Where Has the Republican Party Gone Wrong?

For those who have not noticed we have a new liberal commenter on the site. Her name is Armywife and she has offered some different insight into the present administration and seems to me to be exactly the type of person we always seek on this site: Differing point of view, wiling to discuss rationally and respectfully, open to hearing a different point of view and actually considering it. This morning she asked a really good question about the feeling that people have about the Republican Party. And I was prepared to answer her question, but realized that I was in no position to answer for everyone, and I was hoping to hear everyone’s answers.

It occurred to me that we have a site full of conservative folks in general principles and values. There are a couple liberals who don’t like the Republican party from the beginning, but for the rest of us, at least most anyway, the Republican Party was at one time the party we belonged to. Some still do. So I feel like her question is one that I would like to hear many different answers on.

So the question is where did the Republican Party go wrong? For those who left the party, or who feel that the party left you, what makes you feel the way you do? I will answer for me but I certainly cannot answer for anyone but me.

I was a Republican because of Ronald Reagan. He entered the Presidency with the inaugural message that “government was not the solution, government was the problem.” That message resonated with me. Even at a young age I understood a free market, economics, and how government could get out of control. I felt like we were at a difficult juncture then. One of the defining memories for me in school was around the 8th grade. I would begin to learn things and quietly think to myself that some things didn’t make sense. A couple of examples:

I understood what welfare was. I understood what my teacher was teaching me, that it was a necessary tool made to make sure that those who cannot provide for their families could do so. The entire learning on welfare was framed around the Great Depression and FDR was hailed as a hero who saved the world by having government set up to provide for those less fortunate. But even at that young age I could see the difference between government creating public works jobs so that people could earn a living and government just sending checks out to those who were not working. I could see the massive increase in government control that came along during those FDR days as well. I did not see quite the hero everyone kept telling me to see.

I was raised in the church. Not religous zealots, mind you, but regular attendance and teaching. I never took to the church too well. It just didn’t make a lot of sense to me. But what did make sense to me was doing the right thing and being a good person. That is what I vowed to do. It is still what I try every day to do: be a good person. Help others where I can. Treat others well. Be honest in my dealings. My religion doesn’t play into it, which is why you have never heard me talk about my personal religious beliefs on this site. And you won’t. There are just a couple of people on this site who know me well enough to know them.

So I was given a choice of Democrats or Republicans. My vision of Democrats at the time was a group of politicians who operated without the moral consistency that the Republicans did. I recognized class warfare for what it was (and what it still is): a power play disguised as a “concern for the people”. So I chose the Republican party.

How did I view the Republican party? Smaller government for one. Not small mind you, but smaller. And smaller was always better in my opinion of government. Fiscal conservatism, meaning that we cut taxes to increase prosperity, and that means everyone, including the top 5%. Allow the people to keep their money and decide where to spend it on their own. They will make the right choices for them. Let the free market control industry. Keep taxes low on big earners. They are the ones who have the power to create the jobs that less wealthy people need. I could go on describing the Republican party as I knew it forever. The point is, they are not the same Republican party anymore.

So what is my problem today with the party? Many things. Let’s start with holding the moral high ground. The party stopped even trying to do that. They kept saying they were doing it, but they weren’t. They got away from from keeping their hands out of private industry and instead got into the pockets of big business. Despite their claims otherwise, the Democrats were always like this in terms of wanting to control industry. But the Republicans were not. Now they are. They are just as crooked and corrupt as I viewed the Democrats as being. They just got their bribes from a different section of industry.

The Republicans also allowed the Christian Right far too much sway in their platform. I am fine with the Christian Right believing whatever they want to believe. I am not fine with the idiotic belief that they have the right to legislate their beliefs onto others who choose not to believe in their particular “deity in the sky”. As I think I have made clear, I often believe a lot of the things that the Christian Right believes. I just don’t believe they have a right to force me to believe it or force me to act according to their beliefs. I watched them throw radical “what if’s” and “If this, then” arguments out there and recognized the fallacies for what they were.

But where I really lost touch with the Republican party was over the last 8 years. It wasn’t that I hated Bush. I didn’t, I actually liked a lot of things about him. And I would say 90% of those who truly “despise” Bush got their opinion from the MSM and began with a heavily biased premise that even Jesus couldn’t have overcome. Bush did plenty of good things. The 5-10 really bad decisions he made became the rallying cries for liberals everywhere. And if there is one thing that I hate Bush for, it is for giving traction to those in America who would take us all the way to socialism/fascism as quickly as possible.

No, the last 8 years were bad for me because when it comes to individual liberty, the Bush administration let me down. The Patriot Act was a horrible thing. Giving government that kind of power is never good. And using fear to get that kind of power was despicable. For using fear to pass the Patriot Act and intrude on Americans individual liberty, Bush and his administration lost my support. It made them a disgusting group of individuals in my book, for using fear that way. My disgust for them is only surpassed by by disgust for the current crop of Democrats, the President being the ring leader, who use fear and class warfare in the same way, only for different purposes.

I have followed closely the political world for all of my adult life. I worked in the military and in Washington DC. I was able to see long ago that the Democrats in power were pieces of human garbage, willing to screw over every man, woman, and child to retain power and further their agenda. The Bush administration just finally showed me that the Republicans in power were capable of, and doing, they exact same thing.

So I cannot point to s single defining thing that made me leave the Republican Party. They went to far right on some things, and too far left on others. But overall, what they failed to do was protect the individual liberty of Americans. The Democrats were already not protecting that individual liberty, the republicans fell right in step with them. The Republican Party stopped representing mainstream America. The Democrats never did. Now they both answer to lobbyist and campaign donors. Everyday you and me, we aren’t their concern.

I have come to realize one thing, and this is an important thing. In the halls of Washington DC, and I have worked those halls, the American Dream is dead. I don’t mean they are killing it there, it is absolutely dead there. The politicians on both sides of the aisle are working together to solidify their power and create a ruling class. They are no longer interested in creating the conditions for Americans to realize the American Dream. They are only interested in creating enough of an illusion of the American Dream to make sure that those of us not in the Ruling class don’t revolt.

Make no bones about it. Politicians in Washington believe that they are, in fact, the ruling class. They do not see themselves as elected to serve you. They see themselves as better than you, smarter than you, and more deserving than you. And they will do what is best for you, whether you like it or not. Kind of makes me feel like a teenager again. Cause that is the line my parents use to use on me.


  1. As a Liberal, i’ve never liked the Republicans, nor do I agree that government is the problem. However, i’d say they have just failed to move with the times, they’ve failed to update, they’ve failed to change. They’re ignorant, repulsive, and ultimately a failure. It also doesn’t help that they were home to the most unpopular President in history.

    • So Futile, you didn’t need to mention you were a liberal when you follow it up with stuff like you did. I DO think government is the problem. At any rate, your reply was this:

      i’d say they have just failed to move with the times, they’ve failed to update, they’ve failed to change. They’re ignorant, repulsive, and ultimately a failure. It also doesn’t help that they were home to the most unpopular President in history.

      Do you have anything at all that you would like to further expand on? I mean it sounds like your thought is “I hate Republicans because they are Republicans”. You offer nothing of substance in terms of policies or intrinsic principles that you disagree with. I could say liberals are ignorant, repulsive, and scared to deal with life without government assistance to prop them up, which shows them to be weak na destined for Social Darwinism. But that would not solve anything or help people understand my problems with the Democratic party. I offered my thoughts on the Republican party’s demise.

      I guess my point is, do you have any thoughts that are your own, or are you just relying on “they are bad” because you don’t like them? Because if that is what you are doing, then I submit that you won’t last long on this site, because you are not interested in discussing things to create a better path forward. You are simply close-minded and petty. I don’t want to believe that this is the mindset you are in, so I am asking for clarification as to what the Republicans do, exactly, that you disagree with?

      • esomhillgazette says:

        US: Don’t bother to answer him. He’s just another Drive-By. He was my first on my site! I was so tickled to get one! You can follow him back to his site like I did and you will see all the answers you need for what he is. A Liberal Moronic Obamaton. He has no opinions that are his own. He hates Republicans because he has been programmed to. His site is just a Hate filled and Venomous attack on anyone deemed “Conservative” in his eyes.

        • Whereas yours is full of fear tactics, and attacks on absolutely everything Obama does. He can’t take a shit without your type saying “Omg, it’s a socialist shit!”

