Just a Very Quick Thought

I am getting ready to head out for a while to attend the rally. Prior to doing so I decided I would look at the coverage. For those that don’t think the media has a bias. The Tax Day Tea Parties have begun. People are gathering nation wide. Already 2,000 in Boston and twice that in DC. Tens of thousands of protestors are taking to the streets today to stand up to government in over 300 cities. When 19 women from Code Pink protested the marine recruiting center in San Francisco, it garnered massive national media attention. Yet a visit to http://www.nytimes.com shows that the New York Times has not a single mention of the Tea Parties on its home page, not a single word. http://www.cnn.com has a single very small article. ABC News at http://abcnews.go.com/ has not a single mention of them at all. But plenty of articles such as “Americans are glad to have big government back” I kid you not. MSNBC shockingly has a small article on the left hand side of the page. CBS News has nothing at all. Tens of thousands of people protesting in 300 cities and the major news outlets are refusing to cover it. Still think there is no agenda in the media?


  1. CanadianFox says:

    Us Weapon, Let’s wait and see how many people actually participate before any of us jump to any conclusions. I would prefer to compare that number to the actual population size of potential participants. As far as the news media goes, I doubt if I would cover a knee-jerk, reactionary non-event either. There are much better ways to solve our differences and problems than this method. I guess it is just too much like the protests of the 60’s only on a much smaller scale.

    • USWeapon says:

      Yet they had no problem covering the 19 code pink women. Revolution just told me there were 3,000 in Annapolis where she was. 19 women were not consistent with the argument of a “percentage of possible participation”. An interesting view you have there. So tens of thousands of people protesting is a non-event? Perhaps could end up with hundreds of thousands. But it is a knee jerk reaction and non-event. Code Pink wasn’t though, right? Perhaps the knee jerk reaction you are talking about is the government takeover of private industry because of a few bad apple CEO’s. That wasn’t knee jerk though, right? I wonder how you will feel when you realize that you aren’t actually the majority.

      And for the record I love that I can respond to my blog on my iPhone!

      • Wow Us. Give ’em hell. Enough BS.

        You know, this is similar to the Civil Rights movement. Non-violent, people getting together but being invisible. That’s OK, I think they hear us now.

    • Bama dad says:

      I call 19 woman from Code Pink a knee-jerk, reactionary non event, so why cover them. Oh yeah thats right they are a left wing group. Well guess I’ll be off to the tea party that no mainstream news is covering.

    • We already knew how baised the media was….they elected a king.

    • Sorry, C-Fox, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong with your “let’s wait and see” attitude! That’s exactly what got us into this mess to begin with and that’s exactly what this Adm. would like us to do, so they can put in their “change” while we just sit and let them.

      I attended the one in Wisconsin today; Madison is considered the “second Berkeley”, land of Feingold and home of the spendulous bill, Obey. There were over 5,000 people there – in the middle of the week and in the middle of the day. It was absolutely awesome to be amongst so many people that feel the same – regardless of party – that are fed up with the direction of government! Unfortunately, Wisconsin is a mini-model of the Federal Government, currently trying to pass an unbelievable budget that is also filled with lots of policy changes. We were loud, we were respectable, we cleaned up after ourselves, and there was a terrific group of speakers from a 17 year old (home schooled) to a new 26-year old Mayor to a black minister from Milwaukee (he called himself the black sheep and was spot on and hilarious!)

      However, the common message from all of them was today was just the start and we all need to get off our butts, open our mouths, get on the phone, talk to our friends, neighbors, family and monitor and get in touch with our representatives…..and remember, who did and didn’t do what.

      Also C-Fox, you mention there are much better ways to solve our differences and problems. What pray tell, are your suggestions?

    • CF,
      Seriously, I’d like to know why you consider this ‘knee-jerk’ and a ‘non-event’. I mean, if as a media outlet you cover the Obama’s dog, I don’t think the bar is set too high as to what qualifies as an event.

    • CanadianFox says:

      USWeapon & Others, Why in the world, if these “tea parties” are righteous and just, do you see the need to bring up a argument distraction such as Code Pink. I have no idea what that is or do I even care about it. I have always noticed that when a person’s argument isn’t real strong or good, they use a deflecting type of distraction. I do believe, until the numbers prove me wrong, that these merry protestors are the minority, not the majority you would like to claim.Who even knows how many out there even have a clue what they are doing or because they are unemployed they atre just out for something to do. This type of emotionasl reactional is not what we need. The answer lies with working wirthin the system that exists and compromising our way to results. Just wait until this “event fascination” fades. You will see what I mean.

      • CF

        There is NO compromise to freedom. There is no such thing, and can be no such thing. As soon as you compromise that freedom, it is lost.

        I would really like to know what you think that would help? Give them more of your freedoms to see if they’ll magically quit turning our country to socialism? Are you that naive?

        Why don’t you do yourself a favor, before its too late, open your eyes. Do your own research, learn the truth about what’s going on. And, if you really think Socialism is the correct path for this country, good for you, but I am not the same. I will stand against it, with everything I have.

      • USWeapon says:

        OK dude, do you know how ridiculous you sound, and limited you are coming across in the ability to think critically? Let’s lay it out so that even you can comprehend the argument rather than try to make your point by not making a point. My initial post was about the lack of coverage of a protest that was tens of thousands of people who are protesting in unison in hundreds of cities. Whether you like their opinion or not is irrelevant (especially to me given the thoughts you are sharing thus far). Tens of thousands of people is an event, unseen in this country in recent history.

        Code pink is a ultra-liberal group protesting the military. In San Francisco, 19 Code Pink members protested in front of a USMC recruiting station. This small group of women received national media attention. They were featured in every major news media in the country. 19 women, small group, protesting, national media attention given to their liberal cause. Tens of thousands of people, largest protest in recent history, protesting, NO national media attention given to their anti-government cause. Do you see the hypocrisy or is that too confusing for you? Let’s add to that, although I will try to type slow…. Proposition 8 in California, voted down by the citizens in a democratic VOTE. Protests in California, not as large as Tea parties, given national media attention because it is a liberal cause. Tea parties, bigger numbers of protests, nation wide rather than one state, stimulus plans NOT voted for by the people, given no media attention because it is a non-liberal cause.

