Dual Issue Article

stand-up-for-americaI was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to write about tonight and there were several issues that interested me that I was considering. The problem is that none of them were issues that were going to be enough to fill up an entire article for the night. I wanted to discuss Barney Franks and his return to the Bill O’Reilly arena this evening. It certainly interested me, especially after watching it twice. Another topic that caught my eye, especially in light of some of the health care discussions that have been happening on the site lately, was that of 50 Doctors and medical professionals indicted by the federal government for medicare fraud. Neither of these issues warranted a full article for me this evening, and I didn’t want to start researching something bigger knowing I have some long work days coming up. So I decided to do both of them…

Let’s start with the O’Reilly factor welcoming back one of my favorite punching bags in the House of Representatives, Barney Frank. Many of you remember the last time Frank entered the “No Spin Zone”. He and O’Reilly ended up in a shouting match and in my opinion, O’Reilly handed him his ass over the fact that Frank falsely misled people to believe that there was nothing wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. O’Reilly was right in his rant during that interview, and he spoke for all those who were angry with Congress, specifically Frank and Chris Dodd, for their role in speeding the country towards a recession.

Bill O'ReillySo I was a bit surprised that Barney would have the stones to venture back on to O’Reilly’s show for another debate with Bill. The lead up to the show saw commercials letting us know that it was O’Reilly vs Franks, Round 2. I saw that ad on the side of the Fox News website and thought to myself, “this should be fun”. So I tuned in and watched.

The interview began with O’Reilly asking a question while Frank sat slouched in his chair picking at his nails. I was thinking that Barney sure was acting like the arrogant asshole that I view most politicians in Washington to be. But the question got asked and the debate was underway. You all know how I feel about Barney Frank. But I have to tell you that in my opinion Barney handed O’Reilly his ass this time. I am putting the link below and I ask you to go and watch it. It is only ten minutes long and is two 5 minute parts.

Frank was subdued and made his points. He didn’t let O’Reilly bully him or yell over him the way O’Reilly does to so many different guests to his show. O’Reilly was flippant and acted arrogantly while I felt that Frank answered the questions logically and without emotion. Covered topics included:

  • Does Obama support the President’s decision to not release the interrogation pictures. Frank said he does agree. O’Reilly pushed back saying that Frank and Pelosi stripped out a measure that would have kept the photos secret from a bill that was for military appropriations. Franks calmly asserted that it was a procedural decision and that failing to follow the procedures is where we get in trouble. I don’t know how accurate that is to Frank’s record in the past but I accept his answer.
  • Obama wants to keep marriage between a man and a woman. Do you disagree? Franks said he does and noted that while Obama wants to repeal the law, as President his Constitutional duty is to uphold the law. Asking the President to not uphold the law now would be hypocritical given the way they criticized Bush for doing so.
  • O’Reilly tried to bait him by saying many who are for gay rights say that anyone who opposes it in any way is a bigot. Franks made it very clear that he does not feel that way at all.
  • O’Reilly asked where money will come from for National Health Care. Franks noted that it is $100 million a year and they can cut military spending on cold war weapons that serve no future purpose such as the F-22. He further noted that foreign countries that are not supporting us enough in our endeavors abroad need to ante up. He also noted that agriculture subsidies need to be cut.
  • Barney FrankO’Reilly noted that states that have health care programs such as Massachusetts and California are going bankrupt. How can we avoid this nationally. Frank noted that there are many wasteful programs that can be cut like hundreds of billions of dollars for programs to send humans to Mars
  • O’Reilly followed up with asking if Frank believes that the Constitution entitles Americans to free health care. Franks accurately answered “absolutely not”. He said that most of what the federal government does is elective choice. The constitution is a restraint on government, not a mandate for government. There are very few rights that Constitution gives you. It does not give you the right to health care, housing, or even clean environment.

Frank then pointed out that the government intervention into the auto industry and financial industry are BUSH administration programs that Obama is simply having to finish out (This was the first outright lie that I identified in the interview).

Overall I gave Franks a solid A on his appearance tonight. I give O’Reilly a C. While O’Reilly was his usual arrogant self, he didn’t go too far in pushing the issues while asking the tough questions that needed to be answered. And Frank did a good job of answering them. I score the round 10-9 for Frank.

You can follow this link. When you do it will take you to the O’Reilly Factor main index page. Under the featured videos section there are different categories such as talking points and such. Click on politics and you will see the two videos that have Frank in them. Simply click to watch them. Bill O’Reilly | The O’Reilly Factor – FOXNews.com

kathleen-sebeliusOut in Michigan we see out second story for the night. 50 doctors and health care executives were indicted by the federal government on Tuesday for Medicare fraud in excess of $50 Million. DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Attorney General Eric Holder, and FBI Director Robert Mueller announced the indictments. It seems that the indicted health care professionals were somehow stealing from the government by manipulating Medicare submissions. Many of the cases involved false billing for infusion therapy and physical and occupational therapy programs.

Now I won’t get into the fact that this amounts to thieves stealing from thieves. And I do not, condone the actions of these doctors and executives. The bottom line is that they are criminals and they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. But I do understand that, as someone mentioned the other day on here (I don’t remember who), the way that Medicare is paid out makes it a losing proposition for those who provide services for people using it. And because it is a government program, they are forced to accept it regardless of whether it hurts their business or not. So while they got caught stealing and cheating and should be punished, I do understand where they are coming from.

Attorney General Holder noted, “As demonstrated by today’s charges and arrests, we will strike back against those whose fraudulent schemes not only undermine a program upon which 45 million aged and disabled Americans depend but which also contribute directly to rising health care costs that all Americans must bear.”

The question that I want to ask is why aren’t the government fools looking to adapt the system to reality in order to make it fair so that people don’t feel that they have to cheat the system in order to make it work financially? Tort reform should be the first order of business if we want to combat “rising health care costs”.  It seems to me that Nationalized health care is the wrong answer to the right problem. But that is just me. I will be discussing this further during the upcoming series on health care, obviously.


  1. Well USW, it’s like this. I think Frank won that argument too. But he’ll still lose the war if he doesn’t watch it. He sais yesterday that he wants Fannie and Freddie to loosen up and start guaranteeing loans to people for houses again. Pardon me for saying so but, that is precisely what started this downhill economic slide we’re on right now. Have they learned NOTHING??!!

    So what? We’re just going to bounce along and make the same frickin’ screwups we did before? Our Government seems to be totally unable to learn anything.

    On National Health Care, we are going in the wrong direction. As I said in yesterdays post, we do need some form of healthcare reform. But most certainly NOT what the Federal Government wants. What they want adds up to more than all the income taxes collected for all of last year. That was 1.3 Trillion. The new health care is 1.6 Trillion.

    If the AMA, the Pharmacutical Companies, and the Insurance Companies can all get together and voluntarily reduce health care and medicine costs, like they say they are going to do, and then if you use a little tort reform to minimize lawsuits, especially fraudulent claims, then serious cost reduction could be made in this area without Government intervention.

