Guest Commentator… You Won’t Believe It

blackflagsymbolguest-commentaryI have bumped this post back up a bit so that some of the new readers that join can partake in what BF added to the economic discussion. This article was originally posted on February 8. OK, I am going to take a bit of a risk here. As the hundreds of you who have followed this blog for the last couple of months are well aware, there have been some rather uncomfortable comment exchanges between myself and one of the more frequent commenters on Stand Up For America. We often disagree on well… just about everything. I have generally simply quit debating him. I have tried to be clear that it isn’t personal. I simply won’t debate when it devolves into lack of respect or any type of circular argument that doesn’t give me the courtesy of benefit of the doubt on my morals or principles. However….

That doesn’t mean that I don’t think he is a smart guy. Because he obviously is. I certainly wish he would give me that same credit, but you can’t force someone to think what they don’t. I was reading through the comments from today and came across another one of his epic lengthy tomes that often make me want skip to the next one. But I try to always be objective and read everyone’s comments. Sometimes he has some really interesting thoughts and causes me to re-evaluate my stance, so it isn’t wasted time to read what he writes. 

Tonight I began reading with my normal skepticism. I was surprised as I got about halfway through this lengthy post and realized he had not fallen into the usual pattern of simply saying government is violence and must be abolished or twisted anything in a way I thought was out of place logically. The post was straight-forward in its intent and its logical premises. The short story: it was a good post with relevant information and limited emotional retort.

He discusses some economic thoughts that I felt were relevant. Let’s be clear that I am not saying that I endorse his thoughts or agree with his content here. I am not saying that I don’t agree either. That isn’t the point. The point is that it was interesting and relevant and I thought that because so many folks on this site are intelligent and can understand the concepts he discusses, you might like the opportunity to read and evaluate and comment for yourselves. Debate this with him and let’s see where it goes. The comment was buried in another post from a couple days ago so I brought it back out here and gave him his own post. 

So without further procrastination, todays guest commentator: BlackFlag2012 on the economic impact on government:

The American political system has been soft-core fascist for almost a century. Liberals love to call conservatives fascists.

The problem is, the liberals are right.

Of course, well-informed conservatives like to call liberals fascists, and they are correct, too.

Everyone who believes in the efficiency of the so-called government-business alliance is a fascist.

Most people do not understand the difference between fascism and Communism. Fascism: State-run capitalism.

We are now seeing what hard-core liberals always predicted would happen: the economic convergence of the two systems, USA and USSR. The system of economic convergence is fascism. That was what the liberals always wanted, but called it something else: “economic democracy” or “the government-business alliance.”

Anyone who does not understand the magnitude of what is taking place is an economic ignoramus.

Here is their intellectual problem.

They do not believe in the free market. They cannot conceive of a social institution based on voluntarism that can break the backs of government planners and central bankers. They will believe anything but this. They do not grasp the power of the free market to enforce consumers’ decisions.

The conspiracy of well-placed insiders is now tottering. The whole structure of the national American political system has rested on the solvency of the largest American banks. These banks have all been called into question. They are now gutted.

The American conspirators have lost the one thing that they thought they had: control over the nation and the nation’s finances by means of the fractional reserve banking system. That system is coming unglued, just as the Austrian economists who understand the enormous weakness of the fractional reserve system had said would eventually take place.

I wonder sometimes if there is anything coherent remaining in what is generally called the conservative movement.

Do any of these people have a clue as to what has been taking place? We are seeing the disintegration of the fractional reserve banking system all over the world. It is being held together by bailouts, which are the government equivalent of bailing wire and chewing gum.

The only thing holding the whole structure together is an enormous residual faith in the State and a naïve faith that deficits don’t matter.

This is not the silence of the lambs; this is a silence of unindicted co-conspirators, most of whom teach in tax-supported universities and spend their careers writing unreadable articles in unread academic journals in order to get tenure, so that the taxpayers can never fire them.

These people are apologists for the State.

Most of them have been on a public payroll all of their lives. These are the people who, in the name of conservative free-market principles, are supposed to stand in the gap to warn us that the ship of state is going over the falls.

