emerged from the session Monday saying, “This reimbursement plan would be inconsistent with the mandate  ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle’ given that the US government sent members of the armed forces into harm’s way, and not private insurance companies.” 

davets-wheelchairIt boggles the mind that any administration, even one so in left field (pun intended) as that of Barack Obama, would even consider such a thing. One of the sacred trusts that a grateful nation gives to the men and women who choose to place their bodies between the rest of us and those who mean to do us harm is that the wounds and ailments they receive during their service will be treated by that grateful nation. To try to shed that obligation is a violation of that trust.

What this means is that it will be harder for veterans to get private insurance. What private health insurance company wants to take on a veteran with a pre-existing condition that the government (the one payee the insurance companies have to pay when requested) is going to require them to pay for treatment for? What private insurance company is going to want to insure a veteran currently serving their country when his or her job requires being put in harm’s way? As it is they jack up your insurance premium if you smoke because it might cause you health problems in the future. How much will they jack up the premium for someone stepping into the line of fire?

Additionally the costly care for service related injuries could quickly max out the limits of what private health insurance companies will provide, leaving veterans and their families struggling to come up with the money to pay for children’s flu shots or an arm broken while playing in the back yard. Add this into the fact that the service to the country has already cost this veteran a limb, or an eye, or even their sanity. The list of jobs they are able to do is already dramatically shorter than it is for most of us. And you want them to pay more?

I could chalk this up as just another lie from Obama, who campaigned on the promise that he would work to take care of veterans. From the “Obama/Biden 2008” website:

  • Barack Obama will restore our sacred trust with our nation’s veterans: Obama and Biden are committed to creating a 21st Century Department of Veterans’ Affairs that provides the care and benefits our nation’s veterans deserve.

  • Help returning service members: Obama and Biden will improve the quality of health care for veterans, rebuild the VA’s broken benefits system, and combat homelessness among veterans.

  • Improve mental health treatment: Obama and Biden will improve mental health treatment for troops and veterans suffering from combat-related psychological injuries.

But I am not going to just chalk this up as another lie from Obama. This is more than just a lie to me. This is a blatant slap in the face of every veteran in the United States from a President who has never served his country in the military. Let us hope that perhaps this is on the advice of some crazy cabinet member and that he will have the good sense to tell them to go to hell. But it sure doesn’t look that way.  

The only good portion of this proposal is that it is the one issue that thus far the Republicans and Democrats in Congress have come together on. Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat from ultra-liberal Washington State, has blunted stated that the proposal would be “dead on arrival” should it ever show up at the Senate. North Carolina

I have your back soldier. Thank you.

I have your back soldier. Thank you.

Republican Richard Burr also sharply criticized the proposal. They are almost universally opposed to it. I say almost because we haven’t heard from the anti-christ Pelosi or Harry Reid yet. It won’t surprise me if they support the proposal. 


I will fight this. I will continue to fight it and push back against it with everything that I have. We owe a great debt to the veterans that have served this country, who have sacrificed so much to allow us the freedom to be what we are. We owe the man in this picture more than what Obama is proposing. Much more. At a time where we should finally be looking at providing more adequate care for disabled veterans, this President is proposing that we shed our responsibility to care for them. 

As you all know, I have tried on this site to remain civil and disagree respectfully. And I promise that once I hit submit on this article I will go back to the mellow and civil person that strive to be. But Obama has crossed one of the very few lines that I cannot allow. You, Mr. President, choose to take our fighting men and women and send them into harms way. You send them to be killed and injured for your screwed up reasons and your power grabbing agendas. And now, Mr. Obama, you want to propose that the government break that sacred trust. You propose that someone other than the people who send them to war pay for their injuries? You propose that the American taxpayer should pay for the health care of those who sit on their ass in America, but not pay for the health care of veterans serving their country? Well, I say with all due respect Mr. President, Fuck You.


