Arlen Specter… Harbinger of Destruction

specter-buttonThe news flash out of Washington today is devastating for those of us who are committed to smaller government and less interference in our personal affairs. While I continue to say that BlackFlag is correct that the color of shit these days doesn’t matter, it does matter in terms of what can be accomplished and what cannot. Any overwhelming majority of either color of shirts, especially the blue ones, radically speeds up the process of government involving itself in every aspect of private industry and personal affairs. So what is this news? Arlen Specter has defected from his party and announced that he is now….. a Democrat. This is bad, bad news for the country if you happen to be against the giant increase in the scope and size of government. The Democratic Party, is now virtually unstoppable.

Let’s start with the basics. Specter, today, announced that in 2010 he will run as a Democrat for reelection to the United States Senate. That is after 5 consecutive terms being elected as a Republican. According to Specter, he saw the winds of change in his constituents and felt that the move was the right one in order to gain reelection. Good to know that a politician is finally able to come right out and say he is willing to switch principles to whatever he feels the electorate desires at the moment. Republican ideals are great. What, more Democrats now in Pennsylvania? Democrat ideals are great.” Typical politician, doesn’t have any principles, is willing to change his core beliefs to whatever the majority happens to be right now. Led by the polls, in other words. He belongs with the Democrats then. He should be cast out from the US Senate for showing America that he has no principles. That much is clear.

elephants-never-forgetThe reality: Specter knew that come the primary, he was going to get buried by conservative Pat Toomey. After all, Specter has become a Democratic Senator anyway. He voted with the Democrats on the Economic Stimulus Bill. That angered a lot of GOP folks in his state. Toomey, who almost defeated Specter in a 2004 GOP primary, was beating Specter in public opinion polls of GOP primary voters. Specter acknowledged at the news conference this morning that after surveying the sentiments of the GOP, he found prospects for winning next year’s primary looked bleak, adding “I am not prepared to have my 29 years’ record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.”

BlackFlag loves to point out that once voters cast their ballot for the candidate that claims to represent their interests during the campaign, they have zero ability to do anything when that candidate does the opposite of what he campaigned on. The only fallback is to not elect that candidate next time. We that is what happened here. He was elected by conservatives because of his conservative campaign platform. He then went to the Senate and voted progressive/liberal, completely breaking all campaign promises. I can certainly understand why he doesn’t want to be judged by those same GOP folks that he screwed over. He would not stand a chance. His only chance is to jump over to the voters who will be happy he voted liberal in the Senate, the Democrats. 

specter-toomeyTrue to the mantra of the modern politician, he will do anything to be reelected, including switch parties under the claim that “I have found myself increasingly at odds with the Republican philosophy and more in line with the philosophy of the Democratic Party.” That makes zero sense. Using the old “left/right” paradigm, the Republicans moved from right towards the left over the last couple years, away from the right. So because the party moved from the right (presumably where Specter wanted them to be?), the logical move was to switch to the party all the way to the left? I call bullshit Mr. Specter. The Republican Part certainly moved away from my point of view too, but by moving away they moved towards the Democrat position. That is why I left the party, so why would I want to go all the way to being what I was unhappy with the Republican Party moving towards? I hope he gets his ass kicked in the General Election by Toomey. And my bet is he will. 

Republicans expectedly reacted badly. “Senator Specter’s decision today represents the height of political self-preservation,” said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas. “Let’s be honest — Sen. Specter didn’t leave the GOP based on principles of any kind,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. “He left to further his personal political interests because he knew that he was going to lose a Republican primary due to his left-wing voting record.” “Everyone switches parties when you know you’re going to lose,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Specter Campaigning for...Bush?!

Specter Campaigning for...Bush?!

Democrats, expectedly, reacted much differently. After Obama was notified of Specter’s decision Tuesday morning during his daily economic daily briefing, the president immediately called Specter and said “you have my full support” and that Democrats are “thrilled to have you,” a senior administration official told FOX News. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Tuesday Obama will raise money and campaign for Specter if asked. “I welcome Sen. Specter and his moderate voice to our diverse caucus, and to continuing our open and honest debate about the best way to make life better for the American people,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in a statement.

I began this article with the statement that this was devastating for those of us who are committed to smaller government and less interference in our personal affairs. And why do I say such a thing, you ask? If you add the two independents who always vote Democrat, the 56 Democrats currently seated, the 1 new defector Specter, and the soon to be illegally seated Stuart Smalley, I mean radical liberal blowhard, I mean Al Franken, you come up with a magic number. 2+56+1+1= 60. Sixty democratic votes in the US Senate. Which means that they Senate will now be filibuster proof. There is absolutely nothing that can stop the Senate from passing whatever radical liberal bills they want. Republicans are now nothing more than a speed bump with zero power.  

We are doing plenty of talking on this site about the liberal agenda and how this administration is moving towards socialism/fascism at breakneck speed. Look at the madness this Congress has been able to pass without being filibuster proof:



That is pretty active for major legislation during just the first 100 days. That isn’t all there is, just the major stuff. In fact, the House of Representatives has passed over 1,030 measures thus far (including bills, resolutions, etc.). The US Senate has passed just as many. And they are working on many, many more that we are calling out as we catch them. They are expanding government control over private industry, creating massive increases in government spending, massively increasing government welfare (and with it citizen dependency), and coming soon nationalizing the health care industry so that we can all have our health care done according to cost rather than need. Heck, they even have a bill now beginning to make its way through the system that would give Obama the ability to shut down the internet. How convenient is that for silencing the opposition. 

specter-lucy-footballRepublican voters got bamboozled in Pennsylvania. They voted for a man with no principles and he became Lucy, pulling that football out of the way at the last minute, after they elected him. And now there will be nothing standing in the way of the Democrats, who are pushing a radical liberal agenda. Nothing. There are no checks, no balances. They have an untouchable House, Senate, President, and largely liberal Court System. This issue, as Republican Party Senate Leader stated, “really relates too…whether or not in the United States of America our people want the majority party to have whatever it wants, without restraint, without a check or balance.” I cannot help but feel that the liberty that we all seek will be largely damaged long before the 2010 elections come around. 

democrats-hypocrisyIf there is a silver lining, it is this. As espoused by some of our more liberal friends here on the blog, the Democrats fall into one humongous trap: They actually believe (despite only winning by 7 million popular votes) that they have a “mandate” from the American people. The arrogant Democrats in Congress and the White House falsely believe that 99% of America wants them to be radically liberal. You can see it in the way they are acting and speaking over the last 3 months. They come out and tell bald faced lies and expect that all of America will buy them (the President didn’t bow, every problem today is the fault of the last 8 years of Bush). The claims are outrageous. Despite claiming fiscal responsibility they have spent over a billion dollars an hour during these first 100 days (yet they claim to be outraged by the cost of the illegal wars). Just look at how Pelosi, Franks, Reid, Dodd, Geithner, and even Gibbs address everything with smarmy arrogance. Just look at how many criminals they are willing to seat and ignore the crimes of, while screaming for Republican blood.

So they are acting on their false beliefs. And America is getting upset. Some liberals don’t want to admit it. Some will defend their party to the death. They claim it is only a fringe getting upset. I personally believe that they are badly mistaken. I talk to people every day, not only on this site, but everywhere, who are getting frustrated by a government that is wildly out of control. And many of those I talk to voted for Obama, and now are wondering where the man they voted for went? They voted for Hope and Change without asking exactly what that meant. And now they are finding out that the hope and change they voted for is NOT what they wanted. Far left liberals will not accept this reality. And it will be their undoing.

The only problem with that is it means that we will once again find ourselves under Republican control. While slower on the path to socialism/fascism, we’ll still be heading in the wrong direction. But at least it will be a slow down from the warp speed we are traveling at right now. The question is, will there be any liberty left when someone finally pulls the brakes?


  1. Why is it allowed to switch parties? I know it has been done before, but it just seems like fraud to me.

    Everyone who voted for Specter, should file a class action fraud lawsuit. Can he at least be recalled?

  2. TexasChem says:

    I for one do not agree that Specter is right in any way but I am so glad he did it!I believe the American people are waking up to what the democrats have been attempting for years and are slamming the pedal to the floor for now.Benedict Specter has been voting with the democrats 90 % of the time the past years so he is no loss to the GOP.

    I definitely agree with U.S.Even some die hard democrats I associate with have been wondering what the hell their party is doing.All of these legislative changes so fast, the Democrats misjudged tremendously and will pay for it during the 2010 elections.That is of course unless they legalize all the illegals then there will be civil unrest.That would be millions of votes for the democrats.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I agree TC with certain reservations.

      Specter will be no loss except that he will bring them (Dems) closer to that Supermajority. I know He whored himself to them most of the time anyhow, but it’s still different to change parties altogether.

      And at the present count, there are anywhere (no one knows the exact amount) between 11 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States at the present time. That could create the loss of America to it’s own citizens. Despite what most of us want. An 11 million vote lead, is a commanding lead.

    • In my opinion, it doesn’t matter at all how he voted while he was a republican. The fact is that people voted for him because he was a Republican and held certain ideals. Voters cannot now change their vote since he changed his mind, it is not right. Then again, not much is “right” in government nowadays anyway.

      Maybe he is trying to do what the people want; to go with the flow of political emotion, but I don’t think that’s the way the government works anymore. Take a poll on a big issue nationwide and you’ll see that most people oppose a lot of the things the government does, but that doesn’t bother them, they’ll keep doing what they want. Sad, sad day for America…

      • armywife says:

        well, here’s how i feel about politicians changing their party allegiance: america is a republic, which means that we elect officials to cast votes and make decisions for us. theoretically, we elect an honorable, honest person who will do his best to balance his personal ideals with the task of representing a cross-section of people. but at the end of the day, we have to trust that individual.
        i think a politician is allowed to change their party affiliation if they feel it necessary. if that politician’s constituency dont like it, then they have options: deluge him with complaints, remove him from office, or they can elect someone new at the next election. if there are not enough people to accomplish that goal, then that means that the majority of his constituency either dont mind or dont care.
        it sucks to be a political minority, no doubt. but it’s not a permanent state.

    • By then they’ll have the DHS hunting down conservatives congregating in numbers greater than a car pool. I think the last 100 days is just the tip of the iceberg. That might be bad for us up here but for you guys things are going to get fiscally grotesque.