They didn’t – because their paycheck depended on your ignorance

The fascist State was always an attempt to control private industry by means of inflation, taxation, and regulation.

Fascism was always a system of keeping the big boys alive and happy at the expense of the taxpayers. Of course, the faces changed. The system was always one gigantic system of cartels, regulation, and fiat money. It was, in short, everything that the critics of modern capitalism say is wrong with capitalism. This is why John Maynard Keynes wrote this in his Foreword to the German edition of his General Theory (1936).

The theory of aggregated production, which is the point of the following book, nevertheless can be much easier adapted to the conditions of a totalitarian state [eines totalen Staates] than the theory of production and distribution of a given production put forth under conditions of free competition and a large degree of laissez-faire. This is one of the reasons that justifies the fact that I call my theory a general theory.

We are now seeing the unraveling of the entire system, all over the world. Whatever happens from this point on, economic production will be hampered by ever-increasing regulation. The government is now intervening to save the banks, which means that the banks are beholden to the government.

The economists trust bureaucracy. They trust people with Ph.D.’s, just like themselves. But, except at the Federal Reserve, the agencies are run by lawyers and by appointees who hope to get a fat lobbying salary when they leave the government. Why should we think that a bunch of Harvard- and Yale-educated lawyers, who were recruited by New York City banks that were always protected by the Federal Reserve System, would have any idea of how to run an economy? We now know how well they could run the economy. They stripped off million-dollar bonuses for running the system over the falls.

This economy will revive, but it will revive on a new basis. It is no longer possible for someone who understands Austrian School economics to look at this economy as anything remotely resembling a free-market economy.

The Federal Reserve System is soon going to have to bail out the Federal government. The Federal government is bailing out the commercial banks, and if the Federal government cannot bail out the banks, the Federal Reserve has got to do it directly. In either case, the banks are busted. The capital is gone: wasted. The money is still in people’s bank accounts, but the fiat-money-funded projects have turned out to be losers. The skyscrapers are empty. The recovery is going to be a nominal recovery, based on the digits known as dollars. These digits are going to be produced in such massive quantities that prices will shoot up as never before in peacetime America. It is going to be the destruction of the dollar.

Do I see this as the end of freedom? No, I see it is the end of the fascist State. The monstrosity came close to going belly-up last October. It is on its last, tottering legs. It has lost respect of the public.

The politicians are even convinced the banks were run by a bunch of corrupt, self-serving men, which was in fact the case. What government-protected industry isn’t?

But that was not why the bankers lost money. They were lured by Alan Greenspan’s policies of easy money and low interest rates into believing that the boom was real, and that they could leverage themselves 30 to one or 40 to one and get paid for their wisdom. They were high-paid suckers. The Austrian School economists warned all through the period that this was going to happen. We were all dismissed as cranks.

As the Internet grows in its influence, alternative views can get to a minority of educated people. This indicates that the foundations of the modern fascist economy are being undermined where it counts, which is in the minds of bright people who are no longer buying into the system.

In the long run, Keynes was right: the economic policies of politicians today are based on the writings of some obscure economist in the past.

Those two economists were Irving Fisher and John Maynard Keynes. Their world is now toppling. Through their disciples, they are like a pair of drunks staggering along, holding up each other. Keynes wanted deficit spending. Fisher wanted a banking system that would cover these deficits.

The money from the central banking system funds the Treasury, and the Treasury in turn bails out the big commercial banks – no longer nearly so big. Everything is based on a daisy chain of digits. Meanwhile, unemployment is rising, production is falling, fear is spreading, loss of faith is spreading, and tens of thousands of formerly highly paid specialists in finance are looking for jobs. This is not a matter of a conspiracy; this is a matter of the free market finally voting no against the conspirators.

There are conservatives who think that all is lost because of the conspiracy. These are people who never did anything anyway. They do not see that we are at the end of an era. We are seeing the culmination of a 500-year era. Jacques Barzun titled his great history of this era, From Dawn to Decadence. We are seeing what Martin Van Creveld called the fall of the state, meaning the nation-state.