    Surely to God, some better way to do this can be found besides Government intervention. As sure as God made little green apples, we will end up with Universal Health Care that is worse than any other countries Health Care in the World today. Because those buffoons in DC couldn’t do anything right if they tried. Especially since I WonObama won’t take advice from anyone but the most incometent fools (Pelochio, Reid, etc.) out there in Government. And he will raise taxes on everything from Cokes to Candy to pay for this bulldookey.

    Man o man. 2010 can’t come fast enough. 👿

    • Esom,

      Its not about health care. The real numbers show this will only affect 8-10 million. They know this, but are still pushing. Question is why? They could do a study of the state and foreign health systems and evaluate them, and pick a model for the US. They are not attempting to look at what works.
      They are forcing us to buy what is shown to not work. The only reason for this is power. More government control of our lives.

      IWonObama, kinda like that.

    • Alan F. says:

      Just you wait and see. The pharmaceutical industry is about to be flayed alive when president Obama wades into leverage found through the patent office and “reforming” it.

  2. Okay, USW, second things first . . .

    I believe that it was me who gave out the fact that Medicare, by law and rules instituted by our Congress, short changes every doctor and hospital that accepts it and the military retiree medical insurance Tricare – For those of you who are on Medicare and Tricare please do not misunderstand me on this, it is not OUR fault (I am a retired military man who is on Medicare and tricare for life also) that our nations politicians have declared open season on good doctors and hospitals while letting our VA facilities fall by the wayside (There is a FNC online article about the sad state of affairs in many of our VA facilities around this nation – and I will NOT get into what I have experienced at the hands of the VA!). Although I believe it is almost a crime as to what medicare pays out, I am with USW on the fact that it does not make the crime of listing false charges on medical bills excusable. A crime is a crime.

    Now about O’Reilly, well I just do not watch his show anymore for one simple reason – It definitely ain’t a no spin zone! Mr. Bill puts his own spin on everything and constantly hawks his so-called books – Yes, quite some time ago I fell for the speil and bought one of his books, and I will never buy another one, EVER! All they are is about 1% substance and 99% bragging about what a great guy he is, which adds up to 100% barfola. Nuff said?

    Barney Franks or any other politician telling the truth in this day and age is nothing but a pipe dream as far as I am concerned. Yes, I know that our liberal friends who do inhabit this blog will tear me apart on that one – Just remember that when you do (and you all will) I said “any other politician” along with loverboy Barney . . . I just had to say that . . . I just had to!

    • Bama dad says:

      Favorite Barney Frank quote when he became chairman of House Financial Services Committee:

      “The only acceptable reason to be in politics is that you have a view of public policy that you want to have enacted,” said Frank, a Democrat from Newton. “I am now in a position to affect public policy more than I ever thought I would.”

      Really shows the polyticks(my word-ticks bloodsuckers) really care about we the people.

      • You are smoking again, aren’t you, Bama…..I like the analogy tho….ticks….grubby little parasites that live off others because they cannot do it themselves…..sorry got off line here…was referring to politicians that care about we the people.

        How are you today..


      • Richmond Spitfire says:


        I like “polyticks”…hope you don’t mind if I use it?


  3. Vinnster says:

    Morning folks,

    Bush did many thinks right, but he screwed up big time with the bailouts. He handed the Liberals the magic key to institute ever law they want to control everyone’s life as they see fit and they get to do it by blaming Bush for everything.

    I said it at the time I still believe it today. Bush should have stayed out of the financial collapse and let the chips fall where they may. So millions of people worldwide would have been affected, but they would have learned a great deal.

    I was fortunate to been able to spend a great deal of time with my grandparents discussing the The Great Depression. In addition, when I was younger I worked in hospitals as Registered Dietitian. That allowed me a great deal of time to talk to older folks who lived through The Great Depression.

    The Great Depression was tough, but it burnt in their souls lessons on personal fiscal management and a distrust of financial institutions/government in a manner that every one I ever spoke to planned for hard times. They saved, they lived below their means, just in case things collapsed again. They learned a lesson later generations forgot or ignored.

    The Bush bailouts were identical to the spoiled brat rich kid that totals a new car his parents gave him and the parents just give him another car…the brat learned nothing to change his future behavior.

    Americans missed a chance to learn a much needed lesson. They will repeat their errors again. It took America 80 years to forget the lesson learned in The Great Depression and repeat the same mistakes. We will be back in this same spot in the near future, thanks to Bush’s bailouts.

    As for the Medicare mess, the penalties for such behavior is too light. If the penalty would be 40 years in prison without parole, you would not have many cases like Michigan’s. As for requiring doctors to accept Medicare, there is a temporary solution…if I was a doctor I would move my practice to an area with the lowest population of Medicare patients and treat as few as I could legally treat. This would be a temporary solution, because Socialized, rationed, substandard heath care is coming and I blame the Republicans for letting it happen.

    If they had not gone “Democrat Light” and stuck to Conservative fiscal government principles they would still be in power and Americans move to Socialism/Facism would be delayed a generation or two.

    • Alan F. says:

      I’d say that’s the one thing which can be righted by someone just telling the absolute truth. What about the office of the presidency made him abandon his party? He answers this one and a whole lot of Republican problems and Democrat ammo becomes null and void.

  4. TexasChem says:

    Barney Frank embodies everything that is wrong with our government officials today.Have to give em’ credit for learning from his last encounter with O’Reilly though.Still doesn’t change the fact that he is a despicable human being with the belief system of a strung out homosexual pimp turned loose at a boy scout convention.
    2nd part of article is basically crooks cheating crooks.Nothing new there, happens all the time in America.Whats gonna’ change it?Our society accepts it.I do not accept it.The community I choose to live in does not accept behavior like that either.When it comes down to the nitty gritty it’s difficult to change societies acceptance of issues as a whole but it is possible at the community level.

    On another topic, I read this, this morning after drinking my coffee.This just INFURIATES me! !

    Apparently, A Soldier’s Life is Cheap Now!!

    Lance Fairchok

    The Obama Administration has betrayed this nation’s servicemen and women. It has sold our soldiers lives for a pittance for short term political expediency. Sold so cheaply in fact, that the most heinous crimes, kidnapping, torture and murder, are forgotten, their perpetrators set free. It has set the stage for the killing of brave young Americans and countless innocents.

    On today’s National Review Online, Andrew C. McCarthy has a piece entitled “Negotiating with Terrorists” which outlines the outrageous actions of this President. It should bring a firestorm of anger against the craven and traitorous officials behind this decision. It should make Americans realize just what kind of people are in the White House.

    “On Jan. 20, 2007, five American soldiers were killed and three seriously wounded in Iraq. As Bill Roggio relates at the Long War Journal, it was a daring operation: a twelve-man terrorist team disguised as U.S. servicemen attacked our troops as they held a previously arranged meeting with local officials in Karbala. Four of the soldiers were alive when they were abducted from the scene. They were handcuffed and murdered in a remote location when the coalition forces attempting to rescue them closed in. ”

    The operation was certainly the work of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps who along with Hezbollah was responsible for killing 19 members of the United States Air Force at the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia years earlier. A few months later three men, Qais Qazali, Laith Qazali and Ali Mussa Daqduq were captured along with documents that confirmed they were agents of Iran responsible for organizing and directing terror cells in Iraq. Hundreds of US servicemen and women and thousands of innocent Iraqis died horribly because of them. McCarthy continues:

    “About two weeks ago, the Obama administration released Laith Qazali after extensive negotiations with the Asaib al-Haq terror network. That network has long been in negotiations with the fledgling Iraqi government, dangling the possibility of laying down its arms, renouncing violence, and integrating into Iraqi society, provided that its top members – particularly Qais and Laith Qazali, as well as Ali Mussa Daqduq – be released.”

