The Brainwashing of Our Children

teachers-for-obamaI have really been debating whether to post this or not. G.A. Rowe sent this video to me, along with his outrage that it was happening right under our noses. It was a week before I had a chance to view the video. I was stunned into silence when I finally found the time. We have often talked on this site about the ways that the public schools have become indoctrination centers and how our children are being manipulated into what the government wants them to know or believe. It is an outrage. So to see this video sent a wave of anger through me that was difficult to swallow. So I am going to share it with all of my readers because of the manipulation of the children involved, not necessarily because of the message the video was attempting to put across.

class-watching-obamaSo I viewed this video. I have to say up front why I don’t like posting it. I know that I have discussed some of the practices and policies of the current administration in a critical way. And in doing so I have pointed out similarities between the “Mandatory Civilian National Defense Force” and the Brownshirts from Hitler’s Germany. I want to be clear that I don’t think that O’prompter is Hitler. I believe that the President is a good person. I believe that he wants to do what he thinks is best for the country. I believe that he is naive enough to believe that anyone else in his party cares what he wants to do. I also believe that he, like most politicians at that level, has lost sight of the moral compass that should guide him and stop him from “helping” by taking away our rights and the fruits of our labor so easily. 

The point is that I don’t like saying anything like Obama is just like Hitler. Because I don’t think he is. I am not a conspiracy theory kind of guy. I believe that there is an agenda in Washington that I really don’t like. But I don’t liken it to what Hitler became. I do sometimes liken it to what Hitler started out as. I don’t think Hitler was always as evil as he ended up being. He came to power with a message of peace, national unity, and change. He later became something much different than that. I could be wrong, maybe Hitler had that evil in his plan the whole time. Who knows? I never got a chance to sit down and ask him. 

obamaclasssetSo in this video you will start with a little girl singing a song about how Obama is going to change the world. The video bothers me because I don’t see this as different than any other kind of child manipulation. She obviously didn’t write the words to the song and she obviously is following the lead and desires of some off-screen adult. 

That will be followed by a group of children at a school putting on a performance of another song about Obama. It includes sign language and all. There is a giant Obama banner in the background and a teacher leading them. At the conclusion of the song, which again was obviously written by some adult or teacher with an affinity for Obama, the parents give a standing ovation, while the children stand with a bewildered look on their faces. They have no idea why their parents are so happy with their song. 

Finally you will be shown a video of a similar age group of children (roughly 8-12 year olds) singing a song for Hitler many years ago. Notice the similarity of the message of the song. Now I want to repeat again that I am not going with the message that the Obama singers are the Hitler youth. This just happens to be at the end of a video that shows us what is happening to our children. 

kid-with-obama-signWhat bothers me about this is that it is happening in our schools. Children being used for propaganda by adults who have an agenda. It is disgusting. First of all, why are politics and political bias even being allowed in a school like this? It was one thing when we were taught “civics” in schools, but this crosses so many lines. What right do the teachers in a school have to train their students to worship Obama or any other politician? If one of those children were mine I would want that teacher fired immediately, not dancing around triumphant in her manipulation of young minds. 

I will be writing more on the public school systems in the future, as you all are aware that it is a subject that I am interested in immensely. We have to take our children away from these indoctrination centers that the public schools have become. This speaks directly to my belief that we need to get politics down to the local level and then be involved. Be involved in what your children are learning and what the curriculum is at the schools they attend. There should be enough outrage about this to make schools fear the thought of even attempting it. But there isn’t. 

young-boy-sign-and-pinThere is only the apathy of too many parents who don’t bother to teach their children. They let all of that responsibility fall to the teachers. And these teachers have enormous influence over the mind of young children. The parents don’t even know who the children’s teacher is, let alone what this person spending hours a day with their child is teaching them. 

And even more so is the problem of children being manipulated…. by their own parents. Watch this video. Look at the pictures that I have attached here. These young children are not old enough to have supported anything other than Sponge Bob for President. Yet they are used as a political propaganda tool by their own parents. It is akin to child abuse. And it breaks my heart for America. Parents who see their child as a tool to further their own political ideals. You can view some video evidence of this here:


teachers-plant-seedsSo I implore you to go and watch the video. If we are going to stop what is happening in our country, we have to begin by stopping the indoctrination of our children behind our backs. This is the type of involvement that I think we NEED to be doing. Find out what your children are having said to them at school. Are the teachers driving a political agenda or teaching our children to read and write? You won’t find out unless you talk to your children and get some answers from them. 

It is not up to our schools to mold our children into fine, upstanding citizens. IT is up to us as parents. This sign on the right is absolute truth. Teachers do in fact plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever. I guess it falls on us to make sure we plant a diverse garden in our children’s minds. If we let the teachers do it, it may only be a single crop. I hope you are OK with the harvest.


  1. Many of the good folk on this blog will be very upset about this video,as well they should be.There is no place for political indoctrination in the schools.

    We won’t hear from many of them though until after they take their offspring to their weekly dose of religious indoctrination.Which they will deem necessary.

    Many of you would put religion in the schools in a heartbeat.You think that’s the right kind of indoctrination.

    • At least it is at the decision of the parents. There is no such thing as a lack of bias of a lack of indoctrination. Religion is simply a specific type of belief system. Lack of religion is also a type of belief system. All belief systems will influence teaching. In fact, all belief systems will influence all of our actions. There are too many belief systems to teach all of them. Therefore, it is impossible to remove bias or belief systems from our public schools. Government has no business being involved in either of those things. Therefore, government has no place in providing education at all. So yes, those that would put their religion into the schools are out of line. Those who would remove religion from schools are out of line also, because they are failing to recognize what it is being replaced with. Those who wish to have no public schools at all are the only ones thinking straight.

    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      Hi Ron…

      I am absolutely against religion in public school! If I choose to put my child into a private school where religion is taught, then that is my business…but it MUST stay out of public school.

      My reason for this is very simple:

      If the administrator/teachers at my childrens’ school was into a “fundamental” snake-handling religious sect, the last thing I would want is for my children to want to start going to that church because they think reptiles are cool (plus that goes against my beliefs.)

      Get my point? Or do I need to elaborate more?


    • Amazed1 says:

      Ron said: “We won’t hear from many of them though until after they take their offspring to their weekly dose of religious indoctrination.Which they will deem necessary.”
      I am shocked that you found it necessary to state this here.
      If I choose to indoctrinate one of my children to the idea that they have to answer to someone higher than themselves who are you to question or critize? I do not believe that anyone wants a plublic school to indoctrinate their child with any kind of religion….but they do expect their right of free exerise thereof to be protected. Schools have no place indoctrinating any child with any political or religious belief but what I do at home is my business not anyone elses.

    • I do not understand the necessity of “mocking” someone’s beliefs. If you believe that suddenly one day “poof” you were here and that suddenly one day “poof” you will be gone, that’s just fine. I would like a little respect though if I don’t believe in “poof”.

      • I’m not mocking.I simply made a statement about what goes on in children’s lives everyday here in America.I find it ironic that people are opposed to one form of indocrination and so embracing of another.