These scholars agree: we are seeing the bankruptcy of every Western government that has made too many big promises to too many voters regarding free healthcare and guaranteed retirement. All of it will collapse. The tatters of the promises will point to the tatters of those who made the promises – politicians – and the tatters of the system that supposedly was going to guarantee delivery of the promises.

The academics still believe in the healing power of the State. The voters still believe this, too. But voters are catching on more rapidly than the academics that the State is running out of wiggle room. Millions of voters have figured out that they are going to get stiffed. They don’t know what to do about it, but at least they understand that they really are going to get stiffed.

The academics say “no.” They keep telling all of us that everything is okay, that a few more trillion-dollar deficits will solve the problem. The doubling of the monetary base in 2009 will have no more disruptive effects than the doubling of the monetary base did in the second half of 2008. They tell us all this, but the public is either oblivious, or else is growing suspicious.

We will have another round or two of centralized government, and probably more than one or two rounds of increased monetary expansion. But what we will not have is a restoration of anything resembling the financial world that existed prior to September 2008. That world is gone. The insiders will not get it back. They may get an imitation of it, based on fiat money that does not buy very much, but they will not see the world of 2007 restored. The power base of the modern fascist State is unraveling rapidly.

This is why it is important for you to preserve your assets by not believing the official assurances. Put your money where the experts tell you that you should not put your money. You should take your money out of those segments of the economy into which the experts say you should put your money, and will soon boom. They have ignored the fact that the stock market has been a losing case since March of 2000. They would not admit it then; they will not admit it now. Anybody who bought and held a portfolio of indexed American stocks in March of 2000 has lost well over half of his money. Investors will learn, even though academic economists will not.

So there you go. I know it was lengthy but there are some interesting points there. And I, even with quite a bit of economic knowledge, couldn’t have broken it down for you in this way. Again I am not agreeing or disagreeing with BlackFlag’s points here. But they are worth pondering. So I regularly give you all the opportunity to let loose on me and my ideas and thoughts. Today it is his turn. Please make some comments below even if it is nothing more than letting me know whether you like the idea of my having guest commentaries such as this.


  1. A lot of insight. Too much to really comment on in this response. At the same time, I can’t help but feeling that there are things going on behind the scenes that would alter what be now believe to be happening.

  2. Sorry you people are trying to sell your readers a pig in a poke. Saying both parties are fascist don’t work anymore.Trying to put the blame on both parties and then say to be a republiklan doesn’t work.Bush drove the country to hell by spending the surplus on a unnecessary war.Osama bin Laden said he would drive America bankrupt, and he did.

    • Since you want to come and be silly, immature, and start throwing names around Kid F., I will call you on your ignorance and statements that are circular. So who are you blaming, Bush or Bin Laden. You claim one did it and then give the other credit. You strike me as the quintessential liberal mouth piece. You love to throw around words like racist, homophobe, clan and you think it wins you points. It does, with the stupid people. Unfortunately you will quickly find that we don’t have those here. So if this is the type of attack and commenting that you intend to do, don’t waste your time. Perhaps you should have read the rules. When you start failing to respect others and throwing around immature names at folks trying to have intelligent conversation, you are no longer welcome. So clean it up going forward. If you want to debate, use your brain instead of liberal talking points from and the dailykos and we will be happy to show you why you know absolutely nothing about politics. Continue on your current tactics and I will simply ban you from the site and delete your posts. Your choice.

  3. revolution2010 says:

    Well, I don’t have to do it often, but I apologize, not that you care, obviously…
    That was a very thought provoking post. I will admit that I have come to the same conclusion that they are trying to keep the wool pulled down over our eyes but they are losing the tethers faster than they can replace them. I will say that my husband and I have just implemented a plan to pay off our house in the next 8 years… we hope it will take that long for the inflation to hit though we really think we will be short a couple of years, still we agree that is exactly where we are headed.
    I do have a question about your comment on the stock market in March of 2000. There were tons of people who made a killing in the stock market during that time period (though some have re-lost it), just like there were tons of people who got rich during the great depression. History, being what it is tells us that path will simply follow again. Why is this any different? Why is this the definite end?
    The stimulus plan is crap. It will have the same effect as a gnat farting on a fire. Do you think the American people will start putting Representatives in office who believe in smaller government; I don’t believe they are ready for anarchy, do you? Will we get to a place where the government either sells off or squashes government funded programs that should be run by private enterprise? I am hard pressed to think that the liberals will ever go for that.
    Let me end by saying thanks, the post was very well thought out and relevant to our current situation. I find myself looking for more and more answers to questions no one can answer, it is a very uncertain world we are living in.