      I truly don’t think Obama and his lot have a clue of the circumstances involved in creating and sustaining a position for a full time employee. Not a blessed clue. When Specter’s dementia awakens fully he’ll be in good company.

  3. TexasChem says:

    On a side note, aren’t yall sick of hearing about the swine flu?This is ridiculous.36,000 people die from the flu or flu related affect every year in America.There has been one death in the U.S. from the “swine flu” and already congress is asking 1.5 billion to fight it?What the hell is wrong with people.Or should I say sheeple?I just can’t believe how apathetic and believing my countrymen are of anything the media throws at them.This version of the virus dies in an hour after leaving the body.It is not going to become a pandemic, hell it’s not much of a health risk and yet people are wearing respiratory masks on tv in california.Gimme a frickn’ break!Talking bout’ conspiracy theories, maybe this new strain of the flu was released to help the democrats push for socialized health care?I mean we can’t afford to waste a good crisis can we?

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I refer to my post of a couple of days ago when I said the exact smae thing TC. I am not worried ’bout no “Pandemic”. I, however, am worried about what the “never waste a good crisis” Administration is going to do with it. Asking for 1.5 Billion when there are only 64 sick folks and one death out of 303 Million is an ominous sign.

    • Bee in my Bonnet says:

      Never let a crisis go to waste. I am certain Sebelius got confirmed because of the panic. Even Brownback voted for her because of the crisis.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Yes he did. And I have to ask again. WHAT CRISIS? 65 sick folks and 1 dead child do not a crisis make. So why does Obama ask for 1.5 Billion? WHAT CRISIS? Mexico may be having a crisis. We AIN”T!!! Sebelius got confirmed because of the panic over this crisis. WHAT CRISIS?

        I don’t know about you Bee, and I don’t know what it means. But I’m seeing a pattern develop here. Everytime Obama and HIS Congress feign some kind of crisis, WE GET A SHAFT UP OUR BACKSIDES! This is some buuullldookey!

        • Bee in my Bonnet says:

          Can you say universal health care? Wait and see. This latest ‘crisis’ will be used as an excuse to ram it down the throats of the American citizens.

          • The WHO must be going along with it, they just raised the “threat level” to 5, with 6 being the max.

            Either there is a lot of BSing going on, OR there is something about this flu that we aren’t being told.

            I still think the avian, swine, human mix is a bit suspect….genetic engineering? Even it that were true, it didn’t produce a particularly deadly bug.

            • If it is man made, they would have done a very poor job, as Tamiflu takes care of it. I would think something man made would have been more effective.

              But tonight’s post, coming an a short while, is on this subject.

              • armywife says:

                yes, these sorts of things always get ridiculous coverage WAY out of proportion to reality. remember the OJ trial? i can remember being just flabbergasted that a newsstation would follow a white SUV around for hours and hours and hours. i am so over this swine flu idiocy.
                i read something somewhere that said that people love to blow coverage of things like this out of proportion because then when it turns out to not be so bad, people feel all better. whereas if it was undercovered and then say 300 people died, everyone would be horrified. it kind of reminded me of my strategy for psyching myself up for tests back in school – i’d just convince myself that i was gonna do poorly, like a C, so that then when i got a B or A, i was even happier.
                still, i keep yelling at the news “MOVE ON!” 🙂

        • In the world of magic, it is known as misdirection. Attract attention away from the action until you are ready for your magical attraction to appear.

    • I think its a hint…can anyone say secret genocide?

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Hey Nubian!! Where’ve you been?

        At this point, nothing our Government can do would suprise me.

        • Hey Esom
          I am here and been reading all the great posts that have been laid out. I wouldn’t say “never” because we are in the yellow zone right now…when we hit the red zone …it just might surprise you.

  4. Our we witnessing the beginning of the next Civil War? Will the immigrant issue be the final straw?
    Is Specter really a cross dresser? Is the next “crisis” named after pigs, and where will that mess take us? Too many questions, not enough answers, and even less action! I hate getting screwed without the enjoyment! LOL


  5. esomhillgazette says:

    I also agree with Dee. Arlen Specter should be politically Drawn and Quartered for what he has just done. It doesn’t make me especially angry though. After all he’s not from GA. And he hasn’t been voting Republican for some time now.

    The only thing that bothers me, is that now he has thrown all pretense of the Republican Party out the door. And there is no guarantee that he will be defeated in 2010, and no guarantee that we as a Nation have that long to wait anyhow. At the rate Bills are coming out of the Democrats collective Asses we may not have until 2010. This SOB has stabbed his constitiuency, his Party, and his Nation, square in the back! What a piece of Horse Doody!

    Another problem I don’t think many have thought of is; who’s next? Now that Specturd has thrown open the barn door, who will be next to jump ship for their own Political cowardice? Specturd isn’t the only RINO in Congress. And I think we can count on the fact that there isn’t a “Conservative” Democrat out there with the Intestinal Fortitude to jump ship from their Party, whether they agree with the Republicans or not. That’s because Traitors only jump to what they feel is the “winning” side.

    I suppose we’re just going to have to wait and see. I sure hope it’s not too late. You know ya’ll, I’m getting just a speck pissed at the speed in which this Administration and Congress is making changes and throwing out new horsedookey for us to step in! I mean Jeez Dudes! Every Flippin’ DAY???

    • armywife says:

      wow, this is exactly how i remember feeling during Bush’s first 100 days – i was like whoa buddy slow down! what happened to being the Great Uniter?!
      but i survived Bush’s 100 day whirlwind and you’ll survive this one. you wont be happy for the next 4 years, but if you are lucky, it will only be 4 and not the 8 long years i’ve had to endure! 🙂 hang in there, the pendulum will swing to the other side. all you can do is work to make sure it swings more quickly.
      they have been busy, but they are under a lot of pressure to ‘act quickly’ since everything is a crisis, you know? if they went slowly, people would be hollering about how they are dragging thier feet during this time of crises. remember bush reading that story to the kids when 9/11 happened? (or was it katrina?) anyway, he was in a lose-lose position: if he quits the story, he’ll get blasted for alarming the kids and if he keeps reading he gets blasted for reading a kid story while the world falls apart.
      and believe it or not, some liberals are complaining that Obama’s not doing enough, fast enough, they complain that he’s spending too much energy trying to coddle the Right. see? someone’s always unhappy with whatever the president does.

  6. Richmond Spitfire says:

    Hi All,

    This may be a really silly question/idea…but, here goes:

    Are there any democrats (centrist ones) that could be lobbied/convinced to jump over to the right side? Of if not convinced to become Republican (to help slow things down), maybe at least convinced to not blindly agree with the democrat agenda?

    No…I am not smoking a pipe…I’m just asking a question which at worse may be silly!


    • esomhillgazette says:

      Hey RS, and Good Mornin’ to ya’ll!! In answer to your question I will simply refer you to my post above. Our Politicians are cowards. Or at best POLITICIANS. Same Doody, Different Day.

      • I’d say nope to cowards and a big “you betcha” to fulfilling their agenda which is staying in power. The president’s agenda is rushed along because it his is a limited run. The rest are in step with whatever keeps their ass in the seat which is exactly what they will do. Why do you suppose polling is an actual industry?

        • Good point Alan, on both cases. Most important, the fact that everything from this administration is being fast tracked because they aren’t so sure they will maintain this bulletproof control of Congress.

          • I’d have to say you’re dead on target and I’d add that they are also unsure of the results too. Had they faith in what they are doing and its benefit to the United States of America, they’d not feel the need for fast-tracking as the results (as promised) would certainly carry the next election cycle.

    • RS:

      There is a small group, about 14 in the house and some in the Senate, that will vote against some Democrat bills. See those who voted against Spendulous and Budget bills. But those in the Senate will not vote against stopping a filibuster. See past vote when R’s tried to stop Spendulous and Budget bills. Here’s why.

      The blue dogs know they have to vote conservative to get re-elected. Leadership knows that too. With the large majority in the House and a 60 vote block in the Senate the Dems can pass anything they want while letting the blue dogs vote against the actual legislation. So the voters will be reminded of their vote on the bill, not the filibuster, come re-election time. Meanwhile these young blue dogs have been given some sweet committee assignments and cookies in the various spending bills by the Dem Leadership. Their ability to deliver to their voters would thus be significantly harmed if they buck Leadership to hard. The Blue Dogs will get re-elected in 2010 and 2012.

      Now as for the rest of the goons, that is another question and where the real chance lies in making progress. Of course this would all change if 51% of America would wake up and realize they are getting the shaft, then go vote to fix it. That will not happen without a major effort by us to wake them up.

      I am sorry to rain on your morning Spitfire.
      Perhaps it is the cold snowy weather here that has me down.
      Or perhaps it was the Republican party meeting I attended last night where they all sat around saying how happy and thankful we should be because we have such greate people in our party. The R’s lost every election in our county last year, except two and they were very close. They lost every major seat at the State and Federal level. And we sit around and “BE HAPPY”. Sheople to slaughter.

      I’ll go get another cup of joe…maybe that’ll lift my spirits.
      Hope you have a great day….REALLY!!!!

    • armywife says:

      well, lieberman did it, so i dont think it’s unthinkable that it could happen again. not likely, but possible. i think it would depend on how the next two years play out, how constituencies that voted blue by narrow margins feel about the policies that come out of washington. if they feel things are going too far to the left, then some politicians who are moderate dems, elected by narrow margins, might switch to independent or even republican.

  7. kenneth arnold says:

    Arlen Specter is nothing but a Benedict Arnold in disguise. His belif is in nothing but his own self interest. Not the people he is supposed to represent

    • No he’s an old man whose relevance is in his job.

    • And that’s the agenda of Capital Hill; everything is done for there interest and special interest; Not WE THE PEOPLE!

    • And yet people continue to elect these people. Are that many folks that ignorant? I don’t mean to sound like a Fox News post, but really?

      • All you have to do is go to the Fox News Forums and the liberal trolls posting there to answer the question of whether or not folks are that ignorant. Thinking with their heart instead of their head.

        • You’ve seen the lefties responses to serious questions over there USWeapon. Is it not to change the subject entirely? That’s why I’ve given less time to Fox Forum and more to this one. Not much stimulation in debating someone whose response to alternative energy viability, misrepresentation of global warming data or the president’s fantasy election platform is “Oh yeah!” and the uber hysterical “You lost!”. As an admitted Canadian on that forum, that last one’s had me laughing out loud.

