Punished For Her Views…

mis-usa-logoOK, so here we are on Friday night, and you know what? I don’t have a single guest commentary to post! I thought I had a couple to choose from but when I went back and looked at them they were the ones that have already posted. So I apologize that you are just going to have to deal with plain old me again tonight. Now, upon realizing my lack of a guest commentary, I am forced to very quickly find something to write about an insert into the program. I wanted to do something I was fired up about, but that wouldn’t require hours of research and tons of brain cells. After all, it is 2:00 am as I start this article. And then I realized that I already knew based on pure opinion what to write about…. The Miss USA fiasco. Because it is in line with the persecution of Christian beliefs that I have discussed in the past. And it deals a bit with gay marriage, which I have also discussed. Plus it gives me a free shot at Hollywood hate-monger Perez Hilton.

Miss NC Get Crown!

Miss NC Get Crown!

I have to be the first to admit that I don’t pay a single bit of attention to the pageants that go on in the world. Miss USA, Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Who Gives a Shit. A bunch of pretty girls judged on their appearance and then finally asked at the end to offer up some form of philosophy on world economics or how they will save the world. Inevitably, the answers from these girls are ridiculous, and show a lack of understanding anything other than make-up and clothing. But I did notice that Miss North Carolina won the Miss USA pageant the other night. Living in North Carolina, meant that it was news here, so I knew she won because it flashed so on the nightly local news. I thought, “cool” and then dismissed it for something that was actually news.

So imagine my surprise to wake up the next day and find that the news was all about the controversy around the previous night’s pageant. I thought to myself, “My God, what happened?” Did Miss North Carolina celebrate by doing a line of blow off Miss Nevada’s left ass cheek? Did a stunning revelation come out that she was actually a man dressed as a woman? (In retrospect after finding out the truth I realized that she would have won for sure without help had this been the case). Did we find out that Miss North Carolina was actually the daughter of a white mother and a Kenyan father, and that her “birth certificate” from Hawaii is suspect and she may not even be an American, let alone Miss USA? (Sorry that was too easy, LOL) What has the latest Miss “Tramp” done now?

Miss North Carolina

Miss North Carolina

The extent of Miss North Carolina’s evil that night turned out to be nothing more than being the girl who got bumped up to winning because of the continued intolerance of those who label themselves as “gay activists”. Now you all already know that I support the idea of gay marriage. I have lots of gay friends who I love. For the record, I am not gay. And while I can be very supportive of the movement for gay rights (because the Constitution doesn’t expressly deny homosexuals the inalienable rights last time I checked), I have become more and more disgusted with the gay activists that have taken over this fight. They are mean, disrespectful, and intolerant of anyone who doesn’t 100% share their views. These aren’t the majority of the movement, but they are the vocal few that are ruining the image of gays everywhere. 

So what happened that was so controversial? Let’s tell the story shall we… As the Miss USA pageant progressed in Las Vegas the other night, it was becoming increasingly clear that the front-runner to win the crown was Miss California, Carrie Prejean. Most felt as though she was the clear favorite and it is important to note that even the judge who caused the controversy, Perez Hilton, acknowledged as much in his media tirade. So with Miss Prejean in the lead, we entered the final phase, where finalists are asked questions and provide short answers. You will recognize this as the section of the competition that I call the “World Peace” event. I hope at least some of you get that joke. 

She Answers...

She Answers...

Perez Hilton, an openly gay gossip columnist, was the judge who asked Miss Prejean her question: “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage.  Do you think every state should follow suit?  Why or why not?”

Miss California thought for a moment and began to answer: “Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. Um, we live in a land that you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage and, you know what, in my country and in, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there. But that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think that it should be between a man and a woman.” 

Boom…. Dead in the water. 

Miss California did not win the Miss USA pageant. She instead finished as the first runner up. Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton, is Miss USA. There were 3 gay judges on the panel. All three gave her answer a score of zero. Not a 5.0 to the other contestants 9.0. A zero. It should be noted that the now famous South Carolina girl who gave the map question confused answer that people made fun of for months got a 5.5 for that answer. Carrie Prejean got a zero. Go find the video. She didn’t stutter, balk, or flinch. She answered professionally, politely, and honestly. And she was given a zero by three bigoted judges intolerant of a different belief than theirs. 

The response to her answer was telling. A few in the audience cheered, a few booed. The answer sparked a shouting match in the lobby after the show. “It’s ugly,” said Scott Ihrig, a gay man, who attended the pageant with his partner. “I think it’s ridiculous that she got first runner-up. That is not the values of 95 percent of the people in this audience. Look around this audience and tell me how many gay men there are.” I hear you Scott. What you are saying that if the audience is 95% gay, a woman who wants to win Miss USA should abandon her principles and beliefs and tell you what you want to hear. Typical of the terrorists of the movement I was speaking of. Any view other than theirs is wrong.



The following day, Perez Hilton made negative comments about the contestant and told ABC news “She lost it because of that question. She was definitely the front-runner before that.” Hilton, the self proclaimed “Queen of Mean” who has campaigned for gay equal rights, is a nasty gossip columnist in LA. He has a long history of “outing” gay celebrities who wish to keep their sexuality a secret, because he feels that they should be proud of who they are. He is lewd, and intolerant, even of gays who don’t prescribe to his version of gayness. He is a prime example of everything that is wrong in the gay community (that was not a statement that the gay community is wrong, but that there are some bad things there and he epitomizes them).

He continued in the Matt Lauer interview, “I want [a Miss USA] who is going to be politically savvy, and that means saying things that will make everyone feel welcome. She’s a Christian, but I don’t want her talking about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, because that’s offensive to all of the Jewish Americans, all the Muslim Americans, to all the atheist Americans. I would have appreciated it had she left her politics and her religion out, because Miss USA represents all Americans.” Yeah, Hilton, because assholes like you aren’t offensive. You are offensive to just about ALL Americans. And you would have appreciated if she left religion and politics out of it? Who is the dick that asked her the question? You asked a woman you knew was a devout christian for her beliefs, and then got angry when she gave them to you. Dumbass. 

Hilton Again

Hilton Again

Hilton further called the answer “the worst answer in pageant history”. On a video blog on his website Hilton said, “She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb bitch!” Columnist Michelle Malkin commented that the “Celebrity leech/trash blogger” used the media to humiliate a beauty pageant contestant and lambaste Prejean as a “dumb bitch”. Although Hilton apologized for the attack, he appalled Malkin by telling a female MSNBC anchor he was actually thinking of a “c-word”. Hilton told CNN’s Larry King “Yes. I do expect Miss USA to be politically correct.” What you mean Perez, is that you expect her to believe what you believe. 

Malkin also condemned pageant director Keith Lewis for sending a note to Hilton which read “I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. … Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family.” You are right Mr. Lewis, religion has no place in politics, but neither does intolerance and bigotry.

Miss California

Miss California

For her part, Carrie Prejean has stuck to her guns and I think she has every reason to be proud of herself. Comments from her after the Pageant loss: “I’m so proud of myself, I wouldn’t change a thing. I knew I had a purpose, and I don’t take back what I said.” She told Matt Lauer she had her eyes wide open when responding to Hilton’s question, saying, “After I answered the question, I knew that I was not going to win because of my answer. When I’m asked a specific question, I’m going to give a specific answer. I’m not going to stand in the middle. I’m going to take one side or another.”

So why does this qualify as a story on a political blog? Well, I can say that the gay rights movement is political, and I think the intolerance that is being pushed by some in that movement is despicable and should be put out for all to see. I could also say that in light of our recent comments about christians being discriminated in this country, here we have a prime example where we are being told outright that christian beliefs will not be accepted as answers in a Miss USA pageant. And judging from the tone of the those involved, including the one who asked her the question, the right thing to do was to lay down her morals and lie in order to get a crown. 

And that says a lot about the far left movement in America. They believe that the right thing to do in order to get what you want is lie. Tell the people what they want to hear, regardless of what you believe or what you know to be truth. It is not only accepted practice of their leaders, it is expected if you are going to represent them. As I have said, I don’t dislike the left, but the far left a raving lunatics with no morals and no principles. And here is the kicker…. they are running Congress. Feel better about the future of America?



