Where Are We Going From Here?

I was asked in one of the comments the other day to further define where we are going. I said in a post that I was going somewhere with all the stuff that I write about. To be honest it is hard to articulate where we are going exactly and how we will get there precisely. But over the course of the last several months, I think most here would agree that we are are all learning just a little bit each day how we can better look at our arguments while limiting the contradictions that naturally occur when we fall back on the ideas and facts presented by today’s politicians. Admittedly I take more stabs at liberal politicians than I do Republican ones. But believe me when I say that I don’t trust most politicians, no matter which side of the aisle they come from. 

I cannot answer every question or put everyone’s mind at ease with my subject matter. That is not the point. The point is to THINK. Think for yourself. Learn from each other by thinking for ourselves. Don’t accept what I say as truth, accept it only as what it is, my opinion. 

But towards the end game of thinking and coming up with a plan that better moves our country forward, I am excited to tell you a little bit about the upcoming series that will start in the next couple of days. The series is called “BUILDING A FOUNDATION FOR RESURRECTING AMERICA”. While I am participating in the series, it is the brainchild of Just A Citizen and BlackFlag. This series, should you choose to accept the challenge of following it through to its conclusion, is going to help all of us, myself included, to clear our minds a bit and show us how we can get to a better position of consistency and principle going forward. 

I am so excited about this series because I know, from what I know of it so far, how impactful it has the potential to be. What I enjoy most on this site is the challenges that cause me stop in my tracks, and really take the time to think about the position that I hold. Is it logical? Is it within my principles and values? Does it measure up to the standard that we all really want government to be? I hope that you will all anticipate this series as much as I am looking forward to it. 

We also have some interesting topics coming up. I know that the Guest Commentaries have been one of the things I am most proud of on this site. Having folks think about, research, and present their opinions on the issues they are passionate about is such a big win for everyone involved. To that end there are some good ones coming.

Tomorrow night’s will be from Common Man. I think you will all find it interesting and insightful. We also have several others in the cue. We have a commentary discussing the actions of the Muslim Students Associations and SFC is working on a piece about “the system” which will be quite good judging from the initial thoughts he shared with me. 

And there are several more in the works about health care and other interesting topics. 

As a side note I wanted to let everyone know that I will be making a slight change to the way that I do things here. As many of you know, I am a married man. And my wife has been more than understanding at the sheer amount of time that I devote to this blog and to all of you. She never complains about the fact that instead of hanging out with her I am often reading comments or working on research. But she deserves her time too. The Friday night guest commentaries have given me a night each week where I don’t have to do much. Beginning next week, I will also not be writing an article on Saturday nights. 

Let’s be clear that she has not asked me to do so. She never would, and that, my dear readers, is why she should never have to. So as a way to ensure that my wife gets the time with me that she should, I will no longer be writing on Saturday nights. Traffic to the site and comments drop off during the weekend, so I felt that would be the best time to take back some time. Plus as the weather improves, many of us could use the time on the weekends to spend with our children, grandchildren, and significant others. This way there will still be a new article every morning from Monday morning through Saturday morning. 

Additionally you will see that with certain articles that come up over the next couple of weeks, there will be no article posted the next day. I will try my best to let everyone know when it is going to happen. The purpose of this is to allow discussions about articles to continue and have time to play themselves to conclusion on the topics that I think should have more discussion and debate. 

I hope that everyone is cool with these changes. I never imagined that this site would grow the way that it has. It took 3 months and 2 days to reach the point where 10,000 page clicks had occurred on the site. So roughly 100 a day that first three months. I had 15,000 clicks so far THIS WEEK. We are growing dear readers, which brings joy to my heart.



  1. RWBoveroux says:


    I have always been amazed at the sheer volume of work that you have put into this blog. I have a problem just skimming the comments each day!! I wonder from time to time if most of the writers here are either unemployed, self-employed or retired!! 🙂

    You made a commitment to the person who you are married to. Her best interests should always come first before anything else. Go spend time with her. Life around here will not come to a crashing halt just because you have your priorities in order.

    Take Care!!

    • amazed1 says:

      LOL….wish I could retire…….retirement all gone…..have to work until I die……usually the resaon I am last to post……I am on lunch

  2. esomhillgazette says:

    USW. Well my friend, you deserve the time off. After the tireless work you have been doing these few months, one day off isn’t going to hurt us any. I too would like to spend more time with my son as he is in Baseball mode and that takes up a lot of my time and his.

    I would like to submit a post to you but haven’t been able to think of anything to write aside from what I put in my own site. I am different from you in that I like to speak of things from the heart with less research. I do research if necessary but most of my topics are not research intensive. It’s also not as important as the work you do here. My site is just my small part in voicing my feelings about the current state my Country and our Government.

    Good Luck in the future and I look foward to reading this next series.


  3. Kudos on the openness of your decision and your continued dedication to this blog and your marriage.

    Most people do not realize the amount of time that it takes to run a successful blog. Enjoy your free nights it is the right decision.

  4. Family must always come first in life. Your wife is very understanding and should be given the time deserved to keep a successful marriage SUCCESSFUL. Thank you for this site and I look forward to the upcoming series. Now GO HAVE SOME FUN!

  5. USW – A well deserved congratulations to you and your success in such a short time. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve been in and am sharing information and the people will be like, “where do you get this information” and I lead them here.

    Looking forward to the new stuff coming!

  6. Came across this, this morning on Fox site:


    Thought you all would find interesting given the discussion last week or so. But didn’t want to hijack the main article so figured here was good enough.


    • Some of Congress, especially the Hanky throwers, need to read this article JAC. Makes anything done after 9\11 look irrelevant and beneath notice.

  7. Godzilla says:

    Thanks for the effort and time US. Being a noob here, it’s intimidating to post since you folks put in the time to research all/most of your facts. Don’t know where you guys get the time, having said that, it’s Friday, it’s 70 and there’s bass with my name on them!

    • BOC fan??

      I do not have a college degree. Do not be afraid to post, if you have an opinion, just say this is what I think. If you know something, be prepared to back it up, or tell them,that what I think and you prove to me where I am wrong.

      Some of the biggest dumbasses I know are some of the smartest people I know.

  8. USW,

    As a married with children guy, I am pleased you figured out for yourself to throttle back before screwing up your home life. I will pitch in as able.

    Thank you for an outstanding forum.

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