OK… DEEP BREATHS (Now Don’t Exhale… Carbon Tax)

OK there are a lot of different thoughts running through the different threads here so I am going to try to reign it in a bit. I know people are ready to have the abortion debate and the illegal immigration debate and others. Tonight I am working on Part 4 of the march towards socialism. It will post later. After that I will post on one of the big controversial subjects each of the next several nights. And that will give the forum to have those debates. But please, please, please…. I know things like abortion are a emotional topic. Please can we keep it civil? And can we keep it to facts not personal attacks? If someone asks a question can we answer with the assumption that it is being asked nicely and with respect? I told my wife I would avoid the abortion one at all costs 6 months ago. And now I am breaking my own rule…. can we agree that we won’t make me feel really dumb for it later?



  1. Ray Hawkins says:

    I’m on board

    Now get to writing! Haha

  2. No problem . . . so long as you provide the decaff 😉

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