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I thought I would share this with everyone here. Many of you who have been around for a while at SUFA have debated and read the thoughts of MadMom. She has been a vocal supporter of the Tea Party Movement and has worked hard to make a difference in Rhode Island and other parts of New England, including Massachusetts. Having spoken with Colleen in the past, I can speak to the passion and integrity that she brings to the process of politics, which is something that we all know is lacking. Recently she was on the Neil Cavuto show on Fox News to discuss both Massachusetts and the growing movement in America to get our voices heard in the halls of Washington DC. I figured that I should share the link with everyone here. Congratulations Colleen on all you have accomplished thus far. I know you are far from finished. I can only speak for myself, but I am really proud of what you are doing and proud to call you a friend.


  1. Well spoken.

  2. Saw this posted last night and followed to you tube then saw many related videos of the RI Tea Partiers. Good for them! We all need to watch more of these videos and continue spreading the word. Beats the doom and gloom that we all read and see. So much doom and gloom leads to pessimism which is where I find myself alot anymore. More power to you MadmMom. This is the year that we all need to be involved.

    • Anita

      Gotta ask. Have you been making comments on Fox Forum or Michell Malkin’s site?

      Haven’t for awhile so today…
      Big Hug your way

      • Now JAC- you know darn well you just sent me on a wild goose
        chase. Came up empty. Gimme another clue.

        And no I have’nt been commenting there

        • Anita

          I came across a couple of comments the other night by someone posted as “Anita”.

          First one was in response to some Conservative saying they didn’t miss Bush.

          Was just wondering if that was you. Might have been another site.

          Didn’t mean to send you chasing geese.


  3. Mad Mom”


    Careful. Your going to wind up on the national lefty media target.


    An extra big hug to you for all you have done.

  4. Ray Hawkins says:

    She should have been speaking in TN – not the knucklehead from Alaska

    • Same message Ray. Don’t shoot the messanger

      • Ray Hawkins says:

        How many Tea Partiers like the idea of Sarah campaigning for Republicans? This is not the same message Anita. Sarah is a mercenary.

        • Ray, You are a grouch! Tell me the difference between the messages.

          USW says no name calling. That was a nice name.

    • ahh, knucklehead is acceptable.

      btw, when are you guys going to hold your top military command to account?

      • Sfc Dick

        Was asking someone just the other day if they knew what happened to you.

        We need something to hold them for first. The Admin is good at covering up any top brass incompetence don’t you agree?

        It seems by the time it is exposed they have retired. Like those in Iraq.

        Keep yer powder dry

        • JAC… don’t get to full Colonel or General ranks without learning how to side step some land mines…

          ALWAYS remember this. The civilian government controls the military. Repeat after me, the civilian government controls the military….

          drink a strong cup o joe and say…the civilian government controls the military.

          FOCUS HERE….the civilian government controls the military.

          Now, after all of this, you want to ask me how we can be held accountable? we get our orders from the civilian government that controls the military. Put us in front of a Congressional panel and we will say the civilian government government controls the military. How simple is that?

          • D13

            I think I said the same thing but not as perhaps To The Point.

            What seems to have reduced over time is the civilian govt, CIC, holding his commanders accountable.

            After Gulf War I there was much said about how our military had learned the lessons of Viet Nam regarding cronyism and political promotions. Competance and performance were the new order of the day.

            I ask generaly, then what the hell happened come Gulf War II? Seems to me some pretty incompetant people were in high places mucking the whole thing up.

            Now, I will grant this. It seems that the biggest FUBAR came from the civilian side. But there was certainly some myopia going on in the general staff.

            Remember this: The civilian govt is completely at the mercy of what the military tells it.

            The civilian govt only thinks it controls the military. Of course the same can be said for any of the large civilian govt departments.

            Happy Sunday Colonel.

      • Welcome back SFC Dick! 🙂

        I wondered what had happened to you. Is all well with you?

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. Together we are all getting it done. Other good news: After almost a year of hammering away, we were able to scare our dimwit Congressman Patrick Kennedy from running for re-election! The Last Kennedy in Congress. Gone. Done . Woooohooo!

    PS And yes, I am awaiting IRS audits. One of us has already been nailed.

    PPS Here in RI, we’ve got nothing to do with the national tea party group or Sarah Palin. We’ve got DINO’s and RINO’s here so we have to maintain completely non-partisan status.

    • Mad Mom

      Then you have walked the fine line others have not been able to.

      You are the example for others. If they will only watch, listen and learn.

      Great job.

      And big DITTO on seeing the door hit the last Kennedy in the ass on the way out. Now the states need to purge the in-laws as well. Yes Ahnold, that means you!!!!!

      Again, biggest of hugs.

      • MadMom, keep up the good fight. Arnold is history here this fall as his time is up. Now if we could get rid of Boxer and Pelosi too it would be fantastic. Legislature districts will be drawn by a selected group of citizens here this spring. I am hoping that they will reduce the gerrymandering and we can get a turnover in Sacramento as well. Right now the unions control the state.

        • Yup, here too T-Ray. RI is a mini version of CA in every conceivable way- high unemployment, high taxes, tough regulatory environment, welfare magnet, and union controlled hacks controlling one party state government. And we’ve got Sheldon Whitehouse, the grand master of vile insults who calls us Aryan supporter, right wing militia lunatics for opposing Obamacare. He’s not up until 2012, but we’ll hopefully have a nice “Meet Your Replacement” party for the rest of them in November.

          • Madmom, keep up the great work! You represent the epotimy of what the formerly silent majority feel. Thank you for your envolvement and clear voice. Washington, I feel, is in for an awakening in the near future. If we can only keep the corruption from infecting newly elected officials…

  6. Want to add my congratulations! And glad I journeyed by today to learn about MadMom!

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