White House is Proving They are Not Fit to Lead

Boo Hoo PosterWell, I have returned home and can now get back to writing like I am supposed to write! I was out of town all last week and operating from a hotel with spotty internet access. On top of that I was quite busy with work, which had me on a weird schedule working in a different location. But I did enjoy my time there and met quite a few cool folks in Dawsonville, Georgia. I touched on this subject a week or two ago, and I was going to let it rest because when I talked about it them I thought it was nothing more than a bold and outlandish statement from a rogue idiot in the White House (Anita Dunn). But today saw all the top administration officials from the White House hit the Sunday morning media circuit to further their message and attempt to really begin to take down Fox News. It was one thing when a statement was made. It is quite another now that it has become clear that President of the United States thinks the most pressing item on his plate is taking down a media outlet that doesn’t ask how high when he says jump….

Dunn and Axelrod

Dunn and Axelrod

As you all recall, this began a week and a half ago with White House Communications Director Anita Dunn trudging on out there in front of the cameras with the White House as her backdrop and stating, “The reality of it is that Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party. And it is not ideological… what I think is fair to say about Fox, and the way we view it, is that it is more of a wing of the Republican Party.” She added that “[Fox is] widely viewed as a part of the Republican Party: take their talking points and put them on the air, take their opposition research and put it on the air. And that’s fine. But let’s not pretend they’re a news organization like CNN is.” That was all a bit out of line with what I expect from the White House. But again, I figured I would write about it and forget it as my thoughts were that Anita Dunn is an idiot and she would be reeled back in by a President who would know what a dumb move that was.

But alas, I was to be dismayed as I watched the rest of the week see this become one of the lead stories each and every day on nearly all the media outlets. As this was happening I was thinking to myself, “why are the other media outlets, members of the Obama Media Group, continuing this full court press on Fox News?” By the time Saturday rolled around, I was driving back from Georgia thinking about this and deciding that they would only do so with encouragement and push from the White House itself. Sunday morning brought the revelation that I was correct. The White House is, in fact, going to continue to attempt to marginalize and tear down Fox News. Now I am beginning to feel that this is a direct attack on the freedom of the press and on the free speech rights recognized in the Constitution.

Rahm EmanuelMy viewing began with Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, our famous “never let a good crisis go to waste” ultimate partisan hack. Emanuel appeared on CNN’s State of the Union show with host John King. Emanuel said, “Its not a conflict with Fox News. Our position is that it’s not a news organization so much as it has a perspective, and that is a different take. More importantly, is not have the CNNs and others news organizations basically be led and following Fox News.” Emanuel then went on to claim that the White House is not focused on Fox News. He said, “the concentration of the White House isn’t ‘what is Fox doing,’ it is what it takes to make sure the economy is moving…” He then listed the standard Democrat list of political talking points. What is odd is that Emanuel claims that Fox News is not where the White House is focused, yet that is what the Chief of Staff of the White House was there discussing with CNN on the important Sunday morning talk circuit. And he wasn’t alone.

White House Chief Strategist David Axelrod was simultaneously appearing over on ABC News and having a talk with George Stephanopoulos. Axelrod continued the “Fox is not a news channel” line with the following idiotic rant (transcript written by Stephanopoulos, not me):  “The only argument that Anita was making is that they are not really a news organization, if you watch even its not even their commentators, but a lot of their news program. It’s really not news, it’s pushing a point of view and the bigger thing is that other news organizations like yours, ought not to treat them that way. And we’re not going to treat them that way, we’re going to appear on their shows and participate, but understanding that they represent a point of view.”

OMGI was sent a clip from a site called “Newsy” in my email and decided that I would support what appears to me to be a internet news site starting up and attempting to move into the main stream of things (I will actively work to support those who are a viable alternative to the big networks out there who are all in the tank one way or another). I tried for a while to figure out how to put the video directly here. I will continue to research this but couldn’t do it. But what I could do is put the URL here. Go ahead an click it to see their take on this subject. It will open a new window rather than taking you away from this page.

Newsy: White House Takes on Fox News

Now for my take. As I said, I initially tried to believe that this was a minor blip. But it is appearing to be more than that. First on Fox News: Fox News is a news organization. They are certainly just as much a news organization as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and all the others. What they are not is a follow the leader news organization who simply does what the others do. They are also not a liberal news organization, which all of those others are to one degree or another. Some of the conservative commentary at night is over the top, but no more than the others. Olbermann on his own could be enough to have MSNBC classified as a comedy channel. Maddow is obviously as skewed as O’Reilly. You get the point.

Next on the White House: This is childish bullshit. Bush league at best. The White House is taking a tactic that shows them not ready to lead this country. I would understand if they came out and corrected some false facts or debated some conclusions that they disagreed with. But they instead have decided that they cannot refute the facts so they will instead attempt to destroy the character. It seems to me that this is a larger scale version of the standard Democratic tactic used for most debates today:

  • Can’t argue the valid points of the “Teabaggers”? Instead paint them as racists.
  • Can’t overcome those pesky facts around global warming? Claim the other camp’s scientists are in bed with big oil.
  • Don’t like debating economic principles? Destroy the wealthy through class warfare and inflaming rhetoric.
  • Health Care debates not going so well when public finds out what is in the bills? Just say those who oppose it are heartless, crazy, racist, or simply stupid and thus easily influenced by insurance company political wrangling.
  • Don’t like the truth being pointed out around your czars, your policies, your agenda, your tactics, and your past? Just tell the world that the news organization refusing to follow the dictates of the Messiah isn’t a news organization.

thats_racist_animatedIt is a disgusting tactic. And I see it being pushed everywhere I read on the liberal blogs, comments to articles on liberal media outlets, and even tonight on facebook when one of Mrs. Weapon’s facebook friends attempt to spout off that the “teabaggers” were nothing more than racists (I did offer a kind rebuttal, and an invitation to come and debate it here. I doubt we will be graced with his presence as those on the left with this type of position rarely attempt to engage with those who think for themselves)(see how I made sure that my comment didn’t apply to those from the left here!). And it is high time that those on the left begin to decry these tactics rather than continuing to make excuses for them and trivialize the use of them.

President Obama ran on a platform of little more than hope and change. He didn’t bother to define most of what the hope and change were all about. But I am beginning to see that it wasn’t anything like most thought it would be. He stood up there on inauguration day and said that the time for partisan bickering was past. He campaigned for months saying he was going to bring change to the way things were done in Washington DC. Yet we now watch as the White House engages in perhaps the most vulgar forms of politics as usual. Staunch partisanship. Oppression of opposing viewpoints. Bulldozing legislation through Congress. Turning his back on almost all of the promises he made during the campaign.

Obama Fan ClubI have had enough of the White House acting like a fraternity. They are the “cool kids” who everyone wants to earn the favor of, and the media in general makes a complete ass of themselves slobbering all over Obama and his agenda. It reminds of those girls in college who had no self respect and would throw themselves at the pretty frat boys at a party, then take the walk of shame at 7:00 am to get back to their dorm. ENOUGH. I despised the frat boys and the way they treated people in college, and I am beginning to despise the White House and their treatment of opposing ideas in today’s political arena.

This is not “Change We Can Believe In.” This is not an “end to the childish partisan bickering in Washington DC.” This is a continuation of the same old bullshit that has made Washington DC the most hated place in America. This is Chicago Politics brought to the national level. And I have had enough.

And for the record I think this is going to backfire on Obama and his administration. I think that there are a lot of people who are beginning to see through the facade that was erected throughout the campaign. They are beginning to see that President Obama is not yet ready to lead this country. And he is certainly not prepared to lead it during the difficult times that we have ahead.

White House Escalates War at Fox News – Political News – FOXNews.com

Video – Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

Axelrod: Fox News Is ‘Not Really A News Organization’ – George’s Bottom Line


  1. Welcome back USW. I was wondering what had happened to you.

    O’bots have had it in for Fox News for some time now. The White House is just now joining in on the fun. Those citizens who have Obama’s number will continue to watch Fox News. The O’bots will continue to trash Fox every chance they get. This overt attack on the First Ammendment won’t change anything. That is of course until one of the czars can find a ‘legal’ way to shut down Fox. By the time that happens, it will be very clear to all citizens just what Obama is up to.

    • Cyndi P:

      Yet another great and impressive response from you. I readily admit that I haven’t been privy to the notion of ‘O’bots’ before your comment, but I’m still laughing as I type this.

      However, the real inspiration I received from your comment is in the wording such as: Trash at every chance; overt attack; czars find ‘legal’ way to shut down Fox News which as we both know, will not happen.

      I sincerely hope that the rest of America can see how petty this rubbish has become — not only for Fox but whatever Obama doesn’t like his O’bots openly try and discredit — and that at any cost!

      Enjoyed your response and thanks for the inspiration! Oh yeah….Weapon, a great post!! Cheers!


      • Jon-Paul,

        The O’bot reference comes from his supporters mindlessly following commands, like robots with no independent thought of their own. I see you’re so easily amused. It explains alot.

        We don’t both know Obama won’t find a way to shut down Fox news. Only time will tell what the grand plan is for America. Laugh all you want. If you want any more inspiration just let me know. I’m full of really great and impressive thoughts that you can’t keep up with. Thanks for lettimg me know how far ahead of you I am. Good night, and good luck.