        President’s choice of dog. Given major media attention. Protests against government spending given no media attention. Code Pink is not a distraction, it is an example of where the standards that you wish to apply as to whether the tea parties should be covered did not apply to a cause on the left.

        If you are unable to see what I am talking about, then I will no longer waste my time on what I will deem a fairly feeble mind not capable of critical thought and led by the very media that I was presenting. If you want to debate we can do so, but you are going to have to do a lot better than what I have seen thus far to do so. Thus far, you have not shown the ability to even understand, let alone consider and discuss, any view that differs from what you are reading on the Huffington Post or moveon.org.

        • CanadianFox says:

          No, the problem is that I have a very sharp, focused mind that you, and others like you, cannot dominate or brainwash. The “events” you just talked about? They are proof of nothing other than once in a while the media will throw a “feel good” story out there. And as far as the dog goes they have always done that no matter what Administation is in power. So do I see a left-wing conspiracy here? No, unless I am prone to conspiracy thinking and theories. And I am not and never will be. And for your info I have never been on Huffington Post (her thinking does not appeal) or moveon.org. They are just as bad to the left as Rush is to the right. When the actual numbers are published you will see what I mean. The majority in this country understands they are NOT Joe the Plumber, because they know how to read and interpet their W2’s.

          • USWeapon says:

            The “events” you just talked about? They are proof of nothing other than once in a while the media will throw a “feel good” story out there.

            And that, my friend, says everything I need to know about you not being able to see reality if you bumped it in a crowd and it punched you in the face. Talk about living in denial.

          • USWeapon says:

            And I didn’t use the word “conspiracy” That is a term the left uses to discredit anyone who disagrees with them. I said “agenda”, and I stand by it. I am sorry that you are unable to see an agenda when it is there.

            For the record I have an agenda too, to get folks like you to open their eyes and think for themselves. My agenda is not to make them think like me. Hence why I offer alternative views from guest commentary. I support people actually using their brain and figuring out the truth. You would prefer we ignore anyone who doesn’t agree with the “mainstream”. Ignore tens of thousands of protesters, because they might be a minority, or maybe they aren’t and that is starting to worry you?

            • CanadianFox says:

              No I disagree. I am not sure what your agenda is. I had some time last night and read many other of the posts on this blog. But it appears to me that you are only looking to find others who think like you do and then reinforce it. For what reason? Only you would know. Sorry, but you ran into someone who DOES have an openb mind and can see through emotional “rhetoric”.

              • Well you will see what you want to see. I think you for “defining” my agenda for me. I was pulling the other stuff out of my butt. But at least now I know that I am just looking for people to agree with me. Ah, CF, if you only knew me. You would then know how many things I write in these articles that have nothing to do with what benefits me personally. You are so critical of someone who is willing to hear a cohesive argument, yet so unable to present one.

                I am sorry you have found the site not to your liking. I want a lot more liberals on the site debating with us. But they never stay. I imagine that you will go soon as well.

                • CanadianFox says:

                  Once again I am not a liberal. And you have missed my “cohesive argument”. It is that answers lie in dealing with the system we have and that requires COMPROMISE and brainstorming ideas. It is just like life itself, USW, you conststantly have to learn, be ENGAGED and compromise to get where you want to go. I do not have any better answers than you, but I believe in collaboration and give and take to solve problems. That is pretty hard to do when someone says that freedom and liberty are the two most imporatant tenets of their argument (and subjective to definition). Those are guidelines not rules.

                  • USWeapon says:

                    Then call them my guidelines and let’s get on with it. I am against actions by my government that either infringe on the rights that I have as a human being, or that I think will lay the groundwork for future infringement on those rights. If we must discuss what liberty and freedom are then we can. But I am unsure why my saying, for example, that the right to own a gun cannot be infringed, is not a good position, when my reasoning is simple, it is in the Constitution because that piece of liberty was specifically covered. Does my liberty become less important if it is not clearly defined in the Constitution. Why is liberty not a valid place to start from?

                    • CanadianFox says:

                      Because I believe there are bigger and more relevant present day problems for intelligent individuals to focus on and solve versus becoming estranged and confrontational over the meaning of a word or concept. And I believe that is just what fringe groups and thinkers do. They sometimes, not always, cause divides that wastes everyone’s time and the real issues and problems that people face everyday never get solved.

          • You know CF, I find that phrase ‘others like you’ and your statements about ‘people who think like you’ rather condescending on your part. Sounds like name-calling and labeling to me.

            • CanadianFox says:

              No on the other hand it is a statement of observation. Calling people liberals, socialists, right wing radicals etc. is what labeling is. That is what is known as a “distraction” intended to keep people from listening to or exploring issues.

          • Canadian Fox:
            You: No, the problem is that I have a very sharp, focused mind that you, and others like you, cannot dominate or brainwash.
            NubiQ: I am sorry to inform you but you do not have a sharp mind because if you did, your third eye would be open and you will be able to see that you have been brainwashed (conditioned) to think this way. Anything that dimishes your BW thought process is the true reason you don’t understand any of this. Wake up…

    • esomhillgazette says:

      CF, what I hear from you is as Liberal as the day is long.

      That you are middle of the road? – Bulldookey!

      That we are just having a knee jerk reaction? – Double Bulldookey!

      That WE are dividing this Country instead of working together? – Pure Uncut and Unpasturized BULLSHIT!!!

      I refer you to Obama and Pelosi’s comments to The Republican’s try at working with them – “I, We Won.” “We’ll do it our way!” “We don’t need to work with anyone.” Hmmmmm! Sounds pretty damn divisive too me!

