So What is All This Tea Party Hoo-Ha?

taxdayteaparty2Being the informed readers that you are, you have already heard about the planned tax day tea parties that are being planned across the country. Over the last week or two I have seen several comments about them. Some feel that they are a good idea. Some feel they are a bad idea. Some feel that while a good idea, they will not be all that effective. In reading it all I came to the conclusion that many people simply don’t know enough about what is happening to be able to either support or oppose them. So I figured that maybe it was time to bring in an expert who would be able to answer the questions, both yours and mine. Fortunately for all of us, we have a subject matter expert on the subject right here in our readership….

I have chosen not to make the Tea Parties a focus on my blog. While I support them, I have so many other things to cover and there is already a lot of information out there. But I received a lot of emails asking me what these parties were all about. I, unfortunately have not been involved, and therefore didn’t have the answers.

tpSo I contacted MadMom. I am sure you have all seen her pop on here when she has time to impart her thoughts and help rally the troops. What you all may or may not know is that she is also a lead coordinator for her home state of Rhode Island for the Tax Day Tea Parties. Her and the other 15 Republicans in Rhode Island will get together that day (just a joke; they are already seeing giant numbers of groups planning to attend in the traditionally blue state). To those that are familiar with MadMom, or her blog America It Is Time to Revolt, this comes as no surprise. She is a passionate conservative who is dedicated to making her country a better place by stopping the madness that we are seeing coming out of Washington these days. 

I contacted her with some questions. Some of the questions that I wanted answered are done so specifically below. Following that will be the rest of the wealth of information that she provided. I will highlight the information from her in green so as not to confuse it with my witty banter…

1. We obviously aren’t getting together to again protest the British tax on our favorite warm beverage, so what is the purpose or message of the Tax Day Tea Parties? The National Tax Day Tea Party is a nationwide effort to coordinate tea parties across the country on April 15th and beyond.  The movement grew out of the spontaneous tea parties that have been popping up around the country in response to the out of control government spending and bailouts.  Our group initially anticipated 40 tea parties on tax day, but to date over 300 cities will participate in the event, with more coming on board every day.  It is a highly coordinated effort involving National Coordinators, State Coordinators, Individual City Coordinators and legions of volunteers to create an event which we hope will be impactful in alerting our government leaders that we have had enough of the reckless spending and lack of accountability and we will no longer remain the Silent Majority.  We are getting more press every day, as well as more high profile national sponsors.  By April 15th, this will be a movement that cannot be ignored.

2. An April 15th protest is nice, but won’t Washington simply ignore it after the press goes away? Are there plans for what will happen April 16th and beyond? Our plan is to continue to hold tea parties as long as necessary to voice our dissent.  Each tea party will have a different theme; April 15th’s theme is Repeal the Pork; Cut Taxes.  Our July 4th protest will focus on the principles and values embodied in the Consitution.  Going forward, we wil not only hold protests, but we will coalesce into an army of “community organizers” for conservatives and those who believe that our leaders work for us, not for special interests.

3. Is this just a group of pissed off Republicans who are bitter about Democrats holding the majority? It is important to note that the tea parties are apolitical; we welcome Americans of all stripes who are simply sick of being rail-roaded by the government.  It is truly a movement of “We the People” and is born of pure grassroots initiative; most people involved have very little political experience.  In RI, we are expecting such diverse groups as religious conservatives on the right to drag queens and punk rockers on the left!  All share a core concern about the direction in which our government is going in terms of spending and our elected leaders who just do not listen. All of the tea parties and speakers will stick to these talking points and the specific theme to avoid having the event hijacked by special interest groups which will marginalze our efforts.  We are being careful to manage these events in a way that will minimalize MSM criticism whilst maximizing exposure (not an easy task when they are just waiting to jump on the smallest issue!)

4. So if people are interested in the Tea Parties, what can they do? I know a lot of people won’t be able to get off of work on a Wednesday between 3:00 and 6:00. We encourage everyone interested to get involved at some level.  Each city has a webpage and a Facebook page where information and contacts can be located.  Whether it’s helping to make signs, distribute flyers, coordinating web efforts, or just spreading the word and attending, there is something for everyone to do.  The tea parties are family friendly and we welcome kids.

5. Can you provide us here with some key information from the national Tea Party Website? From Eric Odom on the National site: The February 17th “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” took place in about 40 cities, and the estimates show around 30,000 Americans took part in the protests. We collectively decided that our goal for Tax Day would be to organize in 41+ cities and see 30,001 citizens take part. This goal has already been crushed as the latest tally of confirmed Tax Day Tea Parties is now 300 across every single state in the union. We have good intel that suggests we will have 10+ cities that exceed 5,000 in attendance, and when you add 290 more cities on top of this… well, you get the picture. There is no doubt that the Tax Day Tea Party Protests will be very Historic in nature due to the high volume of simultaneous protests happening on April 15th. This is because of people like YOU, and this is a prime example of how true grassroots activism moves mountains.

ashamed-protesterSome Talking Points from the National Tax Day Tea Party site:

