Because We Cannot Let Maureen Dowd Suffer

I think you all know what I think of the Main Stream Media. All of them are biased. Most, but not all, of them are biased to the left. I chuckle at the sheer stupidity of anyone who attempts to make the claim that this isn’t true. They point to Fox News, but in reality Fox does pretty unbiased news during the day and freely admits that they turn the station over to conservative hosts at night. But it is far too easy to point out MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Keith Olberman, Katie Couric, and the wonderful Mrs. Dowd…. you get the point. The fact is that the news simply is not the news any more.

couric-middle-fingerMost of the media has become a liberal propaganda machine. Don’t try and fight me on this. You will be wasting your time. First and foremost, by their own admission, 70% of the people in the media admit to being liberal democrats. Some, like MSNBC, have made an obvious transparent move to that side, not even bothering to hide it. Their hate mongering on that channel is horrible. And it should be noted that they consistently finish dead last in the ratings for cable news. So much for that belief that “all of America has come over to our side” that the media and democrats try to tell us. 

And their tactics are many. They do attack pieces on conservatives. They cover any Republican committing -insert heinous act here- with front page blaring headlines, while Democrats who commit the same act are on page 15B. They write about political positions in a way that makes conservatives seem crazy and liberals the wise sages of the modern era. They promote liberal politicians while attacking conservative ones. The recent disgusting love affair they had with O’prompter was just the most obvious and overwhelming incident I could point out.

They point out that Bush used fear to take away our rights via the Patriot Act but never seem to mention that the Democrats are using fear to pass sweeping health care reform, environmental policy reform, or private industry intrusion. And where they cannot control the message, in talk radio, they are looking to enact the fairness doctrine in order to eliminate the dissenting voices. It can’t be long before they come in and look to shut down this site too. After all, we cannot have people from all points of view having intelligent and honest conversations without government or media control.

newspapersripAnd the best part of it all is that despite all their claims of liberal views being what America wants, they are failing on a grand scale. Sure they got their boy elected, but the American public is beginning to see through their bullshit. And the control they have had over America is beginning to slip. The print media is see the worst of it (or the best of it from my perspective) because they are failing the fastest. The print media is dying. I believe this is because editors of print newspapers have gone away from editing to ensure the public got accurate information and what they wanted to read to instead having a job title that is more in line with strategically determining what information the public will see. I think the lack of competition in major markets was the culprit. When they no longer had to worry about being scooped by rival papers, they were then allowed to begin deciding what message they wanted to put out. It was all downhill from there. 

And downhill it has been. The newspaper people blame the pace of daily life and the move towards internet consumption of information; both are factors. But in an age of decline, they have been indifferent to losses as a result of ideological bias and the disgust the center right in America has for purely liberal reporting. Figures released by the Newspaper Association of America show that the decline of newspapers is more rapid than previously thought, with total print advertising revenue in 2007 plunging 9.4% compared to 2006, the biggest drop in revenue since 1950, the year they started tracking annual revenue. Daily circulation across the industry has declined every year since 1987; Sunday editions, since 1990.

dead-kool-aidAnd now the liberal politicians are beginning to panic a little bit about this. They are not panicking publicly. But they are panicking behind closed doors. The control machine is losing its power. How can they continue to remain in power if they are unable to sway an uneducated American public through the media. That uneducated public takes the media at their word, believing that they are honest. If that goes away, who will help the politicians fool the people. If the Democrats are the Pied Piper, the media is the musical pipe used to lead the rats to their demise. Let us not forget that in the true legend of the Pied Piper, he returned and killed all the children of the town. Perhaps my analogy fits better than I first thought….

So now the Democrats are leading the charge to save their propaganda machine. We recently saw Crazy Eyes Pelosi lobbying to save the Bay area papers that keep her in power. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, the San Francisco Democrat asked the department to weigh the public benefit of saving The San Francisco Chronicle and other papers from closure against the agency’s antitrust mission to guard against anti-competitive behavior. “We must ensure that our policies enable our news organizations to survive and to engage in the news gathering and analysis that the American people expect,” Pelosi wrote.

write-what-you-are-toldAnd now we have a bill proposed by Maryland Democrat Senator Benjamin Cardin to rescue newspapers by rewriting tax law to allow newspapers to operate as tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, just as long as they don’t make official endorsements of political candidates. The IRS allows 501(c)(3) nonprofits to operate freely as long as they don’t violate certain rules regarding political activity. The IRS prohibits nonprofits from any bias that would “favor one candidate over another … oppose a candidate in some manner; or … have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates.” Tax rules prohibit endorsements, but there are ways to promote specific candidates outside the editorial pages. We all are aware of that. Not giving a specific endorsement is not a big deal when the stories serve that purpose without endorsing anyone.

Critics say, and I believe correct say, that this would be the first step towards government controlled media. You will almost certainly have government tax officials examining the content of papers for telltale signs of bias and advocacy. Talk about a violation of the Bill of Rights.

So where is this going? Let’s look at a few of the things Senator Cardin and others have made. “This bill is a vital first move to save a crumbling industry that employs tens of thousands.” Cardin and  “If we’re not careful, there are going to be 40,000 journalists out of work and we’re not going to be able to put them back to work. If we let the papers go, we cause a problem.” Robert Lang.

Sound familiar? The newspapers are too vital to the economy to let them fail. Tens of thousands will be out of work. And this is what the politicians do. Make you believe that they are the only ones that can fix it. And convince you that intervention is necessary and the world will end if newspapers go away. After all, this tactic worked in all the other bailouts.

Well, I hope they do fail. They have another option here. They could restructure, eliminating the obvious bias from their newspapers. Actually make your paper a reliable, non-biased, NEWS source. But we would not want to overstep our bounds and suggest that newspapers begin reporting news.


  1. As I am recovering from yesterdays surgery, I had some time last night to chnnel filick between FOX and MSNBC between 10:30 and midnight. I had done this during the campaign and realized the bias tha USW speaks of today. I also thought of all the e-mails I sent in opposition to the bailout last fall. While I have heard many elected officials say that up to 90% of their constituents were also in opposition, the bailout still passed. This led me to an idea and thought about e-mailing USW about writing on the subject. Well, I didn’t send an e-mail, as this article is as close as it could get.

    Anyway, during my clouded thought process, I realized that we, as voters most likely will not be able to get our elected officials (not all mind you) to listen. Since we will not likely get anywhere until the next election cycle, evne if then, the next best thing is to attack the liberal media voices that give them the biased power which they enjoy today.

    I stopped buying the local newspapers, as did many others, and it is starting to work here at home. I will write the editors and tell them that I will not buy their product until they chose to report the news in an unbiased manner. I’ve told all my friends as well. Thats a start, but it’s the BIG MSM outlets that need to get the message. I am certainly looking for some solid ideas on how to take an offensive attack position on the biased MSM, and somehow make it public knowledge that they are left-leaning and biased. A good plan and hard action, to attack the useless liberal voices of MSM could change the results of the next election, for the better.

    Another great article USW, I’ve come to enjoy this blog greatly, and appreciate the honest people who reply here.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      G-man, ALL I watch is FoxNews. I don’t watch local news at all unless it’s the weather. I also am trying to figure ways for the MSM to get the message but don’t see a way. They are too big. Hey, wait a minute. Does that mean if MSNBC starts to fail gov’t will bail them out as well? OH SNAP!

      • MSM is mostly owned by corporations, MSMBC, I believe is owned by General Electric, who have gotten bailout money. This is where it could start. Write or e-mail the company CEO’s and let them know of your displeasure with the media outlet they currently own, and tell them if the bias don’t stop, we will not purchase the products they produce any longer.

