Guest Commentary: Life of Illusion Weighs In

guest-commentaryAnother Friday night is upon us. I am quite pleased to say that I have been receiving quite a few submissions for guest commentaries. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Not only does it mean that I get a night off of researching and writing (for the most part). It also means that more and more of you reading this blog are getting involved and researching the things you are passionate about. And there is nothing I could want more from this endeavor than to spur the thought process and engage people’s brains again. Many of you have discussed the fact that you were apathetic for a long time and now find that getting the brain active again is a great feeling. I see the increase in submissions as proof this is happening!

Tonight’s submission comes to us from long time reader “Life of Illusion”. LOI has been reading the blog since way back in the first month or two. He is a frequent member of the conversations, as you all know, and he is passionate about getting this country back on track. He started researching this article a week or two ago and began submitting pieces of it at the beginning of this week. I was impressed with the amount of research he was doing to back up his position. 

As I am apt to say for every guest commentary, the commentary below is not mine. My publishing it is not a show of agreement or disagreement with the opinions and comments of the guest commentator. So with no further delay, this week’s guest commentary:

Life of Illusion – “One Giant Move to the Left”

In thinking about the “March Towards Socialism” that we have been discussing recently, I began to wonder how the left has managed to be so successful in its movement. How can a country like the USA, in less than 100 years, move so far away from the founding principles of liberty and freedom that it would be literally unrecognizable to the founders? In researching, it became clear that this was not a “grass roots” movement. It was a calculated movement, with three major players in swaying public opinion: The media, the education system, and subversive groups working together towards the common goal.

The Media

The first newspaper published in America was Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick, and was suppressed in 1690 after only one issue. It featured an article suggesting the king of France had shared the bed of his son’s wife. This was followed 14 years later by the Boston News Letter, and some years later, by a competing paper, The Boston Gazette

New England CourantThe New England Courant, published by James Franklin, Ben’s older brother, was the first real colonial “newspaper”. There were 84 papers printing by the 1770’s, and most were anti-royalty because of the Stamp Act and its tax on paper. By 1800, there were 234 papers, and  each tended to be partisan: Federalist or Republican. The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr was fueled by controversy in newspapers.

Andrew Jackson started his own newspaper, funneled government printing work to it, and forced his Washington competition out of business. William Hearst and Joesph Pulitzer had competing firms, which brought us the “Yellow Journalism” phrase.  Hearst may have directly hastened the onset of the Spanish-Cuban-American War. In 1897, in his papers, he demanded we go to war”.  In 1898, he sent a cable to photographer Frederic Remington stating, you furnish the pictures, and I’ll furnish the war”. Hearst also played a major role in the ” Marihuana Tax Act” of 1937, which effectively outlawed all hemp in the US.

The Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918 by Progressive President Woodrow Wilson had a dramatic effect on the media. A 1941 book by James Mock, Censorship in 1917, noted most newspapers “showed no antipathy toward the act” and far from opposing the measure, the leading papers seemed to actually lead the movement on behalf of its speedy enactment”. In the book The Great Influenza, by John M. Barry, it is claimed that the reason that there is so little information available about the 1918 influenza pandemic is newspapers felt reporting the event might harm morale of civilians and troops during the war. The media reported, “There is no need to worry, there is no epidemic”.

It is easy to see that the media has had a substantial impact on the United States.  Would there have been a revolution without newspapers pressing the issue? Would we have a Constitution or be a nation without the Federalist Papers, which were really written as op-ed pieces to show the citizenry the proper ways forward for the government? Could the Civil War have been avoided? 

Education System



Have you ever heard of Noam Chomsky? A New Yorker profile has identified him as “one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century”.  Chomsky is one of the ten most quoted sources in humanities, ranking just behind Plato and Freud. He spoke to two thousand listeners on Oct. 18, 2001, at MIT, which was also broadcast on C-SPAN and the Internet. He told them that America is the “greatest terrorist state” and was planning a “silent genocide” against the people of Afghanistan. While this gained little attention here, there is a worldwide audience eager to hear such views spoken from America’s most prominent universities.

Howard Zinn was a neighbor of Matt Damon, cowriter and star of Good Will Hunting, and was invoked as a “genius” in that film. His book, A Peoples History of the United States, has over one million copies sold. He portrays America as a corrupt group of white men exploiting and oppressing Indians and other minorities, begining with Columbus’s “genocide” on Native Americans.The author of some 20 books, Zinn is Professor Emeritus in the Political Science Department at Boston University.




Eric Hobsbawm is one of the most honored professional historians in the universities of Europe and America. In his 1995 book, The Age of Extremes, he examines the inherent evil of capitalist democracies and the humanitarian promise of the socialist future. In his autobiography he states, “To this day I notice myself treating the memory and tradition of the USSR with an indulgence and tenderness”. These are his feelings toward a regime that enslaved and slaughtered tens of millions! He is a Marxist and was a long-standing member of the now defunct Communist Party of Great Britain and the associated Communist Party Historians GroupHe was a visiting professor at Stanford in the 1960s. In 1970, he was appointed professor and in 1978 he became a Fellow of the British Academy. He retired in 1982 but stayed as visiting professor at The New School for Social Research in Manhattan until 1997. He is currently President of Birkbeck, University of London and Professor Emeritus in The New School for Social Research in the Political Science department.

Gerda LernerGerda Lerner, a University of Wisconsin history professor, left the Communist party in 1956, after Khrushchev revealed the crimes of Stalin to the world.  She has continued her radical career for three generations, condemning western democracies and promoting the progressive cause. Lerner became increasingly involved in progressive causes and joined the Communist Party USA in 1946, though she did not publicly acknowledge her membership until 1982. Lerner has played a key role in the development of women’s history curricula at Long Island University (1965-1967), at Sarah Lawrence College (1968-79), and Columbia University. She is a visiting scholar at Duke University. Quite a bit of influence on the education system in the US for a member of the Communist Party.

And this is to say nothing of the extreme left professors that we see in the news every day now. Today’s students are being hit with barrage after barrage assaulting capitalism, conservatism, and christianity. 

For decades, the left lost on the political field, but they seem to have turned the tide and appear to be winning the battle, by instead waging their war in the classrooms and textbooks provided for impressionable young Americans. The point here is  that while I see so many things happening to our country that seem to defy reason, there must be an explanation. Why would the progressives want to expand welfare? They’ve seen the same numbers that we have, showing that people who were forced off welfare by Clinton raised their income level. What can be the logic in reversing that?

Progressives think capitalism is inherently wrong, that it will deny most people a fair share of what they are due in life. The extreme left has sided with oppressive regimes  such as North Vietnam, Cuba and the USSR.  Despite millions exterminated under the rule of these oppressive regimes, the left has defended their actions as a step along the path to full equity for all people. Moderate progressives do not view those failures as relevant. Just because these attempts failed, does not change the progressive belief that capitalism is unworkable, and must be replaced with a socialist system that has yet to be designed. Nihilism is the will to destroy without a concept of what will be done next.

I believe in God. My belief can be explained with some logic, but ultimately cannot be proven and, therefore, is based on faith. The reason for these actions by the leaders of the left is not guided by logic, but by a faith based belief system. Nancy Pelosi believes she is saving the world. Logic will have no more effect on her than it would an Islamic jihad member. In this way, battling the extreme left is a wasted proposition.