  1. USW,

    You are not going to like what I have to say about this one, so if you feel you have to, you may yank this response. I will understand.

    First, I will leave out the words that I normally reserve for homosexuals and lesbians. Use of those words are listed as hate crimes by the thought police. I find that literally disgusting that my thoughts may make me a criminal.

    I have absolutely no use for homosexuals or lesbians. Period.

    We did not watch the pageant here in our house. We had better things to do, yet like you we heard on the news the next day what had happened.

    I had only one question. What in the world were homosexuals doing judging a FEMALE beauty contest in the first place?

    FYI, USW, the lifestyle and sexual habits of homosexuals has nothing to do with happiness, therefore in my PERSONAL opinion – It ain’t gay! As a matter of fact, someone wrote a book about that, with that title – It’s Not Gay.

    If you want to support homosexuals and lesbians in their quest for marriage, well that is your right. Go for it. However do not expect any support from me. Period.

    I am not a Christian. I do not belong to any religious organization at all. I do not attend any church, with the exception of funerals and weddings. My wife is the church goer in our house, not me. We have been married for over forty years and that is the way it has always been, and that is the way it will always be. Period.

    It is my steadfast belief that marriage was invented to provide a life long union between males and females of the human species on this planet. Period.

    Homosexuals and lesbians can go off and do their disgusting thing behind closed doors and that does not bother me one bit, for as I have stated before I do not believe government has any business in our bedrooms or in our thoughts. Period.

    I do not like their attitude that I or anyone else should be forced to accept them in an equal status as far as marriage is concerned.

    If someone is not satisfied with the body they are born with, well then there are surgical procedures that can change that. I know of no law that prohibits a sex change operation from taking place, if that is what you want. As a matter of fact, a longtime personal friend of mine’s daughter did just that. She was totally unhappy with being a female, so when she reached adulthood, she worked very hard and saved up all she could and then had her operation. She is now legally a he, and very happily married and raising four adopted children. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

    So with that little tidbit in mind, I say to all the homosexuals and lesbians out there (AND those who support them) – Go get a sex change if you want to get married. I am sure that our idiot congress and idiot President will see to it that thegovernment will figure out a way to pay for that for you.

    And THAT is my OPINION!

    • Allan V. says:

      Perez Hilton is a horrible person but from what I know of homosexuals that falls right in line of how they react to people who do not believe that homosexuals shold be allowed to get married. If we are going to let them marry then we should allow marriage between blood relatives including immediate family. We should allow marriage between man and animals, and lets not forget marriage with man and child. Because lets be honest its just them wanting us to accept there sexual prefernce nothing more. Its sick and preverted; and I have yet to meet or hear from a homosexual who is actually gay. They all seem pretty unhappy and hateful to me.I believe God put us here to procreate and homosexuals go against nature. Its just sex and that is not what marriage is based on.

      Thats how I feel about it.

      • Mary Cronenberg says:

        I think she had every right to answer the question the way she felt she believed. I think she gave a non bi est response. She said we live in a country where we have a choice, not denouncing gays. Then she said her up bringing was, marriage is between a man and a women. What more could you have asked for? If this question would have been asked in the fifties, she would have won “if” this is the only reason she lost.

        I believe our values change every day because we have no teachers any more. We have created a soceity where both parents must work to survive so who teaches the children? We need to stop, find the forest, sit under the tree but most of all bring your family.

        United We Stand “To Fear” Divided We Fall “To Pieces”
        But Together We rise “To repair”

        We fear unity. Why? Take religion. We all stand united but in different places with fear of each other. Our way is the true way we need no repair.

        Division is falling alone. One on one, total confusion with a destructive out come and no one to help you repair.

        Together there is nothing to fear, no where to fall because every thing has been repaired.

    • “I had only one question. What in the world were homosexuals doing judging a FEMALE beauty contest in the first place?”

      To give a chance to the ladies sporting a 5 o’clock shadow?

    • Joshua Israel says:

      I am happy that The-Donald supported Carrie Prejean, gave her back her honor and respect, and now its time to damn that gay judge. This is a moral and ethical issue based on Liberty and personal freedom; and, it is that gay judge that is interfering with the right of moral Christian people to pursue HAPPINESS. Moral Christian people just want to get away from something that is revolting, disgusting, and immoral. Moral Christians oppose that gay judge attacking one of their beautiful women, and their moral values, and that gay judge is making us unhappy with exposure to his disgusting immorality. Carrie’s RIGHT to support the (NOM) and marriage between a man and a woman is based on the Declaration Of Independence (that the USA is founded upon), which states that “We The People” have the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the [ PURSUIT of HAPPINESS ]. In litigation thereafter, the U. S. Supreme Court declared in, ( Loving v. Virginia (1967) 388 U.S. 1 ); that, the freedom to marry is recognized as a vital [ PERSONAL RIGHT ] that is essential to the pursuit of happiness. As a result of this precedent, that gay judge has violated the liberty rights of Carrie Prejean, with a defamation of character, because she would not corrupt her Christian beliefs to obtain his vote. So, he condemned her pursuit of happiness to marry a MAN, defamed her character, and tried to destroy her career objectives. The (NOM) can file suit against that gay judge; because, Carrie’s personal rights prevail over his need to corrupt her, and that gay judge is only motivated by personal bias and animosity against moral Christian values (Meyer v. Nebraska (1923) 262 US 390). You see, Carrie didn’t attack him, he attacked and slandered Carrie because she refused to corrupt herself to get his vote, and this the way it always is, gays are using their authority to deprive moral Christians of our personal liberty rights to pursue traditional Christian values. Another thing, why would a “Modern Woman” who is Liberated and Free, allow a sodomite to deprive her of the right to pursue happiness, as EQUALLY, as a gay sodomite does, in his sodomite life style?

  2. TexasChem says:

    I’m with Rowe on this one.Being gay is a lifestyle choice not a genetically determined trait.Since other groups who have been discriminated against (such as women, blacks and the disabled) have been given equal opportunity, homosexuals claim that they, too, should be liberated.Gender, race and impairment all relate to what a person is, whereas homosexuality relates to what a person does so that arguement holds no water for me.

    The complementary structure of the male and female anatomy is obviously designed for the normal husband-wife relationships. Clearly, design in human biology supports heterosexuality and contradicts homosexuality.Homosexual activity is notoriously disease-prone. In addition to diseases associated with heterosexual promiscuity, homosexual actions facilitate the transmission of anal herpes, hepatitis B, intestinal parasites, Kaposi’s Sarcoma and AIDS.

    The American Psychiatric Association has stated “Some people believe that sexual orientation is innate and fixed; however, sexual orientation develops across a person’s lifetime.”A report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health states: “Some people believe that sexual orientation is innate and fixed; however, sexual orientation develops across a person’s lifetime. Individuals may become aware at different points in their lives that they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.”

    I believe parenting or rather lack of parenting has played a role in the increase of the gay lifestyle over the years.“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

    I am a christian and without a doubt believe the Bible to be the best guide humankind has to living a succesful love filled life full of happiness.I am a product of that guide and can tell you quite honestly that without it I would not be the Man I am today. The most authoritative textbook on the subject of human behavior is the Bible. Not only is it authoritative, it is objective, and is the final word on the subject. And whether people accept the principles of God’s Word and agree with them or not, all are subject to the principles found in the Bible. Therefore, it behooves us to consider seriously what god has to say on the matter of Biblical psychology.

    There are three reasons for which the Bible was written. God gave it first to show the entrance and problem of Sin; second, to show mankind the need for and the provision of Salvation; and third to provide for the Christian the right way to Sanctification of life.Three reasons that correspond with how you choose to live your life.

    In today’s existential and pragmatic world, man is conditioned to become absolutely “free” of all restraints or bonds, that heredity and/or environment may inhibit him. For the Christian who lives in the world today, his problem is heightened by the idea of some, that religious beliefs become unrealistic bondage to his “super-ego” (which is thought of as somewhat similar to one’s “moral conscience”). To free himself of this control it is often suggested that he should go about and “live it up.” To release himself from this so-called bondage, the idea is to suggest that his will loosen (or maybe harden) his conscience so that he will not be anxious in that which he does. This assumes that the “super-ego” is determined by environment (parents, church, other Christians’ super-imposed external standards, etc.) and that he must become “free” to act as he will. The ego then becomes more insensitive and the individual less anxious.