    • USWeapon says:


      I hope that this finds you recovering well. I hate recovering from surgeries, and I have done lots of it, lol. I appreciate the comments on the site. I am glad that you are finding it to your liking. I have tried to create a place where intelligent discussion can take place.

      Taking on the MSM is a daunting task. They certainly seem untouchable these days, and now it appears they will receive government assistance if we are not allowed to use our own wallets to send the message. Ah, yet another example of the government not allowing the free market to correct itself….

  2. It’s great to hear someone actually make sense on a topic. Keep up the good work! I wish more of the American public would take an interest in the country so that they could at least make informed decisions rather than taking politicians at their word…

    • USWeapon says:

      Well taking the politicians word on anything certainly doesn’t seem like a sound practice any longer. O’prompter certainly seemed like the most genuine politician we had seen is quite a while, and now we are clearly seeing that he was completely full of shit on the campaign trail. Saddening.

  3. esomhillgazette says:

    Since when is a Newspaper too dang big to let fail? I’m am sick to my stomach of government telling me any Co. or Corp. is big to fail. What a bunch of bullhockey! I wonder if or when gov’t will realize that to save the economy we MUST let some of these businesses go. I haven’t read anything bigger than my local bi-weekly newspaper in years except for the Sports section and the comics, and usually not even that. Heck, why should you buy a newspaper when you can get better news reporting on the net or TV? WOW! 40,000 whole worthless journalists out of work! The reason they won’t be able to put them back to work is that they have no practical skills. I suppose they could make some them speechwriters for Democratic Politicians. The speeches certainly couldn’t get much more liberal after all. Or maybe we could use them for fertilizer. All they have to do is open their mouths and the dookey would fall right out!

    • USWeapon says:


      Amen. NOTHING is too big to fail. It may hurt a bit, but the market always takes care of itself. Something will fill the void. The newspapers are already being replaced by blogs just like this one. I have biases, and I freely admit them so that anyone reading will know exactly how to take what I say. But I try, at a minimum, to always be honest with the information that I provide. I say 40,000 lying journalists out of work is one of those “about time” things. They forfeited any sympathy from me when they started believing that it was their right to further an agenda by fooling the American public.

  4. Good one, US

    In his book, Bias, Bernie Goldberg write about how influential the NY Times is to broadcast media. They take the Times, and pick stories out of it to assign reporters & camera crews. And the Times is only still operating by grace of a huge loan from a Mexican drug lord. I’m sure that will have no effect on any stories on border violence. I think Clinton has said its mostly America’s fault, end of story.
    We can expect the Dem’s to do all they can to save and protect their propaganda machine. After all, its our money they spend, not theirs.
    And everyone who works for a bailed out company, AIG, GM, Fred/Fan, a long damn list, they have to remember that Pelosie, Franks & Obama are the ones who saved them. Again, they have used our money, taken by force, to buy their re-election.

    • I think that most Americans made it very clear they were against the bailout. I’m still pissed about and do not plan on voting for anyone who voted for it. But as long as the media bias continues, unfettered, my vote won’t mean much in my area. Thats why attacking the liberal media and getting the facts out to the public who supports the biased MSM might be the only way to fix it. Unfortunately, the MSM has almost assured the Libs will continue on. Without concrete action, it won’t change.

  5. I live in a very liberal area and up until a year ago there were two papers – one admitted liberal rag and the other still in denial that it had a left-leaning bent; it has a couple moderate columns but also Dowd and that raging Cynthia Tucker(?) among others. The liberal daily had to switch to a once-a-week about a year ago.

    Although it didn’t seem to matter for this recent election, it does give me hope that the left can’t seem to support their newspapers, radio or cable TV shows with any substantive subscriber base. I know FOX’s numbers currently are very high because of those that fell for “Hope-n-Change” are now trying to figure things out and realize they’ll never get it from CNN, MSNBC, et al.

    I would ordinarily say that government getting involved in newspapers would never happen here – but in such a short time we’ve seen how this ADM. wants it all, so this too will be another fight for us.

  6. Each morning I arise early and search newspapers around the world via the internet.Doing so gets me a lot of perspectives on different issues.It’s interesting to get the different slants of a hot button issue in the United States from different countries.Opinons vary widely,and there are some excellent editorial writers out there that I pay particular attention to.With these writers the bias is pro or anti American,or in many cases just plain neutral.The facts are laid out for an entirely differet reason than the facts are laid out here.It’s interesting.

    You mention Maureen Dowd.She and I last disagreed on using newspapers to endorse political candidates before the election.I told her I thought that using a newspaper to endorse Obama gave her undue influence over voters,making her vote a lot more influential than mine and she respondeed that she certainly hoped so.Now the goverment has come up with a proposal that would stop Ms.Dowd from endorsing candidates directly and oddly enough I’m now in favor of her direct endorsements. I don’t want to see the government anywhere near a newspaper.If I have to put up with Ms. Dowds endorsements so be it.I now know for certain that there are far worse things than a free endorsement.At least I like to think they’re free,not coerced,or worse still,paid for by the candidate’s agent on some dark and stormy night on a lonely side street.

    • USWeapon says:

      I certainly have to wonder whether they are free endorsements, or worse. What always amazes me is the lack of conservative points of view in the media. How is that possible? It is obvious that the media is not an accurate representation of the American public.I do agree that reading the foreign press is enlightening.

  7. Life of Illusion has it half right with the Bernie Goldberg statement about the NY Times. Nothing new there, back in the early ’60’s I believe the John Birch society paid for parody ads that mocked the Times’s “I got my job through”. That ad was to highlight the Times classified section and portrayed a person, lawyer, accountant. mechanic etc. with a smiling face on a poster extolling the virtues of the Times. The parody was a picture of Castro with the “I got my job through….” Funny then, still funny now.

    The problem is part 2 of Goldberg’s analysis. These people could all pass a polygraph test. If the question were “Is the main stream media biased to the left?” They could all say No honestly since they only associate and talk with like minded people. There would be no spike in blood pressure, no rapid heartbeat. They would be replying honestly what they believe.

    I, really, really believe, based on years of mostly fruitless debate that they, in the back of their minds, all start out with the assumption, “All right thinking people everywhere know…” Of course, most of us here would subscribe to the dictum that when anyone says “All right thinking people know” really means nobody knows. Using a catch phrase like that is the equivalent of your teenager saying “whatever”. That is a sure sign of sloppy thinking.

    In a way, I wish that forty years ago I had stuck with Psychology and completed grad school. Recently I read a study, don’t ask me where, that indicated, through a poll, that most humans, when confronted with a highly unlikely positive outcome, almost always picked it over a highly likely negative outcome. Call this the power (or delusion) of positive thinking if you like or call it a survival mechanism. After all, when life was short and brutal, why did we not as a species just give up?

    This leads me to my beliefs about liberals vs. conservatives. Liberals see the world the way the want it to be. They are incredibly tunnel vision oriented. Think Obama with Iran or Chamberlain with Hitler or for that matter the entire “Great Society”. Conservatives see the world the way it is.

    What conservatives never, ever get credit for is formulating ideas about solutions. The left really believes, just look at the current administration, that throwing money at something will fix it. They denied this for the past 20 years, but now back in control (as they were in 1964) have picked up where they left off. LBJ would be so happy. Conservatives for example’ saw what the poverty programs did to low income families, saw the paternalism it created and called a screeching halt to it in ’94. Conservatives thought around “glasnost” and MAD and decided to call the USSR’s bluff. There are a hundred other examples.