        • Why would you find it ironic? Do we not teach our children daily…right from wrong, how to behave in a social arena, what is or is not acceptable? Do we not show them by our actions what is or is not acceptable to us as parents? Is this not a form of indocrination? Why should it suprise you that a person does not want something contrary to their beliefs taught to their children?
          If you teach your kids not to throw rock…is it ok for the neighbor to tell them it is? If you teach your children it is wrong to steal…is it alright for someone to tell them it is ok?

        • Mack Cobb says:

          I went to school during a time of music, manners, and prayer. We never had these kinds of problems in the schools then. Also our principal was a retired marine. We also learned respect and discipline. Maybe we ought to try bringing back these things.

    • “Indoctrination”

      Wow . . . What is the difference between cramming into our children’s head that a single politician “will change the world” in our publicly(your taxes) funded school system and a parent bringing their children to their privately (their donations) funded church each week?

      One IS indoctrination of a non-voluntary status, the other is a personal choice.

      • Given that the parent is in control of where the child goes……….is the child’s position one of ‘non-voluntary status’ or ‘personal choice’?

        • Amazed1 says:

          OR….neither is proably the best answer to that question. Unless a parent asks the childs permission for everything the child is included in. Can you imagin….
          Mother to 2 year old ” honey Mom has to go buy groceries for dinner….will you choose the store and what we eat for dinner?” A child isn’t given a right to vote until they turn 18…although most parents start giving them a voice at about 8 lol

    • Ron,
      I take a little affront to your comments. Yes, my wife and I are Baptists. We take our children to church on Sunday and Wednesdays. We have raised our children in church since they were born. Now. We do NOT indoctrinate our children in religion! We, however, DO indoctrinate our children in GOD! If you don’t believe in God, that of course, is up to you. We do. That is not to say that christians are perfect and never sin. We are still human beings. Prone to make the same mistakes of everyone else. The Lord sure knows I do! For you to start off attacking religion as the first comment is ridiculous. School religion is for Religious Schools. We as Christians don’t see the harm in prayer in schools but that is as far as most of us are willing to go. You see, if you put religion in public schools, what religion would it be? My Christianity? Bhuddism? Hindu? Islam? It’s not as simple as just saying; “we need to put religion in school!” The best thing is to leave religion out of it. We are not the ones attacking; but the ones being attacked. The schools rightly should leave both religious AND political matters out of public schools. Prayer is between one person and their God. If a child doesn’t believe in God, then no one is forcing them to do it. Nor should they. Likewise, if a child doesn’t care about politics or political figures, then leave them alone with it! Politics also should be left out of at least grammar schools. And a teacher should never, at any level, influence any student with their political leanings. Liberal OR Conservative. That should be left to the parents and the child.

      • Calf Roper says:


        Are we as parents not supposed to teach our children? Sure we indoctrinate our children. We indoctrinate them to speak the English language, we indoctrinate them to respect adults, we indoctrinate them to not jump on the bed, we indoctrinate them to not hit their siblings, in a word, all parents do is indoctrinate. If you are so against the indoctrination of religion in the name of the child’s choice, then you also have to be against the indoctrination of the English language, not jumping on the bed, and not hitting others. For if you are only against one of these indoctrinations, then you are being hypocritical.

        As a parent of two, I will show my children my beliefs. I will not force them on them. You will find most Christians are like this. We are taught not to force our beliefs on others, but simply speak the message and let God do the work.

        You have went beyond my understanding with your posting. And so that I am not hypocritical, if another parent chooses to indoctrinate his or her child with Obama as the Messiah, then that is up to them. I, nor you, have any right to control another in the name of the good. That’s exactly what your post attempts to say, control the parents in the name of the “good” of the child. Who are you to say what’s in the “good” of the child?

        • Calf Roper says:


          Now if the government chooses to indoctrinate, then I have a really big problem with that. It must be left to the individual parents.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        After thinking on this subject of Religion in Public Schools, I had an Epiphany (well ok, an idea). Then I went to my blog an wrote a whole article on it. If anyones interested, it’s on or you can go to US’s blog links.

    • Ron

      I dis-agree on removing ALL religion from school. But my argument starts with take the “religious ” aspect out of it. Our society is founded on Judeo-Christion values. That has brought into being the most successful nation in the history of the world. And we have seen the erosion of that culture, along with the diminishing participation and general acceptance of religion.

      And no, I am not advocating teaching religion in every classroom. But I am strongly saying, “one nation, under God’, needs to remain. A prayer before a ball game. What if that little thing is what keeps a teenager from getting pregnant at 13, or doing drugs. So religion aside, something was working, and if you look at our growing prison population among other things, maybe a few prayers is not that much to put up with.

  2. Richmond Spitfire says:

    US Weapon…Another great article and one that is sure to instigate many opinions.

    I was disturbed when I saw this Video pre-November, 2008; it still disturbs me…If I recall correctly, the children involved in this video went to a Private School in Kalifornia.

    When taking a look at GA Rowe’s site (nice site GA!), I came across this video on his March 30th posting: (here is the 2nd Video that I reference below. It contains the actual verbiage from the students:


    US Weapon says:

    It is not up to our schools to mold our children into fine, upstanding citizens. IT is up to us as parents. This sign on the right is absolute truth. Teachers do in fact plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever. I guess it falls on us to make sure we plant a diverse garden in our children’s minds. If we let the teachers do it, it may only be a single crop. I hope you are OK with the harvest.


    US Weapon, as usual, I totally agree with you – NOW!

    But take a look at this from another angle:

    Two years ago, in my “herd” mentality, had I been a parent sitting in this classroom (Not the video that US Weapon posted, but the 2nd Video link that I posted).

    These kids would have marched in and started their step-show and rap. At first, I would have been a bit taken aback because of the “political overtones”….but hey, it’s my kid up there….I’m here to see him…right? (NOTE: Had I really been in this particular situtation, then most likely I would have been voting for Obama anyway, so theoritcally, I wouldn’t have even been ‘taken aback’.)

    So I would have listened and then I would have started feeling proud that my child isn’t up there presenting a rap about ho’s, getting rich, shooting others and death to whitey. I’d be soooo grateful that he’s proud and has some direction! I couldn’t help it because I sure do love my kid more than anything and want him to be successful (REMEMBER FOLKS – I’m describing what would have been my ‘herd’ mentality).

    After the show was over, then my son would have come over to me and I would have hugged him very tightly and told him (my eyes would be glistening with tears at this point) that I was so proud of him that he wants to be an architect when only 3 months ago, he cared only about what type of tennis shoes he had one (of which the cost was killing me). I’d tell him that we’ll do everything that we can to keep his dream alive and make him successful…that Barack Obama will help him attain his dreams.


    I offer this angle because most of those with a herd mentality really can’t get past the moment of their emotion — they seize upon the solution and don’t easily waver from it…

    Brainwashers seize opportunities (such as our love/pride in our children in the angle above) to insert their own seeds (or seeds of their agenda).