      • CanadianFox says:

        You need to pay attention better to what is actually going on. Mr. O has extended that olive branch many times.There is a “centrist” group in the Democratic Party led by Evan Bayh who constantly works with centrists of the Republican Party. We just need more of that and less emotional rhetoric that divides people.

    • I am sorry but that was an ignorant comment. 4/15/09 marked a new time in history. I think it was very imporant to have media coverage on this event as Obama stated he wanted to stay informed with the people and there concerns. Although they put us off as right-wing extremist, terrorist, ect. we are just average American citizens AWAKE and concerned about our well being as well as our children and grandchildren. So for those bias ass media representatives…when 2:00am comes and you are sleeping and Martial Law come take your guns, food, and anything you have to survive what will be the end of the world as we know it…you will be wishing that you would have listening to “the no longer silent majority”

  2. Who cares if the Main stream media notices? They’re shooting themselves in the foot, because everyone in America can see us standing in front of court houses, filling up parks, and brandishing signs and flags. Also it is being covered by local media.

    Our little town of about 1800 people had a crowd of around 300 standing in front of the court house. We’re going to another tea party in Spaokane, WA, which will be thousands strong. This is not some stunt or paid protestors in a few key locations. It is hundreds of thousands of regular people in thousands of cities and towns all across America.

    You Liberals had better start running, because you’ve wakened the beast.

    • CanadianFox says:

      Sorry, Michelle but that is only 16% of your population. And of that 16% how cohesive or focused on the issue with the same thoughts, do you think they were? Events like this seem good, but they are not the way to go. If you think they are then that tells me you have given up on the system that has carried us for 300 some years. Now that, if true, is sad. Your use of the word “liberal” gives you away. I remember when we were just Americans, maybe we would say Democrat, maybe Republican. But we still tried to work together to solve problems and compromised when necessary. Now you see what divisiveness has done to our political system. I think that that is wrong and could become our great country’s undoing.

      • USWeapon says:

        Go back and read Part 1 in this series. It explains what a liberal is. Do you fit the definition? Then why do you so vehemently object to its use. I don’t mind if you call me a conservative. Know why? Because I am one. I don’t mind if you call me an alarmist either. So was Revere on his ride. Your position is obviously liberal, so why object so much to the term. Perhaps even you are ashamed of what you are?

        • CanadianFox says:

          Nope, middle of the road as they come. I hate labeling and name-calling. They serve no useful purpose in life.

          • USWeapon says:

            I have not heard one “middle of the road” thought from you yet.

            • CanadianFox says:

              I guess that “working together to solve issues and problems” and “compromise” are not “middle of the road” approaches then?

              • It would be if you weren’t above simply dismissing hundreds of thousands of people’s opinion as not relevant. You don’t seem willing to work together or compromise. And you dismiss what makes America great, freedom and liberty, as obstacles to reality. That, sir, does not sound like someone with whom a compromise can be brokered.

              • Did you ever hear the phrase, “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is subject to negotiation?”

                In my 62 years, this is what “liberalism” (does not always call itself that) offers as middle of the road compromise. Just one example, Gun Control. They want waiting periods and extensive background checks. We offer and agree to instant computer criminal background checks. They don’t want to accept that but have to because we control the House and Senate. Despite the fact that it works they still want to do away with them. A reasonable, progressive, compromise, offered by conservatives and they reject it.

                By the by, when it works, they take full credit for it, never mentioning the NRA as it’s original catalyst.

                Also by the way, a perfectly similar situation with the hiring of illegal aliens. We want to compromise by introducing a requirement that employees be legal and use an instant computer background check. Nowhere do we talk about “catch and deport” using the program, merely verify employment status. They oppose, period.

                The left’s idea of compromise has never changed. It’s called surrender.

                You want 150,000 more examples? Give me time.

                • CanadianFox says:

                  Well since (once again) I am not from the “left”, I guess I have no answer EXCEPT don’t you think and agree that someone who truly is from the “left” might say the same thing with different examples? What I am against is how this country has allowed its politicians to resort to this type of mentality of name calling etc. instead of negotiating and compromising their ideas to find real solutions. And based on what I have seen so far in my limited time on this blog, is that nobody agrees with me.

                  • Charlie Foxtrot,

                    Time to go below and answer in less than one word clips see you down at # 12

                  • USWeapon says:

                    But I think you are missing an important part of this blog, and that is that we are willing to agree with you. You just have to convince us. That isn’t accomplished by simply telling us that “Fox News” is biased and therefore invalid. Because we know what Fox News is and is not. We don’t take them at their word any more than other media. As I said, I am willing to debate anything, and in the end we may agree or disagree. My only promise was that I would do so with respect, attempt to find facts to back my position, be critical of the facts you bring and check them out, and be willing to admit if I am wrong. Try getting that promise from the folks on the Fox News forum, or any other one for that matter. I don’t play partisan games. I am not interested in either party. I think they both suck right now. Go out and find the tape of the San Antonio rally yesterday and listen to how that crowd of 15,000 cheered when the speaker said Democrats in Congress suck right now. Listen to how much louder they cheered when he said Republicans suck too. That crowd wasn’t bi partisan, it was non-partisan. I think you have assumed too much about the Tea Party movement. Talk to people, you will find your first impressions are incorrect. Beating me in debate won’t be easy, because I am good at it and will spot any flaw in your argument. But I promise you I am willing to debate honestly and admit when I am wrong or when you make a valid point.

