Just a Quick Update

Good evening all. As you all know I am down with my Grandmother. Last night and tonight were late nights. She had the energy to stay up and talk until I lifted her into her bed 20 minutes ago. She is fading quickly so I cherish every extra minute I get. But that has left me with no time to write this evening. But I wanted to jump in and let everyone know that there will be a Friday Night Guest Commentary this week…. from none other than Black Flag. It is a good article and will have a follow up article next week. I am also working on the health care series diligently. I am going home Saturday so next week I should be back to the normal writing schedule. I look forward to it. I miss writing and discussing with all of you here. So until Friday night…. I am off to bed and then another day with Gram!


  1. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you. Take your time and take care of your self and your family first. They are who matter, this site is meaningless in comparison.

  2. My thoughts are with you and your family! Take your time, we will see when you come back. Best wishes to your Grandma.

  3. Our families are precious gifts from God. But they are just borrowed. He loans them to us to brighten up our lives. Enjoy every minute with them.
    Family 1st.

  4. I lost all my grandparents in my teens but one. She died when I was 22. My Grnadmother on my mother’s side though was as precious to me as anyone I have ever known. Even though she died when I was 14, I wanted nothing so much as to go with her.

    Now I’m almost 46. Will be Thursday of next week. But as long as it’s been, I still think about her nearly every day. I can still see her face and hear her voice after all this time.

    My oldest son now worships my momma the same way. My daddy too. I’m just glad he’s already grown.

    So I wish you could have now own with yours USW. I wish for just one more day with mine.

  5. I was fortunate to spend some time with one grandfather when growing up, think he was a strong influence. My boys got to visit him a few times before he passed, I hope they remember him. He was a great man, not for anything he did, but for the values he lived his whole life by.

    Congress has taken five weeks off, you can get by with a few days.

    Family 1st.

  6. Appears the health care reform offered by both congress and the senate includes funding for elective abortions. And MSM has been lying about it, and got caught.

    The Associated Press is coming under criticism from pro-life advocates who say its recent wrap-up article on the health care debate is misleading.

    AP writer Charles Babington wrote a “fact check” story attempting to make the case that abortion is not included in the health care bills and that President Barack Obama doesn’t want it to be included.

    But Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, says that’s not the case.


    • This article I am posting sums up the healthcare bills’ major economic flaws in a manner that people should understand.

      This article should also propose questions in a persons mind as to what the purpose could be of our countries POTUS for proposing such reform.

      This man has been in office a lil’ over half a year and has already spent our country into horrendous debt.One can only question his motive when confronted with the facts of his administrations actions.

      Obama vs. Mathematics
      Health care plus entitlements plus higher taxes only on the “rich” equals disaster.

      By Jagadeesh Gokhale & Kent Smetters

      Even a popular president like Barack Obama cannot win arguments against two forces: God and mathematics. While the president has openly shared his reverence for the former, he has decided to take on the latter. It’s a fight that he will lose.

      Upon taking office, President Obama decided to postpone his campaign promise to implement a true cost-saving reform of Social Security and Medicare. Instead, he’s trying to expand the nation’s entitlement offerings with massive new government spending on health care.

      The Congressional Budget Office’s mid-July “score” of the main House health-care bill puts the price tag at about $1 trillion over the next decade; the Blue Dog Democrats managed to shave off only about $100 billion. But ten-year budgets, as even the CBO has warned in the past, are not reliable for assessing entitlement programs. Most of the spending in the House plan is phased in over several years, making the ten-year cost look deceptively small. Extending the budget window by just three years doubles the program’s cost to over $2 trillion.

      And that’s just a start. The most comprehensive view of a program’s projected shortfall comes from calculating the present value of all of its future outlays and subtracting any new revenue sources. The House plan has a present-value shortfall of $13.6 trillion. That’s the amount of additional money that must be set aside, in today’s dollars, to put this program on a sustainable course. This estimate optimistically assumes that health-care costs will eventually grow with the general inflation rate (they’re currently growing much faster).

      This enormous shortfall is equal to about 1.6 percent of all future projected GDP, or 3.5 percent of all future payrolls subject to Social Security taxes. From those numbers, this additional burden might actually seem manageable. But President Obama promised that he would raise taxes only on those in “rich” households.

      That’s where the arithmetic gets especially interesting. Funding the new health-care plan on the backs of households making $200,000 or more per year would require permanently increasing their annual total tax payments by about 50 percent. So, for example, a household that currently pays $50,000 in federal income taxes would need to pay another $25,000. Remember, however, that Social Security and Medicare already face enormous shortfalls. Shoring up these programs — another Obama campaign promise — would require collecting 328 percent more tax revenue from the rich. No, we didn’t forget a decimal point: That is three hundred and twenty-eight percent.

      Most households making between $200,000 and $500,000 per year would not have enough money to pay their federal, state, and local tax bills, much less eat. Rich households in California or New York would not be able to pay their tax bills regardless of their incomes. And a family of four living in a low-tax state (South Dakota) would need to gross almost $900,000 per year to have enough income left over to reach the poverty line. In fact, there is no mathematical configuration of taxes on the current rich alone — including additional levies on the “super-rich” making more than $1 million per year — that is compatible with putting the nation’s entitlement programs and the new health-care plan on a sustainable course.

      U.S. federal income taxes are already very progressive. The top 10 percent of income earners pay the majority of federal income taxes. The top 1 percent of income earners pay a quarter of all taxes.

      But can’t we expect the rich to pay even more? Maybe for a few years — but not without disastrous consequences to America’s future.

      A major tax increase causes the tax capacity of the rich to shrink gradually as two factors kick in. First, many of the households falling into Obama’s “rich” definition are married couples in which both partners are working professionals. When tax rates rise, the lower-earning spouses in these couples tend to work less. Often, they quit work entirely. Second, many of the “rich” are budding entrepreneurs and small-business owners. They finance their operations using their own after-tax income, or with after-tax resources from family and friends. Small-business innovation is the fuel for long-term economic growth. In fact, many of the largest companies in the United States today were either small or nonexistent just 25 years ago. Killing small business kills the American economy.

      We cannot allow federal health-care subsidies — mainly Medicare and Medicaid — to continue to grow faster than inflation indefinitely. The challenge is to find ways to make the nation’s commitments to retirees and others sustainable without harming economic growth prospects. In this regard, the Obama administration is charting a course in the wrong direction — expanding entitlements on the backs of our nation’s job creators. The math will work against the Obama administration and, eventually, against us all.

      — Jagadeesh Gokhale is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. Kent Smetters is a professor at the Wharton School and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

      • Tex,

        Thanks, a great find that begs the question, how can a liberal even support this?

        • Easy…not like they are spending their money. Besides, they can always print more! (nitwits)

          • Kym and all. A liberal can support it because they don’t have a brain and because they want everyone to be on the same level. Poor. And whether they’re spending their money or not or even how much they can print. Sooner or later the axe is going to fall. Sooner probably than later our Country will go bankrupt. And when it does, who do you think those morons will blame for it?

      • If they can’t get a bipartisan agreement, Senate leaders have threatened to invoke a procedure called “reconciliation” to pass legislation with just a 51-vote margin instead of the 60 votes normally needed to move legislation in the Senate.

        “I wouldn’t put it at the probable status, but I would put it in the possible status” because the Senate “left that opening” when it passed a budget resolution earlier this year, Durbin said.

        Quoting Obama, Durbin said “obviously we’re going to keep reconciliation as an option. We’d rather not go that route.”


  7. And how is cap and trade working out in the UK?

    The Government has entered a scheme for reducing greenhouse gases which rates performance in a league table.

    But the Environmental Audit Committee has warned Government departments are “backsliding” before they have even begun.

    The proportion of renewable energy used by departments slumped to 22% last year from 28.3% in the previous year.


    This means taxpayers could be forking out large lumps of cash to private businesses once the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme begins next year.

  8. My prayers are with you and your family US.

  9. More from the UK. This is from The Douglas Report, the guy is out there on some things, but well informed. Question, how mwny plan to get swine flu vaccine for yourself? For your children?

    Many people assume that the vaccinations they receive are backed up by many months of extensive clinical trials and medical evaluation.

    But regulators at the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in the UK are about to distribute a new swine flu vaccine that’s had a whopping FIVE DAYS of testing.

