Because Congress Only Wants to Do What is Best for America

waters-officialAs these stories continue to pour out of Washington about how we just aren’t understanding how hard our Congressional members are working to help “We the People” survive an economic crisis, I am going to continue to point out the crookedness of so many people in the Congress. There doesn’t seem to be a single person in the House or Senate that is interested in helping the people of the United States. This story is about a week or so old, and I was going to abandon it, but I just cannot forego the opportunity take the layup when it comes to the “soap box” Democrats doing exactly what they publicly rail against. Today’s hypocrite of the week is Representative Maxine Waters, a fine black woman representing the Socialist State of California, specifically SouthEast Los Angeles…


Waters with Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson

Waters with Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson

Representative Waters, according to a New York Times Report, has been found to have been helping steer the funds from the Financial Bailout to one of the country’s largest black owned banks. At first as I read this I was not surprised. We have seen again and again that many of the blacks in politics have a passion for furthering institutions run by blacks. It’s that version of racism that is expressly allowed in the United States. Don’t let a White Representative do the same thing though…


But regardless, that is what the black community in America seems to think is the right thing to do, give special privileges to those black institutions. OneUnited’s website boasts that “We are the first Black internet bank and the largest Black owned bank in the country,” and further states, “OneUnited Bank is fulfilling the hundred year old civil rights dream by garnering the savings power of our communities and channeling it back into urban communities (read as black communities) for economic development.” So forgive me for initially thinking that this was just another instance of reverse racism in America from one of the most race obsessed members of Congress. Perhaps Affirmative Action for Banks.

But I digress. The bank in question, OneUnited, didn’t qualify for funds from the $750 Billion dollar bank bailout bill. The Treasury had said it would give money only to healthy banks, to jump-start lending. But OneUnited had seen most of its capital evaporate. OneUnited had significant investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and their collapsed share prices wiped out much of the bank’s capital, leaving it below the level typically needed to qualify for TARP aid. Nonetheless, in December OneUnited got a $12 million injection from the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.

maxine-waters-iraq-rallyAnd the bank has been under several federal investigations. A federal bank regulator recently accused the management of OneUnited of running an unsound lending operation and ordered a top-to-bottom review of executive perks that included a 2008 Porsche (registered to the bank’s CEO) and a housing allowance for a $6.4 Million beach-front home in California (occupied part-time by the CEO and his Wife). The FDIC’s cease and desist order said OneUnited must cut any financial ties to a California-based limited liability company that owns a beach-front home in Santa Monica. That limited liability company is controlled by OneUnited Chairman and Chief Executive Kevin Cohee and his wife, Teri Williams, who also is the bank’s president, according to records filed with the California Secretary of State’s office.

Waters, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, arranged a meeting in September between Treasury officials and the chief executive of OneUnited, which requested $50 million in special bailout funds. Soon afterward, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank inserted language into a TARP bill that was specifically worded to permit bailout funding of OneUnited.

waters-racistSo I wondered to myself why a fine, upstanding member of the House of Representatives like Maxine Waters, who is one of those 535 members of Congress who are “only looking out for the best interests of the United States”, would steer money to OneUnited? I mean after all the bank seems to be crooked. Why would she steer money to a bank that came under fire from regulators in 2007 for failing to give more loans to lower-income residents in Miami, while favoring wealthier customers there?

But then the truth came out. It seems the California congresswoman and her husband, Sydney Williams, were investors in two California banks that merged in 2002 to become OneUnited. Waters sold her shares in 2004. But according to her most recent financial-disclosure form, dated May 2008, her husband still owned shares whose value was somewhere between $250,000 to $500,000. Williams also served on the bank’s board of directors until last year, and got “interest payments from a separate holding at the bank, also worth between $250,000 and $500,000,”. Treasury officials told the newspaper that Waters didn’t tell them her husband served on the bank’s board of directors and has owned at least $250,000 in stock in the institution.

So here we are. A bank that owns a 6.4 million dollar vacation home that is only lived in part time by the CEO received $12 Million in federal aid, despite not being eligible, because Barney Franks inserted special language in the TARP bill that allowed it to happen. I am sure that Franks, who serves on the Financial Services Committee with Waters, had no idea that she was invested in this bank, or that her husband served on the board and owned over $250k in stock (I couldn’t even say that with a straight face out loud without laughing at myself)

fight-organized-crimeJust one more example of how the members of Congress are the most corrupt, crooked, and criminal people in America. The sad thing is that we could find stories like this for 90% of the members of Congress. I just happen to revel in bringing the most radical left loons like Waters into the limelight. Let people see this horrible excuse for a public servant for what she is. I will continue to feature stories like this in the future, from both sides of the aisle, because some on my readers still haven’t come into the light and seen Congress for what it has become. Is there any doubt that we should be voting every single member of Congress out of office?


  1. The fact that Maxine Waters is corrupt is of no importance as long as her approval ratings among her constituents remain at their present numbers.She wins reelection with apparent ease.No one that votes for her cares if she steals the country blind.She started on the right foot when she called the Los Angeles riots a rebellion and has never had to look back since.

    It is interesting for me to note that the executives of OneUnited are no different than any other greedy executives of other banks that we are being forced to support.Their perks and compensation are apparently not too far out of whack that anything substantial will be done about it.