  • Congress passes bills they don’t read every day. That’s bad enough; but to pass the largest spending bill in the history of the world without reading it is criminal.
  • Congress and the President must repeal all (of these stupid) spending bills and budget. The overwhelming majority of the money has not been spent. And of that money, the overwhelming majority of the money is and will not be spent on actually fixing any of our economic woes. Instead, they are paying off their Democrat political debts.
  • If the Congress and the President will not repeal this spending, we will retire them at the ballot box, starting March 31st w/ Jim Tedisco, NY 20.
  • Congress is tripping over themselves vilifying AIG for their irresponsible spending, yet when it comes to irresponsible spending, they wrote the book on it —> it’s a 1100pg piece called ‘the Stimulus Bill.’ Though from what I hear, no one has read it.
  • $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) = $3,300/person Today, current spending bills and budgets total $1T PER YEAR for the next 10 years; that’s $33,000 for each man, woman, and child in America.

Government foisted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac onto the national credit market.
Government pressured the nation’s banking system into lending to unqualified borrowers with the Community Reinvestment Act.
Government asked for, lied about, and then wasted $350,000,000,000.00 billion for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).
Government uses taxpayer funds to bail out the perpetrators of the Wall Street meltdown.
Government led our financial industry to make these reckless loans. Government rewarding irresponsible individuals with taxpayer money to ‘bail out’ their homes they cannot afford.

 …. ALL THE WHILE, Government demands we foot the bill.


  • $103 million for postal service advertisements.
  • $53 million of peppermint subsidies $4.1 million for “livestock-sourced methane containment research”. (yep – flatulence)
  • $200 million for reseeding the grass on the National Mall
  • $10.55 MM for weather research in the Gulf of Mexico
  • $245 MM to expand the public relations staff in several executive branch departments.
  • $2,000,000 for the counties of Accomack and Northampton for broadband deployment
  • $1,000,000 for advanced robotics for lunar and Martian exploration
  • $2,200,000 to recruit minority students who will pursue careers in the sciences in New York. Unspecified amount of money for bill language making the State of Nevada eligible for the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (sponsored by Harry Reid)
  • $188,000 for drug abuse alternatives center in Santa Rosa, CA
  • $8 billion for “high speed rail” from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA to Las Vegas
  • $30 MM for a salt marsh mouse study in the San Francisco Bay Area


Repeal the Stimulus, and …

…suspend Capital Gains tax for two years

…make Bush Tax Cuts permanent

…suspend mark-to-market for two years

…spend $1T (trillion) and install solar panels on every dwelling in America – free electricity for everyone!

So that is the information that I have been able to gather for all of my readers for the Tax Day Tea Parties. I have always been clear to say that I try my best to not push people one way or the other in terms of things like this, but I have to say that I like the idea of this. More importantly, I have to say that I am tired of government ignoring its citizens, trashing our constitution, stealing all of our money, and redistributing our wealth. So I am glad to see that people are rallying around the idea of finally doing something to voice our unhappiness with the current path.

The conversations we have here are a start to fixing things. Eventually action is needed. It is for each person here to decide if this is the action you want to support. I won’t tell you what to do. I will simply say that this is a movement that I support. If you want to read more on your own you can visit this link to the National Site: 

And the Rhode Island site can be found at:

I want to thank MadMom for taking the time to answer all of the questions that I threw at her. She spent a significant amount of time on the phone with me this afternoon and then even more time typing up her answers to these questions tonight. But now I will turn this forum over to her. I am sure there are questions that I didn’t think to ask, so ask away. When she has time to pop in here and provide answers for you I am positive that she will do so. You can also visit her site to find more information.


  1. good2bherewithyou says:

    Thank you, Stand Up for America!
    The power to act has been given us by the Constitution, yet we have no national referendum, which would give bring real power to National Tax Day and Tea Party demonstrations.
    Give the people the power to vote on national issues directly via referendum (voter initiative). We have seen it work at the state level.
    Pass the National Initiative to allow Americans to vote on national issues directly.

    and support your local tea party!

    • I am one of the “Silent Majority” who has never protested anything. I didn’t want to be looked upon as the “loons who never worked a day in their life.” My heart is breaking to see my beloved Country being destroyed. This is the time to protest.

  2. $200M for grass at the Washington Mall. Wow, that’s more than the AIG bonuses that they voted for without reading the bill. Where is the outrage?? Like so many other issues, the MSM doesn’t cover it.

    I hope the Tea Parties will start getting more coverage. At least more than the Oakland Cop Killer Protests. But it’s easier for those people to come out in big numbers. Some of us have to go to work every day.

    I also hope these Tea Parties remain civilized and non-violent. The first incident will have the MSM calling us Terrorists (or at least contingencies)

    • Thus far, the spontaneous tea parties that have taken place have been very civilized. These are conservatives, by and large, not Mad Hatters who protest at the drop of a hat over a perceived slur. Many people have brought their children, and plan to do the same on Tax day. I do wonder if there are groups out there who plan to crash the party and create havoc. We know the left will stop at nothing to keep our voices from being heard. We are planning on having a police presence to try and prevent any conflicts.