    Please note: On the 2nd Video Link that I provided, there is a poster named “AryanScot” (on Youtube — scroll down from the video)…

    One of his postings is:

    Ive studied the subject from a variety of sources. You clearly haven’t. You know nothing of th Third Reich either. No positive results?

    7million unemployed put into employment within a year, construction of the autobahns, eradication of government debt, almost zero crime, disintegration of social classes, healthy recreation provided for all people, complete national brotherhood and unity and empowerment for the German people to acheive.


    Do you see any correlation? The herds most likely saw it as a way to better their lives…they didn’t see it as a way to control their lives…a solution to the problems they were facing. I wonder if “AryanScot” even realizes that he’s now the poster child for Obama’s Give Movement? I’m sure that he’d deny, deny, deny!

    Truly, I don’t believe that MOST teachers decide to start teaching because they have an agenda with ulterior motives – I do believe that MOST teachers have a calling because in their hearts, they believe that they can have a positive impact on the lives of young people — They just simply need to keep their opinions related to politics and religion to themselves…

    Thank you, but I’ll take care of helping my children form opinions as related to these two areas.

    The School System needs to focus on teaching my children how to read, math, science and “true” history. The school system also needs to focus on keeping my children safe — not being called a “MoFo” or being physically abused on the school bus.

    Thank you!

    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      Here is another video of the Principal from the school of the video that I posted being interviewed after the video was posted at YouTube.

      • Richmond Spitfire says:


        Another video:

        The school teacher who produced the video tha I referenced was supended.

        This video is from Kelly’s Court on FoxNews.

        • RS,

          I didn’t see that program, nor did I find it on you tube the night that I found the other one that they are discussing. I recommend that you watch this video again and listen to the defense attorney say that she does not see anything wrong with what that teacher did with those children. Some lawyers are really out of it.

      • Richmond Spitfire says:

        Here is yet another example of a teacher forcing her opinion upon our young children. In this case, it’s not really so much “WHAT” she is saying but “HOW” she is saying it.

        The followup interview with the teacher on the video depicts her “prideful” arrogance and she sees absolutely NOTHING WRONG with her “Scare” tactics and “Putting Down” tactics that she used on a young girl who looks to be about 8 years old….SHAMEFUL!

        • Ok but I totally missed THAT one!
          I have no words…

          • That teacher lied! On camera! “do you want you daddy to be in Iraq for 100 years” I’m impressed that little girl didn’t burst into tears!

    • Mack Cobb says:

      I seriously doubt that any of these reply’s come from parents anywhere near as oldas I am but I would still like to put forth a couple of ideas. I keep seeing the comment that the parents are the one’s that should be molding their children. Iagree – to a certain degree. Again in my era the teachers were a sight and voice to behold. The children were entrusted to them. This is where we should be investing our time and dollars, to making sure that we have the right teachers. But of course this would still never work since todays children are so coddled that they cannot even be scolded, much less spanked. The children of today do not have discipline. How can they possibly grow up to lead the greatest country in the world?

  3. US:
    I suggest that the indoctrination does not end with children. It already has been carried into U.S. universities, the faculties of many staffed mainly by those who also would “indoctrinate”. And it has been perpetuated through generations.

    But back to the children. Some parents, I am certain, must feel helpless, without voice and recourse. Weak, ineffective and agenda-driven educators and school administrators, parents who cannot or don’t take the time to care, a biased national media, and general public apathy also are part of this vast problem. It has been so for many years, and the general education standards of U.S. schools have plummeted to far below where they should be. As with many major basic issues of such importance, they are not addressed with full conviction until crisis stage, such as we now see in our education system — and at which, for the most part, we are merely shaking our heads, pointing our fingers. We wait for a champion, and change the channel.

    And so it goes.

    • Richmond Spitfire says:


      I agree…these things all contribute towards the indoctrination of our children and their parents!


    • Amazed1 says:

      JAC said: “I suggest that the indoctrination does not end with children. It already has been carried into U.S. universities, the faculties of many staffed mainly by those who also would “indoctrinate”. And it has been perpetuated through generations.”
      You are very right on with this statement!!!
      I know a yound man raised in a conservative household sent to a very prestigious western college…within a semester this young man became very rebellious and when you questioned his beliefs he would state “proffessor so and so states” He turned against everything…..very very shocking his parents were crushed that they had paid good money to have their son indoctirinated by such minds.

      • CanadianFox says:

        Some of us would say that that young man’s mind was introduced to other ideas and his mind was therefore opened. One great thing about college or university, it does introduce you to other ways of thinking and believe it or not, the result is you end up being able to think for yourself.

        • I believe part of that if the proffesors do their job and teach young people to think for their self….I witnessed way to many instances where that was not the case….the proffessor was right…you were wrong….and flunked if you did not comply. This young man was literally lead around by the nose….what his parents neglected to teach him was to learn to think for his self and not to give in to change because of peer pressure.

          • Sorry CF…did not finish.
            Any child not brought up to guestion why they believe something stands a good chance of being lead around by the nose. Alot of parent neglect to teach a child to think and question. This young mans prolem was he was 3000 miles from home..had not support system and although very itelligent had never been taught to think for himself.
            Don’t get me wrong their are professors who actually still believe in teaching critical thinking skills and they have my thumbs up. But there are professors who prey on the innocents of young people and lead them off to very far off ideals.

            • CanadianFox says:

              Amazed1, I agree somewhat but that individual was given a mind of his own. To say that it was the parents responsibility to teach him to think for himself is not entirely correct. What I totally disagree with; however, is when parents control their children mind wise, then send them to college and then trash the concept of college as a liberal, no good institution. That is so wrong. What many children NEED is to get away from Mom and Dad and learn to live and think for themselves. To say a professor can lead someone down the wrong path – if they truly have a mind – is entirely wrong. Did I learn to think and question what I was taught in my younger years in college? You bet I did and it has enabled me to be an entirely better and happier HUMAN BEING because of it. And I am certain my parents would not necessarily agree with my assessment. I think though the most important thing I learned in school is to never assume anything and question most everything you are told. Because those who are so “dead set” in their concept of what is true and right, always have an angle that benefits them – usually financial.

              • I too learned to think and question in college…..but since attending college recently again…..I saw some things take place that were not right…what went on 30 years ago in college really (application of critical) is not what I saw take place 10 years ago in college which is literally there were proffessors leading students down a primrose path. There was not a whole lot of “go do your own reasearch to see if it is true”. Kind of suprised me what I saw. Some students were actually bullied and brow beat into a belief. I believe professors have an awsome responsiblity, but it is still a parents place to teach a child to think for himself (just in case the teachers don’t).

  4. My fiance and I were hired to host karaoke as the entertainment for a school event. This even was for the poetry writing competition, and all of the Richmond public schools were represented. This was before the election had even transpired, I think it was last October. I found it disturbing that the kids had some sort of Obama chant they would do, that was encouraged by all of the teachers. It was just a constant repetition of his name, but it was very odd to see. It was being done spontaneously, not at the direction of the teachers, but it was encouraged, and it was obvious that they were being indoctrinated politically based upon their attitudes. It was not the sort of attitude coming from parents.