        • Cyndi,

          I think that you misread what JP was saying here. I didn’t read it as he was saying something negative about you. I thought he was genuinely in approval of your “Obots” phrase. I also saw that when he was speaking of rubbish, he was talking of the actions of the White House. Given JP’s level of discourse in the past, I could interpret this no other way from him.

          I feel like you got a little defensive here a little too quickly. And you took a bit of a nasty turn there. Let me know if you would like this comment removed.


          • Oh Crap….maybe I did overreact a bit. Its just that I’ve come to expect being attacked for damn near everything now, and its wearing thin. I offer my sincere apologies to JP, you, and everyone else. When I’m wrong, I admit it. Leave the post as is. I’m grown up enough to take my licks.

            • Hey Cyndi P.

              Nah for the most part I am one of those folks who realize that we catch more flies with honey than we do with vinegar 😉 Moreover, and you guessed it, Weapon was right…I got a real kick out of the ‘O’bots’ reference…so true, so true.

              Thank you for the apology although I have read enough of your posts that this little issue does warrant an apology. Although thank you again!

              Weapon! You really know my writing style! Especially ‘rubbish’ (from Gk. it means human excrement ‘sh*t’) therefore, one could actually read the comment as such: I hope the rest of America can see how petty this sh*t has become. A real credit to you sir!

              Again, love the blog, your contributing audience, and I agree: I feel that FOX News is getting a very, very bad shake here; although it’s really helped their ratings! Cheers!


    White House boasts: We ‘control’ news media
    Communications chief offers shocking confession to foreign government

    Posted: October 18, 2009
    7:11 pm Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Anita Dunn

    TEL AVIV – President Obama’s presidential campaign focused on “making” the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was “controlled,” White House Communications Director Anita Dunn disclosed to the Dominican government at a videotaped conference.

    “Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn’t absolutely control,” said Dunn.

    “One of the reasons we did so many of the David Plouffe videos was not just for our supporters, but also because it was a way for us to get our message out without having to actually talk to reporters,” said Dunn, referring to Plouffe, who was Obama’s chief campaign manager.

    “We just put that out there and made them write what Plouffe had said as opposed to Plouffe doing an interview with a reporter. So it was very much we controlled it as opposed to the press controlled it,” Dunn said.

    Continued Dunn: “Whether it was a David Plouffe video or an Obama speech, a huge part of our press strategy was focused on making the media cover what Obama was actually saying as opposed to why the campaign was saying it, what the tactic was. … Making the press cover what we were saying.”

    Here’s the link: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=113347

    • Posting for email comments this morning. Just a short opinion, all of the so called news organizations have become politically corrupt with their opinions. If the White house wants to say FOX is not a news organization, then that should apply to all of them, as they are equally guilty of what they are claiming. The fact that they only call out FOX, well, makes them the damn racists!


    • Ray Hawkins says:

      Gadzooks Cindy – in reference to the remarks made – were these made during the campaign or after inauguration? There is a huge difference and I think you know that. As a campaigner – controlling message I would think to be smart thing to do no?

      • The interview is recent. Even Obama cheerleaders admit he’s still in champaign mode. Attacking Fox is controlling the message? What will you say when one of the czars finds a legal loophole to shut up Fox? Will that still be controling the message? I guess it would be. Who needs the first ammendment?

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          What exactly does ‘campaign mode’ mean? I interpret this as follows – for programs as daunting and potentially long reaching in change or movement – I would expect the supporters or advocates of those programs to campaign for it – to advocate, educate and inform – unfortunately what has occurred is more lofty rhetoric in front of friendly audiences – this is what I think rubs people the wrong way.

          I also think it is incorrect to assume that “the Press” is merely going to report rather than report and analyze, interpret and assess. In this manner there is, and I think JAC has spoken to this somewhat before, a careful message shaping. I don’t fault them for this – the attention span of most people is so damn short they don’t want “the rest of the story” – they simply want sugar-coated messages that come in quick sound bites.

          Also Cyndi – I think you are mixing things here – the video has little/nothing to do with this supposed attack on Fox – I’m not sure why you are trying to link them?

          • Campaign Mode = lofty rhetoric rubs me the wrong way. He won as his supporters loves to inform. Okay, act like it.

            I agree that most people have short attention spans and want quick sound bites. That doesn’t mean they should be catered to. Give the information and let those who don’t want to pay attention to it do so. That way those of us who are interested get the info to analyze if we choose.

            I’m linking the interview to the attack on Fox because I can’t see a reason for Obama and crew to stop controlling the message now that they are in power. If they did it before they ‘won’. why would they stop now? How does not controlling the message help them accomplish their goals? NOT controlling the message would be a waste of influence.

            • When exactly did he stop campaigning? When did he stop controlling any of his “messages”? When, except for Fox, has he quit controlling the press? HE HASN”T!! He still acts as if he is campaigning. He still has his old campaign buddies, now “advisors”, around him. If you ask me, and I know you didn’t Ray, he needs to grow a pair and start acting like he is the POTUS and not the Candidate for the office.

              • Hey Buddy Esom! Welcome back…..we were getting worried about you!

              • Hey K! I have been blocked off at work so I can’t get on during the day anymore. And I quite frankly have become so disgusted lately with this Anal Orifice in the White House I feel like I would explode with anger if I got too close to a keyboard.

              • Hi Esom, good to see you! We been wondering where you been lately.

              • Yeah, Welcome back Esom! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to see you’re still with us. I share your disgust with the state of American affairs. Hang in there Brother.

  3. Yes, G. The fact that the white house is attacking Fox and not MSNBC, for example, is proof that they don’t care whether it is a “news organization,” but rather that it does not support them.

    In any case, this will only help Fox news in the long run. Conservatives will not stop watching Fox because of this (may watch more!) and some liberals may see the truth of it. Bad move, no matter who you are!

  4. Good article USWeapon! I agree with your views. I have not watched the Obama Media Group for quite some time and I don’t intend to. I like Fox News and missed it last week when I was out of town in New Mexico. The hotel only carried CNN and MSNBC.

    Who was it that once said that Liberals like opposing views but then are surprised to find out that there are opposing views. This administration cannot take any criticism and FOX is the only network challenging him.

    Like him or hate him, Glenn Beck, who is not a journalist, is a thorn in Obama’s side. He forced Van Jones out and is now on Dunn for supporting Mao. Could it be that our President is a communist or at least strongly supporting some communist ideology?

    • Obama from the outside view:

      “Who me? I have no past.”

      “I’m not a Marxist! Just my friends are…”

      “One man’s racism is another man’s defensive position.”

      “The economy? Afghanistan? Dammit man there’s Democratic seats to defend!”

      “Get the CIA to assassinate Glenn Beck? Too likely to come after me! Well there’s always Homeland.”

  5. Good morn all….I doubt that I was missed but was gone all last week. Posting for comments and catching up on the reading.

    I was taking part in a large military exercise called “Red Flag” as an observer and advisor. Spent the time in the western desert of Nevada and California.

    Hope all is well with everybody and will catch up today.


    • Good Morning Colonel:

      Did notice you were gone last week but so was I for most of it.

      Geography question: What are you calling “western desert” of Nevada?

      Operation question: Does “Red Flag” involve a foreign or domestic objective?

      Hope all is well with you also.

      • Common Man says:


        How was the fishing?


        • The fishing was great but the catching was terrible.

          Trip to east Idaho included catching. One brown and one rainbow in the 6-8 lb class, about 18-20 inches.

          The first steelhead trip was bitter cold, 16 degrees and no bites.

          Second trip, last week, the weather was warm but the fish stopped biting. We had a big weather change and increased runoff. They just shut down.

          But C.M. we all know we really don’t go fishing to catch fish anyway, right?

          So in that regard,………mission accomplished.
          Glad to see ya got some venison in the freezer. And yes, nothing like fresh back straps on the Barby.


      • Hey JAC….

        Geography: National training center in California/Death Valley…bombing range for Nellis in western Nevada…along the Sierra Madres.

        Red Flag is foreign. Defense of Europe.

        • D13

          Geography Lesson for talking Nevadan: That would be “southern desert”.

          The “western desert” starts around Tonapah, Hawthorne, Bishop/Bridgeport and runs north from there. It could be considered to include the Marine training facility on Monitor Pass, but not the Fallon Naval station. That would be called “central”.

          In general everything south of the “bend in the western state line is “southern”. Ely is “eastern” but anything south of that is “southern”.

          Figured I would try to help you out. Wouldn’t want any of them Sagebrush rebels gettin upset at ya for mischaracterizing who they are. LOL….

          Drink some more Pepper as it will take several to clear the alkali from your throat.

          The best to you and yours

  6. Welcome back USW. Missed your input last week. I am always reading along every day. But the barn had to be cleaned so there were no coherent thoughts in my head this weekend 🙂
    I think that this will backfire on “O”. I just wish he’d take his pouty ass and all his marbles and go home. He is not fit to lead this country. Hell he’s not fit to lead a brownie troupe!

    Have a great Monday All! And belated happy 40th Judy & Jim!


    • Willo,

      A good morning to you. I feel the need to disagree with you here. “He is not fit to lead this country. Hell he’s not fit to lead a brownie troupe!”