      • I will definitely try to attend one of these events if I can. Or do something to support this important effort.

        After this experience, I seriously doubt the voters will EVER elect another black president. A giant step for mankind.

        • Gotta step in here Wasabi. This has nothing to do with a black guy being elected, but everything to do with the beliefs and actions of the current guy.

          • and his supportive Congress!

            • Agree with you there Kathy. It’s the person and the polcies that count. Although Wasabi is probably correct that the American people as a whole may hold BO’s actions against his race no matter how good a future candidate is, which is a shame. If he is exposed as a fraud or his policies ruin the country and the people finally wise up to his game, he will have done a great disservice to his own people.

              • 1stbrn2nd says:

                What policies and frauds has the President committed? Exactly what “game” are you talking about? You are a parent just like the President, do you think he would do anything intentionally to harm his OWN children’s future?

          • That is very true, but the man is a politician. I’m just saying the Dems like their tokens.

            • That is very true, Wasabi, however it would have been a very different attitude from the far left if it had been Condoleeza Rice who had been elected President instead of the Messiah!

              • esomhillgazette says:

                AMEN! It’s not exactly the color, it’s the Party Line!

              • 1stbrn2nd says:

                No, it would not have been a different attitude if Condoleeza Rice had been elected. She was right there when this country lost its standing in the world.

        • 1stbrn2nd says:

          President Obama is truely your worst nightmare….an educated BLACK MAN.

          • You sir, are a racist jerk. Typical of your ilk. We will never, ever get above the issues of race and religion with stupid comments from people like you. Not that I think you want to get above it. Thinking higher than gutter level must hurt real bad.

  3. I’ve learned several things while reading the Teaparty site this morning.

    William Lee is running for the Senate in 2014.

    Rebecca has a blog.

    There are several sites out there advertising for attention.

    There are some crazies in the world;still.

    No one in East Bugtussle realizes that the current Tea Parties are only being held in large population centers.

    You have no attainable platform as yet.

    Good luck in your endeavors.Be careful what you ask for as you may actually get it someday.

    • Ron, the National Tea Party site is simply a resource for people to find a protest in their area. The point is to go to your state’s website and that’s where you will find the pertinent details for your area. (Some of the tea parties aren’t listed yet) I do agree that the National Site is a bit nebulous and does not adequately explain the purpose of the tea parties and I will bring that up to the coordinators. Our group is National Tax Day Tea Party, but there are other nationally coordinated tea party groups as well. There will be over 1000 protests occurring across the country everywhere from NY to East Bugtussle. They will also take place at various times of the day to accommodate workers’ schedules’.

      As far as an attainable platform, what did the original Boston Tea Party members in 1773 have as a platform? We are not running for office. But we are sticking with core ideas at each event to send a message. Stop the Spending and Cut Taxes seems like a pretty good message to me, particularly since the administration will probably have passed it’s abominable budget by that day.

      • 1stbrn2nd says:

        Your platform is what? To “cut” taxes for who? In the last 8 years have your individual taxes been cut? NO, first of all you are a mother so you automatically get a tax credit. I am single with no children and I pay over 3,000 a month (repeat 3,000 dollars in federal taxes a month), so don’t scream about taxes.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      The Time to be “careful” in what you say is over. I don’t notice Obama and the rest of his liberal socialist pukes being careful in what THEY say!

    • cindylou says:

      How about TERM LIMITS as a platform!! If you can’t be bought and make millions by being a congress person for 30 years, perhaps they would do the job they were voted to do. Be our voice in DC–vote for the interest of their constituents. None of that is happening with our representatives and senators–DC is it’s own world!! And we–the American People” are just the “Chattering Class focusing on tiny porky ammendments.” According to Schumer you can search it on You Tube!

  4. I’m very familiar with the “be careful” mantra. Would you add to that as far as a downside to all this. In my little world, that is usually a warning, given by someone with knowledge on the subject and potential outcome.

    • As an activist, I’m open to all alternatives to change the direction in which this country is headed. Care to share any concrete ideas? I say, better to do something, anything, than let the country slip through our fingers whilst doing nothing but discussing how Rome is on fire.

      • I agree that doing nothing is a bad idea, even if just to maintain one’s sanity. The Tea Parties are a great idea as a beginning point to get our voices heard. I look at this as a short term goal. I am rattling my little brain to come up with some form of long term stragety that can be adapted to fit the movements overall goals.
        If I had to make a statement as to my long term goal, it would be to avoid the collapse of the dollar and fall into hyperinflation, which would devistate our way of life.

