Taking a Bit of a Break Tonight (But Please Read!)

As many of you know, I very rarely take a night off from writing the blog. I am pretty committed to writing every night. I enjoy doing so. I also know that many of my readers like to read my ranting over their morning coffee and get a chuckle out of it. And I hate to disappoint my readers. But every now and then I need a break, so I am going to work to build some breaks in, while ensuring that I keep content fresh for all of those who come and read every day. To that end I am going to take tonight to kind of outline my plan and how I am thinking so that you guys can let me know what you think. I will also below talk about some of the changes I am making to the site to make it better for all of you.

Let me start by talking about the changes. You will notice above that the “Libertarian Platform Acts” page is now gone, replaced with the “Past Multi-Article Series” page (don’t bother clicking it yet it isn’t finished. Should be done Sunday night). As time goes on I will do more multi article series like I did with the Libertarian Platform, and most recently the “March Towards Socialism” Series. Rather than giving each one of them their own page and clogging up the top of the home page, I decided a single page that contained all of the series would work better. So that is what I am doing up there. As we have new series by me or guest commentators, I will put them up there. 

Second, I am sure you have noticed that I have not been regularly posting new polls over there in the left hand column. I did well on this early but got away from it. Going forward there will be a new poll placed over there every two weeks. I welcome input on what the polls should be. As the new ones get put up, the old ones will move to the “Past Polls” page, where they can still be voted on and results can still be seen. So I ask that everyone from now on continue to check to the left for new polls. A new one will go up on Monday at the latest.

As some of you have noticed I have added the guest commentary event on Friday nights. My goal is to have a guest commentary every Friday night. This serves two purposes. The first, and most important to me, is that gives all of you the ability to research and bring to the table the topics that YOU feel are important and that you are passionate about. Second, every Friday night that I have a guest commentary is a Friday night that I get to take a night off, which both I, and my wife, appreciate. 

As far as the guest commentary is concerned, I only have a few requests on them. First remember my respect rule. Second, try to submit them by Wednesday nights, that way I am not worrying about whether I will have one (cause if I don’t, then I scramble to write one), plus it gives me time to email back and forth with you on any questions before it gets posted. Third, do not feel as though your commentary has to agree with me or with anyone else on this blog. You can write an article on the joys of communism or why the Constitution is the crappiest document ever written if you like. I won’t censor you or silence you. Diversity of thought is what we crave on this site, and hearing the “why’s” behind the differing beliefs is important and valued. I think it is fair to say that BF and I differ on many thoughts, and he regularly submits articles for publishing. He can attest that I don’t change a word of what he believes, whether I agree or not. 

As a final thought on guest commentaries, I want to say that as many of you should write them as you can. I know it can take some time, but remember you aren’t under any deadlines. I know some of you don’t think that you know enough about these subjects. That is the perfect reason to write one. You will learn so much by writing on a subject you care about but feel you don’t know enough about. Think about it, this is a subject that you care about, so where is the bad in learning more about it and making it something we all care about? Don’t worry about being right either. I am sure everyone agrees that the readers on this site are respectful and will discuss it that way, either helping you to clarify your position or offering some insight you hadn’t thought of before. Finally, many of you have emailed me that you don’t feel that you write well enough to write an article on this blog. Bulldookey. If you don’t write well or don’t spell well, do it anyway. I promise to help you clean it up and make it seem at least as well written as my crap. And no one will know I did so. If you are struggling with where to start on researching a topic, let me know, I will help with that too. Trust me when I say the joy you will get from writing your own article and having it published and discussed is worth every minute of work.

In another effort to curb my time, I am going to take a night off every couple of weeks. To be honest, it takes about 4 hours a night to write these articles when I am researching and doing all the things that go with it. Plus there is the time spent reading all the comments (and I read EVERY one) and replying when I can. Believe it or not, I don’t get paid a dime to write this blog, LOL. That means I also have a job, and mine is very demanding. So every couple of weeks I am going to take a night off and on those nights I will instead post something like this, although it will focus on letting you know what articles I am working on for the next couple of weeks so that you know what is coming. 