      We are fighting in two different countries, our soldiers dieing daily. Economy still on the brink, tension in Iran and Pakistan. Trying times
      that call for a real leader to step forward and be decisive. Our president has done this, our leader has sent a clear message to the country and world.

      Obama Won’t Seek to Arrest Medical Pot Users

      Federal prosecutors will be told it is not a good use of their time to arrest people who use or provide medical marijuana in strict compliance with state laws, officials say


      I guess Obama’s message is, lets all get high. Want to bet his popularity
      rating goes up?LOL

  7. Common Man says:


    Didn’t get the chance to participate much this past weekend; spent most of my time in the woods. No ‘hat-racks’ on the buck pole yet, but did manage to down a big doe, so there is meat in the freezer. Nothing like fresh backstraps on the grill for Sunday dinner.

    Since the media is in bed with those corrupting our nation it only makes sense that they take the next step in their planned agenda, which is to dicredit any who publically disagree with their view points. Although it is not a surprise, it is very childish and ignorant.

    Let’s hope that America sees this effort for what it is; another ploy to indoctrinate the sheepel and squelsh those who would speak out.

    Here is a joke;

    John was in the fertilized egg business.

    He had several hundred young layers (hens), called ‘pullets,’
    and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

    He kept records, and any rooster not performing
    went into the soup pot and was replaced.

    This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells
    and attached them to his roosters.

    Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance,
    which rooster was performing.

    Now, he could sit on the porch And fill out an efficiency report
    by just listening to the bells.

    John’s favourite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen,
    but this morning he noticed old Butch’s bell hadn’t rung at all!

    When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters
    were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets,
    hearing the roosters coming, could run for cover.

    To John’s amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn’t ring.
    He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

    John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Renfrew County Fair
    and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.
    The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the No Bell Piece Prize
    but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well.

    Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making.
    Who else but a politician could figure out how to win
    two of the most highly coveted awards on our planet
    by being the best at sneaking up on the populace
    and screwing them when they weren’t paying attention.

    Vote, or don’t, carefully next time,
    the bells are not always audible.


    • Ya got me laughing right out of the chute this morning.

      Good one my friend.

    • Congrats on bringing home the groceries CM. Minor hijack here. What to you think of the ban on “baiting”? I have always fed my deer, hunting season or not. We have 3 food plots, which are still legal, but I usually still take corn and carrots or apples out until about the end of April. Is that illegal? The last two years, two of our Doe’s had triplets!

      • Common Man says:


        In Michigan it is still ‘technically’ illegal to bait regardless of the time of year. It is a stupid law imposed by a government that has wanted to ban baiting for several years. The one (alleged) CWD reported in Kent county last year has not been produced by the DNR or DEQ (which merged in Michigan) and probably never will, because it never existed.

        I have studied CWD and I find the new baiting rules to be moronic. CWD is a protein and cannot be illiminated or treated. Experts believe that it is passed around by deer exchanging saliva, or by deer eating food touched by an infected deer. Experts also believe that the protien is passed by deer droppings and urine, and stays active in the soil for several years. Experts have tried a number of methods to kill the protien, even tepatures in excess of 700 degrees, but nothing works. IF that is all true then ‘food plots’ are more likely to spred the disease than a small bucket of corn or apples. However, food plots are still legal.

        Again, I believe that it was a BS story used by the government and DNR to ban baiting.

        Interestingly most I know who hunt are ignoring the rule, and despite all the hoopla generated by the state government there has not been another case sited.

        I was initially concerned it would harm the farmers and small business owners that sell bait, but it appears that a number of folks here in Michigan are still feeding the chickens and bunnies that live among us.


        • Oh, and don’t forget the turkeys!
          A friend of ours got a ticket for “baiting”. No one was hunting, one kid was sleeping in the shack when the dnr chick came on the property. She woke him up and tried to ticket him, the owner drove onto the property, so she gave it to him instead. I thought you had to catch someone hunting over a bait pile to issue a ticket?
          Thanks for the response!

    • Common Man, I sent your Old Butch joke out this morning to my political routing list and I’m getting great comments back. People are loving it – thanks for sharing!

  8. My thoughts. Anita Dunn was out of line, and an idiot for making those statements. And it would have been better for the White House to have down play this. Looks like they are going the other direction. Very poor decision. What has happened to everyone that tangles with Glenn Beck? Its like he is kryptonite to them. We have seen the press take down a president. Will history repeat?

    I do also think last week that FOX tried to make this into a larger event than it was, that they were making a story just by covering it so much themselves. And it worked, the other side responded, more officials have been drawn out to offer their opinion. Wish I owned stock in FOX, as their ratings keep climbing.

    “And the Fox News White House correspondent, a man named Major Garrett, has the swine flu. President Obama has ordered Fox News quarantined for up to five years, as long as it takes!” –Jay Leno

  9. USW,

    First welcome back! You hit right on the head. This is Chicago politics full steam ahead. The make a image for people to believe in, then once in office they push on everyone who is not on their side. This will not be the last of it by a mile.
    I see all cable news pretty much the same, just representing different sides. Hard for me to watch any of them.

  10. BF:

    Hijack here. Thought you would find this amuzing.


    Hope you have caught up on your sleep by today.

  11. USW et al:

    On the Fox News issue:

    This is basic “progressive” move. It is deliberate and not some mistake or stupid comment.

    1) Most of all its purpose is to keep the sides polarized.

    2) Discredit the “authority” or “legitimacy” of the opposition in the eyes of your supporters and those who might ride the fence.

    If you go to the link USW provided and watch all the way through you will see one talking head claim that Fox was out to undermine or destroy this presidency and the “progressive agenda that America voted for in November”.

    Does anyone remember voting for a “progressive agenda”?

    For those who thought you were, can anyone of you tell me what that agenda was as it was presented to the American population during the campaign?

  12. New York Times Declares Fox News Winner in Fight With Obama

    Here’s something virtually every American likely thought they’d never see: the New York Times declaring Fox News the winner in a fight with Barack Obama.

    Yet, that’s what David Carr declared in “The Battle Between the White House and Fox News.”


    • Ray Hawkins says:

      David Carr is a columnist for the NYT. I think Noel Sheppard is stretching things a wee bit.

      • I would agree to the stretching. Interesting how much attention media matters is devoting to FOX. Over half their stories?


        * Following Limbaugh, conservative media push baseless charge that Obama administration helped kill his Rams bid
        4 hours and 7 minutes ago
        * Following criticism of being an “arm” of the GOP, Fox News aired no live coverage of Oct. 17 media “malpractice” tea party
        6 hours and 21 minutes ago
        * Fox News — home of outrageous smears, falsehoods — promotes “tea parties” protesting “journalistic malpractice”
        October 17, 2009 9:01 am ET
        * Hannity fabricates Obama adviser’s remarks on Sharia law to paint her as radical
        October 16, 2009 8:37 pm ET
        * O’Reilly ignores Limbaugh’s history of racially charged remarks in claiming McNabb comments are “only thing we can find”
        October 16, 2009 8:27 pm ET
        * NY Times article ignores anti-gay bigotry and smears at heart of attacks on Jennings
        October 16, 2009 3:06 pm ET
        * Latest conservative attack on Obama Nobel: Prize is “unconstitutional”
        October 16, 2009 9:01 am ET
        * Beck-led Fox News “czar” witch hunt moves to ridiculous smear of Anita Dunn
        October 16, 2009 8:47 am ET
        * Will Beck denounce conservatives who’ve cited Mao, Lenin, Viet Cong?
        October 16, 2009 12:22 am ET
        * Beck falsely claimed Anita Dunn “worships” “her hero” Mao Zedong
        October 15, 2009 10:40 pm ET

        • Ray Hawkins says:

          LOI – I get the updates in my email from Media Matters – even I can admit that I think they are getting a little ridiculous. I see Media Matters as sort of a USW for the left. You know – the USW style of 95% smack and bash the left/Democrats/Obama with a bone thrown in to say “btw, I don’t like Republicans either”. MM does great and in depth analysis of the right, just wish they’d do the same all the way around.

          • I think you are a little unfair to USW. He admits his bias, but IMHO, does a damn good job of presenting his articles in an open way, inviting discussion, not agreement. Example, you keep coming here.

            Its interesting on all this debate on FOX, that Beck has stated several times, “tell me anything I have said that was incorrect, and I will retract it”. Their only issue was him calling Jones a Czar. Everything else he said about Jones was correct, but the White House didn’t like him using the Czar title.

            And why is the story not about anything FOX said that was false? Why is the issue not about facts?
            Instead, they are changing the subject around, FOX is not a real news organization.

            Maybe the whole thing here is to distract America away from the votes on healthcare, cap & trade, etc. And if Media Matters isn’t reporting what FOX got wrong, then they are part of the effort to snow all of us.

            • Ray Hawkins says:

              Glenn Beck retracting something? Um – likely not in this lifetime.

              A perspective on at least some of where Beck has it wrong / may have it wrong – including Van Jones: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/personalities/glenn-beck/

              It is tough to use ‘bias’ and ‘openness’ in the same sentence – I come here because there is more diverse and well thought out opinions than most anywhere else.