  1. USWeapon says:

    As Promised, the letter from the Veterans Groups to the President:

    February 27, 2009
    The Honorable Barack Obama
    President of the United States
    The White House
    Washington, DC
    Dear President Obama:

    On behalf of the millions of veterans represented by the veterans and military service organizations that have joined our effort, we write to express our serious concerns about a policy proposal that has been discussed this week in conjunction with the release of your first budget. We have been told that your Administration may be considering a proposal that would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system to bill a veteran’s insurance for the care and treatment of a disability or injury that was determined to have been incurred in or the result of the veteran’s honorable military service to our country. Such a consideration is wholly unacceptable and a total abrogation of our government’s moral and legal responsibility to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

    As you know, the mission of the VA is “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” Similarly, the VA emphasizes that it will “provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned—and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability, and stewardship.” Unfortunately, the proposal to bill veterans for the care of their service-connected disabilities ignores the most important aspect of this vision—that their care has been earned.

    This proposal ignores the solemn obligation that this country has to care for those men and women who have served this country with distinction and were left with the wounds and scars of that service. The blood spilled in service for this nation is the premium that service-connected veterans have paid for their earned care.

    We understand and accept that the VA bills third-party insurers of veterans who are treated for non-service connected conditions. However, we cannot and would not agree to any proposal that would expand this concept any further. There is simply no logical explanation for billing a veteran’s personal insurance for care that the VA has a responsibility to provide. While we understand the fiscal difficulties this country faces right now, placing the burden of those fiscal problems on the men and women who have already sacrificed a great deal for this country is unconscionable. If in fact your Administration is considering this proposal, we would like to meet with you, as well as VA Secretary Eric Shinseki and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Peter Orzag, to discuss this further.

    We strongly urge your Administration to drop consideration of any proposal to bill third-party insurers for veterans’ service-connected conditions. We appreciate your continued emphasis on caring for the men and women who have served in defense of this country, as evidenced by the significant increase provided for VA programs in your FY 2010 budget submission. You can reaffirm this commitment by not allowing such a proposal to be carried forward. We stand ready to work with you, Secretary Shinseki, OMB Director Orzag, and others in your Administration to ensure that appropriate care and benefits are provided to those who have earned and deserve it.


    David K. Rehbein
    National Commander
    The American Legion AMVETS

    John C. Hapner
    National Commander
    The American Legion AMVETS

    Thomas Miller
    Executive Director
    Blinded Veterans Association Disabled American Veterans

    Raymond E. Dempsey
    National Commander
    Blinded Veterans Association Disabled American Veterans

    Paul Reickhoff
    Executive Director
    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Jewish War Veterans of the USA

    Ira Novoselsky
    National Commander
    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Jewish War Veterans of the USA

    VADM Norb Ryan,
    Military Officers Association of America Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USA, Inc.

    USN (Ret.) John P. Leonard
    National Adjutant
    Military Officers Association of America Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USA, Inc.

    Randy L. Pleva, Sr.
    National President
    Paralyzed Veterans of America Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

    Glen M. Gardner, Jr.
    Paralyzed Veterans of America Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

    John Rowan
    National President
    Vietnam Veterans of America

    Cc: Eric Shinseki, Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs
    Peter Orzag, Director, Office of Management and Budget
    Honorable Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader
    Honorable Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
    Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
    Honorable Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader
    Honorable John Boehner, House Minority Leader
    Honorable Daniel Akaka, Chairman, Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
    Honorable Richard Burr, Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
    Honorable Bob Filner, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
    Honorable Steve Buyer, Ranking Member, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

  2. Shinseki needs to resign. Effective immediately!

    • USWeapon says:

      Agreed G.A.,

      Anyone who would treat veterans this way should be allowed to be in the position that he is in.

      • Pehaps this is the “hornets nest” that will wake the people up…there has to be a straw that breaks this camel’s back!