    Negotiations between the administration and the Asaib al-Haq terror network have been ongoing; Oais Qazali may be released next. The initial exchange was for the corpses of two murdered British citizens. Suspiciously, it was an act unsolicited by the British. There are other motivations at work here and one can only speculate at what trade offs, if any, Obama hoped to make.

    The maddening question is how an American President could allow the release of such men? With the blood of our brave young on their hands they will surely return to their vile work. How much more American and Iraqi blood will be spilt? What kind of ideological madness made this seem like a good idea to the amateurs in the White House? Can they truly be so blind to the horrific consequences of releasing terrorists for hostages, alive or dead? Can they be so naive to believe that Asaib al-Haq will stop the terror it is sworn to carry out? Or do they hate our soldiers so completely they do not care?

    Read the whole article and pass it on. Spread it far and wide. This cannot stand.

    • TS in the OC says:

      Frank is a thoughtful caring politician who doesnt always get it right but is devoted to the citizens of this country. Is a shame you mix your hatred of his lifestyle when discussing his politics. Very sad.

      • Frank is a politician of the worse kind. He defends his wrongful support of Feddy and Fannies somewhat circumspect lending practices and spins it to attempt to make himself guilt free…sorry not buying it.

      • You gotta be kidding. He is a crook, Dodd is a crook. These people regardless of lifestyle (Dodd is straight) have been around way too long and think of themselves as above and beyond the laws that us mere mortals have to adhere to. Read my # 5 below. What does that tell you? If he and Weiner get their way, the condo buyer gets screwed, the insurer gets screwed and the developer gets the gravy. This in turn will allow contributions to be made. To whom, well, it ain’t you or me.

      • Bama dad says:

        Thoughtful caring politician? Pleeeeezzzze say you are joking. Regardless of his sexual orientation that man was one of the chief organizers of the financial collapse in this country. He screamed it was the Repubs fault for not regulating Fannie and Freddie, yet opposed them when they tried. Check out the NYT article from 2003 to see what him and his cronies said.


      • I’ve got to ask TS, devoted to doing what to the citizens of this country?

      • Alan F. says:

        If there was a “thoughful” politician in the American system, he was taken out and shot in the dead of night leaving a slight bulge in the flowerbed itself of the Rose Garden to mark his having ever been anywhere near the White House. As for Barney, he’ll never have to worry a similar fate as his not only helping setup the conditions for the housing debacle but sustaining it through gross dereliction of his duties will forever deny him rightful association with the flowery rhetoric of TS in the OC.

      • USWeapon says:

        I am going to have to go with TS in the OZ (wonderful world of)

  5. This morning on the “John Gambling Show” on NY’s WOR Radio, John said that Mr. Frank and Mr. Anthony Weiner (Dem. NY) are pushiing Freddie and Fannie to roll back their new underwriting criteria for condos. The new rules demand 70% rather than 51% of units be sold, no more than 10 % may be in arreas on maintenance and the units must be predominently owner occupied rather than investors renting out units (another dodge).

    Apparently the new rules have put the squeeze on developers whose projects are completed but cannot be sold at anywhere near the prices they anticipated. Frank & Weiner are actually encouraging a bailout for condo developers rather tha let the market decide the true value of tthe units. In the past, when condo’s failed, they became rentals( much smaller profits or even, ahem, a loss).

    Interestingly enough, Congressman Weiner is from Brooklyn where I work in Real Estate. There are literally tons of completed units out here that they apparently can’t give away. I suspect the same must be true of the close in Boston Suburbs.

    Anyone want to bet on the liklihood of the new rules standing up?

  6. Danak13 says:

    USW….I am not an O’reilly fan at all but I am not a Barney Frank fan worse. Frank and others have learned from Obama on how to look good now in front of the press. They are no longer going to be confrontational…O’reilly came off as a bully to me. I am a Fox News watcher because, in my brief history of news watching, I have seen CNN, MSNBC, and others and I do feel that the Fox Network is more centered than all the rest. I still watch the others but my belief in them has dwindled to zero. They simply lie…which is worse than spin.

    Barney Frank is a liar and he is a thief and he will always be. Sorry, my liberal friends, but a person that pushes agendas and then gets money for doing so (political donations) is a thief and I will stand by that. So fire away and the same holds true in my eyes on both sides of the aisle. He, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer…are all of the same breed.

    As to Medicaid and Medicare, since my retirement, I did not go to the family business of oil and gas and ranching….I am my own person and I am in the health business as a sports and physical therapist. I do not accept medicaid and medicare…nor will I. The government also cannot force me to do so. I choose not to accept it because it is rationed, they try to tell me what to charge by way of not paying, have to wait 6 to 7 months at times to get paid..and the list goes on. Managed health care is not for me and I will not participate. As you know, I go to the VA as well and have supplemental insurance that is not Tricare. So, I will turn clients away that are on Medicaid and Medicare if that is their method of payment. What I will do, is if they pay cash, I will submit a procedural write up so that they can file their own insurance but I will not do it. Managed and socialized health care will ruin this country and take away incentives and the cost will not go down…it will go up…in the form of taxes. And what gets me the most, is the people in these other countries that are perfectly ok with paying out 50-70% in taxes to have everything done for them. I do not understand this thinking at all. Let someone else do it and take my money. Wow. A concept that I cannot fathom.

    This is not the topic of today, but I would like to post an article on what several of us are beginning to do and I see a trend growing. As an employer (only 8 so far), I have decided to change my corporate structure to that of an LLC and eliminate employees and go to independent contract labor. Effective July 1st, I will have no employees. Hence, I will have no employer related payroll costs ( social security, health, unemployment taxes, etc..) In this manner, I am not subject to any of the discrimination laws, physical disability laws, requirements of filing government documents, other than a 1099 at the end of the year, no requirements for monthly payroll reporting…nothing. As a small business, these type of regulations have a strangle hold on us. The interesting part about it…my employees ( all 8 of them ) agreed to this. They actually like the idea of fending for themselves, controlling their own taxes and destiny. You get the picture. NOW, what is interesting, I see a “flight” of small businesses doing this… ( employee count from 3 to 130 ) I have lots of documentation of this and have researched it thoroughly. Since small business’ provide a majority of the jobs… this trend could have not only major economical impact but political impact as well. I see a groundswell beginning on people wanting to control their lives again and not be a mind numbing robot that just stumbles along. I see larger corporations out sourcing to cheaper labor in other countries to avoid stifling taxes, thus leaving a population of skills that can now go independent and take care of themselves instead of being “taken” care of. What do you think? Is this worthy of an article? You will not hurt my feelings at all if not.