              • Politifact took this statement way out of content:

                “You don’t know if this (the H1N1 vaccine) is gonna cause neurological damage like it did in the 1970s.”

                I saw the show where this was said. The whole show was devoted to the discussion from 2 doctors, one supporting everyone taking flu shots and the other against everyone taking the flu shot. This was a statement made by Beck when the doctors were discussing possible side effects of the current and past vaccines. At no time during the show did Beck give his opinion as to how he felt about the flu shot. His statement was that it is a personal decision everyone had to make on their own. He let 2 doctors discuss the pros and cons of the flu shot.

              • Ray Hawkins says:

                I believe they refer specifically to his radio show, not the TV show.

              • I also watched that show. Glenn Back stated a number of times that he absolutely would NOT give his opinion, as he felt it was best left up to each person or parent. How can you possibly be more fair? He would nor even say what his own decision would be.

              • True, saw that myself. Hey, your back!!! We have been worried
                ’bout you.

              • I have missed ya’ll. My anal boss has blocked ALL blogging sites at the schools. It’s curious too because the Technology Teachers are supposed to teach blogging as part of their cirriculum and can’t because he won’t unblock them.

                We have to have the most bassackwards tech department in the Nation.

                Oh, I wanted to let ya’ll in on something. The High School here in Cedartown did not make AYP or Adequate Yearly Progress under the No Child Left Behind Act last year. But yet, the Governor of the state came to the school last week and spoke and gave them an award for having THE HIGHEST S.A.T. SCORES IN THE STATE LAST YEAR!

                I would say that should show how much good the NCLBA is in reality.

          • Mike M. Houston Texas says:

            Ray as I have said I get to use your opinions as a balance. However, I went to that site and all I saw was a stream of criticisms. I guess you added a little unnecessary weight to your side of the beam.

            • Ray Hawkins says:

              Hmmmmm – they provide a lot of detail and some references for their assumptions and work. I think their analysis falls a bit more to the center.

              • Mike M. Houston Texas says:

                Well that may be but it was hard to get through. Those right wing nut jobs and tea baggers and faux news and war monger Bush was trash. ACORN is great. Health care must happen at all costs. Maybe I wasnt reading it right. I will at least try again.

        • Directly from Media Matters website:

          Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.

          I guess Kudos to them for admitting they are progressive and only interested in looking at conservative “misinformation”.

    • It will only be significant point if other outlets like Post/Wash ZTimes/LATimes etal pick it up, even tho I do believe it’s just another mob tactic.

      I spent 17 years in the belly of a dem machine so can understand how “they” think that they can do anything and get away with it. Especially the reformers – the old time crooks went after the big guys – large corps, Interstate construction, etal while the new guys – went after the small time bribes – building permits, restaurant inspections, etal. In retrospect – maybe not so stupid after all – there’s a lot more restaurants / small businesses to hold up than large corps. On the most UN-Subtle of stories – a local machine politician got mad at another POL (all dems of course), got a bulldozer from a work site (did u say union) and drove it a few blocks and started to demolish opponents house !! LOL
      AND thought nothing of it !! And this area was considered an understudy / small time compared to Chicago politics !!
      LOL Oh well…

      • The NEW Media seems to be a growing power. With so many of the old media on the verge of going under, they had better adapt, or they will die.

        In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday, Andrew Breitbart, founder of such center-right online powerhouses as Big Government and Big Hollywood, blasted what he dubs the “Democrat-media complex.” He spoke of his most recent exposes on the administration’s political malfeasance and the mainstream media’s refusal to cover those scandals.

        Breitbart rocketed into the national spotlight with his work with James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, the young conservatives responsible for the ground-breaking ACORN sting operations that led to congressional votes to de-fund the community organizing group.

        “I had a 20-year-old and a 25-year-old and my integrity on the line if we were going to launch this,” Mr. Breitbart says. “It was so obvious that the mainstream media, given this information, would not cover it and would, in effect, attempt to cover it up.” So he devised an intricate strategy of rolling out the videos one at a time, anticipating Acorn’s defenses and rebutting each in turn with the next video…

        “This plan wasn’t just a means to defend against the media’s desire to attack the messenger,” Mr. Breitbart says. “It was also a means to attack the media and to expose them . . . for the partisan hacks that they are.” One need not agree with that harsh characterization to acknowledge that Mr. Breitbart largely succeeded in catching news organizations flat-footed and embarrassing them into reluctantly covering the story.


        • Right on Life.. nice article

          Beck had picked up on this immediately. He was posting how many times each network covered ACORN and its illegal and disgraceful operation, on his show and he was highlighting the medias cover up daily. coverage

  13. Good morning everyone.

    This is totally off topic, and I hope you all will bare with me, but this is something I felt I had to do.

    I posted this Friday night, and although not many of you have read this, I would like to post it now, and I hope that USW doesn’t mind.

    Hope all will have a good day.


    Hi everybody

    I would like to say a few words here and what you all have come to mean to me.

    When I first came on this site, I didn’t know what to expect, but I kept coming and reading and then I decided to give it a try. Little did I know, that I would be in the making of some great new friends, friends who have come to mean a great deal to me.

    G, I think you were one of the first ones to make me feel welcome here, with a lot of your jokes, talks, and basic chats we have had over the past few months, for that I thank you. I’ve come to think of you as a special friend, someone who understands at times what I’m trying to say, then you help by clarifying it for me. You have come to help me understand things and people here when I was confused at times, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    BF, Well, what can I say about you. We have had our debates, sort of arguments, deep intense talks about things, and you made me want to pull my hair out at times, but I didn’t. And for that thank you. But, you also made me stop and think too, think about things when I said I would not change my mind on, and I think you know what that is. In case you forgot, it was about prisoners being executed. You have your strong beliefs in things as much as I do, and your just as bullheaded as I can be in certain issues. We won’t go there right now. You have explained things to me in simple laymens terms so I can understand better at what you and others are saying, and for that I thank you. You too have become a special friend to me as well, and I hope we can always be friends.

    To USW I want to thank you for having this site where we can all come together and speak our minds without all the name calling and derogatory words. It’s not very often you can go to a site and argue, debate, joke around with others like you can here, and for that I thank you. You are without a doubt, a very kind and wise person, and I really love your articles that you put here. I also think it’s very kind of you to let others put theirs on here as well. I don’t know what I would do if your site wasn’t available. It took me a while to come on here, but once I did, I’m very glad of it. Thank you too from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will be here for a long time, and that you’re not going anywhere soon. BTW, I hope Mrs. Weapon is doing mush better.

    To all the rest, I want to say thank you to you as well. Just too many names to put down. I have come to think of all of you as my very dear friends as well, I truly enjoy the talks, the jokes LOI, and the arguments, debates and the very caring nature that you all have, I will never forget you all, never. For you are truly a special group of people, and I have come to love you all very much, and that comes from deep within my heart, you will always, always be my friends, don’t ever forget that.

    If there is anything I can ever do for anybody here, please, don’t hesitate to ask, I will always do the best I can for any of you, and I hope you realize that, for I hold a very special place in my heart for each and every one of you because you are my friends.



    • Judy,

      Always be a skeptic to the paradigm. Unless you’ve ‘figured it out’ for yourself, always question what someone else is telling you.

      Take care!


      • Hi BF

        I always do if there is a need to, and I would like to think that you know that. If I don’t understand something, or what maybe someone might be saying, then I do ask.

        You take care too.


  14. Good Morning Everyone! Sounds like last week was a travelling one for many of us – I was on the road to Atlanta – perhaps we crossed paths USW???

    This White House is playing its hand full force with this FOX News bashing. Did you catch the subtle threats from Emanuel and Axelrod to their hosts, “encouraging” them to go along? Some networks have had people speaking out, saying this is a bad tactic, perhaps more eyes will open to what this Adm. is about.

    As the video above of Dunn shows (the one from the Dominican – Cyndi’s post), everything is very controlled with this Adm., there are no accidents (save for a few Biden gaffes perhaps)and its time everyone take their gut feelings seriously about what is going down.

  15. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33357682/ns/world_news-europe/

    This is what happens when political action replaces action of free men – a poisoning of a nation that will take generations to solve.

    • BF…this is truly sad. How easy it is to bribe a “friend” with rations or cigs. But the idea that a government believes it is acceptable and the population goes along with it. It really is scary.

      • Sir, it is incredibly scary.

        When the government devastates an economy, then offers access to economic needs and wants by political grant, we see how easy friends and family will betray one another in favor of politics to gain their needs.

        Then, when we see the USA economy falling prey to the same scenario….

        …it is time to be very scared.

        One must -carefully- test the relationships they are in. Do you really know your friends? family?

        When the chips are down, and the risks are huge – do you know that person beside you?

        Is he pragmatic or is he principled?

        This is why I constantly urge adherence to principle.

        I am willing to endure the unthinkable for my principles – proven, since I have already endured the loss of everything I had to hold my principles.

        The future belongs to those that can hold trust. The age of deceit is collapsing.

        The greatest deceiver, of course, is government. But it will not go quietly.

  16. USWep

    You are still watching that comedy show called federal politics.

    Aren’t you bored with it yet? The skits are always the same!