                    • CanadianFox says:

                      USW, I am NOT interested in winning any debates. I am interested in this nation solving problems that have faced us and been ignored for too long. But I am wise enough now to know that it is not accomplished through an event (although it can help be a catalyst). The trouble with getting all excited about an event is that the luster wears off rather quickly. How many of you have ever had to attend a “morale building program” or as I call them the “flavor of the month”. Some people come away from them real pumped up and the effect lasts about a week and then what? They go right back to the way they were before. I am not interested in scoring points against you USW. I did that enough in my athletic career a long time ago. And that was fun, but life goes on. This country’s health and continued success is much more important. But people need to be more together than they are now to solve those problems. In all my years I have never seen politics as immature and divisive as it is right now. Now that bothers me.

      • CF, what has happened lately that Gov has done to represent “government of the people, by the people, for the people” ? The Tea Party’s are a tool to let Gov know they are out of bounds with a vast group. The only thing I would like to wait for would be the political make-up of the tea-parties.

        • CanadianFox says:

          I would rather know the actual intelligence level and level of commion sense and level of understanding of all thge participants. Versus those that had no idea why they were there other than to attend an event. Sorry guys, I feel the SAME way about events you all would term “liberal”.

          • Well I am glad to hear that. So you are against all forms of protest against the government then? What is the recourse for citizens who feel government has gotten out of control and needs to be reigned in? Nothing more than the vote? That has not worked out so well for us on either side of the aisle. We vote for change and get more of the same from both sides. So what other recourse do we have, pray tell?

            • CanadianFox says:

              I did not say that. I just said I tend to look past these so called protests and focus instad on the issues and the potential solutions, which always come through compromise.

              • They did not compromise in 1776, 1865, 1918, 1945.

                Again, see my comment above, the only compromise they want is called “surrender”.

                • CanadianFox says:

                  I would say that those are very bad examples. War should always be a LAST resort, not a first or second option. And that is a HUMAN BEING statement not a “liberal” one.

          • Kristian says:


            Even if there were people there that didn’t understand everything that was going on, they were in a place where they could learn something just by listening to what was being said. I tend to agree with SK, they don’t want compromise, they want surrender and that just isn’t something that we can willingly give. I’m all for compromise but it needs to be a compromise that benefits both sides, not just one. I haven’t seen that type of compromise offered, have you?

            • CanadianFox says:

              Kristian, honestly how can I answer the part about seeing compromise? I or you are not part of that process. All I can go buy is that Mr. Obama said the opportunity for it has been extended. If it was me and I hadn’t extended that opportunity I sure as hell would not say that I had in public anyway. As for “learning” things there, don’t you think that everything said would be slightly one-sided? You go to those “events” to reinforce what you all ready believe, not to learn something new.

              • Kristian says:

                And you believe everything Obama says because, what, he’s been so honest and forthcoming in the past? Are you serious?

                • CanadianFox says:

                  Yes I do. You see when the Party introduced Ms Palin as the VP candidate last fall, I immediately chose to listen to Mr. Obama. Why? Because I refused to be a part of a “cynical” ploy to win an election with a candidate that was picked to “stimulate” the “base”. it is exactly, in my opinion the people who have caused the party to fail. I watched what Mr.O did, I saw how he handled situations, I actually listened to his vision. And not only did I like what I saw and heard, I am convinced he is the real deal.

                  • Kristian says:

                    And you don’t think that is exactly the reason that he was chosen over Hilary? My friend, I think that you have taken a dive into the deep end of the koolaid.

                    • CanadianFox says:

                      kristian, I cannot follow your train of thought on the Hilaruy comment so therefore I have no idea how to respond. The koolaid thing is preety childish, don’t you think?

                  • Then it is you who are naive. In all my years as a political junkie, I have never seen a campaign run with less attention to the issues. Hope and Change, Change and Hope. Balderdash! That candidate was all things to all men. I worry about people like that.

                    There is nothing wrong with being naive. What’s wrong is staying there once you know you have been hoodwinked. This is because you lack the moral ability to admit that you were wrong or are a poor judge of character or because you lack the ability to think for yourself or because you actually agree with “hope and change” in the abstract as a solution to something.

                    I bailed in ’65. I saw Viet Nam heating up, saw the lies that got us there, saw the fraud the Great Society would become and saw the left had no stomach for war or the warrior. I’m glad I got out of that mindset as early as I did. I highly recommend the connect the dots solution along with the life is like a chess game, you have to be three moves ahead at all times.

                    • CanadianFox says:

                      SK, The real point is he ran a very smart campaign because the previous President was so bad and so disliked he did not have to say all that much. Change from George W Bush is what the majority of people wanted, pure and simple. Why risk it? That is just smart political strategy.

                  • USWeapon says:

                    Did it bother you that his message during the campaign was so drastically different than his voting record or his books showed him to be? I don’t offer that as a smartass remark. I ask it honestly. I liked him too. I still do. But I think his vision is wrong for the country. My issue with him during the campaign is that I felt he did exactly what you disliked the Republicans for doing, at least in my opinion. He changed his entire message in order to get people to support him. He campaigned in the middle and made all the right comments. But this was not the same Obama that wrote those books. This was not the same Obama that made the statement that the “Supreme Court didn’t do enough to force income redistribution to poor blacks”. That really bothered me because it seemed that all those folks who weren’t paying attention to him before he was a Presidential candidate didn’t know that this was a drastically different message than his message of the previous 20 years. So didn’t that bother you? As a matter of fact I won’t even ask you to answer that right now. In the next two days I will write a post on why I did not vote for Obama. And you can reply there. Cool?

                    • CanadianFox says:

                      Honestly USW, I never read the books but you know how I feel about the past. When you focus or dwell on it you can get stuck there. On the other hand I give him credit for becoming wiser as he got older. You see my expeiences in the business world is that as a business or individual you can never stand still or refuse to change. That is why I think W failed. He was always praised by his followers for “sticking to his principles”. Well what if he failed to do an inventory review of those principle and they became outdated or just plain wrong. Then you subject yourself to failure or defeat. Personally, I do not think he was smart enough or humble enough to know if he was on the right path(s) or not. See you hold Obama hostage on what he said in the past. I don’t. Those people who never change scare me because that can mean they never learn or improve. Sorry, I got a bit wordy with that answer. but I wanted to make sure you knew what my stance was.