      • There are several areas I do not like when it comes to Republicans.
        – I don’t like that Republicans appear to be unable to accept that America has caused problems in the World. For example, Fox News the other day spent ages complaining that Obama is making friends with dictators. I see a lot of Republican bloggers saying the same thing. Why do they not have the same contempt for Reagan’s support for Pinochet, or Rumsfeld’s arms deals with Saddam? Why did they not mention that America’s undying support for Batista in Cuba resulted in millions of deaths (due to infighting, and poverty), why did they not mention Nixon congratulating Batista on his election win in ’54, even though Batista was the only one running? Why so narrow in vision?
        – I do not like their stance on Gay marriage. Because i’m a supporter of gay rights. I do not like that they claim to be supporting individual liberty and rights, and less government interference in the lives of the ordinary man… and yet seem to need Government to stop homosexuals from marrying.
        – I do not like the continual use of the word “socialism” to describe Obama. He quite clearly isn’t Socialist. Left of Reagan does not mean Socialist.
        – I don’t like that they appear to think grandkids will pay for Obama’s stimulus with their futures, and yet they don’t seem all that bothered by the prospect of a destroyed climate and eco system which our grandkids would inherit if Republicans had their way with the environment.
        – I do not like the attacks on Government, and yet the absolute insistence that big business is the way forward. Big government in the USA, extended social security to ten million more workers during President Eisenhower’s term. It spread to farmers, teachers and dentists among others. Under Eisenhower, the government financed the National highways system. Before that, under Truman, the government passed the G.I Bill of Rights, to provide aid to War veterans for homes and college. It benefited 8 million returning Soldiers, who now went to college and had their mortgages guaranteed; and America benefited economically over the next sixty five years. Anti-polio vaccines, National Institutes of Health and it’s Research and Development, National Defence Education Act, the Internet with it’s origins in the Defence Department, Medicare, integrated school system, Civil rights, and food Administration – none of that is the result of a wondrous market system. Government provides the framework for a market to run successfully; Government works to cope with the change in the mentality of the people and nothing Obama does, is going to kill the superiority of the American market system.
        – I despise that to further their argument against Universal Healthcare they seem to choose to quote our British Daily Mail paper to prove it’s a bad system, despite the Daily Mail being the most right winged paper in the country, that none of us take seriously, and despite the fact that our own Conservative Party insist they will look after the NHS and keep it public, and despite the fact that the NHS has saved millions of lives since it’s creation. Pro-life? Really?
        – I don’t like the word “freedom” when it applies to economics, from a Conservative american perspective. According to Commondreams.org , the average CEO takes home wages 300 times heavier than their workers. Are those CEOs 300 times more important? Do they work 300 times harder? Now i’m not sure where in the doctrine of fairness, it was written that the wealth created by those workers, was fairly distributed when it went to pay the CEO 300 times more money than themselves but where ever it was, it was wrong. I’d go further, and suggest that this isn’t Capitalism, this is Corporate Communism. It’s a bunch of small Communist companies, in which the bottom of the pit are exploited to feed the extravagances of the top few. It’s the reason that 40% of the World’s wealth is owned by 1% of the population. What if we took 30% of that away from them, and gave it feed the hungry? Why should we wait for people to be charitable? Is 1% of the population earning almost half the wealth of the World, the trickle down affect that Thatcher and Reagan promoted? When is that 40% going to trickle down? Because there’s an entire Continent over the sea called Africa that seems to have been forgotten.
        – I don’t accept that they are the “pro life party”, I do not like their stance on Abortion. I do not like being labelled a baby killer because I support a woman’s right to choose, and yet they appear to get annoyed when I suggest they’re just as bad for supporting the Iraq War, torture, guns, and the death penalty.
        – I do not believe that the free market is the answer to everything. I believe government and the market can work together.
        – And lastly, the past eight years.

        Yes i’m incredibly liberal, yes i’m only 23 and so not as Wordly as many others, even naive at times, and I accept that. But my beliefs and my values will not change. My values are more in line with the Democratic view than the Republican view. I don’t hate Republicans. I just believe them to be Socially backward, intolerant, and ignorant.

        • – I don’t like that Republicans appear to be unable to accept that America has caused problems in the World
          I don’t think anyone would disagree that some foreign policy decisions made by Republicans caused “problems”. I do think however that you need to take them in context with what was happening at the time. Most of the ones you site where the result of choosing the lesser of two evils, allow the spread of communism or support someone who would stand against it. The fact that they abused their power once in control is no great surprise but unless we wanted to assassinate them and try again I’m not sure what else we could have done. In other words, they weren’t perfect but neither is life.
          – I do not like their stance on Gay marriage.
          I agree with their stance on gay marriage and I don’t understand is why “marriage” has to be the only solution. From what I understand, and it’s probably limited, the main reason that is given is that without the “rights” afforded a spouse they are not able to attend to all the legal matters of their “partner”. So why not direct all their effort to getting approval for “unions” which give all these rights to their partner instead of assailing the traditional marriage definition. It seems to me that this is an excuse to force acceptance of their lifestyle on everyone else. Personally, I couldn’t care less if they choose to be gay but I don’t appreciate anyone trying to force me to accept anything!
          – I do not like the continual use of the word “socialism” to describe Obama.
          Anyone Republican or Democrat that wants to take money from people who earned it and give it to those who don’t deserve it are Socialists in my book. I’m all for helping those in need but totally against creating a segment of society that believes a government check is their right whether they do anything to earn it or not.
          – I don’t like that they appear to think grandkids will pay for Obama’s stimulus with their futures, and yet they don’t seem all that bothered by the prospect of a destroyed climate and eco system which our grandkids would inherit if Republicans had their way with the environment.
          I hate to tell you but most Republicans believe we should protect the environment too. But we believe we should use some common sense in the process. The current environmentalists want everyone else to sacrifice their livelihood or their standard of living but aren’t willing to do it themselves. Case in point…..Al Gore!

          – I do not like the attacks on Government, and yet the absolute insistence that big business is the way forward.
          I agree that there were some good programs implemented by the federal government. I will disagree with you on the benefits of social security since that was the first program that taught people to rely on government instead of themselves for retirement. I don’t think any Republican thinks that “no government” is the solution just a much smaller one to handle things that the individual states cannot.
          – I despise that to further their argument against Universal Healthcare
          So are you saying that all the reports of people who are denied care that they need even if the delay may cost them their lives are false? Are you saying a universal health care like Canada that refuses to approve a new drug for cancer even though it has been proven to be effective simply because it costs too much are lies? If you are right, then why do so many people come to the USA for health care?

          – I don’t like the word “freedom” when it applies to economics, from a Conservative american perspective.
          I personally don’t agree with the mega salaries and bonuses that are paid to some CEO’s. My biggest contention with the ones that have been reported in the news is that not one of them performed at a level that justified their compensation. If a CEO makes 300% more than some employees you should really look at what that requires. Does someone who sweeps the floor deserve as much as someone who makes decisions daily that impact the ability of the company to pay all of the employees, fund half of the social security, contribute to their 401K and in most cases pay part of the healthcare premium? Do you think that all the education, experience, and stress of those two jobs are equivalent? If you believe they are and that the pay differential should be minimum then why in the world would anyone want to be CEO?
          – I don’t accept that they are the “pro life party”,
          I for one don’t agree with the “far right” imposing their views or beliefs on anyone, same as the gay marriage issue. I doubt very seriously if this is the mainstream of conservatives. My belief is that decision is between the woman and God and it’s not for me to decide. The decision to fight the Iraq war, despite everything you hear from the MSM, was based the intelligence estimates of Britain, Israel and the USA. All three thought he had WMD and why wouldn’t they since he gassed the Kurds years earlier and in case you don’t know “gas” is a WMD. Torture…no but water boarding to get information to save lives….you bet! Also, the 183 times includes every time water was poured on them not the simulated drowning part. Guns, absolutely, I live 20 miles out in the country, do you really think if someone is trying to harm me or my family that I want to wait for the police to arrive??
          – I do not believe that the free market is the answer to everything. I believe government and the market can work together.

          I will agree with this along as by work together you mean that the government establishes rules that everyone is to abide by and prosecutes those who don’t. I’m not sure who is responsible for this, probably both parties, but the SEC oversight of the market was horrible. Accounting firms that were supposed to verify financial information were in collusion with the companies. Is this the fault of the market or of the government for not doing the job for which it was given the authority and responsibility?

        • So, as soon as the Kennedy’s give up all that ill gotten money of theirs and have a come to Jesus moment, I’ll agree with you that republicans are then the only socially backward, intolerant and ignorant folks around. Don’t hold your breath though.

        • SFC Dick says:

          Futiledemocracy, sir.

          Alrighty then. Ya come in calling names, take a breath, step back, and return with reasons. Nicely done.

          Offer argument, reasoned (which ofcourse is subjective) and show some fact, you will do well here.

          I like the other side being presented here. On fox-blog it just goes down the toilet to name calling.

          I want to hear a reasoned argument, not that I need any more reason to hold both democrats and republicans with equal contempt, I just want to hear what democrats with brains have to say.

          I no more think all democrats are idiots anymore than I think all republicans are idiot, all politicians evil, I can stomach that; but to think 1/2 to 1/3 of my fellow Americans on this side or that are idiots, I don’t buy it.

          Futiledemocracy, thanks for showing up dude. I hope you stick around and offer some arguments into the greater debates.

          “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

    • TexasChem says:

      I thought Jimmy Carter was a democrat futile? =)

      • Afraid not but Dustin Hoffman did a great job of portraying him along side Tom Cruise.

    • Black Flag says:

      Other than mistakenly believe government is not the problem (when it is the ONLY problem), he is right (minus the high-on-the-dial emotionalism).

    • yellowrose says:

      Right-Wing, Religious-Right here, reporting for duty. I can now add “repulsive” and “ultimately a failure” to the long list of names I have been called for my socially conservative views.

      Call me names all you want, but I will not support giving the death penalty to someone who has not committed a crime.

  2. Good insight. Even as a police advocate, I believe that the Patriot Act has been an awful infringement on the liberties of citizens.

  3. I too, “became a Republican” during the Reagan years. It was also during this time that I had my first exposure to a union and that also influenced me.

    I grew up in a Christian church and still attend; my youngest son was confirmed last Sunday, however, I’ve never understood or bought into the religious zealot stuff – I believe this is a label placed on Republicans so as to demonize religion and the party.

    I’m also tired of being called mean, unkind and worse for not supporting the “unfortunate” class, ie the perpetual entitlement abusers. This is probably the area that I differ with the most from the left; let me and everyone other legal US citizen reap the rewards and/or the failures of their labors.

    I too feel both parties have let us down, and while I didn’t agree with Bush on everything, I think the MSM did a great job of overstating his failures, the BDS set in and carried through this past election.

    I still do believe in the basic principles of the Republican party; I just don’t know if too much damage has been done (and is being done) to get back there.

  4. I graduated from college in 1961 and immediately went to work for the federal government in D.C. I am retired now. I have been conservative since supporting JFK for president in 1960. I don’t want to name the organization I worked for; suffice it to say I got a good view of both the executive and legislative branches from the inside.

    When I got to D.C., it seemed most people, politicians, civil servants, even bureaucrats, were honestly trying to do the right thing. They had differing views on what was right, but mostly they had honorable intentions.

    I think when that began to change was when all the “sunshine” laws passed. Because most debates now take place in public, the politicians have learned they can gain political advantage by generally being dishonest and nasty, at least in substance. I think all votes should be on the record, but I don’t think all the debate needs to be public. There are too many bad effects.