I appreciate everyone sending me emails when they have a suggestion for what I should write about. I ask that if you request an article or topic that you email it to me at the email address on the “About/Contact the Author” page. If you don’t I will forget what you asked but remember that you asked me to write about something. Then I spend an hour going back through all the comments to find what it was that I was asked to write. So please, you can ask me in the comments, but follow that up with an email to usweapon@gmail.com  . It will make my life much easier.

I am sure you have all noticed the new ability to have discussions threaded and constantly moving to the right side of the page. I love having this because it makes having separate discussions so much easier. However as it moves the right, it gets increasingly thinner and eventually unreadable. I ask that when it gets too far to the right that you instead reply with a new thread below and take note of the number once you post the reply. Then go back up to where the original discussion was taking place and add a quick comment that your reply is below at #xx. I am sure you have noticed it from myself and BF regularly. I appreciate everyone following suit. It just makes things more readable.

Finally I will share what I am working on for the next couple of weeks. I am working on an article on health care. This is long overdue. I will try to have it up soon. It will be followed eventually by OB Doctor, who when he finds time is working on a post on health care costs, which I am looking forward to. My article will instead focus on the changes to the health care system being pushed by the Obama administration.

I am also working on an article about welfare. It will focus on what I think of welfare and why, as well as discussing what this administration is doing and how I think the federal government is killing the country by creating a nanny state. This may end up as a two part series instead of a single night.

I have working articles on the flip flop of the administration on the military commissions at Gitmo, the ties between Al Gore and the OIL industry, The Death Tax, and the mistake of linking alternative energy debates to global warming.

I have some interesting guest commentary coming in the near future that I think will help everyone here begin to better understand themselves, as well as a continued commentary on the ideas about how things would work in the society that BlackFlag envisions. That was a good side conversation that started the other day so I am going to create the opportunity to fully explore those thoughts from everyone.  

I am also contemplating but have not started articles on morality (based on a conversation that I started with someone the other night, TexasChem I think), and an article on what I think government should be responsible for. As always, I am open to suggestions as well!

I look forward to everyone’s thoughts.



  1. Birdman says:

    You’ve earned a break. This is an excellent site and I appreciate your hard work and research. I’m looking forward to your future subjects. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good morning USW,
    I don’t always have the time to respond on your site but I do appreciate the time and effort you put in to making it a one of a kind learning place. I definitely enjoy reading your postings and the posts by others who come here, thank you very much!

  3. Good Morning to All, Missed yesterday, up in the mountains getting the garden ready for planting. This weekend is fence building weekened, frame up, now to keep the criters out. Saw alot of rabbits yesterday (rabbit stew, yum yum), more so than recent years. That’s a good thing. The deer herd is excellent and healthy as is the huge flocks of turkey we see often.

    Last night, I had a nice campfire and enjoyed that till about 2am, along the the multiple cans of cold beer, and talked with a local. Heard the coyotes howling and the owls screeching, something that really makes the nights enjoyable here (the wilds of PA). The wildlife here is something to experience. Even saw a species of songbird I haven’t seen here before (still trying to indentify).

    Great job USW, I always enjoy coming here. I’ll email some pictures of the wildlife in the backyard (literally) this week.



  4. Alan F. says:

    Kudos for what you’ve accomplished here thus far and for what’s to come. Always afford yourself a chance to step away and recharge your creative streak. It would be a bleak day indeed if this great work of yours indeed became “work” in stead of a genuine passion.

    Have yourself a great one USW!

  5. USW,

    I know you are hyperactive, you work a full time job and stay up all night on the computer – you never sleep. Ahhh, the fruits of youth! I was that way once, a very long time ago. However that hyperactivity does catch up to you once you enter the realm of the age that I am now. No matter, for life was not meant to be lived sedately and serenely – once you get to my age there will be more than enough time for that. Life was meant to be lived to its fullest, arriving at the pearly gates all used up and totally worn out and exclaiming to saint peter “Wow! What a ride!”

    However, let me give you this one word of caution; Wives tend to have a slightly different outlook on these matters than we do, and that is why I no longer jump, drive my boat at full throttle, or take to the desert in the 4X jumping sand dunes and stuff like that.