        • R. W. Boveroux says:

          I really don’t know because I did not know of this idea until USWeapon put this up. Not to be conspiracy theorist on us, but it appears that the MSM is not going to do their job again…

    • Agreed. As a graduate of West Point, he needs to set an example. It is also tome for our uniformed leaders to stand up and say something.

  3. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  4. TexasChem says:

    I believe Obama has just committed political suicide. I sincerely hope so. If this type of policy he is trying to shove down our throats does not wake up the American public then I no idea what else could.

  5. WOW!UNBELIEVABLE!Thanks, USWeapon for saying what I was thinking all along:f.u.

  6. Well,ain’t this a fine kettle of fish.I’ll give you some other points to ponder.
    This idea may well have come from Shenseki as a cost cutting measure.
    Obama wants all Americans,veterans included,to pay a tax on private healh insurance benefits.Those are the benefits received from ones employer.
    Criminals receive free health care.Period,end of sentence.This makes them a higher class of citizen than any of us.Veterans included.
    Last week Michele Obama expressed “shock”,that service families were living on food stamps.I thought at the time it was out of compassion,I now think maybe it was step one in eliminating them.
    Our esteemed President is an educated fool.
    Any of you who don’t live in the South and didn’t vote for John McCain should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Our family served in the US Army for ten years. My husband was an engineer in the 84th company B stationed in Hawaii for the last 7. He served one tour of duty in Iraq before we got out.

      We qualified for food stamps as did every other enlisted married soldier we knew. We choose not to take advantage of it however as we do not believe in stealing from our neighbors.

      It is unthinkable that Americans would repay service members for their sacrifice by telling them to foot the bill for their wounds/injuries themselves. But then the left has never been too happy about having a military in the first place. It’s the “Can’t we all just get along” mentality.

  7. That’s a pretty low blow, even from Mr. Obama. I would agree that this would be career suicide for him if he is seriously considering this.

    I served 10 years in the Navy, and I remember the medical care could have been much better that it was. I was not injured, but my family’s memories of military medical care make the concept of Socialized medicine very unpleasant.

    When I attend a future Tea Party, my sign will say, “President Obama, xan you hear us now???'”

    A million thanks to all our Vets for their service.

  8. R. W. Boveroux says:


    Thank you for being the one to bring this issue to the forefront through this blog. I have the honor of being an IT specialist at an army hospital in Washington, DC. On a daily basis I see men and women in the same condition, if not worse, as that Marine in the picture. I have seen members of the greatest generation calmly sitting for hours for nothing more than a refill of their medication. These men and women have sacrificed enough, paid enough, given enough and should not be asked for anything else!!

  9. This administration continues to push the envelope. Is this the “Change We Can Believe In”? I think not! I sincerely hope that buyers remorse has set in to the many fools who swallowed his line of bullshit. US, I second your sentiments…Fuck You Mr. Obama!

  10. I dont know how you stay so calm, i like it and appreciate it , just cant understand… every day obama pulls something like this, yesterday it was school vouchers in D.C.. On Fox, They had a principal of a charter school in D.C. that had the students getting 90% to 95% higher SOL scores and these poor kids were doing so well and working so hard to get out of the poverty they were in , and obama squashed their dreams. now he is spitting on veterans, what will it be tomorrow.

    • R. W. Boveroux says:

      It can be argued that Obama is not squashing these children’s dreams and hopes, but it is the Congressional Democrats who are. I know that this is splitting hairs, but…

  11. Shinseki could get his honor back if he would pull a Gregg (N.H. senator)

  12. this is what obama meant by change. If you read his two mentors in life, saul alinsky and frank marshall davis, who he grew up around in hawaii, you would know that he is all for their kind of change and not the change that we envisioned and he nodded along with our visions for votes.
    This horrible legislation against veterans of the U.S. will have to be trojan horsed into the next spending bill that pelosi presents this summer.