    Getting back to the topic at hand, The mainstream media is the “Ministry for Propaganda” I am not sure it would be allowed to collapse. There will be a rescue effort. It will be couched in high and noble rhetoric. For years I have watched and listened. While almost every mention of anything conservative is prefaced by “extreme”. Nothing, not a single liberal thing or Bill Ayres for that matter is ever described as “extreme”. There are no left wing terrorists it seems. There are only militants or protestors. The media conveniently found hoards of militias after Oklahoma City but can never point out that militia and militant have the same root. But then again, they probably didn’t have three years of Latin in High School.

    There has been some progress for our side over the years. Before his death Goldwater was considered a sage. This was the same Goldwater that wanted to feed little girls Strontium 90, cut off the Eastern seaboard and tear up your Social Security card right after he precipitated a nuclear war. Bill Buckley, my hero in the ’60’s was written off at that time as a total extremist by the media. He was even kept out of the Goldwater campaign for that reason. By the ’80’s, thanks to his writings and “Firing Line” he was recognized for what he was , the premier thinker of the right. The left today, through their usual disinformation, claims that both of them adopted “proper” views on issues late in life. This is mostly because both had a strong libertarian streak which the left always chose to ignore when painting them as “fascists”. I don’t think so.

    • Half right?
      That has got to be my highest score yet!!!!
      But you are correct that the MSM, and liberals in general only see their side. They identify conservatives during debates, but not liberals, no matter how extreme. To them, the”left” is the middle, there is only us loons on the right, and the rest of them.

  8. Hey, if Secretary Geithner wants power to seize or shut down any business that puts the economy in jeopardy, when does he plan to shut down the Government??? If anyone is screwing up the economy, it’s the 535 members of the “Royal Family”.

    • I know that was totally irrelevant, sorry I got excited and had to mention it……

      • It was dead right, not irrelevant. this could be a strong argument as to how the MSM handles it

        • Very true. What the MSM says is big, because a lot of people blindly follow whatever they say.

      • USWeapon says:

        Irrelevant, but damn funny. We could only dream of such a plan….

  9. Our history shows us that changes can be made through traditional means. Past, current, and future actions are well documented. Protests have been as common as the common cold in my lifetime. Mant “Tea Parties” are scheduled throughout our country on April 15th. I am not sold that this is an effective method to achieve the intended goals as they were in the past.
    In Oakland, just recently, blacks were hailing a cop killer as a hero in a protest march, basically claiming racism, as their reason. A prime example of playing the race card as an excuse for their own failures.

    Protests will simply not be effective in our age today. A new, “out of the box” method of changing whats wrong is needed.
    Those who are so focussed on their agenda, will never ghange, unless the people who have lead them down this path change first. The Oakland protest is a prime example this. Crime within our innercities has been a problem for decades, as has been crime involving blacks. Until the mindset changes that it must be different, it will not change, but only get worse.

    The MSM is the driving force as to what Americans believe as their reason to vote for a specific candidate. Demographics play a role as well, as my area has always been liberal democrat thinking and voting. The problem with this is that my area has been economically depressed since the 70’s and until the mindset changes, it will remain the same or get worse. Yet when I state this well known fact to the democrats here, they simply look confused and say thats the way it’s always been. Great answer!

    I am looking for some ideas on how to get the message out and change the MSM that use their influence for their mindaltering direction many uninformed voters use when voting. Any Ideas?

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I don’t believe either that tea party protests will work. The only ones reporting them is Fox for the most part. Not that I personally would advocate for it, but I think that if things don’t begin to change soon we will begin to see signs of “civil unrest”. By that I mean not just protests, but riots, homegrown terrorism, maybe even revolt or civil war. I realize that sounds extreme but the signs of trouble are already there and The People are being ignored by an increasingly Socialistic leaning government. It’s only been a few months now. Imagine when all these bullcrap laws and policies of theirs begin to take effect. And what do we think will happen if it collapses our economy as many have predicted? It’s gonna be Katy ar the door!

      • Sadly, you could be right, but not doing anything gets boring! Proaction is better than no action in most cases. Nice blog you have, by the way. I have yet to diagree with anyone on this or your blogs, thats a good thing.

      • I also do not see the tea parties being effective. But I also see it as being worth a few hours of my time. Like the” elephant in the room”, MSM can ignore this, but the greater the turn out, the more it will demonstrate their bias and dis-honesty.

        • I think you all will be mighty surprised by the effectiveness of the tea parties on April 15th. Our group, National Tax Day Tea Party (, has over 300 cities on board with more coming on everyday. There will be hundreds of thousands of people shouting the same message and demanding accountability from our “leaders”. It os a very disciplined and organized national movement. I am the state coordinator for RI, and I am shocked at the amount of interest and support from very diverse groups for this event, here in one of the most liberal states in the country. And there are plenty of other groups planning events that day. The MSM will not be able to ignore the public outcry. And this movement is not going away after 4/15. The thousands of volunteers will be turned into “community organzizers for conservatives” and the mission will evolve to include much more than coordinated protests. Mark my words, 4/15 will be an historic day.

          • Disgusted in Cali says:

            The liberals get out and organize at the drop of a hat over damn near everything. It’s high time conservatives did the same thing and the National Tax Day Tea Party should be just the beginning. I highly doubt the MSM here in the SF Bay area will cover it or if they do it will be an “ the way this happened” kind of coverage. Regardless I’m skipping work for the day to show my support. Somethings got to be done and I can’t just sit on my butt and do nothing without at least trying.

          • esomhillgazette says:

            I feel I must make it clear, MadMom, that I don’t think that the Tea Parties should not be done. I am simply seeing the Nation being taken apart by the Liberal Whackjobs who aren’t going to listen to anybody. And I think and am saying that if they don’t grow a set of ears pretty damn quick and a brain to process it, all hell’s gonna break loose in violent way.

            • I understand your thoughts, and you may be right on. But I will not stop fighting until it looks like things are going to come to blows. Then, because of my kids, I’m getting out of Dodge. Until then, count me in on the fight to prevent that chaos you speak of. Look for me on the front lines; I’m the yuppie lookin’, cat lovin’, crazed mother bear. No guns; just words.

          • I hope you are correct. I have no doubt it will be more effective than everyone saying its a waste of time. Better to try and fail than to not try at all. And enthusiasm like your is sure to achieve results.

      • I also don’t think the tea parties will work….at first.

        Having the tea parties on Tax Day is good.

        Having that day fall on a Wednesday, and tea parties planned for mid day in most cities, is NOT good, too many people will be working.

        But the parties lay the foundation for later, as more people get fed up with Washington.

        I am thinking of them as practice runs, for the really big gatherings that will be coming. I hope they can remain peaceful, but I doubt that.

      • A really great place to have a tea party would be outside corporate HQ for the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN etc. How about a wee bit of non-violent protest. Let them ignore that.

        Don’t the morning talk shows on the networks have the studio on the first floor by the windows? A few thousand folks out there, on camera, would be hard to deny. Innovate damn it.

        I’m sure SFC Dick would understand. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

    • Well said G-Man. Maybe, just maybe, if Obama went to Oakland and scolded these lunatics for protesting against such a tragic event, maybe, just maybe I might have a little more respect for the man. Until then, he just fuels the fire by letting it go unnoticed and unabated.