        • I see the longer term goal as putting more balance back into the legislature in 2010, to thwart the administration’s plans to lead us down the road to chaos. It is hard to sit and watch BHO act with such ferocious speed to consolidate power and threaten our teetering economy even more; 2010 seems a long ways away. But as the post mentions, the Tea Parties are just a beginning. The end goal is to create an army to try and compete with the likes of ACORN and the community organizers of the left and to field good candidates for 2010. Tough job, for sure. But in the interim, I’m not sure we can do more than make our voices heard as loudly as possible and at least try to scare some of the Dems who are up for re-election in 2010 to stop and think before voting to take us over the brink. Make no mistake, we are watching the beginnings of tyranny take place. At what point should the people of 1930’s Germany stood up to stop the madness before their ability to do so was taken away? Nobody believes something like that could happen here. It IS happening here. You know that guy, Bresso, who did those Thomas Paine videos urging Americans to take their country back? He was recently summoned to the White House. WND was supposed to get the first interview with him right after his meeting. Nothing so far. What the hell is happening here? All dissent is being quashed. We simply CANNOT stand down now.

          • esomhillgazette says:


          • 1stbrn2nd says:

            Mom, I must say my next post to you was to comment on how “educated and articulated” you sounded (no pun indended). So, I am thinking how could such a “smart” person like yourself come up with such “closed minded” concepts. The reason I am on this site, is because when someone asks me about “Tea Parties”, I can give them a well researched response.

        • 1stbrn2nd says:

          So, do you honestly beleive that President Obama has tyranny on his mind? I think this whole protest would really stand for something…….If you people were concerned about the billions (trillions) of dollars spent in the last 8 years. Where was your outrage at the Hallibuton “NO BID” contracts. Those contracts alone could have made millions American families financially stable, instead they hire local unqualified electricians, masons, etc…….instead of people here at home. These qualified American craftmen could have been making 10,000 a month. And our men and women are still getting electrocuted by faulty wiring by overseas contractors. If you need a platform? Try one of the above.

          • 1stbrn,

            See there is the problem we are facing today. You are too rooted in the past to be relevant in the present. What brings you to the conclusion that we aren’t unhappy with the Haliburton contracts or the spending of the last 8 years or unhappy with Bush in general? I know that I am. However the left’s continual blame game is getting old. The real point is that we can’t do anything about the last 8 years now can we. But we can organize and say something about the fact that this administration in one bill signed into law a spending bill that spent more money than the total of the Iraq and Afghanistan expenditures to date. We can organize and say we aren’t happy with the fact that in 60 days this administration has taken the national deficit to 3 times higher than it has ever been in history (and that includes during those magical 8 years). I would submit that you have ingested a bit too much of the kool-aid and are no longer able to see the ridiculous hypocrisy in the claims that you are making.

  5. EINSTEIN says:


    • Actually, Fox news will be covering live from Atlanta GA., and other cities as well. Hannity announced that last night.

      • Glenn Back will also be airing from a city TBA, with feed from other cities. The media WILL be there. I’ve made sure of it in Providence, even though I’m from the bluest of states and I have about as much pull as my grandmother sitting in her assisted living facility. I have no doubt that other coordinators have managed the same in their cities.

        • Have the tea party meet in front of the NY Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Washington Post offices or affiliates. That, will get their attention.

          • I guess they couldn’t ignore that. They should also do one down by 30 Rockefeller Center where the Today show comes down to greet the people. Would love to see Matt’s face.

            • Exactly, that’s what would give them the wake up. I believe other morning shows operate the same way. Bring the signs, stick to one message “TELL THE TRUTH”.

              I have been involved in demonstrations where there was a tiny counter protest. CBS filmed the larger group with the long shot and then focused in on the counter demonstrators giving the impression the entire group supported them.

              That’s how you learn never to trust the bastards. Last time they wanted to interview me I told the reporter that if he edited my comments, I’d come downtown looking for him. His interest in interviewing me dropped to zero.

  6. Hey MadMom/USW – Another great post. I am participating in ours here in Madison, WI. I’ve said this before on posts that activism is not a comfortable or common place for me and probably most conservatives. That’s what the Cindy Sheehans of the world do, right? However, I don’t want to look back at this time and wonder why I didn’t do anything, so I am participating. How many of you ask right now, What the Hell has Happened? Our sitting back and letting Washington “do its thing” is a big part of what’s happened. We’ve talked on these posts of the re-election rates, etc. etc., mostly because many of us didn’t make the effort to educate ourselves and hold Washington accountable.

    Well, we’ve got to let them know that we are finally waking up and I view these tea parties as a first step in letting Washington know we ARE paying attention. I agree with MadMom that these are not “Republican” parties, but gatherings for everyone and anyone that is tired of the behavior in Washington.

    I believe Washington is on a break on April 15th and I’ve invited each of my representatives to come see and hear what is on the minds of their constituents; don’t know if they’ll show, but I would think more of them if they would.

    A great quote that I use on my kids all the time (and they hate it), is “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”. I think this applies here as well – be part of the solution and get involved!

    • Well said Kathy…I agree with you…I’ve never been “active” as it has made me uncomfortable…It has always seemed uncivilized to me to act in the ways that liberals do during their protests.