    Most politicians now seem to place a very high priority on gaining and expanding their power. That was probably always true to a degree, but not like now. That’s why I support term limits for all of congress. The campaign finance laws have exacerbated this problem also; they make incumbents more difficult to defeat.

    I think the Republicans got all caught up in the power thing starting in 1994. They exercised power (improperly in many cases) just because they could and thought it would help them get reelected. It didn’t. The Democrats are now doing the same thing and it won’t help them either in the long run. Problem is, the MSM took the Republicans to task and it is not doing the Democrats the same favor.

    I almost always vote Republican because their candidates are usually less bad and their party leadership is definitely less bad. I may believe this because of my conservative philosophy, but all politicians now are basically dishonest. I think one has to be dishonest to be a successful politician now.

    I think term limits would help the situation considerably, but would not totally cure it.

    Maybe we need another thread on the pros and cons of term limits, but I guess that’s not a popular topic these days.

    • CWO2USNRet says:

      Interesting point about the sunshine laws. Makes sense to me.

    • Hey Jay: Did you know Senator Alan Bible from Nevada when you were working in DC?


      • JayDickB says:


        The name doesn’t ring a bell. I dealt mostly with staff people, but if I dealt with his staff, I probably would remember his name. Also, I often dealt with committee and subcommittee staff rather than personal staffs.

        In my initial years, I was low on the totem pole, of course. Only later did I have direct contact with people on the hill.

    • A poster on another blog that I read this morning mentioned that most politicians back then, regardless of party, had served in WW2 and he believed that this affected their political mentality and thus created a more bipartisan environment as these politicians, because of their service, understood what was truly important. I am not sure of the truth of the statement but it seems logical.

  5. Disgusted in Cali says:

    My father was a die hard Republican, mom just went along with anything dad said politically. I, being the black sheep of the family, always voted for the candidate who I felt most closely represented what my beliefs were, which primarily tended to be the Republican candidates. The last few elections it has boiled down to who I beleived was going to do the least damage to the country. Today you can’t tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican anyway. Fiscal responsability is dead in Washington and with it fell the Republican party.

    Politicians are all elitists and the people (unless you can give them something they want) are treated like bastard stepchildren to stupid to take care of themselves. These people who have been in office forever are so out of touch with their constituents I don’t see how they continue to get voted in. Seems to me that if you’ve been a Congressman or Senator for 20+ years you have lived in D.C. more than the state you supposedly represent. Term limits to get rid of the career politicians.

  6. USW, your thoughts mirror mine. Although I am still a registered a Republican, I am seriously considering switching to Independent. Although the Democrats are, to me, the worst offenders, I am absolutely repulsed by the entire political class. While I continue to fight the fight, it can be really disheartening as the more active I become the more corruption I see. These people have no consciences whatsoever and there are seemingly no bounds to their self interest. I feel like a hamster in a little plastic ball in the middle of a Cat 5 hurricane. Short of a mutiny, or going Galt, I’m really beginning to wonder if we can right this ship.

  7. I grew up a Republican and was one until last year. Republicans moved away from conservative principles. Here are my 5 conservative principles:

    1) Belief in individualism over collectivism. The individual, working for herself, can achieve much more than the individual working for the collective good.

    2) Belief in every individual’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit.

    3) Belief in limited Federal Government and States’ rights and sovereignty.

    4) Belief in a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

    5) Belief in limited involvement in foreign affairs.

    The current Republican party holds none of these beliefs; and, therefore, I am no longer a part of it. I am now a Libertarian and damn proud of it.

    • USWeapon says:

      And an excellent 5 principles they are.

    • jrobo1980 says:

      I’ve actually decided to do as much in my little part of the world (houston,tx) as I can to educate the people that their are other choices than one color of brown crap and another color of brown crap. I think if more people actually knew what Libertarian’s stood for they should actually get a real chance for a major office. I’ve thought about papering areas (apartment complexes and neighborhoods with info)
      Hopefully they are not just another color of brown in the long run though.

    • DominoMF says:

      I could not agree more whole-heartedly. Great 5 points

  8. esomhillgazette says:

    I have voted Republican In all State and National Elections since 1982, when I was first eligible to vote. I voted for Reagan in 1984 for the same reason US did. His message of Government being the problem and needing to be smaller resonated with me.

    I have generally been disappointed with my candidates since 1988. I too generally liked the 2 Bushes, but felt that they gave the Democrats too much ammo to use against them and their Party.

    But until this last election, I never really realized just how much we have really lost in America. I have ALWAYS voted. Even in my Party days. And it was Party Hardy too! But I didn’t keep up with Politics very well until 9/11. After that, I guess the helpless, pissed off feeling of it made me not think too much of the Patriot Act. I was willing, I said repeatedly, to give up a little freedom for safety. After all, I thought, I’m an American and a Patriot. What would I have to worry about? Man was I naive!!

    But that’s all over now! I’m sure that the government was counting on people just like me when they passed that damned law. Nice, Patriotic, American suckers!

    Now though, I realize that The Patriot Act was only the beginning. And even that wasn’t really. After this election, I began to look around for others like me. Folks starting to be unsatisfied with the way the government was so obviously sliding towards Socio-Fascism (learned that from BF and GA)in such a big hurry. I looked for a few weeks before finding what I was looking for. What I was looking for was here, US.

    This ain’t about hero worship or following blindly. This is about pure eye-opening experiences and thought provoking dialogue. Since finding this site in particular I have learned that I have already lost a hell of a lot more rights than I ever had considered, and stand to lose a whole lot more. I have also learned that it’s not just losing my rights as an American, but my freedom as an American as well.

    I now look at being an American in a whole new light. My eyes have been opened in so many ways. I no longer consider myself a Republican. I am a Conservative American and lifelong member of the VLDG Party! 😉

    In all seriousness, I have also discovered that I can keep the Christian values I have been raised with and still have toleration for folks with other beliefs and values. People like Perez Hilton will always creep me out, but that’s a personal feeling and has nothing to do with either my morals or values. (He’s just creepy) I now don’t agree with homosexuality but can tolerate their right to live that way. I don’t agree with Abortion, but I also can’t see my right of disagreement being more important than another’s right to disagree with me. What I’m trying to get across is that I still have much to learn, but still have the desire to learn it. I want to know true American Freedom, not just what the Government says is good for me. That’s not their job. I want the Government to stay out of my business and out of my life.

    I thank you for having this site and I look foward to the continuing day to day dialogue with those, even though I have never seen them, I consider my friends. Take care and God Bless. Peace Out.

    • While I didn’t start out a Republican I switched back in 1990 I have always voted for the man not the party. I agree with you I haven’t always kept abreast of the politics and I worry it maybe too late now.

    • esomhillgazette says:

      I seriously don’t know where to go now. I also don’t think we’re gonna have the time to worry about it by the next election in 2010, certainly not by 2012. I’m starting to think of places to move to.

  9. CWO2USNRet says:

    I became a Repub back in my early 20s because I was a military man. As it is for many voters, I went with the party that would benefit me the most. As I grew older I stayed with the Rs but my reasoning became more mature and principled.

    I am, like most here, I suspect, libertarian by philosophy. The Repubs is the major party that most closely aligns with that philosophy. Small gov’t, free markets, personal responsibility, and minimal intrusion are the most important concepts for me. The Dems have never been the way to go to move towards those ideals. Used to be the Rs at least professed to those ideals.

    No more. I’m lost. I don’t know where to turn now. I’m still a registered Repub because I haven’t figured out the alternative. Do I go Independent or Libertarian, do I support GOOOH, do I stay with the Rs and hope they change?

    Any of the first three options will end up strengthening the Dems in the short run. On the other hand, staying with the Rs will not induce them to return to their principles any sooner. And, their platform wasn’t all that good a fit for me anyway.

    We need something completely different from the current system. I’m leaning towards GOOOH.

    This situation sucks!

  10. Black Flag says:

    Barry Goldwater was the last real Republican. Since then, the Rep party has been merely Team B of CFR, with the Dems being Team A.

    Republicans have traditionally been the party of Peace, of small Government, of fiscal misers.

    They also have been foreign interventionists.

    Since Goldwater – and including Reagan – they have embraced the Centralist/Socialist model. (Do recall that Reagan was a Democrat before he joined the Republicans – he was the President for SAG for a number of years. When he stopped acting and started to work for GE, his ideology slowly changed.)

    There is no significant policy differences between the Rep and the Dems today.

    Bush, however, may have destroyed the Rep party federally. There is a huge power vacuum in the federal party, and it cannot be filled by the Beltway Bevy. It will come from the grassroots. And after Obama puts the country through the economic wringer (which is what the Reps would have done, too, if they won the election as they are, today, the same ‘party’ – Social Fascist Party), the people will demand a real difference in politics.

    But it will not happen federally. The change will be to turn to more powerful State Legislatures opposing Federal powers. It is here the Republican party can find large and broad support – picking off one State at a time.

    • Black Flag says:

      A short human interest story about Ron. While he was Pres. of SAG, Nancy came to him for help to get her removed from the Communist List used to ban actors and actresses in Hollywood. Ron asked her for a date. There is no doubt that Nancy Reagan became his shield and supporter for the next half century after that.

    • BF,

      Don’t feint, pass out, or have a heart attack . . . But you and I actually agree on something EXACTLY!

      “Barry Goldwater was the last real Republican.”

    • We had a politician annihilate his own party and what GW did was not it. Look to Canada’s Brian Mulroney for a country leader scorning his countrymen while pining away about the environment while unemployment soared. He took his party from the largest majority ever (211 seats) to holding less (2 seats) than the independents and caused the birth of the Reform Party (new conservative movement)in Western Canada. So we’ve seen it first hand and what Bush did isn’t it. He made a Trudeau like mistake of ignoring the party itself and focusing on what HE wanted to do.

      The truth here being that president Obama is the one playing “all or nothing” should escape no one. His party now controls the whole show as Brian Mulroney’s indeed did. I’ve already seen the result of a government forgetting all about its employers while frantically chasing its place in the history books. In failing it lands their respective party and its members squarely on the endangered species list.