  13. it is splitting hairs, nancy pelosi keeps presenting crazy legislation and obama keeps signing it. i thought at first that she was as far left on the spectrum than anyone, but obama is just a s far left as her, now he can paly it off like she is the one in the back of the room throwing wads of papeer not him so the teacher will think he is innocent , but i know better

  14. Thank you for this explanation – I had read a short blurb but didn’t understand its full impact. Every day there is something even more appalling than the day before…but this takes the cake. Washington is looking to increase the numbers of welfare takers, has thrown money at every possible pet project, but to save money will cut back on taking care of the men and women who serve and protect our country. Un-fricken-believable!

    We are with you on this battle USW!

  15. By the way, where is Colin Powell? Wouldn’t it be nice if he would come out publicly against this?

    • Colin Powell endorsed Obama in order to get a job.He’s going to be like the little boy that messed his pants.He’s going to sit in the corner and be very quiet.

  16. The more I find out about our president the more my stomach churns. He is exactly what I said he was in the beginning… a “silver tongued devil” Such a bold faced liar. And I second, third and on and on the emotion…….Fuck You, Mr. President

  17. Calf Roper says:

    Right on USW. Keep up the great work. I see our new national protest slogan – Mr. President, Fuck You.

    I honestly believe this is just another sleight of hand pulled by the master magician. He keeps us all focused and up in arms on these issues – abortion, veteran rights, gay marriage, etc. while he pushes through his socialist agenda of big daddy government. On top of that, this is typical Democratic agenda policy we have seen before – 1) Spend, 2) Raise taxes, and 3) Cut defense to pay for it.

    • Calf Roper you have hit the nail square on the head…I totally agree…

    • I agree. This man is a master at distracting the American people so he can do his dirty work in secret. Take a look at the new Food Safety Act which will shut down every farmer’s market in the country.

      These people won the election, supposedly. Why are they sneaking around with all this crazy stuff? Because they know the American people won’t go for it.

  18. George Walling says:

    This is the most outragious and largest insult to the service men and women who have put so much on the line for there country. When I left for the Army my father who is a WWII vet told me the I would be promised the moon with a ribbon when I returned from serving my country. Well I returned from VN and was pround to have done my part. I have Diabitis from my contact from agent orange and now I see what my father meant by say I would be lucky to even see the ribbon. What is about to be implemented by are President is going to cripple the disabled vetern who now depend on the VA for there military connected injuries care. You can just bet that no insurance company is going to cover are preconditions. So Mr. President I hope you can figure out who is going to protect this country after you turn your back on the vets of this country.

  19. Black Flag says:

    And I sit back, again wondering, why does this surprise you?

    There is no honor between thieves – and those that believe there is honor defending them always get shafted.

    Yes, you thought you were fighting for your country – but you were actually fighting for the government.

    Now, the government is giving you your reward.

    Now, what will you tell your sons when they ask if they should join the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines now?

    • This really isn’t the issue you want to try and push my buttons on.

      • Black Flag says:

        Oh, I do – and not because I am cruel.

        Because this is heart and soul to you, the mist that clouds your vision of government is lifted for a moment.

        If you can penetrate the depth of logic of government on this point, you may come one step closer to understanding is total, un-mitigated, corruptness at its essence and core that will always betray your best moral designs.

        Think about it.

        What system would consume the bodies and lives of people who are defending it, and then reject as worthless those people that survived their service to that system?

        If it did it once, it would be a mistake.

        But this is not the first time. Indeed, it has done this nearly every time. This act is its default action – to abandon its defenders.

        Only the most corrupt, repugnant and evil system man could conceive would do this, without repent.

        • Disgusted in Cali says:

          I would be behind my son or daughter 100% if they joined the military and be proud the entire time they served.

    • BF – Your real sentiments are now revealed for all those on this blog to see. In response, I say to you and your ilk “KMA”!