    What actually occurs more often than not, is that the individual becomes more guilt ridden and therefore these anxieties are heightened. What is really needed is a treatment of the real problem of freedom in Christ, through an understanding of the Word of God and a pattern of life consistent with the Bibles teachings.

    I applaude Miss Californias’ answer and am proud that she stood her moral ground with her statements.I expect nothing less of Hilton than what his actions have been.I ask you to think of the two peoples actions thus far in this fiasco and which would you identify with as being the proper behavior and why?

    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      Hi Texas,

      It is obvious to me that Ms. California exhibited the proper behavior.

      She was honest.
      She showed courage in the face of adversity
      She was sensitive to beliefs of others
      She honored her upbringing (and her parents)
      She stuck to her beliefs
      AND, was poised while doing all of the above!

      Even now, she still does not regret her decision…What a solid lady.

    • Great forum. I agree with you all as far as Miss CA sticking to her beliefs! She won the crown to me for that…not being silenced!

  3. US, thank you again, for putting into such eloquent words, exactly how I was feeling on this subject. I am with you, I have zero problem with homosexuality or with gay marriage. It is not a threat to my own relationship or to my sexuality. What I am against, as I have said in prior posts, is hypocrisy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Ms. CA gave it and I am proud of her for doing so. Our friends above gave their opinion, and again while I do not feel the same way, I am proud that they stand for their opinion. The trick here is not to be hypocritical or to punish those that have a different view. What gets me is that if “politics has no place in the pagent” then why was this question allowed to be asked?
    Funny how something so stupid and vapid as a beauty pagent has created such controversy!!

  4. I am a firm believer in what goes on behind closed doors stays there. The government has no purpose in anyones bedroom….but the “gay community” seems to not only want the government in their bedroom they want the whole world there too. Shame on them. I believe in the “don’t ask, don’t tell doctrine” keep your sexual orientation to yourself. I have a first amendment right to disagree with your life style. I can say what I want without it being a crime, as long as I don’t incite harm. Wrong is wrong. “Bad became good when worse came along” So by the standards the government is trying to FORCE on all Americans it will be a crime to state that someone else is wrong about anything. My feelings are don’t flaunt your “life style” in front of me and I won’t have anything to say. Try to cram it down my throat and I have alot to say….don’t force your loose morals on me or my children. “Alternative life styles” to me are wrong….trying to force me to accept them is wrong. But what really irks me most is the FORCED acceptance. I do not have to accept the fact the neighbors are druggies, I do not have to accept that kids are turned lose to run the streets and 1am, I don’t have to accept that people abuse welfare, and I do not have to accept that people prefer to be “gay”. Unless I can freely speak my belief….then you should not be able to freely speak yours. “Homos” need to grow up….get a real life and quit expecting the world to give into them. I know “gay” people they don’t talk to me about their life style and I don’t offer comment on it either….if they are dumb enough to start that conversation with me I will tell them what I think.
    People should not be forced to hire, insure, or accept what goes against their belief…period. But I do not believe they have the right to raise adopted children, that an employer should be forced to accept a “marriage” or that insurers should be forced to insure them. I think that accepting “alternative life styles” will bring us to the point where we have to accept, child marriages, marriages between animals and man or any and all kinds of perverted acts. I think government should stay completely out of this one. If “homos” want to live in peace they should keep their mouths shut…they open theirs I have the right to open mine.

    • Bad became good when worse came along… Excellent quote!:)!

    • TexasChem says:


      Where do we as a society draw the line as to where the black and white is no longer grey though?
      What about the rights of bestiality?
      What about the rights of pedophiles?
      What about the rights of rapists?
      I mean cmon’ they pay their taxes too don’t they?

      If we don’t allow “government in our bedrooms” then couldn’t the above behavior become more of a problem than what it already is?

      • No Texas. It does not have to become a slippery slope. The three examples you gave constitute violence on an unwilling victim or someone who is not mature enough to consent. Most states will not allow anyone under 18 to execute a binding contract.

        There can be norms that address your issues of potential and allow the homosexuals the rights they want, once they have reached the magic age of “adulthood”.

        But we must stay vigilent to make sure or govt doesn’t go off the deep end. That is how we got to where we are after all.

        The best to you this fine Saturday

      • I have no problem with their rights….what about mine?

    • I couldn’t agree more!! I liked it better when these people stayed in the closet. They can do whatever they want to do in private, that’s OK. As long as they are consenting adults.

      Unfortunately, these people want the right to offend others. Call it anything but Marriage, how hard would that be??? The alternative (pun intended) would open up the door for bigamy and any other arrangement to be called Marriage.

      • There you have it folks! One simple statement!

        “The alternative would open up the door for bigamy and any other arrangement to be called marriage.”

        Nothing else about homosexuals getting hitched need be said.

        • Esomhillegazette

          The solution to all the other alternatives, is to eliminate the legal entity of marriage altogether. That way, there are no fiscal benefits for anyone. Supposedly, that’s what the whole thing is about anyway. “they just want the benefits….” So, let’s eliminate all government recognition of marriage and make everybody the same, which is what the Left claims to want, right? Churchs, temples, mosques, oak trees, what ever you want, can recognize your ‘marriage’, but your not getting a tax break or health insurance,etc. People could be free to draw up a contract where they give the other person access to their personal wealth if they so choose. They can live together, and do pretty much what they do now. For those already married, All assets are divided between 50/50 and everybody is free to stay or go. No more joint tax returns, everyone is on their own. Most employers have a domestic partner provision for insurance, so that can take care of that problem. If the government ceased to acknowledge the legal entity of marriage, it would eliminate gay, bigamy, polygamy, whatever else they can come up with marriage problem. There would be no need of divorce lawyers, the courts wouldn’t be tied up with cases of two people fighting over spoons, etc. Most people view marriage as a personal entitlements program anyway, so eliminating legal marriage, why give them an incentive to get ‘married’? Those who still view marriage as something sacred will probably not be thrilled about this but take a moment and think. You’re not married to your spouse in the eyes of the US Government, your married in the eyes of God. I’m pretty sure God’s opinion is more important and that won’t change.

          • USWeapon says:

            A quite sane opinion Cyndi. Most same sex couples are not looking for the word marriage anyway. They are looking for the same rights from government that hetero couples get by adhering to government’s version of marriage. If we got government out of the business of marriage, a lot of problems would be solved. Thanks for sharing such a valid thought.

            • This is a interesting opinion, for most of us non religious types marriage is
              1. the ultimate way of saying I love you and want to be with you for the rest
              of my life, and 2. a legal contract for reasons of wealth and welfare of our offsprng.

              The part ive never understood on peoples near unrealistic fear of gays and
              lesbians getting married as it has nothing to do with them. You can say it
              should never happen because of what is written in the bible, but then you are
              just doing exactly what you are accusing gays and lesbians of, forcing “your”
              beliefs upon them. God is supposed to have the final say in things not man.
              He asks us to treat others as we would want to be treated.

              Personally I believe in a higher power, but have always felt organized
              religion has its own personal agenda. Just for full disclosure.

          • Yeaaa.. Finally a solution that solves my ambivalence/ conflict re: gay folks. Is it trite? Follow the money. I don;t have the brain power to follow it thru, but I sense that it fits in getting the IRS out of our life subsequently gets the lobbyist out of our representatives lives, etc etc — the way – The Fairtax !! I new here so I haven’t read if you have had that discussion. Be kind…. ;=}

            • Shoot – I didn’t see your post, otherwise I wouldn’t have commented. Is there an edit/delete function? I don’t see it. Thanks

              • USWeapon says:

                I am the only one with the ability to edit or delete. What did you want deleted? I thought your post above was relevant regardless of what I said. If you mean my post on the fair tax, don’t worry I am sure it will come up as a topic again. Many topics are going to get recovered as we continue to add about 50 new readers a day. By the way, welcome to the site. I hope you will stick around and teach me some stuff!