      • Alan, I hope you words ring true. I also hope they don’t take the rest of us to the list with them.

      • Black Flag says:

        The Reform Party is further proof of the futility of attempting to change the system.

        Within three elections, the Reform has been absorbed into the Conservatives – with the system none the better for it.

    • JayDickB says:


      I mostly agree with what you say and I am especially intrigued with your thesis that real change will originate in the states. This will be very difficult, but I hope you are correct.

      However, I believe there are small but significant differences between the Republicans and Democrats, which is why I still bother to vote. The Dems seem to me to want centralization faster and more extreme than the Reps. But that is a difference only in degree. Most of all, they both want power, and as much of it as possible.

      I also believe a foreign policy that tends toward isolationism could be dangerous in today’s world. It is too easy to strike the U.S. from anywhere in the world to totally leave the rest of the world alone.

      Or, do I misread your foreign policy views?

  11. Just saw this letter on another site and thought it appropriate to this post:

    This letter is in response to one of the many letters which I have received from the Republic
    National Committee soliciting contributions.

    While I am still a registered Republican and will always be, I have not sent in a contribution
    in years and the commentary below will reveal my reasons. Please read this carefully. I am in
    touch with many people all over the country who consider themselves Republicans, more importantly
    conservatives. They express the same sentiments I am about to express.

    We lost the election…why?

    For the past eight years (possibly more) the Republicans have not been representing their constituency, their base. Instead they have advocated big spending, amnesty for illegals and have kow-towed to the left and to the media.

    Sometimes they make speeches that sound right, but when faced with the slightest opposition and
    criticism, they back down from their original statements or try to put a more politically correct spin on
    their comments.

    Along the way, those of us who consider ourselves Republicans wonder “where is the Republican
    leadership?” They don’t represent us any more. They are too busy “reaching across the aisle.”
    or trying to be bipartisan. You all don’t even present a cohesive front to the nation.
    Democrats stick together and repeat the same talking points over and over again on talk shows.
    They each back up their party members to the hilt, no matter what. They are pitbulls. What do
    Republicans do? More often than not, when faced with any opposition or criticism, which
    invariably comes from Democrats or the liberal media (no surprise), they back down to the

    A lot of good men resigned needlessly or were thrown under the bus. Some examples Trent Lott,
    Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay (The Trent Lott scenario truly boggles the mind…Lott resigned
    because he went to a party for a friend, praised his friend and that drew a storm of protest
    from individuals who chose to play the race card..a tactic used by libs ad nauseum.)
    No one stood by Lott, not even President Bush.

    A Democrat in the same position faced with any sort of censure would not have resigned or been
    ousted by party members. Instead his fellow party members would have rallied to his side and
    and insisted over and over again on the talk shows that no wrong had been done. I rarely see this
    scenario from conservatives.

    And the litany of Democrat party members’ scandals and transgressions is mind-boggling compared
    to what any Republican would do or has done.

    To the Democrats, “reaching across the aisle” means “we don’t care what you Republicans think,
    you need to do things our way.” And bipartisan means the same thing. To Hammas ceasefire
    means time to reload. We are also tired of “mavericks” – mavericks don’t win elections.

    Conservatives did not elect you to play nice with Pelosi and the crew at CNN.

    Over the years the lines between the two parties have become blurred. You have disenfrancished
    your base I am willing to bet that millions who would normally have voted for McCain just stayed
    home in disgust.

    And now we are faced with an Obama presidency. He is not just another liberal but a very dangerous man.
    I just took a look at the proposed stimulus package and it is filled with nonsense. While there is enough
    blame to go around for this poor economy, the bulk of it rests squarely on the shoulders of liberals.
    I did not hear a strong condemnation to that effect from the Grand Old Party.

    During the campaign, the media, as can be expected, supported Obama to the hilt. Was he challenged by
    Republicans? Was his sordid past ever brought to light, except in a limited and hesitant way a
    few times on the part of Palin? And that was too little too late. McCain refused to talk about it.
    But millions of us know about his past and his treacherous plans for this country. We don’t even know
    if he is a natural born citizen…many of us suspect he is not. But I guess the Constitution is just a piece of paper.
    Many of us (millions) don’t feel he was even eligible to run. And we are all watching this unfold and demanding
    that our elected officials take heed and action. This issue will not go away.

    You refuse to stand firm on closing the borders. A country which continues to be flooded with illegals
    will seriously change the demographics and the incoming hordes will vote for the party that promises
    entitlements. When that happens, and it is on its way, our GOP is lost and our country is lost. Only
    a handful of our elected officials will take on this subject.

    And by the way, one of the few people who seriously addressed the illegal immigration issue, Tom Tancredo,
    resigned. I wonder why – maybe because he refused to be politically correct and wanted to do his job but
    could not. He was outnumbered and he is exactly the kind of person conservatives need.

    Witness the situation here in Arizona with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Good old Joe has consistently supported the
    enforcement of our immigration laws. He has done a lot to round up and deport illegals. He has been
    bashed by the liberal AZ media and even sued. Yet he keeps getting elected to office. Why?
    Because he is doing what the people elected him to do and he will not back down so the people keep
    electing him, term after term.

    If the Republican Party followed in Joe’s footsteps, they’d be in power right now in the federal government.

    What do conservatives want from their party and for their country?

    An end to illegal immigration. No benefits for anyone not here legally. All illegals summarily
    deported. Our hospitals, schools and states are going bankrupt due to the unchecked flow of illegals.
    There are millions of people who would like to live in the US. Many of them (from Europe and Asia) either
    already speak English or are more than willing to learn. They’ll do the so-called menial jobs and then
    pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Millions of immigrants have done just that and that is what made this
    country great.

    A flow of legal immigrants who love America and are willing to be productive and loyal to this country.
    What a concept! What do we have now? Largely illegals many of them criminals who are filling
    our prisons while the rest drain our resources. Many refuse to be assimilated. They have been used
    as a cause celebre for race-baiting by the liberals. People don’t oppose Mexicans or legal immigrants,
    they oppose ILLEGAL immigration.

    No welfare except for the physically and mentally impaired. People need to re-learn responsibility.
    Right now almost half of the nation looks to the other half for support. We will crumble if this continues.

    Religious freedom – Christians should not have to apologize for their beliefs. The Ten Commandments
    are the foundation of our country and anyone who does not like that concept can go and live
    somewhere else and they should be told that frequently by conservative people in power. No apologies, no

    Decreased spending….a big part of the budget can be cut by eliminating wasteful spending. The concept of
    government needs to be revamped or more precisely to go back to what it was years ago.
    The government is not supposed to give away goodies. It is not our daddy. Stick to the limited
    concept of government which is to maintain the military, regulate commerce and maintain our infrastruture.

    Keep taxes low for all us. Induce businesses to stay here and keep us employed. Taxes can be kept low if
    all the huge wasteful spending is cut out.

    Although we cannot force anyone’s consumer choices, use your positions of power to implore citizens to buy
    American products and keep American workers employed. Buying foreign is part of the reason we are
    in this mess.

    Uphold our country in its proud tradition…we don’t want to be like Europe and we don’t care what Europe thinks.
    Our elected officials and our judges are here to represent us and do what is best for us… Judges are supposed to uphold
    the law. For many years, liberal activist judges have been reversing the will of the people to support far left fringe
    lunatic agenda. (e.g. ruling against propositions already voted on by the majority)
    You need to speak about against this practice, vehemently and often.

    And along the same lines you need to speak out often and with vigor on many issues. When the other side
    wants a crazy bill passed, get on TV, issue press releases etc. to let the public know it is not in their best interest.
    Tell them why and WHO is voting for or against measures that will endanger the public.
    You will earn the respect of your constituencies and you’ll see these elections turn around.

    We still continue to deal with high gas prices. We need to drill YESTERDAY. Tell the American people
    which members of Congress are blocking this and how doing so hurts us in terms of paying higher gas prices
    and foregoing the creation of many high-paying jobs. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want drilling because she wants to
    save the planet!!! An example of lunacy.

    It’s time to fight!!!! These are not times for the faint-hearted. Free speech is in peril; the dems
    can’t wait to pass the Fairness Doctrine; a long hard battle against terrorism under President Bush
    will almost certainly be unraveled by a pacifist President and Congress. Let’s face facts, many in the
    government hate this country and will gladly see it destroyed.

    If you don’t make these serious changes and listen to and represent your constituency, you might as well just
    switch over to the other side….very possibly there’ll be more and more people looking towards a third party
    which will truly represent our conservative interests. I frankly would not like to see this happen. I want
    conservatives to be conservatives and represent us and truly lead.

    I feel we don’t need to be fractured by third and fourth parties. We need to have the Republican party
    be truly conservative standing for America, true freedom and all the values which made this country

    Mary Seales
    Scottsdale, AZ

    • Wow.

    • Kristian says:


    • to Kathy
      Amen, Sistah! I haven’t had a party for long. GBush kept us safe, but we did not need HLS and the biggest re-org of gov ever. Remember CIA, FBI, etc?

      We need HR25 FairTax to be enacted. FairTax would go a long way to cut the power all of these ner’do’wells enjoy.

      I wish folks knew what the retirement plan of their congressman was, not at all like the S.Security (a.k.a. biggest ponzit scheme in history) they foisted on us.

  12. Black Flag says:

    Today, the Governments of Canada and the United States became the proud owners of Chrysler.

    Canadian Gov. has 2% and US Gov. has 8% – but Canada can appoint 1 board member, and the US appoints 4 – representing them majority on the board of 9.

    • Yes I heard about this just a minute ago on Fox…but they claim Chrysler is trying to fight back because they prefer to take chances in bankrupcy court than except more money from the government. So right now, the the workers at Chrysler are out of luck?

    • At least Harper understands that while there is indeed nothing green about a 1 ton with a Cummings diesel, there’s nothing useful about an electric truck unable to carry a sugar cube around the block without a really big extension cord.