    • TexasChem says:

      I mentioned this would happen a few articles ago when speaking of the healthcare reform.Many small business owners are doing this in my area and the trend is rising with larger businesses as well.I know of several large chemical companies implementing the move towards contract labor now and have been the past couple of years.

    • D13

      I think it would be a great article!

      I would caution you though relative to your idea of changing all of your existing employees over to 1099 contractors. That is a sticky one that the IRS watches closely. If those people solely work for you/you’re company and that work is their only income, then the IRS could turn the tables on you. Ford had a run in with the IRS a few years back that entailed the IRS claiming several 100 contractors working at Ford for several years via several agencies were in fact employees. The IRS claim was that those specific contractors had worked at Ford continuiously for several years (8+) and that as a result were really “Ford Employees”. I don’t know how all that played out, and it still maybe an ongoing court battle, but it did and is costing Ford a great deal of money to fight the IRS ruling.

      I would strongly recomend that you discuss this with your CPA and/or Tax Lawyer. Given your size (# of employee’s) its likely to fall under the IRS radar for a few years, but as you grow larger they will take notice, and could cause you a great deal of pain. The main issue that the IRS was playing on Ford, and the reason Ford chose to fight it, was because the IRS wanted all Federal Income taxes paid in full for all of the employees for all 8 + years; and the pentalties and interest as well. This was despite the fact that each and every contractor worked for a legitimate Contracting Agency as either a W-2 or 1099 and Ford had documentation to prove it. The IRS didn’t care they went after Ford because Ford had the money.

      BTW: Should any of those folks that work for you chose not to pay their income tax the IRS will come after you and you’re company first, because if you don’t pay those taxes they could chose to shut you down by seizing your assets.

      Now if those folks who work for you have additional sources of income you are not so much at risk, but if they make their entire annual income working for you, it could get sticky.

      You will save money yes, but the IRS could put you into a situation down the road that would be a whole lot worse than paying payroll taxes.

      I am not a CPA or Tax Attorny, but I have spent 28 years in the Recruiting, Contract Consuling and Headhunting business, and this is not a thing you just jump into.

      BTW; I have a friend that has his own company with about 50 folks and he is thinking the way to combat some of the government proposed Health Care reform is to only have employee’s that Select “No” on Health Care benefits option. That might be one to ponder. His idea is to pay them an additional $500 a month in wages that they can use to buy their own benefits from whomever they want.

      USW: I know this is a bit off of subject, but I wanted to make sure D-13 was clear on some of the challenges he faces, because first and foremost we are all here to help each other are we not?


      • CM:

        I was about to type up the “look out” note when I saw your post. You covered the pitfalls quite well, and they are many.

        Another is the State Laws which define contractors vs. employees. Some use the Fed definitions but others are much tougher.


      • CM…yes, I have checked it out very thoroughly. This is not something that you jump into, however, the IRS rules and guidelines are very clear and if you stick to them…ie. beat them at their own game…you will be ok.

        But thank you very much for your concern…BF posted also and I will answer some questions there than you raised also to prevent duplication and hopefully USW won’t kill us. It is off target but on the peripheral with health care…


      • USWeapon says:

        Absolutely. I have zero issue with getting off topic on things like this.

    • Mrs. Dub is a therapist and works as an independant contractor for her “manager” and we like it. We do have to pay the extra 6.2% in SS tax that an employer would cover but…

      I take ~ 25-30% of each of her paychecks and put them in a savings account with the highest interest rate I can find and collect interest on her taxes for the year. Interest rates have dropped over the last year or so but we were getting over 5% on this account at one point. The interest alone paid for the CPA.

      Just make sure that your employees understand that they will have a substantial bill coming at the beginning of every year. Also, if you don’t pay quarterly you are subject to late fees/fines. (The interest from the savings account use to cover these fines as well with money left over but since the rates have fallen, we pay quarterly)

      It may be useful to have a CPA come in and educate your employees on the rules and regulations.

      It has been stated here before that if taxes weren’t taken out of our checks for us and we had to see what we actually paid each year everyone would be pissed. Well, I have done this for the last few years and completely agree; it ain’t pretty. (And that is just state and federal income tax)

      Prepare your employees for a shock come next April.

    • Black Flag says:


      Common Man has raised some pertinent points that you must consider before you enact your plan.

      Government has already closed the ‘contractor’ loophole if they are solely working for you. However, if you follow some rules, it may work out – and again, I’m no lawyer – so check it out first.

      Contractors or Employee?
      Does the person set their own hours or do you set them? If former, 1 pt. for contractor – if latter, 1 pt. for employee

      Do the work solely for you or do they have other customers?? If former, 10 pt. for employee – if latter, 4 pt. for each customer to contractor (including you)

      Do they supply their own tools and equipment to do their job or do they use your tools and equipment? If former, 1 pt. contractor; if latter 1 pt. employee.

      Is the reorganization of your business done solely to avoid, thwart or disrupt your paying of taxes? If yes, you lose – no matter what, even if its legal. You cannot use a strategy, regardless of how legal, if it only to thwart the governments ability to tax you. You must define another benefit for you to act in such a manner. If by availing yourself of this alternative benefit just happens to also thwart government taxation – that is ok! It simply cannot be ONLY to thwart government taxation.

      For example, setting up a trust so to avoid taxes will only get the trust income applied to you, and taxed as if you had in hand.

      But if you set up a trust to protect your assets from malicious law suits, then that’s perfect. It just also happens that the income that trust would gain would be taxed at the trust, not in you hands.

      See the difference?

      But be careful around the sharp claws of government – there are rules to avoid their theft – but make a sudden, abrupt move and like a vicious beast, it will eat you alive.

      Remember, you can be right, but held in jail for years while you prove it. When you prove it, after 5 years in jail, that you were innocent, the State simply says “Oh well sorry, now go home”.

      Your life is destroyed, but the State motors on just fine.

      • Right you are BF….I have lawyers and tax personnel. The crux….form the LLC to avoid liability issues as a result of having independent contractors, who must supply their own malpractice insurance but it is cheap since we do not open bodies. Your points are well taken.

        I have hours of operation and the independents set their own hours.

        They have their own equipment and provide their own supplies.. I order because of my discounts but they pay me dollar for dollar.

        They have the right and the ability to work elsewhere free of coercion and penalty. They are not required to be here.

        They pay rent on their space and pay utilities on the square footage.

        I will provide nothing but a place to work.

        In this LLC, I can offset my income from other places with the depreciation and costs from my business….passive and active rules do not apply in this situation.

        The independents can deduct all of their expenses and net their income. Estimated tax savings as well as net income taxed came out to about 11% on average and that was after their increased personal taxes and SSN.

        There are some other items that the IRS listed to qualify for independent contractor but they are relatively easy to follow and use. Also, since my accounting firm is widely respected for working with the IRS, they ran it by the IRS Special Procedures Branch and got the tacit OK. (You know..a head nod).

        Now, according to the legal eagles, if Congress, at some point tries to change the laws, then the chances are that it will be 99.9% grandfathered. But, an individuals right to self employment will not be denied in the near future.

        Anyway, there are other things and research that I have found that I think would make a great article….hope to hear from USW on this.

        Thank you for your concern..it is well received and acknowledged.