      • Wasabi,

        I think a fair case can be made for not calling something marriage. If marriage is a word reserved for a man and a woman that is fine. The rights associated with marriage, however, should be granted to anyone. I know there is a slippery slope to bigamy and polygamy. But I can’t find it in myself to tell a polygamist that they have no right. If everyone involved is an adult… and he consents, and she consents, and then she also consents…. what business is it of mine to tell those three consenting adults what to do. It isn’t affecting me in any way, shape, or form, except perhaps hurting my feelings or insulting my morals. But if those two things become what defines acceptable behavior, I imagine there won’t be ANYTHING that is acceptable.

        • TexasChem says:

          Gray areas again U.S. no black and white… instead of me saying it is morally wrong and against God’s guideline of life why don’t we research the problems associated with homosexuality, bigamy, and polygamy?It’s been done already and the Bible has the guidelines of that research but lets do it again so folks understand why morals exist in the first place.

          • USWeapon says:

            But whether we like it or not Texas, we have to accept that there are a large contingent of people, in fact the majority of people in the world, who don’t believe in the christian bible. That is why I am always trying to tell people that we cannot legislate what is in the bible. If we do we are saying government can legislate religious beliefs. And given that christians only make up 30% of the world’s population, they are setting themselves up for government to use the power given to them by christians to tell christians that they cannot practice christianity. Is it not enough to live a good christian life and know that God will judge those who don’t live by your beliefs? How will adopting that particular mindset infringe upon you personally?

        • “If everyone involved is an adult… and he consents, and she consents, and then she also consents…. what business is it of mine to tell those three consenting adults what to do. It isn’t affecting me in any way, shape, or form”.

          I believe that it does affect you and others to a significant degree. You will pay more for health insurance, your taxes will increase, and eventually, with the gradualization of moral decay that we seem to let pass with a “isn’t affecting me” attitude, this country will disappear as we know it, and with it, the principles that most of us hold dear.

  5. Richmond Spitfire says:

    Hi all,

    My personal beliefs of what constitutes a marriage don’t matter — I live my life as I see fit and have no desire to push my beliefs (as related to marriage) on another person. I personally could care less what a consenting adult wishes to do. That is their decision, not mine… BTW, I do have “gay” friends/family who I love and support very much. Their battle for marriage is their battle though, not mine.

    What does rile me up over this is the hypocritical stance that some (alot) gay people seem to take when dealing with MOST EVERYONE (I’m talking general message, not the message that they give people that they are acquainted with) over their “gay” rights. BTW…I do believe that clowns like Perez Hilton don’t have a single real friend — that’s why he/she is just nasty.

    If you strip it down to the basics, their message is one of, “You MUST accept me as how I am — you have no choice, I am here”. When a person, such as Ms. California RESPECTFULLY states her opposing opinion — mind you, she didn’t answer like I think G.A. may have ( 😉 ), then she is totally vilified and cruxifixed. (By the way G.A., I respect your opinion on this too!)

    Do y’all remember during the election process, the two gay guys in CA who hung up an effigy of Sarah Palin with a noose around her neck from their house? That was “Hate-Based” (why you ask? — Well, because “I THINK/PERCEIVE” it was). Some gays/lesbians ask that we not hate/vilify them, yet these same ones have no problem hating/vilifying others for their beliefs.

    I have to point out though that I think alot of Gay people feel that they must act this way in order to get their POVs across (activism)…(Not only is it what they stand for (homosexuality and changing what some have considered a “religious” tenet with God), but it’s just to the extreme that they go that tastes kinda bad to some people.) Guess what though, there are some people on the opposite side of this issue’s aisle that act the same way.


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PARTICULAR SITUTATION is as US Weapon pointed out, the ABUSE of the power given (judges) to denounce this woman when she was simply stating her differing opinion, respectfully. If these three judges weren’t hypocritical & judge from a hate-based methodology, she should have gotten better scores on her answer for a) being honest, b) showing courage in the face of adversity, c) being sensitive to beliefs held by others, d) honoring her upbringing, e) sticking to her beliefs and f) being poised while doing all of this!

    I could go on and on about my beliefs surrounding this particular social issue (and I do have what some of you would consider liberal views here), I won’t. Now, if you wanna discuss/debate or put your dukes up over Gun Control, then I’ll happily be a contender — that is what is important to me. 😉

    What I’d like to say here is that no far leaning anything (left, right, up, down, diagonal, latitude, longitude, etc.) needs to be running our country and that emotionally charged issues such as Abortion, Gay Rights, Saving the Pinwheel Mouse, whatever SHOULD NOT be legislated by our Federal Government. Those issues belong at the state level. Let voters in VT allow for Gay Marriages and have all the gays get their “unions” there. Let voters in IL legalize whatever types of abortion they see fit and people who want those types of abortion go there. Let CA save the Pinwheel Mouse; wecan send all Pinwheel Mice there. Let voters in PA have all the Gitmo detainees if they vote to. Let voters in WA state legalize Marijuana — then all the potheads can move there.

    Let the Federal Government (which should be CENTRIST) focus on the issues that ALL Americans are affected by.

    Kind Regards,

    Disclaimer: These PERSONAL views held by Richmond Spitfire are in no way associated nor upheld by the Blog Moderator, US Weapon. If group think is suspected or implied, then it is purely coincidental! 😉

    • RS
      I’m with you up until the end. Remember if we are to be “These United States” there has to be some uniformity in laws across all states. Otherwise you might as well start issuing state passports.

      Marriage currently carries with it certain legal rights regarding property, taxes, etc.. So if a US citizen is married in one state all other states will have to recognize that marriage in order for these rights to stay in effect. And, the US Constitution requires it.

      This puts us back at USW’s post of many moons ago. The Govt has to get out of the “marriage” business all together. Some think the govt should just issue civil unions and marriage is by the church. Others think the govt can stay out because we could all sign prenuptual contracts dealing with the property issues. But that still leaves tax filing status and access to insurance, etc..

      This issue gives us just one more example of why we can’t just pick around the edges if we are going to reclaim our constitution and the type of country where free men and women can actually be free.

      Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a nice one.

      • USWeapon says:

        VERY well stated JAC. Thank you. And I am having an absolutely awesome weekend. Sunday I actually get to spend time with my wife, which has been a rarity with our work/travel schedules lately. I hope your weekend is just as fabulous.

    • Richmond – Love the disclaimer!

    • Spitfire,

      I like your thinking and humor. I must ask you to restate you ending on the fed. gov. “focus on all the issues that all Americans are focused on”. A hard, critical look needs to be take as to what the constitution and the amendments say is role is compared to what its become.

      As a founding member of the Very Little Damn Government Party, most of our issues need to be solved by the gov. leaving us alone. And a reminder to other members, no decisions are final until, as the founding fathers did, we go to the pub and hoist a few pints, and see if it still make sense.

      • “As a founding member of the VLDG Party, (And future Presidential Candidate) most of our issues need to be solved by the gov. leaving us alone.

        There LOI. I fixed that statement for you! 🙂

        • USWeapon says:

          LOL… So LOI is the candidate?

          • esomhillgazette says:

            I don’t know US! First he said it was you! Then a couple of days ago, he said it was me.

            So, I said I didn’t want it. He said I had the Perfect word to say to Obama. BULLDOOKEY!. I told him he could have it, and the nomination.

            You will have to ask LOI who his candidate is. I want no part of it though! 😀

    • Was the Disclaimer to prevent a Slander Suit RS? 😀

  6. I see it this way. Trump himself is a pseudo celebrity and loves being one. The machine of celebrity is as left as it gets as actors who are right get punished (ie. Mickey Rourke or Mel Gibson) and truly have to be great at their art to succeed. Be a leftie celebrity (ie Michael Jackson or director Victor Salva) and child molestation is even excused. So we have wannabe leftie Trump fill the panel with whatever makes him look more “Hollywierd” and what says that more so than self righteous gays? Nothing.