    One other note of interest is that I recently read somewhere,I disremember where,that Barmy Frank tried to dissuade Maxine Waters from getting money for her favorite bank.Whether there’s any truth to this remains to be seen.If it should be true it will give you some idea of the in your face value of Ms.Waters misadvennturs.Something that not even Barmy Frank could stomach.

    • USWeapon says:


      You are right on with Waters. She is a race player. She has done it over and over to gain constituents in Los Angeles. And we all know the Hollywood stars love to support someone who is “looking out for the disadvantaged in this country.” As I have always said, California should just be given a way out of membership in the country. The face of American politics would change forever.

  2. There is nothing surprising about this or anyother crooked member of Congress. They have been failing America for many years and now it’s starting to show why. It’s all about self interest, and interest in those that help them stay in office, not about whats best for America. In 2006, I stopped doing any business what-so-ever with banks. No accounts, no loans, no credit cards, nothing. Other than a 9 year old mortgage, I am completely debt free, and all normal utility/entertainment bills are up to date and even show a credit in many cases.

    Banks were once good establishments that served the consumer with a variety services. Today they think that the consumer must have “them” to achieve their daily needs. They are like the creatures in the movie “Them”, lots of them and seemingly unstoppable.

    I simply changed how I did things 3 years ago, and am far better off than I could have imagined. Once I eliminated banks from my daily life, I became wealthier, financially and mentally. We don’t need banks, they need us, the problem is they have forgotten this small detail. Get out of the banking business, be happier, then contact your elected officials and YELL at them for bailing them out. I did, and it made me feel better.


    • G-Man,
      Do you mind if I ask how you avoid banks and do things like pay bills, and keep your money in something other than your mattress?

      • Sure, when I made this decision, I did my homework on the cost of checks and anyother banking cost versus what was the available alternative. Firstm my local grocery store processes payments for water, electric, and natural gas at a cost of .25 cents per tranaction. Or I can pay direct at the office downtown (5 minute drive) at no cost. Mortgage, satellite and internet all have offices in the same block, and it takes one 30 minute trip to pay all of them in cash. I have no credit cards, no car payment, no loans and can cash my check at work, with no fee.

        I keep my savings at home, in a fireproof safe. Interest on that savings is accrued monthly, based on the savings I get from not paying any banking fees, not paying for checks, not paying for stamps etc. I actually get a much larger interest rate this way, than any bank will ever offer.

        The most important thing, and the only way it works, is to live within my means. I can fix anything in my home, and take good care of my truck and car. I put in a wood burner to save on gas bills in the winter, don’t really need AC because it is rarely ever needed.

        I don’t make alot of money by any means, and trying to raise a teenage daughter requires alot of prudence when it comes to finances. I am bank free, and I’m very happy about that. Thanks for asking!

    • USWeapon says:


      Unfortunately it always has been about self interests. More people are just starting to take notice. I believe that this is a direct result of the astonishing growth of internet reporting on blogs like this and others. All the sudden people have access to far more than the MSM was willing to give them. Once the monopoly on information dissemination was taken away from the MSM, politicians knew there would be trouble. Now they resort to tactics like forcing a bill through before the public gets a chance to see it.

  3. Recommended reading:

    “Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)– why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions and hurtful acts” by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.

    Great insight into the human tendency to justify their actions. It covers politicians, lawyers, therapists, and other professions. Very interesting and useful.

  4. This post is a suggested read at,

  5. This fits into a topic that I’ve wondered about, namely, what is our ethics policy with members of Congress? I understand this is really an oxymoron, (ethical Congress?) and if there is an ethics review process, this committee or whatever would be running 24/7. But truly, how and what process is followed? I know that Rangel is under “ethics review” or something, but that has been forever and he continues to do his damage. Are Franks and Dodd being reviewed for their specific parts of this financial mess? Like your article here – will this be reviewed? Are conflicts of interest not reported at all? I know I probably sound naive and in this area, I really am! Is there really just total complete lawlessness in DC?

    • According to the following link, Congress is covered by the same code of ethics as all govt. employees.

      Having worked for a state gov’t for 30 years, our code of ethics/rules of conduct, included disciplinary remedies for when the policy was violated. I don’t see that here. Maybe if some of you have worked for the feds you know where that is covered. The following site explains more about the jurisdiction of the House ethics committee. Now, whether they actually do any of this is another story. lol

    • esomhillgazette says:

      Whether they have “ethics” policies or not, they are Congress. They Scratch each others back and watch out for each other. Thus the Rangel case taking forever. It is being stalled and only being pro forma being reported on. They are “above the Law” unless it is something that cannot be swept under the rug by their congressional buddies.

    • USWeapon says:


      Congress and ethics simply don’t mix. For that matter, the majority of politicians in general have no idea what the word ethics even means anymore.

  6. esomhillgazette says:

    Congress has NEVER had the best interests of the public at heart. Even during the American Revolution the Continental Congress was either too busy arguing, looking out for their own interests, or just plain apthetic to the very ones fighting the war. Sound familiar? That, by the way is Historic Fact. It has grown progressively worse until we have what we have today, which is screwed up beyond comprehension. What we need to do is vote ALL, and I mean ALL of their asses out, regardless of Party, and start fresh with a brand new Congress and President. I still don’t know how much good this would do, but it would wake somebody’s ass up. The only difference between the bunch of thieves and idiots(or “politicians”) in there now is the name of the Party they belong to. “Corrupt” is a politicians middle name.