Subversive Groups in the United States

My family drives Fords. I think its a decent company. One skeleton in their closet, however, is The Ford Foundation, which was started by Henry and Edsel Ford, but has not been connected to the company or his heirs for more than thirty years. In fiscal year 2007, it reported assets of $13.7 billion and approved $530 million in grants for projects that focused on “strengthening democratic values, community and economic development, education, media, arts and culture, and human rights.” The Foundation has done some great things, PBS and Sesame Street, for example, were projects they helped create.

Ford Foundation LogoHowever, The Ford Foundation also gave the World Social Forum $500,000 for their 2004 event. That doesn’t sound bad, right?  The World Social Forum met in January 2001, with about 10,000 radicals from 120 countries, including the Brazilian Workers Party, the pro-Castro presidents of Brazil and Venezuela, and Columbia’s terrorist organization, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia. The second year had 100,000 attending. In 2003, of the five hundred American delegates, several were selected to their international council, including a representative from Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen organization, Linda Chavez-Thompson, executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, and Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange

The Ford Foundation funded the American nongovernmental delegation (NGO’s) to the UN World Conference Against Racism, etc. in Durban, South Africa on Sept. 1, 2001. Fidel Castro and others railed against ONLY the US and Israel as racist, imperialist predators, and demanded reparations from America for Africans enslaved 200 years ago (it should be noted that Cuba imported more slaves than the entire America). Colin Powell left with the US delegation in protest. Fifty American NGO’s called on the UN to hold the US accountable for the intractable and persistent problem of discrimination. According to the UN, The American Civil Liberties Union, the National Lawyers Guide (Communist front org.),the Center for Constitutional Rights (pro-Crastro), Jesse Jackson and the NAACP, only America and Israel are racist.

The Ford Foundation has changed its grant policies, requiring reciepiants to renounce promoting terrorism, violence and such. Pinky swear?

ANSWERAct Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) was the main organization first protesting the war in Iraq. ANSWER characterizes itself as anti-imperialist, and its steering committee consists of socialists, civil rights advocates, and left-wing or progressive organizations from the Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, Filipino, Haitian, and Latin American communities. This was a front for the Worker’s World Party (supports North Korea) and the International Action Center, formed by US Attorney Ramsey Clark, who has enjoyed representing Communist North Vietnam and North Korea, and Iran under the ayatollah’s, as well as Saddam Hussein’s regime. Many of ANSWER’s leaders were members of Workers World Party at the time of ANSWER’s founding, and are current members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a public member of ANSWER’s Steering Committee.

Code Pink at their Finest!

Code Pink at their Finest!


Not In Our Name is a front created by the Revolutionary Communist Party, which supports China.  Realizing their radical position could discredit them, they sought to change their image, and adopted the name Coalition United for Peace and Justice. It had the support of the national Council of Churches and the American Communist Party. Also created were Win Without War and Code Pink. Code Pink is a wholly owned subsidery of Medea Benjamin’s Global Exchange.  They generated (by their own inflated count) a half million protesters in NY and San Francisco, and 10 million worldwide.  The Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad was formed by Code Pink and United for Peace, and has supplied a great deal of propaganda against America’s efforts to set up a stable government.  The media knew all this, but only reported what fit their agenda. 

So do my words come together in any coherent sense?  To me it all ties together. I do not believe in a big conspiracy aimed at taking over our country. But I do believe we have communist front organizations that, after the cold war and the fall of the USSR, have stayed active in undermining our freedoms and promoting a socialist agenda. They have willingly partnered with Islamic organizations with similar goals. I think other foreign nations have contributed to or formed groups whose goal is a weaker America. For example, the global warming movement will have far more economic than environmental impact.

They have placed advocates with agendas in our education system, and have produced a media that seem brainwashed. In 1992, 89% of a survey of DC based reporters voted for Bill Clinton, seven percent for Bush, Two percent for Ross Perot. That Obama won with massive media support is not a surprise. The only surprise is that the media failed so miserably in the Gore and Kerry campaigns. It is vital that we have a reliable, informative news source that reports without bias. Glenn Beck, referencing the sheer number of Freedom of Information requests being filed by Fox News, said,  “we’re trying, but there is just so much”. 

I think G.A. wrote about apathy being the death of America.  Too true sir, the masses will only accept information when it’s convenient and pleasantly packaged, so that they may sit in their easy chair and sip their beer. We want political change, a return to values in Washington. I fear that will only come after the media finds the will to regain their values and principles. 

The pen is, after all, mightier than the sword.

So there you have Life of Illusion’s piece on the influence that helped push our country to the edge of the socialist/fascist cliff. I guess the question now is do we have the ability to regain our balance and not plunge headfirst into the ravine? 

LOI wished to acknowledge that a large part of this article is written using information from the book, “Unholy Alliance, Radical Islam and the American Left”, by David Horowitz.


  1. LOI,
    Excellent piece. The use of misdirection in the names of these groups is a tactic I find particularly distasteful. I have one question — in the education section, you covered the influences at the college level. In your research, did you find any indication of influence with the NEA and K-12 crowd?

    Again, concise, clear writing — very nice. c

    • The primary and secondary schools were heavily influenced by John Dewey and a group of Humanists in the 1920’s and 30’s. They made schooling mandatory, instituting truancy laws, in spite of the nearly 100% voluntary attendance that already existed in America (asserting increasing govt control).

      Of Harold Rugg said in 1933: “A new public mind is to be created. How? Only by creating tens of millions of new individual minds and weldiheing them into a new social mind. Old stereotypes must be broken up and new ‘climates of opinion’ formed in the neighborhoods of America.”

      Besides Stormer’s None Dare Call It Education, I recommend reading The Humanist Manifesto. John Dewey was one of it’s major authors and it lets you know what the oppositions goals are. Next time you go to a library and use the Dewey Decimal System, think of this guy.

      Even if you don’t believe in God, it should be fairly easy to find evidence of Satan.

      also Rugg said: “. . . through the schools of the world we shall disseminate a new conception of government–one that will embrace all of the collective activities of men; one that will postulate the need for scientific control and operation of economic activities in the interest of all people.”

      This group wished to control education to create a “new world order”–their words, not mine.

      They rewrote the text books, asserted greater and greater government contro lof schools, took over control of the teachers union, directed teacher training at universities, and they still do.

      The NEA (National Education Association) “regularly passes a host of non-education, culture-transforming resolutions supporting abortion, homosexuality, radical feminism, nuclear disarmarmaent, world government, etc.” (quoted from John Stormer, None Dare Call it Education)

      As a home schooling mom, I’ve studied a great deal about education in America . . . scary stuff.

      • Sorry the above is messed up, my one-year-old is trying to type with me.

        • SFC Dick says:

          HA, that’s my sisters’ name, well not actually owned by and copyrighted by her, but, yeh.

          And there you are, minding your own bussines home schooling, which should be viewed as a God given right, and now they come after you.

          The beauty of the beast, even a little is too much for them. The idea that you might be teaching your children about God is too much for them to bear, is that it, not bare, no that’s coppertone.

          Public schooled.