    Now the kicker here is that they have to present their bios which show things like being in a church group and by total chance a contestant of faith gets asked an inflammatory question by someone who is already screaming at the top of his lungs (ranting away) to get himself attention. (Just being gay doesn’t get you the mileage it used to in Hollywierd and I’d hazard to guess this Perez knows that all too well.) I’d have thrown this shining fact back into Trump’s face and waited for him to stammer and change the subject.

    In the end, she stuck to her guns and in my eyes shes the real winner here. I’d put it to Fox that there’s got to be a place for another young woman whose proven herself to be the real thing under fire and not the all too common “I want to be famous!” sell out. She’s the real deal folks and a rare woman for being such. What a gem.

    • Alan: You have hit on the core of what has become of the Miss America contest.

      Should this surprise anyone considering one of the biggest frauds in America purchased the pangeant franchise to pump up his own “Brand”?

      The sad part is that these young women have to have their names and the Miss America brand name linked to this guy (Trump).

  7. ???

  8. TexasChem says:

    This is hurting my brain trying to translate…

    • Texas, On the Suggested Reading Page, you included Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I’d never read it, but based on your ‘know your enemies…’ comment, I’ve been looking at it. I have now have a new hobby: Name That Radical Strategy. I’m not sure if I want to thank you or not.

      Perez Hilton has earned major points using Rules 5 (ridicule) & 8 (target and polarize).

      Name That Radical Strategy provides an interesting perspective when reading this blog and trying to discern the goals of our elected and appointed leaders. It’s also useful for dealing with my 10 year old son who is particularly fond of rules 4 & 5 😉

      Thank you for recommending this, I think I’ve learned something and had a good time doing it (Rule 6)…

      I hope the day is fine in TX. C

      • TexasChem says:

        After reading that book Csm is there any doubt in your mind that the majority of far left Democrats are students of Sauls?

        • Not a bit — my first instinct is to question ‘majority’…Can’t think of one who isn’t.

          Seriously, these are ugly, brutal tactics with damaging long-term personal and social repercussions, and while recognizing them is an important first step, what is an effective process for addressing / disarming them? Is there one? c

      • Actually I’d say he lost and here’s why. Each time the members of the gay community take their hateful rhetoric to the extreme, more from the center of society wince and subsequently ignore whatever they say next as just more hate or just the next “poor me” rant. The more so called “woman’s groups” ignore such hateful rhetoric because its coming from a member of the ultra left and aimed at a member of the right, the clearer their own left agenda becomes and they in turn lose their own “soap box” to hypocrisy. I look at this as a test of who actually IS a member of the “center” of society by those other judges failure to defend even something as blatant as this young woman’s right to her opinion.

        As for Trump himself, he’s made his millions off of his father’s contacts for decades now and I see nothing special there. The “genius” was too quick to make excuses for his hateful gay judge and the results of his bias dismissed just as fast. When you can’t answer the question change the subject right? Trump should have realized lefties are not the ones watching the Miss America Pageant as its in their own words “exploiting young women”. As for the left who would watch its far too “clean” to hold their interest for more than a minute. So who WAS watching, you guessed it the center and the right. Trump will take a hit to the wallet on this one and while his bank account might not miss the income, his ego won’t let him accept the loss.

        “The Donald” yeah right, a duck got their first and is still the better representative of that name.

        • Alan, you’re right, though I personally gave a lot of credit to Miss CA for her response to Mr. Hilton’s actions. Her articulate composure brilliantly emphasized his gutter tactics.

          I’m trying to recognize the radical approach/response and effective ways it is countered and exposed. I think that Name That Radical Strategy will award points for use and effectiveness. However, keep in mind, that I’m trying to apply the radical mindset to the scoring system, so I’m defining effective in that sense.

          thank you for sharing your insight, hope the day is kind to you.

          If you’re interested there’s another good example from MSNBC…looking for it…


          the comment below the video link is eloquent:
          This is how you do it, by the way. You don’t let them define the agenda; you certainly don’t let them define the terms; you concede nothing (you can always agree, but you do not concede); you keep going back to a disputed point over and over again until they get tired of trying to sneak one past you; you never lose your cool; when you catch them trying a stupid tactic like read a headline and pretend that it’s established truth, you call them on it without a hint of self-consciousness; and in this case, you don’t accept the other side’s presumptuous bluff that they speak for the American people. Because they don’t.

          And you don’t give a tinker’s dam if they like you afterward. To quote Truman: if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. by Moe Lane


          • Liz Cheney was absolutely stellar. She was on target the entire time, concise and articulate… I think I’m in love.

  9. I always thought these pageants were about beauty and brains. To ask a question, that is controversial to begin with, and delve into one’s religious beliefs is not in the spirit of these events. Frankly, when I read about it, I was discussted. The judges, for a lack of a nice term, are assholes.

    With that said, Gay marriage is not legal in Ohio, by a voted Constitutional Amendment, some years back. I’m not gay, I’m a Christian, it’s easy to figure out how I voted. I also have some gay friends, men and women and have no problem with their lifestyle, after all, they can do what they want behind closed doors. Now if a guy comes up to me and says I have a cute butt, theres going to be a short asswhoopin happening. That’s my story, and I’m stickin to it!!!


    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      Hey G-Man,

      You just gave me a good laugh. Thank you!

      Now if a woman came up to me and told me that she liked my breasts, I’d say, “Wow, thank you! They are rather pretty, aren’t they!”. I wouldn’t immediately think that she was a lesbian…women tend to be more open with their admiration of other women’s “assets”. Now, if she kept on (and we women pretty much know intuitively who’s a lesbian and who is not), I would tell her that I’m not that way.

      Have a great day and I hope you don’t have to encounter any @sswhoopins anytime soon!


      • Spitfire, The thought of a man looking at another mans butt and saying “YUM, YUM”, gives me a bad case of heebie jeebies. Just thinking about makes me want a beer or ten just to forget about it. LOL

    • TexasChem says:

      The judges were three gay men that by the very definition of being gay had no business judging a female beauty pageant.They’re so confounded in the head they think a mans hairy rear end is attractive so how could they possibly judge women by knowing what to look for in female beauty?Ok… Extra, extra… the Miss America pageant is being judged by three gay men!!! What is our country coming to?This woman is supposed to represent the very best in beauty, brains, and ethics our country has to offer and the pageant is being judged by three gay men?Men whos moral character is what should be questioned in my opinion.I am telling ya’ if a man can look at another man with desire for his rear and phallus he has some serious psychological problems.It is not normal.

      Another thing that comes to mind, if those of you with children were out in public and you were at the mall and you saw gay men making out in the mall, what do you tell your children?I am most certain you would feel uncomfortable with it being with your kids, why would you feel uncomfortable if you truly believed it ok to be gay?

      • I would walk up to them and TELL them to take themselves out of the mall. If they got an attitude, I’d ask which one would like to taste(I wanted to use another word, but…) the barrel of my .45. Then I’d tell my kids that their actions are not acceptable in a public place.

      • Texas:

        Where I live it is not unusual to see just that and the same for women. Occassionaly you even see the old lip lock with full embrace.

        When very young we explained they were just very good friends. Wasn’t that hard to sell as we did a lot of hugging and hand holding in our family.

        Eventually you just got to tell them whats up. They get it just fine. In fact by then they have already been exposed through media and their friends at school. Remember those playground discussions we all had long before the folks got around to talking about long legged birds and bees and such?

        The biggest thing to remember is that it isn’t contageous!! If your kids are well grounded at home they won’t catch this disease and they won’t grow up to act like that ASS who was judging these young ladies.


      • USWeapon says:

        To be fair I have no interest in seeing a straight couple making out in public either.

        • Richmond Spitfire says:

          US Weapon,

          You are so correct in that.

          Is doesn’t matter who or what combination is “making out”, it is totally inappropriate in public.

          IMHO, this is one of the things wrong with our society — it is the “sexing up” of our children. EVERYWHERE they turn, they see it! Guess that may be another article for another day!


  10. Richmond Spitfire says:

    I think it was a “copy/paste” from a dictionary and just didn’t paste well…Just can’t figure out which word…

  11. The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 15 This post is a suggested read at, http://aresay.blogspot.com/

  12. Desere, Either I havn’t had enough coffee yet, or, could you please translate your post in simple English.

  13. Richmond Spitfire says:

    Here’s a toast for our beer:

    You can pick your friends
    You can pick your nose
    But, you can’t pick your friend’s nose!