  7. We have allowed it to happen folks….this is not new….truth is it will not end here either. We pay our Congressmen and Senators way to much money. They grow rich while under our watch. They complain that others are getting wealthy to take the heat off themselves. It does not seem to bother them in the least that people have lost their retirements. But it bothers them that the welfare lines are not longer….they want everyone dependent on the government so that we stick with them instead of throwing them out on their royal rears. Sad thing is right now most people are to worried about losing their homes and feeding their kids to worry about what is taking place in Congress. The US is in a sorry state of afairs and we allowed it to happen….it happened on our watch! I bet our forefathers are rolling over in their graves because we allowed our Republic to not only walk to the edge of the cliff it is ready to jump off. Our fonding fathers worked hard to get things right for us and we were to lazy, to comfortable, to busy to keep a watch on the wolves in DC. Is there one honest person in all of Congress? Just one who really cares about America? If there is please name them, I would like to have a conversation with that one. Maybe they will help throw us a real life line.

    • USWeapon says:

      I would suggest that perhaps Representative Poe from Texas or Senator Ron Paul. Both seem to stick to their principles.

      • I think I will have to do a little research…..lets see if they are truly honest or just good at covering their tracks……it just seems anymore saying the two words together “honest” and politician” makes it an oxymoron

  8. For along time now, I’ve felt that America is determined to self destruct. After spending ten and a half years married to a man who was determined to do the same, I knew that was impossible to stop him. All I could do was take steps to save myself. Maybe we’re at that point with our country. Let’s face it, the majority of Americans refuse to see it, for whatever reason. I guess its because when you’re at the bottom of the pile, the view doesn’t change much, not matter who’s on top. Or so it has been. What say if those of us who see what’s happening, rather than try to stop the self destruction, actually facilitate it? You know, give them the rope they insist on having to hang them selves? We can’t stop them, so let’s get it over with already, while we still have the means to come back from it. It can be a Pheonix moment for thinking Americans. Until the willfully ignorant fools are out of the way, nothing will change. Let’s help them self destruct since that’s what they’re determined to do anyway. Yeah, it’ll be hard on us but we’ll come back from it better and stronger, just like after a divorce. The alternative is to slowly bleed to death financially and emotionally, if not sooner when something comes along to finish us off much more quickly. Just a thought…..

    • Cyndi, that is a thought… I guess I am one of these hard headed sorts that doesn’t give up easy. It does seem that we have a desire to self destruct but I am not sure that is the intent….I think people have just gotten lazy, It is like watching your kids…you assume they are safe in the yard and you neglect to watch them. I am afraid the farther we go off the cliff the least likely we will be able to get a Republic back….might end up with socialism. If we could be completely free of government that would be one thing but to trade a Republic for Socialism that scares me.

      • I agree, Amazed. I will fight the fight until I’m bloodied and beaten, and only when I feel there is no hope left, I will get out of Dodge for the sake of my kids.

    • I’ve thought many times that maybe letting it happen sooner, rather than later would be option. Noone is listening in Washington, the MSM is just as currupt as Wall St. and DC. The tea parties are nice, but unlikely to sway anyone in DC. They are more concerned with their agenda and shoving bad fiscal policy down our throats.

      It’s good to blog with people like me, keeps the sanity, might even attend a tea party or two, just to see how they go. I do believe that the dollar will collapse in value in the near future, which will be a big mess.

      It’ll come down to preparing for the worst and hope for the best. Our government is simply out of control and the brakes don’t work. Sounds like doom and gloom, but maybe it’s just reality staring at us.

      • No, we MUST not give up the fight. Tea parties are but the opening salvo in the revolution. Are you gonna let a bunch of pansy liberal thugs ruin this great Republic on YOUR watch? I have never served in the military, but I’ll be damned if I will.

        • Quitting is not an option for any of us! There is a time and place and method to winning this kind of battle. It does begin with the small minority who see things with an open mind, and are willing to unite to be heard. Problem is, are these jackasses in DC going to listen? They didn’t listen to all of America when they were debating the bailout last fall when 90% of Americans were against it.

          The battle should be fought in many ways, get heard, show the displeasure that we feel, write and call our elected officials and tell them these things. When it all comes true because they don’t listen, we still must be prepared for that day, because the real war starts then, the war to survive, overcome and rebuild. I’m 100% behind this movement, and plan on doing my part. But I’m also keeping an open mind that it is unlikely to work in time to stop the bleeding. I have some plans, if you would like, I will share them with you.

          • I would like to hear your plans. Are they sufficiently extensive to warrant an entire day’s discussion? Maybe USW could have you do a guest post.

            • I’m all for that. Everything I have arranged at this point was easy. If things go down hill really fast people need to have plans, kind of like living in the path of a hurricane.

            • USWeapon says:

              I am always willing to give intelligent debate and discussion a forum. Look for some more guest commentaries coming in the near future. I have a couple that are in the works.

      • “I do believe that the dollar will collapse in value in the near future, which will be a big mess.”
        I think we will have something bigger than a mess and I really hate hearing the global currency talk…If we participate in this we are in real trouble…..allowing other governments to tell us how to run our country spells TROUBLE with a capital “T”
        A year ago I would have thought that “being prepared” meant for a natural diaster… I think it is preparing for choas, shortages, and times of trouble like never before.