          “Slaughtering more civilians, and destroying more infrastructure before 8 in the morning than most people do all day” U.S Army copyright ©1775

      • Michele, please consider adding these recommendations to the ‘suggested reading’ post. US keeps a permanent list there. Thanks for all the info, I knew there was something about Dewey besides the decimal system, but never looked into it. Thanks for the push. 🙂 c

      • Hi Jamie, I don’t think anyone else is on but you and me so let me welcome you to our discussion here. I’m sure USW will as soon as he sees your post, but I wanted to make sure you are welcomed and told to come back often while you’re still here to see it. I have been coming here for a few months now, and can tell you that thissite is unlike any other. It is a very calm place without all the uproar of places like the FoxForum.

        I work at a Middle School in my County in Georgia. Since I am from GA, I can’t help you with your educational problem, but can tell you that your child’s experience is not just a CA problem. This is a National problem.

        The police have an officer stationed in every school in our County. He acts as one of the disciplinary officials. There have been children taken from my school in police cars and this has even occasionaly happened as low as Elementary Schools, though only once or twice.

        At the MS and HS level though it is becoming common. The school officials here also don’t have to notify parents, although I believe they do, at least at the school I work at.

        My question is why? When I went to school, the principal and teachers handled discipline alone with a paddle or suspensions. I’m not sure when they began to have officers in the schools.

        I know I haven’t helped but I wanted to make sure you recieved some kind of answer. Good luck with your children and schools. There are some folks on here from CA and if they see your post I’m sure they will answer you.

      • Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday. I was busy with kids baseball and stuff.

        First of all private schools, if you can afford them are far and away better than public.

        If you’re like us and can’t afford it or would like to take control of your kids education, then homeschooling is much better and much less wierd, and much easier than you may have thought. It’s not EASY, but really not much more tough than what you’re already doing helping your kids with their school work and performing “damage control” after they’ve been at school all day.

        A good place to start is for information.

        Because you live in CA, which has been assaulted lately in the homeschooling camp and because you’ve already have been having trouble with schools, I strongly recommend that if you decide to homeschool you join the HSLDA, Home School Legal Defense Association. They are a group of lawyers who will fight for you if you have legal issues with the state, but you must already be a memeber BEFORE you have problems. Search for them on the web, they are easy to find.

    • Csm,

      I have not looked for left influence in K through 12 yet, but will be soon.
      Michelle gave a great answer, start of a future article?

      • LOI, As I work in a school, I can tell you that the History and Social Studies books at least don’t tell the same version of History and SS that they did when I went to school. Universities are even worse as you know.

        It’s odd to read History that you know good and well wasn’t the same when you were in school as it is now. It’s also not very happy making.

        Wait a minute! You’re not supposed to talk to me because I fly a Right Wing Extremist symbol. Sorry, My Bad!

        • Its not like they won’t be after me anyway. So it might as well be with company I enjoy.

          Your Revolutionary War, symbol of Patriotism,
          might be a start of an article. How many historic symbols have today been twisted into
          “hateful” or “racist”, etc.?

          Just as they teach Lincoln freed the salves,
          perception becomes reality.

  2. Ddk, A smoking ban occured in Ohio a few years ago. Most sports bars in my area actually said it increased business, rather than reduce it. Hope that helps alittle.

    The EPA recently said that car exhaust is bad for our health. Other than the fact that it is known to have killed people for like the last 90 or so years, they will not say to what extent. As with the tabacco companies, this is the beginning of a big problem, lawsuits and huge taxes. This is just another window for the socialists to redistribute wealth, and it’s right around the corner.



    • G: Don’t you think it was awful convenient that Obama backed off the Cap and Trade and said he wasn’t going to push it unless the EPA said that carbon emissions were unsafe to peoples health, and then, Viola!! The NEXT WEEK, the EPA announced that very thing? I found that absolutely fascinating!

  3. Great job, LOI. These guest commentaries that punctuate USW excellent posts are a wonderful idea. Very informative. USW, you’ve almost created a virtual classroom here, complete with class discussion. That is a laudable achievement.

  4. SFC Dick says:

    Ok, Dude, I’ll bite.
    You’re screwed.
    #1 this movement combines some of the most menacing factions in the U.S today, I am going to add this is my response to L.O.Is article because these are the groups I call the “The bombers”. Every cause needs bombers. Bombers can NOT…say again, CAN NOT have any level of reproach upon them so they must be pristine. How to become pristine
    Be RIGHT. Be CARING, and most of all, for fucksakes, could you all at least be a little more COMPASIONATE!
    Sorry religious groups, l know having God on your side made you think you had all of the above, yeh, NAY. Problem with “Pristinity” is its non denominational and humanistic, that trumps your God, and yours, and you over there too.

    “But Dick, look, you sound smart, or kinda, but I’m asking about bars and smoking and you’re trying to tie in L.O.Is thing and you’re not making any sense.”
    Yeh, So like I was saying, you need bombers, the best, most desirable and most highly developed “Bombers” are “Pristins’….no, this is not some tie in, slam or such at Christians. Jeeze.
    Bombers give your movement traction. Notice I did not say cause. Think of “movement “as your Team, Nation, nay, RELIGION; Yes, your movement requires all your energies, devotions and labors, it is your god. Your causes are merely your continued crusades, or inquisitions, a means of control for your movement god and to purify the heretics.
    “Bombers”, these “pristins” are your “conquistadors”, inquisitors, confessors and your “Knights Templar”. They will wage your fights. They will wage fights in far off arenas and fields of battle that seem to have no connection to your greater movement other than the cause itself but therein lays the beauty and its inherent power. Conquer or reform the heretics and they are yours forever. Conquer the heretic on …say “confession” and he is already yours on “communion”. One heretic reformed on one cause is unwittingly yours in the next, and next, and intertwined fully in your movement.

    Find me a heretic who has reformed on wire taps and I will be most surprised if he is not onboard with “forfeiture” laws. Won on one cause and now he is intertwined in your movement of “Law and Order”. I bet he even posts against legalization of Marijuana because of the “harm to the children’. Oh my, the reformed heretic has become a “Pristin’, he is absolved all previous sins, knighted and now is one of your most valuable members, a “bomber”, more importantly he is a “Pristin Bomber”. This most noble of Nobles will now avail himself to many crusades, lead many crusades in fact. A strip club threatens opening anywhere on the face of the earth, call this noble pristin and he will lead forth a legion, argue in town hall about the “dangers” of strip clubs, prostitutions, organized crime, drugs, and his lance, sharp and true, always “It will harm the children”

    Do you face a daunting foe? Do you find even your legions of noble pristins out matched?
    Fear not, as with all Noble orders, there are many pristins of many differing beliefs, and just as Catholic and Protestant battle each other in Belfast they are all of the same order, just varying sects. There are the “Don’t harm the women”, “Don’t harm the ______(black, latino,gay,transgender, etc) man” and “Don’t harm yourself” sects. More amazingly there are sub sects such as “don’t harm the spotted owl, whale,snail darter,…etc” these are pristins none the less. There are many more, but you get the idea.
    So you face a foe, some say this foe might or might not be the first amendment. How to best this foe? Consolidate many pristins and enlist all their bombers. Strike hard and deep! “There is no constitutional guarantee to nudity, it’s pornography, it degrades and subjugates women”……now strike on the flank…”what if a child sees a lewd act in the parking lot…IT WILL HURT THE CHILDREN”…as the foe reels from the flank, burry your force into its heart “It subjugates women”!…down down…down.