    (The sound of clicking Mugs)

    Here to a wonderful day my fried!


  14. I loved your post. Isn’t it interesting to see that the individuals such as Hilton who carry the most extreme views and bashes those whose minds are not as open as his yet he refuses to keep an open mind regarding the opinion of others. Proves to me that others do not see things the way they are, they only see things the way “they” are.

    Those who declare racism the easiest are those who usually are the most racist. Those who declare intolerance are usually the most intolerant.

  15. I don’t follow pageants much but I would like to think that those in charge try their best to make it a credible event. So what the heck was someone as outlandish as Hilton doing as a judge? The whole program now really appears as a sham. Has Trump come out and made any statements? I haven’t heard if he did.

    Kudos to Ms. California – this may be a blessing in disguise for her.

  16. This whole pageant is obviously corrupt to the core and should die a slow, painful, death. May Mr. Trump lose a substantial portion of his wealth in the process. I think that’s the only thing that will get his attention.

    The most effective way to make this farse disappear would be to ignore it, but people like us probably don’t have enough influence to make that happen. Although this is only one small example, I fear for our country’s future. This is an indication of much deeper societal rot. So many people are so corrupt and narcissistic. I have trouble seeing much hope for the future, but I’ll keep trying.

    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      Hi Jay,

      “Corrupt” and “Narcissistic”. I refer to those combined characteristics as “Oily” — as in “Snake Oil” of the Snake Oil Salesman ilk.

      Here’s what they are selling:

      Perez Hilton: 5% Snake Oil; 95% Smarmy
      Barack Obama: 50% Snake Oil; 50% Inexperience
      Rahm Emmanuel: 75% Snake Oil; 25% Unknown ingredient
      George Soros: 100% Snake Oil
      Donald Trump: 100% Snake Oil

      Ms. California: 100% Antidote


  17. I have gay friends. They have nothing in common with that prick.
    I am against gay “marriage”. Partnership, union, whatever, OK.
    The “nuclear family” has been a successful staple of American life since before our founding. Its erosion has led to a rise in many societal issues such as 75% of prison population being raised by a single mother.

    I have seen where gays like Hilton protest police “targeting” them
    for having sex in public restrooms.

    G-man, avoid verbal wordplay with gay men. The worst insult you can use is verbal foreplay to them, they will agree to every insult with a wink and smile.
    I went to a gay club once with a lesbian couple, hetro couple & my female date. You know those James Bond scenes, where he walks into a room, and all the women look at him with open sexual desire? I have now had that experience, except it was a room full of men. I saw a grown man swoon at me, and friends agreed
    it was happening. Too funny, I could bee the gay Bond. Think I’ll stick with the wife & kids. Too ugly for movies.

  18. Edward M. says:

    The issue is, Carrie Prejean had the courage to answer the question honestly and the truth hurts. In America, honesty sometimes costs you. Again, the question asked was based on Perez Hilton’s selfishness. It is a question that divides and dams the person in some form by someone (or even by state) if not pandered to each side or being dishonest. The fact that she said Americans can choose was broad and good. Would Obama, Kerry, Bush, Edwards, Mccain answer that much differently before possibly being elected President? C’mon.

    Perez Hilton is a “Coward” and owes her an apology especially for name calling her. He knows it.

    • USWeapon says:


      Welcome, as I don’t know that I have seen you post a comment before. And excellent point about the presidential candidates. Obama came right out and said he would not support gay marriage during the campaign. Where was the outrage there from Hilton. Why was he not calling Obama a “stupid bitch?”

  19. Richmond Spitfire says:

    There is one thing that I would like to point out. The “gay” people that I know and am friends with are mostly normal-acting people just like me.

    Some of the guys (not all though) can be feminine acting. Some of the girls (not many) can be masculine acting.

    With some of my gay guy friends, I feel like I’m with a girlfriend…I’ll joke around with him and tease him when he screams like a girl over a bug. I have very few lesbian acquaintances.

    My point is that most of them have “normal” lives (other than that one “big” difference) and act “mostly” normal. It is the people like Perez Hilton that give them a bad rep. In my eyes, it’s the same thing for black people…do I judge ALL black people based upon the actions of a few “abnormal/extremist” black people…Of course not. Are all “Muslims” bad people, no, it is the extremists that give them the bad rep. Are all Catholics bad people, no, it is the hypocrites that give them the bad rep (Kennedy, Pelosi – just to name a couple).

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! We are off to son’s baseball game…Wish us luck!


  20. This is all part of the nothing is black and white anymore, everything is gray.

    Back in the ’60’s the American Psychological Association (I believe, it’s been a long time) used to characterize Homosexuality as a deviation/aberration from the norm. My psych prof in college warned us that this would change. By the late ’60’s it did. At one of their conventions, they managed to pack the event with enough like minded folks to take Homosexuality off that list.

    From that point on it became just another lifestyle. Over time, it became a powerful political force. Now, just for a minute here, I want you to all imagine that Aids had nothing at all to do with sex. Absolutely nothing. Let us say that it was caused, like Spanish Influenza in 1918-19 or Typhoid by coughing and sneezing or coming in contact with infected food. With all that we know about Public Health, when the epidemic started, don’t you think the government response would have been isolation of the infected? Well, it should have been but by that point, less than 20 years after Homosexuality became “normal” the lobby was so powerful that no one could even broach the topic. The few who tried were met with derision or open hostility. We were told that it would soon enter the heterosexual population and cut a swath through that. We were told that IV drug users would spread it to the general public. We were told that isolation of the infected, like a border fence, was impossible.

    Needless to say, none of these things happened. It tended to remain a “gay” disease. A perfectly preventable disease, a killer disease has taken hundreds of thousands of lives because it became a political rather than a Public Health issue. Even if you don’t care about the morality of gay people infecting each other you should care about the incredible drain it has become on the health care system. Once full blown Aids strikes, the victim can usually no longer work. He now gets to continue to live because we pay his bills. He can live indefinitely at a cost of about $ 125,000 or so per year in drugs alone. Research and research monies that could have been looking into non preventable diseases such as Alzheimer’s or a variety of cancers has been diverted into Aids, a totally preventable disease.

    If I am too graphic here, I apologize, I don’t mean to be Anson Cooper. Scroll the ads in papers like the “Village Voice” and see that “bareback” is more than a way to ride a horse. Read the literature see how uninfected gays bemoan the fact that they are not infected because they can’t fully participate in the culture of victimization. If ever there were a group of people who deserved to be characterized as “abnormal” they are it.

    Back to the beginning. We have all known kids growing up, boys and girls who we knew were born “different” than us. We figured that they were gay even if back in the day, we didn’t know what that meant. Whatever trick nature played on them was something most of us felt sorry about. We understood it was not their fault. I do not know what the rest of you thought about “different” kids but in the blue collar working class neighborhood I grew up in, they were not singled out for any scorn, at least by us who knew them. The ones I knew were not picked on any more than fat kids, kids with thick glasses, whiney kids, immigrant kids or anybody else who was any different.

    The gay lobby would have you believe that all gays are born that way. It might show up at 10 or at 50. It is a genetic make-up issue only. This flies in the face of reason. We have known people, family members even who have “turned” gay or shall I say been turned gay. We have known them and scratched our heads in wonderment as to how a perfectly normal and apparently well adjusted individuals could suddenly realize they have been living a “lie”. I have one word for this “Jonestown”.

    Like the crock peddled by the Rev. Jim Jones, gayness, can be a communicable disease. Think back, in all your own lives, to times when you were unsure of yourselves, who you were and how you fit in. Answer the question, were you vulnerable at that time? Could you have been recruited into a political or wacked out religious movement? If you were constantly rejected by the opposite sex or had a series of bad relationships, could you have been recruited into gayness? Would it, to you, alone and confused, seem like the answer to a prayer? Think on what we know about pedophiles and how they lure teenagers. Is twenty- four really that different than sixteen ?