      • TexasChem says:

        My 1 ton dodge 3500 dually with the cummings turbo diesel gets 22 mpg on the highway.That’s better than most of the gasoline engines in trucks of its size and most SUVs’.I use my truck hauling hay, livestock, my boat or my travel trailer etc. With the add ons to the exhaust system(K&N cold air intake and 4 inch straight pipe off the turbo to a 3 foot long 6 inch tail tip)and motor(performance injectors, fuel pumps, computer programmer) it puts out a lil over 700 hp.Had to replace the clutch with a high performance clutch when I first did the upgrades cause I blew the stock one to pieces.It will pull the toes off an elephant. Course it spews carbon emissions out like an electric plant but I am not a believer in global warming anyways so I’m just feeding the trees co2. :0

  13. Republican of the Day-
    Mike Kilborn from Ohio County
    He refuses to take Stimulus money in the amount of $373,000 and this money would have been used for 3 new buses and upgrading fleet. Kudos to Mike for having balls I mean the courage to stand up and so say NO instead of just taking the money and then whining about the rules later!

  14. jrobo1980 says:

    Although I tend to not post responses much or make them very long I cant pass this up. Word of warning though I tend to have a hard time articulating my thoughts into words and I spell like a 3 y/o so please take it easy on my spelling and grammar.

    Until this last election cycle I’ve not followed politics much in the past. Being born in 1980 (yes I’m probably younger than many of you guys) I don’t remember the Regean years and all I remember from Bush Sr. was the Gulf war. Clinton was the first pres that I can remember being elected. So with that said I’m just now forming my opinion on what I thing the government should do.

    I hear from the left that the Republican party is dead and that might be true. The Bush years did a number on the general opinion of the party and from what I can tell many Republicans are distancing themselves from the name. (Part of the reason why I think the Libertarian party has a good chance in the next few election cycles.)

    On the reason I don’t align with the Republican party is almost 100% because of the religious right. Not to say that religion is bad however I agree that it has no place in the government and having a religion making policy leads to the violation of people right to believe in what higher power they choose. Religion also leads to some pretty weak reasons to why things should be done. Saying that the Bible is against xyz is not a good enough reason to make a law or influence policy.

    Example: A decent argument can be made against abortion with out bringing religion into the topic, however the topic of gay marriage is hard pressed to find and argument other than “God says its bad”.(Although for the sake of playing devils advocate I tend to try and find one if its the discussion)

    Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it makes sense and doesn’t come across as complete gibberish.


    • Welcome jrobo1980,

      Please feel free to stick around and join in on the discussions. All of us who frequent this site do not usually share the same opinion, and thats what makes the discussions lively and informative. We all learn here. Even us old geezers! 😉

      • jrobo1980 says:

        Thanks G.A. I’m an avid reader of this blog and I actually pop over to yours from time to time. I just tend to not post on either.

        • You might as well speak your mind Jrobo…the rest of us do. It is refreshing to get a different point of view sometimes. We are here to make each other think….and I believe we do that quite well. Hope to here from you again and welcome.

    • Welcome J,
      I tend to mostly read the site as well. I have to say that I agree with you re the Christian association of the Republican party. This country was founded on religious freedom. Meaning a person’s right to believe in whatever they want. I also agree that religion and gov’t shouldn’t mix. A party associating themselves with one religion gives the ‘impression’ of gov’t sanctioned religion. Although I am a religious person, the association made me uncomfortable.

      BTW, I thought your spelling and grammar were just fine.

    • Bama dad says:

      “On the reason I don’t align with the Republican party is almost 100% because of the religious right. Not to say that religion is bad however I agree that it has no place in the government and having a religion making policy leads to the violation of people right to believe in what higher power they choose.”

      Agree with you there, religion has no place in government, but I sure get tired of being beat up by the left for being religious. There is a hard religious right out there just as there is a far hard left. What this country needs are hard thinking people to solve this country’s problems. Let’s get rid of the hate and work together.

    • Alright, not to overwhelm you with religion, but this is yet another instance of a non-religious person misrepresenting Christian theology. It is not a matter of mandate. In fact, for most of human history marriage has had little to do with love or sexual attraction. The institution of marriage guarantees the futherance of the species. That is all. The Victorian Era was the first to become truly obsessed with the notion of romantic love. And while I have no real issue with that notion, especially as an unmarried person, the point remains that marriage betweeen a man and woman essentially insures that human population thrives. I am not saying that an absentee father makes for a great upbringing. Nor am I saying that gay people cannot raise good children. What I am saying is that to off-handedly dismiss religious reasons for upholding marriage is misguided. Love can exist between any two people, yes, but is that enough? Aren’t there more more practical implications? Am I horribly off topic?

      • TexasChem says:

        I simply do not understand how one can expect society to stay morally sound without religion to use as a standard.Some of you on the blog say that you can not have religion in government and I agree to a point BUT; our fundamental beliefs of right and wrong are undeniably judeo/christian.These beliefs are taught they are not instinctual.If you fail to have the means of teaching these beliefs how will they survive on to the next generation?Can you guys not see this failure to pass on these beliefs is detrimental to our society as a whole?

    • Hey JRobo
      Just wanted to say that you are a year older than I; born in 1981. I am sure you and I are the youngins of the group. I agree with you 100%. I am not affliated with either party although I have voted DEM the last 2 elections I have been able to vote. My preference in this last election was Mr. Paul but once he was canned, there were 2 and McCain…well enough said. Now that Obama is in the WhiteHouse, I wish I didn’t vote for him…but he would have got there anyways because America was ready for change just not the change that Obama wants. I vote for candidates based on ideas not REP or DEM. Honestly, I feel both parties are in it for themselves and don’t care to support either one.

      BTW…I have been reading a lot and just started communicating with the group about 3 weeks to a month ago. Several people disagree with me but I still think it is good to bring your ideas, opinions, and comments to the table because everything is relevant whether it be agreed upon or not. So join in the fun and share your ideas.

    • Why then does a gay union have to be called marriage? If I guarantee you the same legal rights and benefits that I and my wife have, why must you take the word marriage, which for thousands of years has meant man and woman?

      To almost answer my own question, I would posit that you need it for a psychological reason.

      Can you not see that to covet this word is to exacerbate our differences rather than bring us closer together?

      If I were to receive the following announcement in my mail,

      Bruce Wilkes


      Steve Ferrick

      would like to invite you to the celebration of their life union at Elysium church on Wednesday September 15th 2009.

      I would be honored, assuming I know them to attend. If on the other hand they use the word marriage I will not. Perhaps because of my religion or more likely, my tradition, I could not attend.

      This is like the bi-partisanship gimmick, I must surrender completely. It is not enough to merely make their union legal, to solemnize it, to accept them as a couple to acknowledge that they have equal rights and standing. I must surrender and they must have every shred of my belief system subservient to theirs.

      We all know how this will end up. They will triumph by hook or crook and we will eventually be tried for hate speech or some such thing.

      • Black Flag says:

        It’s a word, SK – it means for many people a life-long commitment between two people that they each value the other’s life more than they value their own.

        Look at it that way.

        • But it is more than a word to me. Again I ask, where is the compromise? I doubt that twenty or thirty years ago I would have agreed to civil union, equal protection, or equal standing. I have already demonstrated my good will. Where is theirs? After all, some day I will be dead along with the other dinosaurs and then folks can probably do whatever in the hell they want to do. Hey, patience is a virtue, Rome wasn’t built in a day etc.

          There is just a very different philosophy at work here. To me it is juvenile and causes much mischief. Thinking back to the global warming/cooling debate. With the amount of data we have on the phenomena it is absurd to draw any conclusion but, the juvenile delinquents want it and when do they want it? Now! Probably all Dr. Spock’s fault.

          Oh, and I agree with you on AuH20 64.

          • Black Flag says:

            The word doesn’t matter. Make up a new word.

            My position on this topic is that the Gay Rights Movement is pushing this agenda so to obtain access of government money.

            If government money was not available, they wouldn’t care less. The word is as irrelevant to them as it should to you. They could as easily make up a new word as you might.

            It is purely an attempt to get money.

            (That does not mean, individually, that is their reason – it is the MOVEMENT’S agenda).

            • I do not necessarily disagree but I have engaged in discussions on this topic with gay folks. Invariably, I am Hitler and they are Eliza in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or all 12 million dead Holocaust victims with the Inquisitions victims thrown in to boot. This of course, invariably puts me over the edge and I become irrational.

              How about “ramierga” as the new word? It has the same letters. We could say that mierg is the root meaning merge. Actually, now that I think about it, I like it. Ramierga it is from now on.


  15. I was born into a Democratic family. When first eligible to vote, I registered Democrat just like the rest of my family have done for decades previously – except for my Mother who was always considered the “black sheep” of the family. I now hold that title and am proud of it!

    I am a veteran of the Viet Nam war. While there I could not figure out just why our President ordered the construction of “McNamara’s Wall” just south of the DMZ. That cost the lives of many a good Marine during the construction of it, including some of the best friends I had at the time. What did it for me was the final “episode”, if you will, at a little known rise in the ground at the west end of that useless mess called Con Thien.

    At the next election, I took a very hard look at the Democratic candidate, George McGovern, and what he was saying scared the living – – – – out of me. I have never voted for a Democrat since. That election I voted for Richard Nixon and then watched the MSM skewer him like shishkabob on a BBQ. After his resignation I thought Jerry Ford would do good, that is until he came up with his amnesty for the cowards who ran to Canada. Then I lived through Jimmy Carter’s cowardly Presidency.

    I was a senior SNCO when Reagan sent his guys out to find out what we really wanted (not “needed”), and I heard all my other fellow SNCO’s cry out for pay raises. When asked directly what I wanted I stood up and stated that I wanted to be a multi-millionaire, but what we Marines really needed was for the prices in the Commissary and the Base Exchange to be lowered so that the younger ranks that were married could get off food stamps and be able to feed and clothe their families . . . well I was almost drawn a quartered by the rest of the SNCO’s there for that statement. However, later when we got those pay raises that everyone else wanted they changed their tunes drastically. Why? That pay raise put all of us into a higher tax bracket, and that in fact gave us all much less in take home pay! One week before I retired my division SGTMAJOR actually admitted to me that I was right to ask for lower PX & Commissary prices. My statement to my colleagues at the time was to be careful what you wish for as it my turn out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing . . .

    I am still a registered Republican, although I do not know how I will vote in the next election. I do know it will be for the candidate that most closely resembles my own political philosophy.

    And yes, I am still pushing to have ALL political parties banished from this nation!

    • Welcome home, Sir. Thank you for your service.

      I remember y’all dancin’ around beggin’ for the right pay, for our VA system to be drawn-n-quartered. Rightly so.

      I also remember Reagan had us (IRS/Gov) under a “freeze.” Remember that? Couldn’t apply for work, couldn’t move up unless of course you had a lunch buddy. That was fun.

      Just thank God every day that you didn’t serve under BillyC. Remember that? Guys quittin’ w/ 19yrs, 29yrs, 32yrs, etc.

      Anyway, glad you’re back.

  16. chilechild says:

    My parents were/are Democrats, though they often voted Republican and loved Regan. I was raised in a military town and when were very young we were taught that the guys who wore uniforms were heroes. I became a Republican after I saw the mess what the “well meaning” Jimmy Carter left us with. I felt that Bush made the right points and all but I held my nose when I voted for him. I like “self-made” men as president and you can see why I felt that there was not much of an alternative in Bush or Gore. I don’t fault Bush too much for the wars, but I feel that he and the Congress have acted abysmally in maintaining a strong economy. Earmarks make me shudder and my Democratic friends like to see me shudder. I belong to some yet-to-be-named-third-party. The Republican Party belongs to the country clubbers, the second generation rich, and the son-in-laws.

  17. My dad use to cring when I told him I voted for the man not the party….he would say you are messing up the House and Senate. As long as those nutts up there are bickering instead of legislating I feel I have won. But now we a unified President, House and Senate and it scares me. If what has gone on over the last few months is any indication we are in deep trouble…I think we have been pushed off the cliff.
    Is there not a 1000 honost men who can run this country without party lines. Who vote for what is best for the US instead of voting to get re-elected? I really am an isolation neutrality voter…but who has those ideals anymore?
    I am afraid we have a long up hill battle…I believe there is way to many gimme people in the US….as long as it is being doled out….voters will vote for the people giving it to them. The thing is America is in bad shape….just exactly what are we as Americans going to do about it? Both parties stink to high heaven…..the largest part of our leaders are corrupt, there maybe one or two worth saving the rest need to go out to the dump with the trash.

    • jrobo1980 says:

      Problem with getting an honest man/woman to be a politician is that its really hard to run a campaign with out serious financial backing and the people who contribute the large sums expect to have their interests looked after if their candidate wins. Of course someone could take the money and then not allow him/her self to be influenced by those outside forces but I really have no idea how that would work out in the long run.

      It should be easier for an average person to run for a political office and have a fair shot. However looking at how the media (fox included) treats 3rd parties I highly doubt this will happen.

      • Jrobo, your point on financial backing is right on. Besides term limits once someone is elected, we also need to take a look at how the campaigns should be run, including the financing of them and the time that is alloted to campaigning. Both are out of control.

      • chilechild says:

        Regan, when receiving a monetary gift from Log Cabin Republicans (who are gay) said the equivalent of… Well, they know who I am. If someone has a strong identity, he might not have to feel the need to repay gifts.

      • avedepreda says:

        I have to jump in here; it doesn’t matter anymore! IF there was an honest individual to actually run for office, the ACLU would cry foul because the rest of the field would be at a disadvantage. The smear machine (aka the drive by media) would if not finding anything would instead invent fictitious or “model Probabilities” equating the honest individual with a low brow – back woods hick (you know a real knuckle dragger) . . . . does this scenario remind any of the current crop of posters of anybody?

  18. Bama dad says:

    Started my voting life as a dem and voted straight ticket. I started to question the party line with the beginning of the “great society” programs. I was working hard supporting my family and I watched people on the dole doing nothing and getting a check from Uncle Sam for no effort. Yes I even voted for Carter and could not believe the mess he made of things. Reagan was an awaking for me and I jumped on the repub band wagon and have been there ever since. I blindly followed them with no thought or investigation on what they were doing. Well about a year ago I realized the repub’s were doing the same things that caused me to leave the dems. The main complaint I have with both parties is that they have become professional politicians, not representing the people. Dems are driving us over the cliff at warp speed and the Repubs are taking us there at impulse power(remember Star Trek). Before Obama the Repubs started the bailouts and were spending money hand over fist. Government grew under them, slower than now but it still grew. They quit listening to the people and ran government that most benefited them. Because they ran wild and did not live up to their responsibilities, it allowed the Dems to become the majority party in this government and I feel they(Dems) now have a free hand to radically change this country. For this reason I place part of the blame of the light speed spending on the Repubs, even when they vote no on it. All I want is smaller government, lower taxes on all, politicians out of business and some responsibility from the citizens of this country. Stand on your own two feet people, government does not have to hold your hand on every little thing in your life.

    • Bama Dad
      All I want is smaller government, lower taxes on all, politicians out of business and some responsibility from the citizens of this country. Stand on your own two feet people, government does not have to hold your hand on every little thing in your life.

      AMEN to that!

  19. An honest man can’t run and be president no offense to anyone here but if your average honest Joe ran for president the big money politicians would have in dead and out of the race in 2 weeks. You would see both parties republican and
    democrat come to gether to smear the honest joe when they are through 90% of the public would believe honest joe worships the devil and eats babies for snacks. The average joe if he got enough money to run would nbot be able to defend himself from the smear campains not to mention get enough airtime and notice from the Liberal News Media outlets. The media and big special intrest groups would trounce him for not playing ball. Media should have no place in elections at all because they are biased. Once again no offense to anyone.

    • Thats exactly what happened to Duncan Hunter in this last election. FYI – He was the ONLY candidate that ran on a platform of closing our southern border first and then rounding up all the illegal aliens and deporting them. Not even the mediators of the debates would acknowledge his existence!

    • You are correct…..i just watched the media elect a President. I can not believe what our media does anymore. The money is another issue….if all campaigns were group funded and canidate got the same amount of money and could only spend X then things would get better to. I was really appalled at all the money that was thrown around in this campaign…maybe we need to lower the wages of our politicians and the criminals will find something more lucritive to do for a living.

    • You would see both parties republican and democrat come together to smear the honest joe when they are through 90% of the public would believe honest joe worships the devil and eats babies for snacks.

      LOL! Can you say Bohemian Grove…

  20. Kudos to everybody and your comments. To ArmyWife, excellent article.

    I was taught to think for myself (thanks Dad), so I don’t and will not belong or be affiliated with any political party. Why? Because I’m “American First”, and I feel that is what is dismissed when joining a “party”.

    Political parties are nothing different than legal “gang warfare”. It’s allegence to a cause, nothing more. The whole process of becoming a politician is the same, indoctrination, allegance and compliance. Gangland mentallity at it’s best. Only thing different, it’s legal, and killing this country. Sorry for the bad spelling, just pooped and need sleep. God Bless and sleep well!


    • SFC Dick says:


      Nice, I like the “legal gang warfare” part.

      “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

  21. Since someone brought up the Chrysler deal I thought you would find the following Blog Comment by a Mr. David Budge of interest. Mr. Budge is well versed in the fiancial world and how it works. Enjoy

    “A handful of Chrysler’s senior secured lenders balked at the 30 cents on the dollar offer the Obama administration gave them thus sending the company into Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection. The president said this:

    -A group of investment firms and hedge funds decided to hold out for the prospect of an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout …

    -They were hoping that everybody else would make sacrifices and they would have to make none,” Obama said. “Some demanded twice the return that other lenders were getting.

    The problem, of course, is that “plan” designed by Treasury does everything it can to subvert even the notion of structural subordination. That is to say that, under normal rules of bankruptcy, there is a well defined legal construct that pays creditors by class order – the senior secured class taking preference above all others.

    But under the plan the senior debt holders would receive less than more junior creditors including $10 million in cash to the UAW VIBA health plan with a kicker of 55% ownership of the new company to the UAW. The Treasury would be repaid about 85% of its interim loans and 25% of the stock regardless of the fact that they are in third place in the subordination structure. Fiat gets 35% of the company for supplying management talent with no cash infusion.

    Most of the 70% of the senior creditors who have agreed to the deal are, in fact, recipients of TARP funds. One needn’t think long about the political pressure put on them in the negotiations.

    According to Bloomberg the dissidents took this position:

    “Our holdings in secured Chrysler debt are entitled to priority in long-established U.S. bankruptcy law, and we are obligated to our fund shareholders to support agreements that respect these laws,” the company said in an e-mail.

    Chrysler’s dissident lenders have on their side the “absolute priority” bankruptcy rule, which holds that value must be distributed according to the legal priorities of the stakeholders. What riled the group that put out the statement today was the fact that junior creditors, consisting of a workers health care trust, would get equity in a new Chrysler entity while they would not.

    It needs to be understood that the bankruptcy laws are not tied to the “absolute priority” rule if 2/3rds of a creditor class agree to something else. In bankruptcy parlance this is called “cram down”. It seems this is what will eventually happen to the dissident bond holders.

    But the thing that is most objectionable is the class warfare that the president is again employing casting as bad actors those who simply wish to have their day in court. The vulgar grumblings from the president concerning those that have both the legal right and the fiduciary responsibility to their investors is supremely un-presidential.

    One last thing; under the BK plan the Treasury will provide somewhere between $6 and $9 billion in debtor-in-possession financing with TARP money. The commitment has been made unilaterally by the executive branch while congress abrogates its responsibility.

    To understate my feelings let me say I’m dissapointed. So much for the rule of law.”

    • Black Flag says:

      One hellva a poker game!