    I have long fought against the public school system and all that it represents. It is the source of our gradual abandonment of freedom and embracing of fear and of government help. Even the concept of a public school opens up the idea of a government that knows best and that takes on the role of a parent by teaching and guiding and watching over. Children would obviously look to the government if it was the parent they always had, even if specific indoctrination was not present.

    Competition must be developed in schools. The best initial step for this I have seen is the idea of vouchers. This still uses tax dollars, but it is at least a step, and an opportunity for parental involvement. The only problem with the voucher system is that if government funds are used, especially in the current climate, then government control may be asserted over the private schools that accept vouchers. That is something that must be released or limited if a voucher program is initiated.

  5. If I had thoght for a single second that you had not seen this video, I would have sent it to you!! I saw this during the election (long before I found your blog) and it made me so angry and nauseous that it was a turning point for me. I stayed out of the vote/no vote dicussion the other day because I was one of those people that did not vote out of principle, I refused to endorse the corrupt system and I felt it was hypocritical to vote only for a “lesser of two evils”. After watching this video, I went out and registered for the first time in 20 years just so I could cast my vote against Obama.
    I could not watch that video again even if I wanted to. Obscene.

  6. This ties in well with an issue I have been thinking about since October. My 5th grade son told me of his class discussion on the coming election. As I was a McCain voter, and I always discuss with him the basics of why I vote the way I do, he was also a McCain supporter. (After all, how could his hero be wrong!!LOL) He told me a few of the kids were also McCain supporters but changed their minds when they saw the uphill battle ahead, being outvoted by +/- 95% of the kids. When all was said and done, he was the only McCain supporter left. I am very proud that he stood by his decision in the face of adversity (teacher had to stop other kids from calling him “stupid”). His teacher, whom I respect and like even though a Obama-ite, gave him an A as he was one of very few children who actually discussed some of the issues.
    However, as a 10 yr old, I hold no illusions as to his “grasp” of the issues. Have I indoctrinated my own child. That is my right, but I also make sure to tell him often that, as he grows older, he may disagree with me on certain things, and that is perfectly fine, I will love him no matter what.
    Ron, my son will be in church this morning. Am I indoctrinating him? I believe that a strong religious belief is important. I have made clear to all 3 of my children that their religious choice is up to them. This is the church of my choice. As they grow older I encourage them to go to church with their friends to get a different perspective. Knowledge is power. I happen to be a Freemason, and one of our requirements for membership is a strong belief in a monotheistic god. ANY God. The reasoning behind this is that, when you take your masonic oath, if you don’t believe in God there is no reason for you to take your oath seriously. We men meet “on the level, by the square” respecting each other not for the beliefs we have, but for the fact that we all hold ourselves accountable to a higher authority.

    • OC Vet & Mom says:

      Something very similar to this happened to my son when he was in 2nd grade, the year was 2000. He was in a private Lutheran school here in Orange County, California, and we were active members of that church. The school had mock election the week before the National election. My son received an F for his vote, because he was a BUSH supporter, the only Bush supporter in the school. It was a huge awakening for me as a mom, and while that one grade was less than 1% of his overall grade, it set a tone with me that stuck with me until other non-academic issues arose with the school and I pulled my son out to put him into public school mid-way through 3rd grade (in doing so, we found that he was a FULL year behind his peers in public school!)

      I was raised in the Mid-West, with the very strong influence of my Grandparents — Grandpa was very active in the union, and both he and Grandma were very devout Catholics and Democrats. However, he always instilled in his Grandkids that “you have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything!”

      I’ve raised my son with that philosophy; I’ve taught him AT HOME, that he must learn the facts about the issue and then take a stand, and continue to remain current in the facts supporting his opinion. Even in the 2nd grade, he was a very intelligent and articulate young person. He knew the facts and formed an opinion for himself, whether or not he really understood the issue and its nuances.

      I think we as parents need to stop pointing our fingers at everyone else for this indoctrination of our children. If they don’t get something at home, they’ll get it at school, or in someone else’s home, period! I want my child/young man INFORMED on the FACTS, in order to form a logical and rational opinion and not follow the herd just because they’re his friends. My son and I are news junkies, and we discuss the issues at length. To test whether I’ve indoctrinated my son, I will ask him different questions about the facts we have learned, about the many bases for his opinions and will play “devil’s advocate” to really get a sense of his strength of mind. He must go out into the world able to stand on his own and hold his ground and not become part of a herd simply because that’s the popular thing to do.

      My son is now a Sophomore in high school, and in 2008, he voted McCain/Palin in the mock election at school. He was one of the huge minority, but he stood true to his opinions and beliefs! He got picked on and nagged about his politics, but he stood up for himself and he started asking some of the HARD questions of these supposed Obama supporters who are his peers. And I was proud to hear my son report to me that HE was able to give THEM the answers that no one else was giving them — including even his history teacher who didn’t have the answers this time.

      Don’t like what your child is getting in school? Then take measures to get it changed! Don’t just sit back and accept it and point fingers at the schools.

      Just my 2 cents’ worth.

      • Ah!

        Another great reason to run for the school board.

        Real change begins with baby steps not the phony Obama change. I believe that Chairman Mao or some other wise oriental (politically incorrect I know) genius said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. First we take over the school boards. That’s how they started it.

    • CZ,
      I have great respect for you and your family just from what you just said. I teach my children the same. I am not a Mason but have family that is. Some people say it is a cult but I notice that all I hear saying that are not, nor have they been, members of it. I have thought of asking to join but just haven’t ever done it. God bless and keep you and your family.

      • Thanks, EsomHill. Those who call it a cult just don’t know about it, that’s all. I have found, just like on this web site, that it allows me to spend time with people for whom respect, honor, & integrity are not “quaint notions” but words to live by. If you would like you may certainly get my e-mail from USW, and I’ll answer any questions I can, or you could speak with your family.

        • esomhillgazette says:

          My GGrandfather and GGGrandfather were Masons and buried with Masonic Honors. I have talked with my family about the Mason’s but have not asked to join, which I understand you have to do. They cannot ask you, which immediately let me know it’s not a cult. If it was, they would be recruiting.

  7. Richmond Spitfire says:

    Here is yet ANOTHER example of inappropriate indoctrination of our children.

    I’m not bringing my personal beliefs into this one…because they don’t matter with my issue on this…

    My issue is WHAT IN THE #ELL was the educational value of this…WHY IS IT EDUCATIONAL that 1st Graders see a gay wedding? This is their Teacher’s Wedding…It’s just more bulldookey of a Teacher who does have a VERY personal agenda being forced upon 6-year olds to indoctrinate them on the teacher’s beliefs.

    I HAVE NEVER heard of a field trip to a heterosexual wedding…have you?

    This is just more shameful evidence of a system gone completely “mad” and not following policy.