    Ok, I’ll reel it in for you DdK,

    Now remember what I said about the “cause” and the “movement”. The movement will dump the cause like a load of crap if it suits the “movement”. Screw it, want strippers,? No sweat. I maintain control. You have to build here. You can only be open this many hours. I will regulate ( $ ) you thusly, and all that crap about my people using the press, open forum, town hall and calling you Satan, child molester, misogynistic pig who’s going to hell, well, no hard feelings”

    You face the array of pristins my friend. You will not win. No one has, ever. All you can hope for is a deal with the movement. They have always dealt but it will cost you money. All that deadly second hand smoke, can’t smoke inside it “will kill people’, but you can build a beer garden. The beer garden must be “open”, we, the movement define open thusly……….
    I go to beer gardens in IL that are nicer than the usual dumps I frequent. “open”?…about 3” between the top of the wall and the roof.”Open” a “non-solid” door. All “open”, ah, yeh, except, not really. It is “open” re indoor smoking ban act 2009, but re commercial building codes and liquor license it is enclosed. So, that extra 800 square feet of commercial liquor establishment bring you up to a new level of coding variance than was on the original license, it will have to be inspected, pass code and require a larger licensing fee. It is more square feet so it will be taxed higher, etc etc. And oh yeh, all our people screaming at you during the last city council meeting, I especially like the woman that threw some of her dead mothers ashes at you while screaming “people like you gave her cancer, I hope you die and go to hell. No one should be required to die of cancer to keep a job”, yeh, she was something. No hard feelings ok. Just sign the check for us here and here is your new liquor, business license and your “smokers act compliance stamp”.

    The movements, I find, are always control. Many different levels and types, social, financial, moral etc, but in the end, control.

    Here’s my copyrighted new tag line.I had to do civil copyright enforcement on PatM in the “where..repubs..” thread. I’m gonna wear this for a bit, see how it fits. It might raise much ire.

    “Slaughtering more civilians, and destroying more infrastructure before 8 in the morning than most people do all day” U.S Army copyright ©1775

    • SFC Dick says:

      well, kinda, in this case, yes.

      the larger point is control is the movents agenda, on the scale that L.O.I is talking about.

      “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

  5. Alan F. says:

    This might seem quite the odd response but bare with me as it indeed has merit in dealing with what’s in front of you all.

    Having a neat half dozen liberal artsy fartsy types in my immediate family, I can tell you to a woman they also pine away about the socialist nirvana in their dreams. They do the “activist stuff” with their joy-joy smiles reveling in denouncing whatever big business has crossed their path that day. My mother is of course the patriarch of this rabble whose sole purpose in life at times appears to be giving me guff. They are a very fun bunch to be around, as brilliant and talented a group you are ever likely to meet but their emotional opinions become nothing shy of confused and occasionally they (my sister to the nth) do get rabid. This is exactly the point where I make my “exit stage left” rather than break out the tranquilizer darts.

    Toughest thing about dealing with this lot is that THEY are the masters of the pen and not I nor my brother(CWO Paul). Trying to challenge their ideals in their own medium is nothing short of suicide but bringing up their results and sticking to results without waver or distraction takes them to an uncomfortable place.

    To deal with what’s ahead you, the libertarian and conservative activists, will need to deal purely in results. This is the one area where emotional heartstrings can’t be pulled or played upon. Going into the realm of “might happen” with the liberals is merely a waste of time better spent pressing the results of the liberal agenda into the hands of the centrists. Remember these centrists have a horse on each side of the race, not merely one in the middle and will yield to the which ever is best suited to their family’s future well being.

    The past has handed you these needed results. As long as you stick to them and show the results being generated by Obama, you’ll take the next election cycle every instance where the centrist vote is the decider. They’ve had their “wouldn’t it be nice” moment in electing an Anglo-African to the presidency but I’m pretty certain they’ll set him aside for the sake of their children. What good parent wouldn’t.

    • Alan F:

      This morning I was able to read your posts of yesterday and now this. I must say, that I most strongly disagree with your conclusion that “……. that THEY are the masters of the pen and not I nor my brother(CWO Paul).”

      You seem quite capable to me.

      Examples are an excellent tool as long as we never slip into the pragmatist stance that an example is more important than our underlying philosophy. Todays example of success (The New Deal) becomes tomorrows example of failure (The New Deal), when implemented in the wrong hands. I agree that examples are useful in swaying the center left/right, those without a firm core. They are useless against the ideological left or statist mentality. Examples of failure are just used to justify more control because now we know how to really fix the problem. In some sense it is a religion of “we need to fix this”.

      Hope your day is shaping up as a fine one.

    • Alan F,

      I agree with you. I share your frustration with Liberal family members. I’m tired of wasting my time and energy trying to reason with them. Its like trying to reason with a drunk. You just can’t do it. I’ve decided to ‘go underground’ for now. I figure that, just like a drunk, the hangover will arrive. They’ll finally be feeling the pain of their foolishness. That’s when they will be more receptive to the message. These days, Libs are drunk on their chosen messiah. Eventually, the messiah’s policies will cause misery to the minons. That’s when it’s time to crawl out from under the rock…..

  6. Life of Illusion:

    Outstanding my friend.

    I can only add that you have only scratched the surface.

    Suggested reading for you all is “Shadow World” by Robert Chandler (I will add to the reading list). This one will give even Nubian the chills. The subjects of the book are broader but it includes a who’s who of the communist/socialist/progressive movement and connects the various national organizations linked to the movement.

    I would also like to make one comment regarding Chomsky. While he does spout a considerable amount of what we would call “anti-American” rhetoric, he is not a statist. He is an anarchist or at least very close. You will find much truth in his accusations and in fact some have been included by USW’s inedependent series on the march to fasciolism. I do believe his opinions of why things are the way they are has become tainted by his convictions that it is the evil govt.

    Had I not read Chomsky, our dear BF and Kent would have been a complete bafflement (hows that for a new word tense)to me, when I first came to this site. So I urge you all to add this to your list:

    “The Chomsky Reader” edited by James Peck. This will give you the general idea without having to read to much of his work. If you like then go exploring. If you don’t, you will at least have the tools to have more informed discussions.

    I hope the weekend is bright for all.
    Best Wishes

    • JAC,

      Thank you, I will continue trying to gain more wisdom. It’s hard for me to write with enough detail, but still keep it interesting enough to read. My hats off to US for doing this daily.

  7. LOI, thanks for the history lesson again. I always wonder, though, shouldn’t there be just as many conservative, patriotic, America first thinking groups, media, professors/teachers as there are the socialist/communist promoting groups? If not, why not? And if so, why aren’t they as vocal and active to balance the equation?

    You mention the Ford Foundation – isn’t this where Geithner’s dad and Barry’s mom worked together?