    • BF…who were the WWI, WWII, Revolution, Civil men in uniform fighting for? Sorry….even tho the military is controlled by the government they fought for you and me. They were not there to defend the thieves of government. Without our military we would be speaking German or Japanese. My guess is you must feel the same way about Police Officers or anyone else that defends your rights. If our government fell apart today….those same young men and women would be the ones that helped to defend you even without a Commander and Chief. They do it for the same reason that our forefathers did. Don’t berat them for doing what they believe in….at least they are doing something and most of them are very excellant at their jobs. If by chance (Lord help us) it is ever necessary they will die in your streets protecting you. Never underestimate a military man…..they are like lions turn them loose they will defend you and themselves.

      • Black Flag says:

        WW1 – they fought for France. The US was under no threat whatsoever, and because the US entered the war, they created the situation that many have called “The End of Western Civilization”. It was a huge mistake.

        WW2 – FDR provoked Japan to attack so he could get involved in Europe. Again, US was under no threat. This war created the situation today which we now live – nuclear annihilation. This was a huge mistake.

        There is no way and no how the Japanese or the Germans could ever invade the USA. This myth perpetuates the continuation of using the military for enforcing the evil of mercantilism.

        Revolution – there was no standing army.

        The War between the States – destroyed “These United States” and the dream. We live this disaster today – all-powerful centralization of government power.

        Other than perhaps one war, no one has “fought for me”. They have fought for the government and its goal of seeking ever more power.

        Doing something? Doing something without fully understanding what your doing usually ends up making more a of mess.

        And, trust me, I never underestimate trained killing machines.

  20. Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  21. Disgusted in Cali says:

    Once again this administration has showed what little respect it has for anyone who has served in the military. To expect someone to repay for medical treatment they receive due to injuries sustained while in the military protecting our country is just plain assinine! Personally I think it should be mandatory for the president to have served in the military so they have a clue as to what our soldiers go thru and sacrafice to protect this country.

    • I agree. A President should have to served in the Armed Services to be elected.

    • While I am not a vet, I totally agree.

    • Black Flag says:
    • R. W. Boveroux says:

      The men and women who serve this country deserve a great deal of respect, admiration, and should be given more than just a mere pittance of a salary and benefits.

      Having said this, their service does NOT make them any more important than any other human being on this earth. I would have to vehemently disagree with the idea that to be an elected official you must have served in the military. The logical end of this train of thought is a military junta or dictatorship.

      As a country we should NEVER stifle anyone’s voice based on what they have or have not done.

      • Kristian says:


        I don’t think that every elected official should have to have military service on their resume to be elected, but the President? He should have that on his resume because he is the one proposing this assinine policy. My husband is veteran and he served his country until he was hurt and then he was honorably discharged. I think that Mr. Obama has got a lot of damned nerve to suggest that he should now pay for being hurt serving his country. I’m with US on this one, Fuck You Mr. President!

      • Disgusted in Cali says:


        Your absolutely right..nobody’s voice should ever be stifled based on what they have or have not done. However, I feel to be Commander in Chief of our military forces you should know more about who and what you are commanding than what you read in a report or watched on a movie. They should have to walk a mile in their shoes and have first hand knowledge of what being in the military really is like.

        If they want to cut healthcare costs…how about all the politicians start paying for their own health insurance. Bet that would save a few million dollars of taxpayer money.

  22. It is hard for me to believe a President would treat our Veterans like this. It is unforgivable. He wants to cut benefits yet he wants to beef up social programs for deadbeats.

    I think Obama is so off track. It is now starting to scare me. He truly makes me sick.

  23. Great Post!! I will be forwarding it on.

    I served 6 years in the Army making 12k a year at the height of my career when I got out in 1995. We need to take care of our veterans and provide for them. They have given a lot and still continue to give. We must not tolerate this kind of action!


  24. Black Flag says:

    Short history of the continuing thanks Vets get from their government – proves that people refuse to learn –

    Revolutionary Army

    – they found themselves mistreated, in rags and without boots, while their officers lived in luxury and merchants were making war profits. Thousands mutinied, and some were executed by order of General Washington.