    I have talked to gays on this issue, I have heard over and over “I would never choose to be this way”. Well, at one time I would agree with them. Today however, with the support of almost half the population they no longer carry the stigma. If anything, they are celebrated, even by straights for having the “courage” and fortitude to stand up and “be what they are”. I shut a good friend up recently as he defended them when I pointed out the number of movies which constantly show attractive young women locking lips. It is celebrated, it is accepted, it is a “cool” way to be. Where the hell do you think that metrosexual came from anyway?

    • Hey SK! Let me ask a question. And odd as it’s going to sound, I’m serious.

      If AIDS is an incredible drain on Health Care resources; shouldn’t Obama institute a “Gay” tax?

      After all, that’s their excuse to tax cigarettes.

      • Unless you can relate Aids to the use of cigarettes, it will not be taxed as risky business. You will see other risky behavior, sugar, fats, cholesterol gradually taxed ( see the NYC proposal to tax sweetened drinks). Expect larger taxes on beer, wine and booze too.

        Funny thing, these are referred to as sin taxes when, (do I dare say it?) the real sin gets off scott free.

        It’s not a just a disease, it’s a political disease, the first one ever.

  21. I don’t care what a person sexual preference is; if the gays want to have their union legalized fine. Does it have to be a marriage? That is a religious format why would they even want it? It’s mainly about wanting equal benefits.

    In the case of USA beauty contest it is very clear that the gay extremists want it their way and anyone who disagrees will be punished.

    It’s sad because I have a wonderful brother-in-law who is gay and this tarnishes him as well.

  22. Black Flag says:

    The entire episode is so bizarre and perverse, a rational person would have a hard time figuring it out.

    A persecuted minority uses his position to persecute an honest person.

    Welcome to the upside down world of political correctness.

    • USWeapon says:

      Truer words never spoken BF. Political Correctness is one thing I would abolish if I had the ability. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

    • This is far more than political correctness. It is the morality of altruism at its finest. Once one has decided the individual may be sacrificed for the good of the whole, all bets are off.

      Placing oneself in the spotlight, degrading and attacking others for some greater cause is all part of their ethic. Its goal is to destroy REASON.

      They are consistent with their values but this path leads to the destruction of humanity. The first to perish are those who would be free. The remainder die a slow and agonizing death.

      What is the distinction between a homosexual judge berating a beauty pageant contestant and white house chief of staff publicly attacking a conservative radio talk show host or citizen plumber?

      THERE IS NO DISTINCTION. It is the exact same ethics and morality at play.

      It is both running and ruining our country.

      Spent the day burning brush piles and trimming trees. Roasted weenies (aka hot dogs)over the fire for lunch, with wife and kids.

      Hope you all had as great a day.

  23. Bee in my Bonnet says:

    Try googling “Marriage a la Mode” by Paul Nathanson. He is a sociology researcher from McGill University (Ontario, Canada)who submitted a brief to the Canadian gov’t. He came from the position that same sex marriage was detrimental to society. The really interesting twist to this is that he is gay. He puts forth many reasoned sociological reasons why same sex marriage should not be.

    On a personal note, my brother, who is gay, severed all contact with me 4 years ago because I do not believe in gay marriage. Now, if I severed contact with him because he was gay, I would be an intolerant bigot. He does it to me, and I am told that I got what I deserved because of my intolerance. What an upside down world we live in!

    • Bee, That sounds like a double standard doesn’t it? I had 2 cousins who were gay. I never said a word to them about it. Then one day 1 of them (a lesbian) asked me what I thought about it.

      That was about 15 years ago. She hasn’t spoken to me since. I guess if she didn’t really want to know, she shoudn’t have asked me. 😉

      • Oh, I said “had” didn’t I? The other one, (the Male) died of AIDS about 10 years ago. Curiously, I was closer to him than the woman. Because he kept it to himself and didn’t flaunt it in my face. The Lesbian flaunted it all the time. IN HER WHOLE FAMILY’S FACE! 😦

    • I want to thank you for this one. We are going through it now in our family and I am finding the same condemnation you did. Thank God that the other three kids in the pod don’t think it’s fine and dandy.

  24. Black Flag says:

    It is bizarre to judge another human being whose actions do not impact one’s self.

    If people chose to live with some other person, who the heck claims the right to judge that???

    • TexasChem says:


    • I agree, and as much as I don’t like the practice, in order to not be hypocritical that means that I have to accept that even bigamy and other group marriage scenarios are not my business if carried out between consenting adults.

      • TexasChem says:

        Bigamy is another one I don’t understand, I can barely take care of one wife and set of kids why in the world would someone want two? =)

        • USWeapon says:

          Amen. Handling more than one spouse would be too much for me. My wife is already more than enough…. but worth it.

  25. The only reason he asked her that question to begin with was because she was Kalifornia. The reason they gave her zeroes was because they didn’t get the answer they fully expected her to give BECAUSE she was from Kalifornia!

    And I will repeat the line I’ve seen several times already.

    Why were 3 gay men judging a Beauty contest?

    A few examples of far better judges would be: ME, US, LOI, JAC, G.A., G-Man etc….. In other words, real men!:-) Homos like Perez Hilton shouldn’t judge a Sheep Contest! 🙂

    • Richmond Spitfire says:

      You just kill me Esom…roflmao!!! 😉

      • Richmond Spitfire says:

        P.S. I think that I could be a better man than Perez Hilton!

        • TexasChem says:

          Hilton looks like an OBESE pillsberry doughboy with pink hair and panties on…clearly a case for the state psychiatric ward if I ever saw one.I mean I don’t know about the laws in other states but he would have been arrested for indecent exposure dressed like that in public here in Texas.If he didn’t get lynched first.Most cities in texas instated a law because of the wannabe gangstas wearing their pants so low their underwear was showing.Before that law came into effect several times I was “at the walmart” with the wife and kids and told em to pull their pants up cause I didn’t need my kids seeing a man walking around in his underwear in public.That’s downright disrespectable.

          • Now come on TC! Don’t insult the Pillsbury Doughboy!;-)

            Oh, and by the way. Do you think if they pass that Hate Crime Law, they could have charged HeSheIt Hilton with Reverse Discrimination or Straight Slander? Or maybe even Hetero-Libel? 🙂

      • Ah RS!! How are you this fine evenin’? You know, come to think of it, Ol’ Peerez would probably just get turned on by the Sheep!

    • Esom,

      I know that you are merely being funny, and you are making me chuckle, but let’s put a lid on the disparaging way that we address gay folks. I know you don’t agree with the lifestyle, and you are entitled to feel that way. But I do try to run a respectable site where all opinions and points of view are welcome. As such, we owe them the same respect that we expect them to give us. I aint your daddy and I hope I am not coming across as sounding like I think I am. Just trying to keep the tone I set.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Sorry US. My comments were directed at Perez Hilton alone. He deserves none, and will get no Respect from me. I apologize to any other Gays folks who may have misunderstood my comments above. And yes, I probably could have used a better word than “Homo”. But really US, that guy just creeps me out! 😛

  26. I’m new to this blog site thought I would check it out since I keep seeing
    USWeapon advertising it as a adult discussion blog built on respecting each others views and points. After reading all the posts =) I am suprised that this blog does exactly that and that there is no name calling or that annoying spamming when someone does not like what others had to say. On that note I would
    like to ask USWeapon and Black Flag what they think about not only double standards but what they think about perceptions being used against the average american to bamboozle them into believing that our goverment has thier best interests at heart. I work for the Goverment and am sick of having to watch every thing I say to due perception. Say anything bad about current president=racist. Disagree with gay marriage=predujice and on and on.
    Being constantly told that operception is 9/10ths of the law. It seems were using perception and political corruption to subdue free speach and erode moral values by constantly telling the average patriotic, morall straight, intelligent american that they are the bad guys and the problem and to not be the bad guy you must concede your vales and believe what your told. I refuse the trainning now being given in the work place is becomming as bad as schools not to mention its constantly on TV, Books etc. Tell me what you think I think Miss Carolina was another casulty of this way of thinking and it is wrong. Sorry about the wall of text I have lots of anger issues these days.