    • There are just as many people who lean right, if they pause to think about it, but most people are lazy, to a degre, me included. You can’t possibly research and ponder everything you come across in life so you have to accept some info pre-digested. (media, schools)

      I have very conservative friends who believe the public schools are hunky dory and we should continually throw more money at them. They just have never stopped to consider the implications of the whole NATIONALLY RUN system. They’ve believed the line that schools benefit all so all should support them. (As homeschoolers I’ve not noticed anyone else rushing to support my kids financially though, not that I’d want them)

      Also conservatives tend to be law abiding, peaceful types. Not loud in your face, stage a protest and turn over some cars types. Conservatives generally don’t want to force their views on others–we just want freedom and the law upheld. (There are people who call themselves conservatives who act in a very radical way however, like people who blow up abortion clinics).

      • Michelle,

        I’m not sure its all down to laziness. I admit that’s apart of it, but I really believe the bigger problem is complacency. And that applies to Liberals, too. Most folks don’t believe that things will ever get really bad. This is America. The crap that happens in other countries just can’t happen here. Remember how everyone was so suprised by the 9/11 attacks? Terrorist attacks overseas were very common, and didn’t bother most people inside US borders. They had a false sense of security. Its not any different now. We don’t have a history of election violence, military coups, run away inflation, etc. No matter who’s been in charge of the government, life for the average citizen either improved or stayed the same. Its been getting tougher in the past couple of years, but they blame President Bush for that. Now they have president hope-n-change, and everything will be wonderful. At least that’s what they think. Most of them are too soft to allow themselves the mental toture of thinking anything else. America is finally at the tipping point. I don’t believe there is anything that can stop us from self-destruction as a nation. I believe that a number of individuals can save themselves, but only if they’re smart and proactive.

      • Michelle, you said –
        “There are people who call themselves conservatives who act in a very radical way however, like people who blow up abortion clinics.”

        I agree with you, but think about this.

        When Conservatives commit violent acts like riots or blowing things up, they are called “extremists”. (Shoot, I’m called an extremist just because of my flag!)
        When Liberals commit violent acts like riots or blowing things up, they are called “activists”.

        I am not in any way advocating Cons to commit violence, I just don’t appreciate the Media and Lib double standards.

    • Kathy, you’re right. Obama’s and Geithner’s parents are connected thru the Ford Foundation.

      • And Obama was on the Joyce Foundation’s board of directors, that award millions to anti-2nd Amendment groups as well as “education” groups, like the one by Bill Ayres. I am sure we would all be tickled pink with him deciding how our children should be educated.

    • Kathy,

      I have no answer why there are so many liberal in the media and education system, I just see the huge imbalance and its effect. The “Fairness Doctrine” is a reaction to America becoming aware of the media’s bias and a move to silence the conservative voices that are being heard.

      • Life of Illusion,

        My theory on the proliferation of liberal views being more dominant in media and educational fields is that the career choice of teachers and reporters fall more in line with the concepts of “helping people”, which tends to lean towards a Socialistic viewpoint. By and large people taking those sorts of jobs are not going to be very wealthy.

        A conservative view of this would be, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. In a Capitialistic society, where persons are making career decisions themselves, people who favor the idea of personal gain over the advancement of society will migrate to jobs that do not place themsevles within the sphere of influence that is teaching and reporting. In a round-about way, I suppose I’m placing blame on the proliferation of liberal views in media and education on Capitalism.

        Of course this is sterotyping in the worst way. Acting [The media] is a very capitalistic field of work but many “Hollywood types” tend to lean towards liberal viewpoints. The other side of this coin would be members of the clergy, people who generally hold conservative views but engage in a Socialistic field of work.

        My own view is that both of these groups, Hollywood & Religon, hold too much sway in politics.

        Perhaps I’m associating conservative=Capitalist and liberal=Socialist incorrectly. I think my own confusion on these beliefs comes from my generalization that Capitalist=selfish and Communism=selfless. But I’m not so delusional that I would think that humans can ever be truly selfless.

        Overall, a good piece. However, do you not consider Fox News to be part of the media? Would you hold conservatives responsible for not being more prolific within public school systems? Would you hold Capitalists responsible for not placing more finances and effort into forwarding their agendas?

        • Lortz:

          “….my generalization that Capitalist=selfish and Communism=selfless. But I’m not so delusional that I would think that humans can ever be truly selfless.”

          The first part is true but 1) we have very few selfish capitalists anymore, and 2) selfish is good while selfless is bad.

          Why would we strive to be selfless?

          Self= you, your identity and all you are, your life.
          less= without

          Selfless = without your life, in other words for someone elses life.

          The concept of selfless being a good thing started some time ago as another philosophical word trick on humanity. Just like the names created for laws that reduce freedom, ie. Patriot Act.

          How about we use CHARITY or COMPASSION or EMPATHY instead of selfless.

          And by the way, welcome to the site and our discussions. I look forward to your thoughts and opinions.

          Happy Mom’s Day

        • Lortz:

          I forgot one other comment. I think your observations about teahers is right. But I think it may go deeper. I have no data to support this, just my years of observations and reading. In my opinion women tend to be more “socialist” or “communal” oriented than men.

          The whole “it takes a village” concept is true in an historical sense. The women worked together to support the families because the men were off at war or working in the fields or hunting 16 hours a day.

          Look at small communities. Who is it that gets the family to church and then works in various church or community groups that help others. It is usually the women who push the charity drives to help some poor family down the street. Women seem much more likely to consider using community resources for community goals or for disadvantaged within the community. I think basic maternal instincts come into play as part of this.

          Now my assumption here does not mean women as a general group support “socialism” in the pure political context “govt ownership of the means and distribution of production.” It means that they tend to support some hybrid form of capitalism/socialism which leads us back to the fuzzy form of fascism, at least at the local community or state level.

          Because the other observation I have made is this tendancy or affinity for community oriented govt is strongest at the local community level and decreases in strength as we move to the federal level. Which is a very good thing if we are trying to lead a revolution to resurrect our Constitution and its vision of a limited federal govt.

          Now I want to make it very clear to all the women who read this site, and especially those who contribute regularly. I do not view this as a bad thing or the reason why we are in the pickle we are today. It is actually a good thing, if not taken to the extreme of Ms. Pelosi and Clinton. It is in my view a reflection of the nurturing nature of women, the glue that binds our communities, that makes them a village and not just a bunch of people hanging around the same water hole. It has served us very well and it is why we celebrate Mothers Day.

          Love and Hugs to all the Women of the world today.
          Especially the mommas.

          • SFC Dick says:

            This is why I love this site and believe it is so impartant.

            We have 3 individuals talking about hot button topics in a clear thinking leel headed way.

            Looking at things from reasoned point and discussing found beliefs about those things and coming to the same concusions, albeit, understood as believing, would resulty in a hail of acrymony from many in todays society.

            here it is done as routine.


            I think Lortz and JAC are on to something; ofcourse I believe this because this is the same conclusion I com to.

            Teaching seems to draw the “socialist” helper, types.

            I think though, late 60s that certain elements realized there ability to “operate” in the “teaching” environment and saw its potential to influence a cange they thought needed in society.

            I think from that point on it became a massive tool of the “leftist” types.

            I think public schools can be blamed for alot of the ills in todays printed press.

            Lazy, low work ethic reporters raised in a society that seemingly embraces the everything goes mentality; and a disturbing trend among student where cheating is accepted as a standard practice.

