Great Discussions the Last Couple of Days

stand-up-for-americaI wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the great discussions that have been happening over the last couple of days and to give everyone a bit of a preview of the upcoming couple of days. I do also want to thank everyone for honoring the code of respect that I have asked for on this site. Chris Devine came into the site today and held views that were vastly different from the majority of the readers here. Yet he was engaged respectfully, honestly, and intelligently. I could not be more proud that my site remains a beacon of civility in an otherwise nasty political discourse world. I noticed several engaged in a discussion about muslims. Tomorrow night’s post will be about international affairs and will offer you the opportunity to renew those discussions. This week will also see the debut of SFC Dick as a guest commentator. I have several other interesting topics coming up this week as well. Tonight’s post will be up shortly. I got a late start watching basketball! Go Heels! (I do that for my wife, I went to Penn St (NIT Champions!!!) and University of Maryland).



  1. US

    First, as many have said, thank you for a wonderful site. I feel I have learned a great deal even though I have only been here a short while.

    On the code of respect.
    I stopped conversing with Chris after his statement that we needed to support people who were unwilling to support themselves. I have never seen or heard anyone express that belief before. Talk about “audacity”. It even goes against the communist manifesto, “from each according to his ability”.

    I hope I was not out of line with calling him “comrade” (friend or colleague ) and das vadanya ( polite good bye ). Thought it was funny.

    • I agree that supporting someone who has no desire or wants to support themselves is terrible. They will only want more. I am willing to help someone who works hard and has fallen on hard times.

  2. Black Flag says:

    I think Chris will recover well.

    He is very articulate – his profession of writing serves him well – and like anyone stepping into a new playground, one probably expects to face hostility. Thus, it is typical to enter with high aggressive attitude.

    When he gets comfortable here, I’m sure we will be faced with solid argument and equally solid resolve.

    • Agree with your observations. I think he also derailed the topic of the conversation. While some was on point, most of it shifted to a liberal attack on conservative principals.

      I enjoyed your answer to my driving 140. My reasoning closely matches yours.
      I was expecting some expressed outrage from some of the others that did not occur.

    • Black Flag says:

      Maybe I was premature in my opinion. (Shrug) Oh well. He certainly enlighten us about the Liberal thought processes, nonetheless 🙂

      • I think Chris maybe a prodigy of our liberal higher education system. But probably a good guy. He sure sticks to his ideals.


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