        • Black Flag says:

          Very impressive!

          It would be an interesting guest post for USWep….not necessarily the particular tactics – but the strategic thinking and reasoning that led you to engage in this idea.

          How did your employees feel about this? What were their concerns? How did you present this to them?

          What have you seen as the potential risks and outcomes?

          Well done, sir!

          PS: Don’t forget to fly a Black Flag!

        • USWeapon says:

          I am always welcome to guest articles. And this is no exception.

    • Alan F. says:

      D13 I did similar with a slightly smaller crew. I however got them to setup as contractors themselves and now sub-out to them for a percentage while still maintaining my own gravy contracts. A few I was carrying had to hit the bricks and they no longer think I’m a wonderful guy but the improvement to my bottom line and the 3 day work week I’m enjoying the hell out of more than make up for it. I believe most with career in government, regardless of the country in question, have little knowledge of actual business mechanics and fiddle with depreciation allowances and the like oblivious to the economic fallout at street level. Until that’s addressed, you’ve at best theorists who can only see the outcomes of their models and not what’s actually happening around them.

  7. Ray Hawkins says:

    Well – here I go again – I did watch the video of the session (I think either Media Matters or Huff Post put it up).

    One thing catches my eye:

    “O’Reilly asked where money will come from for National Health Care. Franks noted that it is $100 million a year and they can cut military spending on cold war weapons that serve no future purpose such as the F-22. He further noted that foreign countries that are not supporting us enough in our endeavors abroad need to ante up. He also noted that agriculture subsidies need to be cut.”

    I guess I’m buying Rep. Frank’s response – its naive to make too many presumptions on future military needs and to use defense cuts as the linchpin that will pay for Healthcare. While I am sure there is plenty of waste that can be cut, show me the money! I get aggravated when these guys talk in gross generalizations that aren’t backed up by more specifics. For every F-22 program cut there are 10 more future F-22-type programs waiting to be teed up.

    • Danak13 says:

      Right you are, Ray. I have seen the budgets and have participated in military appropriations. There is waste, to be sure….but to broad sword it with that statement is folly. But there is waste everywhere…..not only the military but cut the environmental programs waste, research on the sex life of a monarch butterfly, global warming hype, brdges to nowhere, watermelon subsidies….etc. It is there.

      • D13:

        As you have mentioned the “bridge to nowhere” I feel I must finally comment on this to everyone. So this is not aimed at you.

        While this makes a catchy little slogan the reality is that the bridge in question did not go to nowhere. It was to go to an island where private land could be developed to support an airport and other commercial development as part of the towns expansion. Because the federal govt owns the vast majority of land in Alaska most communities are “land locked” by the Fed’s.

        Everytime we use that phrase we validate a “political gimmick” created by Democrats for the last campaign against Republicans. The Gov of Alaska said they should pay for it not the Feds. I agree as would most here. Then the State would benefit and the investment could more accurately be assessed as to its return. My point is that there was a lot more to the story and as usual the media did nothing to tell the whole truth.

        And by the way, I have seen bridges to nowhere. In the Sierra Nevada Mtns there are (were) bridges built across streams by the CCC (FDR’s program) for future roads. Those roads were never built.

        So now you have the rest of the story.

        • JAC…you are correct and I forgot about the Alaska bridge….I am referring to three bridges in Texas. They have roads built to the river and the most beautiful bridges built across the river to Mexico…but no road in Mexico and no town on the other side, and private property. Interesting how this does not make the news and is not news worthy…and it was not the Bush administration. All three of these bridges were built three years ago when the Dems took control of the budget committee and they are all in democratic precincts….imagine that. The main point is there is nothing on the other side…and I mean nothing…except rattlesnakes, scorpions, and the like..and they are closely watched for drug trafficking….but these are truly bridges to nowhere. Four Lanes wide, steel and concrete, fences…amazing.

          • Those would be slightly more impressive than the ones I found from the CCC days.
            And of course, they simply started and ended within our country.

            Curious D13, are these three bridges of which you speak part of the supposed international highway from Mexico to Canada?

            • Alan F. says:

              Someone is seriously proposing such? I’m afraid we don’t need a highway to Mexico from Canada no matter how much property Canadian citizens have there.

              • Alan F:

                Have you not heard of the North American Union effort?

                Some say it is a B.S. conspiracy. But I am afraid there is alot of truth to the ideas included in this.

                I have read comments from Texicans that there have been efforts to condemn private property for the highway(s). That’s why I was wondering if these bridges were connected.

                If so that would mean our Federal Govt, which denies this effort, actually funded the bridges ahead of the road itself. Of course that means they are lying once again.

                By the way, the Canadian Govt has been in on this from the get go, so you had better start looking deeper.

                Hope things have warmed up your way. Sure has been cool and unsettled down here.


              • Bama Dad says:

                Have you folks not heard of the Pan-American Highway? I learned about it in Geography class while in high school.

              • Allan, Bama, D13 and others.

                Here is a link to the NAU. Scroll down and you will see maps of the highway systems.


                Sleep Well

        • Bama dad says:

          Check out Corridor H to nowhere in West Virginia. Few months back one of the cable channels did a show about this and set a camera up in the middle of the road (a 4 lane divided highway) for 2 hours. Not one car came by. This is Senator Byrd’s pet project.


    • OK, I can buy that Franks did a good job in the interview. Means nothing to me. What has been done at Fannie/Freddie to prevent the same screw-up as in the past? Who authorized 210 million in bonuses and are the the same ones who were outraged at AIG bonuses? TRANSPARENCY!!!!!! Until there are genuine answers, then I will not be buying what he sells.

      Military spending cuts, sure, needs to be some. But that is the standard, tax & spend liberal answer. How about first revisit the spendulus, and cut some of the pork out of that. How much is that turtle tunnel in Florida gonna cost? Be honest here, should the pork not be cut first? If so, then his answer was not genuine.

      On the F-22, in 2005, India’s air force defeated the USAF in joint training
      exercises, using Russian fighters. Since WW2, air superiority has been the doctrine for all successful military campaigns. We compete with France & Russia on selling our military equipment abroad. They are no as choosy with who they sell to. Would strongly suggest we don’t drop the F-22 until there is no other option.

      • Black Flag says:


        Who is the American enemy that we need F-22?

        The American enemy of the future is not another nation, but dispersed, highly mobile, indigenous ideological fighters who battle not for territory nor air space, but legitimacy.

        The very weapon represented by the F-22 is precisely the wrong weapon – it aids the other guys legitimacy as it this high-tech weapon destroys more innocent civilians then enemies.

        The US military would spend the money better by training special forces troops for counter-insurgency surgical strikes.

        But then, the military is not about defense – it is about money.

        • BF;

          You are so right relative to SF and how to use them. It has been my understanding that highly skilled, experienced SF teams can and do have a great deal more influence realtive to a positive outcome than say for example the 3rd Army.

          That’s not to discredit the 3rd Army, those boys are very effective if your endeavor is to totally and absolutely desimate an opposing force.

        • Flag, you rascally rabbit.

          I will agree to your view that we should stop meddling with
          other nations so much. Greatly increasing the SF, sounds good, but I do not know if that is practical. Not opposed, just lack the knowledge.