    • MonarchAZ says:

      I agree that BlackFlag’s posting was very insightful. I also applaud US Weapon for both preserving civility in this blog and for retrieving BlackFlag’s comments.
      Revolution2010 says she doesn’t believe the American people are ready for anarchy. I agree the majority of Americans are not but I fear it will come anyway. We are hopelessly naive about the groups of people who have entered this country with an entirely different outlook than our own. We’ve grown up with a respect for the “rule of law.” We’re outraged when we see that those rules aren’t always applied fairly. Our history of survival based on respect for constitutionally based law keeps us from abandoning it. Imagine if you’d NEVER lived under such a system? Many “new” Americans come from places where when people realize they are powerless victims of political/economic games the only response is to take what they want by any means. Whether our homes are paid for or not, one day may come when someone knocks on your door with AK-47 in hand and says, “This is our house now.” Needless paranoia? I hope so.

  4. You mention that my comment is circular,that’s what happen.President Bush did what bin Laden said. He invaded Iraq and the surplus was gone.If America does a pre-emptive war,people can do it to the U.S.The world is finally trusting us.He could have solved Afghanistan with two well placed Tomahawk nukes on 9/11.Instead he waited two months to go to Afghanistan.The final insult was going to Iraq.

    • esomhillholler says:

      Bush did not do what bin Laden said. Bush responded to an attack on the People of the United States. The ‘surplus’ as you call it never in reality existed to begin with. What did you and your fellow liberals expect America to do? Roll over and play dead? What you call a preemptive war. Those of us with a working brain call Justice for a crime committed against us. Maybe if Slick Willie Clinton had given the Special Forces Permission to fire when they had bin Laden in their sights, the attack would have never taken place to begin with. How’s that for preemptive The problem you liberals never seem to get is that you cannot just roll over like a Frenchman every time someone does something evil to you or your allies. As far as Iraq goes why don’t you keep your big trap shut since you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Iraq at the time was the worlds leader in Terrorism and Bush took his ass out! I swear you Socialist liberals are nuttier than Squirrel Turds.

      • esomhillholler says:

        BF and US,
        I apologize to you two for this rant at this fool. People like him just piss me off. I enjoyed reading your comments BF and agree that you have some interesting points. I don’t agree with everything you say but then that’s what we’re here for, is to discuss things and differences are a consequence of different views from different people. That is the biggest reason I enjoy this site.

  5. Black Flag says:

    rjjrdq said

    A lot of insight. Too much to really comment on in this response. At the same time, I can’t help but feeling that there are things going on behind the scenes that would alter what be now believe to be happening.

    Adam Smith’s famous “Invisible Hand” is what is going on behind the scenes.

    We humans have a very hard time believing in natural order. In nature, each sub-system, sub-sub-systems etc. operates ‘in freedom’ creating an amazing chaotic, unpredictable – but wholly working and functional – natural order.

    But the Ancients attributed natural action to be the design and will of God(s) – they could not imagine that nature is fundamentally a perfect example of chaotic order. It had to be by design of some intelligence behind the scenes

    No less today. Many people are very disturbed to believe that human society – it’s economics and politics – could operate optimally in chaotic order. Though most of these people have made a baby step advance, and not necessarily attribute the functioning of free society to be the effect of God(s), they still demand that there must be, and has to be, someone or thing or entity or enterprise micro-managing everything.

    I guess some people don’t realize that even God doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow.

  6. Black Flag says:

    Kid Funkadelic,

    This started long before Bush and Bin Laden – we are merely seeing the consequences of actions initiated, arguably, back in 1980, 1970, 1966, 1956, 1945, 1942, 1939, 1932, 1918, 1914…you get the picture…right to the day of the signing of the Constitution and ending the Articles of Confederation.