                    • Kristian says:

                      What bothered me the most about Mr. Obama is the fact that during the campaign we were told next to nothing about the man. His birth certificate has never been presented has it? I know that it probably sounds like I am beating a dead horse, but seriously! When Palin was introduced there was nothing that we didn’t know about her. There are still alot of people out there that have questions about him. Of course if youask them the MSM treats you like a criminal. How dare we question his greatness! I don’t have anything against the man himself, I don’t know him, but that is the point, none of us know him.

      • You know that whole “compromise” and can’t we all just get along thing really irks me. Know why? Because it means that one group (usually conservatives) are required to give up their beliefs in favor of anothers. Labeling it divisiveness is intellectually dishonest. Of course different people disagree. One of the main things conservatives fight for is the RIGHT to disagree, for everyone, not just those who share our views.

        Thanks for doing the math. Do you honestly think that 16% show in the middle of the day in a small town in North Idaho is insignificant? If that many show up, there are thousands more in the town and surrounding areas who also agree and this was just the beginning.

        For the record I haven’t given up on the system–these tea parties are about fighting for the syatem (also known as the Constitution and the Rule of Law). What I’ve given up on is our representatives and judges upholding the Constitution.

        It seems like I remember something about the right to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for a redress of wrongs, but perhaps I was mistaken? Is that no longer a part of the “system”.

        • CanadianFox says:

          Michelle, take a look at your second paragraph and explain to me why I should take what you just said as serious. You do not know of that type of “agreement”. And besides I am not knocking your right to assemble at all. I am just wondering what in the world you all expect it to accomplish. There uis a legitimate way to change things in this country, but everyone (maybe an exaggertion) here seems to have given up on the system. i just believe that makes “events” like this irrelevant.

          • Kristian says:

            If it seems that we have given up on the system it is because we no longer trust the system. Why would we? Obama talked about “Change you can believe in” for his entire campaign. I have seen change alright, change for the worse! Just the idea of income redistribution makes my blood boil! And the money that they have been spending? Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying this debt. And don’t even tell me about this debt being inherited because the debt that he did inherit is nothing compared to what he has spent in the last 4 months, and it wasn’t all inherited from the previous administration, so let’s not go there either.

            As far as those people Michelle mentioned being in agreement, they showed up for the event and I’d be willing to bet, contrary to what you may think, they knew why they were there and agreed with the entire idea. For you to infer that they didn’t speaks to your arrogance more than to your intelligence.

            • CanadianFox says:

              Its not arrogance. I was not born yesterday. I grew up in the 60’s and understand how these “events” go. There are many who show up just to be in a “happening” or stimulate a rather boring life. And I agree, I do not the answer to my own question. I am just asking to balance out the conversation, because on the other side of the coin, I don’t think it is right to assume that the events were “successful” based on numbers alone. But take a look at the numbers of attendees, divide it by the total population and then form your own opinion. Oh, and I cannot allow the “income distribution” term to escape. It seems that the people at the “top end” have found a clever slogan to get “everyone” riled up. You and I are not in that category for one. And two, you must not have been watching when the past administration made it much more advantageous for those at the top. Now that to me was waging class warfare. We will take less from them and charge those of us who can least afford it a higher percentage of our disposable income. It is all how you want to look at it and which way you want the statistics to work to buttress your own argument.

              • Kristian says:

                Who do you think is going to pay for those tax increases on big business? We are because they will pass those increases on to the consumer.

                • CanadianFox says:

                  You are right but that is known many times as simply the “cost of doing business”, And you know what? If you do not want to buy that product then, don’t buy it. To me that is a reasonable form of protest.

              • USWeapon says:

                The wealthy already pay the lion’s share of taxes. You certainly cannot disagree with that statement, correct? Given that premise why should they pay EVEN more of the lion’s share of taxes. How does that equate to fair? If you go out tomorrow and make a million dollars, would you share it with those less fortunate than you? I bet your answer was yes. So was mine, But I cannot do that when the government takes it away from me and decides who they would like to share it with, including billions going overseas and millions into the pockets of big business and politicians.

                So you talk compromise. Stop trying to punish those who work hard and do well for themselves. How about we cut spending and eliminate the need to take the money from those poor that cannot afford it. Leave the wealthy alone, right where they are in terms of taxes, and increase the tax CUT on the poor. Ever thought of that solution. The politicians won’t offer it because it means they get to steal less overall money. When they are done increasing the tax on the wealthy to 50% instead of 40%, believe me they will later find a way to justify increasing the tax on the poor to 42% instead of 32%. DECREASING spending and putting more of people’s hard earned money in their hands without government intervention in that transaction is the path forward.

                • CanadianFox says:

                  Then USW the problem becomes the politicians so we vote them out if we don’t like them. The wealthiest do pay the highest % of “reported gross income” but if you look at the percentage of disposable income (because they are so wealthy) poorer people pay a higher % of that. Under W, he skewed that percentage even more in favor of the wealthy. And how did they repay us all? With greed, deceit and bad business decisions that almost took our economy under. I give Mr. O a lot of credit for wanting to even take this job versus all the chaos, turmoil and problems that existed. Put another way, I have never seen a President work as hard (especially form a communications standpoint) as this one has in his 1st 100 days.

  3. CF, I, like yourself, do not like being branded. I live in a very liberal area of NorthEast Ohio. I have never known a Republican Mayor or Congressman in my lifetime, being elected where I live. In the 1970’s, the steel industry basically collapsed and my hometown became an “economic depression zone”. Year after year after year, every election brings promises of change and hope and prosperity, and every year Liberal Democrats get elected or reelected to public office. So after 40 years of economic depression and liberal democrats in public office, let me give you a single word that would best describe the results of their promises I mentioned above. That word is “LIES”. Thats right, lies, nothing more and nothing less. The only thing the democratic rule has actually accomplished is ensuring that my town continually makes the FBI list of top ten most dangerous cities! How about that, decades have gone bye, and thats what the Democrats that have been elected have managed to accomplish.