  8. The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at,

  9. It is perfectly appropriate for parents to pass on their beliefs to their children. It is impossible to have no belief system or to be neutral. It is absolutely inappropriate for schools to pass on belief systems, but of course it is impossible to teach a child without passing on beliefs. Even things as simple as the cause of the civil war or the great diversity of animal life in the world bring up belief systems. For this reason I believe public schools are wrong altogether. Even though my own children are home schooled I am still forced to pay to have other children taught beliefs that are contrary to my own and often destructive (In my opinion).

    • I agree that homeschooling is an excellent option for those that have the ability to do it. I do not believe I am well versed enough to provide homeschooling to my future child. I went to Catholic school and I don’t see that as a choice for my kid either. My better half believes that public school is fine as long as you continuously talk to your kids to undo any brainwashing. Thoughts?

      • I think that your better half is right if you take enough time to undo the brainwashing AND counter the peer influence. It may be more work than many realize, but it may also be a good preparation for what is to come. I think that the younger a child is, the more important it is that they be taught in an environment they can trust. It is difficult for a young child to learn and unlearn all at once. Also, I would say that most adults, at least when supported by a basic curriculum, would be qualified for the first 5-8 grades of school instruction if homeschooling were an option. The cost in time and money is great, however, so I understand those who find it is not an option. Private schools, catholic or not, are also expensive and have their own indoctrination which must be countered. I think massive involvement and teaching by parents is key no matter what the schooling choice. Also, kids are often smarter and more perceptive than we think, as long as they are not left to their own devices as to whom can be trusted.

  10. Richmond Spitfire says:

    Okay…additional evidence:

    This 4/5th Grader was cream of the crop from her school in Science. Because of this, her public school nominated her and she was “invited” to attend a conference where Al Gore gave a speech. The young lady in question taped Al Gore’s speech to over 3,000 of our brightest students in school.

    This is an audio recording from Glen Beck’s (so, it does have his slant) Radio Show on this…Warning: Takes about 20 minutes to listen to both parts–about 10 minutes each.

    1st Part:
    2nd Part:

    Not interested in arguing Al Gore’s speech, just pointing out that here is another method of indoctrinating our children via public education. NOTE: I do get totally po’d that Al Gore does basically tell these bright children that their parents don’t have a clue and shouldn’t be listened to.

  11. USW,

    Thank you again for being the open minded man that you are. What got to me about all this that I found just by browsing around you tube one night was that the MSM never once put this out during the campaign months leading up to the election. This and other videos akin to a hitlerism indoctrination of our school children just sent ice cold chills down my spine. Then the anger followed. I had to wait three days to post them on my site until I calmed enough to do it in a decent manner. I have more to add to this, but I have certain obligations that I have to meet this morning, so I will come back later this afternoon and finish this thought.

    Thanks again for getting the word out.

  12. “The schools should not pass on a belief system”


    Here’s where I part company with a few of you.

    “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..,.That whenever a government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.”

    I want this belief system passed on to each and every child in school in the United States, State schools, religious schools, private schools, charter schools or homeschooling.

    It is a belief system and it is based on the concept of a Creator who grants us rights not rights granted (grudgingly) by a government. Nobody, including me wants a particular religion taught in school but, the removal of ALL mention of religion requires that the passage from the Declaration either not be taught or be taught incomplete or censored. The whole argument used by the courts and government to remove all traces of the concept of religion from the public square makes a farce of the concept rights are granted by a Creator. Now, you see, they are granted by a court or government only with the approval of the ACLU.

    Have you ever stopped to think that if children today were taught and yes, as Americans, indoctrinated in the history of this country and the uniqueness of its governmental system that at least half the social problems would go away in a generation? I’m not saying not to mention the warts but mention the warts in context eg. yes we took the land from the Sioux, but, they took it from the Fox and Blackfeet. So many young people today think that the US is the cause of everything that’s wrong with the world. This unfortunately includes da bama.

    USW, I’m ashamed of you, Hitler laid it all out in “Mien Kampf”, it’s just that no one took him seriously. After all, as a lot of my (now deceased) Jewish friends who survived the holocaust said “This is a civilized country, It can’t happen here.”

    • Before I went off on my toot, I should have established my bona fides. I teach the three Citizenship Merit badges in my district for the Boy Scouts. I am astounded, shocked and flabbergasted by the abysmal lack of understanding of our political system and history among these ten, eleven and twelve year olds.

      At the end of the course, if I have been lucky enough to have a large group, I stage a debate before a mock court. The week before, I create two teams and tell them one will argue the British side of the Revolution and the other the American. I make it clear that they should familiarize themselves with both sides. The day of the debate, I drop the bomb, the teams are to argue the opposite side. In the four times I have done this, with adult judges, the Brits have won each and every time. The American side usually consists of “well, we deserve our freedom”. When asked why, you usually get “because” or its equivalent.

      A really great way to get them interested in the debates over the Declaration is to make them watch “1776” the musical. After the initial groans, they get into it. Makes the rest of the course much easier. Any teachers out there are welcome to the idea. William Daniels as the “obnoxious and disliked” John Adams is superb. Today is his 82nd birthday. Happy Birthday Bill.

  13. I think comparing Obama to Hitler is a little extreme to say the least, and using these videos as evidence is a long stretch. The first caption of the video says “A Recent Sunday at a Neighbors House” – not a school. And both songs are sung in the same location. If this was done in a public school, that is wrong, but not any more wrong than the right-wing Christian’s who want prayer and who want to teach creation in the public schools…

    My first thought when I started to watch the video was of Sunday School. As kids, we were taught to sing Christmas and Easter songs in front of the adults with the same messages of hope and rebirth…just another example of adults forcing their views on their kids.

    I’ll agree the songs are a little over the top, but there’s not much to compare with the Hitler videos. The Obama songs are about hope and I didn’t hear any references to dying for Obama. But it does occur to me that 4000+ Americans have died in Iraq for the Bush/Cheney War that has accomplished nothing but make the world a more dangerous place…

    Obama in the turban at the end is a nice “touch”. This Hitler version of the video is just as much propaganda as the original Obama songs.

    The “No Thanks Barry, Keep the Change” at the end is interesting too. Do all of you think the US was on the correct path for the past eight years? Just look at last week for two examples of the positive ‘change’. At both the G-20 and NATO summits, Obama used is cool, common sense, and smooth diplomacy to resolve disputes and find common ground that allowed those summit to end with positive results. Not everything we wanted, but we are turning the right direction. That’s something Bush never could accomplish – or even understand the importance of…

    • Todd, I really think that you are seeing something that just isn’t there. They are not following his lead on the economy and are not willing to ante up any troops for ‘stan. Cutting nuclear inventory when ours is mostly ancient and unreliable is no big thing. Between us and the Russians we could still mange enough megatonnage to blow up the world five or six times instead of ten.

      You will not find a Bush defender here but going on about da bama because he’s not Bush is no good either. I sort of look at it as replacing bad with more bad which might turn out to be worse.

      Like USW, I’ll still give him the chance but I don’t have a hell of a lot of confidence since the whole stimulus thing has to lead to hyper inflation at some point. The only way to prevent that would be wage/price controls which didn’t work for Nixon and stand an even less chance of working now unless the economy is nationalized completely.