    • G-Man,

      Do you think maybe starting your own newspaper would help? People tend to believe the written word before just about anything else. I think a conservative newspaper would go over very well. Not a republican paper, a conservative one. You put a party name on it and you repulse certain readers right off. What do you think?

      • Black Flag says:

        Print media is dead.
        MSM is dead.

        Internet is alive and exploding.

        From here, you can reach millions with your message.

        A new, topic-specific, newspaper, at best, may reach a few hundred. Only a few would actually read it, and the few that do will need more info – and they can’t get it out of the newspaper.

        Internet defeats all these issues – the ones who are seeking will find you. They want to read it. And if they need more info, they can “Google it”.

        Blogs like this are the new messenger.

        Look at what the internet did for Ron Paul. And look at the lesson.

        The System cannot be changed – it has massive, built in, feed-back loops that prevent changes to itself. That is lesson one.

        Lesson two: the people, -the real people- can be rallied out side of the system. It will take a few years to actually realize how to coagulate this. How it will look (shrug) – too new a phenomena to recognize any likeness – but it will happen.

        • Well, good for you BF, you get another KUDOS from me . . . 😉

          Way back in the “olden times” as my kids used to call it, the print media(newspapers) were the internet of their time.

          Politicians have not seen the handwriting on the wall in this, well except for maybe the Messiah and his so-called hack-proof blackberry(believe me in this, there are a million hackers out there that are working on it – stay tuned for the headlines!).

          This is the new media, and no, barring a total shut down of ALL electricity, it will not be silenced. THAT is why WE are here. Sir Ignoranus Algore the Village Idiot claimed to invent the Internet some time ago in his infancy. Little did he know that his claim would be his road to a Noble Piece Prize for his movie “A Convenient Lie”(all mislabels intended).

          This is our weapon against the brainwashed left, and thanks go out to all who post on their own blogs along with all who frequent this one. Many thanks to USW for having the tenacity to write on a daily (even if it is 3:00AM) basis with his intelligence and wisdom that allows all of us to use his forum for civilized discourse.

          BF, you got another one dead on, my friend . . . Maybe there is hope for you after all 😉

          • I was curious… Algore didn’t win a Nobel Prize for Science, did he???

            • For sponsoring the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” – all about how we humans have caused “Global Warming”.

              Too bad he didn’t read his third grade science book – It tells us that this Earth we live on goes through cycles of warming and cooling – you know, like what they depicted in the cartoon movie Ice Age & Ice Age 2 the Meltdown?

        • USWeapon says:

          Well said BF. i believe that the blogs like this and other internet mediums are the replacement for the print media. What is great about this medium is that even an idiot like me has the ability to reach thousands…

  10. Black Flag says:

    Remember this guy?

    The MSM has the same credibility 🙂 – they all went to the same school he did.

    G-Man, an oxymoron, sir.

    The fact that the uniformed listen to the MSM makes them immune to any alternative message – even if it was presented to them MSM as well.

    You’ve got the cart and the horse is backwards – the MSM caters to the mindless masses – this is what the mindless masses want… jingoisms, emotionalism, delegation of responsibility…. if you changed the message, the mindless mass would move and find another outlet to lose themselves.

    Further, the masses never make a difference anyway – it has always been and always will be a small minority, with clear moral purpose that drives humanity to achieve greater things. The rest will follow like sheep.

    • The mindless mass you speak of, are riding in that backwards cart, because the horse has been trained to lead them that way. If you retrain the horse to pull instead of push, then the mindless masses will have to follow. If they fall off the cart, they will have no direction and be lost. The mindless mass must follow, because they know of no other way. It is the small minority who must retrain the horse to achieve this.

    • Black Flag says:

      You believe that your message would be heard.

      It would not, because your message requires thoughtful understanding, consideration and contemplation.

      None of these skills exist in the mindless mass – hence, the adjective.

      As soon as you started your presentation, they’d change the channel hunting for the Simpson’s, or Bill O’Reilly.

      • The change in the message, much like retraining a horse is a slow process, the message would change slowly, almost unseen by the naked eye (for lack of a better term). The mindless ones would not know that a change has occurred, they would simply follow the same horse, remember, they are mindless.

      • Black Flag says:

        Ah, so what you are saying is that your message would be:

        – jingoistic
        – brim-filled with emotionalism
        – devoid of any requirement of thinking, contemplation, and logic.

        Remind me of what change you wanted to bring to the MSM?

        • Simple, the MSM needs to just state all the relevant facts, without liberal or conservative opinions. Truth, or the twisting of the truth brings out emotions in everyone. The AIG mess, was created, not just an accident or poor judgementon AIG’s part, they acted within the law at the time. The fact that Sen. Dodd changed the language of the stimulus bill that would have prevented this, was ignored by the MSM for the most part, and anger ensued towards the wrong people. The actual truth and all of it is all that is needed to be expressed by the MSM. They have failed in this matter.

        • Black Flag says:

          But the mindless masses are not interested in forming an opinion of their own.

          Giving them just the facts is like putting fish into the Sahara desert. They have no idea what to do.

          • I think I forgot one thing. My desires to change the MSM are akin to a miracle, a preverbial pipedream that will never occur. But for the sake of todays discussion, it does hold some merit. If the masses can’t formulate their own opinion, they will follow those that do formulate an opinion, and if those opinions are based on facts, they will simply follow those they look up to.

            • esomhillgazette says:

              Another fact that even Fox follows. “If it bleeds, it leads.” The News that cannot generate excitement or outrage is not reported, whether or not it is important. The AIG bonuses created outrage. Thus it was all over the news. The fact that Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Franks, and others either allowed or permitted it was not exciting so it was ignored. Besides MSM won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

    • Disagree.

      This past election may have been decided by one lie. That Bush’s policies caused the financial bubble to burst, not the Democrats expansion of Fred/Fan and their deliberate actions to protect them from oversight.

      I would bet most voters still believe this lie. Yes, they want it simple, but they think they are being told the TRUTH. They want and EXPECT the message to be true.

      believe in me
      because I don’t believe in anything
      and I want to be someone to believe
      to believe in

      Mr Jones, Counting Crows

      • Black Flag says:

        I would disagree.

        The truth is plain.

        The truth is hard.

        Between the plain, hard truth vs wishful hope, truth rarely wins the minds and hearts.

        It always wins in reality; but its too late for most people.

  11. I’ve noticed that the videos on the internet news sites are increasing in number quite rapidly.For some reason I don’t find them to be all that appealing.I grew up with hard print and I seem to prefer it even on the internet.The video may or may not be a good trend.

    • USWeapon says:

      I have noticed this too Ron. I also prefer to read most things. But there are some things that print just cannot deliver. For example reading what was said in the Glenn Beck interview of Blagojevich wouldn’t have been the same. Also think of the video of Rick Santelli ranting about the need for a tea party. It inspired a movement…

  12. Calf Roper says:

    In this day and age, I strongly feel that our ability to communicate instantly with one another via the Internet is far more powerful than we all give it credit for. Blog sites just like this one are popping up everywhere. Conservative talk shows are gaining audience weekly and I truly feel people are starting to see through this mess.

    However, I worry that even if a shift happens in the 2010 elections or the 2012 election, our federal government will continue to grow no matter who gets elected. We have no reason to believe that it will ever stop. It never has and it won’t unless the States stand up.

    I was encourage to read the other day that several State legislatures have passed legislation asserting the States’ sovereignty. Now if they put some teeth behind these assertions like refusing federal funding and thereby refusing the federal power and oversight that comes with it, we may have hope of rebuilding our federalist system. The States need to take back the power. The federal government is only a coalition of the States and has far outgrown its original mandate.