      • armywife says:

        i think most voters are lazy and vote for the name they are most familiar with. do you know how many people cant tell you a single senator’s name? even their own? i think it was some guy like Plato or someone who said, in reference to ancient rome, that an ignorant voting populace is the death of a republic.

        • Brilliant deduction. I agree entirely. The majority of people do not watch even the liberal news. They are not informed about national or local candidates and just vote based on name recognition. They do not know the issues and just guess with no inkling of the consequences. The greatest task that lies before us is educating the electorate. If they are educated, then the decisions could be justified.

  8. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    I say “hooray” that Specter finally officially switched parties.

    I also fervently hope that the liberal Democrats go absolutely nuts with cramming through every bit of their agenda that they can as quickly as possible.

    Why? Because the only hope for this country right now is that the liberal Democrats finally enrage enough people that SOMEONE will emerge that has the balls to say, “This ain’t even CLOSE to the way this country ought to be, and we aren’t gonna take it anymore!”

    Let’s face it: In 2010 it is going to take an awful lot of REAL conservatives running for Congress and actually winning, and in 2012 it is going to take someone who is a true conservative who is a combination of Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood in order to give us even the SLIGHTEST chance of stopping the greatest nation on earth from becoming the most spectacular train-wreck on earth.

    So, Democrats, I IMPLORE you! Screw the pooch as much as you can! Screw the pooch repeatedly, and in public, and continue to tell us that pooch-screwing is not only good for us, but if we feel that pooch-screwing is immoral and reprehensible that there is simply something wrong with US!

    Our only hope is that you enrage and outrage enough of us that between 2010 and 2012 we manage to oust the vast majority of you from power.

    General Motors Ownership: 50% Uncle Barrack, 40% UAW, 10% private ownership.

    Chrysler Ownership: 35% Uncle Barrack, 55% UAW, 10% private ownership.

    This is in spite of the fact that the private sector came up with 65% of the money used to “bail out” the auto industry and the government came up with only 35% (oh yeah, and the UAW came up with 0%).

    If I ever buy an “American” car again it is going to have to be a Ford I guess….

    The one thing about the Democrat party that I have NEVER understood, is how to do get a coalition of the following:

    Blue Collar Union Workers
    Jewish People
    African American People
    Working Class Catholics
    People who favor the right to abortion
    “The Working (or not working) Poor”

    How does this coalition hold together? One would think that there are so many groups (Union vs. Environmentalist, Catholic vs. Abortion, Jewish vs. African American, etc.) that this coalition would have fallen apart long ago. There is no way that the Democrat party can ever please all of these constituent groups simultaneously, and yet, somehow, they hold the votes of a majority (in some cases VAST majority) of all of these differing blocs. Makes one wonder how they do it. They must have a guy like McGyver with an awful lot of bailing wire and duct tape to hold that $hit together….

    • My guess would be that if Cap and Trade gets passed and enacted, it will wake up everybody. I think something will happen that will cause a major problem in the near future! Maybe the immigration issue will ruffle some feathers.


      • It is here in Western Canada. All the American tradesmen coming over…

        • Alan F:

          Could you expand? Are you saying there are Americans immigrating to Canada?


          • The mining industry is awash in American tradesmen. Heavy crane operators, tig welders etc.. We HAVE job growth here and I just spoke to 2 new American families this weekend who are among many who moved here to get work on the surface expansion projects. Never assume that if things are bad in your neck of the woods they are the same elsewhere.

            • I’m also going to guess its not common knowledge a host of American mining companies profitability comes from their Canadian operations and not their American ones.

              • How True. I am guessing many Americans also don’t know that our big forest product company profits also come from Canada. Nothing like watching the “unified” forest products industry split when it comes to the issue of Canadian Lumber Imports (our view) or Exports (your view).


            • Come to think of it PCL Construction is full of Americanadians although most I knew were from Texas originally.

            • I know it is very hard for US citizens to work in Canada so are these tradesmen displacing potential Canadian employment in your view or is there an actual surplus of work?

              It would seem that some of your unemployed timber workers could fill some of those jobs.

              Another kind of related question. What is your take on Canada’s recent announcement of citizenship for anyone born in Canada or who’s parents or grandparents were born in Canada. I know we have many folks in Montana and Idaho who have suddenly found themselves with dual citizenship. I assume this means they can now travel to BC or Alberta and find work without all the hassle. Your thouhts on this????

              Also are you talking about the hard mineral mines of central BC or the tar sands of northern Alberta? Funny if your mining industry is flourishing while ours remains stagnent. That would make one really begin to wonder what is going on, eh?

              My favorite spot in Canada, so far,= Salmon Arm. Just thought I would share.


              • Surplus of work for qualified individuals is the case. We’ve had people Eastern Canada vying for jobs but the key word here is “qualified”. Those from the auto sector and other assembly manufacture are far from it as are those working timber unless of course they are a trade.

                We’re all in this boat together and the sooner people come to grips with that the better. I have no issues with anyone north or south getting dual citizenship as long as they are adding to Canada rather than making use of it.

                Mind you as Chretien’s government enabled a host of criminal types (with money of course) into Canada I doubt we could say no to once or twice removed Canadians now. Why that wouldn’t be Canadian!

                • esomhillgazette says:

                  “Why that would’nt be Canadian!”

                  Swap out Canadian for American, and that sounds really damn familiar don’t it?

    • Peter:

      They are not always able to keep it together and then good things can happen. In the 90’s there was a big split in union support as union members woke up to the fact the environmentalists were out to kill their jobs. The forest products and coal industry unions were instrumental in gettting R’s in control of congress in 94.

      You left off Hispanics, which of course Bush was able to split with his personal background and the gay rights issue.

      The answer to your question of course is promises of money or power or both. The political glue that binds. The only one’s (that would be more than one) I really don’t understand is the apparent large block of Jewish voters who go democrat and add to that the large number of investment types on wall street.

      The party that has been the most openly critical of Israel is the Dems, yet they get this block. Is it becaue they agree that Israel is wrong? I really don’t know and would like any one from this group to enlighten me, us.

      And the investment types, oh my god. You are chastized as nothing but evil, they threaten to take all your money, and you vote for them time and again. Either you are insane or you have been promised something behind closed doors that doesn’t match the rhetoric we see in public. I BET MY BOTTOM DOLLAR IT IS THE LATTER!!! ANYONE WANT TO VENTURE A WAGER????

      The other key point Peter is that all of these groups share the same core principle that the individual can be sacrificed for the good of the whole. “The greatest good for the greatest number in the long run”. Core principles are meta-values that they use to reach consent among the groups, with the occassional political cookie thrown in to keep it glued together.

      Now you know what it is we must change before we can get some of these folks to see the light.

      Gooooood Day.

    • armywife says:

      “how does this coalition hold together?” it doesnt! hadnt you been paying attention that last 8 years, when the democratic party was scrambling, trying to figure out who to pander to, and spitting out lame candidates like Kerry?
      here’s the truth: the democratic party isnt really composed of democrats, it’s just the catch-all place for people who arent republicans. a lot of us would be voting Independent if there was a halfway viable candidate.
      your key point about all those groups believing the group trumps the individual is so wrong. well, except for communists, i guess that is what they believe.
      the democratic party is what it is, and has the numbers that it has in all those different groups, because so many voters have to choose between the lesser of two evils. i know that’s why i vote democrat. i dont really like either party, but i have slightly more in common with the democratic platform, so. but if there were a legit 3rd choice, i’d be all over that.

    • I am so disappointed. I have always wanted a Dodge truck, but I cannot support any company that takes taxpayer money to keep alive and then upsets the balance of competition. Can anyone here imagine the struggle that Ford is going through in their attempt to avoid the bailouts. They are doing it on their own and are in competition against companies that are being subsidized by the government. Support capitalism, go buy a Ford!

  9. Specter is just playing games. He knew he would not be reelected if he remained a Republican. This just goes to show why there should be term limits for ALL politicians. Furthermore, during his interview he sounded as though he’s on his last leg anyway.

    • We ALL need to help in any way possible to assure that his fears come to fruition. I intend to spend 2 weeks of my vacation time next year working the campaign agains him. Anyone else with me?

  10. esomhillgazette says:

    I agree with your sentiments Peter. I just hope and pray that we have that long to wait. ‘Cause I ain’t gonna appreciate MY pooch gettin’ Screwed! 🙂

  11. USW

    Your article says “BlackFlag is correct that the color of shit these days doesn’t matter..”.

    A Froydeeeeean Slip perhaps?


    • You know I read this reply twice and didn’t notice the slip in the word shirt. On the third viewing I saw what you were referring to. I would imagine that it would be exactly that, my friend.

      • OMG, I just got it too……. I mean I just thought you were referring to different colored shit…… HA HA!

  12. Bama dad says:

    Who said:

    It is, however, considered poor form to switch parties and then stay in the elected position without immediately resigning to stand as the candidate for the newly-joined party …

    Why it was Arlen Specter.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      Yeah Bama! But that was before HE decided to do it! 😉

      • Yeah that was when he was whining about when someone else did it. He is definitely a full grown polly-tick now. You and I know what a full grown tick looks like; it is full of blood sucked from someone else.

  13. Little off topic but related matter:

    Some time back I shared with you all how the Clinton administration micro-managed federal agencies and that some of the same staff people were now in seats of power with the Obama administration. My comment at the time was to one of our very liberal vistors who was espousing the belief that Mr. Obama, or Mr. Brack O’Rama as my autistic son calls him, would bring us scientific objectivity and transparency. Well today I bring you this:

    A certain federal agency provided a list of “shovel ready” and other projects in response to the request building up to the Spendulous bill. These projects were reviewed by various offices from the field all the way to Wash. D.C.. They were then reviewed and approved by the Cabinet Secretary who oversees that agency. Last Monday the agency was to make public announcement of the projects. Congressmen were assembled to take credit for the projects that would bring home the bacon for their poor unemployed constituants. Press events were scheduled. Then a strange thing happened in the land of OZ.