    The straw that broke the camels back is not only the last straw – but the accumulation of the straw before, too.

    We tend to focus on that last straw, and miss the real lessons of all that weight piled underneath.

  7. Black Flag says:

    revolution2010 said

    Well, I don’t have to do it often, but I apologize, not that you care, obviously…

    I always care! Or I wouldn’t pontificate so much 🙂

    I will say that my husband and I have just implemented a plan to pay off our house in the next 8 years…

    Take this with normal skepticism – and completely depending on your age and position in your life and life style – however, I would suggest re-mortgage with a term and amortization equal and for as long as possible to obtain a rate under 5.5% Do not get into a variable mortgage disaster! As well, pay down credit cards – they are variable as well and their interest rates will follow inflation lock-step.

    The fastest way to become wealthy is to borrow today – lock in a low interest rate for as long as possible, and let inflation pay it off.

    It is the government’s plan to use inflation to pay off their debt – so you can trust this is what they will manipulate the economy to accomplish.

    I do have a question about your comment on the stock market in March of 2000. There were tons of people who made a killing in the stock market during that time period (though some have re-lost it), just like there were tons of people who got rich during the great depression. History, being what it is tells us that path will simply follow again. Why is this any different? Why is this the definite end?

    They made money off of fiat currency and fractional reserve manipulations. Fiat currency and the fractional reserve system, as we know it, is finished.

    The fractional reserve system allowed the banks to create money out of thin air – with fiat currency (the ‘printing press’), there was no natural limit to this creation.

    Money created out of thin air evaporates back into thin air. This is were all the losses are headed. There are some commentators screaming to find those that have all this ‘money’ – but no one does. It was fictitious to begin with. So there is no missing money to find.

    The only winners will be those that converted their currency into real value and real things. Do we wonder why the Fed and the Government is nationalizing the institutions that legally own most of the property – via unsustainable mortgages – in America?

    Another real fear is for the likes of China to start spending their currency and buying American real estate, companies, or resources (like they have been).

    A Canadian nickel company was bought by China – trading green pieces of worthless paper for ownership of real valuable ore. The Canadians think they are rich. The Chinese known the Canadians are naive and stupid.

    But then again, the Chinese gave America all those goods for essentially free, too – so I guess that makes them the same as the Canadians.

    The stimulus plan is crap. It will have the same effect as a gnat farting on a fire. Do you think the American people will start putting Representatives in office who believe in smaller government;

    No. The Americanus Boobus is alive and well. As you’ve read from me before, I think anyone who believes voting can make a positive change is at best naive.

    Futile hope beats strongly in the heart of the American voter. They bought into the system lock, stock and barrel. When the whole thing collapses around them, they will be shocked, scared and caught completely unprepared. That will make them incredibly dangerous to the rest of us.

    But I do believe in what Jay Nock called the “The Remnant” – a small minority who understand the nature of the State and society, and who would become influential only after the current dangerous course had become thoroughly and obviously untenable.

    Will we get to a place where the government either sells off or squashes government funded programs that should be run by private enterprise? I am hard pressed to think that the liberals will ever go for that.

    They will soon be in no position to influence even their own feet.

    The system they built has collapsed – we are merely hearing the mighty roar of its crumbling – but soon it will be followed by death’s silence.

    Then we will see what rises out of that.

  8. The Kid stated “…The world is finally trusting us. He could have solved Afghanistan with two well placed Tomahawk nukes on 9/11.”

    First – what makes you think the world “finally trusts” America? Do you know what CSTO is and its purpose? Have you visited any of the participants? Can you speak or read the primary language of the area (hint – the alphabet was developed by Saint Cyril)? Somehow, I think not. Perhaps if you did / have / could, you might arrive at a different conclusion.

    Second – are you saying that America is “finally trusted” due to the fact that there was not one less country in the world on the morning of 12 September 2001? The use of two TLAM-N’s against Afghanistan would have made things better, in your opinion?

    Third – Mr. Flag was discussing economics and government…quite well, whether you agree with his views or not. Perhaps you would be well served by going to a library and reading some works by Bastiat, Hazlitt, Smith, and Locke. You might glean some interesting and useful information.