    Vaccines in general are unproven, unnecessary, and potentially dangerous — and they’re the ones that have undergone clinical trials. I cannot believe that the government of Great Britain is actually about to start distributing a vaccine — for a form of influenza that is already little understood — without having it thoroughly vetted.

    The EMEA says that clinical trials will be carried out — but that the swine flu vaccine will already be distributed while those trials are conducted.

    So let’s say that the clinical trials do indeed discover that the vaccine has a serious side effect. Vaccines are not like cars with defective airbags. You can’t just recall a live virus that’s been injected into the bloodstreams of thousands of people.

    It would be a man-made medical catastrophe.

    Of course, the EMEA is claiming that all is safe, and that the current plan for the vaccine in no way compromises patient safety. How could they possibly know such a thing? Because they’ve already tested a “mock-up” vaccine to evaluate the results.

    One official called the mock-up test “a detailed risk management plan,” adding that there is “quite a body of evidence regarding safety on the trials of the mock-up.”

    The swine flu vaccination program will be the biggest mass vaccination campaign in half a century. The British government has ordered enough of the vaccine doses to cover nation’s entire population.

    I imagine the providers of these vaccines — the American Big Pharma firms GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Baxter Healthcare — are thrilled. Think of it: an entire nation’s worth of vaccines, approved by a government regulatory body in just FIVE DAYS!

    When the national vaccination begins, the goal will be for each doctor to administer 30 vaccinations an hour.

  10. Well, well, well I’m actually posting a link from the HuffPo!

    Seems as if the Brits want an Orwellian 1984 world.
    Read the article and judge for yourselves.


    • Wow! Bob, DaveE, and our other UK friends – what do you hear about this locally?

      • The way things are going here, wouldn’t surprise me if this government will start doing the same thing. I hope they don’t read that article, might give them ideas, if they don’t any already.


    • If you click through to the original source, you’ll find the situation isn’t exactly as described there.

  11. USW

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please, take your time, and spend as much time as you need with your grandmother. Looks to me like we’re all doing just fine here talking about all different things while you’ve been away.

    There is nothing more important than family, for they always come first no matter what. Give your grandmother a hug from all of us, and please tell her that we are thinking of her.

    God Bless You USW.

    Take Care


  12. Good Morning Everyone

    I got this in my email this morning from GOPUSA. I thought maybe you all would like to read it.

    Hope you all have a good day.


    Obama Team Cracking Down on Townhall Meetings
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    Posted by Bobby Eberle
    August 7, 2009 at 7:34 am

    >> Printer-Friendly Version

    The efforts of Barack Obama and his advisers to intimidate and discredit Americans with opposing views continue to unfold. We have learned of Obama’s web site which calls for Americans to “rat out” their neighbors and anyone else who is spreading “fishy” information about Obama’s health care plan. We also learned how the Democrats are labeling protestors as part of an angry “mob.”

    But there is more. During this August congressional recess, the Democrats will be making a full court press to rally support for Obama’s sagging health care plans, and they will take no prisoners in the process. Disagree with Obama on health care? If so, then your “phony” concerns might just get you on the White House “enemies” list. You may also face increased pressure at townhall meetings.

    Obama and the Democrats have faced a wave of angry Americans, and clearly they were not prepared for the opposition. Apparently, they think everyone is just in love with them and their policies to transform America into a socialist state. Democrat legislators have clearly not been ready for their own townhall meetings where constituents voiced their anger and concern with the big spending, big government actions of Obama and Congress.

    How has Obama and his team responded? Simple. First, they are trying to discredit the opposition. According to them, “good” Americans favor the health care takeover, while “bad” Americans do not. Second, there is intimidation. As I reported yesterday, the White House is actually building a database of those opposed to Obama’s plans, and they are encouraging Americans to report on other Americans. That is scary!

    The strategy is now being stepped up. In a report in The Hill, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called the protests ‘phony’ at a press conference he held earlier in the day, holding up a swatch of Astroturf to reporters to illustrate his point.” In addition, “Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said the groups connected to the health insurance industry have organized the protests in an effort to protect corporate profits from new government regulations.”

    However, this strategy of discrediting the opposition that is favored by Obama and his team is very risky, and not all Democrats are buying into it. A few Democrat senators were quoted in the story as saying that at their townhall meetings they met strong people with strong opinions.

    Still, Obama and congressional leaders are now doing EXACTLY what they are accusing the Republicans of doing: stacking townhall meetings with left-wing supporters. As noted in The Atlantic: “The Service Employees International Union says it’s working to turn out its members at town-halls in states where it has a presence, coordinating with members of Congress to orchestrate turnout. (I mentioned earlier that the AFL-CIO will be doing that with a new, targeted campaign.) SEIU was working on town-hall turnout already, along with the rallies and phone banks it has planned across the country for recess, but conservative protests have led to a greater focus on ramping up town-hall presence specifically, in addition to the rest of the program.”

    In a post on CNN, the author notes that “liberal groups are sending supporters detailed instructions on strategies to counter what they call organized disruptions of congressional town halls — events that have become new front lines in the fight over President Obama’s health care proposal.”

    So, Obama and the Democrats accuse concerned citizens of being part of some right-wing effort to create an “angry mob,” yet they are doing the same thing.

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:

      Actually they are not doing the same thing. They accuse conservatives of organizing a fake turnout with a fake agenda when in reality the conservatives represent a real turnout with real concerns. They respond to this by organizing their own fake turnout with a fake agenda, so they are not doing what conservatives are doing, they are doing what they ACCUSE conservatives are doing (which they claim is a bad thing to do!!!)

      The only thing I wonder is how long it will be before the first shots are fired, and who will fire the first shots.

      Regardless of who fires the first shots, the shooting will be blaimed on “right wing extremists tied to the NRA” even though the first shot is just as likely to be fired by a mafia-union-Obamanite thug.

    • I think that we should send them the Health Reform Bill, it sure looks fishy to me.

      Watching democracy in action is a beautiful thing. MSM and the Thought Police are going to lose this battle. Finally they are listening.

  13. PeterB in Indianapolis says:


    It is great that you and your son are getting to spend this time with Grandma. Cherish every minute of it! Your site is still here and in very capable hands. It is nice to hear that you miss us and want to spend more time on the site, but what you are doing with your time is far more important.

    As others have said, family first.

  14. Family first, last…ALWAYS!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family and exspecially your grandmother. From my family of 6, only my big sister and I are left and she lost her husband April 1st this year. What I wouldn’t give to talk to my father who passed 25 years ago or my 1 brother who’s been gone close to 6 years now. I always wish I had had more time with them.

    Take care and we’ll see you when your back

    • Kym

      My condolences to you and your sister for the loss of her husband.

      I lost my brother back in 1992 at the age of 40 from a severe heart attack, and I miss the talks we used to have once a week by phone. I also lost my dad in 1998 from brain cancer and I miss him very much. That just leaves me, my sister and our mom in our immediate family. My mom will 87 on the 16th of this month, and I am grateful for every minute I have with her. She lives with us now, and that also helps in spending time with her.

      You take care Kym, and God Bless you and your sister.


      • Thanks Judy

        Spend as much time as you can with your mom. Mine passed 2 years ago and even though her mind was pretty much gone by then, I do wish I could have 1 last cup of coffee with her…and doughnut holes! God how she loved doughnut holes!


        • My mom has a case of Dementia, not a severe case, but enough. That’s one of the reasons why she is living with us now. She can not be left alone for anything. She has short term memory loss, but her long range one seems just fine. She could tell you what she wore to school when she was in the 3rd grade, but ask her what she had for dinner yesterday, and she probably can’t.

          We have to constantly repeat everything to her at least 7 times before she will finally get it. She constantly asks where everybody is or where they’re going, or whose car is that in the driveway, or why is Jim taking that car, and so on. She has this thing about needing to know where everybody is all the time. I guess it’s for her own security though, which is okay.

          I spend every waking moment with her, with the exception of doing some errands during the weekend. I even bring her to work with me everyday, so she is not left home alone. Everybody here at work knows the situation, so there is no problem.


          • Thats awesome that your work is so understanding and let you bring your mom to work. I wanted to bring my mom to live with us but my sibs had a tizzy fit about moving her 3 hours away from them. I visited her every other weekend though and our morning coffee and doughnut holes was one of the things she talked about all the time when my sibs visited her. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones to have her with you.