            Then ofcourse you’ve got the “true beleivers” in the press corps that realize there political spin on stories will not only be allowed by editors, but encuraged by some and embraced by e readership that has no use for the truth.

            “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

        • Lortz,

          A thought provoking response. I think there is much truth in what you say about who is drawn to teach, etc.. I think there is much falsehood in the portrayal of capitalist as being self serving. As a percentage, who gives more to charity, Michael Moore or Bill Gates? America as a capitalist society has been the most generous country in the world. Is there a better way to measure?

          Fox, yes I consider them “media”, but how many liberal do? How many will reject ANY story reported, because it came from Fox?

          As for capitalist promoting their agenda’s, you might look at how Steve Forbes was treated as a presidential candidate advocating a flat tax. It might be that the liberals are more organized than conservatives, or values might come into play. The left has embraced Communism and even radical Islam to promote their cause, much like a mob during a riot, the end justifies ANY means. Conservatives seem to hold their values a little more.

          • I believe left or right propaganda, when expressed to others, tends to migrate towards more base human emotions. This is understandable, because this is how it is most effective. I feel an anti-capitalistic agenda becomes more popular as people allow themselves to be swayed by jealousy.

            As a percentage, I believe Michael Moore donates more to charity [counting time as money]. I have a hard time crediting Bill Gates as a philanthropist when most of the money he earned has been through morally reprehensible means. Additionally, why does Mr. Gates provide so much of his money to foreign countries? Also, as a percentage, America gives squat to charity.

            Capitalism as selfish or self-serving is popular now because there has been a polarization between the lower class and upper class in America. If people recognize their own selfishness in promoting their ideologies, it goes a long way towards productive dialog.

            I think far too many of my own liberal friends fail to use Fox news as a news source. However, I have to respect that if an individual recognizes an endeavour as pointless, they should have the right not to pursue it. Although I feel this leads to close-mindedness.

            The idea of a flat tax has should only be put forward when the government can charge the a percentage of income for services. For some of the truly rich, this is possible, as well as the road to feudalism.

            I agree that people who adopt an “ends justifies the means” attitude is a dangerous thing. One example would be former President Bush explaining how history will vindicate him. America should not have gone into Iraq looking for WMD and links to Al-Queda. America needed to go into Iraq before Saddam Hussein’s sons took over as well as showing Middle Eastern countries, “Yeah, we can get crazy too”.

            • Well, both Michael Moore and Bill Gates are leftists who happen to be capitalists too. They believe in making mass quantities of money for themselves. How much do they give to charities? I don’t know, gates is very public with his foundations and gives a bunch. Moore is either very private or cheap.

              When it comes to leftist donors, I think of Clinton who took a tax deduction for his old underwear, Gore who gave a big $ 600 the year before he became vice president and my really good buddy Bruce Springsteen who bemoans the fate of Asbury Park all the time but, with his bucks could buy the place and turn it into Disneyworld, but then what would he have to bemoan?

              “Also as a percentage, America gives squat to charities”. Really??, you are going to have to give me some hard and fast numbers on that one. For openers, which countries are we compared to and if you are talking about the government giving, as opposed to the citizens giving you must differentiate.

              • SK. Trynosky Sr.;

                Thank you for the enlightenment. Most of my views on America giving to charities is based on our government’s donations to foreign governments. I located a USAToday article which places private donations from the US as double the next closest country [Over 13x the amount that our country provides].

                Just during the timespan between your post and this reply I’ve taken a quick look at the can of worms that is non-profit and charitable organizations in American. I thought about my own definition of “Charity” and toyed with ideas that not all monetary donations are a good thing. I mean imagine if the money from the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation was being channeled to NAMBLA? One of the concepts that I’ve arrived at is that charitable actions are best done with your own hands.

                When it comes to leftist donors, I think of people who join the Peace Corps.

                This is my first post with links, I hope I didn’t mess it up.

              • Let’s move on down to # 13.

              • Lortz,
                You made some false statements, but did recant some after looking into them. As you said, America donates 13X more than any other nation to charitable causes around the world. So why are we portrayed to the world as greedy, uncaring by our own people and media. Your first answer was we give “squat to charities”.
                Ask yourself where that perception came from? Someone lied to you. That would piss me off.

                You will find some very informed people here who will give intelligent answers that they can back up with facts and sources.
                I hope you return, maybe we will learn a bit from you.

  8. In line with what LOI is saying about needing other news sources, I’ve been wanting to start a local online newspaper. Local because I think Fox and PJTV are doing fine on the national level.

    We just got a car registered yesterday and the lady helping the “customers” was very ticked off at all the new taxes they’ve added on and the many more that are slated for the years to come–and this is just one area of our lovely tax system. She said, “I can’t talk about it right now, but if you come back after 5, I’ve got some things to say.” (This was said to another individual attempting to register some quads).

    Anyway this is just one example of things going on locally that more people need to know about.

    Anyone out there know how to go about such a venture and make it successful?

    • SFC Dick says:

      OH NO!

      I just read your nice take on Dewy and those nuts, puting you at top of “todays’ cool people’ then…

      “Conservatives generally don’t want to force their views on others–we just want freedom and the law upheld”


      and…kicker, icing on the cake…..

      “Fox and PJTV are doing fine on the national level.”


      I like fox entertainment and fox commentary, news?

      I’ll tell ya what. I’ll give you a buck, I might have to owe you because I’m spit balling here. This is not a set up. I haven’t been to today, and was there 2, maybe 3 days ago to check on the FATA fight.

      News?…..list 3 of the top “things” affecting us today.
      Your list, not mine. You get to choose.

      count all the news stories on the first page, cancell out the op eds, that’s a gimmie, and divide by three. If the top three are no where near the top ratios then that is no news site.

      I’m gonna allow you to pick the three because , just being here tells me that you don’t think Ryan oneal and Farah warrant the same percentage as your top three, yes, I “skimmed” over the entertainment section while there. I’m old, Farahs'”poster’ was my first girlie poster when I was…, that’s my gimmie.

      I’ll throw in a bonus topic, worth 2 storie, reducing the need to prove them a news site by 33.333%, public schools , yes.

      Find me one story about the current condintions of our war in Afghanistan, not “we all support the surge crap”;ofcourse we do.

      Ofcourse you couldn’t figure that out by finding stories on Fox news about our second longest ( I’m counting ‘Nam, ’63-73, I might could go ’63-74) war, closing on becoming our longest in about 2+ years ( it’ll need another 5 for a “win” another 10, first 5+5 for a “real” win ) and what do we get from fox?

      “Slaughtering more civilians, and destroying more infrastructure before 8 in the morning than most people do all day” U.S Army copyright ©1775

  9. Ddk, Many cities and towns are enacting smoking bans in my area, and while it was said that business would be down, they have actually found the opposite to be true. Hang in there!

  10. Far Traveller says:

    Melvil Dewey developed the system to organize library books in the late 19th century.

    John Dewey was the early to mid 20th century academic who wrote on “improving” the American Education system.

    • Thank you for the correction. It’s important to keep these little factoids totally straight, if in doubt, don’t even mention them. The left can screw up big time and all circle their wagons and cover each others asses. We make one, teensy, tiny mistake and we are front page on the Times and never to be trusted.

      Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.
      —– Jack Webb

  11. So coming to you from the great more socialist state every day Maine who now prohibits..

    Maine ban on patio smoking headed for enactment

    And Bill To Ban Smoking On State Park Beaches Moves Forward – can you believe it ! Its true !!

    And one that I have to agree with, but the law should be – dumb-bell law !! Maine City Bans Smoking in Cars Carrying Children

    Even when I was an avid non-smoker, I used to be against no smoking bans in buildings/restaurants. Actually looked into opening a smoke free bar in western NJ in 1988-89. All advice I got was negative !! LOL

    • SFC Dick says:

      FrankC, Sir.

      You posted.

      “And one that I have to agree with, but the law should be – dumb-bell law !! Maine City Bans Smoking in Cars Carrying Children”

      No you don’t…really? No….

      Come on.

      I know this much in life.

      Smoking is bad; Smoking while having a child in an enclosed car is bad.

      What level of “bad”, there is some discussion still. But “not good” is agreed by all.

      If I may ask, FrankC, how old are you, general, decade frame is acceptable.

      I’m 46, I look ..well, younger, maybe 45, feel 2x that, point is I remember when seat belt use was optional, a point of personal decision.

      I remember sitting on my grandfathers’ lap while he drove.

      Was that dangerous? Maybe.

      Cars had protruding steel dashboards, that was dangerous. Kids would ride in rear windows of cars, usually sleeping during a family vacation road trip.

      Now, you can be stopped, questioned, detained and shot because of seat belt law enforcement.

      When seat belt laws were in debate, the very lawmakers said , and I quote “seat belt laws will not be used to stop motorists; it will merely be enforced if a driver is stopped for another traffic violation. LIE, and Cheat.

      Now seat belt laws are used as a primary factor to stop a motorist.

      The fines started low, the first years it was recognized and advertised that a warning for noncompliance would be issued; after all, this was not the primary reason for the stop. The primary reason would be enforced and a “public safety reminder” would be issued by the officer.

      Now fines are approaching 100$. STEAL

      The argument to travel with papers also started along the same lines.

      This is America, no one, I MEAN NO ONE is requiring Americans to travel with papers, right?

      The laws enacted were merely to help the stopping officers determine compliance with state laws of registration and vehicle insurance, plus, if you don’t have your papers at the traffic stop, you may show compliance at a later date and all associated charges will be dropped. These laws will never be the sole purpose of traffic stops. LIE, CHEAT, reason to STEAL and KILL

      The state, in a continual flip flop and attempted appeasement of the public, continues to reclassify roadside check points ( violation of 4th amendment ) as “safety checks” “DUI checkpoints” “roadside safety check areas” “random stops” ( which, by the way, apparently Americans love the idea of random violations of rights, gotta keep the violations of rights random).

      If you chose not to enter a check point, say, turning around ½ mile down the road when you spot this illegal state operation, that fact allows officers to pursue and stop you. You have just lost the innocent until proven guilty thingy …

      (which, since I’m on my soap box, is mostly crap. Once stopped and especially after arrested you most certainly do have to prove your innocence. They rarely have to prove you guilty in court, let alone before an arrest. Think I’m lying. Stop at the check point, have all your papers, up to date, legal, on hand in the vehicle. Refuse to show your registration or insurance card. The fact that you do not provide said document is failure to comply which is a violation of law. Since when does the government have the right, or legal power to make one prove innocence of a charge before the charge is even made? Since when does the government have the power to compel testimony against one’s self?)

      …and now, under law, you are presumed a higher threat because of your attempt to “elude” the check point.

      How someone “eludes” a stationary object “eludes” me but makes perfect sense to some.

      Elude a check point by driving around it, still on the thoroughfare and officers have been known to legally shoot. KILLS

      For Christ sakes people, if some knuckle head drives around one of my TCPs here, and I shoot, the bad guy had better have been coming directly at me, armed or with a bomb is better, but he has to be coming DIRECTLY at me. I have to had 3’X3’ preprinted signs posted 100’ at each entrance to the tcp written in Dari, Posh and with pictures, I have had to already employed 4 other levels of escalation of force, including shooting a flare gun, and then, only then, my life has to be directly threatened with imminent death, not the eluding of a 100$ traffic citation.

      US police do not have the same requirements of “actions” of lower levels of force before using deadly force.

      Think a cop has to shoot a flare gun at some patriot, fed up, having a bad day, choosing to drive around the illegal check point to make a larger point before the cop can shoot this patriot in the head, legally? Nope. KILLS

      So the point is, Frankc, when is bad parenting finally going to be a violation of law.

      No, not overt acts, more subtle ones.

      I argue smoking in the presence of children is

      My mom smoked around me in my youth; probably did so in the car, I have been tested at 137 IQ ( bad day) at 46 years old I am in such a high level of physical fitness that I can hump ridgelines at 8,500’ with about 100lbs of gear.

      So my mother’s smoking did not produce brain damage in me, it did not damage my “system”.

      It did what?

      Was she a bad parent who should have been regulated by the state?

      I think were most of you to know her, before her death from cancer you’d find her to be what we now consider the type that is the solution to today’s problems as opposed to one of those who was or through her actions facilitated the cause of the problems.

      She was a phenomenal parent, not one who should have been regulated in the least, regardless of today’s social norms.

      She faced cancer eyes wide open, sober and looking at it, never did Mom blame cigarettes. She rightfully acknowledged that her smoking was most certainly what caused or facilitated her cancer, killing her at age 55; but never did she attempt to lay blame anywhere else.

      She took it like a woman. Her favorite term. It, tongue in cheek referenced that women are the stronger of the sexes and taking it like a woman showed character strength and resolve.

      Taking it like a man, well, she felt sorry for some men. Being born with a dumb stick is a burden.

      Mom demanded of the men in her life that they be true men, real men, and a man’s man. Mom had no room for sissy men. She raised me to exhibit all the traits she thought a “true American man” should posses. Strength of character and a sense of duty to God and county, honesty, intellect, passion, artistic talent or at least love of the arts, self-reliance, a certain empathy and a tempered compassionate side. There was obviously more, as it was a lifetime of learning from her; but she led by example.

      We all recognize certain truths as timeless.

      If, by some weird fact, murder was allowed in society but then outlawed 46 years later, we would still consider a man who committed this act 46 years ago, when legal, a bad person; A person who should have been regulated.

      Were all of us bad people if we allowed our children on our laps while driving before seatbelt laws?

      If bad now, it was bad then

      Do we outlaw bad parenting?

      I can find some mainstream ideas of what constitutes bad parenting in today’s society.

      Home schooling


      Instilling love of God in your children and most definitely allowing your children to express their love of God in public

      Teaching real American history

      Teaching the tenants expressed in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence

      Frankc, Sir,

      I am not attempting any disrespect and hope you have found none in my tone.

      I hope you understand I am making this argument because, even though I understand you have good, pure motives, to support laws such as these enable more government control.

      I’m pretty fed up with people passing laws that are constantly and routinely bastardized to allow much intrusion and inevitable use of lethal force by government because some group wanted to prevent something that “might, could, kinda” happen; or that they feel is wrong or a thing that needs to be righted.

      The Government LIES, CHEATS, STEALS and KILLS.