  9. BF:

    Your post made me think of Chaos Theory…not a topic that I understood very well in college, and still do not now. In your view, is there an order or pattern that can be broken? If I remember correctly – even though Lorenz at first saw randomness, as he carried it out to further digits and graphed it section by section, and saw the curve kept repeating.

  10. Thanks for posting this.

  11. Black Flag says:

    Rowe said

    Your post made me think of Chaos Theory…not a topic that I understood very well in college, and still do not now.

    Don’t worry – few do! 🙂

    Reminds me of Niels Bohr discussing Einstein’s Theories… someone asked about another certain scientist’s debate and discourse about them…to which Bohr responded “I understand Einstein theories, and Einstein understands his theories. There is no one else who understands his theories.”

    In your view, is there an order or pattern that can be broken? If I remember correctly – even though Lorenz at first saw randomness, as he carried it out to further digits and graphed it section by section, and saw the curve kept repeating.

    Not repeating, but creating a pattern.

    The dots appeared on the page (or screen) randomly – there was no prediction to where the next ‘dot’ might appear. If ever a dot re-appeared exactly over top of a previous dot, then from that point, the sequence would begin repeating (because the calculation always started from the position of the previous dot – so if you eventually got back to a old dot, the next dot could be predicated).

    But the dots never overlapped. If they ‘appeared’ that they did, an increase in resolution actually showed that they were separated – and in fact did not overlap. This is where Mandelbrot did a lot of his work – showing that the change in resolution maintained the pattern, but the sequence to make the pattern remained unpredictable.

    What Lorenz saw in the randomness was a forming pattern – with his particular formula, it created two ‘attractors’ – areas where no dots actually appeared, but where the pattern seemed to swirl around like planets orbiting an invisible gravity hole. The boundary area between these two attractors seemed tight and crowded – and he surmised that it was at this “boundary condition” that the randomness swung either toward one attractor from the other. The pattern created a ‘butterfly’ looking pattern – hence, the ‘butterfly effect’ (and no, it is not meant to mean the flapping of a butterfly in Hong Kong will make it snow in New York = this quip is simply to signify the chaotic nature of the boundary condition – a slight change in the condition can flip the patterns attractor – but it is NOT the butterfly effect that Lorenz was talking about).

    So if you look at the pattern, it appears there are the two butterfly wings – but increasing the resolution will show that the lines making the wings never cross!

    We humans are geniuses at seeing patterns – even in those that are created out of randomness and chaos!

    So there is an underlying order in chaos – chaos as in perfect randomness, not as in confusion.

    I like this quote:

    “Chaos always wins because it is so much better organized”

  12. Black Flag says:

    Thanks, USWep, for the nice highlight as a Guest Poster!

  13. BF:

    Your short summation explained it far better for me than several weeks in Physics class…thank you.


  14. SFC Dick says:

    economics shmeconomics ( I had to, not mature but I feel better now)

    I remember back when I took economics 101, still scribling’ on the backs of shovels, I thought ” man, this aint no hard science, this is all theory”. That being said I believe there are things that work and things that don’t. From my limited knowledge I don’t believe we’ve had a free market…ever. I figure in taxation as a tool of the state to control the market.

    I think walter Williams wrote about the shop keeper in refence to “benevoulance” of the free market V the state. I remeber that from eco 101. The shop keeper provides a valuable service that has to continue to be viable in its delivery of a valuable service or it dies. The shop keeper does not set out nor is he particullary concerned about his benevoulance but he needs to keep his market open. To do this he constantly adjusts to the needs of his consumers. The consumers realize the actuallity of this value and continue to shop at his place. The state has never, that I’m aware of , provided a service that lived or died on the basis of it’s ability to provide value. But yet the state is quite the prickley bug when it comes to competition in its market place. Like school vouchers? yeh, well “fugedda boutit, yous gets yous schoolin ats da place dat we it!”

    Some folks are equally prickley when talking about the free market in reference to robber barrons and how the unions had to save the day. I find most time these arguments revolve around bussiness owners that were trading on with or support by the publics’ properties, such as railroads, coal mines, trucking and shipping. If you are going to dig in my US soil, rail across my planes or ship from my ports I believe you have just gone down a notch on the free enterprise scale. That is not to say that the goverment is now allowed to tax you because that is merely coercive redistribution.