      Anyway, at 43, I’m finally becoming more politically mature and don’t really give a hoot what other people think about me! I’m planning on going to the Tea Party here in Richmond, VA on 4/15/09…

      • Oh, and one other thing…I’m trying to do my part and raise my children (and their friends) to think with logic.

        I want you all to know that I’ve had some success. I’ve been able to turn around my 19 year old’s (educated at Meadowbrook – some call it Ghettobrook HS) thinking; she actually voted conservative November 2008; I’ve also managed to turn around her best friend’s very liberal thinking and he now debates the conservate case with his liberal mother!!!! When I start discussing politics here at home, my 10 year old son now says, “It’s an ‘O’bomination” or “NoBama”. Of course, I’m now working on asking him why he says that (because I don’t want him to blindly follow where I lead – I want him to question and come up with his own answers and conclusions). I have to say, he’s not very popular in his school because of his views…this does sadden me…but I am proud of him.

        The months leading up to November, 2008 really raised my political awareness and I really wanted to do something; now, I’m just downright angry and am ready to come out fighting and stand guard for the future!

        • Same here Karyn. My kids go to an ultra liberal school; before the election, they had a show of hands in my son’s 5th grade class as to who they were “voting” for. My son was the only kid in his class to raise his hand for McCain. I educate them about what is happening, they see me doing my thing, and I think that is a good precedent to set for one’s kids. I want them to know, no matter what happens in this country, that I tried my darnedest to stop the madness. All of the lead volunteers working on the Providence Tea Party are women; I wonder if it is maternal instinct that is making us so angry and ready to “stand guard for the future”, as you put it so well.

        • esomhillgazette says:

          My Children have been raised Conservative from birth. I also encouage them to think for themselves and question “why” in all Political things. Being from rural GA, we don’t have a lot of problems with our conservatism. But we do have a lot of “Yellow Dog Democrats”. Some voted for Omama ecen though they didn’t agree with his beliefs simply BECAUSE he was a Democrat. Even most Dems here are Conservative Democrats.

  7. I just have to agree with everyone’s views at this point. I’m not an activist by any means, actually, I looked down on activism most of my life. But the last year has changed the way I think in many ways. I’m proud to be associated with people who care about the future, and have become irritated with those who are clueless.

    Government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Right now I see it as “to the people”. Fights ON!!

  8. I’m going off subject for a moment. I’m doing an experiment concerning the stimulus funds that are available here in Ohio. I’m targeting the weatherization funds to determine who these funds were really targeted for. As a single parent, in a home built in 1911, making less than 25K a year, I’m checking into whether I qualify for these funds for insulation etc. I’ll post the results as soon as I get them. It will be interesting to find out how these tax dollars will be spent and who they will ultimately benefit.

  9. I made a comment earler about Bob Basso (I mistakenly referred to him as Bresso), who was summoned to the WH for a meeting with BHO, presumably for a dressing down. He turned up on the Jerry Doyle show yesterday and wants to organize a march or sit-in in DC and wants millions to attend. Not just or a day, but for a few days. I’m in on that one, as soon as I find out more details. We’ve got to storm the Capitol, while the legislature is in session.

  10. I like to watch people and make observations. The people who I know are conservative leaners are pretty much more reserved in how they deal, communicate, and treat other people. On the other hand, my more liberal-thinking friends seem much more gregarious in how they deal, communicate and treat other people. This is one of the things that attracts me to one of my best friends — she communicates easily with people (love her to death even though she’s a tree-hugger).

    The question that I ponder is: Could this possible “conservative” characteric contribute to the lack/failure of grassroots efforts that we often see the “liberals” reaping benefits from…could it be that it is simply more “natural” for them?

    Maybe its a silly question, but I do wonder about it…

    • Karyn,

      I think it has more to do with conservatives’ respect for the rule of law. Conservatives are far more likely to “follow the rules” and are less likely to engage in moral relativism. I have tree hugging friends as well, and I find that they are far less inclined to stick to core principles if it suits their immediate need.

      • MadMom,

        Yes, I think you have a point there. I am thinking about my liberal friend (and my hippie brother) and they do seem rather self-serving and even at times narcissistic.

        Thanks for that perspective!

        • I’ve noticed a difference in the simple trait of being accountable for your actions. Bad luck is confused with bad decisions; problems at work are because of the boss, the company or co-workers; kids problems are because of the teacher, the coach or other kids.

          Last fall there was a big teenage drinking party that was busted and I could probably tell you with 95% accuracy how the parents vote simply based on how they handled their kids – those that made excuses, would not cooperate with the investigation, even hired lawyers compared to those that made their kids step up to the plate and accept responsibility.

          • So true, Kathy! I’ve seen the same thing in my kids’ school. It’s about personal responsibility, something the left wants no part of.