    It seems that someone in the white house decided they didn’t like the projects so they issued a “stop” order. You see the Cabinet Secretary had forwarded a copy of the approved list to the white house, as they had been instructed. It was very funny last week watching news media asking agency people and Congressmen what had happened and all they could say was, “we have been told to direct all questions to the Secretary”. The Secretary in turn wouldn’t answer any questions either. “You need to contact the white house” was the response there.

    As of this week, the Cabinet Secretary and their Dept as well as the agency within that Dept. is under a strict “gag order” from the white house. Anyone who discusses the original project list, the process, what happened and why will be dealt with severely. Of course no one can say what happened and why because it happened behind closed doors in that beautiful building in D.C..

    Ahhhhhhh “transparency” and “objectivety”. You gotta love it!
    And by the way, I told you so!!!!


    • That explains the local news report that there will be less paving projects this summer as compared to years past. I heard only 5 miles of new road, out of 500 miles, in town will get done. I can tell you, our roads suck bad!


      • Actually G-Man that may be another little issue. You see all of those “shovel ready” projects really weren’t shovel ready. In some cases they were ready to do the engineering. The remainder of road projects are expected to come on line as was predicted by many of us who tried to point out that the normal contracting process would delay real spending until late 09 or into 2010.

        Then there is the little issue of whether you live in a blue or red state and within that whether you live in a blue or red county. As the old saying goes:

        “Follow the Money”

        • Disgusted in Cali says:

          Consider this…they are putting off the projects so that when they actually do start showing progress it will be just in time for the next elections. Thus giving them the “see, we fixed things and life is dandy” card.

          • Oh Yeah! I forgot that part. You are dead on.

            Go back and look at comments made by Dem leaders at the time. You will find a few comments admitting that much of the help would come in 2010 and 2011.

            They are now talking about round two. I bet those projects come on line in 2011 and 2012.

            Any takers?

    • Ah yes but like any infomercial it sold to those it had to and in doing such did its job excellently. Ever watched someone fiddle with a piece of junk they bought? Days and days spent mucking about with something they know is garbage but unwilling to admit they had ignored the “too good to be true” warning bells.

  14. Am I the only one who found this kind of honesty from a politician refreshing? I mean how many others, who will need to run again for election, would say “My decision was completely political. This had nothing to do with my principles.” That takes balls. At least give him that. Balls.

    • That was to soften the constituency sir. You don’t flip-flop and NOT try for the centrists… ever. Unless of course you are NOT running for anything. He’s seen first hand what playing the centrists, casting yourself as a closet one at the very least, can do for an election. People are too willing to have “faith” rather than “logic” do the talking.

      I’d sell myself as not jumping ship but rather having been thrown overboard by the hard right with my moderate views drawing nothing but scorn for months and there being no room for a centrist in the Republican party. See, its easy as pie to formulate a nice pitch. Means its true? Sure it does and I have a bridge for you too.

    • Lets add another twist Skot:

      If we elect them to “represent” us then why would we want them to stand on some set of principles, other than standing for the majority in their district? After all, we will never know for sure what “their” principles are?

      Isn’t it our principles we need to address? Then elect folks whose only mission is to respresent us.

      Oh yeah? Who is “us”?

      How do they represent some but not all? How do they represent BF and JAC and USW and Ray and Mad Mom and Chris and Spitfire and GA and GMan and Essom and and and??????

      Man….this mood I’m in today is really getting out of hand. OK, let me give you one possible solution.

      Increase the number of house members so that there is one rep for no more than 30,000 people. We’ll have to build a brand new and very large meeting room for them all but this will solve many more problems than you think. It would cause immediate gridlock on all issues except those that trully address national needs, I think.

      Starting to smile now

      • PeterB in Indianapolis says:


        The problem with increasing the size of the House so that no single Representative represents more than 30,000 people is that this will give disproportionate representation to places like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. Not sure if THAT is a good idea 🙂

        • No more than already exists, on a percentage basis. It would mean that those red counties in the blue states would be guaranteed a representative. Thus increasing the chances of gridlock. Also remember that NY, LA, and Chicago have competing interests as well.

          It could have a drastic reduction in influence of lobbyists as well. Hard to control a majority of that many people.

          The stop gap is the Senate. Some how we need to return the Senate to its purpose and not just another house of the people who want to hand out money for re-election. Some suggest returning to appointment by State Legislatures. I don’t think Americans will go for that because to many think the right to vote for someone gurantees a voice. They don’t understand the Senate’s role was to temper the emotions of the public. To assure bad legislation wasn’t passed just to appease the demands of the moment.

          I guess we once again come back to the need to educate our fellow citizens about our form of govt and how it is supposed to work.

          Given my frame of mind today Peter let me ask you this. What if those of us who understand and cherish liberty are trully in the minority? What do we do then?

          Just Wondering

          • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

            It is my view that the government has systematically over the past 150 years gone against virtually everything that Thomas Jefferson believed, and in so doing they have concsiously eased the paving of the way to tyrrany.

            It is also my belief that we are very close to having a majority of the country believe that this is just fine. I do not know if we have crossed the 50% threshold yet, but if we have not, we are dangerously close to doing so.

            What can freedom-loving Americans do to restore the country to where we feel that it should be? I wish I knew the answer to that one. The easiest way would be to find a way to re-take control of the educational system in this country. Old TJ believed that an educated public was the key to maintaining freedom. Unfortunately, for the past 50 years at least, the public education system has been used to dumb down the public and keep them in the dark instead of educating and enlightening the public, and this has eased the path to tyranny.

            Is it possible for us to re-assert control over the public education system? I doubt it. It is now totally under the control of the government and the NEA, and it is not in their best interest to actually educate and enlighten the public, nor is it in their best interest to give up control.

            I firmly believe that we are rapidly reaching an impasse. What happens when enough of us realize that we have reached that impasse, I have no idea.

            I believe that an argument can easily be made at this point that many of us are being subjected to taxation without representation and the opression of a tyrannical government, which is what spawned the American Revolution in the first place. I also believe that most people lack the balls to do anything about it.

            If you have the intelligence and integrity required to be a good politician that advocates for a truly free country, you are far too intelligent to even want to take the job.

            • Peter, I see you have woken this morning in the same sour mood as I find myself.

              I agree…completely.

              The only weakness in TJ’s theory about education is that any pathway that allows one form of education can be used to allow another. That is what happened to public education.

              I think I will now go do some physical labor to get this sour poison from my mind. Perhaps I can return in a better mood this afternoon.

              Thanks for taking the time.

            • esomhillgazette says:

              Peter, I went to the site you listed. I actually copied and pasted several of TJ’s quotes in my MS Word.

              But like you and JAC, I am in a really pissy mood today. I am seeing my Nation becoming increasingly in an untenable situation every day. What can we do? I don’t know. Can we turn around? Maybe. (best answer I can give at this time) Do we AS A NATION EVEN CARE? I really, in all honesty do not think so.

              I leave you with this ominous quote by Thomas Jefferson. “Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

              I think this is a prophecy for todays U.S.

      • armywife says:

        this addresses the very good point that our number of representatives is not adequate for our every growing population. my dad and i were talking about this recently – he lives in Hamilton County in Tennessee and he was talking about the number of people Bob Corker has to represent and it was some staggering number. and that’s in a county that’s pretty solidly red. imagine how hard it would be to “represent” 300,000 people who all have very different beliefs – you can’t do it. you have to make decisions based on your own values and beliefs, which are theoretically what got you elected by a majority.

  15. Just further proof that our two-party system of government is BROKEN, BROKEN, BROKEN. It cannot be fixed!! That last paragraph in your article USW says it all:

    “The only problem with that is it means that we will once again find ourselves under Republican control. While slower on the path to socialism/fascism, we’ll still be heading in the wrong direction. But at least it will be a slow down from the warp speed we are traveling at right now. The question is, will there be any liberty left when someone finally pulls the brakes?”

    What liberty do we have now?

    I have 17 acres that I need to spray weeds on and fertilize. I can’t buy anything larger than 1 quart of weed killer or fertilizer without a government-mandated license (which takes 18 hours of classtime and continuing education credits per year to obtain and keep). Just to spray my f*^%ing weeds on my own land.

    I can’t drive in my own car without the government telling me how to do it – put on your seat belt, don’t talk on your phone, don’t eat while driving.

    As a business-owner, we cannot fire anyone anymore without first making sure that we have specific documentation as to the reason. Business owners can no longer hire who they want either if they don’t have a certain percentage of minorities on the payroll.

    Money is held out of my pay check each month for all kinds of TAXES. The government earns interest on my money for 12 months of the year and I should be happy that I get a refund every spring of my own money that they used?

    Bankers have to make loans to people who can’t pay them back to comply with Fair Housing, Equal Opportunity, and CRA. If a bank doesn’t, they get punished by the OCC, FDIC, etc., etc.

    I can’t put up a building on my land without first getting a permit approved to make sure I have acreage enough to build the size I want.

    I was going to put in a culvert one time on my road close to a State highway. I have to get a permit. The government agent came out, asked me where I wanted to put it, I pointed it out, he said okay and asked for his $45.

    I can’t carry a gun concealed in a holster without a license approved by the government.

    So tell me again, what liberty do we have?

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      We have very little Liberty left, and a large number of people who seem to prefer it that way. I cannot honestly say that I am hopeful for the future of this country, because far too many people are actually in favor of what Obama is doing and proposing to do.

      My greatest fear is that no matter what he does, he really won’t piss all that many people off very badly.

      We have already reached the point where if you buy a Chrysler or a GM vehicle, 90% of your money is going to the DNC.

      We have already reached the point where if you do any business with a bank, investment firm, or insurance group, most of your money is going to the DNC.

      We can’t even “Buy American” anymore, because precious few things are actually made here anymore, and if something is, your money is going to the DNC. What are the alternatives? Buy Chinese and support a government that this one is currently being modeled after? At least that will save us a few bucks I guess.

      Sorry to sound like such a pessimist, but when you see that close to 50% of the population is composed of sheep and lemmings, it is hard to be hopeful.

  16. First off, USW, how old is that picture of Spector you ran? I watched his news conference yesterday and I wouldn’t even recognize him from that photo! He was an old, pitiful, self-centered man talking yesterday.

    Surprised by it? Not at all, and especially when you hear that Bidens talked to him like 15 times just since he voted for the Spendulous bill, to change parties.