    My point? We are screwed. The stock market? If these investment opportunities were so grand why were these money dudes selling them off instead of investing their own money? corporate america has had a great big date rape party and we the people we the guest of honor, now we have sobered up a bit ( just a bit) and we wonder about asking what happened? Now comes the accomplice that accompanied us to this party saying , “here, drink this, you’ll feel better in a minute or two. I’ll take care of you” and we seem prepared to lift that drink to our lips, in hope against hope, that everything will be better this time tomorow”.

  15. BF…you actually amaze me…just about the time I think I have you figured out you throw a curve ball. This was very good….alot missing but it does grab the highlights and you did an excellant job! This does not appear to be info you just gathered off the net….lots of boring books imbodied here. Do you mind telling me what you do for a living? or did do? No offense but most of the reading it takes to follow this pattern through the US History and World History via econonics would put a normal person to sleep (me or instance). I will be back later to check this post out….good job should get some people dusting some books.

    • Black Flag says:

      My calling is problem solving, which is expressed today in solving intense technology issues all over the world as a consultant and technology instructor.

      My early education was toward Physics – I followed an early love of science and math….and then I ran into airplanes and wanted to fly fighter jets…but that destiny was not to be ….and then I ran into a computer – and thus, the rest of the story….

      “Technology has been very, very, very good to me” – paraphrasing SNL skit. 🙂

      I’m a voracious reader and blessed with a significant eidetic memory. Makes me nearly unbeatable at “Trivial Pursuit” 😉 … and Poker …! But, somehow, I always seem to forget what my wife said 10 minutes ago.. nor do I remember much from what I did yesterday…I’d be a lousy eye witness in a court room….

      I also lucid dream almost every night, working out problems and debating with myself on issues.

      My wife asked me once to estimate the number of books I’ve read – and it is in the multiples of thousands.

      On top of that, I’ve probably read millions of pages of essays and articles in paper or online.

      I LOVE history and economics but I’m have no degree in history or economics – though I’ve taught a living history course at a community college – not the typical person/date/event – but add lots of human color and background to the ancient human spirits.

      Economics is the mother of politics, and as such engrossed me at a young age while I was trying to work out the contradictions I saw in “the system”.

      I submerse myself into 18th century political philosophy – some of the most clear concepts of human freedom were first articulated in this era – and we are still struggling to make them real today.

      I’ve lived more out side of North America then inside – India, Caribbean, Latin America, Central Africa – but since my daughter has gotten older, I’ve slowed down and landed so to speak to provide some ‘stability’ in her environment.

  16. US Weapon,

    Thanks for posting Black Flag’s article. You are a stand up guy, I would have missed it had you not brought it front and center.

    Black Flag,

    Wow, you are light years ahead of me. I have a whole different impression of you after reading that. Now I realize that in the theory of chaos and randomness, anything can happen. But just for fun, where do you see this country (and the world) in 5, 10, 15 years? I just keep having the feeling that we are so screwed, as individuals and as a country. I literally don’t sleep well at night, if at all.

    Thanks! Dee

  17. Black Flag says:

    Whereas I’m a deep pessimist regarding the short term, I am a hopeless optimist for the future.

    The struggle for mankind for the last 10,000 years has been to free themselves from the yoke of government – the entity that has achieved the pinnacle of organized violence.

    10,000 years or so, mankind moved from nomadic existence into agriculture – thus, concepts of ‘ownership’, ‘work’, ‘future’ – and, of course, ‘theft’ – all came into existence.

    The fight since then has been to restore human freedom while maintaining the fruits of advancement and moral organization – ie: resistance to government.

    Each improvement in the ability of a man (or woman) to defend themselves from government has increased human freedom.

    From the long bow, to the long rifle, to the hand gun – all have ushered a new era of human freedom – only to have it beaten back with ever more increase in violence by government to retain power. Thus, as humans gained freedom, government reorganized to become even more oppressive and dominant – until it has achieved a global reach.

    However, I see that this time government has reached its maximum extent – and run against the ultimate empowerment of the individual.