  9. Just to show you how nothing changes. Chris Dodd is the son of Tom Dodd. The elder Dodd was like senator forever from Conn. He was also famous as perhaps the most anti second amendment person in the US Senate in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s. A real darling of the media, and Walter Cronkite in particular. It came to pass that Senator Dodd received certain shall we say “gifts” from constituents of his who did business with the Federal Government. A huge investigation was precipitated and Senator Dodd (the elder) became one of the few Senators who was ever censured by the Senate. He retired rather than run for re-election.

    Several years later his son, to clear the family name, (they never admitted wrongdoing) ran for the senate and won. Vindication! He has now been Senator forever from Conn. It has come to pass that he took certain favors shall we say from parties doing business that was regulated by a certain committee of the US Senate that Senator Dodd sits on.

    Congressman Charles Rangel replaced Congressman Reverend Adam Clayton Powell Jr. of Harlem. Rangel defeated the Congressman for life in a primary after it came to light that The Rev. Powell had received certain gifts and favors from those who wished to do business with the Federal Government. Along the way, the congressman more or less took up residence in Bimini, not a part of his congressional district. The congressman was also trying to avoid paying a huge libel judgment against him for slandering folks who called him a crook. Congressman Rangel was the choice of all good NY reformers. Now, that he has become congressman for life, it seems that he too has discovered that he is a very special person entitled to very special favors.

    Term limits really are the only answer.

    • USWeapon says:

      I am unsure that term limits are the answer. I would be for them but Congress would never vote to pass them. On the other hand, we have term limits. They are called elections. Conservatives need to get off their asses during congressional elections and work to get guys like Rangel and Dodd voted out of office.

  10. OR, I think that planning ahead is important enough, withour a doubt, to have a lengthy discussion. USW and vets like myself and others that blog here would be of great help to alot of people, even the friends of the posters here. And it’s important to get out some advice and ideas about a worst case scenario. This is done anywhere a natural disaster may occur, but this will be far from natural, and will require a different mindset.

    The potential dangers that we may face a far different and may be more long lasting than any natural disaster in our lifetime.

  11. I always hear the comment , that it is our fault that these people are in office.
    To play devils advocate, I want to ask what can we do when a Marion Berry gets elected being a total scumbag, then even after being caught using govt vehicles for running his crack business, then getting caught smoking crack cocaine in a seedy hotel with a prostitute, and then a year later being reelected with only 915 of the vote.. Same with barney frank now with fannie mae and his lover and 20+ yrs ago with a illegal male prostitution ring using govt vehicles on govt time out of his basement… I dont keep voting these dems back in, how is it my or our fault that these rangel types always get reelected… i talk to my liberal firends but their morals are different when it comes to their guys

    • Because it happened on our watch….because we did not lead!

    • USWeapon says:


      You hit the nail on the head. These idiots keep getting reelected regardless of the things that they do. But that is the fault of the opposition party who doesn’t do a good enough job of getting out there and rocking the vote. Additionally, the morally sane folks within their parties need to get a better candidate up there during the primaries.

  12. sorry 91% of the vote for berry and was even caught on camera and shown on the news

    • TY,

      If you can’t see what is happening, the illegality of it, then you need to open your eyes. Yes, it IS “our” fault for not putting a stop to it before it happened. Now it is our responsibility to set it back in the right direction.

      Maxine Waters has been PROVEN time and again to be the most corrupt politician in southern California, yet look at where she has been and where she is now! It ain’t just in Detroit, its all over our country!

      We The People need to step up to the plate and take our country back.

      You can help by first sending a teabag to your elected representatives in Washington DC.

      Then join the April 15th National Tea Party in your area.

      Its time to get up and do something!

      • Last I heard from our national coordinator, there will probably be 500 tea parties in our group alone across the country on 4/15/09. There mau be 100 in the state of California alone. (As a side note, we may actually get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest multi-city protest in American history). But people HAVE to go. Don’t think it’s not going to matter or that it’s lame or whatever. As yourself, What’s the alternative? and What’s the downside of attending? Lots of these spontaneous tea parties have had thousands of people show up with nowhere near the level of coordination that’s happening with the BIG one. We could EASILY have a million people across the country sending the same message to Congress. Two or three million attendees is not out of the question, especially considering the budget battles that will precede it in the coming weeks. But this is game, set, match people. If people don’t make their voices heard, for whatever reason, it’s going to be tough to continue to build the huge momentum needed to effect change before we head over the precipice.

        • USWeapon says:

          I agree MadMom. Each one of us needs to commit to participation in these protests. It is a single day of your time. We spend hours and hours and days on a blog like this one, yet have not committed to dedicating a couple hours of our time on this one day. Do it because you want to be part of a Guinness World Record. Do it because you want to meet hot political chics. Do it because you want to send a message to Washington. Choose whatever reason you want, but get out there and do it.

      • USWeapon says:

        Amen G.A. The time has come to get off our asses. Rally your friends, your neighbors, your enemies, whomever you can rally. The biggest fight of our country’s young life is happening right now, and too many are sitting on the sidelines, spending all their time telling the world about what their kids are watching on Facebook.

  13. Oh , i am going to a tea party and will be bringing friends, but i guess i was trying to say we will only be on our stations and if we are on cnn or msnbc abc nbc cbs npr etc. they will spin it to benefit them.. like when our stations talked about rashid khalidi and william ayers, when they had to cover it the way they covered it was how it was going to hurt republicans for going negative and bringing up these things instead of issues.. the obamas and rangels and franks of this country keep getting elected and now they have the census being run by their political arm ACORn, so who knows what they can get away with now.