    • So much for the added value in being a preferred stockholder in any company. With the violation of contract law that is being done by the Feds right now, why would any future investor pay a premium for a preferred interest in the company if they are not sure if normal bankruptcy hierarchy will apply or if the Feds will step in with their distorted version?

      Answer: Many will not. Equals decreased investment incentive.

  22. My family are die hard Republicans, and will always will be. I was young when Reagan was in office, not old enough to vote. The one thing Reagan understood was that people could have the same base of beliefs but live very different lives. I was drawn to the Dems when I was in the early teens. But now I feel that both parties are the same clowns dressed in different clothes. I have listed myself as a indie now. I have been disgusted by the way both parties have carried themselves in the last 15 years or so. As a gay women, my choices are a party that sucks up to me and then pretends they dont know me when in office, or a party that beats me over the head with the morality bat and tells me that just because I am gay I am going to Hell. Nice options. I live my strong values and tired of our government not doing their jobs. They are allowing people come into our country unchecked, spending money out of control, giving them all the power and lying at every turn. I love my country but lets wake up!

    • You and I may disagree on gayness but I promise that I as a conservative republican will never tell you that you are going to hell.

      • SFC Dick says:

        Me too

        I got no bussiness telling anybody where in the hell they are going, if in hell it is anyway.

        “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

  23. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    A LOT of liberals would say that the Republicans are losing followers in droves because they have not changed and adapted with the times.

    I would say that the Republicans are losing followers in droves because they have tried to change and adapt with the times! Republicans still SAY they are for individual liberty, smaller government, and fiscal responsibility, but when they get elected they do not follow these principles anymore.

    As a result, they have lost the trust of conservatives, which are their base. A party that has lost the trust of its base can no longer function.

  24. Somewhere along the line, we are going to have to resolve the following quandary.

    If I consider myself to be a religious guy, and I have arrived at a more or less libertarian conservative viewpoint because of all the thinking I’ve done, things I have studied, things I have learned, things I have heard and seen, including the religious, then how can I convince someone who does not want to hear it that perhaps my opposition to gay marriage or abortion is NOT solely the result of my religious upbringing? In fact, it is not even close to being a main cause for my thinking on these two, among other issues.

    In this wonderful blog, I have seen many write who are agnostics or atheists and who have similar feelings to me on some hot button issues. I assume that they have arrived at their destination using logic and reason. You will notice however, in public discourse, should you take an opposing view on (again for example)gayness or abortion, you are immediately attacked as the “religious right”. Not fair to say the least and certainly not “open” for debate or discussion.

    With the loss of Spector, I have yet again heard about the Republican Party drift to the “right” from MSM, liberals and the uninformed. How can it be that if you have NOT changed your position in 30 or more years on issues like abortion or gayness, you have drifted anywhere?

    Drifting I always thought implied movement.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    While never an atheist, I was a pretty good agnostic for quite a while, and like Mother Theresa struggle with “doubt” to this day.

    • I agree with the debating part. I get the same albel when people learn that I am gay: The liberal label is istantly applied. Like no other part of me matters!

      • USWeapon says:

        And that is just sad. I try to not let any labels be applied to anyone until I hear their actual views. I have had so many gay friends over the years. I always laugh when people assume that there are no gay conservatives. Since when does your choice in partner have anything to do with all the other things in the political spectrum. I do the same when people assume that liberals don’t go to church.

  25. I am not a registered repub but have always voted that way. I agree that the last 8 years were awful. I think in a way that W gave the dems what ever they wanted just to keep the military funded and us safe. Probably not the smartest thing to do in the long run. I hate what Obama is doing. He has lied about everything all along. From his “adopting a rescue dog” to not knowing about the “scareforce one” antic. And his sneering holier than thou attitude as it relates to real Americans burns my butt! The dems only want to keep people stupid and dependent on them so they can remain in office. I live in Michigan, which is pretty much going out of business. I am fortunate enough to be retired and comfortable. If I had to make a living in this state I would probably starve to death. Nice to meet ya’ll. (Oh and my husband won’t let me watch Glenn Beck, he says I get too agitated LOL).


  26. SFC Dick says:

    Hey, what happened to Futiledemocracy, I want that man back here. I hope he has not left (PUN!) for good.

    I will send out an e-mail to a couple of my close friends who currently work for the Democrat party to try to get them to post here.

    Yeh, yeh, I know, amazing that I have….close friends. I know, boggles the mind.

    I grew up in a Catholic, Republican family.

    Mom , after first divorce lost her job teaching at the Catholic grade school when she needed money and a job the most. Such is life.

    She worked in government, section head, later department head in state social services; later in life when she started her own business. While is was in my mid teens Mother would joke that I was like the character Alex keating; she would say “typical, here I am, a flower child and I end up raising Alex Keating “. Mom was most involved with the Republican Party. I would get her mail, there would be her invite to the particular repub fund raising dinner, meeting time and minutes from last repub group or panel, her complementary tickets to some repub get together, letters asking for more money to the repubs and her fund raising stuff from Greenpeace, Earthnow and save the whales. I’d take her the mail and say “WTF? Mom…if you want to save something, give to “save your son” fund. She’d take the mail and quip “get a job”.

    I always assumed my great grandparents were repubs ( I was lucky enough to have my grandparents and great-grandparents live next door to each other. I never lived more than 3 blocks away from them for 20 of my first 27 years). On my great grandfathers’ death bed, my great grandmother was dead for a year at this time, when asked if he wanted a priest my great-grandfather responded “You can tell that godamned priest he can stay home”. My great-grandfather helped build that church, 1 block away, and attended mass every Sunday.

    My grandfather was very much the republican, mounting a substantial campaign for mayor of our state capital home town. He lost but stayed active. He WAS republican. He served as an agency head for many years in the state social services division and later in life volunteered his time to combat adult illiteracy; teaching several black adult men how to read. He one day, mid 1990s, commented referencing abortion, “The government has no godamned business in the matters of the church”. I had heard my grandfather swear much prior to that, his only tool though was the word “Damn”. I calculated 1 nice 4 bedroom house and several new 4X4 trucks would have been mine had he saved all the money he donated the church in all his years.

    I was raised to get involved, join in, or, well not be a “joiner” but embrace the system; Little league, Cub Scouts, Indian Guides, high school football, baseball, track, and wrestling. 2 years high school student council etc. All the things done were all the things that were expected but never forced. I was approached by some “dude” at high school when I was a sophomore to become a member of the Illinois Youth Services Bureau, and hold a position on the Board of Directors. I went through an interview process and gained my appointment. Lil’ Dickie, member of the board, “chomp on this Steve and Edie”. I was in.

    Ah, “so bright the boy”, so “polished”, “So much potential”.

    I joined and became active in the NRA.

    I joined and became active in N.O.R.M.L.

    As a member of the board of directors I proposed and developed a program for high school students, a curriculum that had at its core, outdoor learning. Outdoors with emphasis on “native flora and fauna, native game species, and ( I am my mother’s son) meditative benefits of the natural environment”.

    I was sanctioned by high school administrators to “make no more effort…introduce into the agenda…use my status as a member of student council or petition in any way or continue “ my efforts to expand the student radio stations play list and programming format. I wanted more “bad” songs and a forum for discussion of such things as, voting age and age of majority, recognized as lawfully being an adult verses the age requirements for consumption of alcohol. I wanted a forum for debate on the laws in regards to marijuana. I wanted a forum to debate the age restriction in regards to possessing a hand gun. I wanted a forum to discuss the screwed up system. I was sanctioned.

    I later became a member of the Republican party and worked many grass roots efforts in primary state level elections to get a party “maverick” or “outside the mainstream” candidate elected, unseating a party stalwart.

    Where has the Republican Party gone wrong?

    The Meese commission on pornography and it’s “proof” by giving credence to mass murder’s statements and subsequent infringements of the 1st amendment; even though previous federal findings under President Johnson and Nixon supported reducing and eliminating laws making the genre criminal.

    The Republican party becoming a single issue party by embracing the religious right and the subsequent use of the “abortion litmus test” on all things.

    The Republican intrusion into personal family tragedy of Terry Schiavo.

    The Republican party under President Regean engaging in the “War on drugs” that has wasted money, been an absolute failure ( a war that continues but shows not only limited but a negative impact on its stated goals) and continued stance on marijuana prohibition, jailing thousands of non violent offenders and continued drain on national resources.


    Increased size and scope of federal government under President Bush, President Bush and President Regean.

    The complete failure of the Afghanistan war under President Bush and his Secretary Of Defense Rumsfield.
    The use of federal forces at Wako and the lack of prosecution for illegal use of deadly force.

    The use of federal forces at Ruby Ridge and the failure of prosecution against the government for illegal use of deadly force.

    The invasion of Iraq

    Ok, then. That aught to give a fair representation. I presently feel that both parties continually push and agenda the restricts personal rights, is illegal under the constitution and perpetuate a system that is only in place to benefit the national parties and elected officials.

    “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

    • SFC Dick says:

      Ok now, whoa…

      I know Waco and Ruby Ridge were prosecuted under a democrat president, what I’m refering to is the faliure of the republican office holders, on the federal level, to “right the wrong”. It never happened. It never happened under President Bush, or President Bush in the form of legislation to curtail federal law enforcement agencies or prosecute those responsible.

      • SFC: At least the State Attorney General of Idaho made a serious run at them. Filed criminal charges and demanded records.

        The Federal Govt used its power to stop the effort. Lies, lies and more lies followed by massive CYA. The real crminals walked away free, and remain so to this day.

        Stay safe

        • SFC Dick says:


          Oh yeh, there are federally sanctioned murderers ( well DUH!, I’m just talking about these murderers) walking free, promoted in the system and holding positions of power to this day.

          It always reminds me of the story of the feds that served a search warrant at some dudes house around Christmas, finding nothing, frustrated ( dumbshits are easy to frustrate) they kicked the dudes cat. Nice work “professional”.

          We had a standoff in our rural area, IL, in 2003? maybe…hard to remember.