    • LOL BF,

      Yes. Someone has to watch it. And keep screaming to the heavens that there are things amiss in Washington DC. Perhaps one day people will finally hear me and we can move forward, but so far people seem to stay in line (except the folks on this site!)


  17. From a pundit…

    Video of the White House Communications Director Praising Mao, Her Favorite Political Philosopher

    Politicians and their hirelings have not yet come to grips with the power of YouTube, cell phone cameras, and microphones. Such is the case with Anita Dunn, the interim White House Communications director.

    Glenn Beck was sent a video of a speech she gave in a church to high school students. We can see a cross in the background.

    This airhead linked Mao with Mother Teresa as joint philosophers. This woman is so far over the edge that she is beyond nuts. She is perfect for Presidential politics.

    Here is one of Mao’s principles. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” It is pithy. But you need to know the context. He did not limit this to politics. “All things grow out of the barrel of a gun.” He wrote this in 1938.

    Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party. Yet, having guns, we can create Party organizations, as witness the powerful Party organizations which the Eighth Route Army has created in northern China. We can also create cadres, create schools, create culture, create mass movements. Everything in Yenan has been created by having guns. All things grow out of the barrel of a gun. According to the Marxist theory of the state, the army is the chief component of state power. Whoever wants to seize and retain state power must have a strong army. Some people ridicule us as advocates of the “omnipotence of war”. Yes, we are advocates of the omnipotence of revolutionary war; that is good, not bad, it is Marxist. The guns of the Russian Communist Party created socialism.

    Beck is upset by the politics of this woman. That bugs me, too, but I have long since given up on national politics.

    Beck did not mention two crucial facts. First, the setting: a church. Liberals and secularists get invited to churches to preach the most far-out doctrines imaginable. Why would any church provide a pulpit for this woman? Second, this woman is an Old Hand. She worked in Carter’s White House. She is not some crazy hired by Obama because of her craziness and therefore his. She is a crazy with over 30 years of access at the highest level. This sort of thing is within the parameters of acceptable political discourse inside the Beltway. That is why she delivered her sermon — for that was what it was — inside a church.

    As I have said before, Beck’s show is a fusion of high technology — satellite communications — and low-tech: a whiteboard and a flip chart. But his “footnotes” are his videos. These would have been high tech 20 years ago, but are now mid-tech. YouTube is the model.

    In the good old days, leftists like Ms. Dunn could avoid detection. They did not go into print with their agenda. They talked. Then came tape recorders. They had to be more careful. Today, they cannot hide in public. If they present their views to mobilize the troops, someone gets them on a video. Three hours later, it’s on YouTube. What’s a leftist crazy to do?

    People like Ms. Dunn do not perceive how vulnerable they are, or how inconceivably out of touch with reality. This fact makes our work easier. Technology is on our side.

    In praising Mao, she says that Chiang’s government had everything in its side in 1947. It did not. It had inflated the money. In 1948, the money fell to zero value. In that environment, the cities were helpless. The government rested on the cities in an overwhelmingly rural nation.

    Mao had a huge army. He had used terror for 15 years to gain power in the countryside. He had what mattered: control over the food supply. He did not need money. He had guns. In 1949, Mao forced Chiang’s army and supporters to retreat to Taiwan (Formosa).

    The woman does not know modern Chinese history.

    Washington politicians are like Chiang in 1945. They seem to control everything. They don’t. They have lost control over communications. They cannot spin their way to permanent victory.

    Next, when the dollar begins to depreciate after commercial bankers start lending. . . .

    It’s not about guns. It’s about political legitimacy.

    The pen is mightier than the sword. So is the video clip.


    Remember, the most effective resistance to government is an attack on its legitimacy. Government is defenseless against such an attack, and such an attack is ultimately fatal to it.

    Say “No” – to everything government does, including the vote.

    • Black Flag:

      I’m almost in agreement with your views on government. I totally distrust the government and do not respect the police any more. All the police do is give out speeding tickets. I still fear anarchy but fear the government more and more each day. If our economy is going to really collapse, then the sooner the better so that we can start over. I don’t know if our government will collapse if the economy falls and it may take more time to starve the U.S. Government.

      • It is a common trait of humanity to fear our own freedom.

        We want freedom for ourselves but distrust our neighbors with it.

        We tend to do this because we have been taught that freedom is a ‘thing’ (ie: a noun) when, in fact, it is an action (ie: a verb).

        Keep doing and acting with moral freedom – and care not what your neighbor is doing in the peace of his own freedom.

        Eventually, your paradigm will shift.

  18. Ray Hawkins says:

    USW, et al. – interesting “shotgun” posting. My thoughts are that if this is a deliberate campaign to silence Fox news, then they are about the dumbest people on the face of the Earth. What better way to draw attention to Fox news (and therefore, more viewers), than by getting on the talkshows and in the press and decrying how bad and evil they are. Now, anyone with an inkling of doubt in the current administration can find a 24/7 “news” outlet to pander to that previously fledgling idea that something is amiss.

    As to the shotgun nature of the posting ~

    “It seems to me that this is a larger scale version of the standard Democratic tactic used for most debates today:

    * Can’t argue the valid points of the “Teabaggers”? Instead paint them as racists.
    * Can’t overcome those pesky facts around global warming? Claim the other camp’s scientists are in bed with big oil.
    * Don’t like debating economic principles? Destroy the wealthy through class warfare and inflaming rhetoric.
    * Health Care debates not going so well when public finds out what is in the bills? Just say those who oppose it are heartless, crazy, racist, or simply stupid and thus easily influenced by insurance company political wrangling.
    * Don’t like the truth being pointed out around your czars, your policies, your agenda, your tactics, and your past? Just tell the world that the news organization refusing to follow the dictates of the Messiah isn’t a news organization.”

    – Its unfortunate, deliberate or both that you associate events clearly associated with the WH (last bullet point) with fringe beliefs like bullet point one. I suggest you distinguish the two less your argument ring more like conspiracy theory than good analysis.



    • Tea Parties are fringe? I hope for the sake of the country, that they are not !!

      The folks that I’ve met, have been more to the old hippie, true liberals and very anti-establishment republican. In fact, at one pre tea party meeting, there was an ex congressional candidate republican (ex state republican office holder)(who probably is one of the most “liberal” republican you’d meet – he business is solar and green construction – for years) and the tea partiers listened politely, (his points were good) but said they didn’t want any affiliation with any party even if he was representing the party.

      Seems that you form your opinion from NPR & PBS – sounds good but just plain ole NON-freedom liberal point.

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        No Frank – I consider it a fringe belief that says all teabaggers are racist – and I don’t know there is anything that demonstrates it to be a WH belief. My post was that these things should not be blended together.

        • iApologize for misunderstanding your point. However, if the WH was Bush,BUsh,Reagan etc – they would have had to negate any claim that they supported any fringe (as you call it)- so for lack of definitive expression of disavowing that opinion indicates that they are supportive of that opion !

          • Ray Hawkins says:

            Okay Frank – so you’re suggesting that for any opinion, ANY OPINION that exists in the lexicon today, if the White House does not come out with a position that is clearly for, against, or neutral then you are saying that implies they support it? Please tell me I have you misunderstood. This is ridiculous.

    • PeterB in Indianapolis says:


      I certainly didn’t see anyone from the White House coming out and saying, “No, we do not agree with the opinion that people attending the tea parties are a bunch of racists.”

      Anyway, here is an article from Daily Kos which was SUPPOSED to show the “ignorance” and “racism” of those at the tea parties.

      I defy you to tell me which of ANY of the signs shown in the pictures used in the article are ACTUALLY RACIST (hint, there aren’t any).

      I love the quote in the article about “this lady probably supported the Iraq war up until the moment that Obama became President.”

      I would bet a very high percentage of the writers and readers at Daily Kos did NOT support the Iraq war UNTIL THE MOMENT OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT… lol

      The internal hypocrisy of the whole thing slays me. If you are gonna do an article about how the people at the tea parties are “batshit wingnut racists” you are gonna have to do better than show me pictures of a bunch of fairly typical people with non-racist signs and slogans.

      At least that stuff is good for a laugh.

      Anyway, back to the original topic. Perhaps you feel it would be beneath the dignity of the White House to even acknowledge the accusations of racism at the tea parties and offer a statement that they disagree with that.

      I however feel that issuing a statement saying that the White House does NOT believe that the motivation for the tea parties is racism would SHOW a lot of dignity.

      • PeterB in Indianapolis says:


        forgot to link the Daily Kos “article” that I got such a kick out of…. whoops!

      • Thank you PBII for clearly stating this point !!

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        Peter – that Daily Kos ‘article’ is a piece of rubbish. It isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit to try and argue what the intentions of the sign holders was.

        But to the larger point – it is completely, 100% asinine to insist that any comment made by any person claiming to be Democrat, Liberal, ‘from-the-left’ that is seen as wrong, factually incorrect, incendiary, racist, reverse racist, race-baiting, so-on and so-forth should be officially dismissed or repudiated by the White House less the absence of such implies they support it. Give me a break Peter! It is the same damn thing as I said before with the ‘birthers’ – to address crazy is to acknowledge crazy. To come out and waste even a breath on refuting a dipshit like Jeanine Garafaolo gives her even the most minimal amount of legitimacy.

