Guest Commentary… How to Submit

I have seen a few requests for information on how to be a guest commentator here. It is quite easy to do. Just write. When you have it finished email it to me and I will read it. If it is worthy of being a guest commentary piece I will contact you and talk about it. Don’t let that worry you, I have only ever rejected one or two commentary pieces and they were because they didn’t meet my respect criteria. If you are not a great writer, don’t worry about it. I will help. I will re-work anything that you would like me to. And before I actually post it you will have the final copy in your possession and you have final approval on what gets published.

My pledge is that I will never steal your work. I will never make a single change to what you write without your approval. I will never censor something because I don’t agree with it. I will always protect your identity, and I will always protect your right to offer an unpopular opinion on this site. This is your article and I am happy just being able to provide a forum of readers to offer as your audience. Talk to those who have done guest commentaries in the past and you will find all of this to be true.

My only rules:

  • The same respect rules that I apply to commenting here apply to these guest articles as well.
  • The work you submit must be your own.
  • Work with me early in a given week. I need time to read it and submit the final version to you prior to posting it.
  • Provide me with the name you want to have it posted as (I post as USWeapon for example).

I encourage everyone to write guest commentaries. They are great learning experiences and you will find that you will gain a great sense of pride in putting it together and presenting it to the group. I hope to see some great articles from everyone!



  1. Boy, don’t I feel the stupid one here. I was going to ask how to do this and my eyes caught the about/contact the author link….Geez.

    I need a beer and I don’t even drink.

  2. Black Flag says:

    As one of the first (if not the first) guest commentary, I strongly urge people to do so.

    USWep, with the help of his audience, has compiled a formidable list of intelligent readers.

    The feedback you get will be a blessing. It will sharpen your own understanding, and vastly improve your own articulation.

    The future belongs to those that can communicate.

    Participate – challenge – engage.

    And you all know, I read all the posts (as I’m very sure, so does USWep)

    • USWeapon says:

      I absolutely read them all. Sometimes it takes me a while to wade through 900 comments, but I do!

      And you are absolutely correct, BF, you were not only the first guest commentary, you were also the second! Your submissions are always welcome!

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