            • The good thing about working here Kym is, the business belongs to my brother in law, and it’s just family that works here. Me, my husband, of course his twin that owns it, and our cousin. And I do count myself as one of lucky to still have my mom with me.

              She can drive me nuts at times, but I guess that’s all part of her Dementia. She has her routine down to the minute on everything she does.

              Breakfast between 8:30 to 9:00 a.m.
              Lunch between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. Her banana right after lunch.
              Dinner, she doesn’t always want, but when she does, it has to be before 6:00 p.m.
              Then precisely at 7:12, and not one minute before or after, she has to have her rocky road ice cream, during Jeopardy. If Jeopardy isn’t on, then no ice cream.

              She goes to bed every night precisely at 7:55, not one minute before or after, unless we might be out or something. She gets up every morning at the same time, usually about 10 minutes after I do.

              She smokes like there’s no tomorrow, has emphysema, which the doctors says at this point doesn’t matter because of her age. What’s it going to hurt. Probably do her more harm to quit than to keep smoking. Eats like a pig, and weighs all of 84 LBS.

  15. Enjoy the time you have and safe travels tomorrow. Family First for sure.

    Besides, I am looking forward to BlackFlag’s article, he will be a great stand-in I am sure. 🙂

  16. Black Flag says:

    Eye’s on

    • Well good day to you sir, I am also looking forward to your article, stayed up late sharpening all my knives. LOL

      I have been watching a few stories on AIG, but not found it in print yet. Supposedly the gov. has invested 180 billion, and now its going to be split up. One report stated AIG owes the gov. 80 billion, so does that mean we took a 100 billion hit? And is this not the same thing as if we had let them fail?

      • Black Flag says:

        I believe the 80-billion story got the amount wrong.

        The gov. has $180 billion “available” – how much has been used (shrug).

        AIG is selling off assets expected to raise $8 billion – with $4 billion slated to pay of gov.

        Gov owns 80% of AIG – it won’t go into the garbage can yet.

    • BF:

      This link was the AARP meeting I attended. AARP says they want to Listen to their members.

      http://boortz.com/nealz_nuze/index.html then go to the Corporate Thugs sub-section.

      Stand Up for your RIGHTS – Stand Up for State RIGHTS – Don’t Tread On Me

      • Hey Garth.

        Who in the hell runs the AARP? Because it obviously ain’t the elderly folks I saw in that video! THOSE folks looked like true blue honest to God Americans. Which one were you?

        • Esom:

          I am the one in the third row (far side) with hand raised at one time. I am the one who said “Do you work for us or do we work for you”.

          A friend said I had the wrong finger raised. I told him I was waiting to be heard but had the other finger at the ready when they gave their “support of Obamacare” answer.

          The Dr. speaker made fun of my shirt that said: Taking From Peter to Pay Paul Is Immoral – But, It Assures Paul’s vote.

          AARP = Americans Are Really Pissed

  17. Black Flag says:

    California Won’t Accept Its Own IOUs

    SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Small businesses that received $682 million in IOUs from the state say California expects them to pay taxes on the worthless scraps of paper, but refuses to accept its own IOUs to pay debts or taxes. The vendors’ federal class action claims the state is trying to balance its budget on their backs.

    Lead plaintiff Nancy Baird filled her contract with California to provide embroidered polo shirts to a youth camp run by the National Guard, but never was paid the $27,000 she was owed. She says California “paid” her with an IOU that two banks refused to accept – yet she had to pay California sales tax on the so-called “sale” of the uniforms.

    The class consists mostly of small business owners, many of whom rely on income from government contracts to keep afloat. They say California has used them as “suckers” as it looks for a way to bankroll its operations while avoiding its own financial obligations.

    “Instead of seeking funds through proper channels, the State has created a nightmare,” the class says. “Many of these businesses will not survive if they are required to wait until October 2009 to have these forced IOUs redeemed by the State.”

    The class claims the state is violating the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. It demands that California be ordered to honor its own IOUs, plus interest. They are represented by William Audet.

    • Started to watch a Glen Beck video, but it was taking to long to load. The subject, transparency rating of states that had accepted stimulus money, on where that money was being used. On state got a zero for their rating, said to guess the state. And why am I posting this on a story about Calif.?

    • Crazy. A friend of mine who is retired from the Navy lives in Southern California. She called me the other day to inform me that on her 1000 sq ft condo for three months her water bill was 467.09. OVER half ($237.78) of it was fee’s and taxes from the state of CA. She is the only one living in this condo. She cant rent it out because of the bylaws, so she is looking to sell it ( taking a loss) and moving back to her home state.
      IN the mean while she sent a copy to everyone in the state government and her Congress for her state- asking if they plan to pay for this bill? Her average bill a year ago was 195.05.

      • My sister lives in California, and she said the whole state is a nightmare. She has to rob Peter to pay Paul because of her hours being cut in half, which is half the pay. She works for the police department in Oakland, and she said they are getting ready for more job cuts, and she is praying with all her might, she doesn’t get her pink slip. She’s been there for 11 years, but I guess at this point in time, it doesn’t matter.

        She can’t sell her house because she is upside down on it, and is seriously considering walking away from it, and just let it go into foreclosure. Needs major work on it which she cannot afford to pay for, and is being told by her bank as well as others, they can’t help her to get refinanced, that she is basically screwed. She said she would like to personally thank Obama, and Schwarzenegger for screwing up the economy and forcing people into this mess they put them in. In other words, thank you for F@#$%^& us over.

        • I know 3 families who lost their jobs who did just that…moved out and let their homes go into foreclosure.

          We lost our house a year ago last March when I got laid off and had to take a considerably lower paying job. I was out of work for 3 weeks and after trying to negotiate with Bear Stearns to refinance my house at the current prime interest rate for 6 months, we ended up doing a short sale. Even though we made more than enough to make the payments IF they had refinanced our loan at prime, Bear Stearns accepted a short sale offer at $300K less than we owed rather than refinance our loan at the amount we owed.

          But then, they were one of the first companies to get a bail out…why renegotiate when they had us on the hook for a higher interest rate.

          • I guess we got lucky with our mortgage company. We were able to get our payments lowered by about $300, but if we miss just one payment, it goes back up to $2000 a month. To make sure we don’t miss any, we have to call them every month on the 1st or before and do it by phone, by check, so that’s how we make our payments now. I guess they don’t trust us enough to send it in.

            When my husband talked with our mortgage company he asked them how come they’re willing to negotiate now, but before they weren’t. They told him it’s because of Obama’s plan to help people stay in their homes. Don’t understand why these banks and mortgage companies aren’t willing to work with people, not all of them but some of them. Makes no sense to me what so ever.

            • Black Flag says:

              If you can, save an extra month’s payment and make an extra payment out of sync (in advance).

              Pay day 31 (make normal payment)
              Make immediate next payment on the 5th, and continue to make the payment on that date.

              You can never be late then, if you slip a day or so, it won’t matter.

              Then it becomes a habit.

              • Well, that’s something we rally can’t do, besides, why give them the extra money if we don’t have too. Besides, I like having that little extra just in case something comes up and we need it.

              • Actually the very best thing a person can do is make their payment weekly. It gives you a months extra payment at the end of the year and reduces the interest because it is compounded daily. A ten year note will pay off in about 7 years. Every note I have ever gotten I start paying the 1st week after signing and continue until paid….saves lots of intrest money.

              • That sounds good and all, but doesn’t confuse them by doing that?

                Unfortunately, the way they set it up for us, is the way we have to go, and I’m not going to call them weekly with a payment.

                We are on a re-payment plan, because over a year ago, we were going to refinance our house through the VA, and the bank that we were going to go though screwed us royally.

                She told us not to pay our payments because once we got the loan, everything would be covered.

                Well, little did we know, that she never even turned in the paperwork. So that set us back in our house payment by about 3 to 4 months behind.

                Thank goodness, our mortgage company was willing to work with us, until this Obama thing came along, and they lowered our house payment.

                So, that’s why we have to pay by phone, by check. We miss one payment, it’s back up to $2000 a month, and that doesn’t wash with us, wouldn’t be able to do it.