    The MSM will not change. The Feds will bail it out. We have to go around the MSM in such avenues as blogs, other Internet sources, talk radio, etc. But the message should not be simply elect Republicans, because that still supports the federal government. The message, in my opinion, should be to the State legislatures to stand up and take back the power. If you want to write letters, then write them to the State Legislators with this message – refuse the federal government any more power and oversight, assert the State’s sovereignty, take back our State’s Constitutional place in this system.

    • good post. the problems we face now, have no one solution, but many small ones, and your words ring true as what may be a part of the solution. Hope the states do just that. Do you have a link or list of what states passed this legislation?

    • USWeapon says:

      Great Thoughts CR. I also believe that one of the main causes that needs to be supported is the decentralization of government. This can be started by re-asserting state’s rights. But I actually hope that it doesn’t stop there. Perhaps we could one day continue to move down that chain, getting to the individual rights trumping all. It is a nice thought. But one step at a time. Let’s get state’s rights going.

  13. Andrew Gabriel says:

    Knowledge has always been power. People have been controlled by the flow of information, from believing in their respective Gods and religions which dictate what they are supposed to think and how they are supposed to act. Religion was the first mass media that was used to control humanity, and is still in use today very effectively. I am not saying that God does not exist, but I believe that if you can condense God into one religion or belief, than God is too small. Anyways that is a whole different discussion. In regards to the media, of course it is biased, just follow the money and where it comes from. Whoever controls the media, controls the world. It is information that is feed to the people, and that information is used by the masses to make their decisions. The problem is the decisions are based on misinformation mixed with good intentions, so that feeling of guilt is never felt. Since the decision was made by the people, in this case electing our current Commander and Chief, than there is no one to blame but ourselves. As much as we complain we are as much to blame if not more. Can we do something about it? Yes, are we? Who knows. I am new to this blog and i come back over and over, because i find that your arguments are good but above all we all want our country to be a better place. Our hearts are in the right place. I was born in Houston, but my ethnic background is Colombian. My question to you all, is what are we Going to do? All of us in this blog that come back day to day, maybe to realize that we are not alone in our thoughts and that we are not crazy when we seem to see what the masses can’t. What next? Are we gonna stay here bitching and moaning or are we going to stand up against it all, knowing full well that we might be ridiculed and called paranoid and conspiracy theorists. I am not making a call to arms, (not yet anyways) but atleast lets get together and at least make some damn noise. To my friends in thought and brothers in knowledge be safe, and let ourselves be heard by more than ourselves. All were doing is preaching to the choir.

    • You said it Andrew! Get out there and get active folks. I know I sound like a broken record here, but intelligent pontificating doesn’t change anything. Take your ideas and logical thinking and shake the trees. Rock some boats. Get involved. Educate the mindless minions using whatever talents and means you have. Boycott companies that advertisers on the most egregiously biased tv, radio, and newspaper outlets. Cancel subscriptions to magazines that support the spin machine (Oprah, Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, etc). I know all you guys love Oprah, but do it for the cause. Are you good at IT, fundraising, web design, marketing, organizing? Offer your services to some of the grassroots groups forming to fight the liberal agenda, such as the Tea Party Movement (discussed above). Attend meetings of conservative groups in your area, campaign for good candidates at the local level. Send info like this video to your kids history teacher ( and ask them to show it to their students. We are at war. Use your peaceful weapons of choice and join the fight, before it turns into the chaos that will undoubtedly result if we do nothing but talk amongst oursleves. Time’s a wastin’.

      • USWeapon says:

        Well said MadMom. Time is a wastin’. Everyone should be using whatever means they have to effect change. For me it started here, with my ability to write. I don’t plan on this being the entirety of my efforts, but it was a start.

    • Conservatives are organizing over at Glenn Becks 9-12 project.

      Last night I think he said there are over 250,000 members now. It just started up a month or two ago, so growing quickly.

      • Texas Tirrell says:

        Theres over 344,000 now (912project). I was just over there.

        I agree that msm is biased. I quit bying the local papers years ago. I only listen to local news for weather, they still don’t get that right either.

        I surf the net for information now, but I always double check, and then triple check, and then quadrouple check what I read.

        I never take waht some says or prints as the truth. I always research it.

        As to the Tea Parties, the closest one to me is in San Antonio, much too far to go (all day trip just to get there). I live in a big state. But, we may go anyway. We’re angry and alarmed at everything coming out of DC these days.

  14. I started coming to this blog because of USW and the posters who can engage in communication in a positive manner. In many ways, I gain much knowledge from everyone. As we discuss the issues at hand, we can, at some point formulate a plan of action. Whether it’s attending a local tea party, writing our elected officials or any other action that we legally engage in, it is still better than not acting at all, at least for our own sanity. It’s the sharing of thoughts that will lead us in the direction of action, whether it be individually or together.
    We are the current minority, and we are growing in numbers everyday.

    • Disgusted in Cali says:

      I can’t agree with you more G-Man and (go figure) California wasn’t on the list but I was born in Ohio. Guess that explains a few things

  15. Not on subject here, but need to vent about how crazy things are. I’m at home recovering from foot surgery yesterday, and my wife has been off for 14 months after back surgery. Of those 14 months only 5 have been to hael and get therapy. The rest is waiting and fighting workers comp for the therapy her doc wants accomplished. Since last Monday there have been PI’s following her everywhere she goes, which isn’t far or many places. I taught her to always be aware of her surroundings, and she saw them from day one. The funny part is they still just sit and wait to get her on video (of what i do not know after 2 surgeries)
    to attempt to twist the facts to deny her the healthcare she needs. Sounds like the MSM and their liberal agenda. Geez, can it get any more rediculous.

    • Andrew Gabriel says:

      It really disgusts me when hard working americans lilke you and your wife G-man are treated like criminals. Correct me if i’m wrong but don’t we work and pay for insurance so it covers you in case of an illness or mishap? When month to month they take our money I hear no complaints, but when I need to use what I PAY for, then were treated like lying, cheating, crooks. “The thief judges by his conditon”, I guess since they rob everyone blind, they think everyone is exactly like them. It will be fine G-man, you have the truth on your side.

      • Thanks, all will be OK. It is sad how injured workers are treated like they are all trying to commit fraud, when it’s the self insured companies that are trying to defraud the injured worker, and noone seems to care. Lobbyists should be shot, and hung.

    • G-Man,

      Caution your wife to NOT acknowledge the tail in any way shape or form. No matter how strong the urge to turn and wave at them DON’T DO IT!

      That is a Hollywood stunt that will get your insurance coverage canceled in a heartbeat, and may result in legal action against you. Courts LOVE that kind of stuff and lawyers eat it up by calling it “displayed arrogance”.

      Remember one other thing . . . The guys doing the tail are just another pair of working stiffs trying to earn a paycheck and put food on the table.

      Hang in there.

      • This isn’t the first time, actually the 4th in the last 6 years. We let them do their thing, no skin off our butts. I actually find it funny in some ways, because they are so against having to pay for a State Constitutional right that they will go to any extreme. The medical facts speak for themselves.

    • Search the Web on says:


      I’m not defending this company, but I think I know why they are doing that. You know how much of the American population feels that they are entitled? Well, there are a lot of people out there who will take advantage of the system. It sucks, but it’s true. Of course Andrew is right too. I think a simple look into what your wife had surgery for should have been sufficient to determine benefits. That is what you pay for when you pay those premiums every pay day.