    I recommend that you take at least two days a week off to spend with your wife and kids. Children grow up a lot faster than you think, and when they fly the coop you will wake up one morning (many mornings, actually) and wish that you had done one thing or another with the kids before they grew up. I know because I still do have them mornings . . .

    Look forward to being a grandparent, for grandchildren are a parents revenge. Its like “Rent-A-Kid”, you have them for a few hours, spoil them rotten, then give them back to your kids 😉

    Life is sweet in the golden years!

  6. Keep up the good work, USW. I appreciate the work you do here. I’m happy that you are able to enjoy your family. Don’t feel guilty about it. We can manage for a little while without you.


  7. USW, I hope you are having a fabulous break. I’m glad you’re taking it. When I was still working I remember having a heated discussion with a co-worker about working smart. I had criticized (diplomatically, I thought) the work coming from one of the members of her team. “He’s working 18 – 20 hours a day!” “But he’s not accomplishing anything, send him home, tell him not to come back until he can, at the very least form coherent sentences!” … You’re working smart, and everyone will benefit.

    One thought: I’ve slowly been working thru the suggested reading list and have wondered how you want to handle any discussions generated from that. Please consider using some of your down time to allow discussions generated from that list. Thanks 🙂

  8. Amazed1 says:

    The Lord said six days shall ye toil and the seventh day ye shall rest. Enjoy the time off…you do a wonderful job and I for one greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into this site The way it has grown pretty soon we will have thousand and thousands that read your posts. Better than any news media…..we learn lots more.

  9. Alliecatkatie says:

    Everyone before me said it wonderfully. You are providing a great service to your country by keeping people like myself informed. I know I certainly appreciate it.. and thru word of mouth.. have told others of your blog. Keep up the wonderful work USWeapon!!

    And as one person above me said.. please be sure to take some time to spend with your family. Strong family roots.. the foundation of everything!

  10. SFC Dick says:

    HA! open blog…I am going to write a piece and hijack the non-post…now lets see how many give me lead, a profesional courtesy, so to speak, and wait until i get back from showing my smiling face up at mandow at fill some white space here.

    I sometimes don’t have the energy to enter into debate or research my belief enough to post an argument here, today I will blab.


    • SFC Dick says:

      see, this is why I ask “is the site busted?”. I refeshed 2X on this thread and nothing. I post on other threads, come back, open this thread and it still shows 1 response, I post on it and “now” it has 12 responses ahead of me. Man….

      • Black Flag says:

        It’s the DoD cache servers.

        • SFC Dick says:

          “It’s the DoD cache servers.”

          Damnit! come to think of it I have seen alot of black helicopters flying around lately.

          I always wear a tinfoil, fullface helmet when posting. I guess I’d better fashion one up for my PC.

          Shhhh….but just between you and I, I connect through satalite uplink that has servers in the med, I won’t give country specific origins, but I guess I’m tracked and fixed.

          “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

          Yeh, maybe, but we well understand the prophylactic properties and utility of tin foil helmets

  11. Black Flag says:

    Whew! And I needed a break too!

    • Spyder says:

      I don’t post often, but have told many people about this blog. Sad thing is I was thinking about you, BF, the other night when I got home from softball and my husband was playing poker. He was tired so I took over his game. All-in on an A high flush and the dude beat me with a four of a kind he pulled on the river. I have to admit that my mind goes a mile a minute most days and this blog takes up much of that thinking.

  12. CA Mama says:


    Yes, a break will definitely do you and your family a tremendous amount of good. I don’t have any suggestions for topics but I am looking forward to your future blogs. I’m confident that they will be every bit as informative and thought provoking as ever 🙂

  13. FrankC says:

    Since the comments on this post didn’t warrant opposition, there’s no problem regarding the reply format that indents to the right !! I appreciate that you addressed the issue somewhat, but wish that you could use some other comment format that maybe only indents by a character and/or allows the widening the comment area. (I not familiar with the tech terminology) Why ? I tend not to read the comments after the 1st few, because its bothers my eyes (and brain). TIA

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