              • Judy, I understand. But for future on a car loan or what ever, try it. No it does not confuse the bank and their is nothing they can do about it.
                If you sent them a check they would refuse it? Wow.
                Banks and underhanded bank employees really took some people to the cleaers trying to gather up any all loans some of them were just plain dishonest with the borower.

        • Black Flag says:

          Facing foreclosure strategies (opinions only – get legal advice first):

          0) Find a good lawyer. They have one, and so should you. It’s your house so fight for it.

          1) Stop paying. If it is more than likely the house will sink, why pour cash into it? Reserve your cash IN HAND. Remember, they may be able to freeze your accounts while in process.

          1a) Everyone has a way to cash checks without having to go to a bank, right?

          2) Do not move out – make them force you out. The bank cannot move fast on a foreclosure – you take advantage of numbers – you will be one of thousands.
          You can live essentially rent and payment free for a few months.

          3) Get a lawyer familiar with foreclosure proceedings. One of the most useful and powerful tactics is to require the mortgage holder to prove they hold the mortgage. With the selling and reselling of these mortgages in bundles, they may not know who actually holds the paper – and they may not have a right to foreclose.

          4) Maintain the property appropriately. If you win, you’ll save your house. If you lose, they can come after you for damages.

          5) Don’t worry about your credit rating. Credit in the future is a thing of the past for everyone unless your AAA+. Cash in hand or lay-away plans will become the norm again. And when everyone’s credit rating is tanked – they’ll change the scale.

          6) Do not play ‘nice’ – that is, they are a machine with no heart – they do not get a glass of water or a cup of coffee at your house if they are there, for example. Make them do all the work. Offer nothing except what is required by law. They do not sit down on your chair. If they want to sit down, suggest they sit in their car outside.

          They are taking your home; you do not have to extend any courtesy at all – but you must remain civil.

          Courtesy will not aid nor help you in any way, and may hurt you. No one likes to dance with tigers – if you are a ‘pain’ they’ll deal with you last, and fish out the easier water holes first.

          • I wish I had your advice before we maxed out credit cards and took out personal loans to try and keep the house thinking they would eventually negotiate with me. Now were so far in the hole debt wise we will be paying for it at least 10 years. I’m sure if there wasn’t 6 offers on our place through the short sale they would have worked with us. Even the guy who bought it is now in the hole since comparable houses in the area dropped another $150K over the last year.

          • Maybe I should pass this along to my sister, and she what she can do. Right now, she is between a rock and a hard place, isn’t quite sure on what to do.

            We keep telling her, dump the house and come up here, we’ll manage. But her stubbornness is stopping her right now. Can’t get blood out of a turnip, so we’re just kind of backing off for now, and not bugging her.

            We’ll just have to wait and see what happens I guess. Can’t force her to do something she doesn’t want to.

            Thanks for the list there BF.

          • Black Flag says:

            If homeowners knew how expensive it is for a lender to hire a lawyer and pursue the foreclosure in civil court in most states, a lot more families would stop paying.

            How much does foreclosure cost the lender?

            On average, $50,000. This includes the loan loss ($40,000 on a $210,000 home), lawyers’ fees, and court costs.


            The lender does not want to foreclose, because the loss must be recorded.

            It can be delayed for as long as there is no final transfer of the house to the lender. The lender may like to threaten to foreclose, but if the family abandons the home, it becomes a high-risk asset.

            No money is coming in. The house is deteriorating. Vandals may hit the house. Squatters may move in.

            It’s like a poker game. If you or a loved one or a friend is in house trouble, help them get into a poker pro mindset — It’s just chips on a table. Know that your adversary is probably in the same boat and in as much trouble. The homeowner holds some power cards too. So you have to play strong to win.

            I don’t know what kind of service they provide, but it may be worth a call and some homework:


            Here is an article:

            “There is a very important phenomena that is occurring that has only been covered in an only “glancing” manner. Beyond the concept of “jingle mail” — which suggests that folks who can pay their mortgages may just choose to walk away given the dramatic loss of equity due to housing’s collapse — consider the following:

            As a developer, I had stepped to the sidelines and rented beginning in 2005, because I was sure that housing was unsustainable and was bound to collapse; it took 2 more years for it occur.

            Nonetheless, as I have followed several of the homes that my wife and I were interested in a few years back, they are all on the market now. What is shocking, that in each and every case, I have been told by brokers and banks that the owners, have ceased paying their mortgages in some cases for nearly 2 years and have continued to occupy these homes.

            Now, these are homes in excess of $2,000,000 in the very best neighborhoods in South Florida. Brokers have added that these buyers further complicated things by putting huge home equity lines on top of their mortgages and now have no possibility of selling their homes for amounts needed to cover their accumulated debt.

            This may not seem like news, but understand what this means: There is currently an 8-10 month wait to get a court date to have a foreclosure filing heard in Dade and Broward counties. The bankers have non-performing loans on their books to the best heeled borrowers in multi-million dollar amounts with no immediate means for recovery; with a non-secured second mortgage in place, there is no possibility for a “short sale” that will satisfy all of the borrower’s debt.

            They are reluctant to take a haircut knowing that they have the home equity debt still around their neck and are likely to frustrate any near-term sale.

            There is no clean way to sell the home that would guarantee “clean title” hence a foreclosure is the only means to separate the property from the dead-beat speculator/squattor. Banks do not want to spend the $50,000 required to take a home through a foreclosure and clear the title — only to put the house back on the market for a deeper loss afterwards. Most likely, they have not revealed these owner occupied defaults to their shareholders, thanks to the sheer numbers of non-performing loans on their balance sheets, and the daunting task of foreclosing on all of them. This is the ultimate seizure and full stop of the market whereby everyone is standing in a stalemate. As one broker said to me, “these bums sitting in $3,000,000 homes overlooking the water are likely to be left alone by the banks for 2 years before the banks even get serious about foreclosure.”

            So here is the difference between “walking away,” these folks are doing anything but walking away, they are sitting on lounge chairs sipping martinis living cost free! (not to mention that they have ceased paying property taxes and insurance). I can only imagine what this market will look like in the coming years . . .”

      • For WATER? My monthly bill for County water here in GA is 15 to $20. 😯

        I also have a hand-dug and a drilled well and several springs. So if the Govt gets too bad, at least I won’t thirst. 🙂

        • We’re on water meters here, well, not everybody, but we are, and our monthly bill ranges from $24.00 to $46.00 a month, compared to flat rates, which are over $100.00 a month. Being on a meter, you get to see exactly how much water you’re using each month, and we use usually anywhere from 7000 to 13000 a month, depending on how much watering you do to your yard.

          Best thing we did, was to go on a meter. Now or electricity and gas usage is a totally different matter. In the summer, our electrical usage is around $124.00 a month, depending if we use our air conditioning, and in the winter our heating bill pushes up towards $400.00 a month because of the gas thermals. Doesn’t matter how much you try and conserve, you still pay through th nose.

          • esomhillgazette says:

            Our water is on a meter also. But I don’t water my lawn. My grass can go to grass for all I care. That’s just that much less I have to cut it.

            I still have 10 acres of field to keep bush hogged.

            • We only have the front yard, and it’s not very big, besides our oldest son does our yardwork, and if we don’t water it, he yells at us. Just kidding. Our backyard belongs to our dog, a boxer, so there isn’t any way we can keep anything in there besides dirt. He loves to take a dirt bath, then comes in the house and shakes off the dirt.

      • Richmond Spitfire says:

        I pay about $50 a month for water & sewer.

        I pay about $300 a month for electricity.

        During winter months, I pay about $250 +/- a month for oil.

        I have a dual heating system (oil/heat pump); so in Winter, I pay about $550 a month for heating + electricity.

        That was the mortgage on my first house.

        Frankly, I am SCARED to DEATH at what Cap & Trade will drop in my lap when it comes to my winter heating (not to mention, summer cooling) bills. I’m barely keeping my head above the water. Husband was “let go” two weeks ago from his employment (he worked for a VERY LARGE electronic retailer that went bankrupt earlier this year) — he was one of the lucky ones (corporate, accounting) so was able to stay longer to help close out the company.

        Best Regards to all,

    • Recently I received a notice from the State of California stating they “revised” my 2007 taxes. Now I owe them another $379.00. My neighbor said they received a notice as well about having a “revised” tax. I guess they are going after the people who actually paid their taxes to get more revenue.