          Air superiority is a good way to insure we don’t have to fight another nation. Is there a down side to being so strong that no one will seek a fight with you? Is that not part of your personal philosophy, oh “one not to be trifled with”? Picture me kissing you on the nose and jumping down my rabbit hole.

        • Danak13 says:

          Heh heh…BF…..speaking as a former SF (5th Group)…yes to you and we have air superiority now without the F22…even though it will be built in my area. Counter insurgency is the name of the game in the future and quick clean strikes….I do not share your viewpoints on civilian casualties but that is for a later time. Civilian casualties are a necessary risk and do happen. That is the real fact. But that is the military in me…. take out the target…easy if possible…(minimize civs…hard if necessary). Again, topic for later.


          • D13

            When the defecation hits the rotary oscilator I want to make sure I am on your side of the line

          • USWeapon says:

            For obvious reasons I am with you D13

          • D13,

            “we have air superiority now without the F22″
            I agree with that, but for how long? I think that is the point, and I do not know here and am asking.

            My statement,”Since WW2, air superiority has been the doctrine for all successful military campaigns.”

            True or false? Has the modern battlefield changed to where that is no longer the case?

            • USWeapon says:

              Can’t answer your question true or false, but I can say we are certainly working towards that. Given the public sentiment for avoiding civilian causalties and the enemies tactics for hiding among them, air superiority cannot be nearly as effective as it once was.

              • US & all

                I think we are defining air superiority differently. What I mean is controlling air space, not necessarily air to ground capability. We do not want our ground troops to be attacked by enemy aircraft.

                Could this be done with missiles? I don’t know, just do not like the ideal of the guys on the ground being guinea pigs for a new combat doctrine.

        • BF;

          You are WRONG on every point.

        • Black Flag says:

          G. A. Rowe,

          You’re a 2nd Gen Warrior – World War 1, attrition, massed firepower – as long as more of them die then ours, we win.

          But as Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan has shown, that is not winning today’s 4th Generation battlefield.

          The battle today and in the future will be for the legitimacy of the State. In that battle, hearts and minds win. The underdog, militarily, actually has a head start in winning this war.

          Think strategically, G.A.

          You can win every tactical engagement and lose the war because you lost strategically. See Vietnam.

          Every civilian death counts against you. Every battle victory you win merely is break-even. Every battle field loss is an overwhelming victory for your enemy. The State cannot win this type of warfare.

          It must battle on military even terms. (Not capability, but size). The battle cannot kill civilians. It is not a battle of territory but for the mind and heart.

          I am giving the strategy for the future success of the State. I am willing to do this, because I know they will complete ignore it and not do this at all.


          It is matter of money. You probably cannot have F-22 AND the necessary men, material and support for the SF Counter-insurgency. One will suffer. My bet will be it will not be the F-22.

          • Flag,

            I still have checks and credit cards, so I can afford it. LOL
            Would we not be better served to cut back on the missile shield? And where do we really stand in terms of air superiority? That battlefield has shown time and time again, quality beats quanity.

          • JayDickB says:

            I agree we don’t need more F-22s. But what do you think about missile defense? It seems pretty good to me.

          • “You can win every tactical engagement and lose the war because you lost strategically. See Vietnam.”

            Viet Nam was not lost strategically . . . It was lost POLITICALLY! by those cowards who never wanted a win in the first place.

            I am also a tenth generation warrior, and grandson of a Pacific Coast Pirate who sailed a clipper ship in the late 1800’s.

            Where you are wrong is your statement the we (the U.S.) do not have any enemies that we need the F-22 for.

            Look toward Red China.

            And before you loft into one of your “They need us as much as we need them” tirades, look up Chairman Mao’s historical speeches and policies.

            • Black Flag says:

              G. A. Rowe

              Viet Nam was not lost strategically . . . It was lost POLITICALLY! by those cowards who never wanted a win in the first place.

              America was doomed to lose. You cannot defeat an enemy who will not surrender.

              I am also a tenth generation warrior, and grandson of a Pacific Coast Pirate who sailed a clipper ship in the late 1800’s.

              I’ve got Scottish Piracy in my blood.

              Where you are wrong is your statement the we (the U.S.) do not have any enemies that we need the F-22 for.

              Look toward Red China.

              They have very limited ability to fly their fighters across the Pacific to the USA.

              A handful of SAM’s on the West Coast will deal with them just fine.

              And before you loft into one of your “They need us as much as we need them” tirades, look up Chairman Mao’s historical speeches and policies.

              He’s dead as is, essentially, his Revolution.

        • We need F22’s because I want one.

          And if I can’t own one then I just want to know they exist so I might be able to ride in one some day. I want to experience the 4 x 400.

          Mach 4 and 400 feet off the deck.

    • Ray:

      Mr. Franks provided the standard list of “savings” provided by the Left for the last 30 plus years. Yet total federal expenditures keep rising. Cut Agriculture subsidies? Get Real. That would include Ethonol. I appreciate your comment this AM and share your scepticism.

      Now I would like to ask you directly. What is your idea(s) for addressing the supposed “health care crisis”?

      Good Morning to you and hope sleep is coming when needed.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Honestly JAC – here is where I sit and why I have jumped into any of the threads on healthcare.

        Do I think its an issue? Okay – yeah sure

        Do I think everyone should have healthcare? Simplistic statement – but yeah sure.

        Do I think our Government is tooled right now to lead this? Hell no

        Do I think a ‘change’ could send our economy into a tailspin? I do – I’ve done work in the past in that Industry and am deeply concerned about blowing the whole thing up right now or doing something drastic.

        I honestly want to learn more about the issue (both or multiple sides) before I jump in the fray. I do call b.s. when it is dismissively posed that “we’ll cut a little here and cut a little there’ to pay for whatever it is being baked up right now.

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          meant to say I’ve been staying out of the soup herein on Healthcare issues.

        • I am with you about 99%. I have been searching high and low and talking with Doctors and Insurance agents/brokers trying to figure this all out. I had a business that depended on Medicaid for 2 years.

          What I know is limited but I do know from my searching that all the numbers and claims justifying immediate action are B.S. at this point in time. I think the term “crisis” is used to trigger the emotional need for quick action.

          I want to hear from the real doctors on this. Why are costs going up so fast?

          Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like we are in the same place for a change.
          Best Wishes

        • Ray:

          I replied earlier but it apparently vaporized.

          We stand together on this issue at this point in time. I can tell you that my search for “real” information has led me to conclude that the numbers and claims being made are pure B.S. at this point.

          I want to hear “real” doctors explain their view of why costs are going up so fast.


          • JAC,

            What I have seen leads me to believe 30% is because of legal expenses. Complete agreement with US on this!

            “Tort reform should be the first order of business if we want to combat “rising health care costs”.”

            I was asked to attend a speech by Rep. Marion Berry (D, AR) a few year ago. All the farmers sat around and asked about subsidies and such.
            It was a cheerful meet, and then I raised my hand and asked his position on tort reform. (Not sure if I am stupid or just have big brassy ones) He replied that we would have to agree to disagree, that for instance, no one was going to tell him his daughters life, if something happened to her, was only worth $250,000. I never mentioned an amount. Not my favorite person, though I’m sure he really liked me.