    Today, a man controls the wealth greater than most nation states.

    Today, a man has declared war on the greatest military power in history – and battled it to exhaustion and stalemate.

    Today, a man can communicate his beliefs and thoughts to millions of people all over the world – instantly and at nearly zero cost.

    Today, it is conceivable that one man can control power – communication and financial and weapons – on par with nuclear armed nations.

    A few men armed with long bows forced upon a King the concept that the law applies to all men – including kings.

    A few men armed with long rifles forced a King to admit that the people have the right to govern themselves.

    What will a few men, with the power of nations and capable of resisting the most powerful, do for the freedom of all of mankind?

    The next era will be one of a renewal of a greater Renaissance – or the greatest Dark Ages in history.

    The difference is, completely, up to us. We are making the history that a thousand years from now, our prodigy will be debating about – did we do well or did we fail?

  18. Calf Roper says:

    Black Flag,

    You seem like a very intelligent and well-read individual. A lot of what you post makes a lot of sense. However, I worry that your ideology is somewhat like a man sitting in a room in a house that is burning down around him. The flames come ever closer and the man simply hunkers down and does nothing. He doesn’t recognize the existence of the flames and thinks that if I simply don’t recognize the power of the flames, then they can’t hurt me.

    However, eventually, the flames burn the man to death. And all along, the man’s neighbors were busy trying to throw water on the entire situation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have taken a lot of your advice in preparing for extrememly hard times. We now have survival kits, we’ve loaded up on weapons and ammunition, our horses are trained for packing and camping, we grow gardens, and generally try to prepare for hard times (without being alarmists). Most people hear that you prepare like this and they call you a “doomsdayer”, but it’s not the case. I just feel the need to be prepared to lose most of what we have and be forced to survive on much less. Actually, I almost look forward to it. It seems like the more material possessions we get, the more trapped we become and the less freedom we have. But I digress…

    Black Flag, why not at least make a push for federalism and having the states take back the power that has been their’s all along. Each time our states take money from the federal government, the state becomes less. And a state government is much easier for the citizenry to keep in check than is the federal government (at least I would think so).

    So why not advocate getting involved at the local and state levels and pushing for a hard-line stance against the federal government? I think USWeapon advocates this and I would tend to agree.

    Just my thoughts.

  19. SFC Dick says:

    Ok, now I get it. spook.

  20. Cruisnez says:

    Thanks to all of you (with perhaps one exception). I’m an old working guy and new to the search for intelligence on the internet. Until now, I had found little. There is plenty of vitriol and dogma out there, just not a lot of reasoning. I’ll look forward to seeing this site everyday.

    • Hey now, just because I’m an idiot doesn’t mean i don’t have something constructive to add, oh, wait….uh, I guess it does.

  21. Black Flag says:

    Calf Roper

    Black Flag, why not at least make a push for federalism and having the states take back the power that has been their’s all along.

    Centralization of power allows evil a fertile field. Decentralization is a very good thing.

    So I am most certainly in favor of State rights over Federal rights.

    But, see first paragraph above.

    Therefore, I am most certainly in favor of county/city rights over State rights.

    I am most certainly in favor of individual rights over county/city rights.

    So why not advocate getting involved at the local and state levels and pushing for a hard-line stance against the federal government? I think USWeapon advocates this and I would tend to agree.

    USWep is aware that I have already suggested, many times, if someone wants to dance with the devil, best do it at a local level.

    1) Individual influence is much higher.
    2) Responsibility is higher as you are closer to those you are infecting influencing.

    I have suggested that USWep (because he is irrational and still wants to be a part of government 😉 ) he engage the local level – city politics – and avoid federal politics like the plague.

    Best of all, though, would be to not involve any human energy into the beast. But I do realize that some people want to experience pain personally.

    • Calf Roper says:

      You make a good point. I guess that if enough people simply ignored the government and its unfair regulations and so-called laws, then the government would lose a large part of its power. Though, I imagine several thousands of citizens would die before a better balance was reached.

    • Black Flag says:

      Isn’t that sad, though, that it may cost thousands of lives before people simply – stop – believing in government.


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