      • Kym is that legal? 2007 closed in 2008. I think someone needs to hire an attorney….send it to the Whitehouse…this sounds real fishy.

  18. I am so thrilled!! I can’t find out much on her on healthcare, except a liberal rant that she was obstructing the Dem’s. You go girl!!!

    August 7, 2009

    Mr. Life of Illusion

    Dear Life:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding our nation’s energy policy.

    As you may know, the House of Representatives recently passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454). Among other provisions, H.R. 2454 includes a cap and trade proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions. While I believe preserving our environment for the benefit of future generations should be a priority, I cannot support the House-passed climate change legislation because of the burdens I believe it would place on consumers and businesses.

    As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I am proud of the bipartisan energy bill that I recently helped pass out of this committee. I believe our bill can serve as the basis of the Senate’s comprehensive energy reform bill, which will promote greater energy efficiency and grow the use of cleaner, renewable energy sources that will benefit our environment, create jobs, and cut our dependence on foreign oil. I believe this legislation represents an important step forward in enabling our nation to transition to a new energy economy, which is vital to our future.

    However, adding climate change legislation to the reforms already included in the Senate Energy Committee’s proposal is going to be a challenge in my view. I couldn’t support the House-passed climate change legislation because of the impact it would have on energy prices for consumers and the regulatory burdens it would impose on businesses, especially during an economic downturn. As we move forward in the legislative process, we must ensure that we don’t do more harm than good as Congress considers various proposals to achieve needed reforms. If Congress is unable to reach a consensus on a climate change proposal this fall, I believe we should move forward with passage of the Senate Energy Committee legislation which will improve our environment and our economy.

    I anticipate that the Senate will consider energy reform and climate change legislation in the months ahead. I appreciate knowing your thoughts on this important matter, and please rest assured that as I work with my colleagues on energy issues, I will be sure to remember the issues you have raised regarding climate change legislation.

    Thank you again for contacting me. To learn more about my work in Congress, I encourage you to visit my online office and sign up for my e-newsletter at http://www.lincoln.senate.gov. I am proud to serve the citizens of Arkansas in the United States Senate and hope you will not hesitate to let me know whenever I may be of assistance to you.


    Blanche L. Lincoln

    • LOI:

      Here are some of the highlights of her past performance on Health Care issues. More details can be found at

      Can’t get our arms around the uninsured. (Oct 2004)
      Voted NO on means-testing to determine Medicare Part D premium. (Mar 2008)
      Voted NO on allowing tribal Indians to opt out of federal healthcare. (Feb 2008)
      Voted YES on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility. (Nov 2007)
      Voted YES on requiring negotiated Rx prices for Medicare part D. (Apr 2007)
      Voted NO on limiting medical liability lawsuits to $250,000. (May 2006)
      Voted YES on expanding enrollment period for Medicare Part D. (Feb 2006)
      Voted YES on increasing Medicaid rebate for producing generics. (Nov 2005)
      Voted YES on negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drug. (Mar 2005)
      Voted YES on $40 billion per year for limited Medicare prescription drug benefit. (Jun 2003)
      Voted YES on allowing reimportation of Rx drugs from Canada. (Jul 2002)
      Voted YES on allowing patients to sue HMOs & collect punitive damages. (Jun 2001)
      Voted NO on funding GOP version of Medicare prescription drug benefit. (Apr 2001)
      Voted YES on including prescription drugs under Medicare. (Jun 2000)
      Voted NO on limiting self-employment health deduction. (Jul 1999)
      Establish “report cards” on HMO quality of care. (Aug 2000)
      Invest funds to alleviate the nursing shortage. (Apr 2001)
      Rated 50% by APHA, indicating a mixed record on public health issues. (Dec 2003)
      Establish a national childhood cancer database. (Mar 2007)

      Obamacare is UN-Constitutional

      • I am honestly surprised she is opposing the current health care.

        Cap & trade is not such a surprise, as she’s not an extreme liberal.

        Have to see how she actually votes, could be holding out for a big pay-off.

        Have to give both my senators credit, they will respond, frequently with BS, but its better than my rep..

    • LOI:

      Found this: http://lincoln.senate.gov/newsroom/2009-06-22.cfm

      Health Care is not a RIGHT

    • Hey LOI,


    • http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/08/06/democrats-tout-health-care-reform-in-denver/
      If you have not seen this look very close at the pictures….the only organized signs are pro health care…now who was accusing the Republicans of what??? I am getting sicker by the minute the pot calling the kettle black once again.

    • I got this exact same letter….kinds miffed me that I could not get a answer to my direct questions.

  19. TexasChem says:

    UMMMM….Anyone need a job?

    Just who are they planning on resettleing and where/why?


    “Job Title: Corrections Officer – Internment/Resettlement SpecialistCompany”

    :Army National Guard Location: Multiple locations Job Status: Part Time
    Employee Job Category: Security/Protective Services Career Level: Student (High School) Experience: Less than 1 Year Occupations: Correctional Officer
    Military Combat
    General/Other: Security/Protective Services Job Description

    As an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility, similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers. This will require you to know proper procedures and military law; and have the ability to think quickly in high-stress situations. Specific duties may include assisting with supervision and management operations; providing facility security; providing custody, control, supervision, and escort; and counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative programs.

    By joining this specialty, you will develop the skills that will prepare you for a rewarding career with law enforcement agencies or in the private security field.

    Earn while you learn

    Get paid to learn! In the Army National Guard, you will learn valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance.

    Job training for an Internment/Resettlement Specialist requires approximately 19 weeks of One Station Unit Training, which includes Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. Part of the training is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills you’ll learn include military laws and jurisdictions; level of force procedures; unarmed self-defense techniques; police ethics procedures; interpersonal communications skills; close confinement operations; search and restraint procedures; use of firearms; custody and control procedures.


    · Paid training

    · A monthly paycheck

    · Montgomery G.I. Bill

    · Up to 100 percent Tuition Assistance for college or vocational training (up to $4,500 per fiscal year, 1 October – 30 September)

    · Retirement benefits for part-time service

    · Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage)

    · 401(k)-type savings plan

    · Student Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000, for existing loans)


    · High School Diploma or GED (If you do not have a diploma or GED, you may still apply – ask a recruiter about how the Army National Guard can help you earn your GED.)

    · Must be between the ages of 17 and 35

    · Must be able to pass a physical exam and meet legal and moral standards

    · Must meet citizenship requirements (see http://www.nationalguard.com/monster / for details)

    Boasting more than 370 years of service, the Army National Guard is the largest reserve component, as well as the oldest branch of the military. In the Guard, you get the training from us, serve in your own community, and enhance your marketability for the higher paying jobs you are now seeking. We provide our members with college tuition assistance and offer attractive enlistment bonuses on top of paid training in all of our career fields. The Army National Guard has career opportunities in every State and U.S Territory, more than 3,600 training locations and more than 359,000 members. Contact Information
    Vacancies in this position are subject to change. Click the “APPLY NOW” button to submit you information for contact by a National Guard Representative. Submitting your information does not obligate you to join, it gives you the chance to learn about your options and the more than 200 occupational specialties available in the National Guard.

    • TexasChem says:

      I found listings for multiple cities in Florida, Texas, and then Washington DC., the Virgin Islands and Connecticut.

      • TexasChem,

        Multiple listings for what? National Guard job openings???

        • TexasChem says:

          No not openings…posting locations.

          • This is very worrisome to me. I can’t speak for anyone else on this. I’ve sent this posting to some of my friends who don’t care for what’s happening, and I haven’t recieved one reply. Of the couple I’ve managed to see face to face and ask about it, they look uncomfortable when I mention it, but they don’t want to discuss it. I can’t tell if they think I’m over reacting, or if they don’t want to consider what this could mean. I’ve even sent it to some of the conservative newsletters I get, and still, there’s no response. What gives? Did you read the American Thinker Article I linked to the other day?

  20. Beware of those violent Right wingers

    Karen Miracle, who is caught shoving one Barry Osteen. Osteen was apparently debating Miracle’s husband, Garry, on the issue of health care. The caption does not identify Karen and Garry as the treasurer and political director, respectively, of the East Hillsborough County Democratic Club. An additional photograph of this incident is currently at the top of the Drudge Report.