    I’m so sick of this shit every single day and now we’ll hear more BS tonight from Obama. I truly don’t think we’ll recognize this country even by the 2010 elections. My daughter just moved to Costa Rica……I’m thinking of joining her and escaping from it all.

    • I don’t know for sure the age of the picture. Some logical guesses though would tell me about 2006. The likelihood is that it is a picture of him with Bush campaigning for him. He only ran for reelection once while Bush was actually in office, and that was the 2006 mid-term elections.

    • Kathy

      He had cancer treatments after that picture. The treatment obviously took a physical toll.

  17. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    Should be required reading for ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE, PERIOD.

    • “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Thomas Jefferson

      OK, Peter, not packing my bags yet; thanks for the kick in the butt, I needed it.

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

      One of the more applicable ones today specifically 🙂

    • Thank Peter for sharing. I’m feeling better although the clouds have not left.

      Thanking you very very much

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

      Now how’s THAT for a quote that is TOTALLY applicable to the situation in this country today?

      TJ started rolling in his grave in 1860 (perhaps even earlier) and has been spinning faster and faster ever since. Perhaps all of this spinning in his grave will eventually muster enough energy to re-animate the old chap and he will come out and systematically slap the vast majority of people in this country for their vapid stupidity.

      We can always hope.

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

      Ok I will stop for now… you all can read the rest for yourselves 🙂

    • “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.”

      We lost this one along time ago.

  18. Ray Hawkins says:

    Okay – so here is the self-proclaimed left-moderate. I have lived in PA for close to 25 years. I am not sure everyone is welcoming him with open arms on the Democratic-side. Congressman Sestak was on Smerconish this morning not exactly offering Specter open arms to fall into. I have a difficult time believing that he is doing this for the right reasons and would not automatically vote for him just because he is a Democrat. Perhaps he is an example of an argument for term limits.

    • Well the folks in PA will have their chance to exercise term limits. So I guess we will soon see.

      You do raise a good point in that these types of defections upset the planned, and expected, hierarchy of promotion within a party. Strong party’s have people in place throughout the food chain, all moving in an upward direction. They know when it is their turn and they expect it to be honored. Specter may have just short circuited that in PA on the Dem side, that could create real divide if the Nat’l Dem leaders try to force this down the PA party’s throat. This could get entertaining.


      • TexasChem says:

        They will not try to force him down their throat.They will use him untill election time and then kick him to the curb.Smart thing to do in my opinion.That’s what I would do if I were calling the shots for the Democrats.Specter has no chance of winning re-election no matter how much money they would dump into his re-election.He committed political suicide cause he was about to get shot down anyway.His only hope is to run as a democrat he thinks but he doesn’t realize he wont even get the democratic nomination.

        • Specter wins if he runs independent. Let the Reps and Dems nominate their own candidadtes, Specter takes it with 34% of an evenly split vote. Been done before.

          • TexasChem says:

            I do not see why the people of PA would vote for him at all considering he has proven he can’t be trusted and has no principles.But I understand your point.

  19. Black Flag says:

    (Off topic)

    Americans working in Canada is VERY easy. NAFTA provides ample provisions for cross-border employment. It is especially easy if you’re an exotic dancer (no, that is not a joke).

    Many Americans do not know that USA/Canada trade represents more than half of the entire world’s international trade. There is substantial economic penalties being paid for the ridiculous attempts to militarize the Canadian border.

    • Black Flag says:

      And yes, there are thousands of jobs waiting to be filled in Canada – but who wants to live in the snow?

      • Bee in my Bonnet says:

        We don’t have snow all year. Just 4-6 months of it. In the summer, our temperatures get quite high (between 80-90 degrees F) and our autumn is spectacular!

      • I'm learning! says:

        There are a growing number of US students going to college in Canada also. Tuition is considerably cheaper there.

  20. Black Flag says:

    On topic.

    Oh, gee, a duplicitous politician – how rare! 😉

    As I’ve said before regarding the pointless ‘voting’ –

    …. there is nothing a voter can do to enforce a politician’s promises or commitments.

    I am tickled every time USWep proclaims “Vote! Do something!”…. and then the politicians go prove how utterly futile all that effort actually is…. 😉 (jab, jab)

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      It is better to do nothing than to do the wrong thing, but in this case, is voting truly the wrong thing? I suppose if neither candidate can be trusted to perform his duties as set out by the Constitution, then it would indeed be wrong to vote, so maybe I am closer to agreeing with BF on this than I originally thought….

    • Disgusted in Cali says:

      My father always said “if you don’t vote then you have no reason to bitch about anything the politicians do to you since you did absolutely nothing to prevent the politician whos screwing you over to be there”. So I guess if nothing else, at least I have bitching rights.

      • Black Flag says:

        Whohoo! The right to complain about your treatment as a slave – that’s the ticket!!

        “Well, thank you, Slave, for illuminating your disappointment regarding your daily whipping. I’ll write that down right over here for you……

        ….There, all written down and everything! Happy now!? Good – now, GET BACK INTO THE MINES, SLAVE. (whip crack)”

      • armywife says:

        yeah, i always heard the variation ” if you didn’t vote, then you can’t complain”

    • I still maintain the way to fix this country is to educate people to reality and then mobilize them to vote and hold government accountable. Not voting does nothing. It is akin to the slaves simply acknowledging that this is their lot in life. Interesting that you use slaves as an example. I don’t imagine there were a lot of slaves that voted for slavery. Yet they were slaves by force and violence. You next claim that the government does what it wants through force and violence, like a slave owner. And finally you conclude that silencing our “consent” will delegitimize government and therefore make us free? I don’t think that worked very well for the slaves, so what makes you think a violent government needs the vote to be legitimate? According to your power through violence mantra, our vote has nothing to do with their power, so why do you fight so hard to push the idea that not voting will change something. Just doesn’t make sense.

      • Black Flag says:

        If a slave sat down and did nothing – you would see that as it is – refusing to legitimize his master.

        It is the legitimizing your slavery that slavery continues.

        • What you would see is a dead slave.

        • Black Flag says:


          But as Gandhi said:
          They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me-then they will have my dead body, not my obedience

      • esomhillgazette says:

        “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.” Thomas Jefferson

        “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion.” Thomas Jefferson

        Those are just two of the reasons that I keep voting.

        I don’t care if I AM just a slave bitching about my treatment as a slave. I will always vote.

        It is my right. And to me, my duty as an American

  21. I'm learning! says:

    Seriously, in looking at the bills (above) that have passed or are going through the process right now, I have to ask, have the bills in congress always been this stupid? Have they always tried to pass crap like this to micromanage the entire country but there was enough opposition in the past to stop it. Or is this just the result of our new “change filled” administration? I had even recently come across legislation on controlling food processing – to the extreme of not being able to sell or even possibly can/freeze food from our own gardens.

    I know there have always been some sort of extreme, controlling ideas in congress, but is it now worse than ever, or am I just paying attention more?

  22. I really don’t know what to think…

    The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  23. Bee in my Bonnet says:

    In the long run, this could be a good thing. Could Specter actually be counted on for a vote, anyway? Do you really want someone with so little principle in the Republican Party? He was a Democrat in Republican clothing. Let the Democrats have him and good luck with that. I heard Paul Begala yesterday say that they are planning to keeping a close eye on him and he will be on a very short leash. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it.(Hey, could that be construed as torture?)

    Face it, with 59 votes (looks like Al Franken is going to get in), what are the chances that Specter will be the one hold out anyway? Not with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Let the Democrats have full power for a couple of years. Let’s wait to see what will happen when the taxes are raised (because we all know they will be), when interest rates have to go up. They can’t blame the Republicans for anything because they have full power and control. It will be painful in the short run, but in the long run this could very well unite the Republican party as nothing else could.

    • USWeapon says:

      Oh contraire, Bee.

      When taxes are raised they will simply say that it was necessary to raise taxes to fix the economy that the previous 8 years caused to tank. They are only raising taxes because of what the Republicans did to this country.

      When national health care gets imposed on America, they will claim they had to do so because of the way the Republicans let the current health care system become too expensive and without regulation.

      I can do this with every single issue they are looking to do. So they are pros at simply laying the blame on Republicans and leading a truly stupid electorate astray.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        “Truly Stupid Electorate” That is the true problem right now isn’t it? We are being led my “Mob Rule” of the mindless Obamatons.

      • Bee in my Bonnet says:

        Once someone’s pocketbook if affected, you’ll be amazed at how fast people will turn.

        The Republicans have to get their act together, fast, and come up with a focused and consistent message to hammer at the Dems regarding ‘lowering taxes for 95% of the population.” It will be iffy if they can do that in the next couple of years unless someone really dynamic steps up, because any of the yahoos on the hill right now are doing a dismal job.

  24. Well, it sounds like we have another “crisis” that just can’t go to waste. I’m sure, many years ago, someone said that America will become a socialist run country, when pigs fly! While the actual pig isn’t flying, their damn virus had learned to. I’d say that qualifies as pigs flying (sort of).


    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      Actually, Old TJ realized that the tendency of any government is to tyranny, and it didn’t take anything close to pigs flying for it to happen. It was pretty much just the natural course of events. He was just hoping that with our government a well educated and enlightened people could prevent the march to tyranny.

      Well, that worked for a while, but not very long in the grand scheme of things.

      • USWeapon says:

        Because those in government read what he said and promptly began taking over education in the US to ensure that the well educated and enlightened people became a reality.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” Thomas Jefferson

        Looks like we flunked that test didn’t we?

  25. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    I agree that it COULD be a good thing in the long run, but the path back to freedom and liberty is going to require a LOT of painful belt-tightening and an almost complete reversal in philosophy for a LOT of people. It is going to require a ton of hard work.

    I am unsure that the majority of the American populace has the stomach or the balls for that sort of work anymore. I hope we as a people can do it, but unfortunately I have serious doubts.

    It is easier to live in comfortable mediocrity than it is to work to better your situation.

    • RWBoveroux says:

      why bother to improve ourselves? Don’t you know that the government is going to take care of all of us.

      I was forced to listen to the President of the USA gloat about all that he had ‘accomplished’ in his first 100 days when I was working on a user’s PC today. I had to physically restrain myself from screaming LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE at the TV.

    • And we are part of the problem. I harken back to the discussion we had about regulating smoking in public places. There were several people on this site, that I would say judging by their blogs in general were conservative (for smaller government and more individual freedom). However, many of these folks actually thought it wise to put bans on smoking.