    They might decide to spin this by saying these tea parties are about protesting the rich capitalist , and all those voters in the dropout districts will bite hook line and sinker

    • Let’s not forget how the media spun [harrassed]Joe the plummer………

      • The MSM is as currupt as our Govt. That is why i believe this fight has to have two fronts, Govt. and the MSM. The media are the legs and hips of the liberals, the Govt. are the head and teeth. Take out the legs and the head will follow. Defeat the biased media, and the rest is easy.

        • Get the MSM by boycotting those businesses which advertise on their stations or papers. Get them where it hurts, in the pocketbook, especially since their numbers are down.

          • Attack the CEO’s of the companies that own them with e-mails, letters, phone calls and “tea bags” GE owns MSNBC and many others that are liberal puppets. Then stop buying GE products until they change their ways.

          • USWeapon says:

            Excellent point MadMom. That is the direction we should start with the MSM. Target those who give them advertising money.

    • USWeapon says:

      I don’t know Ty, it seems like this is getting big enough to command some attention. And the fervor grows each day. People are getting fed up.

  14. This leads to another question, how organized are the goals of these tea parties.
    Are there plans to make sure they dont become anti president hussein rallies or republican vs democrat rallies, which both would just turn off any fence sitters from coming abourd the tea train. This might be a dumb question because i have been so busy at work lately , Is there a list of goals and focus to the tea parties? are there coordinators?

    • That was covered in USW’s post yesterday. They are highly coordinated and there is a consistent message: Stop the Spending; Cut Taxes.
      No questions are dumb! Read the post and it’ll answer your questions in detail. Thanks.

    • USWeapon says:

      Ditto to MadMom’s comments Ty. Yesterday’s post was quite informative. Additionally if you have further questions after reading it, ask them in the comments of that post. MadMom is monitoring it to answer questions about the events.

  15. Black Flag says:

    Don’t elect anyone..

    >.. USWep actually posted this..<

    And I agree!! Four thumbs up!!

    Don’t vote! Do Not Participate!

    Do not give legitimacy to criminals.

    • I’m assuming you’re not a criminal. I know I’m not. USW is not. So if anyone of us ran for office and won, would we become criminals? Good people are corrupted by power. That’s the rationale for term limits. Squeeze the good out of those willing to serve the people, then get them the hell out before they become corrupted.

      • USWeapon says:

        I appreciate your support of my morals MadMom. Again, I am not against term limits in any way. I just don’t think it is possible that the Congress would vote to limit their own tenure and that is what would be needed. Even the founders, who we see as the purest group, did not put term limits in the Constitution. They were not willing to concede their own power.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Congress just voted for a raise and another to raise the amt. of their Expense Accts.. .They’re not about to essentially vote themselves out of office! They’re going to ride the gravy train as long as possible.

    • BF
      If we do not vote are we not in actuality giving legitimacy to criminals? If we watch a crime and do nothing are we not giving it legitimacy? I am sorry but we have a right that alot of Countries do not have and we are going to just stand back and watch it go down the tube? Doesn’t make sense….kinda like standing back and watching your neighbors house burn…..only this time it is our house burning! What we really need are more BF’s, USW’s and maybe some madmoms and Gmen…..people who really care about America and where we are heading…..Doing nothing means we agree with what is going on…..and I for one do not agree.

    • The concept sounds great, the results would have us being led by idiots (like now) who were voted for by idiots. At least as a voter, you can demand to be heard ( not that they will listen). Besides, the number of legal voters who don’t vote for this very reason have not made a difference at any time in our history. Politicians would prefer the least amount of voters as possible, gives them better odds at winning the election.

      • Gman
        The voters who did not vote this time around did make a difference…..look what we have! Because people are too lazy to actually go vote..or because they do not like the choice…look what we are stuck with….now that would be good if it just affected them…..but it doesn’t when we end up with our Congress full of certified idiots the non voters are just as much to blame as the voters.
        We had a canidate running for office (Governor)who had previously been in office and voted out. I beieved him to be corrupt and so did lots of others. He chose to run again for the same office and a friend of mine was voting against him until she talked to him. She said I think he has changed….learned his lesson….I said what makes you think he has learned his lesson? You certainly didn’t learn yours!!! When politicians are corrupt they just seem to move from one office to the next until they finally get into a position to affect the whole country….thus our COngress!!

        • We need to learn one thing about this! Look at ones past behavior, and you will know what the future behavior will be. Your right, some people just don’t get it. Politicians don’t change, we just change the names of the politicians, seems to always end up with the same results. This is a change I would vote for.

        • USWeapon says:

          VERY WELL PUT Amazed1,

          The folks that sat on their collective asses and didn’t vote helped put this abomination into the Presidency and these partisan big government folks in control of Congress.

      • USWeapon says:

        To play the devil’s advocate here G-Man (and BF will love this), the fact is that each election cycle the government does a great deal to get people to come out and vote. Each side does it for their own purposes. BF will be quick to point out that the reason for this is because voting gives them legitimacy, so they need more votes to be more legitimate. While I disagree with this, just figured I would throw it out there.

    • USWeapon says:

      LOL… you kill me BF. But you stick to your guns and I can respect that

    • Black Flag says:


      I’m assuming you’re not a criminal. I know I’m not. USW is not. So if anyone of us ran for office and won, would we become criminals?

      This is not a personal attack, nor merely a label – it is a definition

      If you use violence upon non-violent people to obtain your needs and wants, you are a criminal and evil.