    • esomhillgazette says:

      Im a tellin’ ya’ll now, it’s about to get ugly.

      • Esom:

        I am not worried. I am taking D13 with me to the next one.

        Good afternoon D13.

        Stand Up For Your Rights

        • Garth, you must be in the Dallas/AARP video that is circulating the web. Identify yourself (and no, we will not turn you in).

  21. esomhillgazette says:

    Well, since USW is deservedly and rightfully on vacation, I will go ahead and tell you that I have just published a new article on my website, The Esom Hill Gazette. Feel free to go read if you don’t have anything better to do. You can get there by going to USW’s blog links on the right side of his page.

  22. I hear now that Obabla is telling the American people to just shut up about this health care program, and that he is going to be bringing out his ACORN people out to these town hall meetings, to make sure order in put to use.

    OH! Poor baby, can’t take the heat now that it’s coming back at him. He apparently he can’t cope with a possible uprising now that the American people no longer trust him. Lets hope now there are even more town hall meetings just to piss him off.

    • That ought to start lots of fist fights…he needs to keep his minons at home.

      • I think he needs to “just shut up” and let the people speak their peace. I think he’s afraid now, very afraid.

  23. We have them where we want them. Don’t give up the fight. I saw the lady on TV who said she just wanted her America back.

  24. I can’t believe that the president of the U.S. is telling people to shut up about his health care plan, and I also heard that he’s going to try and stop all town hall meetings from happening. I’d like to see how he’s going to pull that on off.

    Excuse me, but don’t we still have the first amendment on our side here? Looks
    like he’s trying to squash that too. Boy, what leadership we have, don’t we. I guess all who goes to these town hall meetings are now being put on the enemies list. Wouldn’t that be at least half of America, who oppose him and his policies?

    He’s beginning to sound more and more like Hugo Chavez. Probably be a matter of time before he takes over the air waves on TV and the radio, telling us what we can and can’t watch, or listen too. Time to take back America and give her back to the people who really care about her, not to those who seem to hate it. If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

  25. Essom:

    My old Georgia cousin, how did baseball go this summer?

    Are you done yet?

    Big league sliders are a nasty, nasty thing to see in person.


    • Finally done! I was dissapointed in his team coaches though. They can forget him for next year.

      They didn’t practice but about once a month. Crap, even the pros practice! The Coach said he didn’t think it would help them, then got mad when they played badly and lost. Needless to say, mine ain’t the only one who will be on another team next year. Even my son didn’t understand not practicing. And he’s 13!

  26. Here is another email sent to me by GOPUSA. Thought I share this one too.


    Dear Fellow Conservative,

    The Democrat National Committee (DNC) released a memo last Tuesday attacking you as a right-wing extremist.

    We saw this sort of vitriolic rhetoric this past April when Democrats smugly dismissed grassroots protests against their out-of-control spending. These Tea Parties were ruthlessly mocked by the liberal elites and the mainstream media.

    Now as public support for the Obama Democrats’ government-run health care plan unravels, they’re using this fear-and-smear tactic to silence ANY American who disagrees with their risky scheme to nationalize one-fifth of our economy and limit your health care choices. It’s a page out of their standard playbook of name calling and outright lies to stifle all debate.

    Republicans want responsible health care reform that makes health care more affordable and accessible, and keeps you and your doctor in charge of your medical choices — but we want to get it right and we want to do it without ramming it through Congress on a trumped-up deadline.


    Michael Steele
    Chairman, Republican National Committee

    Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 4:03:58 PM
    Subject: DNC Statement on Republican Mob Rule
    For Immediate Release
    Date: August 4, 2009
    Contact: DNC Press Office
    Phone: 202-863-8148

    Statement from DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse on the Republican Party and Allied Groups’ Mob Rule

    The Republicans and their allied groups – desperate after losing two consecutive elections and every major policy fight on Capitol Hill – are inciting angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing extremists funded by K Street Lobbyists to disrupt thoughtful discussions about the future of health care in America taking place in Congressional Districts across the country.

    However, much like we saw at the McCain-Palin rallies last year where crowds were baited with cries of ‘socialist,’ ‘communist,’ and where the birthers movement was born – these mobs of extremists are not interested in having a thoughtful discussion about the issues – but like some Republican leaders have said – they are interested in ‘breaking’ the President and destroying his Presidency.

    These mobs are bussed in by well funded, highly organized groups run by Republican operatives and funded by the special interests who are desperately trying to stop the agenda for change the President was elected to bring to Washington. Despite the headline grabbing nature of these angry mobs and their disruptions of events, they are not reflective of where the American people are on the issues – or the hundreds of thousands of thoughtful discussions taking place around kitchen tables, water coolers and in homes.

    The right wing extremists’ use of things like devil horns on pictures of our elected officials, hanging members of Congress in effigy, breathlessly questioning the President’s citizenship and the use of Nazi SS symbols and the like just shows how outside of the mainstream the Republican Party and their allies are. This type of anger and discord did not serve Republicans well in 2008 – and it is bound to backfire again.

    • And this one statement: “Republicans want responsible health care reform that makes health care more affordable and accessible, and keeps you and your doctor in charge of your medical choices — but we want to get it right and we want to do it without ramming it through Congress on a trumped-up deadline”…

      explains why we should be howling mad at the Elephants as well as the Jackasses.

      Pragmatism is an ugly and evil thing as it can take on the identity of anyone around you. Including those who claim to be on your side.

      The message to Mr. Steele should be simple: “Get the Federal Government out of the health care business, period.”

      Unless you all like rearranging the chairs as an answer to your problems. Then by all means let Mr. Steele know how much you appreciate his efforts to secure “reasonable reform”.

  27. Black Flag says:


    One rainy night eight years ago, in Watertown, Massachusetts, a man was taking his dog for a walk. On the curb, in front of a neighbor’s house, he spotted a pile of trash: old mattresses, cardboard boxes, a few broken lamps. Amidst the garbage he caught sight of a battered suitcase. He bent down, turned the case on its side and popped the clasps.

    He was surprised to discover that the suitcase was full of black-and-white photographs. He was even more astonished by their subject matter: devastated buildings, twisted girders, broken bridges — snapshots from an annihilated city. He quickly closed the case and made his way back home.

    At the kitchen table, he looked through the photographs again and confirmed what he had suspected. He was looking at something he had never seen before: the effects of the first use of the Atomic bomb. The man was looking at Hiroshima.

    In a dispassionate and scientific style, the seven hundred and one photographs inside the suitcase catalogued a city seared by a new form of warfare. The origin and purpose of the photographs were a mystery to the man who found them that night. Now, over sixty years after the bombing of Hiroshima, their story can be told.

  28. So, has anyone looked at the Army National Guard Internment/Resettlement Specialist job posting on Monster.com, other than Black Flag? Ifigured someone would have said something by now, what with the goons getting in on the action at the townhall meetings. Do I need to go back on the meds, or what? Where’s Nubian???? 🙂


    • I did check this out and had heard about it in readings. I have no idea what it means, but my lack of shock tells me I am becoming numb to all this stuff and that concerns me a great deal.

  29. Did anyone else notice that Mel Martinez -R resigned? Did you notice his reason? Does that seem odd to you when you consider recent developments? He DID campaign for this job in the last election, you know. Anyone???

    Where’s my Lexapro?

    • I only heard family issues as a reason. Is there more?

      • Well, I’m from Florida. I remember he campaigned like crazy to get into office. I believe he’s a first time Senator. Now, six months after the thugs took over, all of a sudden Martinez resigns. Here’s a quote from the article: “There’s no impending reason, it’s just my desire to move on,” he said.

        Doesn’t that seem odd to you? Look at all the intimidation that Obama and his crew have been doing to the opposition and big business. Look at the legislation that’s being rammed through. Did you know that the Army National Guard is advertizing on Monster.com? They’re looking for Internment/Resettlement Specialists! Now, I’m hearing rumors that on 9/11 this year, Obama will announce his Civilian National Security Force! If I were a member of the GOP, I’d resign too! I have a feeling its going to get ugly soon….

  30. Black Flag says:

    What will Nancy do this summer?