      Take away someone else’s freedom but not my own. Therein lies the problem.

      • USWeapon says:

        Very well put Roper. It pained me to see people who advocate government not invading our lives who fully supported government doing so in that case. Completely hypocritical.

  26. Ray Hawkins says:

    USW – if Coleman’s latest appeal is heard and turned down why would Franken be an illegally seated Senator? Is this just sour grapes?

    • USWeapon says:

      Because if you follow what has been happening out there it is crazy Ray. Just one small example here. In one county they that Franken won, they had 177 “double votes” for Franken and that was allowed to stand. There were areas where they had more votes than they had registered voters, yet they certified that vote as accurate. They have been throwing out votes for Coleman left and right. I wrote a post on this a while ago with some examples and pictures of ballots.

      Make no bones about it, this is not sour grapes. If this were happening with the roles reversed I would be saying the exact same thing. A stolen and blatantly crooked election is just that, no matter who the beneficiary is.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Ok – I can’t find that thread – which month was it – do you recall? Will go read.

        • I'm learning! says:

          I was curious myself since I have only been reading this for the past couple of months and haven’t really had time to read all the old articles. It is December 14th’s posting.

      • I'm learning! says:

        How does Colman go from over 300 votes ahead to 400 behind? My understanding is that there are over 4,000 ballots they won’t even look at! That campaign was so nasty, a lot of people in MN could care less if they saw either one of their faces ever again. And now it’s the election that will never end!

        I know a few hundred votes in minor in the grand scheme of things, but if they have this election screwed up this bad, how bad is it everywhere? I almost think after this fiasco, why bother with a “mandatory recount”. Just let the election results stand and never go down this road again!

        • esomhillgazette says:

          You know, if you think about it, what would we be like if Gore had been called the winner in 2001? After all, he won the popular vote. Would we now be having totally different problems? Who knows?

          And I agree in MN case. The reacount has turned into a disaster. It would have cost less to hold another election. So why didn’t they? 4 months and they still don’t have a Senator!

          • armywife says:

            i think some of the problems we’re having would be the same, but i think other problems would be different. i doubt we’d be fighting the war in iraq though. hard to imagine Gore making the decision to fight. i’m sure he;d have favored more passive, UN-sanctioned measures.
            i think he’d have pushed through 8 years ago a lot of the enviromental reforms and legislation that obama is going to push through now. the environment is his thing after all.
            but we’d almost certainly still have had the economic collapse, i think. that one seemed inevitable to me. but then, i did just barely pass college economics so that sort of thing is nearly impossible for me to comprehend.

  27. Black Flag says:

    I still maintain the way to fix this country is to educate people to reality and then mobilize them to vote and hold government accountable.

    I understand you think ‘voting’, somehow, makes some sort of difference….

    …. the problem with your theory, however is what you said after that … “accountable”.

    Voting might work if it was accountable – but that is why it is futile, USWep – there is no way to create that accountability.

    Threatening the “I’m not voting for you next time” card is utterly laughable.

    It does not enforce anything – the politicians actions still stand unchanged – you’ve lost everything – and the threat is completely empty because 1) he may still get elected or 2) the next is just as bad and unaccountable.

    There is no conceivable way to enforce voter will on a politician.

    Not voting does nothing.

    If this claim was true, then the poly-ticks wouldn’t care two hoots about voter turnout.

    Yet, they do – big time.

    Therefore, it DOES do something that scares them into great gyrations and condemnations and threats to make laws requiring you to vote.

    It DOES do something, doesn’t it, USWep….

    It is akin to the slaves simply acknowledging that this is their lot in life.

    That is exactly what voting does – acknowledge the system.

    As demonstrated – time and time again – that voting doesn’t change anything – yet it is the demand of politicians that the vote is important. Important for what?

    ….your consent to be ruled by others….

    There are two ways a slave becomes free.

    1)Violent rebellion.

    2)Stop and sit down.

    The problem with 1) is that the use of violence tends to cause the Masters to increase their violence too. And even if the slaves win, nearly every time, simply replace the Old Master with a new Master whom they think is ‘less cruel’.

    Gandhi showed 2) is very powerful. So powerful it exhausted the Empire to its foundation.

    • Flag, I would agree with one of your points. #2 Stop and sit down. Back when gas prices were $4, I was hoping that all the truckers would just stop running for a week or two. Simply, if all hourly workers would just say we ain’t working, it would not take long for these dopes in govt to listen. This will never happen, because most Americans do not have the means to go long term, must less the gonads to take on their masters. Violence would not work, but would be the most likely of the two to occur. I would also like to say that I enjoy your historical posts, they are very interesting and well written.


      • Interesting philosophy. Imagine the turmoil if every “WORKING” American simply quit for a single day. You could probably write a book about that story.

        The MSM probably wouldn’t cover it though LOL 🙂

      • Black Flag says:


        They are gleaned from numerous sources….

        I am up to 6 more sections regarding the ME history of US involvement. I am really hoping that a few people here will read them.

        I feel that many do not know how long the West and the USA have been kicking sand in the Middle East and other places.

        I also feel that people don’t understand why the US is ‘hated’.

        We’ve been operating under the “you are either with us or against us” theory for nearly 60 years.

        This attitude directly prevents neutrality of nations and worse, prevents self-determination of people. If a group of people wish to go their own way, our binary policy suddenly makes them our enemy.

        So when USWep complains that all I do is point at the USA as the reason for the conflicts, he can now start to see why. It is Our POLICY that turns a people’s self-determination into being our enemy that does make us in conflict with them.

        Now it makes sense when you can see what we mean when we say we “Support Democracy” – it really means “Support USA”, and now what appeared to be a contradiction – crushing any country that dares democratically elects a government that moves their nation out of our sphere – is resolved.

        We see that election as “Attacking America”.

        It is vital we re-evaluate our core policies or we will evaporate as a nation.

        • armywife says:

          i am in total agreement with you on this. recently, a republican friend and i were having a discussion about about politics (tricky!) and she asked if i didnt agree that the war on terror has made us safer. i answered that i honestly beleive the war hasnt made us safer, has in fact made us less safe. our actions have alienated allies and angered and outraged people in the middle east, which i think has created more terrorists. in addition, i think we’ve enlarged the bulls-eye on our backs, as the great enemy. and our stance on torture has tarnished our image. we cant be the stranger in the white hat who saves the day if we are torturing people. that’s bad guy stuff.

    • Black Flag says:

      It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.—Joseph Stalin

      Bares repeating.

  28. Hi USW: I have come to your site because I can’t get an answer from any Democrates to my questions below. Hopefully this is a Dem on this site that will respond. Sorry if this is off topic.
    Okay I read the platform I wonder how many Dems/Libs have?

    Question: How will your plans for big unions differ from what the Big 3 Automakers have? You want to do away with the Right-to-work laws.
    Where will we get the money to double our annual investment to 50B by 2012 to meet the UN Millennium Developemnt Goals which aim to reduce extreme proverty worldwide by half by 2015.

    • Black Flag says:

      There are Democrats on this site? 😉

      • I have seen different views being offered so I am hoping to find even one Dem from any site who has read their own platform. From what I have seen on other sites this does not appear to be the case.

        • esomhillgazette says:

          I have read the Democratic Platform. That’s why I AIN”T a Democrat.

          • I agree with you, however I wish that people who vote would first take the time to get informed.

          • esomhillgazette says:

            I have also read the Republican Platform. It wouldn’t be too bad if any of them actually stuck to it. BUT THEY DON’T. NO. NOT ONE.

    • Who ever said that I wanted a government official to “lead” me? The DNC platform says we need new leadership. Does anyone else feel offended by this term?

      As a free, God-fearing American, I can “lead” myself with the help of just one person – God. I don’t need a President, or Congress, or some political-hack bureaucrat to “lead” me anywhere.

      Why don’t we try to elect a “follower” sometime that may actual “follow” the will of the American people rather than try to “lead” it.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        Also in the Democratic Platform, every other sentence is “during the Bush Administration”. Sound familiar?

    • Read the following from the Dem Platform…

      Under II Renewing American Leadership
      Page iii
      Under Advancing democracy, development and respect for humans
      Human trafficking???? Did I read that right?

      Human trafficking is the commerce and trade in the movement or migration of people, legal and illegal, including both legitimate labor activities as well as forced labor. The term is used in a more narrow sense by advocacy groups to mean the recruitment, transportation, harbouring, or receipt of people for the purposes of slavery, forced labor (including bonded labor or debt bondage), and servitude. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, with the total annual revenue for trafficking in persons estimated to be between $5 billion and $9 billion.The Council of Europe states that people trafficking has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade, with a global annual market of about $42.5 billion.

      • esomhillgazette says:

        You did read that right. Slavery continues today just as it always has. Sex slavery is a huge industry in Eastern Europe. But it is here in the U.S. also. It’s just hidden.

      • armywife says:

        my husband and i are stationed over in south korea right now, and human trafficking is a big thing over here. the soldiers routinely get lectured on the topic. it is very much a real thing, sadly. there was a film out recently, i think starring kevin kline, who plays a reporter who helps a mexican kid track down his kid sister who’s been kidnapped. they find her on a human trafficking website where she’s being auctioned off to the highest bidder, and they end up having to buy her cause no one’s willing to help them rescue her. it’s supposedly based on a true story, the reporter wrote an article about it, spawned the movie, etc…

  29. Black Flag you sated that “I still maintain the way to fix this country is to educate people to reality and then mobilize them to vote and hold government accountable.” So here is a question for you. If Omaba has the US Census through
    Acorn and If Mr. Obama has Acorn working in all 50 state to keep those in the senate and house re-elected along with his self, How does voting fix anything.
    This is like a blind taste test of pepsi or coke when both cups contain RC cola.
    Voting will not work unless we fire all those currently in the hose , senate, and the president and bring the laws back to the constitution and not let every judge who has an opinion on a subject re-write the voting laws. This happenede the whole last election. Early vote fraud that due to some judges interpittation allowed a ton of illegal votes to be cast early followed by a judge who did the right thing and threw them out only to have a third judge say count them and throw out duplicates so micky mouse and donald duck can each have 1 vote. This is why I believe voting is rigged to look close but the oversight depends on whos in charge. Even today they can see that every dead person in my end of west virgina seems to be a democrat. WV in the end was mostly republican but still it sickens me how the media down plaid how very bad fraud and the poloticians were this election. Its no longer whos the best canidate its who can cheat,lie, and not get caught best. Onse again no offense this is just my personal feelings and opinons on voting in this day and age.