        • I agree Ray, I don’t think the WH should bother discrediting a freak like Garofalo. But perhaps they should have as much issue with MSNBC as they do with Fox News, as MSNBC has spent countless hours pushing the “racist” tag on opposition. Garofalo=fringe
          MSNBC=Major Network News… Not Fringe

          I was OK with not acknowledging the birthers, but in today’s racial climate, the WH should be issuing a massive amount of statements decrying the claim of racism in politics where it doesn’t belong. This is NOT a fringe claim. It is a major driving thought in a large amount of media lately.

          • Ray Hawkins says:

            MSNBC = major network news? Holy shit – I think you give them more credit than they deserve.

            As for racism and play/coverage in the media? I feel like this is a double-edged sword you’re placing in front me. On the one hand most people, yourself included, decry the media – they’re full of shit, they lie, they have an agenda, they’re not objective, so on and so forth. On the other hand, because you say ‘racism is a major driving thought’, POTUS on the WH must therefore acknowledge and respond. I guess I just don’t get it. Is there racism? Sure. Is there reverse-racism and baiting? Yep. So what can and should POTUS/WH get wrapped into? How much is enough? How much is not enough? If POTUS takes MSNBC to task for even placing JG on the air to spew her ugly garbage bullshit should POTUS also take Glenn Beck to task for baiting? What does that really solve?

            So – first off the Democrats are in power – that is a fact so deal with it.

            To deal with it – be clear and crisp and logical and on point with why you don’t like his policies, his actions and his words. The moment you introduce bombast and bullshit you open the door for any jackass from the left to diminish your point, use baseless accusations and dismiss you as a kook.

            If your guy is in power – engage those who oppose with reason and try and understand their POV. So I may walk the walk I actually went out and bought Beck’s last book. Here is the thing – when he does use his silly stupid-ass antics the guy actually makes a ton of sense – I find myself more in agreement than not with his written word. I have not been fact checking his book, maybe that is for a different time – but boy – it makes me think that if the guy were not such a dickhead on TV I may actually have someone I agree wholeheartedly with. Go friggin figure.

  19. Just a reminder of the big do-do that will dump on the US economy over the next decade

  20. From Project 9/12

    Obama sneaks into back door to avoid 2000 Tea Party protesters….in downtown San Francisco!!!
    By DavidM, Managing Editor, WorseThanCarter.com

    October 15th, 2009

    Today president Obama paid a visit to the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco for a $2 million dollar DNC fund raiser. However, the interesting news is not what went on inside at the $15,000 a plate dinner. Outside, around 2000 Tea Party protesters swarmed the sidewalks to voice their opposition to big government, runaway spending, oppressive regulations and gave overwhelming opposition to Obama’s healthcare “reform” plans. I was one of those “Tea Partiers”.

    On the streets, Obama supporters were outnumbered by conservatives by an estimated 8:1. Leading up to the event, well dressed DNC donors attending the fund raiser were seen walking into the hotel, eyes bugged and jaws agape as they looked onto the sea of Tea Party protesters, signs and chants. You can be sure that the DNC and local Obama organizers will be getting calls of concern from these deep pocket attendees tomorrow.


    • Oh that’s right – I saw that on ABC and then CNN …

      ooops — no that was the 8 muslims chanting for xyz in Brooklyn.. sheez

      • Hehehehe

        Ray Hawkins said
        October 19, 2009 at 1:22 pm

        What exactly does ‘campaign mode’ mean?


        a $2 million dollar DNC fund raiser.

        Ray, I took your words out of context, I would say sorry, but….

  21. Hi All

    IMHO, I think the W.H. doesn’t like Fox, for the fact, if Fox sees something that the W.H. is doing and they don’t like it or agree with it, they call the W.H. on it, and that Fox isn’t the yes man that the W.H. wants it to be, so naturally they go after Fox. I’m surprised they don’t think that Fox is the terrorist channel because they don’t agree with this administraion. After all, aren’t you considered a terrorist if you don’t agree with them?

  22. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=8167&id=100000083804832&l=a469d2c1d3

    An excellent comic book explanation regarding capital theory and the boom/bust cycle of Keynesian economics.

    A must read.

  23. Hope this works. Check out this cartoon.

  24. Well, what do you know, pigs actually got the swine flu.


  25. Here’s a cute one. H/T to the guys at The Patriot Room 😉

  26. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/nationworld/sfl-swine-flu-crisis-propublica-sboct18,0,2336680.story

    The Florida Health Authorities – the government – are drawing up guidelines that recommend barring patients with incurable cancer, end-stage multiple sclerosis and other conditions from being admitted to hospitals if the state is overwhelmed by flu cases.

    Whereas the free market would see this as an opportunity, the government see it as a vicious problem, with the only solution being to enforce scarcity.

  27. Hi Everyone!

    I have had some time too think this over carefully today, and really try to figure out why the WH wants to publically attack a cable TV channel. As I looked back to recent events, tea parties, town hall meetings and such, looking at the current polls that show a majority of Americans do not want Obamacare, and the Messiah’s overall approval ratings, I have simply come to the conclusion that these people in D.C. do not think “we the people” can think for ourselves, nor do we know what is best for ourselves.

    They have ignored the simple facts that are staring them in the face, that a majority of Americans are tired of their shit, and the normally quiet have become loud. They can’t handle this, so let’s attack FOX, because they are the one’s causing all this anger.

    The sad problem with this, is they are so dead wrong, and they are pushing the otherwise peaceful people into a historical direction, one that will eventually destroy the elite.

    I am amazed at the number of different economists that are now concerned with the possibility of hyperinflation in the near future. To Black Flags credit, he mentioned this many months ago. To which I thank him, as I know I will have food and survive that kind of a mess.

    So, there’s my rant about today’s topic. Welcome back to those who were gone for awhile, hope you can find time to go back and see how we entertained ourselves in your absence!


  28. Here is another one if you like the 3 stooges.


  29. It has a long time. I somehow lost the Link address, but am glad to have found it again! Well presented, USW. I couldn’t believe you said what I had decided was true, but thought it, IMHO, type thing! As time moves on, more are seeing it as it seemingly becomes pointably true. Best submit,,,time limit on cellphones! Thank you. 🙂

  30. This is off topic but I found this on the internet today.

    Federal Court Case To Make Obama Prove Eligibility Marches On

    Panama Legal blog comments on the live case in US Federal Court with Judge David Carter to make Obama prove his eligibility to be President of the USA. On Oct. 5th the Department of Justice attorneys went into court and did not produce any documents establishing Obama’s eligibility instead argued why the case should be dismissed. Absurd.

    They say things like the Federal Courts have no jurisdiction over the President; only the legislature has power to do this under impeachment proceedings. Wrong. Poorly argued. If Obama was not qualified then he is not President and also then he is guilty of crimes along with many co-conspirators. Crimes like fraud, election fraud, frauds against a federal court, treason, perjury, and sedition. Things one goes to jail for many years for.

    Imagine seeing a CNN special with Obama in the same prison as the victims of the UBS bank fiasco. May be coming to a station near you sooner than you think. The Justice Department is also saying the citizens have no status as rightful plaintiffs to challenge the President’s eligibility. This does not even deserve a comment it is so far fetched. Goes to show these lawyers will do anything to keep their jobs.

    The judge took Obama’s motion to dismiss under advisement and has not yet ruled on it for 10 days, which is not good but not that bad either. If they survive the dismissal motion then they will seek orders for the production of documents such as his birth certificate. Obama will object and file stall motions. They will also file for the deposition of Obama. Such a deposition he could not survive so I doubt he will ever show up. If they lose the dismissal motion the plaintiffs will file appeals and keep beating the drum. The best bet for the Obama lawyers is to fight everything and stall, stall, stall and hope it can go on until after he has finished his terms and then try to dismiss it as moot since he is no longer the President thus avoiding any criminal charges.

    Obama getting reelected is absurd in that he would have to prove his eligibility to run again and that is not something he will chance. Why should the US taxpayers have to pay for Obama’s defense when all he has to do is produce one document? This one is bigger than 9/11 but they figured if they got away with 9/11 this is a no brainier. Well they tripped on their own shoelaces again. These people are maybe 20% as smart as people think they are and 500% more vicious and ruthless than people think they are. Bad combination but do not overestimate them.

    Implications — Well Obama is certainly upset by this. If this goes wrong he stands to face a stiff jail sentence, will be bankrupt in legal fees defending himself in that he is not a Rockefeller or Kennedy. If he is not president he is not able to use the Justice department to defend him personally against criminal charges filed by the justice department. His handlers are whispering sweet reassurances to him but rest assured this is stressing him out big time. He is facing riches to rags and could die in prison. Since he knows secrets he would have to be put in a military secure prison in isolation and kept away from the media something like the way they kept Noriega. He would not be eligible for secret service protection since he was not ever a real President. His wife could also face conspiracy charges.

    He is wondering if he was set up by his handlers. How is it going to end? How much do his handlers really care about him? He will put on a good front like the president of Iran does but rest assured they are both gravely troubled by the circumstances as in anxiety, lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, etc. I would watch for signs of Obama cracking up if this case moves forward.