            • I also think it’s the culture of entitlement and victimization. One of my liberal friends grew up dirt poor, but she’s smart and beautiful and she basically got a free ride through college, including time abroad. She’s got a great job now, but she is all for the government taking care of people’s every need. She says I don’t get it because I did not grow up poor (nobody ever GAVE me study time abroad). She feels she deserved help because she was disadvantaged. Well, my conservative husband grew up dirt poor, and sacrificed everything imaginable to achieve his dream of becoming a physician. It took him a long time, and he subsequently got a late start on starting his career and family. But he did it on his own with no government handouts. He never felt the government owed him anything; whatever he achieved was through his own persistence and endeavors. The point being with all this is that the left can get all up in arms because they feel like they are entitled to whatever they want, whilst conservatives don’t have that same mentality. It takes a lot to get conservatives to take a stand because they are busy making their own way and generally want the government to just leave them alone.

              • esomhillgazette says:

                I grew up poor as dirt. My daddy was a house painter during Carter’s Presidential fiasco. So I can tell your friend one thing. Although poor, my parents raised us boys with discipline,(yes, we got whipped when we did something wrong, but not “beaten”)and to respect our elders, and others values that I have carried foward to my children today. The main thing daddy AND momma taught us was to accept responsibility for your own lives, that no one “owes” you, nor do you “deserve” anything you cannot earn. The effect on our lives has been that we are grown responsible adults who take care of our families without anyones help. The government can stay out of our lives!

  11. Mad Mom,

    Very good explanation. Very good post. Now all we need is for folks to get up off their lazy duffs and DO SOMETHING!

    I know, I know . . . decaff, decaff, and more decaff 😉

    Out here in the Mojave Desert, there is very little “community participation” . . . . . Our county seat is over 65 miles from the old homestead, so as you can see we are just a tad spread out. Not shoulder to shoulder like you are in Rhode Island (I have actually been there once, way back in the 1960’s). However, this old geezer is doing his thing on his website – added a video bar. Kinda kool, I think, and educational.

    Since Google, who owns and runs blogspot, is kinda liberally bent I had to search and find the video’s I wanted. I even found one for the intellectual mind of our friend BF. 🙂

  12. Karyn: Mad Mom has it correct, I believe, on diff between libs and conservatives (although I still hate those tags).

    Mad Mom: I thought it was time to give you a little more ammo for your musket. The other day I suggested folks here research the Sagebrush Rebellion. A few years after that effort another one formed out here in the west. It was called Grassroots for Multiple Use. Along with that group came one called Women in Timber. Both started out much like the tea parties and consisted of folks who hardly ever attended a public meeting let alone could be called an activist.

    It only took a couple of years before every hopeful politician was sucking up to these groups if they wanted to get elected. The grass roots group consisted of Repub and Dems, labor and non-labor but they all shared a conservative (original liberal) view of how our govt should be operating. These groups eventually lost influence because the management of our federal lands in the west fell under complete control of eastern congress and govt bureacrats. But they did have a significant impact for about 5 years and contributed to the Red State condition in the rocky mtn states for so long.

    Bottom line: Tea parties are a good place to start and should be encouraged and supported. My suggestion Mom is that organizers don’t get to controlling. Work hard to keep it a grassroots effort that energizes as many as possible. Folks will fade away if they think a handfull of people are running the whole thing. Most of these events have not allowed an elected official speak. KEEP THAT RESTRICTION AND DON’T LET GO!! Have regular folks and experts talk. Make the elected, or want to be’s, LISTEN.

    I like the idea of decentralized but coordinated demonstrations. More folks can participate than a march on DC. Even my tremendous planning and logistical skills couldn’t address the portipoti and water station needs for a 20 million person march on DC. Although…….maybe we could just surround the whole damn city. Logistics would be easier and it would be much harder for the powers to be to control. Sorry, got lost there for a minute. When the time comes to march on DC I think we need to do just the opposite of convential wisdom. I probably shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag but its time we all start moving so… it is!!! A one man or woman march on the capitol, done with the right amount of fan fare to present a petition of grievances to selected congressmen and senators. Mom, just so you know I am more than a philosopher, I was in the middle of putting on such a show when the tea parties started popping up. Mine involved a horse and flag, but thats just my style. I stopped work on this effort to allow these parties to grow in size and number. That is because I think it will be easier to start moving us all once we all are awake. My original idea was to create a situation that might cause an awakening. The tea parties are the awakening. So, I think the purpose now needs to change to one of motivating the right type of action. I just hope we can do it before or after than damn humid heat starts back there. Sorry, I suppose that was a little sissy like for a revolutionary. The one requirement is that Congress must be in DC when I, you, or someone does it.

    You wonder whats next? Beyone the demonstrations. I guess since I have already crossed the threshold I will go ahead and share the rest of my vision with you all.

    Mad Mom’s post covers the beginning but then……There will come a point where we will form the base of a new political caucus, not a party, but a caucus or group if you will. We will form a concise set of principles which we will use to judge politicians before and after election. Those principles will be based on the RESURRECTION of our Constitution. We will form a PAC or someother policital group that controls votes and money. We will be effective. We will be feared.

    We will recruit honest liberty loving people from our community to run for state and federal offices and then we will get them elected. We will then hold them accountable.