    • Black Flag says:

      Black Flag you sated that “I still maintain the way to fix this country is to educate people to reality and then mobilize them to vote and hold government accountable.”

      Sir, I sure hope I’ve NEVER said this — I believe you are quoting our esteemed host, USWep.

      • If i quotted the wrong individual my apoligies in that case
        USWeapon can you read my post and tell me what you think?

  30. TexasChem says:

    It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.—Joseph Stalin

    Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division; and from the antagonism between poor and rich means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts.—Joseph Stalin

    Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.—Joseph Stalin

    We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?—Joseph Stalin

    When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.—Joseph Stalin

    I am no fan of Stalin I just posted these quotes so you would get an understanding of the kind of thinking behind socialism/communism.Based upon whats happening in this country who do you suppose is a student of socialism?

  31. I have seen several posts offering the solution of “firing” every politician and starting with a clean slate.

    How, do you propose, do we do this?

    Currently, a third party platform can’t even get on the ticket in most States.

  32. I could care less about Spector political move. What concerns me is the the amount of power the government has now. When I saw those headlines the first things I thought “shit is fixing to hit the fan now” because 60 is the magic number and guess what…we have 60 now. So now they can pass anything they…we thought we were on warp speed, we are dealing with light year speed now…PREPARE!

    • TexasChem says:

      Social healthcare will be here soon, the illegal immigrants will have amnesty soon, Cap n Trade will be here soon.After just those three are passed into law look for a super agressive move for more corrupt officials to be “voted” in and Tyranny will reign in America.The brown shirt brigade will be put into overdrive.Cap n Trade will cause more unemployment as corporations move out of America. I suspect the collapse of the dollar soon after and a worldwide “dollar”.Civil unrest with Obama leading the charge to put down any “unrest”.

    • armywife says:

      well, i for one am a democrat and not pleased about the 60 thing either. our government is designed to function best when there is a system of checks and balances. whenever the houses get out of whack like this, the end result is bad.

  33. Roper you said “I have seen several posts offering the solution of “firing” every politician and starting with a clean slate.”

    And asked “How, do you propose, do we do this?”

    Unfortunatly the only answer would be for an overwelming amount of the american people to wake up and realize what is going on. Only overwhelming force and numbers will scare the politicians into behaving themselfs and get the job done. Anything less and they will claim its an upset minority look at what they said about the tea prties. If everyone that was upset with this administration were to say all show up at the white house in the 10’s of million strong then they will not be able to ignore it and change would happen. Unfortunatly too many people will just talk and not show up heck if I thought a million would show up
    I might take off a week of work to join them. The goverment dosen’t care and they coined the term sheeple and know the sheeple don’t want conflict and are too lazy to do anything about it. The governments altimate goal is total controll of the population, and the best way to accompliss this is to make sheepole believe that they couldn’t survive with out the government and in time the government will insure that this goes from fantasy into reality as sheepole will loss self reliance.

  34. Black Flag says:

    (Off Topic)

    Warning #25:

    I get this question frequently.

    “What indexes do you review to judge the state of the economy”

    Because the CPI and such indexes are heavily manipulated (they call them ‘adjusted’), no human on earth can possibly establish the difference between the truth, the polished truth, and out-right lie.

    I watch (among others) Shipping Indexes. When people buy, it needs to be shipped. Increase in shipping means lots of buying. It is an index that is not adjusted – it is measurement of costs and tonnage. Very non-subjective.

    Internationally, I watch the Baltic Dry Index.

    Recently, I ran into this one:

    TranSystems Transportation Activity Index

    A drop of 27% over a year in shipping is huge. This is a severe retraction of economic activity.

    The other thing to note is the large upsurge in public transportation vs the drop in private transportation. More people cannot afford their cars and are moving to public (ie: subsidized) transportation.

    There is no indication that the economy is improving – quite the opposite.

    Read the commentary on the page as well.

  35. armywife says:

    hi, i saw the link to your site on the foxnews website, and you said this was a mellow place to discuss political issues, so i wanted to check it out. wow, you are a wordy guy, huh? i have a 3 year old daughter so it’s hard to read a post this long all in one sitting!
    anyway, i havent finished it yet, but a few things in the top portion snagged my interest.
    1. the Specter switch – i agree, it seems like pretty blatant ass-covering. but it’s possible that he isnt a flat-out liar when he says it’s also motivated by ideology. when i started college, i chose to major in English, cause i was freshman and you have to choose a major and i liked to read and my dad was an english major. but i was also taking a lot of theatre classes, cause i loved theatre too. and after two years of being an english major but taking mostly theatre classes, i finally asked myself who i was trying to fool and switched to a theatre major. so i think it is possible that, while he started his political career as a republican, over time he found himself falling more and more on the liberal side of the vote and finally just decided to make the switch.
    i wont get into a debate over whether or not an elected official should be able to do that to his voters, i believe arguments could be made to support either side of that argument.
    the point i wanted to make was to ask you this: how would you feel about Specter’s defection if the show were on the other foot? if a moderate democrat had switched to the republican party? cause this whole thing reminds me of leiberman’s famous defection from the democrats a few years back. granted, he just switched to Independent, but there are definite parallels. did you feel that lieberman was also “a typical politician who doesnt have any principles”? or would you say he is man who came to his senses and dumped the party that had betrayed him by changing from the party he’d once believed in, into something new that he could no longer agree with?
    2. i got kind of tickled that you called that list of bills passed and pending “madness”. really? obviously, i’m a liberal, so i think the bills are reasonable, but i understand that not everyone agrees with me and might be opposed to the bills in some way. but madness? dont you think that’s a bit much? Madness would be if they passed a bill that makes gay marriage mandatory. that would be madness. these are just bills you are ideologically opposed to. i was opposed to a lot of the stuff that happened under Bush, but i didnt think any of it was madness, even the war. foolhardy, short-sighted, ill-planned, yes.
    3. ok, i do think the whole attack on gay marriage rights is madness. i think it is absolutely fine for churches to refuse to wed same-sex couples, that’s their right under the constitution. but to me is is indeed madness for anyone who claims to be a true american to try to deny another citizen such a basic right – to wed the person they love in a legal, civil ceremony. our constitution grants us all the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so long as those pursuits are not harming another. this is why murder and theft are illegal – not because they are biblically wrong, but because they harm another citizen. there is simply no rational argument that can be made that same-sex civil unions hurt anyone else. why is ok for two straight citizens to get a quicky marriage in las vegas cause it seems fun and then get divorced one week later; or for a rapist to marry someone; or for adulterers to be married; but two gay people in a loving, monogamous, long-term relationship cant? how truly does the marriage of two loving people “destroy” the institution of marriage? how does it hurt you? the attack on gay marriage in the land of the free and the brave is as much madness to me as slavery was. i just dont see how anyone can support that cause. let churches have the right to refuse on religious grounds, but the state has no right to deny legal civil unions to its citizens, no more than it has the right to take away your private firearms, provided they are not being used for some illegal activity of course.
    discuss 🙂

    • Black Flag says:

      You think USWep is wordy, wait until I get going!

      – Welcome!

    • USWeapon says:

      Had he become a independent I would not have had as much to say about it. But when you say you are on one side and the move that party was towards the other side so your answer is to go all the way to the other side, you make no sense. If Lieberman had become a Republican I would have said the same thing about him. It wouldn’t make sense. The question I would ask anyone who makes the statement you made is this: What exactly did the Republican party do that “betrayed him”? It seems to me that the mistakes the part has made was to move towards liberal positions. That was what he railed against. So the answer was to become a liberal?

      I think madness covers those bills quite well. A “stimulus bill” that was largely a spending bill on liberal programs and which cost more with one bill than the entire 7 years of Iraq and Afghanistan. A budget bill that creates a national deficit three times higher than at any point in history. And a “volunteerism” bill that creates a commission to figure out how to make a 4 year service mandatory without creating a massive revolt (really you should read all of HR1388). The stimulus bill begins the process of nationalizing health care. The budget bill continues it. The upcoming cap and trade will, according to the congressional budget office, result in an increase in the average american’s energy bill of $3300 per year by 2015. I invite you to read some more of my articles on what is going on. I am betting that if you do so with an open mind, you might become as disgusted with your party as I am with both of them.

      And as far as gay marriage. Again read more of my articles. You will find you are preaching to the choir. Please join in, educate yourself the way we are all trying to do here. If you discuss a bit and find that you think we are crazy here, at a minimum you will be respected for discussing.


      • armywife says:

        as i noted, i hadnt had a chance to read the whole site, and so just assumed you were likely to be anti-gay marriage – you know what they say, “assume makes an ass out of “u” and me 🙂 so my apologies on that one 🙂
        and thanks for all of the welcomes, i am excited to have found this site, where people really do seem to be talking respectfully about politics!
        again, i only have time to address on point, but USW asked what the republican party has done that “betrayed” specter, in my hypothesis. obviously, i cant pretend to know arlen specter’s true feelings on the matter, but i can share what my father told me during the months leading up to the recent election. my father has traditionally voted republican his whole life; he says the each new election is for him difficult, as he feels himself to be a fiscal conservative and anti-Big Gov, but a social liberal. usually the fiscal conservative side wins, so he tends to vote republican. i am sure many americans can identify with his dilemma. but he has felt during the last 8 years increasingly frustrated with the direction of the GOP. he feels they have totally abandoned their stance on fiscal responsibility and small government, and he is disgusted with the power the christian right weilds in the party, pushing these hot-button moral issues like abortion and gay rights, which are in direct opposition to a party that claims to be the party of small government.
        so my dad had actually decided, after much soul-searching, to vote for Obama this election. he just felt that the GOP had moved to far to the right and no longer represented him. however, he really wanted to vote for McCain, becuase he respects him as a man, politician and a veteran. so, once it seemed pretty clear that Obama would win, my dad went in and cast a vote for McCain. he said that had the vote seemed very close, he’d have voted for Obama, as he felt he is the man best suited to lead us forward.
        my dad is not the only moderate republican i know who feels the party has been hijacked by the christian right and neo-con zealots. i have several other moderate republican friends in the army who also voted for Obama, as they felt the GOP has moved too far to the right. so it is very odd to me to read that you and others feel the party has been moving to the left. i am curious as to why you feel that is so.
        i will agree with you on another point though – a general disgust with both parties in recent years! i think that’s something all americans can agree on, is that we dont like how our elected officials have been acting at all.
        but i will say that i am genuinely excited by Obama. Rush would say i’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid no doubt, but i am inspired by him, and think that his effect on america is very similar to the surge of hope in the young generations that swept Kennedy into office. whatever becomes of that, it feels good to have some hope in the president again, to feel pride. my husband has been in the army almost 12 years now, and he told me on election day that it would feel wonderful to have a commander-in-chief he could admire and respect. we both liked clinton, but he’s not a guy one can admire or respect, except in terms of his expert showmanship, you know? he’s a great performer, but not a man of integrity. Bush i think is a man who genuinely tried to do as he saw best, but he was similarly hard to admire, for many reasons, not just our political differences. anyway, here’s Obama and there is a lot to respect – he is highly educated, an eloquent speaker who can really inspire people, a family man with a solid marriage, a smart wife, he has spent a great deal of his adult life in public service to his country, a church-going man who isnt preachy, he is cool, calm and collected, thoughtful and willing to listen to people. the kool-aid is delicious! you should really try some 🙂
        i am sure some people are reading this thinking how can i be so delusional! i always think the same thing when someone sings Bush’s praises – i just dont see it. but i tried, i truly tried, to avoid thinking of Bush as the downfall of america, as so many liberals did. i tried to always remind myself that he was just a guy with the hardest job in the world, having to make incredibly tough decisions that 50% of any group is going to hate, and in the end, he makes the decisions that he feels are best. unfortunately, they were just not the decisions i would have made. that’s why presidents only get 4 – 8 years. so that we can make corrections as we go. Obama will pass some bills and make decisions lots of people dont like. so in 4 -8 years, yall get a chance to elect a guy who’ll make different choices.
        Politics in america is more like a pendulum, swinging back and forth (and occasionally hanging out in the middle for a while), instead of a steady inexorable stream in one direction. if oyu dont like the political weather today, just wait a few years, its bound to change 🙂

        • Welcome Armywife, it’s always good to get hear from new people.

          I am curious on your impressions of Obama as your statements seem to hold true to the emotional, star-struck admiration that his followers have. What is it in his background and achievements that you feel prepared him for this position? I was totally unfamiliar with him when he appeared on the radar screen and spent a lot of time researching him (which was a challenge as so much information is locked up), but I wanted to see his history, his connections, his performance as a senator.

          Just curious if you did this also and did you notice any areas of concern?

        • TexasChem says:

          Gonna spike your kool-aid a bit armywife.This site I am posting leans to the right a bit but it still contains tons of factual history on Obama including his past voting history in the senate.present.present.present.present.present.present.

          Check it out.

    • Armywife:

      I ask that you consider the implications of the legislation you feel is resonable on my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If they impede on any of my rights then they represent madness as how else could I view a direct attack on my liberty.

      I also extend a welcome and hope you will provide us with your views as time allows.

      • armywife says:

        ok, you gotta point there. if you feel that some legislation threatens your civil rights, then naturally you would think that legislation is crazy 🙂
        just because i disagree doesnt invalidate your point of view.

        out of curiosity, do you see these as deliberate attacks, or simply as collateral damage – a result of being in the minority party?
        i ask because i know a lot of my liberal friends felt that much of the “Bush Agenda” was a deliberate attack, that they were being deliberately persecuted, you know? and a lot of my christian conservative friends talk a lot about how they feel they are being persecuted, even during the last 8 years, with the attacks on school prayer and such.

        i’m fascinated by the fact that two such very different groups felt equally persecuted under the same administration. what do you make of that?

        I’m reminded of the old saying, lincoln’s maybe? “you can make some of the people happy some of the time, but you cant make all of the people happy all of the time” – or something to that effect.
        a lot of the issues our presidents have had to deal with lately are very divisive issues that have been highly politicized and there’s very little cooperation between the two parties, so there seems no way to find a compromise that both sides can agree to, forcing any president to make a choice between two very different options. naturally, the president is going to choose the option in keeping with his party, since theoretically that is the option supported by the slim majority of americans, hence his election. this choice angers his opposition. but if he chooses otherwise, he angers his “base”. so, frankly, what is a president to do? imagine that you are leader of america, and let’s assume you take that seriously, that you really care about all americans. how do YOU choose which position to take on anything, knowing that whatever position you take, roughly half of your country will be angered by it?

        • TexasChem says:

          Armywife stated:how do YOU choose which position to take on anything, knowing that whatever position you take, roughly half of your country will be angered by it?

          TC:You base your choice upon your ethical values and stand your moral ground.I have yet to see this from Obama.

    • Bama dad says:

      Specter started as a dem then switched to the repubs and now is back with the dems. Also did not Lieberman change parties during an election cycle so the people had a chance to vote for him as a Independent?

      • Bama Dad,

        I think Lieberman ran as an Independent after he lost the primary.

        • Correct Dee. His party turned on him and backed an ultra liberal Democrat in the primaries and Lieberman lost the primary. He felt he would still win the general election because of his message. So he ran as an Independent and was correct. Won easily. Had he switched to being a Republican instead of Independent I would have lodged the same complaint against him.

          • Bama dad says:

            Thanks USW for the clarification, just could not remember how it played out but my main point was the people got to elect him as an Independant.

          • If there was ever an American politician I wished was on the scene here, its Joe Lieberman. The man in the middle.

  36. A quote from my father today,

    “A man may well be a gentleman when he enters the Congress, but he sure as {heck} is an {SOB} when he leaves.”

    • armywife says:

      ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely” but i cant remember who said that. regardless, it is some true stuff. americans have to pay attention to what our elected officials are doing, and hold them accountable, to prevent corruption such as we have today. we havent been doing that, we’ve been asleep at the wheel, and these are the effects of it.

  37. Undertaker says:

    With his defection to the dark side, Specter surely qualifies for the Hall of Shame. The iron fist of the administration will accelerate its blows to the Constitution and the Republic. Soon, the only hope will be that Dr. Orly Taitz succeeds in her efforts. Unfortunately, she is being stonewalled by every government agency she has confronted. The list of traitors is getting very long. This has to qualify as the most bizarre foreign occupation in history.

    • armywife says:

      “the dark side”? hey, i resemble that remark! seriously, that’s my “side” and i’ll have to kindly ask you to refrain from name-calling like that – “dark side” “traitors” etc. just because liberals/democrats disagree with you does not make us: evil, socialists, traitors, etc.
      we are just people who have different values, priorities and solutions.

  38. Truthseeker says:

    Nobody should be able to change their stripes mid-swing.

    • armywife says:

      kind of a muddled analogy, don’t you think? 🙂

      • TruthSeeker says:

        What I mean to say is that if you want to change your party affiliation, you should only be allowed to do it during the election cycle. The reasoning is because it betrays the voters to blindly voted for the R next to his name and are now dupped. How would you feel if the person you just elected won, and then a few months later changed his/her party?

  39. armywife says:

    well, this was a good way to pass the evening while waiting for my husband to get home. i’m not sure why, but i see all my posts are chronologically mixed up. i wish yall were on south korean time, i’m going to always be a day behind on everything 😦
    i will definitely bookmark this site – yall have got some interesting ideas and you’ve got me thinking about a lot of stuff.
    oh! someone was asking if any democrats could comment on the automaker policies, but i will have to tackle that another day. it is 10pm and i am going to bed!
    by the way, has anyone looked at eisenhower’s farewell speech lately? like TJ, he has some eerily prescient things to say -his are about the military machine and how it will affect the country if left unchecked.

  40. Well here’s how Pelosi views this change:

    “Very exciting, very exciting for the American people, because now we can get things done without explaining process,” Pelosi told CNN’s Candy Crowley.

  41. HA!
    Specter ( c’mon, the name doesn’t give it away) is a worm among worms.

    When I was a lad, beginning my enlightenment of disillusion, I petitioned my senator to allow me my second amendment right and vote against an “assault” weapons ban.
    He voted for the ban and later he stated that he had received an overwhelming amount of contact from his constituents to vote no, but he decided it was better to vote yes.

    “Da’yum..WTF?” thought I. But wait, I had advocated strong leaders that would vote their conscious and uphold their beliefs even against an all so fickle public opinion. Crap, my ox got gored.

    I thought a bit, yup, former Senator Paul Simmon, may God rest his soul easy, had stuck to his guns. Argue if you must the ethics of his moral framework, but he always seemed to stick by his convictions. I, to this day, respect him for that. He is the only, I do not speak in hyperbole, only major IL political figure that I can recall off the top of my head that not only has not been convicted of a felony but had never been under investigation of nor had rumors of misdeeds. He is on my very short list of politicians I respect, most always disagreed with, but respect the hell out of that man.

    Specter, to paraphrase Joe Frazier, “couldn’t hold his jock strap”.

    All in all though, it makes no difference to me which side of the train they sit on, that whole train is speeding towards a bad thing and no one is jumping up to pull the break lever. I know trains have break levers in every car because I saw that in many westerns, so don’t screw with my rock solid analogy.

    I believe many here think there is much corruption and at the very least malfeasance on the part of many in congress, so why no whistle blower?

    In the Army we have the safety halt. Anyone of any rank can stop training if they observe a safety risk. This is a great thing for bright young sergeants that want to knock a stupid Captain down a notch or two, but there had better be a real safety risk.

    So what of all the congressmen that do nothing amongst all this graft, corruption etc? Is there no investigation authority? Yes, I know, you have to get the OK from congress to launch an investigation against one of its members, I know this. What of a PI. Spend a couple grand, put it on the expense report and be the hero of the day for uncovering this corruption in a most “maverick” way.

    The whole place stinks, no one will rock the boat lest they loose their chance to control the beast and they all go along, periodically voting against some thing that in the greater scheme of things don’t matter much because the whole thing is past fixing.

    Slowing the train to hell don’t cut it for me. Have the balls to jump up and stop the whole thing in its tracks or sit down and shut up. Don’t dance a line and tell me how you are a great defender of the people.

    “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”


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