      If you keep up with the military sites or the NASA sites, there is only talk of cutting programs. Again, not everything the military wants is necessary or good, but we are at war and we are spending money like drunken sailors on speed. Spending it on technology is not a bad idea. R&D money is never wasted.

    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      Hi Tim,

      In my opinion, US Weapon was very specific (article above) in stating that he WAS NOT comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.


    • During the eight years of the Bush administration, Todd, just how many times was this country attacked on our soil? Did these same type folks(9/11 attackers) ever kill another American on American soil?

      I sure hope and pray that it doesn’t happen during this administration either.

      • G. A., It sounds as if he, along with apparently millions of others in the US, have forgotten 9/11 entirely! Hi Todd. You have to remember that Bush was only President for 9 months when that tragedy took place. Yet all I hear from a lot of folks is that it was his fault and took place on his watch. No one mentions that Clinton had gutted the CIA and the Military in his 8 years of Office. Clinton refused to give permission to fire when operatives had bin Laden in their sights. 9\11 may not have even taken place if he had. Bush STARTED his Presidency off with a war unlike any in world history. What was he supposed to do? Bend over and say “Thank you sir! May I have another?”? I know Bush made mistakes. But I have yet to see a President who hasn’t. Appeasement does not work. I am quite frankly proud of the former Pres for his Anti-Terrorism if for nothing else. High moral standards are fine as long as the other guy has them too. Terrorists do not. You cannot reason with them. As far as Obama this weekend goes. Don’t let me get started! You think OUR PRESIDENT going to Europe and standing in front of them and insulting and degrading his own Nation having cool common sense and smooth diplomacy? Positive Results? Well, I guess since he basically Kissed Europe’s behind and all but groveled at their feet I guess YOU can call that positive. I don’t.

  14. Todd:

    You said “But it does occur to me that 4000+ Americans have died in Iraq for the Bush/Cheney War that has accomplished nothing but make the world a more dangerous place…”

    This is one of those statements that makes me flaming mad. Especially since it was first used within weeks of the troops going in. Even more egregious because Bush, unlike some other Presidents actually went to Congress to get the OK. Remember the Dems and anti invasion Repubs, Indeps all screamed for more time and no more war without Congress approval. Bush conceded, as he often did because he did not have the strength to go it alone. Congress voted for the Iraq war plain and simple. They knew where it was going to end and to say differently is pure Bull.

    So my dear Todd…THAT MAKES IT OUR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Until we have a different form of govt we have to suffer the consequences of what our “elected representatives” do on our behalf. As much as I would like to hang the damn stimulus and budget around Obama and Dem congress’ neck, which I will do as a political strategy come 2010, the reality is that IT IS OUR DEBT NOW!!!!!!!!


  15. USWeapon, I think you give Obama too much credit in terms of his “good intentions”. I do not believe for a second that his intentions are good, at least in regards to protecting and defending the Constitution, which he too an oath to do as POTUS. He knows what the Constitution says; it’s plain and simple. The Constitution advocates for limited government; he disdains that thought. It is not a matter of interpretation; he is systematically and calculatingly dismantling it, bit by bit, and our kids are target #1 in his plans to indoctrinate the citizenry. To say otherwise is either naive or ignorant, and I know you are neither. We are being led on a path to tyranny; if we don’t step up to the plate and call it like it is, then we are spitting in the face of the great Patriots who founded this country based upon well thought out principles and values. 230+ years ago, they foresaw what was coming and duly warned us. Their warnings echo from the past and are as prescient as if they uttered those very words today. Pay heed or we will all pay the price.

    • USWeapon says:


      I am no fool, and I agree that all the things that you said are in play. I merely don’t believe that the President is the one pulling those strings. I think is nothing more than Billy Mays selling us socialism on an infomercial. We did not get to where we are in 70 days of an Obama administration. This has been planned, executed, and organized for a long time. He is merely the talking head out front. I do believe that he came to Washington with good intentions for what he thought was a better plan for America. That plan may have been socialism, but not in an evil way in his mind. He thought it was a better path. He is dead wrong, but that doesn’t mean that he did so with evil intentions. Someone way bigger than him is pulling the strings, and there is where the evil lies.

      • I agree that there are others behind the scenes; that indeed he was plucked from obscurity long ago by people whose intentions towards this country are evil. But he CHOSE to associate with the likes of Bill Ayers, a confessed and unrepentant domestic terrorist who said on 9/11 he wished he had “done more”. He CHOSE to sit in the pews of a racist for 20 years. It is the totality of one’s associations, actions, and inactions which define a person, and the actions of this man are not honorable. I did not say he was evil, but his intentions are not good. He believes in his agenda, but I do not believe that he does so with the “good” of this nation in mind. He does so with a misguided and narcissistic notion of HIS special place in history; the rest of us and this country’s essential uniqueness on the planet be damned.

  16. Okay, I now have the time to respond.

    I wish to thank all of you who have posted your ideas here on this blog, as well as my blog, and especially to USWeapon for taking the time and effort to put this video out on his blog. I find that his comments are much more civilized than mine could ever be, especially considering the contents of this video.

    Make no mistake about it, even though many may think that President Obama was not and is not behind the so-called Obama Youth Movement, it is very glaringly evident that he is not doing anything to halt or discourage it. The Obama Youth Movement IS real, the evidence is all over the Internet.

    Allowing these children to be subjected to this kind of political indoctrination at this age and in this manner within a publicly funded school system IS tantamount to the Hitler Youth Movement. Maybe not as harsh, but just as disgusting. Remember that 1930’s Germany was not and is not 21st Century USA. Different times and different methods WILL yield the same results in different places.

    For those of you who have posted your thoughts that this is the same as parents taking their children to church and Sunday school each week, you need to take a very hard look into what personal choice really is. The difference being that a church is funded by the attendees freely given donations, the public school system is funded by all our tax dollars. Political and religious indoctrination has no business in our publicly funded school system.

    For those of you who do not know, Obama has stated in different speeches that he wants to build a “civilian security force, just as funded and just as trained” as our military forces to deal with our nations security concerns. This coupled with the passage of HR1388 during the AIG bonuses smokescreen and the advent of HR1444 designed to put teeth into and replace certain wording that was withdrawn from HR1388 really raises red flags warnings to me and many others of my generation who remember all too well the political propaganda of the NAZI era and aftermath of WW2.

    We all need to take a very hard look at what is being done in OUR country, right under OUR noses to OUR children. Then we need to stand up to OUR politicians and ask them the hard questions over and over and over again until we start getting honest answers!

    Get involved. Get loud. Get in their faces. AND STAY THERE UNTIL WE GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  17. Black Flag says:

    I am against public school – so such things (right up there with Al Gore’s video being forced into the school system as well) is exactly what I would expect would happen and comes as no surprise.

    • In Germany of the 1930’s Hitler and pre-Hitler era, there were no public schools. Today there is because they lost the war, but back then the traditional school system in Germany was all privately funded schools. Funded by corporations, churches, and the royal hierarchy(these for children and relatives of the royal families).

