Great Response From Dallas Tea Party

Just saw this posted by MadMom on facebook. Thought I would share it. Way to go Dallas!

Mathius… See you have nothing to worry about. They cannot skate. Proof that the breeding program is having some hiccups.


  1. Ray Hawkins says:

    C’mon Keith – you know I defended you here. Don’t let me down – pay a visit to the tea party.

  2. Clumsy raptors… now I’ve seen everything! People probably pointed and laughed.. right before he got up and mauled them all.

  3. He responded, follow the link for video.

    Olbermann Responds To Dallas Tea Party’s Invitation: No Thanks
    By Noel Sheppard
    Wed, 02/24/2010 – 00:08 ET

    Keith Olbermann has turned down the Dallas Tea Party’s invitation to come to its one year anniversary gathering this Saturday to see just how diverse its members are.

    As NewsBusters reported Monday, in response to Olbermann’s claim that Tea Partiers are all white, the Dallas group produced a video demonstrating how wrong the “Countdown” host was while asking him to attend Saturday’s festivities so that he could see for himself.

    On Tuesday’s “Countdown,” Olbermann declined (video embedded below the fold with transcript)

    KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST: Tonight’s quick comment, and an invitation to tea. In response to my comment last week noting the near total segregation of Tea Party events, the Dallas, Texas, group has invited me to their shindig on Saturday. I appreciate their invitation, but with my Dad still in intensive care all this time, I’ve only been able to leave New York one night in six months. Now we should have been able to leave it at that. But unfortunately the Dallas Tea Party group also put out a video which as one gullible website Mediaite put it, “Highlights the remarkable lack of diversity on MSNBC’s line-up. Judge not lest ye be judged.” As to people of color, while the Dallas Tea Party video shows pictures of only the white anchors here, the narrator claims, “We see a whole lot more at our events than we see on MSNBC. In fact, we have more diversity on our three-person steering committee than on your entire TV network line-up.”

    While I’m not exactly in charge of this, and I’m not going to drag people into this by name when they were not the ones attacked, that will probably be a surprise to one of our regular daytime news anchors and one of our nighttime newscasters, and the two part-time newscasters, and the dozen minority anchors and reporters who often join us from the broadcast NBC network, and the seven salaried contributors to MSNBC, to say nothing of the regular guests. So the Dallas Tea Party has one representative of diversity on its steering committee, and there appears to be six minority people besides her speaking or shown in its own video. And a diarist at Daily Kos examined photos of the Dallas Tea Parties, and identified three others. This mind you is out of the hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands the Dallas group claims to represent. So, once again, this time directed to the Dallas group: Where are the people of color? And instead of worrying about inviting me, shouldn’t you be inviting them?

    So, Olbermann cited eleven nameless MSNBC employees out of the thousands that work for the organization, and in his view that settles the debate.

    Note: Olbermann was being hypocritical in this defense since he attacked rival Fox News Channel for being insufficiently racially diverse even though it is similar to MNBC in not having non-white anchors in top positions.

    Read more:

    • Sigh. Perhaps there will come a day when even those of liberal persuasion will cease to judge success or failure on the color of one’s skin and rather judge success or failure on the validity and depth of one’s arguments.

      I have lived in the south all of my life (I am 50 plus years old), grew up in a home that was severely racist (my 87 year old father still struggles with bigotry, well maybe the problem is that he does NOT struggle with his issues).

      Keith’s argument does nothing but reiterate that he and my dad share the same problem, although one is hper-conservative and the other is hyper-liberal . . . they see color before they see substance . . . and immediately jump to stereotypical and divisive conclusions.

      The current political debates have nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with ideological differences.

      Keith (and others who join him) who slur other groups based on race instead of ideology seem to be playing their last card . . . and it is a disappointing one.

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