    If Obama was eligible he would have laughingly produced his birth certificate and blamed the whole affair on racism, his favorite scapegoat but of course also a racist one at that. No he cannot produce what he needs to is the obvious conclusion. Keep educating friends and relatives about this and get as many people as possible aware of this.

    Education alone causes damage in a case like this. Don’t let them get away with this.

    Link to site:


    • Thought I’d repost this today, since you brought up this subject. I don’t consider myself a birther, but I would agree that if he has one, he should produce it and let’s end all this talk. But then again…..



    • And I happened on this too today !!

      Obama-Luo tribe member from birth may become president of the US before a Luo tribe member becomes pres of Kenya – Follow w/link

    • Obama-Luo tribe member from birth may become president of the US before a Luo tribe member becomes pres of Kenya http://bit.ly/2hrcVc

    • I would like to do a “what if” posting. Maybe on Tuesday open mic…..

      What if it’s found that BO is/was not eligible to be President? What happens to everything that he’s done since January 20, 2009?

      • Kathy:

        Absolutely nothing. The only thing in jeopardy would be Executive Orders and Laws he signed. But…………

        If someone tried to undermine this then remember that number 2 is Joe Biden. Do you think he will overturn anything Obama has put in place?

        I would expect Biden to dump most of the personal staff and replace with his. That’s All.

        • JAC, I would think that alot of the senior members of the Democratic party would be implicated for conspiracy if the were in fact true. Biden would be one of them as well. Don’t know if this will ever go anywhere, but, if it is proven that would crush the Dems and cause alot of problems because the people would demand new elections.

          As I’ve said, I’m not a birther, but I’m also one who knows anything is possible, and with these whackballs in power, I wouldn’t put it past them.


          • G-Man

            You will not find that knowledge of fraud or even the committment of fraud disqualifies anyone for the offices of VP or Pres.

            Therefore, if Mr. Obama were found to be NOT QUALIFIED then the office is occupied by the VP until a new election can be held.

            The VP would have to be IMPEACHED in order to loose his office. Even if he knew and participated in the fraud it would not be enough to “disqualify” him or cause him to give up his seat. Congress would have to act to impeach him. This would require that they admit they were also involved (leadership) as were those who originally certified him (courts).

            Now, as I said…….who thinks all these people will turn over the cart if Obama is found to be a naturalized citizen?????

            • It’s most likely a non-issue anyway. At some point, one would think he had to prove citizenship to run for the office, in every state. They are just letting it continue on, because it serves as distraction.


              • Ray Hawkins says:

                No G – to acknowledge it is to acknowledge crazy.

              • Absolutely NOT Ray.

                If it were just an issue of crazy then they would in fact have addressed it in a way to make their opponents look stupid.

                Now, that may still be the goal. Wait until the more reputable opponents climb on board then drop the other shoe to destroy any credibility.

                First rule of media. Eliminate all accusations that are FALSE as soon as possible with the Truth. Attack head on.

                Remember how the Obama handlers attacked all other accusations with inuendo, character attacks, etc. They are allowing this one to linger for some reason, in my humble opinion.

                And I do not think it is because he was born in Kenya. I think it is strategic with respect to their overall media and public relations campaign.

                I think that those pursuing this are walking into a trap at best and could be helping lead others into one at worst.

                Of course there is one other option. By not acknowledging this issue it allows them to not recogize other more serious issues. This creates an assumed connection of “crazy” for the second as it is handled like the first. If they ignore crazy and this is ignored, therefore this must be crazy also.

                These are all media strategies employed by our politicos Ray. Your assumption is quite innocent and most likely wrong. Not absolutely, but most likely.

                Hope this doesn’t ruin your nights sleep.
                But that is the way they are, ALL OF THEM.

                Until tomorrow.

              • It seems to be crazy, Ray- but look at the next post : “Dunn actually admitted they took control of the media during the campaign, I think they still do have control.”

                That is crazy and less than a few years ago, EVERYONE would agree it was crazy – but today there’s too many folks like you who ignore so many really crazy things going on..

  31. Dunn actually admitted they took control of the media during the campaign, I think they still do have control.


  32. Another use for a solider….

    Before all-porcelain false teeth were perfected in the mid-19th century, dentures were commonly made with teeth pulled from the mouths of dead soldiers following a battle. Teeth extracted from U.S. Civil War soldier cadavers were shipped to England by the barrel to dentists.

    • HI

      Where pray tell did you find that one? Curious.

    • Richard Zacks claims, in his eccentric compendium of weird facts, An Underground Education, that a “whole generation wore ‘Waterloo’ dentures made from teeth yanked from the corpses on the battlefield, and the practice continued as late as the Civil War, when thousands of teeth were stolen from bodies moldering at places like Bull Run and Gettysburg.”

      1805-1813 AD
      Luddite Uprisings:Price increases bankrupt small farmers, create record numbers of unemployment and cause them to become landless laborers. Workmen in the Midlands fight mechanisation of textile production by destroying the new machinery and ruining cloth on the looms by squirting vitriol through factory windows. Manchester Exchange Riot: Women riot over high prices for potatoes. Four are hanged for stealing food. Huddersfield’s Mill is attacked and the owner is killed. Emmanuel Burton’s guards kill three and his home is burnt to the ground. Wray and Duncroff Mill and Rochdale’s jail are burnt. 12 are hanged with information obtained by spies hired by local magistrate Colonal Fletcher. Seventeen Luddites are hanged at York despite pleas for leniency. March 1808: Spring Assizes: Carnmoney Witch Trial: Mary Butters imprisoned by Lord Carrigfergus for killing three people with herbalism. London borough gang supplies four hundred cadavers to medical schools during the term of 1811 to 1812. Seven pounds is paid for each dead adult corpse. “Smalls”, children, sold by the foot. Dentists use the teeth for dentures for the rich.

      It was a common practice – dentures made from so-called “Waterloo teeth” … so called as they were from the dead of the Battle of Waterloo…


      • Very interesting, thanks for sharing that BF. The things you learn as you go through life.


  33. Hello Ya’ll. I have been having issues at work for a while, so I have not been able to be on. I want everyone here to know, sniff, that I have missed you all terribly! 😀 I have kept up with recent events and would have to say that this article is dead on USW.

    Obama is not fit to be a damn dogcatcher, much less the POTUS. The fact that that SOB is allowing our boys to die over in Afganistan while he goes to a Latino Dance Party or hangs out with his buddies in the Oval Office and “plays” at being President infuriates me beyond words.

    The fact that he and his Democratic Lapdogs in Congress are pushing C&T and Health Care despite the publics obvious dissaproval for it pisses me off as well.

    I have been told that I should have respect for the man or at least respect for the office of POTUS. I say BULLSHIT!!!! It’s hard to show respect for a Bastard who has no respect for the people he is supposed to represent. Who spends all his time running down his Country before foreigners and licking their asses when he should be kicking them instead. Or better yet, maybe WE would be better off if we just ignored the EU, Iran, NK, and others and let them collapse from their own stupidity. But trying to mimic their horsedookey is unfathomable.

    Sorry if this seems like a rant but I have been to long away from the keyboard and I needed to vent. I’m all better now! 🙂

    • Welcome back Esom missed ya, and you have every right to rant, everybody else does.


    • Damn, we’ve missed you!

    • Hi Esom!

      I’m blocked at work too. So I post in the AM and get all postings in my e-mail. I follow throughout the day and can better respond when I get on after work. Welcome back! I was thinking about e-mailing you to ask if you were doing OK, but you answered that question quite well, rant all you want!


  34. v. Holland says:

    Brazen-don’t feel it’s near forceful enough-how about dictator-ish.

    “It’s actually quite brazen when you think about it. The two most senior members of the Obama White House – men who control all the information and access to the Executive Branch, the lifeblood of most news organizations – went on national television and suggested that ABC, CNN and other networks follow the White House’s lead and join in its war to marginalize a competitor because it takes a “perspective” that displeases the President.

    Such tactics may not be frowned upon by brass-knuckle operatives working for the political machine in a one party town. But it’s different when you’re the President of the United States. Most Americans of all political stripes don’t want to see the President using the majesty and power of his office for heavy handed attacks on any organization simply because it has been critical of the President.

    In other words, the White House’s strategy may be the Chicago way, but it isn’t the American way.”


  35. Secret Talks Progress on Illegal Iranian Nuclear Plant

    Illegal??? Iran is a sovereign nation!

    The extent of propaganda infestation into MSM is astounding!


    • Funny how they spin this stuff. First, I agree that it is not illegal, second, apparently the talks aren’t so secret after all, or nobody in the MSM would know about them! How is Mr. Flag doing today? Well I hope!


      • I found this awhile back. It’s nice to see the good things our troops do. Can’t seem to get them off my mind lately, something I must think about as too why.

        Nice song!


        • Hi G

          Great video. You too huh. Why, like in why are we still there?

          • Judy, It’s not the politics, I just have a bad feeling about things. I know there is a growing anger about the the political side, with the vets and active duty. Requires more thought, but IMHO, left wingers couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag! How then can this administration give our troops the best chance to succeed. I will agree, go full blast or bring our kids home and let the Middle East destroy itself. It just doesn’t seem they can even get along with oneanother, must less anyone else.


            • What kind of bad things G? I am so glad that Matthew isn’t there anymore, or has to go back. I agree with you too about just let the damn Middle East handle their own problems.