      Since the Versailles treaty, Germany had a runaway inflation rate that was unheard of or seen since. All Hitler and his NAZI’s had to do was coerce the funding corporation to teach his NAZI propaganda . . . The results, as they say, is history!

      A properly run public school system would not only prevent political propaganda from being taught en mass, but would teach the students how to research and make up their own minds. Not only on political decisions, but whether or not to accept religious beliefs as well.

      Remember that family influences DO make up a large part of what an individual actually does believe in, in both religious and political matters. That is what I have taught my family members, and they have made up their minds in both those matters on their own after they have done the research.

      Our children are the products of the California public school system. They haven’t done too badly in spite of that.

      • Black Flag says:

        Whoa, G.A.

        There were public schools in Germany since 1880!

        The fact is, the modern, compulsory, public school system was invented in Germany by Otto Bismark, and imported by the rest of the West from there.

        It worked wonders! Bismarks goal was to create a class of people smart enough to follow commands, but not smart enough to think for themselves.

        • Bismark was a Royal. His system was for the Royals.

          • G.A.

            Bismark created a system for all, and with respect to all things. Remember he was competing with Karl Marx and his buddies for the minds and control of entire populations of Europe.

            Of course his personal survival as royalty was in jeopardy if he failed. So lets concede self interest where it existed.

      • Black Flag says:

        Again, I do not see any contradiction of the public school system and this topic that concerns this post.

        I find their indoctrination video very consistent with the goal of the public school system.

        To quote a Supreme Court Judge:
        “A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare

        Thus, on this matter, I believe the school system is doing its job as defined.

        And that is why I am not surprised at all.

  18. I have the fortune to have a 15 year old who has spent years defending his appreciation for Bush. He is in high school and knows from experience that the bulk of the teachers are socialist left-wingers, because he has a good friend in a Social Studies teacher who is Republican, yet will only talk with him (or me…) in private because he lives in fear of being fired for his beliefs.

    My son is aware that I want him to help fight the fight for conservative thought when he becomes of age, and he is chomping at the bits to vote AGAINST president hussein when he turns 18.

    I want to not be obsessed over these issues, but it’s hard not to be. The political agenda is palpable.

    Additionally, if you have not seen it, I highly recommend Ben Stein’s documentary about Evolution and why it is taught without challenge in schools. It’s a fascinating subject with absolutely logical yet chilling conclusions.

    Thank you for the post.

    • Joesph

      Thanks for sharing about your son. Stein’s documentary is “Expelled”, and is worth seeing. Bottom line conclusion from it is evolutionists have no ideal how life FIRST began. The theory of evolution starts AFTER life begins. But how did it come to be? Also interesting how researchers are treated here in the land of the free.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        My 20 year old voted in the first election he was old enough to vote in. He voted for McCain in this one. At the Middle School where I work, they held a mock election for the Social Studies Dept. Everyone voted, including the teachers, the day before the election. McCain won, by 57%. With the teacher’s it was about the same. I guess I am fortunate enough to live in a more conservative area than some of you.

  19. First, I think it is accurate and relevant to compare Obama to Hitler and/or Mussolini. There should be a qualification that we are only talking about how they came to power and some of their early actions once in office. History is a useful guide to current events. So, if qualified, fair game.

    Second, while making children politically aware is a valid subject for school, age appropriate consideration should be used. Otherwise, it is comparable to brainwashing. My first and second graders are not ready for sex ed.. I cannot have a real discussion of Obama without considering his abortion position. While I am pro-choice to a point, I am outraged that he supports abortion for a minor without parental consent or notification.

    My conclusion is this is very disturbing, although I was aware of it, but not surprising. I am fortunate that my wife substitute teaches the grades our children are in, partly to monitor what and how they are taught.

  20. I happen to think Religion should be taught in school.

    High School that is, during their Junior and Senior years.

    That includes all the major religions of the past 3000 years. Not the names of gods and all that fun stuff, but what was the religion about and how did it affect history and our understanding of the world and our role in it.

    If the job of our schools is to educate then they should do just that. Religion is an integral part of history. It should be openly studied and discussed. As should theories of creationism and evolution.

    Good teachers can teach without indoctrinating our children. We seem to be selling our children’s education short because of bad teachers. That is unacceptable. I was first introduced to Aristotle’s logic in high school. We actually studied the stuff for one full semester along with matrix calculus. My son who finsished in the top 10% nationaly in math testing (all advanced placement classes) was never exposed to this thinking except in some general reference.

    We underestimate the capacity of 17 and 18 year olds to deal with such concepts. I have noticed that writings by our founders contain references to all the worlds religion of the time, including Islam. Many of these gentlemen were in their 30’s at the time. They probably could not have developed such detailed knowledge and understanding without starting their inquiry in their teens.

    I am one of those crazy guys who think we are trying to keep our children as kids far to long, instead of treating them like young adults and helping them grow up. I used to always remind my two oldest that Alexander the Great was still in his teens when he began plotting his conquest of the world. So when in our history did 16, 17 and 18 year olds become to immature for such heading thinking as the role of religion and philosophy in human history?

  21. Hmmm – bunch of happy kids singing in front of doting and happy parents and other adults. I can see the travesty. I suppose these kids aren’t old enough yet to be run out in front of the baseball diamond, football field, karate dojo, etc. so the parents can live vicariously through their kids and achieve those lost athletic dreams of years past. This should not even have been a post – linking a video comparing these kids to Hitler youth is detesting and a shame. I wish the point, if there was one, could have been made differently. Indoctrination? Kind of a strong word – am guessing that three months later these same kids were probably back to picking boogers and giving wedgies and wouldn’t remember half the damn words. A better angle here would have examined issues such as the politicizing of history texts (Custer – a hero?) instead of some stupid video.

    • Interesting statement you made here.

      You need to take another look at those “happy kids” faces at the end of this travesty. If they were in fact actors who were paid to make a commercial, I could understand it. This is not a commercial. They are not actors. Those kids have no idea why their parents are all gooey happy over their performance. You can even see that some of them were trying to remember what the words were they were supposed to sing.

      We all know that Custer wasn’t a hero – That is all except those descendents of the warriors who fought Custers last stand. Even though they won the battle (and rightly so) they lost the war. No heros on either side.

      Your comment in quotes below is so far out of it, I wonder if you have any children or grandchildren at all.

      “I suppose these kids aren’t old enough yet to be run out in front of the baseball diamond, football field, karate dojo, etc. so the parents can live vicariously through their kids and achieve those lost athletic dreams of years past. This should not even have been a post – linking a video comparing these kids to Hitler youth is detesting and a shame.”

      I’ll just leave it at that.

      • The warriors from which side? (Just curious) Last I checked the white folks weren’t the first ones here.

        So you’re suggesting that the video was appropriate to suggest that these kids are one more asinine Obama ditty away from Hitler youth? Seriously?

        My comment with regards to vicarious living was simply the suggestion that I think the majority of posters read waaaay to much into that video.