    • USWeapon says:


      Welcome to the site. Don’t feel bad, many of us are dealing with a little anger towards what we are seeing these days. The question is what exactly we can do about it. I offer only this for the moment: I can tell you that the perceptions that you are talking about are readily recognized by the people reading this site as they are discussed early every day. We are working on what we can do to get the average American to wake up and see reality. The problem is that each of us has a little bit different version of what reality is, right BF 😉

      Don’t let the anger get to you. You aren’t alone. And although some will let it eat at them with the feeling that it is the end of the world, it isn’t. We are all going to make it through the changes in this country, no matter what they are. It is sometimes scary, but finding like minded folk is the key to not feeling like you are taking it all on alone. So welcome.

      • Bee in my Bonnet says:

        I, too, am new to this site and do enjoy the debate. I am from Canada and we are farther along in this ‘hate speech’ campaign than you are in the US. A pastor from Alberta wrote an article in his local newspaper regarding regarding the gay agenda in our schools. A lone gay person filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC)regarding his ‘hate speech’ towards gay and lesbians. The CHRC found him guilty, he had to pay thousands of dollars in fines and he is BARRED from speaking ill against gays and lesbians, EVEN FROM THE PULPIT! I’m not talking about just name-calling; I’m talking that if the Bible says it is a sin, he cannot say that in his own church.
        If the Hate Speech Bill gets passed in your Congress, which it looks like it will, this will become a reality in the US as well.

        Good Luck!

        • Richmond Spitfire says:

          Hi Bee!

          Welcome! This story is just awful…

          Everytime I turn around, it seems that some form of bill is being vetted before our Congress and Senate. For me, it is just too much to keep up with. I wasn’t aware of a Hate Speech Bill in US. Do you have any information you can post about it?

          Kind regards,

          • Bee in my Bonnet says:

            It is called H.R 1913; The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. It was supposed to be voted on April 20 but I can’t find the result of the vote. Yet. Give me time. I’ll find it.


          • Bee in my Bonnet says:

            A divided House Judiciary Committee yesterday voted to send a federal “hate crimes” bill to the House, after free speech advocates failed to secure protection for pastors who might preach biblically-based injunctions against homosexual activity.
            Yep, just like Canada. Given the political climate in Washington these days, anyone want to bet on results of the vote?

  27. Sorry about the spelling I hit submit before spell checking srry =)

  28. ILUVBUSH says:

    Since when do we have to answer to Perez Hilton in this country. Liberals want everyone to have an opinion, as long as it’s an opinion they agree with, if not they blast you using media propaganda.

  29. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe she didn’t win cause she sounded retarded when she kept rambling about gay and ‘Opposite’ marriage?

    Or that maybe the retarded answer wasn’t a factor in her not winning?

    • USWeapon says:

      Perhaps you missed the judges comment. Reread the article. He clearly said she lost for that reason. Perhaps you missed that she received a “0” score from the three gay judges, while the incoherent response from Miss South Carolina about maps two years ago received a 5.5.

      So yeah, I did stop to think about it, then logic prevailed.

      • You’re right, I did miss that. I did see her response though and I think I would have given her about a 3. Miss SC should have received a 0 though. Of course since she knew who the judges were, you’d think she would do her best to not offend them. I hate to say it but in the rest of the world, if you offend the people making decisions, they tend to make decisions that you might not like.

    • That’s right it was sorta lame – “opposite” was the best she could come up with – what would you suggest that she use once she got to that point? I’ll wait for your response – I think any other designation would be more fuel for criticism, which I think she recognized. The bottom line is that compared to what candidates have said and HOW they said it, She should have gotten at least a 7-9 !! I was surprised myself as she spoke, how well she did. Since I saw it on TV, I assumed it was going to something horrible, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well she spoke. And hope that I never have to watch or hear about a beauty pageant again !!

  30. I was torn when I read this post, not sure if I should put my thoughts in or just let this one pass. So here I go. As a gay women who has right wing values, I guess I have a way of looking at things. A little about me, I grew up in a very small town in the Midwest, went to church twice a week and we said a prayer before every meal. I grew up in stable home with a very large close nit family that all lived near by. I have always knew I was gay. I cant speak for others, only for my life. I dont expect people to agree with my life, and I dont flaunt in front of anyone. I think alot of PDA is gross ( no matter who is doing). I dont sleep around, and have been in a long term relantionshop for over 15 yrs. I still go to church and have solid morals. I think Hilton is gross and anyone who makes a living off of making funny of others is not worth my time. I live by the law of respect others as you would like to be respected. I say yes sir./maam to everyone I dont know. I have served honorably for our military because I believe it is the right thing to do. I sometimes think that people believe that we as gay people do nothing but sit around and talk about sex. I live like everyone else- go to work, clean house etc. So my hope is that people dont see him as the way we all live.

    • Hi Ellen,

      I’m glad to see your post. I wish all gays were like you. The loud portion that make demands ruin it for people like you. I’m sorry that you pay the price.

  31. Here’s an instructive exercise: Replace all references to gay/homosexual in USWeapon’s original post above with “black”. Then do the same for something like “fat”.

    There’s an awful lot of prejudice in the comments against the gay community, and it can be helpful to consider your own beliefs by reading the same story in a different context.

    Personally I’d be all for abolishing marriage as a legal entity (probably replacing it with civil unions for everyone) and let the religions sort out their own messes.

  32. The Girl should be given a medal. Come to think of it, we should band together and create a Miss Conservative America award and make her the first recipient.

  33. I wish the media and some Christians would stop assisting Miss California, Carrie Prejean in promoting herself as a representative of morality and Christianity. The fact that she strips down and prances around in a little bikini for all to judge how “hot” her body looks shows she is not a good Christian role model. I write for holiness.com and do teach that marriage is between a man and a woman based on scripture. So, I’m not speaking about Miss California as one of those who are offended that she said marriage should be between a man and a woman.

  34. Joshua Israel says:

    Hey,… Lighten up there Pretty Girl, some big moves happened today, women prevailed over gays/homosexuals! If that gay-judge had been allowed to win, all women would take a back seat to gays. Now, maybe Carrie Prejean wasn’t the best representative, but you still should give her a “wink” for what was accomplished. And,..this is the reason why >>> Now personally, I am happy that the-Donald restored honor and respect to Carrie Prejean, and now its time for us to stand-up for America. This is NOT an issue of civil rights, its a moral and ethical issue based on Liberty; and it is that gay judge that is interfering with the personal right of moral Christian people and their pursuit of HAPPINESS. Moral Christian people just want to get away from something that is revolting, disgusting, and immoral. Moral Christians oppose that gay judge attacking one of their beautiful women, and their moral values, and that gay judge is making us unhappy with exposure to his disgusting immorality. Carrie Prejean’s RIGHT to support the (NOM) and marriage between a man and a woman is based on the Declaration Of Independence (that the USA is founded upon), which states that “We The People” have the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the [ PURSUIT of HAPPINESS ]. In litigation thereafter, the U. S. Supreme Court declared in, ( Loving v. Virginia (1967) 388 U.S. 1 ); that, the freedom to marry is recognized as a vital [ PERSONAL RIGHT ] that is essential to the pursuit of happiness. As a result of this precedent, that gay judge has violated the liberty rights of Carrie Prejean, with a defamation of character, because she would not corrupt her Christian beliefs to obtain his vote. So, he condemned her pursuit of happiness, to marry a MAN, defamed her character, and tried to destroy her career objectives. The (NOM) can file suit against that gay judge; because, Carrie’s personal rights prevail over his need to corrupt her, and that gay judge is only motivated by personal bias and animosity against moral Christian values (Meyer v. Nebraska (1923) 262 US 390). You see, Carrie didn’t attack him, he attacked and slandered Carrie because she refused to corrupt herself to get his vote, and this the way it always is, gays are using their authority to deprive moral Christians of our personal liberty rights to pursue traditional Christian values. Another thing, why would a “Modern Woman” who is Liberated and Free, allow a sodomite to deprive her of the right to pursue happiness, as EQUALLY, as a gay sodomite does, in his sodomite life style?

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