    When, after the war, farmers in Western Massachusetts, many of them veterans, rebelled against the foreclosures of their farms, they were put down by armed force.

    – Thousands deserted in the Mexican War, and in the Civil War there was deep resentment that the rich could buy their way out of service, and that financiers like J. P. Morgan were profiting as the bodies piled up on the battlefields.

    The returning soldiers of World War I, many of them crippled and shell-shocked, were hit hard, barely a dozen years after the end of the war, by the Depression. Unemployed, their families hungry, they descended on Washington, 20,000 of them from every part of the country, set up tents across the Potomac from the capital, and demanded that Congress pay the bonus it had promised. Instead, the army was called out, and they were fired on, tear-gassed, dispersed.

    The Vietnam War veterans, on the other hand, came home to find that the same government that had sent them into an immoral and fruitless war, leaving so many of them wounded in body and mind, now wanted to forget about them. The United States had sprayed huge parts of Vietnam with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange, resulting for the Vietnamese in hundreds of thousands of deaths, lingering cancers, birth defects. American GIs were also exposed in great numbers, and tens of thousands, pointing to sickness, to birth defects in their children, asked the Veterans Administration for help. But the government denied responsibility. However, a suit against Dow Chemical, which made the defoliant, was settled out of court for $180 million, with each family receiving $1,000, which suggests that more than 100,000 families claimed injuries from the spraying.

    As the government pours hundreds of billions into war, it has no money to take care of the Vietnam veterans who are homeless, who linger in VA hospitals, who suffer from mental disorders, and who commit suicide in shocking numbers. It is a bitter legacy.

    The United States government was proud that, although perhaps 100,000 Iraqis had died in the Gulf War of 1991, there were only 148 American battle casualties. What it has concealed from the public is that 206,000 veterans of that war filed claims with the Veterans Administration for injuries and illnesses. In the dozen or so years since that war, 8,300 veterans have died, and 160,000 claims for disability have been recognized by the VA.

    …find that the Bush Administration is cutting funds for veterans.

    Bush’s State of the Union address, while going through the usual motions of thanking those serving in Iraq, continued his policy of ignoring the fact that thousands have come back wounded, in a war that is becoming increasingly unpopular.

    • BF,Not only did the government want to forget the Viet Nam vet,the entire country despised them.To this day I never admit being anywhere near Viet Nam,even though when I was there for a short time,hostilities hadn’t even begun.Well,we weren’t in a real shooting war yet.Not officially.

    • Black Flag says:

      Yep, that is my point.

      Almost every era and war government has ignored and/or abused those who have fought for it.

      But when you understand government at its essence this is not any surprise at all. It cares not one wit about anything but power.

    • Just a quick historical note: If memory serves, the “Bonus Army” massacre was led by MacArthur, Eisenhower, and supposedly involved Patton as well. It has been many years since I researched it, but I can guarantee you I never learned about it in any history class, had to do the work myself. Chilling to think we fired on our own vets, in D.C., in the not too distant past!

  25. Some of you military men were rich.I served under Kennedy and Johnson,both former military men and if memory serves me right my final year in the Army netted me $2556.–My mustering out pay was around $900 as I had accrued 60 days of unused leave and I got out on the 25th of January..After the Army I went to school and I let my benefits build up until I finished.I got a check for $1080.Black label beer was .25 in the bars in Augusta Ga.I was an instructor there in the Signal Corps.I wonder if Obama wants me to pay this money back?

  26. esomhillholler says:

    My Daddy is a Disabled Veteran of Vietnam. He actually volunteered to go. He went to that shithole as a SeaBee and was under fire and sprayed with Agent Orange anad suffered others in that place because it was his duty to serve his Country. And now this worthless SonofaBitch is going to try and pull this shit? I’m not even going to give this bastard the undeserved honor of calling him Mr. President. Just straight up, FUCK YOU you worthless BASTARD!!!!!! (Rowe, I’ll worry about the Decaff some other post)

  27. TexasChem says:

    I have yet to see coverage of this news on any network. I do work 12 hour rotating shift so don’t watch much television so maybe I missed it but you would think this would be blasted all over the networks.