      • Workers Comp in Ohio is a Constitutional ammendment to get the injured worker healthy, in return, the worker can not sue for liability. A trade off if you will. Sadly, companies don’t want to keep up their end of that deal, hence, the it’s better to use your own insurance (like I did) and get the care you need. This is just another example of how government control of healthcare will be a disaster.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      G-Man, I sympathize mightily. I have gone through 2 Workers Comp cases and a Diability Case (denied) because of Plants that in one case would not keep their equipment fixed and made us use it anyway, and another where they would not get us equipment for lifting heavy loads. Tried to get Disability for the 2nd but even though 3 doctors on my side, still no luck. After 5 years of Surgeries and Rehab combined, and having PIs follow me every where I frackin’ went (even though I had to use a cane), I had to file suit BOTH times to get them to even talk to me or give me any compensation besides less than half of my salary per week. I am permanently crippled now in my back and shoulders. There is also a limit on how much you as a WC victim can sue for. (Based on % of body part affected) Yet you can slip and fall in Wal-Mart and sue for millions. Now I am an IT Tech in a school working for less than half what I used to, even though I will admit I still love my job. During all this a have become an expert on how to get screwed by your employer and WC. All I wanted was my job back or a job of some kind that I could do. So be careful what you sign and what you agree to and get any promise in writing. Sorry to be long winded but thought you should know.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Sorry, must have been writing this at the same time you were writing above.

      • Sorry for all your pain an misery. I’m really up on all the crap that goes on, and it just sucks. I really believe that the state run workers comp insurance is what the national healthcare program would be like. That’s why I am so against it. We will continue to win these hearings and move on, it will get better. But your situation, and my wifes situation are a good example of why we do not want national healthcare.

        • esomhillgazette says:

          I will just keep on keepin’ on. I’d rather have worked than been on Disability anyway. 5 years sittin’ at home was driving me nuts! Lazy I ain’t! I just don’t like getting the shaft. as for my present job, that was God watching over my family, because it’s about the only job i’m still able to do. And we’re making it on the pay after 5 years of practice!

          • God bless and good luck. I think it’s time to change the legislation on our respective states, or fight to eliminate the workers comp program and go back to liability lawsuits

  16. Search the Web on says:

    I just checked out that 10th Amendment site, guess what? Florida isn’t on it. Of course our governor just accepted money from Washington so I guess that explains that.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      That’s no excuse for Florida. GA also recieved money. I don’t know if ANY state refused at least some of the money. If they hadn’t, Obama would have just used it somewhere else.

  17. Black Flag says:

    “Good Morning, Governor, how might we…”

    “Mr. President, I realize you are a busy man so let’s get down to brass tacks…we are calling the ball and withdrawing our support of your Administration and the Federal government in DC. Effective immediately, we have coordinated to place all outgoing receipts to the IRS in a caged account here in Boise…”

    “Governor, you can’t do that…”

    “Please don’t interrupt while I am speaking as we are from this point onward peers in the family of nations. I hope you have reviewed the diplomatic instruments we sent by courier last night to Department of State which delineates the terms of our divorce.”

    “I did receive those and you have no earthly idea the can of whoop-…”

    “Please, sir, maintain the decorum of these proceedings so we can move forward to an amicable separation. I give you my personal assurance on the safety and well-being of all Federal personnel we have detained for immediate repatriation to the remainder of these United States. Any non-law enforcement Federal personnel who wish to remain behind will be permitted to do so.”

    “I hope you have thought through the consequences of what you are embarking on.”

    “Mr. President, we have had over two hundred years to give the rulers on the Potomac a chance but that time has expired. Effective immediately, all so-called Federal lands now belong to the nation of Idaho and we will dispose of these lands at our leisure. In the interest of burying the hatchet, we will not seek compensation for the seizure, abuse and tenure of Federal practices on the aforementioned land and call the balance even.”

    “Those are my lands, Governor…”

    “In actuality, they belong to neither of us, sir. On to other business, I have alerted my National Guard forces to establish checkpoints at all the main arterials in and out of Idaho. All National Guard forces deployed overseas will return home in the next 48 hours. I would also caution you on the use of military force to convince Idaho and its citizens to forcibly return to the yoke of the Union. Idaho has a well-deserved reputation as a rather well-equipped state in firearms possession and use. As Yamamoto said, you may find a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    “Are you threatening the president of the United States?”

    “No, sir, I am simply making an observation about the hazards of one country invading another.”

    “You are land-locked, Governor and wholly dependent on federal subsidy for a great deal of employment and infrastructure in Idaho.”

    “No longer, the tremendous tax burden across the spectrum formally imposed in our nation as a subject State in your country is now effectively terminated and we are going to unleash the free market to address all of our former shortcomings as a result of the overarching government supremacism practiced here before. In telephone conversations with my neighboring governors, we are on the verge of Confederation negotiations that will pave the way for Idaho embassies in British Columbia, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. We do intend on opening a consular office in DC as soon as we can ensure the diplomatic baggage containing sufficient weapons assures our safety in the greater DC metropolitan area for our diplomatic personnel.”

    “Governor, what Constitutional right do you have to secede from the US?”

    “Mr. President, the behavior you have exhibited toward the Constitution has been at best characterized by active neglect and abhorrence for the restraint on governance in the Bill of Rights. I am rather surprised you would resort to assuming the document in any way has weight in Washington, DC. I would suggest my rights extend as far as our ability to throw off what has become a government of occupation instead of cooperation. We resign, sir and wish to go in peace.”

    “I will use every measure in my arsenal to force you back into the fold.”

    “Mr. President, thank you for the heads-up but we have taken certain precautions to ensure that any rash measures on your part have a disproportionate impact in the DC/Virginia corridor. Please don’t press us on the issue. I would like to offer one more rather moderate important proposal to our future business. These United States as administered by DC are now essentially bankrupt. War on the world, out of control spending and borrowing, debt and deficit, non-funded future liabilities in the tens of trillions and a banking infrastructure rotten at every level has pushed the US to an economic abyss from which it cannot shrink. We will provide you a demonstration project of tiny government, free banking and a formerly enslaved citizenry unleashed to realize their potential with no government interference. We simply wish to go our own way untethered from the Remora Nation DC came to symbolize.”

    “Governor, this conversation is over.”

    “Good day, Mr. President.”


    “Mr. President, this is Governor Lutrin and I am calling on behalf of the nation of Idaho and the new Inland Confederation.”

    “Good evening, Governor Lutrin, I was hoping we could discuss a resolution to the latest…unpleasantness.”

    “Mr. President, I wanted to pass on to you my personal assurance on the territorial integrity of the remaining states in the former union known as these United States. The departure of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and eastern Washington into the newly revived Articles of Confederation was a happenstance our exit did not anticipate. We have no intention whatsoever of seeking additional members although I suspect your behavior has provided a tremendous incentive to cause more states to spin off from the orbit of DC. I would like to recommend the creation of a Summit to establish a peaceful reconciliation between the divorced parties to normalize trade and diplomatic relations.”

    “Governor, your actions have caused a cascading effect that has effectively opened national fissures that are difficult to contain.”

    “I would also like to offer my concerns on repatriating the surviving members of the 82d Airborne Division and elements of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Both battalions of the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) are remaining in the Confederation of their own accord to husband the creation of our own national militia. The critically wounded soldiers will receive the best care we can offer through their recovery and eventual return to your country. We have already dispatched the surviving 35 paratroopers to the border for return. I am hopeful we can sustain the agreed terms of the ceasefire and avoid any bloodshed in the future.”