      Protect the children my ass.

      Protect America

      “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

  12. Thanks for the clarification. I guess I just assumed it was the same person, since John Dewey was so invlolved in education.

  13. Actually, thank you for doing the legwork on “giving” and charity. It has always been said that we are the most generous people in the world. Much of that comes from out non collectivism. We see it as our responsibility as individuals to help others and fund worthy projects. The Gov’t doing it is sort of like, “We gave at the office”. It absolves us of responsibility.

    Being both a rich nation and a religious one, no wonder we blow everyone else away.

    You have the genesis of an interesting guest article here. You touch on a tremendous number of important (at least I think so) issues. Individuals can give to what they think important and not be forced to subsidize what they don’t want or like through Gov’t charity. You have discovered the joy of non-profits like our friends at Acorn. I didn’t figure out until I was in my 30’s that non-profit merely meant you couldn’t have any money in the bank at the end of the year. Salaries and bonuses are all over the place.

    Regarding things like the Peace Corps. I think we should all encourage our young ones to some type of service. It can’t be compulsory but should be motivated by empathy and enlightened self interest. back in college I tried to enlist my fellow campus conservatives in an effort to aid a South Bronx food bank for Thanksgiving. I was met with derision which I think is stupid to this day. In order to lead, the primary requirement is “SETTING THE EXAMPLE” (Right SFC DICK?). If we right wing extremists collected Turkeys for some of those we thought were Turkeys (pardon the pun) we would be setting the example and confusing the good leftist priests and nuns in the South Bronx who thought college republicans were fascists. Taking it a bit further, mentoring those kids would have exposed them to our values instead of those of the Kumbaya crowd. After decades of nanny government, most poor folks need a good dose of self reliance and instruction in said discipline.

    After college and the Army, I chose Government service in NYC. I like to think of my twenty-one years as successful subversion. I confused a lot of useful idiots who could not believe a right winger was not out to get rich and actually wanted to improve things for all. I also left behind a small number of acolytes who while not signing up for a National Review subscription, started thinking out of the box and realizing that individuals, not organizations, get things done. We were really successful at what we did and were part of the reason NYC stopped sliding in the late ’80’s and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    • To clarify my earlier comment, the 13:1 ratio applied to what the American population gives as opposed to the United States of America. A more realistic number would be to apply the 25 billion that the USA gives and add the 300 billion that Americans give and then compare that to an index of GDP [which gives us around…a 13 to 1 ratio]. Of course, you have to realize that the data is skewed because we are not adding private donations from other countries. The article from Newsweek did so, and came out with a 2:1 ratio, so that is the most positive outlook on American charity that I’ll readily admit to.

      But a further review of the data has to recognize that the USAToday article is talking about giving within the domestic USA as well as internationally. One of the biggest complaints of international US aid is that there are so many strings attached, which is what private donations accomplish while not being subjected to such scrutiny. Would American generosity be so greatly revered by people here if all of this money was directed at ACORN?

      Bah, I don’t like the direction I’m taking here, it’s getting too close to that negative mantra of “People only give to make themselves feel better”.

      I had misconceptions but was enlightened. I’ll leave this charity discussion with the idea that “Charity of your labor and time is worth far beyond what you toss into a donation tray”.

      I find my own faults with that I’m willing to donate, but not be charitable.

  14. SFC Dick says:

    SK. Trynosky Sr. sir,

    The first time I came face to face with honest to God poor folks was taking out Thanksgiving turkeys and food baskets.

    Man, that was just as , something, for this 8 year old boy as coming face to face with Martians on Mars, in their Martian community.

    Up to that point I was only able to help fill the baskets, I guess in my tribe at age 8 you graduate to “Turkey taker’ while the women and children remain “Basket fillers’.

    Oh, yeh, this was a family tradition in my republican household, not volunteer work, not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Pop would buy the goods using his earned folded money and we’d act, sans government guidance or regulation.

    We also got a list of sex and ages for kids that we’d buy Christmass presents.

    That was a tough one for lil’ Dickie, I felt good and all helping out, but damn, sometimes I got the idea that I was picking out nicer things to give to kids I didn’t even know than Santa Claus was brining me.

    I flashed on a thought once that maybe these kids were better behaved then I ( the Manson Family was better behaved then I ) and the whole Santa is watching, making a list, naughty and nice might hold some water.

    I believe I just as quickly put that crazy idea out of me head and figured Santa was probably just and old screw up that didn’t get it right all the time.

    That line of logic and thought process has served me well in all things in my life.

    “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

    • SFC Dick says:

      NO! I just self edited out of political correctness.

      This will eat me up for the rest of the night.

      I didn’t figure “Santa was probably just and old screw up that didn’t get it right all the time.”

      I was 6 or 7 year old boy and I remember being a little pissy once because I helped pick out rock’em sock’em robots for the poor kids and I didn’t get any Rock’em Sock’em robots from Santa.

      I went to my mom.

      Blah blah blah something, the set up and then because I think “Santa is a Fag!”

      Just that short and sweet, I make my pronouncement on Santa.

      I know this because Mother would remind me every year around Christmas that I had pronounced Santa a “Fag”!

      Ok, there it is.

      At this point I guess it would be prudent for me to lay out my personal family bone fides, proving myself this that or the other.


      I called Santa a “Fag”!

      There it is.

      I argued in High school with left folks who wanted Mark Twain censored and right folks that wanted J.D Salinger.

      I couldn’t live with myself if I caved into my PC voice screaming at me now.

      I would rather suffer ills of being labeled, at the very least a potty mouth and the most a venomous right wing extremist hater.

      By the way, has anyone figured out that I am not right wing yet?

      Do I need to post more about abuse of police powers and the wonders of weed?

      “All enlisted men are stupid, but they are cunning and deceitful and bear considerable watching.”

      • SFC:

        You are absolutely a right winger as are almost all here.

        Please review the definition of Radical Right Wind Liberal
        I provided some time past.

        Right = Correct, true
        Left = Opposite of right

        Now you tell me?


      • SFC Dick,

        That post was hilarious. Unfortunately, I’ve not been reading follow-ups as much as I should and missed some good posts. I’ll try to correct this later, but now its 9:45 on a Monday, and I’m still late for work…

        …no worries, I’ll just blame all of you.

        • OK Lortz

          You got my interest up. Where are you located that you are 6 hours earlier than Eastern Time or maybe that was later?


          • now 9:12 (Hawaii standard time)

            Hawaii! Where we don’t change our clocks for daylight savings time, cause that’s a lot of work. Where Haole’s have known about reverse racism before the civil rights movement. Where if you approach our diversity with a turned up nose, we’ll punch you in it. The only place in the USA where there is an actual Royal Palace. Where some of the best coffee, onions, oranges, marajuana, and the absoulte best Hawaiian music in the world comes from. Where people who were great warriors and now controversial leaders hail from [Senator Daniel Inouye]. Where controversial military members [Lt. Ehren Watada] hail from. I believe a lot of people also lay claim to the current President as well.

            • And the only place I have ever been where a cold beer cost more than a glass of whiskey.

              I had guessed correctly, after I found your reference somewhere else that it was morning. The only other choice was somewhere in the Aleutians.

              Hope you have a good day today.

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