  28. Bonnie Carniello says:

    This may make me repeat myself, but I am 65 years old and spent many years working at a Bethesda Naval and Andrews Air Force base.

    My husband was in WWII and came back crippled emotionally as did many people I have known who fought in Viet Nam and other places who were kids when they left and told to suck it up and go back to normal when they returned home.

    All of the people I know who served went because they loved this country and believed if we wanted to be free they would have to fight for that freedom. They didn’t ask how much will you give me or what will it do for me. They went gladly with a willing heart.

    They were paid little money, but pumped up with America pride. Many never returned.

    To think that service people are paid so little, they have to get food stamps, that Michelle Obama is vying for a 3% pay raise while her husband (I wonder if they talk) wants someone else (hospitalization paid by someone other than our government) to pick up the tab for any medical after service makes my skin crawl!

    So many of these men and women have given life and limb and have to be humiliated as a second class citizen and now they should beg their hospitalization through a company they work for to cover old injuries or diseases. First of all, they are hoping they won’t have to have more medical done in the long run.

    I guess if you’re born in Kenya or somewhere other than the states and have never served your country, but have taken every perk that could be found by someone who knows where to go or you can cry minority so you can get an education paid by someone else, you really have no clue! Lives given so freely affected by nightmares for years, winding up on the street totally removed from reality or in a mental institution because you can’t crawl away from what your eye has seen or what you have had to endure or do to return home.

    I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that America couldn’t have seen the writing on the wall before they went into the voting booth! Why I have so much respect for John McCain. He’s been in that place where honor may be all you can hold on to when everything has been taken from you.

    The only thing I know if hopefully the young will rise up and run for office to change the avarice and lack of pride that seems to reign now that once was America!

    Shame on our government factions and our President and all his men and women for denying respect for all that has been given so freely by anyone entering the service.

    It would serve our country right if no one volunteered anymore to fight for a country who won’t stand up for them and see how fast all those other countries destroy themselves or are taken over by a bigger foe who don’t understand or want democracy.

    • esomhillholler says:

      If Obama manages to get this garbage passed, there will very few future volunteers for the Military. After all, with what they are paid, the only thing that makes it worth it besides honor, duty, and country are the free benefits of military life. With todays youth, how many do you think will be attracted by honor, duty and country? My family who have served in war as well as peacetime are insulted by this blatant attempt to Socialize every aspect of our freedoms. What will be do next, reinstitute the draft when no one volunteers?

  29. LoopdiLoop says:

    Well, yet 1 more line of BS to have to deal with: our Veterans not getting help with medical unless they have to pay for it???? I think, or know the president has lost his mind. I don’t think its a conspiracy theory…more of a sad Reality. Between the economy,mortgage, and everything else; there will be more to follow, more BS that is. It is heaven forbid you work hard and make $. My husband (#7 comment) was in the military for 10 yrs. He got out making 22K @ yr. All the networks are going to have a field day with this. Oh how about allowing illegal folks to get SS, criminals in jail get transplants, wounded vets not get health care coverage ???? What insanity!!! I remember my grandfather telling me during WWII that the war saved our country’s ass putting people to work to build stuff for the
    war. My husband’s grandmother was a “Rosie the Rivoter” lady. Our son has 11 yrs. in the US Air Force and is stationed in S. Korea. I am sure he would think this is BS
    too. So, I agree Fuck You to the following: OBAMA, Pelosi,
    Biden,Reid,Rangel-mr non of your business,and so many more crooks. We need to take back our country and voice ourselves.

  30. Un-Freakin-Believable!! And where is the MSM on this one? Oh, I know, they are worried about 160 M in bonuses but overlooked the 40 B to US Banks and 60 B to foreign banks. I know, that is another subject.