    I do not belong to a political party, I don’t need one to brainwash me into what “agenda” I should follow. Now, based on the historical facts mentioned above, should I not be very concerned about a Democrat controlled Congress and Administration? I have lived with them for 44 years. And they just plain SUCK!

    • esomhillgazette says:

      Where I live, up until a few years ago, EVERYONE local ran as a Democrat. It just doesn’t mean the same thing as it does at the State and National Level. Now we are beginning to see a few local Republican Candidates. But as a State, Georgia has become a Republican Stronghold. That is because at the local level, Democrat is just a label. At any higher level, you get into the “Liberal” part. Most folks in GA have figured that out.

      • The local ones move up to be state and national. Ya know, I can’t believe that I’m actually down talking a certain political party, I haven’t done that before. Oh well, guess thats what happens when one suddenly becomes an extremist! LOL

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Well the Democratic Party my Grandparents belonged to is not the same as the one I see today. Not even close! Today they should be called the Anti-American Liberal Socialist Worker’s Party.

    • CanadianFox says:

      I understand what you are saying and probably can guess the area you live in. Let me tell you that I have always been against that type of people too. But you know what keeps them in power? The unions. Now there is a topic the Republicans should latch onto as their own. Defeat the “Free Choice Act”. What a misnomer and what a disaster for the nation if that is passed.

  4. It seems odd to me that I can read reports on NBC,ABC.and CBS,Ijust finished doing that.I’ve also read reports of the tea parties in several liberal newspapers.Are you perhaps getting news reporting by the liberal press mixed up with the news manufacturing that has been going on a Fox all week?Lets get real here.If I can read it ,surely you can.

    • I watched the CBS world news tonight. It was reported with some interviews with the “tea” people (LOL). Then ofcourse they also interviewed some noname so-called political expert that added his “very Liberal” spin on things. But overall, at least on CBS TV it seemed that both sides were heard from equally. The sad part of that is there really is two sides.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      C’Mon Ron, When US posted this there truly wasn’t any coverage. I checked and saw the same thing he did. And FoxNews. News MANUFACTURING? Man ya’ll are truly pathetic! You talk about working together and fixing America’s problems while at the same time telling us we don’t have the right to complain about something we don’t like. Obama and Congress do not want to be worked with. They want to do as they please and the people to say that they know best. Not very likely Hoss!

      • For almost a week I’ve been reading Fox news reports on the web about the upcoming tea parties.That’s not reporing news that’s manufacturing.Their bias is showing in spades on this issue.

        • esomhillgazette says:

          All that shows is that Fox supported the peoples right to peacefully assemble for a redress of grievances. Whether you or the others think that is “Manufacuring” news is really unimportant to me. I guess all the other news agencies were doing as their Fuhrer wanted and ignoring us.

    • Ron,

      Do you know how childish you sound by mentioning Fox? Can’t you do better than that? I’ve noticed Fox bashers do that whenever they find themselves without a legit argument. Ho hum…….

  5. When the MSM is referring to these protests as “tea bagging parties” with a snide sneer I think it’s time to give up any pretense at them being neutral in any way.

  6. TexasChem says:

    So I am talking to some buddies at work to see if they wanted to go to the tea party and support the statement for smaller government, less pork, lower taxes and half of the guys I spoke with were like clueless as to what the tea parties were for in the first place. They look at what is going on in the government in a nonchalant manner and were like “it has not affected us and until it does we wont be going to tea parties!Now given at my job we are all college educated and our jobs deal with very technical equipment and a LOT of chemistry; as a matter of fact theres no doubt in my mind that some of you readers have some of our products in your vehicle or home, but; we work 12 hour shifts alternating from days to nights weekly.It is difficult to keep up with current events. I have noticed a lot of apathetic behavior amongst people concerning the direction our country is turning and I just don’t understand it.We’ve had it so good here in America for so long no one realizes what the loss of freedom truly means.No one thinks “it can happen here.”

    “Now you have to understand the culture here where I live.This is downhome southern culture.Yes sir, yes maam, we love America and hunting/fishing.I tried to think of something that would encourage them to attend a “tea party.”Sooooo I went on my spill of gun control and the legislature that had been tried to pass.I told them of the ammunition shortages.I told them about the spent miltary brass scandal, almost not being able to be sold to private vendors.I told them of Obamas voting history in regards to gun control.That got their attention!

    After I had their attention I informed them of what could happen with the big govt. spending spree.I informed them that they just may not be able to send their kids off to college because of the possibility of them madatorily serving in the Americorps or Civil Defense Force right out of highschool.I told them of the dangers of what could happen to the economy with all the printing and spending going on.I gave em’ this blog to read up on.

    Every single one of them went to the tea party today!

    My point is don’t think that just one person can’t make a difference and don’t feel overwhelmed.Do your best to get your points across to people.Maybe one person can’t make a difference but together we are no longer “I”.Together we are America and we can make her voice heard!

  7. Actually, the coverage has been pretty … funny. I’m sure all of you realize that “tea-bagging” has a very specific meaning in pornography. The tv news has been all over this. One MSNBC reporter talked about “licking” higher taxes … getting “a taste of tea-bagging” … and make an analogy to the Million Man March, noting that tea-bagging requires “a lot of DICK Armies” (wink wink). So this tea-bagging thing has gone from a dumb stunt to a porno joke — which is what it is.

    Evan Adamson

    • Yea, I heard about that low-class journalist you are referring to. Quite frankly, she embarrassed herself and both her and her station should be ashamed at their lack of professionalism.

      You know, you can always tell when something is effective as it pulls all the libs out with their in your face, condescending talk. I guess these Tea Parties hit a nerve!