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moves in a rarefied world of high society and high-level politics — and nothing underscores that fact quite like her plans for the August recess.

    Pelosi will spend next weekend quietly tending to top party donors and political allies at a series of private events in Northern California.

    The two-day “issues conference” starts next Friday night with a dinner for roughly 170 guests on the back lawn of Pelosi’s multimillion-dollar home in the fashionable Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco.

    The following day, Pelosi will shepherd her guests to a Napa Valley winery with buildings designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry; the speaker and her husband, investor Paul Pelosi, own a nearby vineyard worth between $5 million and $25 million, according to her annual financial disclosure report.


    This is a woman who is immune to the ravishes of the economy that her and her elite have caused, lecturing you that you were greedy and didn’t know how to manage your own credit.

    This is a woman who is immune to the Health Care bill that will be forced upon all of you. Believe me, she won’t be going through any of the bureaucracy for her ills.

    • I would like to see how any of these people would fair if they suddenly lost their fortunes, and had to live like a pauper. Then they wouldn’t be so damn smug, would they.

      You said that this health care bill will be forced upon all of you, aren’t you part of us as well BF? Or do you have other plans there for your health care? Just asking.

      • Judy…they aren’t going to lose thier fortunes….we are paying it 🙂

        • Well, that’s not the way I mean. What I meant was, if they were just any old millionaire, and then lost their fortune.

          I know we are unfortunately paying for it, and in more ways than one too.

          • I think they need to go back and start representing us for free….doing their patrotic duty an all. If our reps had to live like we do they would coe of their high horse.
            Where has Chris and Todd been lately….I really thought they would add their 2 cents to this healthcare issue. I was kind of looking forward to hearing some of their comments.

            • FREE! What’s that?

              Maybe Chris and Todd might be on vacation or something. Come to think of it, you’re right, I haven’t seem them around here for a while now.

    • Black Flag says:

      I am immune to their idiocy.

      • How, if I may ask.

      • Black Flag says:

        I organized my life many years ago in a way to reduce my exposure to government.

        Anyone can do it, but it always comes down to the question of ‘will’ — “Will you do it?”

        • Would you be willing to share how you did that BF?

          • Black Flag says:

            There is a fee for such information.

          • Black Flag says:

            I’ll compose a post for USWep one day on the subject.

            There is no silver bullet; it takes a lot of effort; it takes a lot of sacrifice and commitment; it takes time and it does take money (not as much as you think, but probably more than what you would consider chump-change)

            • Black Flag says:

              For example,

              How important is it for you to be called an “American”?

              • It’s damn important for me to be called an American. WHY?

              • Black Flag says:

                You are being defined by someone else’s lines on a map.

                Have you looked at the Earth from Space? Do you see lines?

                As long as a person see themselves permanently tied to some dead guys definition of who you are, becoming free from the forces that run your life is impossible.

                The first answer in your head will need to be – “No, I am a human being”.

            • Okay, I’ll settle for that one day when you can compose that post. Hey, I tried, can’t blame me for that, right.

              Just don’t wait until it’s too late for the rest of us BF.

              • BF, down here, can’t stand those squishy spots.

                What do you mean, I am being defined by someone Else’s lines on a map?

                Never seen the earth from space, so no, I haven’t seen the lines.

                What do you mean about being tied to some dead person definition of who you are?

                Sorry for all the questions BF, but you confuse me sometimes.

              • Ok Judy he sucked you in. I know where this is going. Bf you need to tell her or it will drive her nutts.

  31. Black Flag says:
  32. Black Flag says:


    From the Amazing but true file IRS told to refund billions in illegal telephone taxes

  33. Here is yet another Pelosi moment.

    Pelosi: Despite Protests, Healthcare Reform Coming

    Friday, August 7, 2009 11:57 AM

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says boisterous protests at health care promotions sponsored by Democrats this summer won’t derail a massive health overhaul looming when Congress returns to work next month.

    Pelosi, D-Calif., visited a Denver clinic for the homeless Thursday and was greeted by about 200 protesters cramming four corners of a city intersection. The crowd was mixed, about half in favor of the overhaul and half against it.

    The protesters were loud but orderly, with a few heated exchanges but no reports of arrests. One side chanted “just say no” while the other side chanted “health care now.” Many in both camps waved American flags.

    Pelosi toured the Stout Street Clinic with Reps. Diana DeGette and Jared Polis, two Democrats from the Denver area. Afterward, she said the protests would not dissuade Democrats from a health overhaul to extend insurance to so some 47 million Americans with no health coverage.

    “What you see, I think, is a display of the democratic process,” Pelosi said. “We all respect that.”

    Democrats in the House have been instructed to hold town halls and constituent meetings over the August recess to whip up support for a health care overhaul that aims to extend insurance coverage, regulate insurance companies more closely and slow the rise of medical costs. Opponents call the plan meddlesome and too expensive.

    “I want liberty and freedom. I don’t want this,” said Cynthia Aab of Loveland, Colo., about 50 miles north of Denver. Aab, a dental hygienist, carried a protest sign warning of government interference in health care.

    Standing a few feet away, retired psychologist Ken Connell carried a sign in favor of the overhaul.

    “The free market has failed in health care,” said Connell, 67.

    The Denver protest is part of what Republicans nationally are calling a strategy to derail the administration-backed health overhaul. In reaction, left-leaning groups are trying to turn out picketers who like the plan. Several people interviewed outside the Denver clinic said they received e-mails urging them to protest Pelosi’s appearance, or they read about it on blog.

    Pelosi didn’t speak with protesters, and only reporters and clinic staffers were allowed inside to hear her remarks. The speaker said Democrats welcome the protesters, though.

    “We all see the interest in it on one side or the other, and that’s healthy in a democracy,” she said.

    In Washington on Thursday, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada accused protesters of trying to “sabotage” health improvements.

    “These are nothing more than destructive efforts to interrupt a debate that we should have, and are having,” Reid said.

    But Pelosi, DeGette and Polis said they’re confident the overhaul will pass this year, and they downplayed disagreement among Democrats. Polis was instrumental in leading a small revolt of freshmen Democrats on the funding of the overhaul, but he said he supports the current plan, and he stood smiling by Pelosi at the clinic visit Thursday.

    “Do we have a diversity of opinion? Yes. We do not have a split,” Pelosi said.

  34. AtlasShrugs has something on this years 9/11 commemoration. Supposedly Obama is going to announce his plans for the National Civilian Security Force. You know, the one that’s going to be as big and as well armed as the US Military. Here’s the link:


    Has anyone seen or heard anything else about this? There wasn’t a link to a news site or anything. Just a short report.

    • Haven’t heard anything since. Just what we need, armed civilian force. Get some trigger happy person out there and shoots somebody first, then asks questions later. Isn’t that what the ARMED forces are for, for security when needed?

      This president is dumber than a bag of broken rocks. Gee, I hope I don’t get in trouble for say that by the internet police that might be out there reading these sites.

      • You saw the monster.com job posting from the Army National Guard, right? Am I crazy?

        • NO, you’re not crazy Cyndi, I saw the job posting. You don’t need to take your meds.

  35. Hi Everyone! Been reading, but what I’m hearing at work (the biggest hospital organization in our area), has had me sitting back and thinking. I live in a very Liberal Democrat location, With that said, I have been somewhat taken aback by what I am hearing.

    Today, throught my travels of the 8 story hospital, I heard the word “revolution” over 30 times. I heard this in passing, not involved in any discussions. I also heard several conversations between doctors, many from foreign nations, saying they would leave the USA, if this healthcare bill becomes law.

    I’va also talked to over a dozen US born dostors, and about 40% said they would quit working and move on. They would not be told what to charge for their services and simply go broke. Can’t blame them here, as many are still paying off student loans.

    This really sucks, from my standpoint, as I work in healthcare, and can see what a mess it will become.

    So, what are your thoughts on this?


    • Hi G, Why don’t we hear more from these doctors and other medical professionals that will be (negatively) affected by this fiasco bill?

      My husband is involved with the medical equipment side of the business and will probably do just fine, although the business will probably change. He says his company isn’t really talking about it much. I am surprised by this as well.

      I just don’t see who will gain from this plan and especially as it leads to single payer and yet it seems it is only the private citizens that are speaking up.