          • JayDickB says:

            I am not a doctor, real or imaginary, but one reason costs are going up is the we have so many new high-tech tests and treatments. These are expensive.

            With medical care providers squeezed between low fees paid by medicare & medicaid (and some insurance companies) and the threat of outrageous lawsuit awards, they use the expensive tests and treatments at the slightest excuse. If the doctor gets only half his normal fee for an office visit, but can make part of it back with blood tests, he will order all the blood tests he can justify, whether he thinks they are really needed or not. In the process, he also covers his hindquarters against potential lawsuits.

            These are more gifts provided by your wonderful government.

            • We are also at fault for agreeing to the test.

              I recently turned down a test for my son to determine if he had the new swine flu. I asked pointed questions of the Doctor and the bottom line was that if he had it, there was no change in treatment.

              So, no need to test. Saved several hundreds of dollars for me and insurance company. Of course I also created “deflationary” pressure on the economy. So I went home and had a glass of Uncle Jack to drown my guilt.

              See my comment below to USW about my doctor visit today. The points made by you and LOI are included in the survey of doctors referenced there.


            • Alan F. says:

              Actually there are drug regimes which are still dreadfully expensive in America where they came down in the price industry was allowed to charge here in Canada once the R&D expenditures were shown to be recouped. This will be found throughout the American system and is in part due to extensions and grandfathering in the patent system itself. Its also why I’ve been blowing the whistle on patent reform for so long now. It’s the real lever with which the American industrial machine can be moved off of its foundations. From the medical system’s cost of consumables to agriculture and the cost of inputs and the information technology’s conveluted system of micro monopolies, the whole lot rides upon the powers granted by patents.

              If the current administration was willing to fracture the very ideals of contract with regard to the “bond holder” without so much as an apology for the theft nor a kiss after having bent them over, what hope do patent holders in its way have?

  8. I will be clear. Frank is cunning. I do not buy a word of the schmooze,,,calm,collected,or in heat. I tend to agree with Vinnster@6:12am/June25. Handing such a cautiously questionable powerkeg like the Bailouts to such as these, well, it fell into the wrong bin.

  9. Black Flag says:

    Notify on

  10. Good Morning to All:

    As the primary question to Mr. Frank was regarding Health Care and since I did not add to this discussion previously just let me state for everyone that I do not believe we have a “health care” crisis. We do have serious problems with skyrocketing “medical care” costs. We also have a serious “health” problem in this country that contributes to the numbers quoted by so many. Our reduced life expectancy is not due to “medical” care problems it is due to our lack of “healthy” living practices. Just imagine what our life expectancy would be without “medical” care for heart disease.

    Also for everyone to consider, once the Govt is paying the bills for “medical” care do they not have the right to dictate personal choices that lead to increased “medical” care expenses? Why should I pay the bill for you eating fast food everyday or smoking two packs a day?

    Best Wishes to All this Fine Day

    • JAC:

      I’m reading Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg and I know that you already read the book. As you know, fascists like to create an emergency situation/crisis to get through their programs. They are always at war or on a war type footing because that enables them to rush through programs. Liberals are to fascists but turned things around to label conservatives as fascists. This is a very good book and should be read to understand our history.

      • Birdman:

        I am glad you are reading Goldberg’s book. I think it is one of the best “summaries” of the entire progression.

        Caution however, don’t take all the connections too literally. You will find as you go along that he makes hard statements then backs away to a more “fuzzy” connection later. But the connections are real and the historical evolution appears accurate.

        The one Big One however is the point you made above. A crisis is a major tool of getting your agenda passed. I was always wondering why my entire life had been lived during one type of “crisis” or another. And lets not forget Mr. Emanuel’s comment regarding not letting a good crisis go to waste.

        Goldberg provided the historical context for “why”.

        Congratulations on your search for a root. It is obvious you are working hard on this endeavour.
        Good Reading and Stay Free

  11. Sen. DeMint explained what he would have said if he had been invited by ABC to participate in this evening’s health care special:

    No American should be forced into a government-run system that limits their choices and rations their care. Democrats’ answer to every crisis is more and more government, but there is a better way that puts patients first, not bureaucrats. By giving all Americans choice and access to the same tax benefits we give to people through their employers, we can cover more uninsured Americans than the Democrat plan, in half the time, and at no additional cost to taxpayers.

    Last week, the MRC’s Business & Media Institute found that over the past six months, ABC News has featured Obama or supporters of his plan 55 times compared to 18 times for critics of his plan.


  12. USW:

    Regarding your upcoming series on Medical Care. I discussed this issue with Doctor this AM. She turned me on to the following:


    She and I reviewed the summary findings and discussed her situation.
    Bottom line, her practice carries a 60% overhead rate due to cost of doing business. She maintains 3 full time high quality staff to do insurance and medicare/medicaid paperwork. These are highly paid staff with full medical and payroll tax burdens.

    The Doctor takes home about 17% of gross pay after overhead and self employement and other taxes.

    She told me her and her partners recently concluded they would not be able to stay in business much longer and Obama’s refusal to address malpractive lawsuits is a death blow.

    Hope this helps a little with your quest. What ever happened to our guest Doctor from way back? I thought he and his friends were going to contribute to this discussion as well.


    • Let me add something. We are also experiencing a shortage of EMT’s and paramedics. There is a decline in the numbers of people enrolling for training. A partial explanation for this is increases in course requirement’s, including history and psycology.

      • Judy S. says:

        Good afternoon all. I hope you don’t mind me horning in here, but when I read your post I had to speak here. My son just happens to be going to UNR here in Reno and is in pre-med right now, with the hopes of graduating in the next couple years to go to medical school. This fall, he is already enrolled into an EMT class in order to get his certificate. When he graduates medical school in about 8 years, his specialty is to work in ER. He has always wanted to be a doctor, and with the help of the National Guard, he is accomplishing that. He said there are quite a few students in pre-med right now. His courses have been very hard, but he is managing to get through. Right now, his grade average is A+. He has taken core humanities , psycology, several chemistry classes, biology, and right now, he is doing lab work, which consists of working on cadavers. He takes anywhere from 18 to 21 units per semester. Just thought I’d let you know, that there are people out there taking medical school courses.

        • Judy, I think that’s great. Ask him to add up how many unneeded courses are now required? It used to be you could get a degree in four years. I think they have added course requirements, not having to do with the degree, to the point that is no longer possible. Which is an added expense, not just to the student, but to society as a whole.

          • Good morning LOI

            I will ask him this afternoon, when I see him. I know he hated taking Core Humanities because he felt it had nothing to do with going to med-school.But for most of the classes he took and takes, they are all part of the requirements for his degree. As far as graduating in 4 years, as far as I know, as long as he passes the courses, he will graduate. Don’t know if you saw one of my posts from before, but they have raised tuition by 10% here, but they said it was only a temporary raise, what ever that means. When I see my son later, and ask him what you want to know, I’ll get back to you then. Until then Have a pleasant day.