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Actually Kathy, the “Tea Bagging” term came from a liberal to begin with, trying to make a joke out of the Protests. And nothing MSNBC does should suprise you. Nor of the fact that some LOW BROWED LIBERAL MORON just “hit and run blogged” us the information to begin with. Us Could you please Bold and Italicize that LBLM part? I’m kind of tiring of this fool.

    • Shows the maturity level of not only those media folks you are talking about, but those that are watching them (wink, wink).

  8. I think the fox has been chased out of the hen house and into the daylight.

    He initmates that we are all brain washed zombies, the fringe in america. They he says “Sorry, Michelle but that is only 16% of your population. And of that 16% how cohesive or focused on the issue with the same thoughts, do you think they were?” So we are only 16% and in ADDITION we don’t even have “cohesive” focus on issues or the “same thoughts”. We all think the same but we don’t have the same thoughts. Freedom and Liberty are relative and there meaning is not important because the world is oh sooooo complicated. The underlying principles of the “contract” we have with our govt don’t matter because now there are more of us and 300 years have passed.

    Now I know where I saw the Fox last. Wasn’t he standing on a building in Iraq claiming there were no US forces in the city?

    The man who refuses to use his mind will eventually die, as a SLAVE.

    Our little tea party of 100 turned into 300 plus real quick and then up to 900, per the security folks keeping an eye on the federal building. Can’t wait to see the non-story in the paper tomorrow morning.

    Keep Smiling and Stay Free

    • esomhillgazette says:

      Bravo JAC

    • CanadianFox says:

      JAC, I have to admit your post did make me smile. I do not get upset because I am very confident in what I know and what I think. All I have done in all my posts is to ask for “balance” and tried to make people think. And how do I get thanked? Let’s see either I am a liberal, arrogant, a socialist or I am accused of saying things I didn’t (from my accuser’s interpretation). All I have done is just stir things up enough to make people think outside of the box they have built for themself. And guess what? Most people do not like to do that.

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you Evan Anderson…or as he does not want you to know, really named Seth Margolis. How did I obtain this information you ask? I also have his home address, phone number…email address and so much more ;). The internet is wonderful place!


    We’re not ignorant here, by any means. The fact that I know who you are, and was able to obtain all this information in a mere 10 minutes time, should prove that. Now, what I have to say to you, you should listen to.

    Either quit being an egotistical moron, by ‘trolling’ this forum, or stay, discuss your opinions like an adult, or leave all together. There’s your choices. Choose wisely.

  10. It’s being reported on USA Freedom Press that 10,000 people attended the Indianapolis tea party. Still think it’s just a “knee-jerk reactionary non-event”, CanadianFox?

  11. Question for Canadian Fox;

    Are you a citizen of Canada?

    If you are, yes then this “tea party” idea to you would be a non-event. You have your form of government, and we have ours. I do not envy you your form of government.

    However, there are two forms of flattery. One is imitation. The other is disdain.

    • CanadianFox says:

      G.A. Rowe. No I am and have been an American Citizen all of my life. I would not think of playing that type of game. I care about the nation just as much as everyone here seems to. I just do not buy the “splinter-group” out of the mainstream attitudes I have encountered. I did’t answer earlier because I just saw your post.a

      • Bama dad says:

        CF after seeing your post above about a “non event” I have a question to ask you but before I do let me tell you how our “non event” started. Back in Jan. before the election two friends were discussing how the government was going to bankrupt the country with all the bailouts. Lady 1 ask lady 2 what can we do about it? Lady 2 says lets have a protest. They pick Feb. 27 for the event and contact 25 friend and they show up on that day to protest. Mind you even here in Feb. its cold and on top of that its raining. I’m driving home from work and see these loons standing on the side of the road with signs. I think these folks are nuts to be out here but as I drove by I liked some of the things their signs said. After the protest was over the group gets together and decides to call themselves The Rainy Day Patriots and starts networking on line with friends and family. Somewhere along the way I get an email about the April 15th Tea Party and I’m in. I contact a few friends, they contact a few friends and 6 thousand people show up.
        Now for my question. How many people have to show up for it to become an event? This went on all over the country, a statement was made and everything was done within the law.

        • CanadianFox says:

          Bama Dad read what I have said to USW about “events”. It will hopefully clarify how I think about them.

  12. Monsieur Fox,

    I started out life as a JFK Democrat, and, funny thing, still think that I am mostly one. As my late daddy used to say, the party left me behind, not the other way around.

    I might agree with your premise regarding a “lefty” using the same words as I on a different subject but would have to see and pick apart the argument.

    I agree with you that compromise is the best way to go but in 40 years have been unable to find more than a few on the other side who would ever bend, not even one damned inch! I have repeatedly done so and been kicked in the behind for doing so.

    I was taught, and have found that there is never repeat never only one way to solve a problem. You pick around an issue until you can see something that can be done. Using my admittedly brilliant formula that one has to be three steps ahead in a problem at all times, I then study something called ramifications. If there are more negative than positive possible outcomes, I discard my solution and go look for a better one. This is not to say that sometimes there are no better ones, but most of the time there are or you can tweek the plan to make it less painful.

    Regarding 1776, 1865, 1918, and 1945, you are right that war is a last resort. Having said that, sometimes there is no avoiding it. When you are in it, you should be in it to win it. Certainly, in the above examples, those involved saw themselves as being unable to compromise with “evil”. Mostly, they had good reason to feel that way. Viet-Nam and Korea, were wars in which compromise was attempted. I would even add Iraq to that list. It was only when Petraus was allowed to do what had to be done that something approaching a solution came about.

    To achieve compromise, we have to at least agree on the result we want to achieve. If you want to take away my guns, then I can’t compromise with you. You and I are diametrically opposed. If you merely want to make sure that the loonies don’t get guns, then we can talk.