      • Hi G, Hi Kathy

        My son basically said the same thing, and he’s in pre-med right now. He said a couple weeks ago, that if this health care plan passes, you better believe we will be losing doctors.

        He said they will leave their practices that they worked so hard to get, and find another line of work. He said what gives the government the right to tell a practicing doctor who to see, who not to see, what to charge, what kind of medications they can prescribe and so on.

        I asked him, then if this is what you think and how you feel, then why go into medicine? First, he said, he hopes this bill doesn’t pass, and second, he said because he wants to be a doctor more than anything.

        I just hope for his sake, he does continue his journey in becoming a doctor, because if this bill does pass, we will definitely need them.

        Needless to say, he is very concerned with the way this government is sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. They don’t have the license to practice medicine, just like they don’t have the license to sell insurance. Medical or any other for that matter.

        My son is working his butt off to become a doctor, and is not doing this for the government, but doing it for the people who need him when he does.

        • Oh yea forgot to add this as well. Is this government going to tell doctors who they can and can’t do surgery on, and what kind of surgery? Suppose a person needs a lung transplant, and there is one available, but only one person who needs it now. Are they going to have to have a meeting first, then decide if that person is worthy or not to get that lung?

          If this is their plan, then we are all in big trouble.

    • Hey, G

      Did you read the email I sent over to you last night?

  36. Black Flag says:

    Judy S.

    What do you mean, I am being defined by someone Else’s lines on a map?

    What is the human difference between a person born in Vancouver, British Columbia and Vancouver, Washington?

    Never seen the earth from space, so no, I haven’t seen the lines.

    Here’s a picture.

    What do you mean about being tied to some dead person definition of who you are?

    Who defined you as an American?

    • There is no difference, you’re still a human as far as I can see. Doesn’t matter where you were born.

      Okay, I thought you meant literally, I’ve seen pictures of earth, but still don’t see the lines.

      America defined me as being an American since I was born here.

      • Black Flag says:

        WHO defined America?

        • Well, my best guess is Christopher Columbus, since he discovered it. That’s what I was taught in school and I have never heard of anything else otherwise. As far as I know anyway.

          • Black Flag says:

            He landed in Dominican Republic as far as we know.

            You call yourself American because an Italian, sailing on a Spanish ship, said so?

            • Didn’t he call it the Great America’s, and isn’t that how it became America? I don’t know anymore BF, you’re confusing me again.

              All I know is, I am an American because I was born in America, not because an Italian sailed around in a Spanish ship, and said so.

              • Black Flag says:

                But, that’s my point.

                You are American because he said so.

                …and not only him.

                The man who made you “American” name is Albert Gallatin.

              • Well, I guess I am a bad person, because I can honestly say, I never heard of him.

              • Black Flag says:

                No, it doesn’t make you bad person.

                One in a thousand wouldn’t know that answer.

                But the point is, someone you don’t even know defined who you are.

                In doing so, he excluded you from the rest of the world and the rest of your species.

  37. Down here BF

    How can he exclude you from the rest of your species and the rest of the world? I still don’t understand BF.

    • Black Flag says:

      By being “American” you cannot be “French”

      • Okay, now I get you, but you can have several nationalities in you because of immigration, when they came to America, and that’s how the diversities came about. Right?

        • Black Flag says:

          As long as you define yourself as one thing, you cannot be something else…

          …unless you define yourself at a higher order of abstraction….like “human”.

          Once you can dissolve the notions of nationalism, you are one step closer to freedom.

          • Okay, confusion set in again with your first statement, but let me try and see if I’m right. I define myself as an American born woman, for the fact because I was born here.

            I can’t be anything else other than human, therefore, how can I be a higher abstraction.

            Help me out with the 3rd one please. What do you mean, once you can dissolve the notions of nationalism, you are one step closer to freedom.

            I’m trying BF, really I am to understand your teachings, but you still need to help the student here.

            • Black Flag says:

              You are a perfect student.

              You cannot free yourself from artificial authority by agreeing to such authorities definitions of who you are.

              As long as one defines oneself as something that someone else set for you you are trapped in the peas and carrots scenario.

              • Black Flag says:

                If a slave master calls you a slave, and you believe him, you are a slave.

                If you do not believe him, he may still beat you and force you to submit – but you are not a slave.

              • So, am I stuck in the peas and carrots scenario, because I define myself as an American born woman because somebody says that’s what I am?

                I don’t think of myself as a slave to anyone, but I’m sure I’m wrong because I have to pay for the things I need, and to pay taxes because someone says I have to.

                And thank you for calling me a perfect student. I feel I’m not because there is so much yet that I can learn from you. That is, if you’re willing to teach me.

              • Black Flag says:

                Too squishy, as you say — so further down.

  38. Black Flag says:

    Judy S</b.

    So, am I stuck in the peas and carrots scenario, because I define myself as an American born woman because somebody says that’s what I am?

    If you were born above the 49th, would you call yourself Canadian?

    Why does a line on the map define who you are?

    I don’t think of myself as a slave to anyone, but I’m sure I’m wrong because I have to pay for the things I need, and to pay taxes because someone says I have to.

    The biggest challenge for people to be free is to free themselves from “institutionalized mind” – being labeled one way so to separate ourselves from others.

    When we see ourselves as all human – almost every major conflict suffered by humanity disappears.

    And thank you for calling me a perfect student. I feel I’m not because there is so much yet that I can learn from you. That is, if you’re willing to teach me.

    The perfect student teaches the teacher.

    • Only if I was born in Canada.

      Because that defines where you were you born.

      But, how does one free themselves from the institutionalized mind?

      How does the student teach the teacher?

      One more thing. Are you making fun of me because I use the word squishy? LOL.

      • Black Flag says:

        But why does the line matter?

        Can you not be born ‘human’? Without a label to separate yourself from the rest of the world?

        Because I happen to be born ‘over there’ does not exclude me from people born ‘right here’. I can say “I was born there” – but that does not define who I am.

        Just because Americans may win a gold medal, does not mean I feel more or less if China wins a gold medal.

        The student teaches by asking the questions. That is why I, too, ask so many questions of everyone on the blog, too.

        No, squishy is the exact phrase…. I don’t like to type squishy either.

        • BF

          I would love to try and answer your questions, but my head is starting to hurt with all this thinking.

          So, what I’m going to do, is get off for the night and rest my brain. I would very much like to continue this tomorrow if you are here. If not, then maybe another time.

          BTW, if you are here, and it’s not busy, maybe you can tell me another one of your experiences of life. Just to take a break from the ordinary. I really love to read those. You pick the one, since it’s your life that you will talk about. That’s if you don’t mind.

          I very much enjoy having these conversations with you, because, believe it or not, I do learn things from you. You have a way about you, and that’s what makes you an interesting person to talk with.

          So, I will say my good nights to you for now.
          Have a wonderful rest of the night BF, and I truly hope we can continue tomorrow.

          Talk with you then.


  39. Black Flag, It’s getting late, but I have an issue that will not leave my mind. All of my life, I have had a love for senior citizens. I’ve always felt that, of all people, they need protected the most.

    This worthless, idiot bunch of morons, called government, is ready to screw them, and those who live to get there. This pisses me off, and I won’t stop till it goes away. I know you don’t want government at all, but it is, and must be dealt with.

    I posted late yesterday, would you provide you input on that?


  40. Black Flag says:


    Black Flag, It’s getting late, but I have an issue that will not leave my mind. All of my life, I have had a love for senior citizens. I’ve always felt that, of all people, they need protected the most.

    This worthless, idiot bunch of morons, called government, is ready to screw them, and those who live to get there. This pisses me off, and I won’t stop till it goes away. I know you don’t want government at all, but it is, and must be dealt with.

    …and along with that, why didn’t you ask for a solution to world hunger?

    …just a joke….

    Go back to first principles.

    The government has actively been replacing the family throughout society.

    Before government’s attack on family, the elderly were protected by their children. The extended family was critical – generally, the parents earned the living, while the grandparents raised the children.

    In my personal situation, I purposely relocated to be close to my wife’s mother (father passed).

    My parents are able on their own, but wife’s mom is alone. It was a decision – I can’t be in two places at the same time.

    As with our children, we must rescue our parents from the government.

    Asking for a solution from government will lead to massive dissapointment.

    More on this later….

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