    • USWeapon says:


      I know. I was kind of waiting on him to do the piece. But I also know that he is extremely busy and doesn’t have tons of time. I will email him tonight and see what he has going on. Obviously he is no under any obligation to write the piece.

      Thanks for the link and the very pertinent information from your doctor. I actually have two appointments coming up with time allotted to discuss this very issue.

  13. Black Flag says:

    From above:

    I like missile defense while disarming our own missiles – both are required or else all that will happen is our ‘enemies’ will build more and better counter measures under the doctrine:

    “USA has to be perfect and hit every time – while ‘they’ only need a handful to get make it thru”

    Air superiority.

    The Air Force always over-promises and under delivers.

    It is important, but the role is very limited. The ability to deliver ordnance on large targets is good – on small targets, disastrous.

    The only use of air superiority is to give enough cover for the close-in tactical air craft to operate. This can be easily accomplished with SAMs – with the SAMs also being doubly effective at eliminating THEIR tactical aircraft.

    The air force is good for project of power beyond one’s borders. SAM’s are good in defeating that project of power.

    I guess it really matters whether you’re an Empire or a Nation.

  14. I dont watch main stream news shows, I believe they all put their own spin on what is actually happening. I dont like Franks because I think he is a untruthful man who would do anything to make his life better. I also think their is plenty of people in our government that operate under those terms.
    I do believe that our Healthcare system is in dire need for reform and streamlining. I do not want our government running it by any means. They cant run what they are suppose to run right, so why would we want them to take over this?
    I believe that their are a ton of programs that we would be able to cut waste from, yes the military is one. There are things that we spend millions on that we never end up using. But other programs and depts have the same. We need to look at it all and sttart being realistic on what is actually working or being used.

  15. Here’s a little something to get everyone’s blood pumping so late in the day.

    Live Free My Friends

    • Judy S. says:

      Hey JAC, Just watched that video, and if I wasn’t at work I would have jumped up and yelled out, HELL YEA. What a great piece that is.

      Have a good one.


    • That was very good JAC….I wonder if the White House has seen this?

  16. Kristian says:

    I used to watch O’Reilly religiously. Then I started coming here and realized the he does not in fact have a “no spin zone”. I watched that interview with Franks last night and realized that one of the reasons that I stopped watching his show is he’s a bully. I know that he needs to ask these questions and these questions need to be answered, but for the love of pete I’ve yet to see him afford anyone that he doesn’t agree with the opportunity to answer. I don’t know about you guys but when I am asked a question I like to be given the chance to give a full answer before I am interrupted. It’s rude and the majority of the time uncalled for. As for Franks, he’s still just a little too slick for my liking. The way that he sat there picking at his nails as though he had somewhere else he’d rather be struck me as rude and condescending.

    Healthcare is one that I am a bit shaky on. I know that the reasons the costs are so high has little to do with the care and a great deal to do with insurance companies and law suits. We have become a very litigious society. Someone stubs their toe in the supermarket and away we go. Tort reform, tort reform, tort reform! That is one of the major things that will bring the cost of care down. If the doctor isn’t worried about losing his shirt in a lawsuit because he applied a band-aid wrong we won’t get charged as much in the long run. If I am wrong, please point me in the right direction.

    Have a wonderful evening all!

    • USWeapon says:

      I used to watch O’Reilly religiously. Then I started coming here and realized the he does not in fact have a “no spin zone”.

      Wait…. Can you say that again? Because I am pretty sure that Ray thinks I do nothing but watch him and Hannity and try to secretly infuse their views into me articles. I just want it pointed out again that reading on my site caused you to question O’Reilly’s motives and bias.

      • Kristian says:

        That was exactly what caused it. I stopped watching O’Reilly not long after I started coming here and I’ve learned more here than I ever did watching O’Reilly. As far as Hannity goes, I’m sure he has some good points sometimes but for the most part he’s become a blowhard. I watch Hannity when I’m going to sleep. I know that 15 minutes of his program is going to put me to sleep.

  17. Black Flag says:

    If you want to act with government, chose acting within your State.

    You may actually do something.

    Arizona is now close to becoming the first state to outlaw climate change legislation. The state Senate voted Monday, 19-10 to approve a bill banning the Department of Environmental Quality from enacting or enforcing measures with language pertaining to climate change. The bill is now awaiting House approval.


  18. Black Flag says:

    China should buy gold as falling dollar hedge – China CP research

    A senior China Communist Party researcher fears for future of dollar and says the country should buy gold, natural resources, U.S. Land and wants IMF’s SDR reformed to give yuan a 20 percent share.


    If they do, hold on to your hats and gold coins!

    • BF – did you see this? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-lewis/wheres-the-gold_b_216896.html

      Thanks for the volcano picture link — that was a huge hit with my son c

      • Black Flag says:

        Yeah, I posted a while back about this – it is disturbing.

        Dr. North publicly published his blog response on Mish. So we can claim two things:

        1) You helped instigate Dr. North to publish a rebuttal by your questions.

        and 2) USWep’s blog beat the rest of the world in reading his answer 🙂

        Dr. North and I had a further dialogue on the upcoming consequences of our current economic conditions. I have to admit, I do not agree with him.

        He holds a stern position that the economy will not hyper-inflate.

        I believe he holds this position because if it does hyper-inflate, the end of western civilization will occur.

        This is the worst possible thing, and therefore he simply refuses to entertain that it is possible, and that the ‘forces’ in power simply won’t let it happen.

        I hold less optimism.
        He has a PhD in economics, I do not.
        I play semi-pro poker, he does not.

        He believes the US government will default.

        This is a better scenario than hyper-inflation. I agree – but I not by a significant measure.

        We left our dialogue at this point – and I’m going to work out a scenario of US government default and its consequence.

        PS: He rebuked me when I misused ‘money’ to mean ‘currency’. He knows that I know what money is, but it is interesting how easy one mushes these two things together in any discussion. He doesn’t. He is very precise on the matters of money and currency. I guess that is why he has a PhD 🙂


  19. Black Flag says:

    Arctic temperature is still not above 0°C – the latest date in fifty years of record keeping

    The average arctic temperature is still not above (take your pick) 32°F 0°C 273.15°K–this the latest date in fifty years of record keeping that this has happened.

    Usually it is beginning to level off now and if it does so, it will stay near freezing on average in the arctic leading to still less melting than last summer which saw a 9% increase in arctic ice than in 2007.

  20. Black Flag says:


    Fantastic photos of a volcano exploding right underneath the International Space Station

  21. Judy S. says:

    I just heard on the radio, that Michael Jackson just died. Anybody else hear anything on that? They said he was rushed to the hospital in L.A. because he wasn’t breathing and they tried to revive him, but no luck.


    • Black Flag says:

      Yes, he has died.

      I wonder who will get more TV?

      Fawcett or Jackson?

      • Judy S. says:

        Hey BF, My guess is him, but she’s so much prettier. Guess he died from a heart attack for what I heard. He was weird anyway, but I did like his music. He was a good performer, especially in his younger years. Really too bad about Farrah, always liked her, she played a good angel.

        Have a good night BF

  22. USW, can’t wait to see what you write about for tomorrow, looking forward to it.

    As always, my regards to you.


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