    Enlisted Military people don’t make SHIT for a salary, yet are willing to put themselves in harm’s way so that we can speak our minds on these topics. A lot of these families have been on Food Stamps for many decades. It amazes me that Welfare Queens and Illegals get their health care FREE!!

    Wake up America

    Fuck You Obama

    Even hard-working black folks have your number. You think you’re making whitey pay, but you are changing history. After your Impeachment, there will never be another President with your “demographics”.

  31. When I read the article this morning on Fox I nearly fell out of my chair…How dare he do this to the men in women in uniform! Every other company is forced to provide workers compensation for employees who become injured on the job, employees do not have to provide their own halth care policies. But the government is above the law???? They are to good to take care of the men and women who shed their blood, leave their families and come home in coffins?? The President and Congress sends them to war and now they do not want to take care of them? How dare them…..they work for me! The military fights to protect me! I want the brightest and the best in those uniforms….they deserve the VERY BEST this nation has to offer, not the scraps.
    I for one think if we can not provide for our service men then we can not provide anything for anyone. Dirt bags make me ill. We can pay for lazy rears to sit at home and take drugs and have kids but we can’t take care of our service personnel? Fire the whole bunch of idiots in DC today!!!! March on DC and throw everyone of them out of their high and mighty chairs…..not one of those idiots in our Whitehouse or Congress deserve to be called American. As you can tell I am really angry about this…and I do not think I will get over it anytime soon. The idea that they would just think about doing this makes me puke.

    • Have any of you checked out the site

      • Yep. I recommend it to all who read here.

        We all need to bring this to the attention of Glenn Beck, I believe that he gets watched every day by the “Black”(no reference to his skin color, but to the darkness of his heart) house. I try to watch him every day. He has the knack of reporting on things that I have been talking to deaf ears about for a good many years now!

  32. Disgusting. This administration has crossed the line on many fronts as far as I am concerned, but when Obama continues to treat the military with such contempt, he has drawn a line in the sand. This guy has got to go. He is a disgrace to this nation. The military is the only arm of government which I trust, and I have a feeling that I am not alone. I have always tried to maintain a degree of respect for President of the United States, if only for the respect due the office alone. But this man is evil. Pure evil, and HE disrespects the office of POTUS and all it stands for on this planet. I am outraged. I hope every one of you plans to attend a protest in the near future. We must NOT stand down.

  33. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

  34. Hey Everyone~ Heard a short clip from Shep tonight that BO has decided to lay off this issue….for now. Don’t think it won’t rear its ugly head again though; stay focused and watch and listen. Next big thing, he’ll undoubtedly bring it back to the forefront.

  35. Black Flag says:
  36. First and foremost, I want to thank you for your service. Men & women such as yourself allow the American people the freedoms we enjoy each & every day – the freedoms we too often take for granted. I did not know this was proposed. This is an outrage. The very individuals that guard “his” insured-and-protected-forever-ass, are the ones hes messing with! He has to be stopped.

  37. As an ex-Marine (1966 through 1969), and Viet Nam vet (Feb. 68 through Mar. 69), I learned a long time ago to never trust the government. Before the Nov. election I tried to talk to those around me about the BO formula for failure but they all hated Bush so much they wanted a demo.crat in power. How could any real thinking American have voted for a proven (by past deeds), liberal markist? Change you can believe in even if you don’t know what it is? How stupid can you be?

    If I sound a little negative forgive me. I lost my business, about to lose my home, and lost the ability to buy health insurance for my wife and I. Now I have to depend on the VA for mine. My first visit was a real eye opener, uncaring fat asses more concerned with talking about their weekend that dealing with the vets waiting to be served. If we let the government run our health care system we’ll get what we deserve for letting them.

    As a veteran who is losing everything, but my love of freedom and this country, because of poor government policies, thanks so much for the support chairman obama you markist piece of shit.

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