    “That was the most lopsided defeat of American arms on our soil since…”

    “Sir, we initiated no aggression against these United States and simply did what we tend to do best when our backs are against the wall. We are a rural nation with urban pockets and the character of these states tend to be rather impatient with being pushed around and bullied. Consider us as a porcupine that can do you no harm unless you visit violence on it. You can say that the fury your armed forces experienced was a century of pent-up frustration and aggression. Their sacrifice and bravery is acknowledged.”

    “The US is the most sophisticated and powerful military power on the face of the planet. If I simply picked up the phone and called for air strikes or military reprisals, we could bring you to your knees.”

    “That would be inadvisable to visit that kind of bloodshed on peaceful people. That particular scenario is not working very well for you in the Middle East. I would also hope severe condemnations from civilized nations around the world would grace your desk. I can promise you that we will initiate a number of retaliatory measures which require no military action on our behalf that will cause a modicum of grief to your administration”

    “Such as…”

    “Inspired by a terrific novel called Enemies Foreign and Domestic, we happen to have a complete database of all current physical addresses of all FLEAs (Federal Law Enforcement Agent) in the US available for broadcast release on the internet when we choose.”

    “I have filed a formal complaint with the United Nations Security Council to issue an injunction against your secession.”

    “We cannot tell you who to associate with but we are not nor will we be members of the United Nations. We already have formal recognition from 55 nations including Alaska, Switzerland, Russia and France where we are establishing formal consular offices. We have formalized the transfer of all nuclear weapons and military facilities on Confederation soil and will reimburse the US Government for their costs after the auditors have finished calculating the total Confederation tax bill bled to the rulers on the Potomac since 1913. Unfortunately, I suspect the books may not balance in your favor so receipt of the funds in actual remuneration may not materialize.”

    “Governor, that is clear and simple theft of US Government property to include the multibillion dollar facilities.”

    “Mr. President, taxation is theft and the weight of Federal encroachment on the states has been enormous. Once DC started to behave like an occupation government, all the natural forces seeking remedy and escape started to form the perfect storm of events that liberated the Confederation from the former US configuration. We will conduct a full accounting of the valuation and match it to the previously mentioned audit. We have no Federal Reserve and the Confederation will be relying on free banking to mint a new currency or currencies backed by hard metal. What little government we have will be financed through a one percent tariff at the borders.”

    “Governor, how can a government run on a one percent tax?”

    “Mr. President, that is the original percentage of the income tax in 1913. We have already cashiered 98% of government workers in most of the states in the last two weeks. This includes the former Federal employees who chose to remain here. Each employee received the equivalent of five years salary in gold drawn from the caged IRS account in Boise. They are among the last people we hope will ever get government aid in the state. We have a unique agenda, we intend to shrink government over time and if the future allows us to zero it completely, so be it.”

    “That is impossible, how will people survive without government support and protection?”

    “Like free men, Mr. President, like free men.”

    • Laughing, and crying at the same time. But I like being free!

    • esomhillgazette says:

      Damn BF!

    • Kristian says:

      That was awesome! Can I live there?

    • BF,

      Do you own the copyrights to that fairy tale? If not, Hollywood will scoop it up and leave you with nothing. My advice is to get that story copyrighted and then sell it to Hollywood. Who knows, you could become the newest multi-dollarare that Obummer wants to tax the . . . Well, you know what I mean 😉

      You do write a good tale!

      • USWeapon says:

        Well said G.A. I loved the little back and forth and it would be nice to see something like that happen. But I do think it would not end well. The media would spin it to get Americans supporting the attack of poor Idaho. And the reality would not end well for Idaho. That part about them militarily stinging the US military just made me chuckle…

    • Texas Tirrell says:

      I loved it BF, you just made my day!

      Off subject here,contrary to many who believe that Texas has sucession written in it’s constitution, it actually does not. Any state can suceed if it so chooses.

      Texas’s constitution actually gives Texas the right to break up into four or more smaller states, if the people so choose and the Texas government agrees.

  18. I’ve heard of an awesome weapon that they have with massive stores of ammunition…The Potato Gun!

    That was great! Thank you.

  19. Andrew Gabriel says:

    If that doesn’t make you want to secede I don’t know what will….THE FREE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS…
    Great motivation BF

  20. Black Flag says:

    From a pundit I admire – this is an example of the new MSM – no longer in charge of the news, but chasing it after it has gone viral on the internet….as I said, forget about worrying about traditional media…figure out how to use the internet to organize outside of the system….

    Obscure British Politician Skewers Gordon Brown, Posts It on YouTube, and Becomes World-Famous in Two Days.

    As Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown sold half of Britain’s gold back in 1999 to 2001, driving the price to $257.

    I had never heard of Daniel Hannan until two days ago. He is a Conservative Party member representing Great Britain in the European Parliament.

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to speak. Hannan got a chance to give a rebuttal. He was given 3 minutes. We Americans rarely see anything like this.

    He gave the old-fashioned British speech: articulate, well-reasoned, and fiercely partisan — a direct personal attack on Brown. This is acceptable behavior in British politics.

    He had told the BBC that he would do this. No reporter showed up. He expected this.

    So, he posted it on YouTube. Then he forgot about it.

    The next morning, 36,000 people had seen it. Then it went to 170,000 by noon. Then Drudge picked it up. Then Rush Limbaugh played it on his radio show.

    Here is his version of what happened.

    According to convention, Mr Brown had to remain in his place while I spoke. Right, I thought, for once you’re going to have to listen to what people are saying. The country was in negative equity, I said; the weight of his debt would press down on our children yet unborn and unbegot, I said; surely he could see that his bail-outs and nationalisations had failed, I said; we should stop throwing good money after bad, I said.

    When it got to 380,000 that evening, the BBC finally picked up the story.

    He has correctly assessed the importance of all this. “The days when political journalists got to decide what was news are over. Ten or even five years ago, a dozen lobby correspondents would dictate the next day’s headlines. Now, millions of bloggers and commentators come to an aggregate view.”

    The internet age, and the disintermediation of the message which it has brought, has unsettled some professional politicians and journalists. But it is surely good news for conservatives and libertarians everywhere. The Left has always depended on control of information as of other resources. That control is now technically impossible.

    Now watch the video. AS of this posting, it has had 1,270,000 hits.

    • USWeapon says:

      Yes I had seen this. I found it inspirational! He really was on point with the entire thing. Perhaps if we could get some people publicly challenged O’prompter this way we could get somewhere.

  21. Karyn: That would be a “Spud” Gun.

    Some of you on this site may be to young to remember the Sagebrush Revolution. You should do a little research.
    There were conversations between Idaho, Nevada, Utah and the Feds at the time that were not to far from BF’s story line.

    The Feds have been swarming Idaho ever since looking for the boogey man MILITIA. They still don’t realize they moved to California years ago.

    Another interesting fact. Idaho used to be a split state w/respect to politics. Repubs in the south, due to businesses and farmers, and Dems in the north, due to mining and timber unions. Those Dems elected were usually pretty conservative, esp. by todays standards. Then in late 80’s and early 90’s the Californians began pouring in. I can still remember the Dems claiming Idaho would go Blue once and for all. Then in 94 almost every Dem lost and until this last year there hasn’t been a Dem in any major elected seat. So what happened?

    Those Californians who moved to the Gem State were the pissed off conservatives from southern Calif. Especially the retired cops and firemen and the business men & women who had finally had enough. Idaho’s economy boomed as population grew and taxes remained low. Cali’s went in the toilet as taxes went through the roof. I used to tell my Dem friends after the 94 blood bath that “they should be careful in the future of what they ask for”. Oh those were good times.