    • CanadianFox says:

      SK Trynosky Sr. Thanks for the good reply. My reference to war only meant you need to be damned sure of when and where you draw that line in the sand. Because once you break it, it is yours to put back together. And I never said or ever will say that your guns should be taken from you. I’m all for some regs to keep “loonies” from getting them though. I mean regs that are common sense oriented.

      • Good, now the question is, did you merely miss my intent on the gun question because you “scanned” it or are you being disingenuous? I hope it was the former.

        I use it because it is an example of an issue that I am very familiar with. The point being made is if two people are pointed in 180 degree opposition, compromise is unachievable. There is no common ground nor common goal.

        You point out that you personally have no intention of taking away my gun rights. We are both in favor of keeping guns away from loonies. Therefore, either we already agree on a mechanism to do this or can come to such a conclusion.

        To take it a step farther, let’s say that your position involved registration and licensing. Mine involved instant background checks. Statistics might prove that major cities that already have licensing and registration have the same or higher crime rates than places that have only the federally mandated instant check. I would then say that I have “proved” my case and theoretically, “convinced” you. Should you refuse to be convinced (remember, we are talking about absolutely accurate statistics), then I would have to suspect your motives and commitment to “compromise”.

        This is actually not a theoretical. Many years ago I went along with licensing and registration in NYC on long guns. There was an exception for antiques. I purchased a 100 plus year old rifle and invoked the exemption. My argument being ammunition did not exist for the weapon. After a lengthly appeals process, my request was denied because, according to the hearing board. “I could engage someone to manufacture the ammunition for me from scratch”. I couldn’t believe I lost the case since the enabling legislation, defined ammunition as being “readily available”. Several years later, the City Council determined that any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun was an assault weapon. This ranged from .22’s to
        $ 4,500 shotguns. This, despite the fact that no registered semi-auto had ever been used in a crime. The registration lists were then used by the police to visit and tell you you had thirty days to get it out of town (with proof) or turn it in.

        The above examples merely are being used to point out that so called compromise with those who are starting from and want to end up in a very different place from you is impossible. Many of those same City Council representatives were the same ones who told us they had no intention of outlawing or banning our guns. Would you then say I should give them a second chance?

        • CanadianFox says:

          SK T, What you are describing here has more to do with common sense in elected officials or in these cases you mentioned, a lack thereof, not compromise . Oh, I did just scan it. I’m at work and was in a hurry.

          • You choose to be kind to them, I tend to think that they had ulterior motives to begin with. There is something out there called “nobody can be that dumb”. If you get to live long enough and develop a good memory, you can see them contradict themselves over and over. They rightfully expect that folks are too busy or too preoccupied to notice. This gets them a pass over and over again. Don’t fall into that trap. Feet to the fire is the only way to go. Even if I accept your argument for their lack of “common sense”, that in and of itself is an automatic disqualification for election or re-election, Republican or Democrat.

            Another quick point relevant to the general conversation, do not think that Obama’s win has settled anything in this country. Since the election I see the undereducated and uninformed talk constantly of a mandate for “change”. 53% or so is not a mandate. Historically we had the LBJ mandate followed by the 1972 Nixon mandate followed by the 1984 Reagan mandate. The country, as long as it remains free, will constantly vacillate back and forth.

            In general I find you open and respectful of others. That in and of itself means that there is hope. The real kind of “hope” that is, not the flowery BS one.

            • CanadianFox says:

              Not to refute your particular source but Mr. O’s approval numbers even on Fox polls has hovered consistently in the 60% range. I also think that as the economy improves and he continues to communicate (as well as his key people do also) those approval numbers will rise. Have any of you noticed how many of his key people are allowed to communicate to the press? What a change from the past 8 years. I truly believe they are trying to be much more transparent, but we have to give them longer than we have to see if that holds true.

              • Historically, every president gets an initial free ride. After Gulf War 1, Bush Sr. had a 92 % approval rating. “Read my lips, no new taxes” cost him the election, not that much later.

                Bush 2 blew it on two points I think. First was Katrina. Somehow he felt he could sit it out. I often wondered how different his numbers would have been if he grabbed Cindy Sheehan by the arm (she was outside the ranch protesting at the time), hopped on Marine 1 and started handing out water bottles with Cindy at the Superdome. Ask my wife, I was screaming at the TV because he sat the damn thing out.

                Second was sticking with that dunce Rumsfeld after the jig was up. Rummy had no clue, blew it with the press but had the undying loyalty of his Chief right up to the ’06 election. Two weeks later he was out on his ass. Bush lost credibility for A. sticking with Rummy and then B. Not sticking with Rummy after saying he would stick with Rummy. I mean, how much bad advice can you possibly take.

                Watch that “scanning thing”. I didn’t say his approval was 53% I said his victory was 53%. There is a difference. Re-read what I said and you will see what I mean.

                I think that I can tell you use a blackberry. That’s the cardinal sin committed by users, failure to read it all. You lose info and more importantly, context.

                • CanadianFox says:

                  No my life is hectic and full. I enjoy this but it is only one small part of it. I did miss the % number and I apologize. I do however think the approval rating does mean something. especially wghen Fox News prints it. Because you know how much those people hate him.

  13. Hate is one of those words that I dislike and which prevents reasoned discourse. I tend to reserve “hate” for those who actually froth at the mouth or routinely say they want someone to be killed or die or whatever. I don’t see the hate that you do. I differentiate between the news end and the commentary end. In that atrocious reporting about the tea parties done by CNN,that young woman “reporter” crossed the line in a big way. She became the story. High School journalism teaches you never to do that. That’s what hate can do to you.

    As pointed out earlier, the approval rating means that he is popular now. Check Bush 2, Bush 1, Carter, LBJ, whatever. There were points in time when they all had great numbers. Then the folks woke up or the president fumbled.

  14. US Weapon:
    Over 700 attended in Columbus, GA and over 20k attend in Atlanta, GA according to Hannity.

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