          Law went out to some crazy old lady to serve her with “we find you crazy, now we own you” papers that had been petitioned by her daughter. The whole thing was suspect because there was “rumor” that it was a financially motivated play by crazy lady’s family. Crazy lady was “sane” enough to continue to care for herself, but in today’s world, self reliance is suspect. Local deputy goes out to serve papers, crazy old lady pops out and blasts away with shot gun a blazin’. Deputy scoots, unharmed.
          Siege begins. Local sheriff takes control, state boys show up, and of course all the associated crazies show up to protest, minus Cindy Shean, Shehan, WTF ever. The difference here is the feds didn’t get an invite to the party, so there weren’t a bunch of S.E.A.L Delta commando Airborne Ranger wanna-be’s running around with guns. They tear gassed the crazy old lady, she withstood, nice. They cut off power, she withstood. They ran amuck on her property and blared bullhorns, she withstood. I guess they should have started blaring the sound of baby rabbits being butchered but maybe they didn’t have the sound track. I think crazy old lady might have even shot at the deputies again, hard to remember, regardless, time after time the cops did not resort to deadly force. They did blast the hell out of her with 12 gauge bean bags. I think she withstood the first time but the second time they got her good. Absolutely the correct way to handle this thing. One might argue they should have just left her be, and some did successfully and subsequently the state law was changed because of this case. But, all the dudes on the ground were local so to speak, even the state boys. Nobody imported thug assassins. Ya know what we do over here, we bring in a group of host nationals from another district to work in this district, that way they have no ties and will be willing to drop the hammer on the locals. Very effective and the same same with the US brining their hired guns.

          Ya know, you bring up the point of the federal government blocking attempts at an investigation and covering for these murderers, Hmmmm…..isn’t that the same federal government that some feel that, petitioned properly under the context of the 10th amendment, might somehow curb its own abuses?

          “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

          • Police molesting old women? Are you kidding?!! These B*ST*RDS came to an old lady’s with guns. Much like we had here in Decatur, GA where a 93yr was killed! Murdered by cops! The 3 cops got 10yrs, 6yrs, 5yrs and various “parole”.

            With all the advancements, equipment, taxpayer $’s, these B*ST*RDS can’t hire a guy, say $10, to watch the house a couple of hours? Ya know, kinda scope your enemy out 1st. There is no justice.

            Ruby Ridge, ID 1992 Hurt: the Weaver family, entire community, and those who love Liberty. Devastating. And then the gov’t lies! Since he didn’t look like a baby raper they said he was a racist. Oh, but that was the “PC” clintonistas. We’re not here to talk about them. But for all their old lapdogs, they’re pretty much gone.

            • p.s. You’re the paraquat guy! The lites is on, but ain’t nobody home.

              Thought about it while ago, read a top 10 list for not voting DemSocialist. That fella had a great list. I’m old as dirt so I remember the massacres of Wounded Knee and Trail of Tears, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott, and the buffalo. Hmm…the buffalo, maybe I shouldn’t say that ’cause I don’t remember who was in congress. You check it out. por favor.

  27. Pat M. says:

    When they decided to invade a soverign nation, slaughter its civilians, destroy its infrastructure, confiscate their assets, and waste American lives and bankrupt us.

    • SFC Dick says:

      Pat M.

      Nice going, nice roll.

      Not to pick nitts though, but, I think you would have to couch the whole “slaughter its civilians, destroy its infrastructure” under “where has the Military gone wrong” section.

      Yeh, I know, but it’s kind’a like a copyright thingy with us.

      “slaughtering more civilians, and destroying more infrastructure before 8 in the morning than most people do al day” U.S Army copyright 1775@

    • SFC Dick says:

      Pat M.

      Nice going, nice roll.

      Not to pick nitts though, but, I think you would have to couch the whole “slaughter its civilians, destroy its infrastructure” under “where has the Military gone wrong” section.

      Yeh, I know, but it’s kind’a like a copyright thingy with us.

      “slaughtering more civilians, and destroying more infrastructure before 8 in the morning than most people do all day” U.S Army copyright 1775@

  28. Where Has the Republican Party Gone Wrong?
    This one is easily answered.
    Eight years of Bush’s Regime.
    Total screw-up By Goerge & Dick!

  29. jiffyp20 says:

    I’m really glad I found this website! I’m a 25 year old college dropout repeat offender and still wet behind the ears, but I’m glad I don’t have to post in a romper room anymore. How dare anyone with differing viewpoints come together to have intelligent debate! Seriously, how dare we with all that ails our great nation in these trying times attempt to debate the issues without resorting to namecalling and trash talk.
    Some would call me liberal, I consider myself a moderate. I love America and I’m not ashamed to say it. I am pro-gay, pro-gun,pro-life and pro-government. Do I need a political party that peddles a false love of country and think they are Gods chosen to lead their “Christian Nation” to tell me how to think? What about a political party that bankrupts the nation,and redistibutes wealth under the guise of social equality? I think not.
    I am pro-gay. Simply because I can’t see what the big deal is. I can understand those who don’t beleieve in it because of their religion, but what about non-believers? Last time I checked, it was a free country and I believe I can marry whomever I please.
    I am pro-gun. The law doesn’t matter in this case. Even with gun control the criminals are the ones with the guns. If they’re going to shoot up the place anyway I don’t think they’re going to be too worried about regulation 2343.32432 subparagraph c that states you can’t bring a gun to the office. I do not own a gun nor wish to own one. Knives for me, thank you very much.
    I am pro-life. Not for any religious reasons, but for a practical one. How can they screw this one up? When you have sex it makes babies. People should really learn to be more responsible with their bodies. My sisters boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion and it really hit home but it would take far too long to articulate this. I am pro-abortion in special circumstances such as incest, rape, mothers health etc.
    I am pro-government. I just beleieve that all politicians in office are incompetent. Both parties. My 4 year old neice could do a better job than these clowns. But they are doing everything they can to stay in power, so term limits, term limits, term limits. I think that government could be leaner and meaner. Anyone that wants more detail about what I think the government is like now, watch the episode of Futurama where they go to the central beaurocracy(I don’t spell well, sorry.)
    Thank you all for taking the time to read and respond if you like!

    • SFC Dick says:



      Being “Pro’ something shows you are a glass half full kinda dude, or dude’t.

      “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

    • when can i vote for your niece? Mayhap, we can work on age discrimination instead of term limits (well strike that-we don’t want any teenagers), and get some of these toddlers elected. We don’t mind when they suck their thumbs, unlike most of the grown folk in current Republocrat party.

      Yikes! “repeat offender?” Boy, you’d better get on the straight and narrow. It’s not going to be long before all our young men are branded on account of stupid laws.

  30. When did I know the Republocrats were finished?
    Dole vs. Clinton debate. The crowd was baited for clinton. The Republocrats knee-jerked every policy the DemSocialists touted.

    Republocrats have not implemented FairTax HR25 (currently collecting dust in “Ways-n-Means Com”). School vouchers? Yeah, I coulda used them 20yrs ago, thanks pants loads. And my S.Security I paid dearly into, when I coulda been at the horse track or investing just $100 when Harley D. stock was at 33cents (when was that, 1988?). It’s pretty much too late for me.

    I’ve worked for 5 presidents (IRS). And with each successive one we’ve had an insipid war on drugs, increasing gov intrusion, failed skools (yeah, it was funny for 20yrs that GA beat AL & MISS for dead damn last in ED in USA), increased police state. What party is willing to get rid of IRS, UN, DoE, etc. and all the bogus laws that have been added to the books over the last 5 decades? I’ve been holding my nose to vote for the last 20/25yrs. Do i pick the devil or his imp?

    The thing that woulda helped me most is the FairTax. BillyC. gave my retirement $ to starving Africans in 1994(?). Somewhere in a file there is a cocktail napkin w/ an IOU on it. What generation’s $ are we really working on? Who can possibly know?

    I want the Republocrat party to sit down somewhere and give us the short list. But after the massive gov re-org and implementation of “HomeLandSecurtiy” and imposing illegal search/brown shirt tactics on us, what’s the point? How can we trust you again?

    Where are the Libertarians? Some guys say NO tax, some FairTax. Huh? Y’all just grab your fav-o-rite adult beverage and continue to watch the train wreck.

    That reminds me, did y’all watch England in their last election? They got a 1/2 dozen parties/whatever, spent 6 weeks yackin’ it up, and every now & then they get their leader in front of ’em and give him an ear-full. We should be taking notes on that and their health care.

    The Republocrats and DemSocialists have been doing this stuff for long. The last election top 4. Once I got past why ain’t she home w/ the baby (her words were precisely mine 25yrs ago, but I’m a widow and don’t have a real man at the house), I could stack her qualifications on paper. Successful Home, Devotion to Faith, business, city council, mayor (?), gov of Alaska. Compare that to 2 life-long reps and a 2yr rep (from IL which is suspect in itself for the last 40yrs+).

    So unless you’re a Republocrat who is actively supporting FairTax, you can forget about me.

    • SFC Dick says:


      WOW! I like you.

      I hope you stick around.

      “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

      • What does that quote mean? I don’t want to be disparaging to good boys in military. But I got a serious prob w/ “law enforcement.” Especially here in GA when they “dumbed down” the test. Now it’s like 99 JohnWayne-wannabees and 1 good guy.

        I was diggin’ Nancy and that paraquat dude pretty fair.

  31. Since this is being nice to republocrat day, I’ll condescend to send another bit-o-wisdom

    One of my buddies, “gettinafterlefty” Mr. G. gave us a ‘lil history lesson the other day:

    “The budget should be (s/b) balanced, the treasury s/b refilled, public debt s/b reduced, the arrogance of Officialdom s/b tempered & controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands s/b curtailed. Lest Rome be bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.

    spoken by some dude named Cicero 55 B.C. Hmmm…

  32. I am very upset with our Government leaders as most Americans are. I really didn’t know what to do about it until recently when I found out about http://www.Goooh.com. It stands for Get Out Of Our House and is a non-partisan plan to replace the Politicians. It can work! Check it out. http://goooh.com/home.aspx

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