    We will eventually control enough state legislatures and seats in congress to unwind the mess, culminating in amendments to our constitution that will plug the holes for some time to follow. How long? Who knows, but I bet we can make it last longer than last time. Especially since we have 200 years of seeing how it was manipulated and subverted. With all of this our children and at least our grandchildren will have a choice as to whether they want to continue this grand experiment or submit to slavery. But at least they will have a choice.

    I have not covered alot of the details, at least the ones I have fleshed out, but this should give you all something to think about in concrete terms. Nothing like a little fishing trip to clear the mind.

    I hope all are having a great weekend.
    Besh Wishes as Always

    Whats that sound??? Is that a black flag buzzing nearby or the sound of an approaching storm. I hope the downpour of futility and despair can hold off for awhile.

  13. Mad Mom:

    I have one more little tid bit just for you. Probably shouldn’t given your state of mind but can’t resist. A few years back while in Australia the environmentalists were raising hell with timber businesses by attacking pulpwood contracts let by the govt. Just as here, the greens were tying up govt with lawsuits and shennanigans in parliament. Both groups were led by very strong, articulate and charismatic women. Well the protimber group decided they had enough so they marched on the capitol. Just as many here and elsewhere have wished, hundreds of thousands if not a million or more marched on parliament. But then, you will love this, they didn’t just march in circles or chant slogans. THEY SAT DOWN UPON THE STEPS OF PARLIAMENT, THEY SURROUNDED THE PLACE COMPLETELY AND REFUSED TO LET THE ELECTED OFFICIALS ENTER THE BUILDING. Who were they?? A majority were women and children, the families of those affected by ineffective govt. Two days later the govt started fixing problems raised by this group.

    I thought you might like that. Unfortunately it won’t work in DC because the Rats literally go to work and back in tunnels that we can’t control. We would have to have enough people to surround the congressional and senate office buildings to keep them from the tunnels. Hmmmmmmm—–sorry-never mind, just dreaming out loud.

    Lots of Hugs

    • JAC,

      And let’s not forget that Harry Reid thinks we are all stinky. That whole unwashed masses thing. Thanks for all of your input. I agree completely with your assessment of what has to be done going forward. I think what’s interesting is the apolitical nature of this movement, and I’m hoping that the PAC, or whatever forms from this will support candidates from any party, including, and especially, third parties. Because it’s all about getting back to the core values of our Constitution and I don’t care if you’ve got a D, or an R, or and L, or a Z after your name; if a candidate sticks to those core values, they’ve got my support.

  14. M Mom: The Coalition/Caucus and PAC will be nonpartisan. Our only other option is a new party, the one I like to call the American Party. But I think a coalition formed around core ideas regarding liberty and our constitution will be much easier to keep together. If it sticks then over a longer period folks may come to form a party from it.

    One of my new statements is “if I see one name on the next ballot that I recognize I will have failed”.

    Perhaps a little harsh but I doubt there are more than a handful in DC worth saving. Give me farmers, policemen, nurses, teachers, and oh yes…..those firemen in the Nextel commercial. “Anyone got a problem with a balanced budget??? Nope! All in favor of balanced budget say Aye!! OK the balanced budget passes!!!! That’s it, lets get back to work!” Damn straight.

    This idea that regular Americans cant handle the complexity of govt is pure Bull. The problem is that if they didn’t understand it they would simplify or eliminate it. Thats the guy or gal who gets my vote.

    • Totally agree. It’s all the bloody lawyers in DC that make government complex. Like the tax code. Or the Stimulus Plan. From what I’ve read of it, it seems to be written in hieroglyphics. The point is to make it less complex and adhere to the core principles. What we need is people with smarts, integrity, a desire to serve their constituents and their nation (not themselves), and most of all, good ole’ common sense. There seems to be a mighty dearth of these characteristics in government.

  15. Karyn and MM,
    Earlier in the discussion I saw Karyn’s referral to narcissism as well as MM’s discussion of trying to simplify the complexities of gov’t. Well, the two are connected. Narcissists act like they know it all and are superior. However, down deep they are very insecure, and thus they constantly create chaos and confusion to keep others from finding out the truth — that they are really not that smart. I’ve shared the following link before. It’s a pretty good ‘nutshell’ description of how narcissists impact organizations and how to deal with them. There’s plenty more on narcissism on the net. Why read about it? Simple. Know thine enemy……..

  16. What do you folks think of the Fair tax legislation sponsored by Rep John Linder from Georgia?

  17. Mad Mom & JAC

    Contact USW, have him give you my e-mail address. We three need to talk!

    USW – Give those two my e-mail address. Then if you want to do something other than write a blog, you may join in the coming discussions. I would like that as I believe that you also have some very intelligent ideas that could be of tremendous assistance in the coming months/years.

    Remember folks, these Socialists hatched and nurtured their plans outside of the public light over the past fifty years or more. One thing I did learn in my tenure in the Corps is how to use my enemy’s strengths against him.

    • That’s exactly what we need to do!!!! Any good battle needs to be well planned.