              Damn I just got new glasses, and I have to get used to them, making more mistakes with these new ones than my old ones.

              I know Matthew even said, time to get out, what’s the point of being there anymore. He’s getting fed with all this BS that’s going on.

              • I wish I knew! Just a gut feeling, and I tend to trust in them. Have to wait and see. The title of todays article says alot.


              • Going to get something to eat, haven’t had anything since early this morning, will be back in a bit, okay.


            • G-man, Judy, et al.

              I have been remiss in commenting accurately on this issue.

              Your position of go all out or come home is a contradiction in itself.

              If, and I mean IF, we have a moral reason for being in Afghanistan then to come home before the mission was complete would be an act of immoral behavior. One can not act contrary to moral purpose except in another moral way. To abandon a “moral mission” would imply an immoral act as the moral purpose would not be accomplished.

              Therefore there really is no choice under this ASSUMPTION. We must Win and we must do what is necessary to Win. To do otherwise is to act opposite to our Moral Authority.

              If you wish to maintain that either option is valid then that must mean that we DO NOT have moral authority. For only then could one rationalize a win or come home set of options as equally acceptable. This would be the decision based on the philosophy of Pragmatism. It would be a choice based on immoral values but could result in a moral choice by accident.

              Because, if we DO NOT have moral authority then our only MORAL choice is to come home yesterday.

              Now the million dollar question is do we have moral authority. To answer this we must be able to affirm that the Taliban had an active role in attacking the United States. At the start of the war I felt we had enough evidence to support that claim. I am not as confident today that we do have that proof.

              If we do then we need to finish this job and eliminate the Taliban. It will take decades and billions of dollars. And in the end we may have made more enemies that attack us in other ways.

              But if we halt our hypocrisy and arrogance around the world then we may have a chance to win this one war. If we don’t and we continue to fight then we will lose everything in the long run.

              By everything I mean our freedom and liberty, the concept known as American. The existence of USA is irrelevant as the Nation is not what America is all about. America is a concept independent of geography. The reality is that if that concept fails here it will probably die on earth for the forseeable future.

              We are fighting a multi front war against tyranny aimed at destroying individual freedom and liberty. It involves domestic enemies and enemies around the world. We need to start integrating our strategy and tactics based on this reality. We can not fight any other battle except this one. It is going to be far to costly to dilute our efforts by chasing rabbits around the woods. Especially those that have no real impact on our freedom and liberty.

              We need to stop worrying about the “greatness” of America (aka USA) and our “stature” in the world. We need to focus on resurrecting our liberty from the ashes of history that is being written right now. That must be our purpose. All others are meaningless to the advancement of humanity or of human kind itself.

              That should get some juices flowing out there.
              Hope everyone had a great day.

  36. For those that are blocked by a firewall to USWep’s site:


    This will download a little applet which will emulate an virtual network and bypass local firewalls and blocks.

    I use it as it also “hides” my real IP address.

  37. JAC, I didn’t say what I should have, might have saved you some typing, LOL! My whole point was not the wars themselves, but our troops overthere. We can chat about the past decisions made that have us were we are today, but that will not do anything for tommorrow. Let’s just say that we were morrally correct in going into Afghanistan after 9/11 (there are sure to be many comments on this statement, but for the sake of this reply, that’s what I’m workin with).

    We are there, it has been made quite clear by our military leaders that we need alot more power to finish the job. Pakistan is now fully involved with fighting somebody (Taliban?).

    I have no faith in the current administration to give our troops the best chance to succeed. That was my whole point.

    I’m also not to sure who the hell we’re actually fighting overthere, but, whoever they are, I would like our troops to have the best chance to win and come home alive, that’s not what I’m seeing happening, at least from D.C.! We can debate the morallity of the war for a week, our troops really don’t care about that debate, they just want to win and come home. I’m all for that.

    I just want to see the Messiah shit or get off the pot, cuz he seems to be constipated!

    Good reply, and well understood!


    • off to sleep land, talk tommorrow.


      • Night G

      • G-Man

        I did understand your position but was pointing out that allowing ourselves to make such statements is creating a contradiction that must be addressed.

        I did of course leave out one option.

        If we have Moral Authority to be there but we are not willing to wage the war needed to WIN, then we have a moral obligation to our young soldiers to ADMIT DEFEAT and come home.

        And when we do that, our political leaders need to stand up and accept the responsibility for that DEFEAT.

        We are about to find out which of Mr. Obama’s lofty goals so eloquantly presented to the public with his wonderful rhetoric are in fact a priority to him and the other Progressives. Is winning this war truly a priority as they stated, or is health care and cap n’trade more important?

        We absolutely can’t do it all. IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE MR. PRESIDENT.

        Good Night to All.

    • My question is, just how can we win over there? Seems like for every bad guy they kill, 10 more come out. I have read, that the Taliban regroups constantly, always moving around, getting stronger all the time. Who I would like to hear from, is the military that are there, what do they think, how do they feel about being there for the last 8 years. Do they think this can be won militarily, how do they feel about this administraion and how they are handling this. I’m not talking about the Generals, I’m talking about the guys who are out there fighting these people. Yes, I know, the Generals are just as much out there as the rest, but I want to hear from the soldiers themselves.

      I have yet to hear from these guys and gals who are there and what they think, do they feel they are doing the right thing. Things like that. I can’t understand why or how it will take decades to win. Hell, even WWII was won in less than 5, wasn’t it? Yes, I know, a totally different enemy. These are the things I think about. Sorry to bring this back up, but I have been doing a lot of thinking about Kevin Thompson, the local boy who was from Reno. Maybe it’s because it’s so close to home, I don’t know. He was only in the Army for 1 year before before he got sent there, then got killed. I get to the point where I say F%^$ it, let them do their own fighting, then I think, good Lord, I don’t want this to turn our to be another Vietnam either. Those are my thoughts and what I think.

      • You kill a spider by chopping off its head.

        But trying killing a star fish. It has no head. Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan had heads.

        Every leg you cut off – grows a new star fish.
        The Taliban and the Islamics are starfish.

        The Taliban do not rely on a ‘leader’ in the Western Statist sense.

        The USA kills ‘the leader’ of the Taliban and ‘poof’ – 4 more show up.

        The Apache were the same way – they defeated every invasion. The destroyed the Conquistadors of Spain and it took the USA until 1914 to finally defeat them.

        How? The US government found a way to create a ‘government’ leader by appointing one ‘leader’ to allocate cattle – they turned an Apache into a politician.

        Then they controlled that politician. The Apache folded in less than 2 years.

        The Taliban are immune due to religious differences. They will never fall for the ol’cattle trick.

        Ergo, NATO is doomed.

        • The Apache folded because there were only I believe 31 warriors left, along with Geronimo, who I think was tricked into surrendering, for they never did get their land back.

  38. Just a bit of information, Obama is following just what Chester Arthur did, not show anything, not admit to anything, but during his administration, I noticed he made some citizens salute the British flag. When any person gets power, they really can do a lot of damage. He was not challenged, but only served one term. His father was British and did not apply for American citizenship until Chester was 14 years old. that is how this dual citizenship ruins the Constitution, if a person just keeps his mouth shut, no documents etc.

  39. Well no one is one, so I’m getting off for the night.

    Have a good night everyone.


  40. Left this yesterday to no response. Will try again.

    The funniest joke I heard all day:

    “”Future deficits are too high, and the president is committed to working with Congress to bring them down to a sustainable level as the economy recovers,” Geithner said in a statement accompanying the fiscal data.”

    OK, anyone want to explain to me how an annual budget deficit of anykind is “sustainable”????????

    • It is sustainable under Keynesian mysticism.

      Inflation will erode the debt away, and fiat infusion will provide the currency to monetize everything.

      Oh, sorry, were you referring to the effects on the People? Oh, they will be totally devastated.

      • I was referring to reality my dear friend. Something Mr. Geithner apparently has NO “grip on”.

        Keynesian “mysticism”……….I like it. How apropo’.

        By the way, how did Poker turn out this time?

        • The bankroll went way up!

          Played about 12 hrs of cash game (not my expertise – I’m good enough on my good days, but unlike tourneys where I am still very good on my bad days, in cash games on my bad days, I suck)

          …but, it was a good day. I was in a good mood, and *Magic*, the cards also landed favorably.

          Took a profit just shy of 5 grand!

          I can take those days any day!

          • BF:

            Congrats. Thats better than the last two times.

            It certainly can be fun when Lady Luck is sitting with you. Happened to me on a crap table once. Just like the movies. Everyone screaming and betting with me. Lasted about 20 rolls. Rolled every hardway before crapping out.

            Well I’m turning in so will talk tomorrow.

            Give the wife and daughter a big hug for me.

  41. Because it is Iran, the US media ignores this.

    However, it is a huge deal. This strikes to the heart of Iran and thus, is incredibly dangerous.

    Surrounded by the US (proxy of Zionism) with intense wars East and West on her borders, the global economy in chaos….

    …. this happens.


    Somebody is playing a bloody high level poker game. The US/Israel have big hands and playing for a huge pot against Iran, and someone else is still in the game!

    Keep an keen eye on this. Iran is furious.

    Batten down the hatches.

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