      Of course, I’m not sure what you would call someone who does uses violence on non-violent people, so perhaps if you would offer what word you would call this type of a person, I’d consider it.

      Good people are corrupted by power.

      No, they are not – because if they were corrupted by it, they were corruptible to begin with. Good people cannot be corrupted.

      They can be very confused, however. They can be told, over and over, that certain actions are not evil – and that if they do not support these actions, they would be considered evil themselves. By repetition, the lesson is finally learned.

      That’s the rationale for term limits. Squeeze the good out of those willing to serve the people, then get them the hell out before they become corrupted.

      So, tell me. Why isn’t voting not working?

      My point is, if one part of the system does not work properly for some reason, why do you expect this to make any difference?

      Do you really see any difference between who is elected?


      If we do not vote are we not in actuality giving legitimacy to criminals? If we watch a crime and do nothing are we not giving it legitimacy?

      Correct. But your analogy is miss-placed.

      By “voting”, you are agreeing to the Crime!

      It is not standing by, you are actually participating in the crime.

      If there was a “I do not agree” on the ballot, then you’d have your point. But no such thing exists. The only thing on the ballot is “I agree to ….”

      . Politicians would prefer the least amount of voters as possible, gives them better odds at winning the election.

      But in fact, they do not.

      They are on the TV constantly encouraging the vote. When voter turnout drops, you see them worry – visibly worry – about the lack of citizenry responsibility (as they call it).

  16. Newsflash guys and gals. The National Tax Day Tea Party site has been hacked into by both domestic and international sources in an attempt to shut it down. Looks like this movement is gaining a little too much steam for somebody’s comfort.

    • What would anyone expect from those who want to force their agenda down everyone’s throat? Maybe there is some fear being generated by this movement. Maybe, it is time to prepare for the worst, and fight for the best!!

      • Yup. My guess is that their efforts at quashing dissent will not stop at simply hacking a website. The bigger it gets, the badder they’ll be.

        • well, it’s only the beginning. They only need to buy time to get thier goal achieved. Time is on their side, not ours. they hold the cards and the power.

        • esomhillgazette says:

          A town in FL has cancelled a tea party in their city park on the 15th because they told the coordinator she had to have insurance. I hope not other cities get this idea. They are trying to talk people into showing up anyway.

  17. I guess sometimes they can do what they do because the law lets them: (caught this on another site tonight)

    Right Soup – Conservative News Updates
    Insider Trading: Illegal For You, But Not For Congress! – H.R. 682

    Posted: 29 Mar 2009 02:21 AM PDT

    “Insider trading”… buying or selling securities based on knowledge that hasn’t been publicly disclosed is a felony. It’s prohibition is one of the basics of securities regulation and law. Imagine if you knew for a fact that a company’s earnings report was going to be better than expected- you could buy the stock before earnings were reported, and make a pile of cash after the good news was announced. You would also be cheating the rest of the public to whom the information had not been disclosed.

    Lots of you know my background on Wall Street; 2 decades as an investment portfolio manager. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) required us to disclose EVERY securities trade we made on our own behalf, to ensure we were not violating any securities regulations- especially “insider trading.” These regulations are very strictly enforced… and the SEC was, and is, vigilant in prosecuting violators. Just ask Martha Stewart.

    One special group, however, gets to skirt these regulations. I was outraged to find that a dangerous legal loophole exists; one which allows members of Congress and high-powered executive-branch appointees to exploit “insider” knowledge of publicly traded companies, in order to make personal profits.

    Under current law, Congress and staff who have access to the privileged “non-public information” gathered through official oversight proceedings, are NOT prohibited from using that information for personal benefit in securities and commodities trading. The SEC does not have the authority to hold employees of Congress, or the Executive Branch, liable for using insider information gained from official proceedings for insider trading. Equally as abhorrent: there are lobbyists and traders who haunt the halls of Congress seeking insider tips from staff, and are known as “political intelligence consultants.” They may also enrich themselves and their clients using this confidential information.

    “Insider trading” is HIGHLY illegal for you, me and every other person who trades in the securities markets. Why is it legal for government officials?

    Currently, government officials do not have a duty of confidentiality to Congress, and therefore are not liable for insider trading. Because of this, Members and government employees can use government information which only THEY have access to when making investment decisions.

    A 2004 report from Georgia State University showed that United States Senators received annual investment returns that were approximately 25% higher than what typical Americans were able to achieve. No shock to me… being able to trade with inside knowledge would be a virtually risk-less way to bag HUGE profits…if it weren’t illegal. Similarly, there is currently nothing to stop Congressional staffers and executive branch employees from sharing inside information with their friends. Armed with information not available to the general public, these people are able to make lucrative investment decisions that can either make them a windfall profit, or save them from a devastating loss.

    “Political intelligence” firms have created a multi-million dollar industry to traffic this information. Since they first showed up in the 1970s, these firms have operated in secret, and largely without government controls. They provide investors with inside information about impending legislative action that can be used to inform investment decisions. One recent questionable example of these firms’ influence appeared in late 2005:

    On November 15, 2005, the stock of a building materials company in Chicago, USG Corp, suddenly doubled, despite the fact that there was no publicly available news about the company, or it’s industry, which would explain the increase in volume and stock price. What the public didn’t know yet, but what some investors discovered through back channels and political intelligence companies, was that then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist had quietly decided to move forward with legislation to relieve companies, such as USG Corp, of their liabilities in asbestos related lawsuits.