    There is a point to this story. POPULATION MOVEMENT MATTERS

    Keep that in your bag of tricks as we move forward with strategies and tactics.

    Sorry I missed you all this week, but the steelhead fishing was great. Catching was slow but the fishing was just damn fine.


    • USWeapon says:

      Welcome back JAC. Glad to hear the fishing was fine. Never a bad day with a fishing pole in your hand.

  22. BF:

    I heard the entire speech yesterday and loved every minute of it.

    Something about the Brits when they wax elegant like that. It is as if the beauty of the English language is only exposed to it’s greatest when used by the English.

  23. Wow, great discussion today! Think you outdid yourself today, BF. Sorry I got to the discussion so late…..but maybe that’s better ’cause I could read it all at once.

    Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my two cents as to how to [maybe] make some headway with Libs. I’m a firm believer in that people don’t listen to an opinion until they’re ready, so you have to get them to the point of being ready. Libs are all emotion and no logic–so steer them to their weakness. If you confront them, their emotion just keeps getting more intense and then they start name calling–you need to difuse this. What has [sometimes] worked for me on an individual level is to, in an innocent sounding voice, ask a Lib how he arrived at his opinion. Sort of like…..’gee, I’m not sure I understand you………could you help me understand by explaining how you arrived at your opinion’. Then keep asking non threatening ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions until they go glassy eyed (doesn’t take long). It’s only at this point that you can say………’well, have you considered such and such’, ‘have you considered you might be wrong’ ……… they [may] listen then.

    Don’t know if this would work on a larger level (like the MSM)–but maybe if we all chipped away at someone we know?????? ……….. I have seen some good reporters use this effectively.

  24. I hate to see the real news media take any kind of hit. I mean people who get out and spend their time hunting the truth and reporting. For the rest of the media that have spent the last 20 years leading America around by the nose I say good ridence. I don’t want to see my tax dollars used to bail them out. Let them fail America will be better for it.
    While I am complaining there is something else that really bothers me….why do we give welfare for free? Why are people not made to work for their handout. No offense but if you came to me hungry I would say sure I will be glad to feed you…it will be a couple of hours till dinner can you mow the lawn or rake the leaves while it is cooking? I have no problem with the government helping people who are willing to help themselves. Can they not be required to pick up trash or rake leaves or something? I am not talking about people who are unable to work I am talking abut the able bodied people who don’t work because they get more from the government than they can make working. This is just crazy
    I am sure that all the failing liberal newsmedia will be saved and all the conservative media will be allowed to go under….sad thing is they will use our money to prop the liberal media up.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      As far as making them work, that was tried I think back in the eighties. MSM got hold of it and the people who were on welfare like have had a stroke. One woman when asked about it actually said, “if I wanted to work, I’d go get a job!” How’s that for some bulldookey! Only a few were for it. Most of them older. So many jumped up and down it was never seriously considered. If that was in the eighties it sure ain’t got a prayer now.

    • That was welfare reform brought to you by the class of ’94 in congress. In NYC, we watched the rolls plummet under Gulliani from 1.5 million down to less than .3 million. Not only did they have to work 20 hours per week, cleaning the subways, parks etc, thy developed a sense of pride in themselves that they did not have before.

      You really have to work in the inner city and, for or with government to see how demeaning welfare is. It is a paternalistic system more like a ante bellum plantation than anything else. The welfare “slaves” are constantly trying to figure a way around the “master’s” rules.

      It’s a shame that people cannot see this system up close and personal for what it is. Funny thing, when the forebear of all this, “Home Relief” was created by the Roosevelt Administration during the depression, they knew there must be a work component. It was only in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s that the work component was dropped.

      Not in government any more but have been informed that one of the higher da bama priorities was to rescind welfare reform which has already been done. What a great first 60 days.

  25. OR:

    That is a good method for some. But I got to tell you I tried that on my radical Lib sister in-law. Immediately following the glassy eyed look she would always follow with “Bush is Stupid” and “Bush is the worst president we ever had”. It was all I could do to not laugh in her face it was so ridiculous.

    But your method has good possibilities. Another way to deal with all such interactions is an axiom I learned as a lobbyist. You heard me!!! I’ll explain that someother time for those that think all lobbyists are evil. Anyway it was “soft on the people and hard on the issues”. I found that to be the most useful thought, especially when engaging some obnoxious radical. Be calm, be nice, disarm, then question the premise. My favorite with the green peace types was based on their obvious hatred for religion, except of course their worship of earth. It would go something like this.

    So, you believe our problems are due to mankinds belief that God created us to dominate the earth?

    Yes, that’s it.

    OK, then you don’t believe God created us?


    OK, then you believe we are just part of the animal kingdom or the ecosystem of the planet so to speak?

    Yes, of course we are!!

    OK, then if we are part of the system how could anything we do be construed as screwing up the system? Isn’t that like telling the tiger he can’t eat the monkey?

    No, no, you don’t understand. We are part of the system but we are not supposed to harm it. Its more like we are stewards.

    OK, then we are stewards. We are supposed to watch over and protect the planet, kind of like a caretaker who cares?

    Yes, thats it.

    OK, sounds a little like we’re back at God giving us the power to be the caretaker, doesn’t it? If not, then are you saying we are alien spawn, put here until our cousins return to pick us up?

    Well…….God could have created us or we could be aliens, I am not sure. But we are to be good stewards.

    OK, then let me summarize. We are either not part of the system, in which case God did give us dominion over the animals and plants, or we are part of the system which means nothing we do can be construed as unnatural. But since you reject both premises that leaves us with we are part of the system but somehow ordained to act like alien spawn living under the federation directive to not interfere with the course of life on earth. I finally get it… we are living in a Star Trek Movie.

    God Bless & Good Night

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I’m either gonna steal it or find one like it.

    • Love it! I’ve always thought we were living the fairy tale ‘The Emperor’e new Clothes’. I think the Star Trek them is more updated. lol

  26. Black Flag says:

    I finally get it… we are living in a Star Trek Movie.


    Nice line! I’m going to steal it!

  27. BF:

    You can’t steal it as that is not consistant with your philosophy.

    I willingly give it to you and anyone else who chooses to use it.

    Just remember me when you get your big book deals!!!!!!!


  28. Hi USW, I got here from Fox Nation. Two points I wanna make: great post on liberal media bias. I think I’ll post it on And my friend Michael said that conservatives use reason, while liberals respond with emotion. So true! Keep up the good work.

  29. I have not watched T.V. in two years. I got so tired of commercials and one sided bullshit that I just plain gave it up. I have a 52″ monitor at the foot of my bed and a MASSIVE DVD collection of shows and movies that I “want” to see.

    I get my news from the internet from a few different sources and it’s been a breath of fresh air to read what really counts in our world.

    I was an AOL customer for over ten years and finally told them where to shove it. I do have my old AOL e-mail address and go there daily to get my mail for my business. I can’t help but notice that they COMPLETELY avoid real news and make sure you know which “idol” got the axe. Sad thing is they won’t let me post in the comments section now because of my malcontent for our new “chief” and his tax cheat/Federal Reserve criminals. I NEVER use profanity and say nothing more than the facts that I have learned from real news sources and they hate me for it I guess.

    OK to keep it short: This is EXACTLY what mainstream media wants is for people to be sheep. I have officially left the herd and made my own little world that stays REAL.

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