        • “The warriors from which side? (Just curious) Last I checked the white folks weren’t the first ones here.”

          That is a curious statement.

          I am not going to give in to your obvious dig. I really don’t care for racist comments.

    • Ray, I got news for you, those parents are living vicariously through their kids. What, you think it’s only athletics? Those guys are sad because they missed the summer of love, didn’t have Nixon to kick around any more and couldn’t chant “Hey, hey LBJ how many kids have you killed today?”. Them some sick puppies bro.

      I don’t think Custer has been a hero in history books for some time. He was not presented that way in mine back in the early ’60’s. A re-examination of his record during the Civil War would show that he earned that star on his shoulder, the hard way. I don’t think we will ever know what was in his mind that day on the Rosebud.

      Garry Owen!!

      • My Custer reference was simply that you can look in public, private or parochial schools and for the most part the textbooks are all taken as fact and generally not challenged – you can find error no matter where you go and the educational materials largely fir the times no matter who is in office. And no, I don’t think it is only athletics that some parents live vicariously throug their kids. Do I think that was the case of the video? Hell – I dunno – do you? The point was – are we seriously, are we seriously getting that bent out of shape over a damn video? For some reason I get the feeling that if it were a Sarah Palin look-alike beauty pageant it would be ‘ok’ and good, clean and wholesome. Brainwashing? Nope. Harmless? More likely.

        • USWeapon says:

          I am not sure that I would agree with harmless Ray. And if it were a Sarah Palin beauty contest I would not particularly like it. I would be more at ease with the fact that it wasn’t shoving a political belief at our children. I think beauty contests are a joke, plus we all know that in today’s school world where we don’t want to give a child a failing grade for fear of hurting their self esteem, a beauty pagent is the last thing we will have to worry about, unless of course in the end they give everyone a tiara and flowers and declare that everyone won because they are all beautiful.

          We aren’t getting bent out of shape about a video. We are getting bent out of shape over the actions of parents manipulating children for political propaganda. And there are hundreds of these videos out there.

  22. TexasChem says:

    First off a lot of you are not even aware that the beliefs, mores, values that you have; are firmly ingrained in the JUDEO/CHRISTIAN belief system. Even if you are not a practicing christian or jew you should respect that and REALIZE THAT; THAT IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON. Don’t believe me? Read the ten commandments and then Bible ITSELF then tell me which of those beliefs you believe in. After reading the Bible go read the Quran. Then you will understand why Muslims have honor killings and child marriages and RAPE! Thier prophet Mohammed was married to a CHILD of 9! Personally I believe the seperation of church and state is unfounded and that America should REALIZE why it was founded and WHO founded it. If you don’t like the belief system and what this country was founded on then get THE HELL OUT, leave. I am sick of the “movement” to undermine our nation. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Before someone says what right do I have to determine what children learn in school; it was given by the founders of this country. One nation, under god, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all! Christian beliefs. I firmly believe that the social moral degradation of our society in America is because of our society and our nation turning its face away from God. I am not a so called “Bible Thumper” but just a person with enough intelligence that with a little investigating can see what is wrong with our American society.

  23. USW, Once again a great post that certainly deserves every American’s scrutiny! As a former teacher, (Quit so I could eat), I am firmly against allowing politics or religion inside of the classroom. Politics is between the individual and the ballot box and Religion is between the individual and their God, should they choose to have one.

    Using a child to promote political views is just another form of exploitation! After viewing the videos, the one in your post and the other offered up by Spitfire and Black Flag, I had to take a few minutes to cool off before starting this comment. Anyone that believes that this country of ours isn’t in SERIOUS trouble needs to pull their head out of the sand and start investigating for themselves. The comparison between Obama and Hitler may be revolting to some but I have to fall back to a quote from George Santayana, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Some of the Legislation sneaking or ramming its way through Congress makes striking comparisons to Socialist-Fascist ideas of governance. The G.I.V.E act studying mandatory volunteerism (Talk about Oxymoron); The President floating “A Civil Defense Corps”; The tightening of the Brady Gun Bill; A Congresswoman telling the CEO of a multi-national company that “We” will take over your company; are all prime examples! Is it any wonder that conspiracy theories are rampant. Is it also any wonder why Americans are purchasing Guns and Ammunition at a rate so high that stocks in three states were sold out for a week because the suppliers couldn’t keep up.

    Don’t know about the rest of you but it sure seems that a whole lot of people are afraid of the direction that this adminstration is going and going into survival mode.

  24. I like how this got from likeness of Hitler to religion.

    Back on subject from the original post.

    Another key sign of a creeping dictatorship style government is the huge plastered photos of the “Leader”. The savior for the country. The one who will lead our country from the brink of destruction into a new era. “Obama will save us.” Is he God? I think not.

    Sounds odd, right? As it should. There should never be a ‘savior’ for this country that is man. Man is imperfect, in all means. The american people are this country’s greatest asset. Not one man. Nor will it ever be. Once a single person gains that sort of persona it is a bad thing, especially if that person happens to be in the highest office in the country.

    I agree with a lot that USWeapon has stated. About the socialist movement and about Obama.

    It’s time that the rest of America wakes up to this movement, trust me, I have.

    As a soldier myself, I am prepared. The same oaths that all my brothers and sisters have taken, I have. And as USWeapon said, I couldn’t agree more. I am fully committed to defending the Constitution and our God given rights. I will not stand for a socialist movement. I will not stand for tyranny, and I will not stand idly by while our rights are stripped.

    Be prepared, for the time is coming. History repeates itself, that is something that has been proven time and time again. We are a very young country compared to the rest of the world. Do not take what you have for granted. Do not sit idly by while there is still time to stand and defend what was the foundation of this great country that I believe we all love. At least I do.

    It’s up to you America. Ultimately the government answers to us, and no one else. Obama is only there to lead as WE see fit. Not as HE sees fit. That is the key. That is the difference between Democracy and Dictatorship.

  25. A class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich,
    a great equalizer.

    The professor then said ….OK, we will have an experiment in this class on “SOCIALISM”.

    All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade, so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

    After the first test the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

    But, as the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too; so they studied little.

    The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around the average was an F.

    The scores never increased as bickering, blame, name calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

    ALL FAILED, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also
    ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great; but when
    government takes all the reward away; no one will try or want to succeed.

  26. If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!



  29. Just finished reading,have to say one of the best site I seen in a while glad I visited.

  30. I think that you are correct to disapprove of parents using their children for political propaganda. I agree that it is detestable and that the children are not at all old enough to choose to support any political agenda.

    However, if you are going to find this detestable, I think that you should have also commented upon the children used as political propaganda by their parents during the tea parties. ( I know that you wrote this article prior to the tea parties, but if using children is so objectionable you should have also mentioned it in the several articles you wrote about the tea parties)

  31. RealAmerican says:

    When will you folks get a life? It truly is pathetic that with all the serious issues this country faces so many people waste time on this drivel! I bet many of you still think Iraq attacked us too….ridiculous

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