    Treasury Secretary Geithner is now pushing for a HUGE expansion of governmental control over ALL types of companies. Do you think the government might run across any non-public info while policing them? Hell yes, they will.

    Currently languishing before Barney Frank’s Banking and Finance committee is H.R. 682, the “Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge Act.” It was introduced by 3 Democrats: Mr. Baird, Ms. Slaughter and Mr. Walz. It is short, very straightforward, and seeks to prohibit “insider trading” practices by government officials and their cronies.

    I may not line up with these Representatives on some other matters, but I absolutely applaud this proposed legislation. It was attempted by Rep. Baird once before, only to die in committee. I have contacted the three sponsors of H.R. 682, and I look forward to reporting what I learn from them.

    This kind of prohibition and transparency is right in line with Obama’s campaign promises, should he decide to keep one. It’s truly a bi-partisan issue. It’s patently unfair and downright dirty for Congress to be allowed to line their pockets doing something that would land the rest of us in PRISON.

    This issue and this bill have had virtually ZERO attention from the press. When I discovered it while doing other research, I kept telling myself that surely there was something I was missing- that Congress COULDN’T be exempt from such basic, fundamental securities laws. Well, I wasn’t missing anything, and I’m furious about it. I hope you are too.

    Contact your Representatives and demand that they vigorously support H.R. 682. Whether Democrat or Republican, these hypocrites are playing us for fools. This should be a pitchfork moment.

    This content is copyrighted by Right Soup.

    • WOW, another reason to not like politicians, go figure! The shit just keeps getting deeper folks.

    • Good job Kathy

    • USWeapon says:

      Thanks for sharing this Kathy. Just another example of our politicians at work.

    • Black Flag says:

      Of course, I have no problem with insider trading.

      It is an illusion that people do not do this – in fact, it would be stupid for people not to do this. In fact, I don’t think I would invest in a company that did not use insider information! Think about it — making information illegal — has to be one of the dumbest idea ever presented!

      The illusion creates a very dangerous situation for people who believe they are investors. They believe that some, unknown, disinterested third party is looking after their interests.

      They believe the law will prevent someone from taking advantage of them. But, of course, example afte example demonstrating the fallacy of such belief makes no difference to them – so they continue to get their hat handed to them.

  18. After reading the comments here, I learned that many of you intend to stage an intervention. Okay, fair enough. You’ve still got some fight left in you. I believe the root of the problem at hand isn’t the corrupt politicians. They are merely a by product. The real problem as I see it, comes down to the American voter. Our education system has done a thorough job of destroying critical thinking abilities, in addition to diseminating socialist/marxist propaganda. Those voters that are still able to to think for themselves are too preoccupied with just trying to survive, and aren’t interesting in finding out why things are happening. So, how do you get through to people? I don’t believe they’ll listen so long as they have the luxury of not listening. That’s why I say let the whole thing come crashing down from a self inflicted wound. Spend your resources on saving yourself. Think of it as tough love……

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I see and understand your points. But just let me say that, I would rather DIE than just lay down and let MY country go down the crapper. I know it’s swirling around the bowl now, but I REFUSE to just give up. It’s Nation and I for one will fight to keep it! I owe my children that and I also owe America. It is the LEAST I can do!

    • Black Flag says:

      Hurrah, Cindy!

      The System is corrupt, and can not be anything but corrupt.

      It will crash, no matter who does what.

      Save yourself – and prepare to rebuild – but a system based on a moral basis.

      But if we chose to rebuild it the same way, we will get the same result – as we have had, over and over again, for the last 10,000 years or more.

  19. Andrew Gabriel says:

    What do we do with a system that breeds corruption, and greed. It seems that what we are suggesting is to use the same mechanisms that we have been using to fix a system that, itself has implemented this controls in order to stay in power. I can’t fathom that all these politicians were born corrupt and that it was their idea to be scoundrels, somewhere along the line the system rewards corruption. They are as affected by the system as we are, from a different angle. I by no means am trying to excuse any politicians behaviour, but it makes one wonder, the system seems to prey on human weakness. and the government being so big and powerful, will not let go of its grip so easily, and voting doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I have a funny feeling that trying to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is pretty insane.
    If we expect change we must create change, and talking and voting is not enough. All of you know what I mean, we enter this site, which is somewhat of a haven in order to vent, but what do we really want? We want to revolt, we want to fight, we need to organize. Not for tea parties, but for a revolution!

    • Black Flag says:

      I disagree.

      Politicians are corrupt even before they enter politics.

      They believe force and violence is an answer to human problems.

      If they even tried to present their ideas like a rational person but because their solutions were either irrational, or a failure (because we didn’t voluntarily agree with them) that they want to use force us to accept their plans.

      Politics attracts those that need legal violence to achieve their aims. They cannot achieve their aim without it. These people, by their nature, are evil.

      • Andrew Gabriel says:

        I disagree with your assesment, I am very attracted to politics and I am not inherently evil, and sometimes the worst attrocities are commited with the best intentions, but are distorted. I would love to be a politician but I will not partake in this political system, because it.. is inherently evil. Nonetheless if my recourse is revolution, which in this case would be a violent one and by force, would my tactics not be as theirs? We both know that this system of things if it will go, will not go peacefully. The issue here is if we as the growing minority rile up the “masses” and lead them to revolt against the system, by convincing the “masses” that we are on their side and not on our own. We are playing politics, it is a necesity. People need and want a leader, and remember one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
        So lets pray that when the time comes, that we have the knowledge to lead the many with the wisdom of the ages.