    • RWBoveroux says:

      G. A. Rowe;

      Can someone else get in on this conversation? I may not be very articulate, but I am VERY concerned where our country is going. USWeapon has my address also.

  18. Tea Party gear can be found at

  19. esomhillgazette says:

    I will always admit when I am wrong. So now I will say it. I am wrong. The Tea Parties are growing at an astounding rate and I now believe that they are a very good way to make the gov’t begin to stand up and take notice. You and the others are doing a great thing for the Nation and I hope it only grows stronger! I am not able to get off for the one in Atlanta but will do all in my power to support it including posting it on my Blog. Good Fight and God Bless!

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I have posted the info and web sites for the Tea Parties on my Blog in support of them also.

    • Glenn Beck said he hopes to have camera crews at a tea party, he was thinking maybe the Alamo, or Atlanta?

      I “think” I heard him say he would like to have a MILLION members join his 9-12 project site by 9-12-09. I think it will FAR surpass that. I have been watching the numbers grow, and from Friday to Saturday , nearly 86,000 people joined, in JUST ONE DAY! Total is now showing 344,011 members. They are discussing the tea parties there as well.

      The government has to be getting nervous, I expect them to try “something” at the tea parties, I don’t know what, maybe send in troublemakers to have an excuse to “intervene”. If that happens, I expect it to be like throwing gas on a fire, they best stand down.

      Also, at some point, we will start to see a lot of “lip service” from politicians. We can’t fall for that, thinking they “get it”. It will be the usual self serving BS, to get reelected, then back to business as usual. They are so used to lying to get the vote, then throwing it in our face ASAP. ENOUGH of that.

      There needs to be an assessment of the Senate and House (as well as state and local officials), we need to support the few (Very few, I’m sure) that should stay.

      We need a state by state rundown, and a central database where everyone can see past performance in regard to votes, lobby connections, big business ties, etc. There has to be some way to give a thumbs up / thumbs down to each candidate up for reelection.

      And as per Black Flag, I still feel that no matter what, we are headed for big trouble in this country. That makes it even more important to have sanity ruling when the poop hits the fan.

  20. Black Flag says:

    If you want to stuff a stopper into the government’s spending….

    Everyone should request their employer to pay them with US American Eagle Gold Coin.

    They are legal tender, $100 US.

    Renegotiate with your employer – say you make $5000/month.
    As for 5 oz., paid in $100 American Eagle coin.

    Your wage, per IRS, would be declared as $500/mon. (5 x $100). Your employer paying you $500 with 5 x $100 paper bill or 5 x $100 Gold Coin is equally legal tender.

    At $500/mon. I believe you would owe no tax – legally.

    Of course, if you cash in the gold coin and get the metal’s value – which is more than the face value – you would need to claim that as a capital gain, and be subject to tax. But the difference would be that there would be no withholding tax! The government lives on withholding taxes – using your money for free. This simple change would cripple the government.

    I am NOT a legal expert, nor lawyer, and not competent to offer any advice on tax law or investment or much else for that matter

    This is for discussion purposes only.

  21. Thanks for your input on this MadMom and USW. I will be attending the Richmond Tea Party on the 15th, at least for the first hour before I have to head to work. I have been spreading the word, as have many of my fellow thinkers in Richmond.

    Also, I like your idea BF. It would also help to maintain the value of yoru wages if the inflationary policies of our government continue.

    • Black Flag says:


      This has been tested in court.

      The court said to the IRS:

      “You are forcing people to evaluate the intrinsic value of currency of legal tender? So they have to measure the metal in a coin? They have to know what metals are in a coin? Are you nuts?”

  22. Cayla99 says:

    If we do not stand up now and tell them “enough!” they will keep on and on until we have nothing left.

    INDIANAPOLIS TAX DAY TEA PARTY Protest on April 15th, 4:30 – 6:30 pm on the south steps of the IN State Capitol!

    What’s our message??


  23. We will have two Tea Parties in Austin, TX and Governor Perry will be there and Glenn Beck is going to be in San Antonio, TX.

  24. Here’s an extensive list of slogans for Tea Party signs. Also, included is a video that details how to make your own low-cost protest signs.

    101 Tea Party Sign Slogans

    Let’s take our nation back…

  25. I am not a fan of suspending mark to market for two years if it’s just to allow asset market participants to figure out a way to dump their toxic waste on to somebody else.

    There has been a loss of trust of Wall Street, and with good reason. Despite what Tax Cheat Tim or Zimbabwe Ben say, lending isn’t “frozen.” When people see that the fraud perpetrators are getting their just rewards, only then will confidence start to come back. So far there has been amazingly little in the way of prosecutions, starting at the very top. How can there be when the likes of Obama, Hillary, and McSame got embarrassingly large campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs ($983,245, $410,350, and $230,095 respectively), Bernie Madoff duly made his party donations while he made off with the loot, and there is blatant corruption all around? Until then, let Wall Street eat its own cooking.

    I am very much behind the general sentiment here, though, and am participating in a Los Angeles event.


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