      • Black Flag says:

        I disagree with your assesment, I am very attracted to politics and I am not inherently evil, and sometimes the worst attrocities are commited with the best intentions, but are distorted.

        I believe you aren’t evil inherently – but perhaps it has been ‘learned’.

        My definition is quite clear – if you want to use violence on non-violent people to enforce your edicts; well, that is evil (that is, using violence on non-violent people).

        We both know that this system of things if it will go, will not go peacefully.

        Because it will not go peacefully does not mean we use violence to hurry it up.

        The issue here is if we as the growing minority rile up the “masses” and lead them to revolt against the system, by convincing the “masses” that we are on their side and not on our own.

        The (false) dichotomy you are using is that your only recourse is violence

        I do not agree at all.

        • Andrew Gabriel says:

          Ok, but what happens when you use violence on violent people?
          Violence is not the initial recourse, but I am not trying to be PC about things. Reality is, that the type of change that is necessary, will bring about violence, and not necesarily by those pushing for change, most likely it will come by those that do not want change.
          The fact that you stated that politicians are corrupt even before they enter politics, thats what I don’t agree with.

      • Black Flag says:

        Andrew Gabriel

        Ok, but what happens when you use violence on violent people?

        So, to be perfectly clear you agree that using VIOLENCE on NON-VIOLENT people is EVIL. There is no debate at this point, right???

        I ask this, and re-ask this…because many times, my dialogue partner suddenly rips this argument apart with at “ this case..using violence on non-violent people is GOOD…”

        Reality is, that the type of change that is necessary, will bring about violence,

        It is a choice!

        Gandhi chose NOT!…no matter how harsh and brutal the British were to the people… and IMO, he was RIGHT!

        Violence strengths the forces of evil (those that will use violence on non-violent people).

        I do not think giving power to this evil is a good idea.

        The fact that you stated that politicians are corrupt even before they enter politics, thats what I don’t agree with.

        It’s a definition, not an personal attack.

        People enter politics because they cannot enforce their ideas without violence.

        They have tried to convince the people by reason and/or logic and/or powerful persuasion.

        They failed.

        Therefore, either their articulation( persuasion) is not adequate or their reasoning is faulty.

        I cannot believe someone who can convince thousands of people to ‘vote’ for them to be ‘inarticulate’.

        Therefore, their reasoning must be faulty.

        Yet, they demand that we accept their faulty reasoning.

        They, therefore, attempt to seize legal violence to enforce their faulty reasoning.

        This is an act of extreme evil.

        • Andrew Gabriel says:

          I agree that using violence on nonviolent people is evil. 100%
          But if agression is used against you, I agree with defending yourself with whatever menas at your disposal, including violence, as a reaction to a violent threat.

          “People enter politics because they cannot enforce their ideas without violence.”

          So you believe that politicians use politics as a legal violence, to enforce their agenda on non-violent people?

          If that is so, then what do you propose as an alternate?

      • Black Flag says:

        Andrew Gabriel

        I agree that using violence on nonviolent people is evil. 100%


        Well, at least we stand on the same piece of unmovable concrete!

        But if agression is used against you, I agree with defending yourself with whatever menas at your disposal, including violence, as a reaction to a violent threat.

        Two thumbs up!

        I’m no pacifist! I, however, will never initiate an attack on another human.

        But God help you if you attack me….!

        “People enter politics because they cannot enforce their ideas without violence.”

        So you believe that politicians use politics as a legal violence, to enforce their agenda on non-violent people?


        98% of all the laws on the books is to enforce an edict on non-violent people. The 2%, which is prohibitions of violence (like, murder, rape, assault, theft, etc.) is based on Natural Law. But the rest…. simply one man enforcing his edicts (what he calls “his morals”) on to other people who have done him no harm.

        If that is so, then what do you propose as an alternate?


        People, naturally, know wrong and right.

        We know attacking another person is wrong. Heck, children in a playground know this.

        There is not a mystery about it.

        But as soon as we believe MORALS should be enforced by violence – tyranny always follows a second later.

        So, my solution – do not allow morals to be enforced by law.

      • Black Flag says:

        And I want to reinforce my position.

        I would NOT use violence on another innocent person to save my life.

        Even if it meant my life, I would die, first, before I would kill an innocent person.

        In my life, I’ve committed my life to save innocent people at the risk of my own life, therefore, it would be completely contrary to my being to take innocent human life.

        • Andrew Gabriel says:

          Ok, now I undrstand what your saying and more importantly why your saying it. I understand your point of view, yet I don’t agree entirely, but thats why were here. Ideally your right I think morals should not be enforced by law, but I don’t know if society is ready to completely rule itself without intervention of law, even when it comes to morals, which should be common sense. Hopefully one day our nobler side will overcome our darkness and we can live peacefully amongst aourselves without having to be told and forced what is “right”

      • Black Flag says:

        I understand your point of view, yet I don’t agree entirely, but thats why were here.

        Ahhh… that is why I re-enforce the “violence” question – ’cause, many times the “never, never, never..” has “oh, but maybe this time…” excuse.

        Ideally your right I think morals should not be enforced by law, but I don’t know if society is ready to completely rule itself without intervention of law, even when it comes to morals, which should be common sense.

        What common sense says that any moral is worth enforcing by attacking non-violent people?



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